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11.2 back in the underworld

Sora: Why do I want to get out of here? I want to see Riku again.
Izzy: (and Kairi)
Shiva: *looks to Jessie* ...he's one of those 18 year old kids with ADHD.
Aki: (And Kairi)
Aki: (And Cloud)
Aki: (And Tifa)
Aki: (And Leon)
Aki: (and Kadaj)
Aki: (and Reno)
Aki: (and Yuffie)
Izzy: (yes)
Aki: (etc)
Jessie: oh...
Shiva: he's just making a list...
Jessie: Oh! I'm sorry! We haven't been introduced at all.
Sora: hmm?
Jessie: I'm Jessie.
Sora: Sora. :D
Jessie: Nice to meet you, Sora.
Sora: likewise~
Sora: *pulls at the collar of the sweater-vest* How can Cloud wear these...
Jessie: You must've been really good friends, huh.
Sora: I guess. He's like a big brother.
Sora: The townspeople say we look a bit alike cuz of our hair *minus the 4th wall breaking and conversation about fangirls*
Jessie: Hmm...
Jessie: I guess there is a bit of resemblance.
Sora: *shrugs*
Sora: I guess
Sora: I dunno. Never noticed. Just heard it.
Sora: ....heyyy I wonder...
Sora: There's these cool things, Jessie...called 'parenthesis'
Jessie: Huh?
Sora: here lemme show ya *drags her in*
Aki: (Sora: here)
Izzy: (XD what are you DOING, Sora)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Jessie: What's going on?)
Aki: (Sora: Showing you something)
Aki: (Sora: See, there's Cloud and Tifa *points*)
Izzy: (hey! Sora...)
Aki: (Sora: ....)
Aki: (Sora: What else do I have to throw at Riku...)
Izzy: (Sora, go throw things at Hades instead, then you can talk to Riku >.>)
Jessie: We've been wandering around for a while, huh....
Jessie: I don't remember this area at all x.x
Sora: I do~
Jessie: Really?
Sora: It's okay.
Sora: Wandering is good, I'm not sure of my plan. I don't have my weapon...
Sora: I wonder if Auron's here...
Sora: What're those on the ground in that room..?
Sora: *points*
Sora: C'mon~ *grabs her arm and drags her towards the flowers*
Aki: (I guess he'd be attracted to the flowers because they feel familiar XD)
Izzy: (awww)
Jessie: Oh! Now I know where we are!
Sora: ...Flowers? In the Underworld?
Jessie: Uh-huh!
Jessie: I think Miss Aerith could grow flowers anywhere...
Sora: Oh. Aerith.
Sora: 'course.
Izzy: (...yeah, Miss. She only really met her after they were both dead XD)
Aki: (XD And Aerith probably insisted upon "Aerith" But Jessie didn't care )
Izzy: (yep XD)
Sora: *sits down* Let's see...Good thinking place.
Jessie: *nods*
Sora: No weapon...but I still have the Olympus Stone...
Izzy: (I thought so XD)
Aki: (pfft You live in my brain too?)
Izzy: (uhh XD)
Izzy: (No, I was thinking about it for a while)
Izzy: ("Hey, Sora never went and gave it back to Donald")
Izzy: ("hmmm....*plots*”)
Aki: (poor excluded Donald XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Sora: Meh. *flops onto his side* *thinks some more*
Sora: I think...I can still use my limit...I don't need a weapon for that...
Sora: ....This isn't uncomfortable...
Sora: normally this position is uncomfortable...
Sora: Oh's cuz I'm dead. bleh.
Sora: Hmm. Olympus Stone, Limit...
Persephone: *appears out of nowhere* Greetings, Keybearer.
Jessie: *jumps*
Sora: *makes a face like he would if Shiva appeared saying boo*
Izzy: (XDDD oh, Shiva)
Aki: (He'd fall but he's lying down)
Persephone: I don't believe I have ever had the pleasure of making your does seem a bit early...
