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(09:45:55) Aki: o-o
(09:45:57) Izzy: CRISIS CORE TRAILER
(09:46:00) Izzy: AHHH
(09:46:01) Aki: ...
(09:46:05) Izzy: I DIED A LOT
(09:46:11) Aki: OKAY
(09:46:13) Izzy: *CRIED
(09:46:23) Aki: OKAT TO THAT TOO
(09:46:23) Izzy: it's...amazing....ahhh
(09:46:25) Izzy: XD
(09:46:29) Aki: XD
(09:46:39) Izzy: Zack and Aerith are so sweet...*sniff*
(09:46:46) Izzy: D:
(09:46:49) Izzy: *hugs you*
(09:46:53) Izzy: but but
(09:46:55) Izzy: omg
(09:46:56) Izzy: so
(09:47:05) Aki: I want to play rikunorttttt
(09:47:06) Izzy: I dunno if Nomura had this planned out all alone
(09:47:08) Izzy: (haha)
(09:47:13) Izzy: *along
(09:47:13) Aki: ahhhhh
(09:47:16) Aki: ahhhhhh
(09:47:21) Aki: i wanna play rikunortttttt
(09:47:25) Izzy: like, from the beginning when me made the first game
(09:47:30) Aki: but im not homeeeee
(09:47:34) Izzy: I'm sorry, I can't do much about that :\
(09:47:35) Aki: I wanna like
(09:47:42) Aki: do...
(09:47:46) Aki: something..
(09:47:49) Izzy: ...
(09:47:50) Aki: with myself today
(09:47:57) Izzy: let me distract you with Zack/Aerithness
(09:47:59) Izzy: >.>
(09:48:06) Aki: ahhh
(09:48:10) Aki: oh jeebus
(09:48:15) Aki: I was so distracted last night
(09:48:20) Aki: I don't think I can handle ittt
(09:48:22) Izzy: what? XD
(09:48:24) Aki: anymoreeee
(09:48:26) Aki: ahhhh
(09:48:35) Izzy: *hug* calm downnnn
(09:48:41) Izzy: you don't have to read
(09:48:46) Izzy: but I need to type it out
(09:48:48) Aki: k
(09:48:50) Aki: haha
(09:48:51) Izzy: like, tell someone, you know
(09:48:59) Aki: ima read
(09:49:08) Aki: TYPE
(09:49:09) Izzy: but...the way they meet is like...the same way Cloud and Aerith meet
(09:49:10) Aki: :D
(09:49:19) Izzy: Zack falls through the roof of the church XD
(09:49:30) Izzy: but it's great
(09:49:40) Aki: can i see the trailer?
(09:49:43) Izzy: because he wakes up and she's standing over him going "moshi moshiiii"
(09:49:55) Izzy: and he's like " angel?"
(09:49:59) Izzy: I laughed so harf
(09:50:01) Izzy: *hard
(09:50:02) Aki: XD
(09:50:20) Izzy: and she's like "Nooo, I'm Aerith. YOU fell from the sky."
(09:50:27) Izzy: <333
(09:50:30) Aki: pfft wow
(09:50:41) Izzy: I'm so glad I know Japanese
(09:50:43) Izzy: but then
(09:50:49) Izzy: there's this scene late on
(09:51:00) Izzy: where he's like "so how about for one date?"
(09:51:17) Izzy: and I'm like "...ah, so it was ALL ZACK all along" XD
(09:51:31) Izzy: like, that's where she got the idea when she asks Cloud to be her bodyguard
(09:51:45) Aki: XD
(09:51:51) Izzy: and and
(09:51:53) Izzy: then
(09:52:06) Izzy: later he's sitting on the floor of the church looking depressed
(09:52:18) Izzy: and Aerith is crying and she comes over and hugs him from behind
(09:52:30) Izzy: and it's SOOO ADORABLE AND I CRIEDDD
(09:52:32) Aki: i wanna seeee
(09:52:36) Izzy: kay hang on
(09:52:50) Izzy:
(09:54:14) Aki: she's SO CUTE
(09:54:18) Izzy: I KNOW
(09:54:26) Aki: AHHHH
(09:54:35) Aki: when the hell is this game coming outttt
(09:54:39) Aki: *cry*
(09:54:39) Izzy: 2007...
