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(19:45:48) Izzy: *pooooke*
(19:46:00) Aki logged in.
(19:46:00) Aki has gone away.
(19:46:04) Izzy: ahhh
(19:46:07) Izzy: *pokepoke*
(19:47:30) Aki: AHHH
(19:47:35) Aki: hi
(19:47:37) Aki: sorry
(19:47:39) Izzy: s'okay
(19:47:40) Aki: was playing KH2
(19:47:43) Aki: pff
(19:47:44) Izzy: hahaha
(19:47:51) Izzy: where are you now?
(19:48:00) Aki: ....where you were before I beat that thing
(19:48:07) Izzy: I just...wanna get to Hollow Bastion....and Cloud, haha
(19:48:08) Izzy: ah
(19:48:24) Aki: lol Proud mode
(19:48:27) Aki: takes foreverrrr
(19:48:32) Izzy: aww
(19:48:40) Aki: sora
(19:48:41) Aki: is
(19:48:48) Aki: OMG
(19:48:49) Izzy: I KNOW
(19:48:50) Aki: *DIES*
(19:48:58) Izzy: RP :D?
(19:49:00) Aki: YES
(19:49:02) Aki: YES RP XD
(19:49:32) Aki: (I'm also drawing Sora's new clothes. I took him shopping today)
(19:49:49) Aki: (angie says I act like his mom XD)
(19:49:53) Izzy: (:DD)
(19:49:55) Izzy: (hahaha)
(19:50:32) Aki: (watch sora let his hair grow and put it in a ponytail)
(19:50:40) Aki: (I swear it's gonna happen when he gets older XD)
(19:51:12) Izzy: (ahahah)
(19:51:17) Izzy: (
(19:51:20) Aki: (and Angie's Riku is making Sora blush. It's creepy)
(19:51:22) Aki: (?)
(19:51:26) Izzy: ( mental's...)
(19:51:38) Izzy: (it's...gonna give me a nosebleed...)
(19:51:42) Izzy: (dammit, Riku)
(19:51:43) Aki: (HAHA)
(19:51:46) Izzy: (you too, kairi
(19:51:50) Izzy: (it's not fairrr)
(19:51:58) Aki: (what's not fair?)
(19:52:09) Izzy: (that they're BOTH in my head)
(19:52:15) Aki: (haha)
(19:52:20) Izzy: (and imagining Sora with a ponytail)
(19:52:32) Izzy: ( doesn't help that I think long hair on guys looks good...)
(19:52:46) Izzy: (*coughcoughLEONcoughcough*)
(19:52:50) Aki: (hahaha)
(19:52:57) Aki: (Sora: *suints*)
(19:53:02) Aki: *squints
(19:53:10) Aki: (what the hell sora)
(19:53:24) Aki: (Sora: ...)
(19:53:28) Aki: (hahah wait)
(19:53:31) Izzy: (....?)
(19:53:37) Aki: (riku's gonna have a nosebleed? XDDD)
(19:53:47) Izzy: (yes? XD)
(19:53:57) Aki: (*dying happily*)
(19:54:10) Aki: (Sora: *also pretty amused* )
(19:54:11) Izzy: (Kairi's not faring much better XD)
(19:54:19) Aki: (hahaha)
(19:54:30) Izzy: (Sora, don't let your loves die of anemia)
(19:54:37) Izzy: (keep it short)
(19:54:54) Aki: (Sora: >_> You just don't want to draw it, or imagine it.)
(19:55:05) Aki: (So you were thinking about that.)
(19:55:17) Aki: (Sora: *whistles*)
(19:55:27) Aki: (Pff. yeah.)
(19:56:02) Aki: (*still laughing at Riku*)
(19:57:00) Aki: (I'm beginning to think...that Angie's onto something with the Rikusexual and Kairisexual thing>_>)
(19:57:01) Izzy: (haha)
(19:57:08) Izzy: (wow...)
(19:58:05) Aki: (8D)
(19:58:17) Izzy:
(19:58:21) Izzy: (I loveeee this book)
(19:58:23) Izzy: (I want it)
(19:58:26) Izzy: (it's sooo cute)
(19:58:34) Izzy: (I read it at my cousin's house)
(19:59:26) Aki: (*waiting for it to load*)
(19:59:30) Aki: (RP? :o)
(19:59:33) Izzy: (kay)
(19:59:36) Izzy: (from where?)