Sora: *blinks*
Sora: Apparently I had a few months left.
Persephone: *looks thoughtful*
Izzy: (not that that's much different from her usual facial expression)
Sora: But it really doesn't matter, I'd have died anyway.
Sora: *shrugs*
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (I love Persephone)
Persephone: Indeed, it is all mortals’ fate to eventually move on. But everything has its proper time and place.
Persephone: *sighs a little* husband is up to his old tricks again
Persephone: he should know better than to tamper with the natural order of things.
Sora: Though I feel like thanking him for doing so, and then beating the shit out of him.
Sora: *glances at the wall*
Persephone: *shakes her head a little* No, perhaps it is his nature that he will never learn.
Izzy: (haha...she kind of ended up talking to herself)
Aki: (yeah XD oh well. Sora's like, 'well, I'll thank him for killing me before I became bedridden. Then I'll proceed to beat the crap out of him for making my friends cry')
Izzy: (hahaha)
Sora: *traces absently on the walls* Olympus Stone, limit...
Sora: ....Cloud's limit...If I can find a spear...
Jessie: ......
Sora: The underworld has those...
Jessie: *kind of overwhelmed*
Izzy: (she's like "I'm in the presence of important people, omg")
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (Sora: I'm not that important! D: ).
Sora: *emocloud hide face*
Izzy: (aww)
Persephone: You seem troubled.
Izzy: ( shit. XD)
Sora: ...Just thinking..
Sora: What would Aeriiiiith do...what DID she do...
Sora: Meh.
Sora: *crosses arms*
Aki: (Sora, do what Sora would do DX)
Aki: (not what Cloud or Riku or Aerith would do)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (he'd probably go make Hades angry reason XD)
Izzy: (go get Auron or something)
Aki: (Auron would be like, 'Kid, I'm happy where I am. It's my story, and you're not part of it')
Aki: (Cuz he's like that...but let's see..)
Izzy: (hah)
Sora: ....*grumbles and gets up*
Sora: ......Where's Hades?
Persephone: As far as I know, he should be in his chambers.
Persephone: Let me extend the same offer I gave to your friend Aerith.
Persephone: If there is any way I can aid you, do not hesitate to ask.
Sora: Thanks. :]
Sora: C'mon Jesse~ *grabs her wrist again and pulls her along*
Jessie: Oh-okay...
Izzy: (haha, you spell it one way, I spell it the other XD)
Aki: (Sora's being bipolar..)
Aki: (haha yes )
Aki: -Hades' XD-
Sora: >\
Sora: .......
Hades: Well kiddo, long time no see.
Sora: Where's that book of yours?
Hades: Like I'll tell you.
Sora: *punches Hades in the face* Tell me!
Izzy: (geez XD)
Aki: (uhm. well. Sora's getting angry.)
Izzy: (I noticed)
Hades: ....*winces and steps back* Find it.
Aki: (Sora. Stoppit. You'll end up like Cloud. )
Aki: (quit that habit while you're ahead)
Izzy: (D:)
Aki: (DX)
Aki: (I think he's TRYING to be like Cloud)
Aki: (or something)
Izzy: (whattt)
Aki: (This kid is driving me up the wall)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (I think he feels better, being like Cloud)
Izzy: (well, I guess...Cloud can be badass....)
Izzy: (but that's about the only thing he's got going for him)
Izzy: (and Sora is badass in his own way XD)
Aki: ('I have new respect towards the emo head tilt thing!')
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (Sora makes me laugh)
Izzy: (*hugs him*)
Sora: *lunges* You. *punch* Will. *punch* Let. *punch* Me. *punch* Go!*punch*
Hades: ow...ow...Stoppit, Kid!
Izzy: (is Sora having fun beating Hades with his bare hands? XD)
Aki: (I think so XD)
Aki: (He says he knows why Tifa prefers hand-to-hand)
Aki: (It feels better afterwards XD)
Sora: And--
Shiva: ...Sora.
