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(10:16:58) Aki: Roxas: *opens the front door* What do you wan--*gets hit in the face with a snowball*
(10:17:06) Aki: Roxas: ....
(10:17:15) Aki: Sora: x)
(10:17:24) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:17:36) Aki: Roxas: You will pay for that! *Chases Sora while chucking snowballs at him*
(10:17:51) Aki: Sora: *hides behind Riku*
(10:17:55) Izzy: Riku: Heyy!
(10:18:00) Izzy: Riku: *gets hit*
(10:18:12) Aki: Sora: :3
(10:18:54) Aki: Roxas: I have to be your opponent to get at what I want, again? *stares at Riku* You'll probably lose anyway..>_>
(10:19:13) Izzy: Riku: ....
(10:19:21) Aki: (pfft. Roxas is getting used to Riku in his own way...)
(10:19:38) Izzy: Riku: .....*throws a snowball at him and dives to the side, leaving Sora open*
(10:19:46) Aki: Sora: H-hey!
(10:20:00) Aki: Roxas: >] *throws snow at sora*
(10:20:05) Izzy: (XD Riku has at least managed to differentiate between when Sora's in real danger and when he's not XD)
(10:20:29) Aki: Sora: *covered in show much like Riku was*
(10:20:34) Aki: (Sorasnowman XD)
(10:20:36) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:20:47) Aki: Roxas: *throws snow balls at Riku*
(10:21:00) Izzy: Kairi: *building up the walls of a fort in the corner*
(10:21:05) Izzy: Riku: *falls*
(10:21:44) Aki: Roxas: ...Sorry..
(10:21:56) Aki: (he's not sure if Riku's okay XD)
(10:22:14) Izzy: Riku: ....*rolls over*
(10:22:26) Aki: Roxas: ....*moves before anything happens*
(10:22:40) Izzy: Riku: If you keep apologizing, you'll get hit with your mouth open! *throws another snowball*
(10:22:48) Izzy: (Riku fell because he slipped XD)
(10:23:06) Aki: Roxas: *gets hit in the face like Riku said*
(10:23:09) Izzy: (his back's okay XD)
(10:23:18) Izzy: (I think his back only hurts when mine does now...)
(10:23:26) Aki: (that's good)
(10:23:31) Aki: (I think..)
(10:23:33) Aki: (not really XD)
(10:23:40) Aki: (nevermind XD)
(10:23:57) Aki: Roxas: I'll get you for that...
(10:24:32) Izzy: Riku: *ducks behind Kairi's fort*
(10:24:37) Izzy: Kairi: Hey! *laughs*
(10:25:22) Aki: Naminé: *chucks a snowball at Riku from behind the fort* ^^ *hops out and goes over to Roxas*
(10:25:31) Aki: (pfft, Roxas and Naminé tagteam)
(10:25:39) Izzy: (XD)
(10:25:41) Izzy: (<3)
(10:25:48) Aki: (I luhhhhveee them XD)
(10:26:13) Aki: Roxas: *laughing a bit*
(10:26:30) Aki: Naminé: Well, that worked, but I can't pull that again..
(10:26:33) Izzy: Kairi: ....
(10:26:41) Aki: Roxas: *shrugs with a grin*
(10:26:47) Izzy: Kairi: *glances at Riku, who's all wet*
(10:26:53) Izzy: Riku: ....*sighs*
(10:26:57) Aki: Naminé: *forming another snowball*
(10:27:17) Izzy: Kairi: *peeks over the top of the forst and throws several snowballs at them*
(10:27:26) Izzy: *fort
(10:27:41) Aki: Naminé: *hides behind Roxas, who gets hit by a few*
(10:27:48) Izzy: (hahah, she's like "Poor Riku need protecting" XD)
(10:27:52) Izzy: *needs
(10:28:27) Aki: Roxas: Hey Axel! Get out here!
(10:28:49) Izzy: Axel: it's cold!
