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6.1 the trouble with GFs

Cloud: Fenrir....stop it....
Fenrir: ....waaarrkkk. *pulls harder*
Cloud: ...stop...
Cloud: *reaches down and tries to hold her still*
Fenrir: warrrk. DD:
Fenrir: ....*pulls*
Cloud: *unties her*
Fenrir: *goes under his pant leg*
Cloud: .............
Kairi: .....I don't...understand...
Sora: Come on Kairi, let's go home..
Xigbar: *left because he was bored*
Luxord: ...
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: (Oh Xigbar)
Aki: (XD)
Kairi: ........
Luxord: Could I possibly...
Sora: ?
Luxord: Have a place to stay tonight? *doesn't exactly want to go back to the castle*
Izzy: (wow, you're insane <333)
Aki: (XD)
Demyx: My GOD. Luxord, The Superior sent me after yo--SORA. :DDD
Sora: many of you are back? DX
Demyx: All of ussss~
Sora: You've got to be kidding…
Izzy: (Demyx the happy one. XD)
Izzy: (he's so cuuuute)
Izzy: (why. XD)
Aki: (I knowww <33)
Aki: (he's so upbeat. He never wanted to be in the Org)
Izzy: (aww)
Demyx: :0
Luxord: They were going to let us stay at their house.
Demyx: Sweet!
Izzy: (they never said yes. XD)
Sora: WHAT?
Kairi: O_o
Demyx: Pllllleasssse Soraaaa?
Cloud: *not even paying attention*
Sora: ........
Sora: ...Fine, but stop stealing my tactic of puppy eyessss
Demyx: YAY
Kairi: ...this better not be a party...*sigh*
Demyx: A party?
Luxord: I've got the games.
Kairi: I mean, there's not that much room!
Kairi: ....
Demyx: Sweet, I'll go find Axel!
Izzy: (they're gonna drive her crazy XDDD)
Demyx: *leaves*
Kairi: ....oh....geez...
Luxord: We're seriously not here to cause any trouble, young lady.
Luxord: The Superior couldn't care less what we do, and the majority of us don't wish to cause harm.
Luxord: With that, I'll meet you back at the house. *disappears*
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (I am greatly amused)
Aki: (:D)
Izzy: (despite the fact that Cloud's in crisis mode right now...)
Cloud: *walked away while they were talking*
Aki: (haha)
Fenrir: wark. wark. wark. *everytime he takes a step*
Cloud: ...Fenrir. Go home with the others.
Fenrir: ....*appologetic wark*
Cloud: It's not your fault, I just....
Fenrir: *nods, and speeds down the road home*
Izzy: (*sudden image of a certain woodpecker pops into her head*)
Aki: (wth, I thought the same thing)
Izzy: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (X3)
Izzy: (Oh, Looney Toons.)
Aki: (Haha, yess)
Cloud: *goes to find Fenrir (the motorcycle)*
Aki: (XD)
Kadaj: Mother~~~~ What's for dinner tonight~~~
Aerith: What would you like? :D
Kadaj: Hmmmm...I dunno. I'm just very hungry~~
Kadaj: Saving the planet is hard work.
Kadaj: I wonder why Nii-san doesn't eat more.
Aerith: *laughs lightly* He's got lots of things to do, whereas you'd rather lazy around with your brothers, friends and I~
Aerith: Here's your tea~ *hands Luxord his tea*
Izzy: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (wow.)
Aerith: Kadaj, you and I will go shopping later. You need new clothes.
Kadaj: I do?
Aerith: Yes.
Izzy: (he's such a teenage boy. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aerith: Yazoo and Loz need new clothes as well.
Izzy: ("What's wrong with the ones I have? They're just a bit burned and torn, that's all.")
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (*dies*)
Yazoo: I don't need new clothes. *says matter-of-factly as he walks by to the fridge*
Aerith: Yes you do.
Kadaj: If Mother says so, you do~ *sticks tongue out at him*
Izzy: (haha sibling rivalry)
Yazoo: I can wear what I want.
Aerith: You can wear any of the outfits we buy for you.
Yazoo: ....Can I have ice cream?
Aerith: Only if you get new clothes and wear them.
Yazoo: fine...*takes his glass of OJ out to the living room*
Izzy: (XD)
Aerith: One down, two more to go..
Aerith: Come on Kadaj, new clothes will be fun :D
Kadaj: mmm, I guess...
Kadaj: I get ice cream too?
Aerith: Of course.
Tifa: *comes downstairs* Need any help with dinner, Aerith?
Izzy: (ah.)
Izzy: (
Izzy: (He went to Radiant Garden.)
Izzy: (He wants to kill something.)
Izzy: (but unfortunately, Sephiroth isn't there.)
Aki: (pfft. yeah)
Izzy: (too bad.)
Leon: *walks back into town, and sighs*
Shiva: Squall, I'm sorry...*flies down next to him*
Leon: ....
Leon: Just go away, all ready!
Shiva: *hurt look*
Aerith: If you want to help, you may. :D
Tifa: Sure! Oh, and....have you seen Cloud anywhere?
Aerith: No, I haven't…
Luxord: He left. Shortly after that Leon guy did.
