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14 ah romance

Aki: .......
Aki: Kadaj.
Aki: is.
Aki: too.
Aki: cute.
Izzy: I KNOW <3
Aki: ...Sora. Stop posing with Kadaj. Please. It's hurting my brain.
Izzy: .......
Izzy: *cracks up*
Aki: This kidddd hurts my brainnnn
Izzy: aww XD
Sora: >:
Aki: but he's also too cute
Aki: it shouldn't be allowed to be as cute as he and Kadaj are.
Izzy: yeah, really
Aki: ....Sora, that does not mean you can put those thoughts in my head.
Aki: you are not allowed.
Aki: >\
Sora: D:
Aki: ...
Sora: what about...y'know...
Izzy: .....
Aki: If Izzy says yes, then maybe. I'm not asking her.
Izzy: ....
Aki: you're all grown up. you can ask.
Sora: D:
Izzy: go ahead, I promise I won't eat you
Sora: ....One fear down.
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<lj-cut text="it's everyone's problem nowadays">Aki: .......
Aki: Kadaj.
Aki: is.
Aki: too.
Aki: cute.
Izzy: I KNOW <3
Aki: ...Sora. Stop posing with Kadaj. Please. It's hurting my brain.
Izzy: .......
Izzy: *cracks up*
Aki: This kidddd hurts my brainnnn
Izzy: aww XD
Sora: >:
Aki: but he's also too cute
Aki: it shouldn't be allowed to be as cute as he and Kadaj are.
Izzy: yeah, really
Aki: ....Sora, that does not mean you can put those thoughts in my head.
Aki: you are not allowed.
Aki: >\
Sora: D:
Aki: ...
Sora: what about...y'know...
Izzy: .....
Aki: If Izzy says yes, then maybe. I'm not asking her.
Izzy: ....
Aki: you're all grown up. you can ask.
Sora: D:
Izzy: go ahead, I promise I won't eat you
Sora: ....One fear down.
Sora: <_<
Sora: ....
Izzy: uhh
Izzy: or get mad
Izzy: or cry
Izzy: or scream
Izzy: or look at you like you're crazy
Aki: ....are you still afraid of Kairi and Riku's reactions, Sora? <_<
Sora: ........
Izzy: or run away
Izzy: does that cover everything?
Sora: You'd...look at me like I'm crazy
Sora: >_>
Izzy: promise I won't >:
Sora: DDD:
Aki: ....Is this really, truly fear, Sora, or things your teenaged mind thinks that will totally change when you turn 20?
Sora: Probably number 2...<_<
Aki: then what is there to lose?
Izzy: yeah, really
Sora: ...But...
Aki: .....I don't think Kairi and Riku will hate you.
Aki: And really, if you don't say it, I will announce it to the world >\
Aki: not like they don’t all ready know, but still
Izzy: ...Sora, you don't know what it would take to make them hate you
Izzy: a lot more than you could EVER do in a lifetime
Izzy: maybe even 10
Sora: ...Still
Izzy: just spit it out!! you'll feel better afterward
Sora: :\
Aki:'re stubborn.
Aki: Really. Would you feel better if Leon told Izzy?
Leon: I have no part in this...
Leon: You just don't want to--
Aki: *glare*
Leon: shutting up...
Izzy: .....
Sora: TT;
Izzy: heck, Sora DIED on us
Izzy: nothing worse than that
Aki: yeah..
Sora: DD:
Sora: DDD: *shakes head*
Aki: fine.
Sora: ...
Sora: *gone gone gone*
Aki: ...this kid
Aki: drives me up the friggin' wall
Izzy: hah
Aki: no really. I didn't even influence this kid. D:
Izzy: so, uhhh
Izzy: Sora wants to marry them? XDD
Aki: apparently XD
Izzy: win
Aki: Poor Sora's so embarrassed.
Aki: ....wth
Izzy: aww
Izzy: geez Sora
Izzy: that's not something to be embarrassed about
Izzy: you've got a lot of the fandom behind you there XDD
Aki: pfft yeah, really.
Aki: I think he can’t hear us XD
Aki: oh well.