(19:59:55) Aki: (Err I duno XD)
(20:00:27) Izzy: (hmm)
(20:00:30) Izzy: (lionssss)
(20:00:50) Aki: (yeahhh)
(20:01:40) Izzy: (we need a plot tho XD)
(20:01:44) Aki: (hmm)
(20:01:58) Izzy: (...oh yeah)
(20:02:08) Izzy: (they should babysit Simba's daughter, hahaha)
(20:02:14) Aki: (oh god XD)
(20:02:27) Aki: (...yeah. They should.)
(20:02:34) Aki: (But...I want to draw Kovu XDDD)
(20:02:41) Aki: (all grown up..)
(20:02:44) Aki: (ah well)
(20:02:47) Izzy: (aww)
(20:02:49) Izzy: (well)
(20:02:57) Izzy: (it hasn't been long enough)
(20:03:00) Izzy: (or has it)
(20:03:02) Izzy: (I dunno)
(20:03:03) Aki: (If we do it when they're grown up..then there would be now 'outsiders')
(20:03:10) Aki: (no
(20:03:15) Aki: (hmm)
(20:04:05) Aki: (heartless of the outsiders who were killed, simba's body guard, baby sitying....pfft, this isn't the stress reliever XD)
(20:04:21) Izzy: (...what?)
(20:04:23) Izzy: (XD)
(20:04:35) Izzy: (*not following*)
(20:04:39) Aki: (they originally came cuz Sora wanted a break)
(20:04:43) Aki: (and then he died)
(20:04:43) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(20:04:54) Aki: (and he came back and Riku brought it up)
(20:04:56) Izzy: (and...?)
(20:05:09) Aki: (But Sora had forgotten about the vacation)
(20:05:24) Izzy: (uh-huh)
(20:05:24) Aki: (Cuz he was like, "I'm not meant for a vacation, am I?" XD)
(20:05:28) Izzy: (aww)
(20:05:34) Izzy: (but, yes?_
(20:05:41) Izzy: (point being?)
(20:05:49) Aki: (I duno, I lost my point halfway)
(20:06:00) Aki: (kinda like a memory card)
(20:06:22) Izzy: (er)
(20:06:38) Izzy: (what about the Heartless of the outsiders?)
(20:07:14) Aki: (Well, you know about how Simba drove all of the lions who supported Scar as king, away, right?
(20:07:15) Aki: *)
(20:07:37) Izzy: (yeah)
(20:07:52) Aki: (So yeah, he confined them to the Termite lands)
(20:08:00) Aki: (Where there's no food, and little water)
(20:08:26) Aki: (there were wars among the Pridelanders and the Outlanders)
(20:08:33) Izzy: (*nodnod*)
(20:08:35) Aki: (and there were wars among the outlanders)
(20:09:06) Aki: (I duno, maybe we could tie in a war or something- and not heartless)
(20:09:09) Aki: (I duno. )
(20:09:33) Aki: (or hearltess could be there..or Xemnas, or heartless *cough* j/k)
(20:09:42) Izzy: (....)
(20:09:44) Izzy: (XD)
(20:09:44) Aki: (Anyway)
(20:09:57) Izzy: (Xemnas is in no condition to be plotting)
(20:10:02) Izzy: (...TAMPONS)
(20:10:08) Aki: (PFFT. Yeah)
(20:10:09) Aki: (and)
(20:10:21) Aki: (can you imagine a Xemnas Lion? *snicker*)
(20:10:39) Izzy: (*dies*)
(20:10:43) Izzy: (
(20:10:46) Izzy: (anyway)
(20:10:48) Izzy: (PLOT)
(20:10:57) Aki: (war or something i duno)
(20:11:07) Izzy: (babysitting first. XD)
(20:11:12) Aki: (kay XD)
(20:11:16) Izzy: (Sora needs SOME kind of vacation)
(20:11:35) Izzy: (and Leon and Cloud can have more bonding time XD)
(20:11:39) Aki: (Sora says...he'd rather fight a war..)
(20:11:44) Izzy: (....)