Tifa: huh?
Luxord: He. Left.
Tifa: Did they have an argument or something?
Izzy: (I love how she just like...doesn't notice that he showed up all of a sudden. XD)
Luxord: This thing...a goddess or something, went into Leon's head, took out an image of Cloud, crushed it, and they fought.
Izzy: (I guess she's used to new people popping up at the house.)
Tifa: .......
Tifa: *sighs*
Luxord: So Leon left. Then Cloud did.
Luxord: *sips his tea*
Tifa: I thought things were getting better....
Tifa: I suppose I should go find him.
Tifa: Kadaj, may I borrow your motorcycle?
Kadaj: Hmmm? Sure, but bring it back safe~
Tifa: I will, don't worry. ^^ Thank you.
Kadaj: Welcome~
Tifa: *leaves*
Leon: *glaring ahead as he walks farther into town*
Shiva: :|...
Leon: GO AWAY.
Shiva: ....No.
Leon: Yes.
Shiva: Not until you calm down.
Leon: *grumbles*
Luxord: Why Demyx, welcome back~
Demyx: Uh-huh...And this is their nice kitchen, Axel~
Axel: oooh, and did I hear something about a party?
Demyx: You heard right~
Sora: .....
Sora: parties.
Kadaj: *tilts head to the side* You look like Reno.
Axel: huh?
Demyx: But Soooraaaa
Sora: ...
Kadaj: You talk like him too~~
Kadaj: Hey Yazoo! Now you have two people to play checkers with!
Axel: I think I missed something here...
Yazoo: REALLY?
Kairi: No parties.
Reno: HEY
Reno: I thought I was his only checker partner! I'm the only worthy one DD:
Yazoo: :0 You and Loz and Kadaj and Sora. Don't be conceited.
Reno: DDD:
Kadaj: *snickers*
Axel: .........
Axel: *somewhat amused*
Reno: .....who the hell are you?
Axel: Right back atcha.
Reno: We're not going to get along...*turns around* I'm gonna go call the boss on my cell...*leaves outside*
Izzy: (XDDD wow.)
Axel: Here I thought I had a monopoly on the spiky red hair and facial tattoos.
Luxord: Same voice too.
Demyx: Can you say 'creepy'?
Kairi: .....
Sora: ...I give up. *mutters*
Sora: *goes and takes a nap on the couch*
Reno: bosssss. It's weeeird. DD: *on the cell obviously*
Rufus: What? Trouble?
Reno: No, not exactly…
Reno: Just, there's this guy and, it's just WEIRD.
Rufus: You're not making sense.
Reno: He looks like me and sounds like me, only he's not me!
Rufus: .........
Reno: ....hang on, lemme show you. wait a sec.
Rufus: Are you sure you're not standing in front of a mirror right now?
Reno: *goes inside, snaps a cam-photo of axel*
Reno: I'm sure!
Reno: *takes a photo of himself*
Reno: *forwards them to Rufus*
Rufus: ...........
Rufus: The tattoos are in different places.
Rufus: You interrupted my meeting for this?
Reno: ...
Reno: oops…
Rufus: It's a mere coincidence. And from now on, only call me when it's important.
Reno: Oh look! A Heartless! gotta run! *hangs up*
Izzy: (oh, Rufus, you arrogant bastard. But we love you.)
Aki: (XDD)
Reno: *sighs*
Reno: *goes inside*
Aki: (He wanted a reason to call XD)
Aki: (stupid or not)
Tifa: .....*walks up to Cloud, who's sitting near the spot where Sephiroth used to stand, and sits down behind him*
Cloud: ............
Tifa: ....I know. I'm not exactly the person you wanted to see.
Tifa: Anyway, you've worked things out before, so I'm sure if you just talked to Leon about it--
Cloud: Tifa.
Cloud: He forgot.
Tifa: What?
Cloud: He forgot.
Tifa: ......
Tifa: What do you....
Cloud: He doesn't know who I am.
Tifa: ...........*looks down*
Tifa: So that....
Tifa: .......
Cloud: ........*staring at the ground*
Aki: (poor Cloud...its all because Shiva was jealous..)
Izzy: (awww)
Tifa: *closes her eyes for a moment*
Cloud: "I keep expecting him to look at me and not know my name anymore..." I shouldn't have said it.
Cloud: It was my worst fear, and's reality.
Tifa: I'm...sorry.
Cloud: Yeah......I know.
Tifa: *looks up*
Cloud: *doesn't turn back to look at her*
Tifa: ......
Tifa: So his memory has changed....
Cloud: .....
Tifa: you really think that means....his heart has changed too?
Cloud: ..........
Tifa: *clenches her hands*
Leon: ...*frowns*
Tifa: Even if...all the time you spent together is gone....there has to be something left...
Shiva: go to them, Squall..*whispers*
Tifa: I don't know....*puts her head down*
Cloud: ........
Leon: ....I do know that I know you. *mutters from behind them*
Leon: It's...gotta count for something, right?
Tifa: !!
Cloud: *clenches his hands to stop them from shaking*
Tifa: Leon--!
Tifa: I'll just...*gets up to leave*