Izzy: ahahaha
Aki: he's doing the whole 'lalala' thing <_<
Aki: 'I can't hear youuu'
Aki: :\
Aki: he's thinks it's bad XDD
Izzy: *giggling*
Izzy: aww
Izzy: he's such a silly teenager
Aki: yeah. XD
Aki: I'm amused, since he's older than you...though mentally not.
Izzy: yeah
Izzy: I thought about that a lot XD
Izzy: calling him "kid"
Izzy: it makes me laugh
Aki: yeah XD
Aki: He's a kid. :| I should be able to call him kid. Angie's rubbing off on me.
Aki: she calls her parents kids
Aki: and her teachers
Aki: and friends
Aki: and older sister
Aki: and me
Aki: and you
Izzy: ahaha
Aki: and Riku's her daughter
Aki: ...Sora. get out of your room now.
Aki: ....I don't like playing mother. :|
Aki: it drives me nuts.
Izzy: aww
Izzy: get Aerith to then
Aki: good idea
Aki: you ask. I give up XD
Izzy: hmmmm
Aki: Riku... has pretty hair
Izzy: umm
Izzy: yes?
Aki: haha
Aki: sorry. Had to make sure you knew that
Aki: ...Aerith. Deal with this situation please...X__x
Aerith: Okay~
Aerith: Zaaaack~ I need your heeeelllppp~
Aki: ...
Zack: .....ah?
Cloud: .........
Cloud: *drags him off the couch*
Izzy: ("my couch. >:")
Izzy: (now he's gonna kill me for that XD)
Aerith: Go talk to Sora while I talk to--thank you Cloud.
Aerith: While I talk to Riku and Kairi.
Zack: ow ow ow ow not the hair--
Cloud: *lets go of him* Listen to your wife for once.
Zack: Like you should talk!
Cloud: ...I don't have a wife.
Aki: (win)
Zack: ........
Zack: Well it's about time you got one.
Cloud: ........
Zack: Don't give me that murderous look, I'm goin'...
Aki: (pfffttt)
Aki: (wow)
Izzy: (Cloud is...annoyed about something)
Izzy: (I'm not sure what...)
Aki: (it's cuz he's the only one not married XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Cloud: ....*lies down on the couch and sticks his face in a pillow*
Aki: (Sora totally married everyone. But is like 'yay Riku and Kairi' and Leon and Rinoa and Aerith and Zack. c'mon Cloud. Make Tifa smile XD)
Izzy: (he's...acting like a little kid...)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Fenrir: *hops up onto the couch and snuggles onto Cloud's back and falls asleep*
Aerith: *goes off to find Riku and Kairi*
Zack: ....*knocks on Sora's door*
Sora: ...what.
Zack: Hey, neither of us are doing this willingly, so why don't you save us both the trouble and come on out.
Izzy: (Zack, that's cheating.)
Sora: *opens the door* what.
Aki: (at least Sora's still cooperative)
Aki: (Zack, you might want to tiptoe around the broken glass though...or you'll get a door in the face..)
Izzy: (uh...yeah)
Zack: ...okay, the face says it all...
Sora: What.
Sora: *crosses arms* what does it say?
Zack: It says my darling wife had a good reason for kicking me off the couch.
Izzy: (actually, Cloud kicked you off the couch...)
Aki: (haha)
Sora: technically it's Cloud's couch..
Zack: Details.
Sora: :|
Aki: ('yeah, so?' XD)
Izzy: (XD he's being lazy about getting to the point)
Zack: ...stop looking like someone killed your pet kitten and say what's bothering you.
Sora: I don't have a pet kitten.
Zack: *sighs* it's a metaphor.
Sora: Yeah. Okay.
Sora: ....Nothing's bothering me.
Zack: .......
Zack: Now I see why this house always needs so much cleaning.
Sora: *blinks*
Sora: ...It's complicated. And strange. So forget it.
Zack: Any reason you're avoiding the issue?
Sora: ...Uh.
Sora: yes? <_< *turns back to his room*
Aerith: Kaiiiiiiriiiiiii, Riiiiiiikuuuu~
Aki: (...Oh god Aerith)
Zack: .....*sighs again* I'm really not cut out for this, huh?
