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5.2 the trouble with GFs

Leon: Cura.
Cloud: ...thanks.....*leans on his sword to stand up again*
Leon: Mm. *Shoots a bunch of Nobodies with Fire*
Leon: *gets shot trough his shoulder* ...
"ain't this just a beaaauuuuuutiful scene."
Izzy: (jeez, XD)
Izzy: (er, shot?)
Luxord: *steps out of a swirly black hole* This fight's just a gamble, you all should know.
Xigbar: Ohhhh yeah.
Kairi: !!
Cloud: ....
Xigbar: Hey thar little missy. Long time no see.
Kairi: *glares*
Xigbar: *raises a brow and grins*
Izzy: ("OMIGAWD! Fuckin' SWEET!")
Izzy: (XDD That's all I can think of in terms of Xigbar)
Izzy: (silly fancomics)
Luxord: *counts the Nobodies* Still outnumbered. Odds against you.
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (just the two of them for now?)
Izzy: (*forgets which Org members she was supposed to be*)
Aki: (They aren't actually bad. They're just having fun >_>)
Izzy: (still, just wondering)
Aki: (You're Xemnas, Zexion, Vexen, Axel...)
Aki: (uhhh)
Izzy: (...yeah...considering...the state their boss is in XD)
Aki: (Marlooooooosha >_>)
Izzy: (hurr)
Izzy: (I think I'm Larxene too)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (and you're the rest?)
Aki: (yep)
Roxas: .......
Izzy: (haha, I'm all the CoM ones XD)
Roxas: ...stay away from me you crazy psychopath. >_>
Xigbar: Now, that's not verrrry nice.
Xigbar: *wags a finger*
Roxas: ....
Roxas: Is Axel with you?
Xigbar: Ahh. Still best friends? Touching.
Luxord: He's back at the World That Never Was.
Roxas: .....
Roxas: *makes a black hole, and teleports to that world*
Leon: .......this is...kinda...
Sora: .......upsetting. *annoyed*
Cloud: .....
Izzy: (he'd heal Leon, except he's like me.)
Izzy: (always forgets to stock up before going out. >.>)
Aki: (haha)
Izzy: (Stupid Cloud, never learning Cure)
Aki: (*snort*)
Luxord: Xig, could we possibly restart this little game?
Xigbar: Hmm. *looks like he's considering it*
Xigbar: S'pose so.
Luxord: How very fun~ *Summons more Nobodies*
Sora: ....
Xigbar: Little Sora, how've you been?
Sora: ....Can it, Braig.
Xigbar: I'm deeply wounded. D:
Izzy: (XDD he makes me happy)
Izzy: (homicidal psycho that he is)
Aki: (XDDD)
Leon: *leans on his gunlade, before picking it up with his shot right arm*
Naminé: ...Kairi, watchout! More Nobodies!
Kairi: !!
Naminé: ...DDD: I want a weapooonn.
Naminé: *sighs*
Larxene: Feeling a little braver now that you've got a hero, little witch!
Izzy: (ohh, now I get to be mean. >.>)
Kairi: *readies Keyblade*
Kairi: Watch what you say about Naminé!
Naminé: ....Shut up!
Aki: (Naminé's fed up XD)
Izzy: (aww yay)
Larxene: *laughs and throws a handful of knives at Kairi*
Kairi: *rolls and dodges*
Naminé: *heads for Leon*
Kairi: rrrghh...stupid bug-lady...
Larxene: What did you say!?
Naminé: Cockroach.
Larxene: You'd better get on your knees and beg for mercy before I get really angry!!
Kairi: *wiggles her fingers by her face like antennae and sticks out her tongue*
Naminé: ...*giggles*
Larxene: ....
Larxene: *starts throwing knives in rapid succession*
Naminé: *shoots Larxene with Leon's gun*
Kairi: *jumps over them*
Izzy: (XD whut. XD)
Aki: (She went to Leon to ask for the gun )
Izzy: (haha I figured)
Okay, here goes....
Kairi: *points the Keyblade at her* Fire!!