(20:12:09) Aki: (I don't know. This kid has something the matter)
(20:12:25) Aki: (But yes. Leon and Cloud bonding time XD)
(20:12:28) Izzy: (hee)
(20:12:42) Aki: Leon: *tackles Cloud again*
(20:12:57) Izzy: (XD)
(20:13:14) Izzy: Cloud: *unsuccessfully tries to roll over and dodge*
(20:13:58) Aki: Leon: Why are you so horrible on your feet...*lifts front paw* paws? *shakes head and glances at Cloud, still standing on him*
(20:14:21) Izzy: Cloud: I'm not...used to it, of course.
(20:14:32) Aki: Leon: well, I've never been here.
(20:14:44) Aki: Leon: *hops off of Cloud*
(20:14:49) Izzy: Cloud: You have a pet moomba...
(20:15:06) Aki: LeonL what does that have to do with me being used to walking on four legs?
(20:15:08) Aki: *:
(20:16:07) Izzy: Cloud: ...never mind. *gets up, a little shaky*
(20:17:03) Aki: Leon: *runs around Cloud twice before going after Sora and Kairi and Riku*
(20:17:16) Izzy: (Sora was talking to Simba about boing dead)
(20:17:20) Izzy: *being
(20:17:23) Aki: Simba: ...
(20:17:30) Aki: Simba: I see. Well..
(20:17:44) Aki: Simba: All that matters is you're back. *grins*
(20:17:56) Sora: Yea--umph! *tackled by Leon*
(20:18:12) Aki: (Leon...totally was sniffing Paopu leaves)
(20:18:27) Izzy: (...ahahaha)
(20:18:35) Izzy: Tifa: You gonna be all right?
(20:18:40) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...I think.
(20:19:09) Aki: Simba: Hey, Sora.
(20:19:20) Sora: *pauses in tugging at Leon's tail* Yeah?
(20:20:12) Aki: Simba: D'you think you could babysit for me? Nala's away, Sarabi's gone on a hunt with Sarafina...and I need to to do boundary patrol..
(20:20:40) Izzy: Kairi: Babysit? *tilts her head to the side*
(20:20:51) Sora: ...*blinks* You have a new sibling?
(20:20:54) Riku: ....*rolls onto his back*
(20:20:56) Aki: Simba:
(20:21:02) Sora: *tilts head*
(20:21:04) Izzy: (he got bored XD)
(20:21:10) Aki: Simba: My daughter.
(20:21:15) Aki: Simba: Kiara.
(20:21:54) Sora: ........Daughter? But...when...Why didn't I knowwww? *blinks again*
(20:22:13) Aki: Simba: *rolls his eyes* Well, take the job or not?
(20:22:20) Sora: Sure. *tackles Riku*
(20:22:26) Riku: Ahh!
(20:22:32) Aki: Simba: good. *laughs*
(20:22:37) Izzy: Kairi:'re not acting very responsible, guys.
(20:22:56) Izzy: (don't talk, Kairi XD you were doing it a minute ago)
(20:24:02) Sora: *tugs on Riku's ear* Yehh bwut cwubs pwwway wuk biff. *tugs on Riku's eat again*
(20:24:03) Aki: *ear
(20:24:24) Aki: (He's got a mouthful of Rikuear *dies*)
(20:24:40) Riku: stoppitstoppit
(20:24:51) Riku: *tries to shake him off*
(20:24:54) Aki: (...I totally am amused at how funny this all sounds )
(20:24:55) Izzy: Kairi: *sighs*
(20:24:57) Izzy: (XD)
(20:25:12) Izzy: (they're lions. Whatever)
(20:25:19) Aki: (I'm still amused XD)
(20:25:47) Sora: *takes a few steps backwards and sits down*
(20:26:29) Izzy: Tifa: *pushing Cloud over*
(20:26:37) Aki: (hahaha)
(20:26:50) Izzy: (that's a funny image too)
(20:26:59) Aki: (yeah. It is XD)
(20:27:04) Izzy: (because she keeps nudging him in the side with her nose)
(20:27:23) Aki: (haha cant wait to draw this XD)
(20:27:38) Izzy: (<3)
(20:27:56) Aki: (XD)
(20:28:39) Sora: *ears perk up slightly and he runs off to Pride rock*
(20:28:45) Izzy: (hmmm)
(20:28:46) Aki: Simba: *blinks*
(20:28:51) Izzy: (I'm having fun :D)
(20:29:00) Aki: (same XD)
(20:30:02) Izzy: (omg I am happy)
(20:30:07) Izzy:
(20:30:13) Izzy: (awesome Japanese fanart siteee)
(20:30:43) Izzy: (lolz Matrix FF7)
(20:31:08) Izzy: (...*killed by Yuna!Cloud*)
(20:31:10) Izzy: (wtf XDDD)
(20:31:34) Aki: (I cant seee)
(20:31:43) Izzy: (oh)
(20:31:52) Izzy: (you have to use the navigation menu on the left)
(20:32:02) Izzy: (go to illustrations or whtever)
(20:32:07) Izzy: (than FF7)
(20:32:31) Aki: (kay it's loading)
(20:32:40) Izzy: (OMG LITTLE CLOUD)
(20:32:46) Izzy: (*squeaks*)
(20:33:09) Izzy: (ponytail <333_
(20:33:44) Aki: (pfft Zack!Tidus)
(20:33:51) Izzy: (yeah XDDD)
(20:33:59) Aki: (jeez <3)
(20:34:04) Izzy: (this person kills meh XD)
(20:34:49) Izzy: (.....Cloud)
(20:34:54) Izzy: (looks pink...)
