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7 sparring

Sora: Sephiroth?
Sora: Where?
Aki: Don't tell me you miss him...
Sora: ......But...
Aki: Izzy DDD:
Sora: *pout*
Aki: ......Really. Don't miss him.
Sora: .......D:
Izzy: Sora, he's not worth it.
Sora: ....
Sora: I still care anyway!
Sora: You can't make me NOT care...
Izzy: you shouldn't!
Izzy: He only ever thought about using you from the beginning.
Izzy: Sure, you can pity him....
Izzy: he is insane....
Sora: Really, that's like asking me to not care about Clou--
Izzy: ....was....
Sora: ....
Sora: I still care. *crosses arms*
Izzy: You're too nice.
Sora: ....
Sora: It's not a bad thing!
Izzy: no, but it can be troublesome.
Sora: It's not like I'm not used to it.
Izzy: Besides, you can't possibly care about Cloud the same way you care about Sephiroth.
Izzy: Cloud will watch your back for you.
Sora: Yeah....
Izzy: Can't say the same for Momma's Boy.
Izzy: >.>
Sora: *frown*
Sora: But still.
Sora: Whatever.
Izzy: I'm not trying to make you think any certain way, you know.
Izzy: Just pointing out the facts to make sure you know them.
Sora: I do know them.
Izzy: good, because the last thing you want is to let your kindness blind you.
Izzy: Dammit, I'm lecturing.
Sora: *shrugs*
Izzy: this isn't supposed to be self-insertion, anyway. I should probably go. XD
Izzy: (wth, I have the strangest conversations with him. XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Aki: (I have fun reading them)
Sora: *pout*
Sora: She left again...
Aki: (He thinks you're kinda....funny XDD)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (I'm MAGICAL XD)
Sora: Or....maybe she's just all in my imagination...Ugh. Gotta stop taking all nighters...
Aki: (Yes, Magical XD)
Izzy: (poor Sora. XD)
Izzy: (Or maybe I'm just his GF XD)
Aki: (HAHA)
Aki: (He's got Kairi, sorry XD)
Izzy: (oh right XD)
Sora: Cllllouuuuuudddddd
Sora: Clouuuuuuuuudddd
Cloud: What?
Sora: You're gonna spar with me. *grabs his arm and drags him out of the house*
Sora: *grabs Cloud's sword on the way out, as well, and drags it with them*
Cloud: I'm gonna what?
Aki: (it's an amusing mental image)
Sora: Spar.
Sora: With.
Sora: me
Cloud: Since when?
Sora: Since now. Since I decided.
Cloud: ......
Izzy: (he's thinking of the bruises he's gonna have for the next week XD)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (poor Cloud)
Izzy: (and he doesn't know how to say no, like Leon does. XD)
Aki: (haha, considering no normally doesn't work on Sora, unless Kairi says it)
Aki: (And Riku doesn't even KNOW the word no exists, when Sora's around)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (Leon is a master of no XD)
Aki: (Kairi's the Queen)
Sora: ....*hands the sword to Cloud*
Cloud: ......
Cloud: What's this all of a sudden?
Sora: Absolutely nothing.
Cloud: ......
Sora: Pick up that sword of yours, and let us fight.
Cloud: ......
Cloud: .........*picks it up slowly*
Sora: *summons Ultima Weapon*
Cloud: ............
Cloud: *splits his blade into two*
Sora: *simply stands there, waiting*
Izzy: (seriously, what's gotten into Sora all of a sudden? XD)
Cloud: ......weren't you the one who wanted to spar?
Aki: (Pretty much what Sora said. Nothing...)
Izzy: (uh-huh.)
Aki: (He's sort of upset, but not in the normal way)
Izzy: (Like I'll believe you at this point. XD)
Sora: I still want to.
Sora: *continues standing there*
Aki: (Actually, Sora's blaming himself. Not sure for what, though.)
Izzy: (whattt.)
Izzy: (....)
Izzy: (Maybe Cloud SHOULD knock some sense into him)
Izzy: (but he doesn't realize it. XD)
Sora: *Dodges forward, Keyblade at the ready*
Cloud: *holding the main blade at his side, raises the other*
Cloud: *sighs and charges it up*
Izzy: (He's like......"I guess I have to do SOMETHING." XD)
Sora: *Lifts Keyblade, and punches Cloud in his unarmoured shoulder pretty hard*
Izzy: (geez. XD)
Izzy: (no kicking.)
Aki: (No kicking, promise XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Cloud *grimaces a little and jumps back, thrusting with the main sword*
Cloud: *tosses the charged sword at Sora, then splits the main one again*
Izzy: (he's too slow with it all put together to be any match for Sora XD)
Izzy: (that thing is heavy!)
Izzy: (I don't care how fast he can swing it)
Sora: *Doesn't even bother to block*
Izzy: (......wth Sora.)
Sora: *after his shoulder gets hit, he dodges toward Cloud again*
Cloud: *frowns a little and jumps over and behind him*
Sora: *turns, and swings his fist towards Cloud's side*
Cloud: *raises the sword in his right hand to slash*
Cloud: *drops the sword and grabs Sora's wrist as the fist connects*
Izzy: (I seriously am not quite sure what Cloud's doing)
Sora: ....*tries pulling it back*
Sora: *yanks it*
Cloud: ....if you wanted to fight like that, you shouldn't have brought my sword.
Cloud: *lets go*
Sora: *Brings his fist towards Cloud's neck* ....
