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(14:25:19) Aki: Leon: Hey Simn..
(14:25:26) Izzy: Cloud: *picks up the orichalcum*
(14:26:48) Aki: Leon: *picks Simn up and pets him* ...The alley ways..
(14:27:17) Izzy: Cloud: Huh? *uses it as a paperweight*
(14:27:22) Izzy: (only you, Cloud. XD)
(14:27:24) Aki: Leon: Our adventures, and the alley ways are all I really remember. Two opposite feelings from both.
(14:27:27) Aki: (hahahaha)
(14:27:31) Aki: (paperweight)
(14:27:45) Izzy: (I imagine it like...a pretty glowy stone XD)
(14:27:51) Aki: (it is. )
(14:27:57) Izzy: (hahaha)
(14:28:02) Aki: (KH2 Has the pictures of items)
(14:28:13) Aki: (it is shiny and glowy)
(14:28:16) Izzy: (hahaha)
(14:28:19) Aki: (<3)
(14:28:45) Izzy: ("rare item used in item synthesis. Also used by Cloud Strife as a paperweight.")
(14:28:57) Aki: (hahahah)
(14:29:09) Izzy: Cloud: Opposite?
(14:29:21) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(14:29:37) Aki: Leon: Laughing, running around and just being plain happy
(14:29:44) Aki: Leon: Before that
(14:30:05) Aki: Leon: After my parents died, I was in the alley ways for two years. Cecella found me there.
(14:30:18) Aki: Leon: I had Pneumonia or something.
(14:31:03) Aki: Leon: She wasn't able to have kids, but she wanted one, so Delmar took her to the alleys to take an orphan home. *Shrugs*
(14:31:15) Aki: (I WROTE THAT STORY)
(14:31:17) Izzy: Cloud: So you got lucky.
(14:31:21) Izzy: (hahaha I want to read.)
(14:31:24) Aki: Leon: Yeah, I got lucky.
(14:31:28) Izzy: (you promised I could. XD)
(14:31:31) Aki: (kay lemme find it)
(14:31:42) Izzy: Cloud: I just got into fights all the time. That was my own fault.
(14:31:45) Aki: (err...I wonder if I saved it. hang on)
(14:31:55) Aki: (I know it by heart, so I can re werite it or something if I didn't)
(14:32:04) Aki: *rewrite
(14:32:20) Izzy: (stuff you only want me to read, you can post on the grrface LJ as friends-locked or something)
(14:32:30) Aki: (kay)
(14:33:15) Aki: Leon: I let the other orphans have my blanket during that big winder thunderstorm.
(14:33:40) Aki: Leon: The one that snapped a lot of trees over, and damaged houses.
(14:33:59) Izzy: Cloud: I remember...
(14:34:16) Aki: Leon: But, I think I was sick way before that. I passed out on her when she found me.
(14:34:27) Izzy: Cloud: *listening*
(14:34:50) Aki: Leon: My mother and father, my real parents...
(14:35:43) Aki: Leon: My father left, and my mother killed herself. So, I went into the marketplace, but some dog chased me into teh alleys and the other kids let me stay.
(14:35:51) Aki: *the
(14:36:20) Aki: Leon: so I stayed for two years until Cecella came, and then her nurse came to take care of me.
(14:36:26) Aki: Leon: I dunno.
(14:36:35) Aki: Leon: It wasn't so bad.
(14:36:45) Aki: Leon: I just...I still felt lonely.
(14:36:52) Aki: Leon: So I snuck out that one day
(14:37:00) Aki: Leon: And the town bullies found me
(14:37:46) Izzy: Cloud: And I had come to pick a fight by chance...
(14:38:05) Izzy: Cloud: Come to think of it...that was the last time I initiated anything.