Sora: ...Iliketwopeoplesoendofconversation *closes door*
Zack: .........*folds arms* Well, great.
Sora: *opens door slightly and imitates Zack* not great
Zack: What's so bad about that?
Sora: ......uhh
Sora: ....Well, you...I...Ehh...
Sora: *rubs forehead*
Zack: Look, Sora, you've gotta give everyone a little more credit.
Aki: (apparently he realized it in the Underworld...)
Aki: (and now he's confused)
Izzy: (aww...)
Zack: At least you've got it down to two.
Izzy: (oh, that's GREAT encouragement. *rolls eyes*)
Aki: (ahha. He's not like you, Zack XD)
Aki: (I love Zack. He handles these things with such grace XDD)
Izzy: (yeah, really)
Izzy: (he's just...happier than everyone else XDD)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (It's good though XD)
Aki: (it cancels everyone else out XD)
Sora: .....Did you love your two childhood best friends like that? Nooo. I highly doubt it. X__x
Aki: (Aerith and Zack's kid...)
Aki: (Is gonna be SOOOOOOO friggin' happy)
Aki: (like...)
Izzy: (....XD)
Aki: (shiny sunny happy land happy XD)
Zack: depends on what kind of "that" you mean.
Zack: Besides, it shouldn't matter.
Aki: (depends on what kind of 'that' XD)
Izzy: (uh-huh)
Izzy: (well, in his case it would be Cloud and Aerith)
Sora: ....*shrugs and looks down*
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (Sephiroth...really...doesn't...count)
Aki: (hahaha)
Aki: (Zack is from Shiny sunny happy land...)
Aki: (<3)
Izzy: (yeah, I would say Zack loves Cloud *shrugs*)
Izzy: (but not the way the yaoi fangirls like to show it)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (it's...really...complicated)
Aki: (Sora's not sure if it's kissy kissy love but it's definetly WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than normal friendship XD)
Aki: (yeah really)

Aki: goddammit Sora.
Aki: you obviously have something to say
Aki: say it
Sora: no...
Izzy: what?
Aki: no one'll get mad, whatever it is.
Sora: they might :|
Aki: ...
Aki: you wont know till you try, right?
Sora: :\
Aki: he's...had this look on his face all day
Aki: and he was fidgeting
Izzy: uhh, just say it
Aki: ...
Izzy: ...
Aki: ...
Izzy: just...say it...
Aki: this kid...
Sora: no. D:
Aki: Kid...
Aki: just say it.
Sora: nooo. D':
Aki: ..
Izzy: ......
Izzy: it's not a big deal!
Sora: Yes it is!
Izzy: uhhh
Sora: ._.
Izzy: .......
Izzy: Sora...go talk to Riku then...or Kairi...
Sora: No..
Aki: ...
Aki: *drags Sora over to Kairi*
Aki: Just. spit. it. out. *leaves*
Sora: no...
Kairi: What's wrong?
Aki: (...he's...been like that allllll friggin' day long)
Sora: Nothing.
Sora: Nothing's wrong.
Izzy: (ehh)
Kairi: .......
Kairi: Sora....
Sora: ...
Kairi: .....what is it then?
Sora: Nothing. I'm just frustrated.
Kairi: About what?
Sora: something.
Sora: ...
Kairi: ....
Kairi: Okay, I guess you don't wanna talk about it.
Kairi: But if something's bothering you, you know I'll listen.
Sora: I know. I do wanna talk about, but I don't. It's confusing.
Aki: (...jesus, Sora. THAT'S what's bothering you?)
Aki: (...............)
Aki: (This kid. )
Izzy: (....)
Aki: (Are you sure you don’t want him? >_>)
Izzy: (uhhh)
Izzy: (I never said I didn't, but...)
Aki: (yeah, he's fine here, he's...just...being...a...teenager, and it's annoying)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (I think the email from the girl confused him XD)
Aki: (and so did angie. again.)
Izzy: (hah)
Izzy: (poor Sora...)
Aki: (I...forbid Angie from interacting with my son <_<)
Aki: (I guess she wont let Sora hang out with her 'daughter' in turn XD)
Izzy: (what XD)
Aki: (Riku....she refers to Riku as her daughter)
Izzy: (....)