(09:54:47) Aki: mehhh
(09:54:55) Aki: House will keep me busy for a while
(09:54:57) Aki: so it's all good
(09:55:00) Izzy: I don't wanna buy a PSP...
(09:55:02) Izzy: but
(09:55:16) Aki: you can use mineee
(09:55:19) Aki: or something
(09:55:23) Izzy: have one?
(09:55:27) Aki: I'm getting one
(09:55:28) Izzy: oh
(09:55:31) Izzy: just for this?
(09:55:34) Aki: no
(09:55:37) Aki: Leonie
(09:55:38) Aki: was like
(09:55:44) Izzy: okay XD
(09:55:54) Aki: you could rent one
(09:55:55) Aki: too
(09:56:00) Izzy: but
(09:56:07) Izzy: I want to play it over and over XD
(09:56:10) Aki: pfft
(09:56:12) Izzy: it was funny
(09:56:22) Izzy: because I agree with MangaLoca
(09:56:36) Izzy: she was like "I don't care about the story, I just wanna play as Zack"
(09:57:15) Aki: who was that soldier he patted on the shoulder?
(09:57:23) Izzy: ...Cloud, obviously XD
(09:57:31) Aki: yeah, thought so
(09:57:31) Izzy: who else could it be>
(09:57:37) Aki: I DONT KNOW
(09:57:39) Aki: IM DUMB
(09:57:39) Izzy: haha
(09:57:40) Aki: :P
(09:57:41) Izzy: it's okay
(09:58:00) Aki: ...sep[hiroth's hair makes me happy
(09:58:03) Aki: *sephiroth's
(09:58:04) Izzy: haha
(09:58:06) Izzy: actually
(09:58:15) Izzy: I might might end up liking him a bit XD
(09:58:18) Izzy: don't kill me
(09:58:18) Aki: yeah
(09:58:21) Aki: I would too
(09:58:23) Aki: <3
(09:58:27) Izzy: but this is "before he was crazy" Sephiroth
(09:58:38) Aki: yeah
(09:58:48) Izzy: and the Sephiroth I hate is the one who's all like "HI CLOUD I'M GONNA MAKE YOU SUFFER HORRIBLY NOW"
(09:58:55) Aki: we're allowed to like before-he-was-crazy Sephiroth
(09:58:58) Izzy: hahaha
(09:59:06) Aki: because
(09:59:09) Aki: ...
(09:59:17) Aki: he's rather cool
(09:59:20) Izzy: yeah...
(09:59:21) Aki: and I all ready like him
(09:59:23) Aki: cuz
(09:59:26) Aki: ...
(09:59:31) Aki: he's not evil
(09:59:33) Aki: and
(09:59:35) Aki: his hair
(09:59:35) Izzy: his voice...yes
(09:59:38) Aki: and voice
(09:59:41) Aki: ...
(09:59:45) Aki: and his emo stance
(09:59:51) Izzy: *pats you on the shoulder*
(09:59:52) Izzy: haha
(09:59:54) Izzy: I bet you
(10:00:06) Izzy: Cloud does that because he admired Sephiroth so much
(10:00:14) Izzy: that he picked up his emo stance XD
(10:00:18) Aki: hahahaha
(10:00:19) Izzy: when he was younger
(10:00:22) Aki: yeah
(10:00:23) Izzy: and now it's habit
(10:00:29) Aki: pfft course
(10:00:32) Izzy: hahaha
(10:00:53) Aki: ...
(10:00:55) Aki: okay
(10:00:56) Aki: well
(10:00:58) Izzy: I NEED BRUSHES
(10:01:01) Aki: i like this sephiroth
(10:01:04) Izzy: haha
(10:01:07) Aki: can
(10:01:11) Aki: we do something
(10:01:17) Aki: to make him change back to that?
