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8.2 cake

Aki: (Sora: DDDD': Riiiikuuuuuuu)
Leon: I don't know how to explain it...*sighs*
Cloud: .......
Izzy: (arghhh....Cloud, stop ittt.)
Aki: Ccloud probably secretly knows what Leon's talking about D: )
Izzy: (uhhhhh...... no?)
Izzy: (considering I don't really XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (*feels clueless*)
Aki: (Leon knows Cloud is there...but his friend acknowledged
Izzy: (ehhh)
Aki: (To Leon, he just met Cloud, but deep down he knows he knows Cloud. unconsciously, he knows they're close)
Izzy: (I think I get it...)
Izzy: ( still...angry.)
Aki: (But, it HURTS )
Aki: (because...)
Izzy: (like, he's hiding it now, but...)
Izzy: (I'm afraid he's gonna take it out on someone or something again D:)
Aki: (Leon's angry too XD)
Izzy: (and yes, it hurts)
Aki: (Cloud can take it out on Leon or something)
Izzy: (I was actually working with that)
Izzy: (ehh >.>)
Izzy: (it's creepy how much we think alike)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (welllll, I send you my thoughts...XD)
Aki: (not really...It is kinda funny though)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Aki: (It hurts Cloud more, duh)
Izzy: (but, like)
Izzy: (it hurts Leon too)
Izzy: (:\)
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (there's my angst for the day)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Cloud is unfortunately going through another 'I hate myself" phase -_-)
Izzy: (he'll get over it soon, though)
Leon: *sighs*
Aki: (yeah, he will XD)
Cloud: .....
Izzy: ("nantoka...")
Izzy: (argh, language barriers XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: ("ore no koto...omae ni wa...")
Izzy: (ahhhh)
Aki: (something like...somehow? XD)
Izzy: (oh well)
Izzy: (yeah, "nantoka" is somehow)
Aki: (I'm not so clueless XDD)
Izzy: (my biggest problem)
Izzy: (is that Steve Burton is not the Cloud in my head. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Sakurai Takahiro is)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (He has a pretty singing voice XD)
Izzy: (yes he does XD)
Aki: (all I got out of Ore no koto...omae ni wa was something like..."Under these circumstances I--" )
Aki: (I dunno)
Aki: (I'm like completely off)
Izzy: (what? XD)
Izzy: (It's more like "What am I to you?" XD)
Aki: (Yeah)
Aki: (well, I'm getting back into my Japanese...jeez XD)
Izzy: (yay XD)
Aki: (well, I couldn't figure it out...I forgot how to read omae ni wa XD)
Aki: (It's like something you)
Izzy: (omae=you)
Aki: (that's what I was like)
Izzy: (ni and wa are particles)
Izzy: (ni is like...indirect object)
Aki: (yeah, I know)
Izzy: (I think)
Izzy: (and you know wa. XD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (we're getting off track XD)
Izzy: (we are XD)
Izzy: (say something already, Cloud)
Leon: ......
Cloud: I......
Izzy: (*sighs* that's not much.)
Leon: I'm really trying to remember...*frowns and looks down, before pouring something else into the bowl*
Cloud:'s not...I....ah.
Izzy: (T_T now I have to clean the emo off my brain, not just the rug)
Aki: he more talkative?
Aki: or does he want to yell at Leon? XD
Izzy: uhhh
Izzy: not for a little while
Izzy: the yelling, that is
Izzy: but I think he might talk if he's poked enough XD
Aki: (*pokes him*)
Izzy: (*also pokes him*)
Izzy: (Cloud: stop it....)
Aki: (Leon: *jabs him*)
Izzy: (Oh, I forgot you're ticklish)
Izzy: (Cloud: NOT FUNNY.)
Aki: (^^)
Cloud: It's all right. ....take your time.
Izzy: (well, that was something, at least)
Aki: (haha)
Leon: It's clearly not all right..*frustrated, obviously*
Cloud: There's...not much that can be done, anyway...
Leon: I know...but I'm hurting people!
Izzy: ("shou ga nai" sounds so much better. Ah well.)
Izzy: (I need to learn how to speak proper English xD)
Cloud: We can take it.
Izzy: (ooh, words. instead of periods)
Aki: (haha)
Leon: *sighs*
Cloud: It's no use blaming yourself...I know that much, at least.
Cloud: It's not going to change anything.
Leon: No...I'm angry. That's all.
Cloud: ....
Izzy: (well, there goes that record.)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (one...two...three)
Aki: (18...)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Aki: (30 less than Leon)
Aki: (Cloud still loses XD)
Izzy: (oh well)
Cloud: ...........
Izzy: (the awkward silence still reigns.)
Aki: (XD)
Leon: Whatever.
Leon: You're probably angry too.
Cloud: Not at you.
Leon: right...
Izzy: (....and their conversation is not going to get much further)
Aki: (really XD)
Izzy: (I say someone should interrupt before it gets bad XD)
Leon: ...Ow.
Sora: *tacklecloud*
Izzy: (awww)
Cloud: *grabs the edge of the table for support*
Izzy: (Sora should stop eating so many sweets)
Izzy: (he's getting fat XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (Sora: am not)
Sora: ....
Aki: (actually, Sora's only there because he's afraid of the boogieman under Riku's bed)
Cloud: Are you...feeling better, then?
Aki: (*shot*)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (oogie...boogie man.)
Aki: (XD yeah, him)
Aki: (Actually it was a nightmare..)
