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Ash ([personal profile] thunderedge) wrote2008-01-30 05:44 pm

4 Sora and Riku

Sora: *crawls under the covers of Riku's bed and tries to sleep*
Aki: he was missing Riku
Aki: all day
Izzy: awww
Sora: *coughs, and pulls the covers tighter*
Riku: *comes upstairs*
Sora: ....
Sora: *glances at the door, and closes his eyes again* blahhh..
Riku: *opens door*
Sora: *hides under the covers*
Riku: .........
Riku: .....I can see you, you know.
Sora: I'm not trying to do anything..
Sora: *buries head under the pillow*
Riku: *sighs and sits on the edge of the bed*
Riku: ....*lies down on his back perpendicular to Sora*
Riku: We worry about you, you know.
Sora: I knowww.
Riku: Just don't beat yourself up over it.
Sora: I'm not.
Riku: We want to care.
Sora: I know…
Sora: ...It was a bad dream, though.
Riku: ...
Sora: And my bed is cold.
Riku: ..........
Sora: So I came in here.
Riku: Are we gonna have to give you a nightlight?
Sora: *pout* Nooo.
Sora: I'm not afraid of the dark :pp
Riku: *pokes the underside of Sora's foot* Or maybe you need a blankie.
Sora: s'long as your mom didn't knit it...those ones itched…
Riku: I know! Aerith can read you a story and sing before you go to bed.
Sora: *sits up and raises a brow*
Sora: Aerith used to do that :D
Riku: *laughs a bit*
Riku: How about Cloud instead then?
Riku: .........
Sora: *laughs a little*
Riku: *cracks up at the image*
Sora: A Duet with Fenrir.
Riku: I've never heard a chocobo sing.
Sora: They wark, but they can dance and sing.
Sora: If you say something to them *shrugs*

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