(10:01:18) Aki: PLEASE
(10:01:21) Izzy: ahaha
(10:01:22) Izzy: uhhh
(10:01:28) Izzy: .........
(10:01:32) Aki: *pout*
(10:01:34) Aki: please
(10:01:34) Izzy: I'm not creative enough
(10:01:40) Aki: I could figure it outtt
(10:01:43) Aki: leave it to me
(10:01:45) Aki: :D
(10:01:57) Izzy: after all the shit he's done, the only one who could possibly forgive him is Sora XD
(10:02:00) Izzy: and that's doubtful
(10:02:13) Izzy: actually tho
(10:02:18) Aki: Sora says he sort of misses him now
(10:02:19) Aki: actually
(10:02:21) Izzy: I was thinking about a few things
(10:02:23) Aki: ?
(10:02:44) Izzy: 1. we should have been calling Hollow Bastion "Radiant Garden" all along
(10:02:54) Izzy: and 2. if you look at KH Sephiroth
(10:03:01) Izzy: he is kind of like his old self
(10:03:04) Izzy: except evil
(10:03:06) Izzy: like...
(10:03:08) Izzy: not crazy
(10:03:20) Aki: he's not even very evil
(10:03:21) Izzy: but he's still Cloud's nemesis
(10:03:31) Aki: he doesn't really do things to anybody but Cloud
(10:03:34) Izzy: he doesn't really seem--yeah
(10:03:39) Izzy: that's what I was gonna say
(10:03:44) Aki: it's more like
(10:03:45) Izzy: he kind of ignores everyone else
(10:03:47) Izzy: XD

(10:04:38) Aki: it's more like he wants a well faught 'spar' once in a while
(10:04:46) Izzy: and it actually makes sense in our RP, because he wasn't particularly antagonistic until the Geostigma thing
(10:04:57) Izzy: and that was because
(10:05:03) Izzy: (sad that I just realized this now)
(10:05:11) Izzy: he got his old memories back
(10:05:16) Izzy: the crazy memories >.>
(10:05:46) Aki: ...
(10:05:49) Aki: we could
(10:05:52) Aki: pfftttt
(10:06:06) Aki: lol namine
(10:06:10) Izzy: hahahaha
(10:06:14) Aki: *shot* she was talking to me
(10:06:16) Aki: and
(10:06:17) Aki: was like
(10:06:26) Izzy: I suppose Sephiroth is connected to Sora by now...XD
(10:06:29) Aki: yeah
(10:06:30) Aki: really
(10:06:31) Aki: XD
(10:06:38) Aki: that's what she was saying
(10:07:02) Izzy: hahahaha
(10:07:06) Izzy: we'll think about it
(10:07:14) Izzy: Cloud's not gonna be happy with it tho XD
(10:07:22) Aki: Sora misses him XD
(10:07:26) Aki: it makes me laugh
(10:07:28) Izzy: and Zack
(10:07:33) Izzy: 's kinda like
(10:07:40) Izzy: "okay, that's trippy"
(10:07:45) Aki: haha
(10:07:49) Aki: what is?
(10:08:03) Izzy: the idea of messing with his memories so he won't be evil XD
(10:08:13) Aki: pfft
(10:08:22) Izzy: what would Aerith say?
(10:08:27) Aki: ....I want to give him another chance
(10:08:29) Aki: uh
(10:08:31) Aki: Aerith's..