(14:38:44) Izzy: (Yeah, actually, Cloud was there because he wanted to get back at them for beating him before, but he stepped in earlier to help Squall)
(14:38:51) Izzy: (though he wouldn't admit it then XD)
(14:38:58) Aki: (haha yeah)
(14:39:11) Aki: Leon: And I followed you home, because I was lost. *laughs slightly*
(14:39:39) Aki: Leon: I didn't know that part of town, I was never allowed there.
(14:39:58) Izzy: Cloud: Why not?
(14:40:59) Aki: Leon: Everyone thought I'd get hurt. My mother, my father, the other Orphans, Cecella, Delmar, Minnette...Even Cid.
(14:41:28) Izzy: (oh Cid. XD)
(14:41:35) Aki: Leon: I obviously didn't know how to fight. *shrugs*
(14:41:38) Aki: (haha Cid)
(14:41:41) Aki: (Mr. Highwind)
(14:41:46) Izzy: (yep XD)
(14:42:04) Izzy: (he probably hated that, because he was old as Leon is now)
(14:42:16) Aki: (hahaha)
(14:42:22) Aki: (yeahhh)
(14:42:45) Izzy: ("Don't call me "mister"! I'm not old, you damn kid!")
(14:43:07) Aki: ("S-sorry... D: ")
(14:43:13) Izzy: Cloud: But you learned.'
(14:43:37) Aki: Leon: yeah.
(14:43:51) Aki: Leon: I probably wouldn't have if you hadn't rubbed it in my face.
(14:44:10) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(14:44:26) Aki: Leon: "What are you going to do when someone you care about is in trouble?! You can't even protect yourself!"
(14:44:33) Aki: Leon: I...owe you for that, actually.
(14:44:55) Izzy: Cloud: And I owe you for plenty of other things, so we're even.
(14:45:27) Aki: Leon: I guess so. :)
(14:46:47) Izzy: (they're both smiling so much lately and it makes me happy....)
(14:46:53) Aki: (haha)
(14:46:57) Izzy: (we're still missing someone tho. XD)
(14:47:04) Aki: (who)
(14:47:09) Izzy: (Merlin will have to add two more rooms)
(14:47:24) Izzy: (unless Tifa is willing to share)
(14:47:32) Izzy: (Rinoa, of course XD)
(14:47:36) Izzy: (he promised her. XD)
(14:47:57) Aki: (...well, she'll probably come with Seph has his own room XD)
(14:48:01) Izzy: (hahahah)'
(14:48:04) Aki: *when
(14:48:07) Izzy: (Sephiroth...oh god)
(14:48:16) Izzy: (he's going to be so confused XD)
(14:48:20) Aki: (We're done with him, actually. )
(14:48:20) Izzy: (so is Cloud)
(14:48:46) Aki: (He's bandaged up, cleaned, fed, sleeping, and...yeah.. he knows who Cloud is, but doesn't remember anything other than that)
(14:48:56) Izzy: (Quite honestly...I don't...really...want him...back.)
(14:49:06) Izzy: (but I suppose I'll have to take him anyway XD)
(14:49:25) Aki: (Haha, you owe me for all of those Hades times XD)
(14:49:37) Izzy: (pfft, but you make such a great Hades XD)
(14:49:46) Aki: (y thank u)
(14:49:51) Aki: (*bows*)
(14:50:11) Aki: (In FF7 you get a summon)
(14:50:13) Aki: (called Hades)
(14:50:17) Izzy: (hahaha)
(14:50:35) Aki: (8D)
(14:51:06) Izzy: (oh man. what are the kids gonna think of Sephiroth)
(14:51:12) Izzy: (Aarao and Ester)
(14:51:23) Izzy: (same reaction as to Seifer)
(14:51:29) Izzy: ("You're baddddd mannn.")
(14:53:44) Aki: (XD)
(14:53:56) Aki: (They're gonna hide)
(14:54:19) Aki: (Kind of like how they're run away from Rufus)
(14:54:45) Aki: (So...actually, Aarao and Ester would be living in the Alley or something)
(14:54:49) Izzy: (aww)
(14:55:06) Aki: (Aarao probably gets chased by dogs every day XD)
(14:55:08) Izzy: (why didn't they come to stay)
(14:55:30) Aki: (Cuz Ester wants to support Aarao)
(14:55:32) Izzy: Zack: *walks in and puts Fenrir on Cloud's head* This is yours.