Izzy: (Cloud's kind of....trying to figure out what he's doing, actually*
Aki: (In all truth, Sora's pretty much trying not to cry over the fact that he let Sephiroth use him like that. )
Cloud: *flips his left hand and sticks the rest of the sword in the ground, and blocks barehanded*
Sora: *Growls and thrusts his other fist at Cloud's side, pulling the other away*
Izzy: (it's not like Cloud can't fight without a sword XD)
Izzy: (he got into fights when he was a kid)
Aki: (I'm aware XD)
Cloud: *snaps his right hand over with a backhanded low block and twists it up*
Izzy: (effectively raising Sora's arm, leaving him open)
Izzy: (I don't know how else to describe it)
Izzy: (it's kind of an old move, but I like using it XD)
Izzy: (In real sparring matches, that is)
Aki: (haha okay, keep on describing them then XD)
Cloud: *aims a backhand at Sora's face with his left*
Sora: ......
Izzy: (that would be more like an uppercut, actually....)
Izzy: (it's hard to do a backhand from that position)
Izzy: (oh well)
Sora: *lets himself be hit*
Cloud: *stops his fist right before Sora's nose*
Cloud: What do you think you're doing!?
Sora: Nothing.
Cloud: You're letting me hit you.
Sora: Mhmm.
Izzy: (he can really tell because he didn't flinch at a face hit....)
Aki: (yeah )
Cloud: ....what is it.
Sora: What is what.
Sora: ....
Cloud: What is it this time?
Cloud: Don't look at me like that.
Cloud: I should know better than anyone that it isn't "nothing".
Sora: ....I'm sure you are. *forces him back*
Cloud: *lets go*
Sora: ....*just sort of stands there*
Cloud: You want me to hit you?
Cloud: Is that gonna make it better?
Sora: *frowns slightly* I just don't want to deal with the creepy genes, or the Heartless thing! I've really had enough of it.
Cloud: That doesn't mean causing yourself pain is going to change anything.
Sora: I'm aware.
Cloud: *pulls his swords out of the ground and puts them back together*
Cloud: ......if you want to talk about it, I'm here.
Cloud: But I'm not going to hurt you.
Sora: Well, what the Hell do I do? Live each day until Stigma kills me? I'm not even supposed to have it!
Cloud: .......weren't you the one who said "I'll keep fighting until I die"?
Cloud: Yeah, it hurts.
Cloud: I'd know.
Cloud: It doesn't mean you have any excuse to give up.
Cloud: ....I didn't.
Cloud: it took a lot to get me to realize that, but....
Sora: Yeah! No, I know! I just...
Sora: mind is seriously messed up right now.
Cloud: It's all right.
Sora: ....
Chi: lala sephi
Izzy: NO CHI
Izzy: BAD
Chi: sephi dooo do sdo
Sora: Everyone keeps saying that to me. Even when I was a Hearltess, and couldn’t really understand...
Aki: (Oh jeez XD)
Chi: woops do
Izzy: (not the time for that.... >.>)
Chi: XD
Chi: JK
Izzy: (geez)
Chi: JK
Aki: (*dying of laughter again*)
Chi: sephhi
Aki: sephi hates Kadaj
Aki: oh yeah
Chi: *sephi
Aki: Chi
Chi: bad sora
Aki: If you get off, I'lllll
Aki: *thinks*
Chi: bad DOG
Izzy: (whut)
Aki: give you my remix of Hips Don’t Lie
Aki: It's a pretty cool CD
Aki: ....D:
Chi: HIPS DON'T LIE please
Aki: hmm
Aki: I'll bring it next time I come over, then, if you get off :D
Chi: i can torture riku w/ it
Izzy: (stop that)
Aki: haha
Izzy: (You plot against me!!)
Aki: (*plotplotplot*)
Chi: *sniffle puff I know u don't want me off sora
Izzy: (>.> she's gone now....)
Aki: XD
Izzy: (my mom dragged her away XD)
Aki: (that was funny XD)
Izzy: (oh, my sister)
Aki: (she is <3)
Izzy: (I was just like, "BAD TIME IN THE RP TO SAY SEPHIROTH")
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Sora: I'll say.)
Cloud: ......we're worried about you.
Cloud: But you know that.
Sora: Riku alone, says it about 5348783945 times a day.
Cloud: .......
Cloud: What do you want to hear instead?
Sora: What you're saying now is fine....I just...I don't know.
Izzy: (how do we fix him? D:)
Aki: (fix Sora? XD)
Izzy: (yeah....)
Aki: (Sorry, it just sounds funny....uhh)
Aki: (Uhhhh. )
Aki: ( I dunno :D )
Izzy: (geez)
Izzy: (Aerith, why wasn't your water more magical?)
Aki: ( Because Aerith wasn't making the water Magical. she's not dead anymore. No more mysterious dead person magic water)
Izzy: (..........)
Aki: (sorry XD)
Izzy: (I have an idea.)
Izzy: (Blame Hades.)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (that's the answer to EVERYTHING.)
Aki: (Hades: ....That's not fair.)
Aki: (Hades: What the Hell. I'm not fair, myself.)
Izzy: (Neither was me kicking your ass in that tournament, but what is?)
Aki: (Hades: You defeated me in a GAME. It won't matter, since you technically cannot defeat me for good.)
Izzy: (.........>.>)
Izzy: (well, maybe I can't.)
Aki: (Hades: Could you possibly --)
Izzy: (hmmm?)
Aki: (Hades: Plotting will get you absolutely no where.)
Izzy: (Plotting? Me? Whatever could you be talking about?)
Izzy: (I'm the epitome of innocence)
Izzy: (*whistles*)
Aki: (Hades: I could go see the Fates, and see what they could do to that red string of yours. *scissor cutting motions with his fingers*)
Aki: (Sora: That's mean!)
Aki: (Hades: Life is tough. Grow up, kid. *poof*)
Aki: (Sora: *pout*)
Sora: ....Let's....*mutters*
Sora: Hmm...
Izzy: (loser. Anyway.)
Aki: (haha)