(10:08:34) Aki: asleep
(10:08:57) Izzy: ...she'd probably be like "if he puts ONE TOE out of line, I will blow him up again. >;["
(10:09:15) Aki: she stayed up all night taking care of a yazoo with bronchatis fever
(10:09:17) Aki: :\
(10:09:19) Izzy: awwww
(10:09:29) Aki: haha
(10:09:35) Aki: she'd give him another chance
(10:09:40) Aki: as long she she made the rules
(10:09:44) Izzy: Aerith is something to be feared now XD
(10:09:49) Aki: haha yeah
(10:09:53) Aki: Fenrir would like
(10:10:01) Aki: sit on Sephiroth's foot forever
(10:10:06) Izzy: pull out his---hahaha
(10:10:14) Izzy: he needs to get rid of that wing
(10:10:20) Izzy: I bet it's all the wing
(10:10:20) Aki: well
(10:10:34) Aki: the darkness might be cut down a little
(10:10:38) Aki: if there was no wing
(10:10:39) Aki: because
(10:10:50) Aki: it's a symbol of the darkness
(10:10:55) Izzy: *nod*
(10:11:03) Izzy: Cloud's in gone in the second game
(10:11:15) Aki: *turns on chainsaw*
(10:11:15) Izzy: *is
(10:11:18) Izzy: ....
(10:11:26) Izzy: I almost fell sorry for him...
(10:11:27) Aki: Where is Sephiroth?
(10:11:28) Izzy: *feel
(10:11:33) Izzy: almost....
(10:11:40) Izzy: ...*blinks*
(10:11:47) Izzy: no, it's for your own good.
(10:11:59) Izzy: ....he's being...creepy DX
(10:12:02) Aki: aww
(10:12:06) Aki: hand him over to me
(10:12:07) Izzy: make it go awayyy
(10:12:08) Aki: for a minute
(10:12:22) Izzy: D:
(10:12:26) Izzy: he called me names
(10:12:29) Aki: ...
(10:12:35) Aki: *grabs his arm and drawgs him away*
(10:12:39) Aki: *drags
(10:13:40) Aki: I forget his name
(10:13:45) Aki: but the guy in the red coat
(10:13:50) Aki: I paused it on him
(10:13:55) Aki: and he got this really emo stance
(10:14:01) Izzy: Genesis
(10:14:03) Aki: and he look like Leon
(10:14:05) Aki: yeah
(10:14:06) Aki: him
(10:14:09) Izzy: he's Gackt, that why
(10:14:14) Aki: *lo--
(10:14:15) Aki: what
(10:14:16) Izzy: *that's
(10:14:19) Izzy: it's Gackt
(10:14:27) Izzy: the character is Gackt
(10:14:29) Izzy: basically
(10:14:38) Izzy: he shows up in Dirge of Cerberus too
(10:14:43) Aki: ....jeebus
(10:14:47) Izzy: uh-huh XD
(10:14:52) Izzy: a lot of people complained
(10:15:04) Izzy: because they're like "why is Gackt in a video game!?"
(10:15:06) Izzy: pfft
(10:15:11) Izzy: but anyway
(10:15:19) Izzy: that's why he looks like Leon XD
(10:15:21) Aki: *ties Sephiroth down*
(10:15:29) Aki: *powers up chainsaw*
(10:15:39) Izzy: ......*looks away*
(10:15:50) Izzy: bunnies and kitties...think bunnies and kitties...
(10:15:55) Aki: *cuts it off* >:DDDDD
(10:16:17) Izzy: bunnies...BUNNIES
(10:16:18) Aki: *bandages him up and sends him on his way back to Izzy*
(10:16:25) Izzy: ....ew, he's all bloody
(10:16:30) Aki: *picks up the wing and burns it*
(10:16:37) Izzy: you need a bath, mister D:
(10:16:53) Aki: Yazoo: *coughs and stares*
(10:17:14) Izzy: not you
(10:17:17) Izzy: Sephiroth
(10:17:33) Aki: Yazoo: No, I know.
(10:17:43) Aki: Yazoo: WHY is he all bloody..
(10:17:51) Izzy: ...
(10:17:53) Izzy: because
(10:17:57) Izzy: Aki cut his wing off
(10:18:02) Aki: Yazoo: ....
(10:18:06) Aki: Yazoo: *sighs*
(10:18:35) Aki: Yazoo: *coughing fit*
(10:18:38) Aki: ...