(20:34:57) Izzy: (why....)
(20:35:42) Aki: (haha)
(20:35:59) Aki: (cuz he's blone and pale-ish)
(20:36:15) Aki: *blonde
(20:36:57) Izzy: (pffft Kenshin)
(20:37:11) Aki: (*blink*)
(20:37:14) Aki: (RP? XD)
(20:37:19) Izzy: (oh right XD)
(20:37:30) Izzy: Riku + Kairi: *following Sora*
(20:38:07) Sora: *speeds up before roaring threateningly*
(20:38:16) Aki: Simba: *chasing after them*
(20:38:40) Aki: (Zira's probably there..)
(20:38:44) Izzy: Tifa: What--come on! *runs ahead*
(20:38:54) Aki: (Scar's #1 fan is Zira XD)
(20:38:54) Izzy: (...I don't remember the second movie? XD)
(20:39:01) Izzy: (I only saw it once)
(20:39:05) Izzy: (ah)
(20:39:15) Izzy: Cloud: ....Dammit.
(20:39:19) Aki: (Zira, mother of Kovu, the evil bitchy lion)
(20:39:30) Izzy: (*remembers somewhat*)
(20:39:41) Aki: (THE EVIL LADY. that's all you need to know XDDD)
(20:39:50) Izzy: (YEP OKAY XD)
(20:40:34) Sora: *attacks the lioness from the outlands that's threatening Kiara*
(20:40:43) Aki: (kiara's seriously a rebel from a young age XDD)
(20:40:47) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:40:50) Aki: (leaving the
(20:40:54) Aki: (pfft)
(20:41:15) Izzy: (she's a teenager XD)
(20:41:18) Izzy: (*like
(20:41:43) Aki: (wait, are they babysitting teenage Kiara or kid Kiara?)
(20:41:55) Izzy: (I thought kid, I just meant)
(20:42:05) Izzy: (she acts like a teenager by trying to leave XD)
(20:42:12) Aki: (yeah XD)
(20:43:20) Izzy: Kairi: *skitters to a halt and circles around Sora and the other*
(20:43:26) Sora: *in a biting and scratching fight with the lioness*
(20:43:33) Riku: *looking around*
(20:43:40) Aki: Javi: *smacks Sora in the face*
(20:43:46) Sora: *bites her shoulder*
(20:43:47) Izzy: Kairi: Sora!!