Izzy: (*runs around in circles* Rikuuuuuu...stop itttttttt........)
Shiva: Stop it.
Izzy: (Kairi, keep the sharp things away from him)
Aki: (WHAT?)
Aki: (Sora: WHAT?!)
Izzy: (uh...)
Izzy: (don't worry, he'll be fine)
Aki: (Sora: NO. D: )
Aki: (Sora: T____T)
Sora: *keeps punching Hades*
Izzy: (he's not coming to join you, don't worry -_-)
Aki: (Sora: But he seems to want to! DX)
Izzy: (of course, he misses you >.>)
Aki: (Sora: *Chucks a note saying 'you retard' on it at Riku*)
Izzy: (but Kairi will set him straight)
Aki: (Sora: DDDDDDDDD:-)
Izzy: (calm down DX)
Izzy: (.......)
Aki: (Sora: T______T)
Izzy: (okay, good going Kairi.)
Izzy: (but I didn't know she could lift that...)
Izzy: (let alone...knock Riku out...)
Aki: (Sora: GO KAIRI! <3333)
Aki: (Sora: <333333 X3)
Izzy: (Someone's been taking lessons from Tifa...)
Izzy: (now hurry up and get back to them XD)
Sora: I hate you. *keeps punching*
Shiva: Sora...
Shiva: Why can't you let me handle this...Punching wont do much...
Hades: Well, we can't all be winners, Kid. *punches Sora back*
Sora: eh. *moves*
Izzy: (fistfight with the god of death...)
Shiva: *uses her 'diamond dust' attack thing on Hades*
Aki: (yes fistfight XD)
Hades: ...ow ow ow ow ow!
Hades: water water water...
Hades: hair's out...
Shiva: Your meddling in affairs that are not yours to meddle in...It disgusts us. You will let Sora leave, or I will freeze this Hell.
Izzy: (go Shivaaa)
Aki: (she's getting angry XD)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Aki: (she's like, 'mini-buddy')
Izzy: (and we've seen what happens when she's angry)
Aki: (totally)
Shiva: *catches Sora's upset face* Just let someone for once handle your problems.
Shiva: You can't always solve everything for yourself.
Sora: *pouts*
Shiva: It may work on Squall, but not me. Jessie, take him and leave the room.
Jessie: Y-yes ma'am!
Sora: But...
Shiva: Sora, shut up please.
Shiva: *turns back to Hades*
Sora: DDD:
Shiva: And make sure he can't get back in here! *looks back at Jessie* He'll make stupid decisions!
Jessie: *nods vigorously*
Jessie: *grabs Sora's wrist* Come on!
Sora: .......
Sora: *obviously won’t move*
Shiva: *turns into her more human form*
Sora: ....*upset*
Shiva: *uses diamond dust and crystal blizzard at once*
Hades: *Uses tons of firey attacks while Aki searches for their titles*
Izzy: (hahaha)
Sora: ....I can fight, lemme go! *pulling at Jessie's hand*
Jessie: But how?
Sora: my limit...
Jessie: Isn't it dangerous without a weapon?
Sora: *sighs* I guess...
Izzy: (poor Sora >.>)
Aki: (*shrugs* Ignore him)
Shiva: *gets tossed out of the room*
Hades: And stay out! *doors close*
Shiva: ....
Izzy: (ouch.)
Shiva: This is degrading. And embarrassing...
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (she has an ego the size of the Milky Way galaxy)
Izzy: (hah)
Sora: You should have let me fight!
Shiva: You'd have gotten hurt. *brushes self off*
Sora: I'm dead.
Shiva: Oops. Well, he can still hurt you, dead or not.
Sora: ...*pouts and goes off*
Izzy: (awww)
Izzy: (Sora's got something of an ego himself...)
Shiva: Jessie, take care of him...I have to go back home for a bit..
Aki: (yeah XD)
Jessie: Ah-all right...
Shiva: *goes back to Hollow Bastion*

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