(14:55:35) Izzy: (awww)
(14:55:37) Aki: (She wants to prove herself I guess)
(14:55:43) Aki: (She has a job)
(14:55:51) Aki: (YES)
(14:55:51) Izzy: Cloud: ....daddy is busy right now.
(14:55:53) Aki: (FENRIR)
(14:56:07) Izzy: Zack: ....*leans to the side and stares at him*
(14:56:20) Aki: Fenrir: *snuggles up on his head, and clicks her beak happily*
(14:56:47) Izzy: (Cloud...oh god. I have no idea where that came from)
(14:57:12) Izzy: Zack: You're neglecting your parental duties again. I had to feed her all this week.
(14:57:21) Izzy: Cloud: She was yours in the first place.
(14:57:32) Izzy: Zack: I've got three grown sons now!
(14:57:40) Aki: (haha)
(14:57:42) Izzy: Cloud: Uh-huh. *goes back to the maps*
(14:57:54) Aki: Fenrir: wark. *fluffs up and falls asleep*
(14:57:59) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(14:58:13) Aki: Leon: what happened to the pocket?
(14:58:19) Izzy: Cloud: I don't know...
(14:58:47) Izzy: Cloud: It was on my sheath, and I guess I haven't been using my swords lately.
(14:59:13) Izzy: Cloud: *picks her up and puts her on his lap, then takes his jacket from the back of the chair and covers her with it*
(14:59:45) Izzy: (at least his motherly instincts are intact :p)
(15:00:35) Aki: (pfft)
(15:00:54) Aki: (that's adorable <3)
(15:01:29) Aki: (lol and Leon's got Grrface on his lap)
(15:01:56) Izzy: Cloud: Besides, you don't do any work, anyway.
(15:02:14) Izzy: Zack: *puts his hand dramatically over his heart* I'm hurt!
(15:02:24) Aki: ( his nobody)
(15:02:28) Izzy: Zack: Wounded, I say. You're a cruel friend.
(15:02:38) Izzy: (....XD)
(15:03:26) Izzy: Cloud: I hope you're not too wounded to do the laundry, or your wife won't be too happy.
(15:03:37) Aki: (hahaha)
(15:03:42) Izzy: Zack: You know, Cloud, I think I liked you better when you were little and cute.
(15:03:51) Aki: (haha)
(15:04:00) Aki: (Leon doesn't agree XD)
(15:04:25) Aki: (His mental alarm went off when Zack said that , "bzzzt")
(15:04:38) Izzy: (XD)
(15:04:53) Aki: (8D)
(15:05:10) Izzy: Cloud: That's really too bad, isn't it.
(15:05:27) Izzy: Zack: Say that with a straight face next time.
(15:05:37) Aki: (haha, he has three sons, one of which is more mature than he is XD)
(15:05:39) Izzy: (Cloud is trying not to smile, haha)
(15:05:42) Izzy: (yes)
(15:06:11) Aki: (hey, do you think you could come over...I'm gonna make cookies...)
(15:06:20) Aki: (or is it too much to ask XD)
(15:06:21) Izzy: (I have work in an hour...)
(15:06:29) Aki: (oh, I'll save some for you, then XD)
(15:06:33) Izzy: (,3)
(15:06:36) Izzy: (<3
(15:06:44) Izzy: (maybe if I finish my college essay)
(15:06:50) Izzy: (I can come over on Sunday)
(15:06:59) Aki: (okay)
(15:07:37) Aki: Leon: *also trying not to smile while doing his work*
(15:07:42) Aki: Leon: *puts on his glasses*
(15:08:44) Aki: Yazoo: *sneezes* ...