(10:18:44) Aki: go sleep D:
(10:18:58) Aki: Yazoo: I've got things to do...
(10:19:40) Aki: Aerith: *yawns* why is there blood all over the kitchen table?
(10:19:56) Aki: Leon: ....
(10:20:12) Izzy: D:
(10:20:17) Izzy: this is awkwarddd
(10:20:40) Aki: Aerith: ...oh, I see.
(10:20:55) Aki: Aerith: go take a bath or something. *glances at Sephiroth*
(10:21:09) Aki: Leon: .....*paler, if that's even possible*
(10:21:14) Izzy: I...don't want to touch him
(10:21:20) Izzy: and he's like..half-comatose
(10:21:28) Aki: pfft
(10:21:30) Izzy: ew. *pokes*
(10:22:06) Aki: Yazoo: Let the blood dry, and then he can wash it off after the wound closes.
(10:22:49) Izzy: ...guys I need to go eat breakfast now. -_-
(10:22:54) Aki: okay
(10:22:58) Izzy: no I mean XD
(10:23:08) Izzy: I don't know if I can anymore XD
(10:23:13) Aki: haha
(10:23:19) Aki: WELL
(10:23:34) Aki: Aerith: ...I'll see what I can do for Sephiroth while you eat.
(10:24:01) Izzy: I mean
(10:24:05) Izzy: I lost my appetite
(10:24:10) Aki: Yazoo: ...sorry
(10:24:20) Aki: Leon: kitchen table...
(10:24:26) Aki: suck it up, I'll get you a new one.
(10:24:32) Izzy: don't worry about it, Yazoo...haha
(10:24:57) Aki: Leon: But it was Cec--
(10:25:00) Aki: let it go
(10:25:21) Aki: I'll clean it with magical powers of dictator from behind the fourth wall
(10:25:31) Aki: Leon: *sighs*
(10:26:01) Izzy: ....
(10:26:02) Izzy: so
(10:26:08) Izzy: I will try to feed myself and
(10:26:18) Izzy: not think of Sephiroth all icky
(10:26:37) Izzy: XD
(10:26:40) Aki: haha
(10:26:42) Izzy: *hugs youuu*
(10:26:45) Aki: nuuuu
(10:26:49) Aki: *clings*
(10:26:49) Izzy: I'll be back at 12:30, hopefully
(10:26:52) Aki: kay
(10:26:55) Izzy: I have karate...
(10:27:00) Aki: i know :D
(10:27:02) Izzy: maybe we can hang out today
(10:27:04) Izzy: I'll see
(10:27:08) Aki: kay cool
(10:27:09) Aki: Namine
(10:27:11) Aki: and i
(10:27:12) Aki: will
(10:27:18) Aki: play around with Sephiroth's mind
(10:27:19) Aki: okay?
(10:27:24) Aki: okay.
(10:27:30) Izzy: ....
(10:27:33) Izzy: go...have fun
(10:27:38) Aki: kay :D
(10:27:48) Aki: She and I will clean him up too
(10:27:56) Aki: so he'll be all beautiful for you
(10:27:58) Izzy: .......
(10:27:59) Aki: when you come back
(10:28:05) Izzy: I don't want him beautiful
(10:28:07) Izzy: just clean
(10:28:11) Izzy: and sane
(10:28:19) Aki: okay
(10:28:22) Aki: he'll be all three
(10:28:26) Aki: when we're through with him
(10:28:31) Izzy: ....XD
(10:28:35) Aki: and
(10:28:40) Aki: he might be a little hungry too
(10:28:45) Aki: and tired
(10:28:54) Izzy: this was possibly the most bizarre conversation we've ever had
(10:28:58) Aki: not really
(10:29:04) Aki: I've been thinking about it for a while XD
(10:29:11) Izzy: seriously? XD
(10:29:16) Aki: The chainsaw thing was 2 years old
(10:29:28) Izzy: ...............
