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6.2 the trouble with GFs

Cloud: ...Tifa....
Tifa: *stops*
Cloud: Thanks....for trying to bring me back....
Leon: *smiles slightly*
Tifa: *nods*'re...welcome.
Tifa: *leaves*
Cloud: .......
Cloud: I once....told her...
Cloud: I had a hard time starting over.
Cloud: After everything we went through, I kept trying to start a new life, but I couldn't do it...
Cloud: I don't know.
Cloud: I thought I finally did it.
Cloud: It's hard to start all the way from the beginning, but...
Cloud: That doesn't mean....there's no point in trying.
Leon: *nods slightly* There's always a point to something...that you care about.
Cloud: "The mind has forgotten, but the heart remembers..."
Cloud: I don't know anything about that
Cloud: But I memories will have to be enough.
Shiva: I have these bits, Squall...*hands him shards of the memories* Just a few.
Leon: Go away, Shiva. I want to remember Cloud on my own, goddammit! *forces her hand back*
Shiva: Fine, don’t be so harsh!
Leon: so go away.
Shiva: Fine... *glares and flies off*
Cloud: .....*stands up*
Leon: *glaring after her*
Leon: I'm tired of this! I'm tired of forgetting, I'm tired of causing everyone trouble, I'm tired of making myself depressed, I'm tired of making you guys worry if I'm going to forget who you are the next time I see you! Ugh.
Cloud: ......
Izzy: (C'mon, Cloud, I know you can be more articulate than that...)
Cloud: No one blames you for it.
Leon: It's my fault I went to Balamb Garden Seed Acadamy! They all use them! Just not was my fault for not putting her in the summon Sphere, when I wasn't in battle, like everyone else!
Aki: (I think he sorta snapped a little)
Izzy: (eheh)
Leon: And getting my inability to deal with daily life from my father royally screwed me over, too, though that one wouldn't be my fault.
Leon: ...
Leon: *sighs*
Cloud: ......
Izzy: (I'm sorry, he seriously has nothing to say. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (When in doubt, return to their strong bonding of ellipses)
Izzy: (yep. XD Leon will remember fast that way...XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (He's already remembered Cloud's name, but didn't realize it, like with Sora)
Aki: (He was too busy arguing with Shiva XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (I kinda figured)
Leon: ....It's cold, let's go home. I'll make you hot chocolate or something in the chocobo mug of yours. *turns to leave*
Aki: (I believe he's going to remember the 'not so important' things first XD)
Cloud: .....
Leon: Well?
Cloud: ...yeah.
Leon: All right. *walks off towards the house*
Cloud: *follows*
Izzy: (hahaha....they're gonna get home and he's gonna be like, "Why are these people in my house!? Did I forget them too!?)
Leon: *Paying more attention to the surroundings for once, trying to get his little rant off of his mind* We fought there..*mutters*
Aki: (notttte that he referred to the house as 'home' when talking to Cloud. He knows he lives there XD)
Izzy: (That's good. XD)
Aki: (Yeah)
Leon: *once at the house, he heads to the kitchen*
Kadaj: So~ Why did the chocobo cross the road?
Cloud: ....Kadaj, stop bothering the guests with bad jokes.
Kadaj: *pouts* you're no fun, Nii-san.
Leon: She wanted to find her human father that looked undeniably like her. *mutters under his breath as he makes the hot chocolate*
Fenrir: *tackles Cloud's leg* WAARRRK.
Cloud: *nearly falls over*
Leon: Picture perfect. *somewhat amused*
Fenrir: *wiggles under his pant leg*
Cloud: Hey! Calm down!
Cloud: I wasn't gone for that long.
Aki: (She loves her daddy XD)
Izzy: (XDD <3)
Fenrir: X3
Leon: what are you going to do when she gets too big for that?
Cloud: ......I have no idea.....
Fenrir: warrrk~
Fenrir: *Dashes out from under his pant leg and runs to Kadaj, and back to Cloud's leg, and back to Kadaj and sits on Kadaj's foot*
Tifa: did it go?
Aki: (...She found a brother..)
Kadaj: Nii-san to sokkuri~
Izzy: ("She looks like Nii-san" XD he's singing)
Aki: (XD I figured, I have a pretty awesome translator on my computer :D)
Izzy: (haha, shouldn't Leon be like, "You're brothers? O_o")
Aki: (*snickers*)
Cloud: *half shrugs*
Tifa: .....*nods*
Leon: ....*confused expression for a second before handing the chocobo mug to Cloud and a mug to Kadaj*
Leon: *gets another for Tifa*
Cloud: ...thanks.
Kadaj: :DD Hot chocolate~
Fenrir: *dashes and sits on Tifa's foot, and back to Kadaj*
Leon: *nods*
Tifa: Fenrir sure has a lot of energy today...
Aki: (She likes feet , they make good beds, seats, transportation)
Leon: Because someone wouldn't take her for a walk, I got stuck with the job, and we got attacked.