Aki: (And since he was already in Riku's bed...well)
Aki: (he had no where else to go)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Izzy: (the solution to everything--cling to Cloud)
Sora: *grip tightens on Cloud*
Izzy: (hey, it worked for Aerith and Yuffie)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (and Marlene)
Aki: (and Aarao and Ester)
Izzy: (yes XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Tifa didn't do too much clinging)
Izzy: (just sleeping on his shoulder)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (such a cuteeeee sceneeeee)
Izzy: (...okay, moving on)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (I think Sora's crying)
Izzy: (aww)
Cloud: ...what's wrong?
Sora: ....
Sora: Something...
Aki: (Well...Riku's trained him enough to drill it into his head that SOMETHING has to be bothering you if it's bothering you XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Cloud: .........
Sora: *keeps right on crying*
Cloud: ...................
Leon: What's bothering you, Sora...?
Sora: ...I...
Sora: Well...It was a dream...I know...but I still killed Riku...
Aki: (Ah yes, the infamous "I killed my best friend" dream)
Izzy: (oh jeez)
Cloud: *sighs*
Izzy: ( have dreams about Aerith dying. Don't say anything.)
Leon: *Doesn't quite know what to say*
Aki: (Cloud's a better bet XD)
Izzy: (true XD)
Cloud: Well, you didn't.
Izzy: (thanks, Captain Obvious.)
Cloud: Go find him.
Sora: He was right there when I woke up...but still...*clings tighter*
Cloud: Look...take a deep breath.
Sora: *does so*
Aki: (aww, so obediant XD)
Aki: (good kid <3)
Cloud: It was just a dream, right?
Cloud: You're upset now, because you just woke up.
Sora: *frowns*
Cloud: ......
Izzy: (yeah, he used up his word quota again)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (All Sora cares about is clinging)
Aki: (Riku should go down a grab him before he suffocates Cloud XD)
Izzy: (awww)
Riku: There you are.
Sora: ...*frowns more, and clings more to Cloud*
Riku: What's gotten into you?
Sora: *cries again and is like adhesive glue to Cloud*
Cloud: Sora...calm down.
Sora: ...DDD'X
Aki: (Riku...just pull him off..)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (I can see that...too XD)
Riku: Stop it. You're gonna suffocate him. *takes Sora's arm*
Sora: *loosens his grip*
Sora: But...
Riku: ......
Riku: Cloud's got enough to deal with right now.
Izzy: (Say it again.)
Aki: (say what again? XD)
Izzy: (Riku should say that again XD)
Aki: (yeah, rly XD)
Sora: *lets go* Fine..
Sora: I just...nevermind.
Riku: ........
Sora: *turns to walks off to his own room*
Riku: ......*starts to follow him*
Sora: *closes door*
Riku: .....
Riku: Do you want Kairi to talk to you instead, or something?
Sora: No.
Riku: I promised to tell you everything, didn't I?
Riku: The same goes for you.
Sora: Fine...
Riku: the door first.
Sora: *opens it*
Riku: that's better.
Sora: ...I killed you. There. *pulls covers over his head*
Riku: ......I'm still here, aren't I?
Riku: It would take more than that to kill me.
Sora: I know, I know!
Sora: You keep telling me! But it was still scary!
Riku: uh-huh. And so was that movie we watched when you were eight. You hid under your bed and wouldn't come out for two days.
Riku: Your mom had to bring you food.
Sora: Yeah...but it wasn't as scary as seeing you dead, real or not!
Riku: ......
Sora: It's...I don't know...Dark, and cold, and NOT FUN. *pillow over head*
Riku: *walks over and sits down next to him*
Riku: I have to tickle you to prove I'm not dead?
Sora: *Sticks head out and sticks his tongue out at Riku*
Aki: (THERE'S his attention span break)
Izzy: (Riku was trying to get at that XD)
Izzy: (at least HE'S effective now, unlike...CLOUD)
Aki: (XD)
Riku: *pushes him over and starts tickling the back of his neck, trying to keep a straight face*
Riku: I'll show you dead!
Sora: H-hey! *Laughing*
Izzy: (okay, we're good here XD)
Sora: S-stopppp *laughing more*
Aki: (Okay, he's now crying cuz he's laughing too hard XD)
Izzy: (he should tickle back XDDD)
Aki: (He's trying XD)
Sora: *reaches out and starts laughing too hard again*
Sora: *after a while, manages to tickle him back*
Riku: *laughing, loses his balance and falls on the floor*
Sora: *still tickling*
Aki: (...Leon and Cloud should just use Riku's method XD)
Izzy: (...................)
Izzy: (Leon and Cloud....tickling each other....)
Izzy: (......................................................)
Izzy: (wow.)
Aki: (Why is that a funny mental image to me? XD)
Izzy: (because it's hilarious.)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: :D!
Aki: (Sora's like, "YAY I WIN.")
Izzy: (Sora totally has won all their tickle fights since they were kids)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (Simply because he has more energy XD)
Izzy: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (meanwhile, Leon and Cloud....)
Izzy: (when Aerith gets back, she's gonna be mad)
Izzy: (they got emo all over the kitchen)
Leon: ....Well.
Aki: (Sora emo is better than the overly common Cloud emo)
Aki: (Cloud emo is harder to clean up)
Cloud: *straightens his shirt*
Izzy: (that's true XD)
Leon: You handled that well.
Cloud: He does it a lot...
Cloud: it's all right, though.
Leon: *nods*
Izzy: (haha "He's cute, so it's okay")
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (not in a sketchy way >.>)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (really, think about it, Sora is probably the most slashable character EVER)
Izzy: (yes, yes he is)
Izzy: (.........)
Izzy: (I read "slashable" as "adorable" for some reason)
Aki: (He's also adorable XD)
Izzy: (yes XD)
Aki: (beyond adorable)
Leon: Of course it's all right, he's Sora.
Aki: (translation: "It's all right, he's beyond adorable, we can’t say no")