(10:28:52) Aki: Roxas: Naminé and I are outnumbered!
(10:28:53) Izzy: (....)
(10:29:13) Aki: (Sora's helping riku and Kairi XD)
(10:29:22) Izzy: Axel: ....*pokes his head out the door and is promptly hit by one of Kairi's snowballs*
(10:29:58) Aki: Roxas: ...pleaseeee Axel? *[insert the successful Sora pout]*
(10:30:04) Aki: (...of course Roxas can pout too XD)
(10:30:39) Izzy: Axel: .....*snow dripping off his face*
(10:30:52) Izzy: Axel: Okay, that's it.
(10:31:58) Aki logged in.
(10:32:28) Izzy: Axel: *runs outside to join Naminé and Roxas*
(10:32:40) Izzy: (internet spaz blah*
(10:32:51) Izzy: (it doesn't look like I'm going to karate tho :p(
(10:32:56) Aki: (Do you copy and paste my é? XD)
(10:33:06) Aki: ( had kara--oh yeah oops)
(10:33:08) Izzy: (...yes, I do. Why?)
(10:33:23) Izzy: (I don't think I have class this week--holiday)
(10:33:28) Aki: (oh)
(10:33:33) Aki: (yeah.)
(10:33:49) Izzy: (but yes, I do copy/paste your é)
(10:33:54) Izzy: (because I'm lazyyyy)
(10:33:56) Izzy: (XD)
(10:33:57) Aki: (I was just curious XD)
(10:34:30) Aki: Yazoo: ...*looks out the kitchen window*
(10:34:31) Izzy: (the kayboard shortcut doesn't work on AIM)
(10:34:42) Izzy: (so I'd have to open Word to do it)
(10:34:47) Izzy: *keyboard
(10:35:28) Aki: Yazoo: ...*glances at Zack* It seems like they are doing something you'd enjoy doing...
(10:35:49) Izzy: (pffft)
(10:36:00) Izzy: Zack: ...hmm? *glances out the window*
(10:36:16) Izzy: Zack: Snowed again last night, huh...
(10:36:32) Aki: Yazoo: *nods*
(10:36:39) Izzy: (....oh, Yazoo. You poor thing, having him as a father. XD)
(10:37:06) Aki: Yazoo: I'll do what Mother gave you to do...if you want to go out there.
(10:37:17) Aki: (yeah. pfft.)
(10:37:28) Aki: (He's been reduced to hardworking child XD)
(10:37:40) Izzy: Zack: Hey, what kind of person would I be, making you do my chores?
(10:37:42) Izzy: (XD)
(10:37:51) Aki: Yazoo: You'd be you.
(10:38:02) Izzy: Zack: Then again, three loads of laundry...
(10:38:17) Aki: Yazoo: go play in the snow, I don't mind doing laundry.
(10:38:40) Izzy: Zack: Well, hey, I owe you one. *yells upstairs* Cloud!
(10:38:58) Aki: Yazoo: *goes off to do the laundry*
(10:39:05) Izzy: ( owe him much much more, Zack XD)
(10:39:16) Izzy: Cloud: ...what?
(10:39:22) Aki: Fenrir: *comes running downstairs, and starts warking happily*
(10:39:36) Aki: Fenrir: *hops up and down*
(10:39:48) Izzy: Zack: Morning little lady, do you fancy some excitement?
(10:39:57) Aki: Fenrir: Wark! :DDD
(10:39:58) Izzy: Cloud: ...*walking down after her* What now?
(10:40:11) Aki: Fenrir: *runs out the chocobo door*
(10:40:39) Izzy: Zack: Go get Tifa and your jacket. In whatever order.
(10:40:49) Aki: (...stay away from the snowbanks, Fen...)
(10:40:52) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(10:41:10) Izzy: Zack: *already gone off to fine Aerith*
(10:41:16) Izzy: Cloud: ...what was that about?