Larxene: *dodges Naminé's shot only to land straight in the path of the fireball*
Naminé: X3
Aki: (Naminé finds this fun, scarily enough)
Larxene: Argh....*not badly injured, but with a decidedly worse hairdo*
Izzy: (like I said, revenge XD)
Aki: (XD)
Larxene: You little--!
Xigbar: ...*turns to Luxord* She's taking this pretty seriously...
Kairi: *runs toward her*
Luxord: More so than intended...yes...
Izzy: (well, they got her mad.)
Aki: (XDD They find it amusing XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Sora: ....*sees Larxene finally*
Larxene: *throws another handful of knives*
Kairi: Hah! Missed!
Kairi: *trips over one that landed in front of her*
Kairi: Ack!
Sora: It's the onee-sama... e.e;
Izzy: (XDD)
Aki: (Sora called her old lady too, in the game)
Aki: (he won’t make that mistake again)
Larxene: Hah! You fell for it!
Izzy: (BAD PUN. NOES.)
Aki: (I couldn't say, 'look it's young, beautiful sister' XD)
Izzy: (*pokes Larxene*)
Izzy: (XDD)
Aki: (it would be weird)
Izzy: (s'okay)
Kairi: !!
Larxene: *snaps her fingers and electricity jumps from each knife to the others*
Sora: *eyes widen*
Sora: *Jumps towards Kairi using Reflect*
Kairi: *throws hand up to shield her face*
Sora: Kairi, FIRE.
Larxene: Oh, so your hero's finally shown up?
Kairi: rrrghh....FIRE!!
Sora: *Uses Blizzaga*
Izzy: (HAHA YAY)
Larxene: You think I'll fall for that trick again!?
Izzy: (we'll see...)
Sora: *dodges behind her quickly, for he's much faster than before*
Sora: *safely far enough away*
Larxene: !! *jumps forward, but gets slightly wet in the process*
Sora: .....*Dashes towards her, using Riku's Ars Arcanum*
Izzy: (well, at least now she can't use any lighting attacks)
Aki: (yep XD)
Larxene: *blocks most of the slashes with her knives*
Sora: ...Valour..*mutters*
Kairi: *stands up*
Sora: *Valour forms* and uses both Keyblades this time for Ars Arcanum*
Larxene: *tries to dodge, but gets hit several more times*
Kairi: *watching for an opening*
Sora: *landing blow*
Sora: *slams her down to the ground forcefully*
Sora: don't you dare endanger my friends. *Glowers*
Kairi: All right!
Aki: (Sora's mildly pissed..)
Aki: (Larxene, be careful)
Izzy: (I think she's gonna back out soon, actually XD)
Larxene: ...ugh...damn brat...
Sora: *stabs the ground by her head*
Sora: *not tolerant of anything right now*
Aki: (Seph totally screwed with him. He's more angry...)
Izzy: (she's calmed down a bit and remembered that they're not supposed to be totally serious XDD)
Sora: Get out of here. *stands up and glares at her*
Larxene: .....*glares back*
Larxene: You'll regret this!! *dissapears*
Izzy: (oh, yeah, sure he will. XD)
Kairi: We did it!
Sora: *nods* yep!
Kairi: *gives him a quick hug* Naminé, you okay?
Naminé: chocobooooo.
Kairi: Eh?
Naminé: *with the tired chocobo*
Kairi: *runs over*
Fenrir: Waaarrrkkk. Warrrk. *struggling to get out of Leon's grip*
Kairi: here...*digs a cookie out of her pocket and offers it*
Izzy: (I've decided that she always has 'em XD)
Aki: (the whole thing disoriented Fenrir XD )
Izzy: (aww)
Sora: so...
Cloud: ...
Sora: you DID have them all along!
Izzy: (XDDD)
Sora: You lied to me!
Kairi: Huh?
Kairi: I did not!
Sora: DDD: Did too
Kairi: You didn't know?
Kairi: Well, here, have one now. *gives him a cookie*
Sora: Yay! *eats it*
Kairi: Aerith taught me how to make these. They can help boost your attack.
Chocobo: *also eats its cookie*
Izzy: (XDD WTF are you teaching her Aerith)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Kairi's magical stat-boosting cookies)
Leon: *ties Fenrir's leash around Cloud's leg*
Aki: (yes, she had a leash XD)
Aki: (magic cookieesss)
Leon: *stands up*
Leon: *frowns*
Shiva: Your fighting style requires a Guardian force!