Cloud: .....
Leon: By a scrawny, hyperactive boy and his redheaded companion.
Leon: *sighs*
Izzy: (whut?)
Aki: (they challenged him, and wouldn't take no for an answer XD Sora and Kairi)
Izzy: (oh....I was like, "Demyx and Axel?" O_o XDD)
Aki: (*dies*)
Leon: then the nobodies came.
Luxord: *waves*
Leon: ...
Tifa: ...
Leon: Then Shiva came around and I forgot spiky here *points*
Izzy: (Tifa's still trying to figure out what that shrug meant XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (ohh mann)
Izzy: (Shouldn't Aerith have some kind of reaction to this?XD)
Fenrir: *dashes from Kadaj's shoe, to Tifa's and unties it*
Aki: (Aerith finds it all perfectly normal for some reason XD)
Tifa: .....*raises an eyebrow*
Fenrir: *wiggles and goes back to under Cloud's pantleg*
Tifa: I think someone's been a bad influence on your daughter, Cloud.
Cloud: ....
Fenrir: *pecking at Cloud's boot now*
Fenrir: *trying to figure out how to undo it *
Leon: Anywayy..*goes to his library*
Cloud: .....stop that.
Fenrir: *peck peck*
Fenrir: *figures it out out and undoes it*
Cloud: ...
Fenrir: *Dashes off to Cloud's room to make some sort of mess*
Fenrir: Warrrk~
Cloud: *sighs and drinks his hot chocolate*
Cloud: What?
Tifa: What happened?
Cloud: ....
Cloud: Bits and pieces...
Cloud: They're still there, I guess.
Cloud: Maybe you were right.
Cloud: It's not as if...we're starting all over again.
Tifa: That's good, then.
Cloud: *nods*
Cloud: *finishes hot chocolate*
Leon: ....*kinda just standing there, staring at a book blankly in his hand*
Fenrir: *dashes out, and pulls on the zipper on his shoe*
Leon: ...
Cloud: ....*pokes his head in*
Leon: ...Fine, I'll feed you..*looking down at Fenrir*
Fenrir: wark! :DD *dashes back into the kitchen*
Cloud: *watches her go past*
Cloud: ....she's a handful.
Leon: Sometimes. If you know what her antics mean, it's not all that difficult to take care of her.
Leon: I don't think she'll grow out of that playful stage though, like most adult chocobos…
Cloud: *sighs* I don't know what I would have done with her alone...
Leon: She'd be different if you were alone. She'd be more well behaved, since she'd have some responsibility as well.
Cloud: .........
Cloud: I wonder...if that's how she shows she's missing someone...
Leon: hmm?
Cloud: I guess I wouldn't know. I was never any good at that.
Cloud: Showing how I feel, I mean.
Izzy: (at least he admits it XD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Leon: She unties shoes to tell you she's hungry. That's what I picked up.
Cloud: ....
Cloud: That's what it means?
Leon: Considering I always pulled on the zippers on my caretaker's sleeves, when I wanted to eat. I never talked.
Leon: Yeah. Means she's hungry.
Cloud: ........
Leon: She'd being doing chores or 'moseying' around quietly if she was missing someone.
Cloud: ......
Izzy: (haha mosey)
Aki: (XD reference plug *zap*)
Izzy: (harr)
Leon: ...So, let's go feed her?
Leon: Or would you rather I do it?
Cloud: Oh....yeah.
Cloud: No, I'll come.
Leon: all right. *goes to the cabinet the food is kept in*
Leon: *grabs her bowl* *fills it with two scoops of chocobo feed, three lettuce leaves, two strawberries and hands it to Cloud*
Leon: there you go. Go feed her~
Cloud: ...
Aki: (he pays attention to how much to feed her, too XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Fenrir: *running around Tifa's legs*
Tifa: Really, where does she get it all...
Tifa: Cloud! Over here!
Cloud: *comes over* She's hungry.
Tifa: Oh, that would explain it.
Fenrir: *wiggles and hops up and down*
Cloud: *crouches by her*
Fenrir: warkwark~
Leon: don't give her the food yet, Cloud.
Cloud: What?
Leon: tell her to calm down first.
Izzy: (haha it's like training a dog. XD)
Cloud: ....Calm down.
Aki: (only it's Chocobo training XD)
Fenrir: *tilts head*
Fenrir: *jumps again*
Leon: Fenrir, if you don't calm down, no food.
Fenrir: *stops, and waits*
Cloud: ....*was about to say something like that*
Cloud: ...good.
Fenrir: *waits for him to put the bowl down* :DDD
Cloud: *puts it down in front of her*
Fenrir: *eats it happily*
Cloud: ...more work than you'd think.
Leon: Yeah, but babies in general are a lot of work, as are pets.
Leon: Now you know how to feed her, Cloud. Fenrir and I are proud of you. *snickers*
Cloud: ......
Cloud: No, you really haven't changed at all.
Leon: Uh-huh.