(10:41:28) Izzy: Kadaj: Good morning, Nii-san~
(10:41:33) Izzy: *find
(10:41:47) Izzy: (too many people in this house. XD)
(10:41:57) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...
(10:42:22) Aki: Yazoo: *walks by with a basket of clean clothes* Where do you want these Kadaj?
(10:42:24) Izzy: Kadaj: *dragging Loz past* We're going to play in the snow now~
(10:42:32) Izzy: Loz: But snow is cold...
(10:42:39) Izzy: Kadaj: Oh! Hmm...
(10:42:56) Izzy: Kadaj: Could you put them by my door? :D
(10:43:09) Aki: Yazoo: Yeah, have fun outside. *goes off*
(10:43:18) Izzy: Kadaj: You should come too~
(10:43:30) Aki: Yazoo: I'm doing Zack's chores.
(10:43:38) Izzy: Kadaj: Oh.
(10:43:47) Izzy: Kadaj: Well...after!
(10:43:53) Aki: Yazoo: Sure..
(10:44:24) Izzy: Kadaj: ...*stops*
(10:44:31) Izzy: Cloud: *went off to find Tifa*
(10:44:48) Aki: Yazoo: I'll try and be out soon. *goes to put the basket by Kadaj's door*
(10:44:59) Izzy: Kadaj: Do you want any help? D:
(10:45:05) Aki: Yazoo: I'm fine.
(10:45:14) Aki: Yazoo: go play.
(10:45:18) Izzy: Kadaj: But you're always doing chores...
(10:45:31) Izzy: Kadaj: Well, not that I like chores, but...
(10:45:32) Aki: Yazoo: I don't mind. :\
(10:45:44) Izzy: (Yazoo is grumpy. XD)
(10:45:54) Aki: (yeah, cuz he does mind XD)
(10:45:59) Izzy: Kadaj: Well, if you say so...
(10:46:00) Izzy: (XD)
(10:46:19) Izzy: Kadaj: C'mon, Loz! *pulls him out the door*
(10:46:24) Izzy: Loz: D: Collldddd...
(10:46:30) Aki: (aww XD)
(10:46:34) Izzy: (XDDD <3)
(10:46:39) Aki: Yazoo: *throws a scarf at Loz*
(10:46:53) Aki: Yazoo: It'll at least help a little...
(10:47:02) Izzy: Loz: *sniff* Thank you, Yazoo.
(10:47:28) Izzy: Kadaj: Here. *gives him a pair of earmuffs* You'll be having fun soon, so don't worry~
(10:47:43) Aki: Yazoo: ^^ *goes off for another basket*
(10:47:44) Izzy: (Kadaj...has the most amazing little singsong cracks me up XD)
(10:47:59) Aki: (Yesss I wish I could hear it XD)
(10:48:30) Izzy: (hahah)
(10:48:40) Izzy: (I gtg, breakfast)
(10:48:44) Aki: (k)
(10:48:49) Izzy: (I'll be back in a little while <3)
(10:48:54) Aki: (<3 okay~)
(12:20:17) Izzy: I return! *fwoosh*
(12:21:06) Aki: ahmahgawddd slowwww computerrrrr
(12:21:35) Izzy: hah
(12:22:10) Aki: ....My...inner Riku...
(12:22:13) Aki: is...
(12:22:15) Izzy: ....?
(12:22:26) Aki: babying...another person's Sora...
(12:22:29) Aki: because that Sora...
(12:22:34) Aki: is sick...
(12:22:40) Izzy: ....
(12:22:54) Aki: that sora has a tummy ache..
(12:23:36) Izzy: ........
(12:23:45) Aki: ....
(12:23:51) Aki: cloud.
(12:24:00) Aki: Cleon.
(12:24:04) Aki: you're a Cleon.
(12:24:19) Izzy: what.