Shiva: Yet you didn't use one! It's suicidal and you know it!
Leon: I don't want to Junction anymore!
Shiva: Then you can't fight!
Izzy: (Is she inside his head or out right now?)
Leon: You can't stop me!
Aki: (outside. He won’t let her in XD)
Shiva: Oh yesss I cannnn!
Shiva: *Junctions with him, forcing him to let her*
Izzy: (oh)
Aki: (till now >_>)
Cloud: ..what now?
Leon: ow ow ow..
Leon: ......WHAT. NO. Don't touch that memory!
Leon: *starts freaking out*
Sora: *widens eyes*
Naminé: *fades back into Kairi*
Cloud: *stares at him with something like horror*
Kairi: *looks up*
Fenrir: *hiding in Cloud's pant leg*
Chocobo: ....DDD:
Leon: No. Don’t! Shut up!
Aki: (...'sister', 'brother' fight XD)
Cloud: ....
Leon: What help would I be to the committee...what help would I be to my friends, if I couldn't fight! Leave my battle memories alone! I need to remember how to fight!
Aki: (Shiva's mad at him :| )
Aki: (if you couldn't tell XD)
Izzy: (yeah really)
Izzy: (but didn't she say before that he was better off without her?)
Aki: (she's mad because he knew using his limit without her really IS suicidal)
Aki: (he didn't NEED to use his limit)
Izzy: (ahh.)
Aki: (hanging around with him since he was 3...rubbed off on her personality, too >_>)
Izzy: (why is it suicidal?)
Aki: ((Because the power in their limits is too much (it's a power that can only be unlocked with a GF) to channel without a GF to be a medium)
Aki: (VIII concept)
Izzy: (I see.)
Aki: (A huge theme of VIII is the power that is deep within, but needs to be tapped)
Aki: (*shrug*)
Izzy: (got it)
Leon: .....Why are you threatening Cloud?! He didn't do anything to you!
Leon: ......ugh. Get out of my head.
Shiva: *flies out of his head, and crushes an image of Cloud in her hand, and it goes poof*
Cloud: .........
Aki: (okay, she's more than mad...)
Leon: ....Give that back..
Cloud: ....
Shiva: Why should I? You don't even know who it is~
Leon: ...Give it back!
Shiva: can't, it's gone.
Leon: ....
Cloud: .....
Izzy: (aww geez.)
Aki: (goddess of winter. She's bound to be cruel and cold at some point)
Izzy: (yeah...)
Aki: (being a deity...she'd also be pretty...selfish >_>)
Aki: (though she really DOES care about them all, deep down)
Leon: ........
Leon: *glances at Cloud, realizing that he doesn't recognize him* *eyes widen before he turns to leave*
Izzy: (aw, shit.)
Shiva: *grumbles and flies off*
Aki: (Aw jeeeezzz)
Izzy: (what? You did it!)
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: (I know XD)
Izzy: (Don't worry, I still love you. XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Leon: ....*pauses before continuing to leave*
Izzy: (Or, rather, Cloud's.)
Aki: (I'd be a good villian, huh? XD)
Cloud: ...Leon.
Leon: ...Go to the bright blue house in town. I've got a friend, Aerith who'll warm you up and take care of you. See you later.
Cloud: ....
Cloud: .........shit.
-practically everyone else is confused-
Izzy: (yeah, really)
Izzy: (especially...the Org guys XDD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Fenrir: *pulls on her leash, practically about to trip Cloud, since the leash is around his leg*
Fenrir: *trying to go after Leon*
Cloud: !!
Aki: (the second daddy with a fluffy XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: .......
Izzy: Cloud.........
Izzy: seriously pissed right now.
Izzy: I think he wants to kill something.
Aki: bleeeh
Aki: sorrryyyyy Clouuuddd
Izzy: hah s'okay
Izzy: well, obviously it's not, but I don't really care
Izzy: for the sake of plot and all that
Aki: XD
Izzy: just mentioning it
Izzy: ...I dunno, maybe Luxord and Xigbar might wanna watch out...? XD
Aki: oh yeah XDD