Izzy: (I won't ask)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (...Yes Sora. I know. You love Kairi and Riku. Stop shaking me. DDDX)
Izzy: Sora needs to stop acting his age for once
Aki: what? XD
Izzy: he needs to stop acting like a teenager XDD
Aki: XDD But
Aki: fine
Aki: I agree
Aki: Make him, he says XD
Sora: ....*pokes Izzy*
Sora: ....tag. you're it.
Izzy: I'm what?
Sora: You're IT.
Izzy: but what AM I?
Sora: You're ITTT.
Sora: Like
Izzy: I'm just giving you a hard time XD
Sora: I run, you chase.
Sora: :D
Izzy: Fine! If I catch you, you have to confess your undying love for Riku and Kairi
Izzy: now start running
Sora: *runs*
Sora: :P
Izzy: dammit...I forgot how fast he was...
Aki: haha
Aki: nice.
Izzy: Wait! I have...the DSO teleportation device...
Sora: cheater!
Kairi: Who are you talking to, Sora?
Kairi: Oh, hi.
Izzy: ^^; *waves*
Sora: :D
Sora: It's izzy. :]
Izzy: I'm breaking rules again...
Izzy: >.>
Aki: yeah
Aki: you are
Izzy: eep
Izzy: now I'm gonna get a pay cut...again...
Sora: Kairrriiii, wanna play tag? :D
Aki: you're allowed to hang out with Sora, Izzy.
Kairi: Sure!
Izzy: ....I am?
Aki: yeah
Izzy: well, now that I'm playing the second game
Izzy: if he's really bothering you
Aki: ?
Izzy: I wouldn't mind taking care of him for a day XD
Aki: ahaha
Aki: naw I'm fine
Aki: he's just frustrating sometimes
Aki: he's like my son after all *shot*
Izzy: ahaha
Aki: and Riku's Angie's daughter
Riku: I'm what?
Izzy: the other Riku.
Aki: the other Riku
Aki: is
Aki: a daughter
Riku: .......
Riku: Forget I asked.
Kairi: Wanna play tag, Riku?
Sora: :DDD
Sora: play pleassseee?
Riku: Uh....sure...I guess...
Sora: :DDDD
Sora: Izzy's it.
Izzy: *tags* Now Riku is. >:D *runs off*
Riku: ...Hey!
Sora: ...*runs away*
Riku: ....
Sora: ....Riku's not in the spirit to play tag T_T
Riku: ........*starts running after him without warning*
Sora: AHH! *runs*
Sora: *trips*
Sora: ...
Riku: *stops before he trips over Sora*
Riku: ....tag.
Riku: *pokes Sora with his foot*
Sora: ...Damn.
Riku: *runs off in the opposite direction from Kairi*
Sora: D: *chases Kairi*
Izzy: (ahhh)
Izzy: (Playing tag in Hollow Bastion must be so much fun *_*)
Aki: (yeah XDDD)
Sora: *reaches out and tags her* tag!
Kairi: Ah! D:
Sora:: *runssss*
Aki: (Sora, you still have to tell them, or you don't get dinner)
Aki: (Sora: DDD: )
Izzy: (that's one way to do it...)
Aki: (haha yeah)
Kairi: *starts to run after him, then switches direction and runs after Riku instead*
Riku: ....*starting to slow down*
Sora: Kairi's gonna get you Riku~
Riku: *laughing* Shut up!!
Sora: :P *chuckling*
Aki: (....Leon's cooking pasta tonight, Sora...)
Aki: (Sora: DDDD: )
Aki: (And Roxas went out and got Sea salt ice cream...<_<)
Aki: (Sora: DDDDDDDDD: )
Riku: *stumbles*
Kairi: Got--ah!
Aki: (...He's acting 18 and it's annoying XD They probably love him back Jeez)
Izzy: ( like...the UNIVERSE to them)
Aki: (yeah)
Kairi: *almost trips over him*
Riku: ..ah...
Kairi: Riku! Are you all right!?