(12:24:37) Aki: the whole dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot thing
(12:24:52) Aki: it makes you a CloudLeon person person
(12:24:55) Aki: ^^;
(12:25:11) Izzy: ahahhaha.
(12:25:50) Aki: :D;
(12:25:53) Aki: OMGGGGGG
(12:26:03) Aki: I got...farther witht he page.
(12:26:15) Izzy: YAY
(12:26:56) Aki: :D
(12:27:23) Aki: I got a bit distracted with...I forget what. But I got more done. Sooooo
(12:27:34) Izzy: hahaha
(12:27:41) Izzy: *is on a Zack/Aerith trip*
(12:27:44) Izzy: I realized...
(12:27:51) Aki: Sora missed Riku in the 40 minutes he was gone*
(12:27:54) Izzy: that I spell his name "Zack"
(12:28:03) Izzy: but pronounce it like the Japanese...
(12:28:14) Izzy: Sora, Riku's back. *sigh*
(12:28:32) Aki: I'm telling you it's bad seperation anxiety...
(12:28:34) Aki: but
(12:28:35) Aki: yeah
(12:28:37) Aki: I find myself
(12:28:41) Aki: switching back and forth
(12:28:45) Aki: on Zack's name
(12:28:50) Izzy: yeah...XD
(12:29:11) Izzy: well, I spell it "Zack" because that's how its spelled in the AC credits
(12:29:57) Izzy: and I've never seen it written in English on any other official Japanese thing
(12:30:00) Izzy: or whatever
(12:30:24) Izzy: same reason why it's "Aerith" and not "Aeris" for me
(12:30:31) Aki: yeah
(12:30:41) Aki: though
(12:30:44) Aki: tehcnically
(12:30:48) Aki: "aeris" it's self
(12:30:51) Aki: *itself
(12:30:55) Aki: means "wind"
(12:30:58) Izzy: hah
(12:30:58) Aki: and
(12:31:15) Izzy: but "Aerith" comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "earth"
(12:31:19) Aki: "wind pushes the cloud's along" is how Nomura put it
(12:31:22) Izzy: ah
(12:31:28) Aki: *clouds
(12:31:29) Aki: what
(12:31:31) Aki: the
(12:31:33) Aki: hell
(12:31:34) Aki: is
(12:31:35) Aki: with my
(12:31:39) Izzy: e-a-ri-su
(12:31:46) Aki: aposrophes today
(12:31:52) Izzy: s'okay XD
(12:32:13) Izzy: so bascially, it works either way XD

(12:32:18) Aki: yeah
(12:32:35) Izzy: I just like "Aerith" better for some reason,,,
(12:32:36) Izzy: *...
(12:32:40) Aki: me too
(12:33:00) Aki: Sora: DDDD:
(12:33:02) Aki: .....
(12:33:07) Aki: he's. right. there. stupid.
(12:33:12) Aki: Sora: I knowwww. T_T
(12:33:33) Aki: why are you upset then?
(12:33:35) Izzy: Riku: ...
(12:33:56) Aki: Sora: I remembered that fanfic from last night...?
(12:34:00) Aki: ....*sighs*
(12:34:03) Izzy: Riku: *throws a snowball at him*
(12:34:13) Aki: Sora: *hit in the face*
(12:34:25) Aki: Sora: heyyyy. D: *throws on at him*
(12:36:46) Aki: *one
(12:38:24) Izzy: oh yeahhh
(12:38:28) Izzy: I forgot
(12:38:33) Izzy: I saved the links for you...
(12:38:34) Izzy: hang on
(12:39:24) Izzy:
(12:39:26) Izzy: ch 1
(12:41:17) Izzy: ch 2:
(12:42:48) Izzy: ch 3:
(12:43:10) Izzy: ch 4:
(12:43:50) Aki: hang onnnnn but thanks. PS is making my computer slowwww
(12:43:55) Izzy: kay
(12:44:02) Izzy: I'll just give you the last few links
(12:44:20) Izzy: ...

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