(10:29:33) Aki: pfft
(10:29:59) Izzy: does this mean we have to bring Genesis in because we have no more ultimate villain? XD
(10:30:08) Aki: suraga
(10:30:12) Izzy: oh god XD
(10:30:19) Izzy: he has a wing too...
(10:30:25) Aki: Sephiroth is our buddy
(10:30:26) Aki: <3
(10:30:34) Izzy: I'm hoping they'll explain the angel stuff in CC
(10:30:51) Izzy: because Angeal has one too, in the trailer
(10:30:53) Izzy: but it's white
(10:31:02) Izzy: while Sephiroth's and Genesis' are black
(10:31:03) Aki: yeah
(10:31:21) Izzy: and Genesis' is on his other shoulder, I think
(10:31:27) Aki: *nods*
(10:31:29) Izzy: hmm
(10:31:32) Izzy: I'm babbling
(10:31:39) Izzy: anyway
(10:31:42) Izzy: *hugs*
(10:31:45) Izzy: I should go
(10:31:45) Aki: oh yeah
(10:31:48) Izzy: hm?
(10:31:51) Aki: Sephiroth
(10:32:01) Aki: is staying in Cloud's room
(10:32:03) Aki: I think
(10:32:04) Izzy: ........
(10:32:06) Izzy: bad idea
(10:32:09) Aki: it's better if Cloud stays with Leon
(10:32:10) Izzy: vwey
(10:32:10) Aki: who
(10:32:13) Aki: knows what's going on
(10:32:14) Izzy: *very
(10:32:14) Izzy: oh
(10:32:21) Aki: therefore
(10:32:22) Izzy: I see
(10:32:25) Aki: Leonn can keep him in line
(10:32:28) Aki: *Leon
(10:32:31) Izzy: I thought you meant in Cloud's room with Cloud XD
(10:32:33) Aki: no
(10:32:35) Aki: XD
(10:32:40) Izzy: and I was like "That is not good at all"
(10:32:47) Aki: haha
(10:32:53) Aki: Seph gets Cloud's room
(10:32:58) Aki: until Merlin makes a new room
(10:33:04) Izzy: Cloud's going to be pissed anyway XD
(10:33:09) Aki: too bad
(10:33:23) Aki: the great and powerful OZ has spoken
(10:33:24) Izzy: ow--stop that
(10:33:30) Izzy: I woke him up by accident
(10:33:39) Izzy: and now he wants to know what's going on
(10:33:45) Aki: oops
(10:33:46) Aki: well
(10:34:08) Aki: sephiroth's...good now
(10:34:09) Aki: and
(10:34:15) Aki: he's staying in your room
(10:34:19) Aki: until Leon makes a new on
(10:34:24) Aki: when he makes the addtions to his house
(10:34:26) Aki: and you
(10:34:29) Aki: stay with leon
(10:34:29) Izzy: .....>.< *holds hands over ears*
(10:34:40) Aki: *one
(10:34:51) Izzy: you are actually going to go stay with Leon RIGHT NOW. *pushes him*
(10:35:03) Aki: ...
(10:35:05) Izzy: ...don't yell at me.
(10:35:07) Aki: *pushes him back*
(10:35:12) Aki: I'm dealing with Seph
(10:35:15) Aki: remember?
(10:35:21) Aki: I need to concentrate
(10:35:22) Izzy: oh
(10:35:24) Izzy: oops
(10:35:31) Izzy:, Cloud, stop that
(10:35:38) Izzy: you're not going to go kill him
(10:35:42) Izzy: yes, I hated him too
(10:35:48) Aki: he's nice now
(10:35:51) Aki: I promise
(10:36:15) Izzy: I'll get him out of here before he does something stupid XD
(10:36:22) Aki: Leon: Cloud...go clean the table..
(10:36:29) Aki: Leon: or something...
(10:36:45) Aki: Seph learned a lesson from this event
(10:37:00) Izzy: *puts a hand over Cloud's mouth* No, don't swear at your best friend. He's not who you're angry at. D:
(10:37:16) Aki: Leon: ...
