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9.2 party nobodies

Izzy: (aww)
Roxas: Or...don’t?
Axel: What makes you think I'd wanna go back?
Axel: brb
Izzy: (CHI)
Roxas: I don't kno--Breaking the fourth wall.
Roxas: Who are you?
Chi: BRB
Izzy: she wants me to get off so she can do hw -_-
Izzy: hah
Roxas: I see.
Izzy: she said she'll be done in 10 mins or so
Aki: Okie XD
Izzy: it's okay, Roxas, you can borrow Axel in the meantime
Roxas: ...
Roxas: Fine.
Roxas: *drags Axel off*

Aki: (that's Roxas emoing in an optimistic way)
Aki: (the drabble I mean)
Izzy: (yes)
Izzy: (^^ it's cuuuute)
Izzy: (though he'll probably kill me for saying that)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (He's off explaining to Axel that AkuRoku seems to be canon, but as his canon personality suggests, he's not supposed to be sappy. )
Izzy: (hahahahaha)
Aki: (8D)
Roxas: There.
Roxas: ...cute? what?
Izzy: uhhh
Izzy: later
Izzy: (*runs into parenthesis*)
Roxas: ...
Axel: .....well, that was trippy.
Aki: (haha)
Roxas: *nods*
Roxas: Anyway, aside from the DSO...
Aki: (You're horrible at your job XDD)
Aki: (everyone knows who you are 8D)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (are you gonna dock my pay or something? XD)
Aki: (Yes. XD)
Roxas: I guess we could have a party...
Axel: I want some cake.
Izzy: (...that came out of nowhere. XD)
Roxas: There's some on the counter in the kitchen…
Aki: (not the one Leon was making XD)
Aki: (Hay, you, go get Axel his cake XD)
Izzy: (D: I'm not a caterer)
Roxas: I'm not getting it for you. *closes his eyes*
Aki: (haha)
Roxas: I'm not in the...Organization...I don't do your bidding anymore.
Roxas: *sighs*
Axel: jeez, I can stuff my face on my own, I don't need you to do it for me.
Roxas: Good.
Roxas: I bet Leon's got some beer laying around, if you wanna go find that, too.
Aki: (I doubt while being a 'Nobody' there were rules about underage drinking XD)
Izzy: (poor Roxas XD)
Luxord: ...When's the party, Axel? Xigbar's gonna supply most of the beer.
Roxas: *seemingly jumps halfway across the room* ...!
Axel: I dunno, ask Demyx,
Roxas: I thought it was just you and Demyx...*looks to Axel*
Axel: and no, they tagged along.
Axel: Everyone's pretty much bored. There's no evil plotting left to do.
Roxas: but--
Luxord: Thirteen, hold your tongue.
Roxas: ...
Roxas: *sighs* Well…
Axel: Hey, chill, Luxord. Does Roxas look like he's wearing black to you?
Izzy: (...chill.)
Izzy: (.......chill.)
Izzy: (oh, my brain XD)
Luxord: He's still Number Thirteen, as far as I'm concerned. *places a box of games on the table*
Roxas: Number Ten, you'd better be planning on cleaning up afterwards...*glowering a little*
Luxord: Of course.
Roxas: I'm going to my room. *turns*
Axel: Geez, I just can't win.
Roxas: *goes up the stairs*
Axel: I'm trying to have a happy reunion with my best friend here. No wonder he left in the first place.
Luxord: *shrugs*
Axel: *sighs and takes his feet down off the table*
Axel: Hey, Roxas! You said you'd give me a head start!
Luxord: *sighs and goes to the kitchen*
Xigbar: *appears* Brought the beeeer~
Xigbar: What's frozen his fire? *jabs a thumb at Axel*
Aki: (bad joke, Xigbar)
Luxord: Thirteen ran off again.
Axel: Everyone seems to think it's FUN to screw over my quality time with someone I haven't seen in a while....
Xigbar: I see. Go get Roxas and bring him back down, Axel.
Izzy: (haha, he's annoyed XD)
Aki: (yeah)
Xigbar: We're leading real lives this time--go get Roxas in the mood for the party. *pushes Axel up the stairs*
Axel: One of you makes another crack about fire and I'll...oh, screw it. *shrugs him off and goes after Roxas*
Aki: (lol, which room belongs to Roxas, Axel, huh? XD)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (....I think Cloud and Leon are still standing in front of the door to Cloud's room..)
Xigbar: Luxord, it's not Thirteen, it's Roxas. R-O-X-A-S. Got it memorized? *raises an eyebrow*
Luxord: Shut it.
