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12.1 hero's return

Sora: ....*attacklesRiku*
Riku: *hugs him back for once*
Riku: Dammit...don't that...again.
Sora: I didn't mean to. But I wontttt~
Sora: >: I'm hungry.
Sora: 8 days without food
Sora: Bleh.
Kairi: Eight?
Sora: Yeah.
Kairi: It's been three months since...
Sora: ...
Kairi: since...
Sora: ehh...I'm sorry...
Kairi: ......*grabs his hand as if to reassure herself*
Sora: ...I'm not gone. And I won't be for a looooong time.
Sora: Am I gonna have to follow you two around for the rest of your lives?
Kairi: S-sorry...I just...
Sora: It's okay *hugs her*
Kairi: *laughs a little* We're both apologizing for no reason. *hugs him back*
Sora: But I'm back, and I'm not leaving.
Kairi: Yeah.
Riku: *nods*
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (:D)
Kairi: If you're hungry...let's...go to the kitchen. I'll make you something. Or Riku can.
Aki: (...Sora's gotten more mature though XD)
Izzy: (dying would do that to you...)
Aki: (Well, you'll notice after he's settled back in)
Izzy: (he needs to go cheer Kadaj up)
Izzy: (since he's been emo for three whole months >.>)
Sora: *slips out of his bed, and grabs their hands* c'mon.
Sora: .....This house is full of emo.
Sora: ....
Sora: Seriously. No one listens to me. *shakes his head jokingly*
Kairi: *glances at Riku*
Riku: .....
Riku: We missed you, all right.
Riku: It's not always enough to say that someone's in your heart...
Riku: If you can't hear their voice...
Sora: I know. I know.
Sora: Here, you can catch up on the lack of my voice. Let's go bake a cake, and sing. *crosses arms and starts heading out of the room but trips and falls*
Kairi: Sora!!
Izzy: (he probably walked right into Roxas or something XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (It's cuz he hasn't truly walked in 3 months)
Riku: *catches him before he hits the floor*
Sora: ...thanks.
Izzy: (they're gonna be clingy for a while...)
Aki: (Sora's got no problem with it...except he's gonna be running around everywhere cuz he hasn't been there for a while)
Izzy: (yeah, he needs to go hug everyone and tell them he's okay XD)
Izzy: (Tifa's freaking out because Cloud is...)
Sora: *gets back up* Floating is...a lot easier.
Sora: *shakes his head* anyway.
Aerith: Kadaj, come eat something. Please?
Kadaj: .....I'm not hungry.
Aerith: ...What if Cloud makes it? Or Leon?
Kadaj: ...*shakes his head*
Aerith: ...*sighs*
Izzy: (I wonder what Kadaj emo looks like...)
Aerith: What would Sora say to that?
Aerith: He'd say something like--
Sora: I'm going to force it down your throat!
Sora: You know that right?
Sora: I said.
Sora: I'll make you eat.
Kadaj: *stares*
Sora: You're all ready too skinny to begin with.
Kadaj: S--
Aki: (Kadaj's emo
Aki: (milk)
Izzy: (what)
Aki: (Everything's all fine and dandy like drinking milk, and then it gets all bitter and after a while it subsides)
Izzy: (interesting analogy...)
Aki: (...:D)
Kadaj: ....*just sits and stares*
Sora: ...what.
Kadaj: n....
Sora: ....*goes over to him and gives him a hug* How about if I make you something to eat...would you eat that?
Kadaj: ........
Kadaj: Sora.....
Izzy: (yes, that is Sora.)
Izzy: (excellent powers of deduction.)
Aki: (haha)
Sora: I'm back, so don't worry.
Kadaj: *starts crying*
Izzy: (poor Sora, he's gonna get that reaction out of everyone...)
Aki: (yeah srsly XD)
Sora: *hugs him*
Aki: (oh look SoraxKadaj)
Aki: (*killed*)
Izzy: (haha, we make the best fanpairings)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Kadaj: *hugs back*
Izzy: (he like...can't say anything.)
Aki: (kadajjjjj)
Aki: (he's soooo cuteeee)
Sora: ...I'm going to make you something to eat. *lets go and heads to the kitchen*
Yuffie: *stares from behind Tifa* ....Don't you EVER, EVER do that again, Sora.
Sora: ...*inclines head in the emo pose © Cloud* I didn't mean to...
Sora: *lifts head* But I'm back!
Cloud: ...........
Sora: So off I go to cook!
Tifa: *laughing and crying at the same time*
Sora: *goes into the kitchen*
Aki: (Cloud, you're a bad influence XD)
Izzy: (yeah, really XD)
Aki: (Cloud's like)
Aki: (“he stole my D:™ ")
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Sora: I bet none of you have eaten right! *grumbles*
Sora: ....You're all out of the necessary food items. Goin' to the store~
Izzy: (everyone's just kind of like "...what do we say?")
Aki: (haha yeah)
Aki: (that tends to happen when your little buddy comes back from the dead)
Sora: *just kinda stares at them like they're insane*
Tifa: Sora...welcome back.
Aki: (Hahaha!)
Sora: :D Than--OH
Sora: OH OH!
Sora: Jessie says hi!
Sora: And that she's okay!
Sora: And not to worry!
Sora: Anddddddddd yeah
Sora: And that she's happy she did what she could.
Sora: :]
Tifa: ...Jessie? You mean...
Tifa: Jessie from AVALANCHE?
Sora: that's it!
Tifa: You...met her?
Sora: Yup.
Sora: And I met Leon's mom.
Sora: and Biggs and Wedge.
Izzy: (I did not. XD)
Sora: and some fat guy claiming Rufus' job; I didn't like him.
Aki: (You so did)
Izzy: (did notttt XD)
Aki: (did toooo)
Sora: And that bastard who did all those experiments. I beat him up.
Sora: right, off to the store~
Sora: *heads out*
Fenrir: Wark.
Aerith: Oh that's right. The stigma. *claps hands together* I should check that out later...
Cloud: *stares at her*
Izzy: (oh, get over it already...)
Aki: (Fenrir you smart, smart girl. :p reminding Aerith like that XD)
Fenrir: ....*crawls up Cloud's pants*
Aki: (...I can't help but laugh every time I type that)
Izzy: (that would be awkward out of context XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (yes. Hence my absent snickering)
Riku + Kairi: *went after Sora*
Aerith: ....Good kids. :D
Aerith: *goes back to the kitchen*
Aki: (I think Aerith's the only one who's treating Sora the way he wants to be treated XD)
Izzy: (yeah, really XD)
Aki: (Zack would treat him the same too XD)
Izzy: (but she's got the whole "I was dead and came back" empathy)
Izzy: (yeah. Zack's not...awake yet though XD)
Izzy: (lazy bum.)
Aki: (true XD)
Aki: (...Sora has three shadows..)
Aki: (His real shadow, Riku and Kairi XD)
Izzy: (<3)
Sora: *buying some food at the mini-stand in town*
Sora: Would you two like to pick something out for food? *leans over to pick something else up*
Kairi: *shakes head*
Sora: Kay.
Sora: *puts the bag on his shoulder and heads back to Leon's house*

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