(10:37:32) Aki: Leon: get the bed, I'll sleep on the couch.
(10:37:36) Izzy: fine, you can yell at me
(10:37:39) Aki: Leon: you'd better be happy
(10:37:51) Aki: Leon: ...he can yell at me
(10:37:55) Aki: Leon: It doesn't matter
(10:38:01) Izzy: you don't deserve it >.>
(10:38:07) Aki: Leon: Neither do you
(10:38:10) Izzy: and he'll regret it later
(10:38:17) Aki: Leon: I can handle it
(10:38:18) Izzy: I'm used to it
(10:38:20) Izzy: ....
(10:38:24) Izzy: you're stubborn
(10:38:32) Aki: Leon: ....uh-huh
(10:38:45) Aki: Leon: He can yell at me or you, it doesn't really make a difference
(10:38:55) Izzy: Cloud, go back to sleep
(10:39:01) Izzy: ....
(10:39:26) Izzy: fine then, go to your room and don't come back until you're calm
(10:39:33) Aki: ...
(10:39:34) Aki: uh
(10:39:34) Izzy: I might as well be your mother
(10:39:36) Aki: Leon's room
(10:39:39) Aki: cuz
(10:39:39) Izzy: yes
(10:39:40) Aki: er
(10:39:40) Izzy: that
(10:39:43) Aki: yeah
(10:39:44) Izzy: is what I meant
(10:40:04) Izzy: *drags him off* Have fun with Sephy-chan~
(10:40:07) Izzy: dance dance
(10:40:10) Aki: pfft
(10:40:11) Aki: wait
(10:40:13) Aki: did you see
(10:40:16) Aki: the picture
(10:40:17) Izzy: no
(10:40:20) Aki: on my webcam?
(10:40:23) Izzy: ...oh
(10:40:27) Izzy: *goes to look*
(10:40:51) Izzy: AAHH MY EYES XDDDD
(10:40:54) Aki: XDDD
(10:41:00) Izzy: *falls off chair*
(10:41:09) Aki: hahahah
(10:41:23) Izzy: if you dress him up like that, he will KILL you, evil or not XD
(10:41:29) Aki: I wont
(10:41:33) Aki: it was a joke
(10:41:34) Aki: XD
(10:41:40) Aki: He gets
(10:41:45) Aki: better clothes tho
(10:41:47) Izzy: *still laughing hysterically*]
(10:41:53) Aki: Aerith's going shopping
(10:42:17) Aki: I'm not sure how Yazoo or the other two will really take this
(10:42:21) Izzy: ...Kadaj
(10:42:25) Izzy: will pout a lot
(10:42:32) Izzy: Loz won't care too much
(10:42:34) Aki: haha
(10:42:42) Aki: Yazoo might care a bit
(10:42:58) Izzy: Kadaj will get possessive of Aerith....>.>
(10:43:05) Aki: hahahaha
(10:43:24) Aki: Yazoo will like...get overly protective of Kadaj
(10:43:25) Izzy: he'll be like "you're mean, you don't get mother"
(10:43:35) Aki: haha
(10:43:38) Aki: no mommy for you
(10:43:42) Izzy: hahaha
(10:43:44) Aki: got take your time out
(10:43:46) Aki: *go
(10:43:51) Izzy: *giggles*
(10:43:55) Aki: stay in the corner for 7 minutes
(10:43:58) Izzy: this is why we love crack
(10:44:01) Aki: XD
(10:44:14) Izzy: surgery on Sephiroth with a chainsaw
(10:44:19) Aki: yes
(10:44:25) Aki: Iwould have actually
(10:44:28) Aki: done it carefully
(10:44:33) Aki: had he not been struggling
(10:44:37) Izzy: okay, I really gotta go XD
(10:44:40) Aki: kaybyes
(10:44:43) Izzy: <3333
(10:44:46) Aki: <333