Axel: I heard that!
Leon: ....strange people are in my house.
Aki: (oh Leon)
Aki: (What will we do with you?)
Izzy: (XD)
Cloud: ......
Axel: Mind telling me where Roxas went?
Leon: Well...his room is the one with the door that says "ROXAS" on it in Sora's handwriting...
Axel: ....that would work.
Izzy: (he's too annoyed to be funny right now XD)
Axel: *waves as he walks past them* Thanks, guys. Though you might want to close the door.
Izzy: (...I take that back.)
Cloud: .......
Leon: ....
Sora: Hi Axel! *runs by* Bye Axel! *goes downstairs*
Axel: ........
Aki: ( a special house XD)
Izzy: (it certainly is XD)
Axel: Hey! What kind of "hello" is that!
Sora: *runs back up*
Sora: Fine. Here's the 'hello' everyone else gets.
Sora: *tackles him*
Aki: (Sora seems to know that not everyone enjoys his hellos XD)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Izzy: (Axel would tho XD)
Axel: Woah! You do that to everyone?
Sora: Yeah! :D
Axel: Who needs a Limit Break...
Sora: ...*grins widely*
Axel: Anyway, I'm looking for Roxas. Seen him?
Sora: *points to Roxas' door*
Sora: Rikuuuuu~ *runs off to find Riku* Axel's hereeeee~
Axel: ...thought so.
Roxas: *leaning out the door*...I never quite figured out where he gets all that energy.
Axel: Well, he's got more than enough for both of you. There ya go.
Roxas: Hmph. Sure.
Axel: Now, stop letting those losers downstairs get to you.
Roxas: I'm actually not letting them do anything. I came up to get this~ *waves the keychain to Bond of Flames in front of Axel*
Aki: (Oh Roxas )
Izzy: (awwwww)
Roxas: It's still a sketchy name for it...but still, it's a strong weapon.
Axel: Hah...what do you know, you're still carrying that thing around.
Izzy: (.......-_- oh, silly Axel. You're happy, and you know it...)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (...don't...clap your hands, though.)
Roxas: It's not like I hated it--I was taken aback at the title you gave it, at first...>_>
Roxas: Besides, I looked for you for two years. Why wouldn't I carry this around?
Axel: I won't say 'I'm flattered', cuz you'll probably hit me with it.
Roxas: Damn right.
Roxas: ...c'mon. Xigbar and Luxord and some...other person are downstairs.
Axel: No way am I playing Luxord in ANYTHING tonight.
Roxas: Why?
Axel: Though it might be amusing to watch other people try...
Roxas: You normally enjoy the bets.
Axel: ....let's just say I like wearing clothing.
Roxas: ...Oh.
Roxas: ...THAT'S why you guys bet on nowadays?
Roxas: That's...special.
Axel: Well...we were bored.
Axel: And without to Superior to keep things in check....
Axel: Ah, well, I shouldn't have drunk so much anyway.
Roxas: Yeah...
Roxas: Speaking of...him...What the hell happened ?
Axel: ........
Axel: *coughs* Hmm...well.
Axel: Shall we say...he's not quite himself.
Roxas: Well, that's good.
Axel: Not sure what did it. Maybe the shock of Sora defeating him so spectacularly?
Axel: Or his beautifully, painstakingly constructed plans falling down around his ears?
Roxas: I tried pointing out the flaws...I merely either got yelled at by Xaldin or hit by him. *mutters*
Axel: Well, anyway, he's in therapy.
Roxas: therapy. That's...
Axel: Three sessions a week, and he's still a mess...won't leave his room. *shrugs* Not that any of us care much.
Izzy: (haha, poor neglected Xemnas XD)
Roxas: *shrugs* Don't tell Sora, he'll go after Xemnas and try to help.
Axel: .....not that he could do fact, he'd probably scare him so much he'd go brain dead.
Axel: That would be interesting.
Roxas: What with him calling Sephiroth his friend after everything that that one-winged-freak did to him...
Roxas: *sighs*
Axel: Sephiroth? That poser?
Roxas: Mhmm.
Axel: Tch.
Izzy: (oh, I couldn't resist)
Roxas: Well, it completely screwed over Sora's mind on some things.
Aki: (tch. XD)
Roxas: You know anti-form, right? >_>
Axel: ....ooh, yeah.
Roxas: yeah.
Axel: That doesn't sound too good.
Roxas: It's not. I still get Sora's dreams and memories sometimes. Last night's dream was pretty bad.