(20:43:59) Aki: (i need the moves for future ref XD)
(20:44:12) Izzy: Kairi: ....*hesitates and circles more*
(20:44:15) Izzy: (s'okay XD)
(20:44:41) Izzy: (she wants to help, but she doesn't want to hurt Sora by accident)
(20:45:11) Sora: *pushes down on Javi, sinking his fangs deeper, before letting go and ramming her in the chest with his head*
(20:45:28) Aki: Javi: *falls before leaping up again*
(20:45:53) Sora: Get out. *growls, lowering his head, giving her a glare*
(20:46:32) Aki: Javi: *sort of paws nervously with her front paws before, running by Sora, biting him on the back*
(20:46:44) Sora: *swings around hitting her to the ground*
(20:46:48) Riku: ...*flicks his tail and snarls*
(20:47:03) Izzy: (lion fighttt)
(20:47:11) Izzy: (it's good because it's different)
(20:47:19) Izzy: (I was getting sick of swords, haha)
(20:47:55) Aki: Javi: *gets up and goes after Kiara, who runs around the base of Pride Rock*
(20:48:16) Sora: *goes after them in the opposite direction, hopping over Kiara and tackling Javi down*
(20:48:42) Riku: *runs between Kiara and the fight*
(20:48:58) Aki: Kiara: *hides behind Riku's front left paw*
(20:49:02) Izzy: Kairi: *stands on the other side, looking around for more trouble*
(20:49:15) Izzy: (Leon, you're slow XD)
(20:49:32) Aki: (Leon's inspecting inside XD)
(20:49:37) Aki: (We'll assume XD)
(20:49:41) Izzy: (haha)
(20:50:09) Aki: Javi: *leaps at Sora, fangs bared*
(20:50:29) Aki: Simba: *jumps at her and bites her down*
(20:51:40) Aki: Simba: *lets go and backs away, to stand infront of Riku*
(20:51:58) Sora: *circling Javi, before he nips at her, and she runs off*
(20:52:21) Sora: *chases after her a ways to make sure she really does leave*
(20:52:44) Izzy: Tifa: *runs up with Cloud a little behind her* Is everyone all right!?
(20:53:08) Aki: Simba: we rapped up this fight..
(20:53:30) Aki: I'm getting tired to fixing my spelling XD)
(20:53:40) Izzy: (s'okay XD)
(20:53:57) Aki: Simba: Sora did, rather.
(20:54:05) Aki: Simba: He'll be back in a bit.
(20:54:22) Aki: Simba: *goes over to Riku, and peers down at Kiara* You caused a lot of trouble.
(20:54:47) Riku: ...*steps back a little*
(20:55:06) Aki: Kiara: *steps back with Riku*
(20:55:21) Riku: ....
(20:55:52) Aki: Simba: I'm not mad, Kiara..*smiles a little*
(20:56:12) Aki: Kiara: *sinks low to the ground, before walking up to Simba* But..
(20:57:10) Aki: Simba: Maybe Shaski's here still. We'll have her give you bath. *picks Kiara up and goes the back way into the den/cave/thing*
(20:57:25) Riku: *shakes himself a little*
(20:57:31) Sora: *comes trotting back*
(20:57:32) Izzy: Kairi: Do you think...Sora's all right?
(20:57:36) Izzy: Kairi: Oh!
(20:57:55) Izzy: Kairi: *runs over and around him*
(20:58:02) Izzy: Kairi: You're not hurt, are you?
(20:58:08) Izzy: (bye soon D:)
(20:58:14) Sora: *shrugs*
(20:58:17) Aki: (byee soonn <333)
(20:58:43) Sora: *looks over his shoulder* well, she bit my back, and scratched my face...but taht's about it.
(20:58:54) Sora: I dealt more damage.
(20:58:56) Aki: *that's
(20:59:18) Izzy: Kairi: ...*nugdhes him a little*
(20:59:30) Riku: ...*sits* Just don't overdo it.
(20:59:34) Izzy: *nudges
(20:59:39) Sora: I'm fine, jeez.
(20:59:59) Sora: *stumbles lightly fromt he nudge*
(21:00:06) Aki: *from the
(21:00:08) Aki: byeeee
(21:00:09) Aki: <33333
(21:00:10) Izzy: <333
(21:00:28) Aki: <3333
(21:00:35) Izzy: YEAH
(21:00:37) Izzy: MORE LIONSSS
(21:00:41) Aki: I LOVE
(21:00:53) Aki: A DEATH SENTANCE
(21:00:55) Izzy: YEAH
(21:01:03) Aki: IT MAKES ME LAUGH
(21:01:09) Izzy: AHAHAHA
(21:01:17) Aki: PFFT. WELL
(21:01:19) Aki: BYE
(21:01:21) Aki: LOVE FOR YOU
(21:01:23) Aki: <3333
(21:01:28) Izzy: OKAY
(21:01:33) Aki: HAHA
(21:01:39) Aki: DONT DIE ON ME
(21:01:42) Aki: <3333
(21:01:45) Izzy: OKAY
(21:01:48) Izzy: I PROMISE
(21:02:03) Izzy: OKAYYYY I WILL
(21:02:17) Izzy: I need pics tho...