Sora: *runs over*
Riku: ...yeah, sorry, I just...
Sora: What's wrong?
Riku: ....
Riku: ....*glances slightly at Kairi*
Kairi: *nods slightly*
Izzy: (they're...plotting >.>)
Sora: *blinks*
Aki: (yeah I can tell XD)
Riku: *reaches out and grabs Sora and Kairi's hands at the same time* Tag.
Sora: ...Cheater. *snickers* You'd better run...
Riku: ...*not letting go of either of them*
Kairi: ...*reaches over and takes Sora's other hand*
Sora: ...
Kairi: So what is it?
Riku: Something you can't tell either of us?
Izzy: (poor Sora is outnumbered XD)
Sora: ...I can tell you...I just...
Sora: ...
Sora: :|
Aki: (...this kidddd DX)
Kairi: What are you scared of?
Sora: I...
Sora: *sighs* ...I love you?
Aki: (I think the chocolate cake convinced him)
Izzy: (the chocolate cake would do it...)
Riku + Kairi: ....*glance at each other*
Sora: And Riku, too.
Sora: I just thought about it too much when I was dead.
Sora: It confused me a little.
Kairi: ...oh...
Sora: ...
Kairi: Why didn't you say something before! *hugs him*
Riku: *sighs*
Izzy: (...he's like..."This means I have to be all touchy-feely, right?")
Aki: (haha wow yeah Riku, it does XDDD)
Riku: *hugs both of them*
Sora: ...*hugs them back*
Kairi: It's okay to be confused...
Sora: *shrugs*
Izzy: (arghh....the fangirl genes are taking overrrr)
Aki: (yayyyy)
Izzy: (like Jenova except more fluff and less ickyness)
Aki: (let it take overrr)
Aki: (submit to the fangirllllnessss)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (Riku will seriously...die if he has to say "I love you" though XDD)
Aki: (I know XDDD)
Aki: (Sora knows too)
Kairi: Do you need to hear it from us, too?
Kairi: I'd think everything that happened would say enough.
Sora: ...I just needed to say it myself.
Izzy: (aughhhhh *huggles Sora* tooo cuteeeee)
Aki: (I love this kiddd)
Aki: (He really is adorable)
Izzy: (X3)
Aki: (Soraaaa)
Izzy: (....they're all just kind of standing there...hugging...)
Izzy: (Riku is feeling awkward XD)
Aki: (haha poor Riku)
Izzy: (....awkwardddd XD)
Aki: (haha sorry)
Izzy: (s'okay, I'm amused)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (Soraaa is toooooo cute)
Izzy: (yes? XD)
Izzy: ( still moping on the couch...)
Izzy: (what is wrong with that kid.)
Izzy: (YOU)
Aki: (WHAT?)
Izzy: (the "kid" thing XD)
Aki: (haha yessss)
Aki: (kidddd)
Aki: brb
Aki: we got pizzza
Izzy: :D
Izzy: I wannnttt pizzaaaaa
Aki: *feeds you pizza*
Izzy: ahahaha
Sora: I want pizza too :\
Aki: ...
Aki: >_>
Aki: fine. *hands them a pizza*
Sora: Yay!
Kairi: :D
Riku: What kind?
Sora: looks like cheese.
Sora: But it's food! :DDD
Sora: *sits*
Riku: ...
Izzy: (are they still outside? XD)
Izzy: (sooo randommm)
Aki: ( guess so XD)
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: ...*eats pizza*
Aki: (This kid, is also eating MY pizza..)
Aki: (stoppit Sora. D: You have your own.)
Izzy: (....he's hungry?)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (he is a growing boy after all)
Aki: (haha, not getting any taller XDD)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Izzy: (don't get fat, Sora)
Izzy: (as if he could with that metabolism)
Aki: (yeah XDD)
Sora: :DDDD
Aki: (I guess he's allowed to eat as much as he wants...since he technically hasn't for 3 months)
Izzy: (yep)
Aki: (Soraaa)
Izzy: (whattt)
Aki: (issssss)
Aki: (awesomeness )
Izzy: (yes?)
Aki: (I duno XD)
Izzy: (hah)
Sora: Well! *stands up*