Roxas: He woke up thinking that he'd killed Riku, even though he was right next to him. *sighs and shakes his head*
Axel: ........
Izzy: (not what you're thinking, Axel. XD)
Axel: wellll then.
Axel: I'm surprised he's still running around like that...
Roxas: He's Sora. The Universe would end once he stopped.
Roxas: Well, let's go down, there's a party, remember?
Axel: Hah! It's pathetic that you needed to remind me. *grabs Roxas' sleeve and runs down the stairs*
Izzy: (someone take the sugar away from him XD)
Roxas: *practically dragged*
Roxas: *stumbles down the stairs*
Aki: (haha, Axel will totally have to get Roxas drunk, he's thinking too much XD)
Izzy: (well, it worked with Cloud)
Aki: (Roxas is more...collected though, more emotionally stable XD)
Izzy: (true XD)
Roxas: ...what the hell, Luxord.
Luxord: *attempting a headstand*
Xigbar: *laughing hysterically*
Axel: Someone got to the beer before I could.
Roxas: ...I can't believe I was part of this group...
Kairi: *staring at them all a little reproachfully over the stair railing*
Roxas: *waves to her*
Izzy: (haha, she's like "I said no party! >:[")
Roxas: They're gonna pick it all up. I'll see that they do.
Axel: *also waves and grins*
Kairi: *gives them both a skeptical look*
Roxas: *offers his own smile* Promise nothing worse than swearing will occur.
Kairi: *sighs* All right...if you say so, Roxas.
Kairi: But make sure to keep Sora away from the alcohol.
Roxas: he'll drink it? *raises a brow* I thought he didn't like the stuff.
Kairi: I don't know, but if it's mixed...
Roxas: Fair enough...
Roxas: He'll probably just come down to inspect once or twice for five minutes. He'll get bored. *shrugs*
Roxas: *sits on the couch in the same position as before*
Izzy: (...bad Kairi, you gave Axel ideas)
Xigbar: Luxord you--get offa yer ass! You look stupid.
Luxord: Ass-hole.
Aki: (what ideas, Axel? >_>)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (I think Axel just wants to get everyone drunk for kicks)
Aki: (XD)
Axel: *laughing*
Roxas: *hangs upside down off of the arm of the couch, until all the blood rushes to his head and he sits up*
Demyx: Hey Axel, after the party, maybe Roxas, you and I could head to a bar?
Demyx: I saw one on the way here.
Axel: You don't think we've got enough here?
Roxas: Eighteen...
Demyx: It doesn't matter, Roxas~
Axel: Besides, I'm not heading back to face Larxene smashed.
Roxas: ...I said you could stay here...
Demyx: ...Take him up on the offer, there, Axel. The best idea, if you don't want to see Larxene.
Axel: Sounds good to me.
Roxas: ...I'm still eighteen, I can't go into the bar.
Demyx: You're tall enough to pass, it doesn't matter, sometimes they don’t check for IDs.
Roxas: ....
Izzy: (hahaha, oh, Demyx)
Xigbar: Oh-ho Marluxia!
Xigbar: He was gonna come here too
Roxas: *facepalm*
Axel: Great...he'd better clean up his flower petals, or Kairi'll pull out all his hair.
Roxas: She'll kill ME, not him.
Roxas: Ugh. *headunderdecorativecouchpillow*
Izzy: (aww XD)
Izzy: (.....Marluxia, you fail.)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (I refuse to give you an appropriately dramatic entrance)
Luxord: Roxas is still the worry wart. Always following the rules!
Roxas: *chucks his jacket at Luxord's face*
Luxord: Ow! The my eye!
Izzy: (XD)
Roxas: Hah.
Izzy: (how drunk is he? XD)
Aki: (not too drunk.)
Aki: (He likes goading people on)
Marluxia: ...ah. Already reeking of alcohol. Philistines.
Izzy: (.........)
Axel: Oh, please, you're gonna give me allergies! Stop that! *waves flower petals away from his face*
Roxas: *groans*
Axel: Can't you appear anywhere without them?
Marluxia: *sighs* Of course, you wouldn't understand my aesthetic, Axel...
Axel: Get rid of 'em before I burn 'em.
Roxas: Same response.
Axel: And a certain girl is not gonna be happy with ash on the carpet.
Marluxia: ...hmph. *waves hand and the petals vanish*
Roxas: *sighs*
Naminé: What's going on, Kairi sen--*sees Marluxia and Axel*
Naminé: *gives a suspicious leer to Marluxia* I'm going upstairs to my room...
Izzy: (....Namine. XD)