(15:08:55) Aki: Yazoo: Hey Zack, do you need help with anything?
(15:09:25) Izzy: Zack: Considering all I'm doing right now is bothering, not particularly.
(15:09:34) Izzy: Zack: But you're welcome to join in.
(15:09:49) Izzy: (did I mention that I love Zack?)
(15:10:24) Aki: Yazoo: I'll go ask Mother what else she wants done. What she wants you to do, of course..*goes off*
(15:10:33) Aki: (yes)
(15:10:38) Aki: (about 8273498723894 times)
(15:10:43) Aki: (All of which I agreed to)
(15:10:47) Izzy: (shhh XD)
(15:10:57) Izzy: Kadaj: Nii-sannnnnnnnn
(15:11:05) Izzy: Kadaj: Have you seen Yazoo?
(15:11:19) Izzy: Cloud: he was just here...
(15:11:36) Izzy: Kadaj: Mother told me to give him his cold medicine...*skips off*
(15:11:41) Izzy: (...yes, skips)
(15:11:46) Aki: (hahahah)
(15:11:49) Izzy: (I think Kadaj likes winter XD)
(15:11:52) Izzy: (it's the snow)
(15:12:01) Aki: (Yazoo apparently doesn't XD)
(15:12:20) Izzy: (poor Yazoo)
(15:12:25) Izzy: (the only sane one XD)
(15:12:30) Aki: (yeah, really)
(15:12:36) Izzy: (he and Sephiroth can have deep conversations XD)
(15:12:43) Aki: (Yeah XDDDDD)
(15:13:42) Aki: Yazoo: ....*comes by again carrying Zack's load of laundry*
(15:14:43) Aki: Yazoo: She wants this done. *puts it down infront of Zack* If you need me, I'll be checking on Sephiroth. *goes off*
(15:15:14) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(15:15:26) Aki: ("Yes, Yazoo, could you bring this to Zack? And then go check on Sephiroth. Just dont wake him up, he's probably tired")
(15:15:26) Izzy: ( my head...)
(15:15:38) Izzy: (Zack just did this hilarious Jack Sparrow imitation)
(15:15:54) Izzy: (with like...the gesture of "oh...I don't want that")
(15:16:03) Aki: (hahahaha)
(15:16:04) Izzy: (like...the wrist flick)
(15:16:15) Aki: (ohman)
(15:16:16) Izzy: (it was pretty funny)
(15:16:58) Aki: Yazoo: *goes back out of Seph's room and runs straight into Kadaj* ...
(15:17:23) Izzy: Kadaj: There you are~
(15:17:32) Aki: Yazoo: *blinks* hi..
(15:17:51) Izzy: Kadaj: Mother said to take your cold medicine. *puts the bottle in his hand*
(15:18:01) Aki: Yazoo: Oh.
(15:18:38) Aki: Yazoo: *grumbles* is it the liquid kind? tastes disgusting..
(15:18:50) Izzy: Kadaj: I knowwww
(15:18:57) Izzy: Kadaj: *sticks his tongue out*
(15:19:04) Izzy: Kadaj: But Mother said...
(15:19:13) Aki: Yazoo: *laughs slightly* Well..
(15:19:18) Izzy: Kadaj: You keep sneezing everywhere.
(15:19:26) Aki: Yazoo: Yeah..
(15:19:33) Izzy: Kadaj: She made me take some too.
(15:19:40) Izzy: Kadaj: >.>
(15:19:47) Aki: Yazoo: Afraid you'd catch it?
(15:19:52) Izzy: Kadaj: She said it would stop me from getting sick...
(15:19:58) Aki: Yazoo: *nods*
(15:20:11) Izzy: Kadaj: I think anything that tastes bad stops you from getting sick. *sticks his tongue out again*
(15:20:43) Aki: Yazoo: *chuckles* It seems to be that way, hmm.
(15:21:18) Aki: Yazoo: If you need me, I'll be organizing the library..
(15:21:32) Aki: Yazoo: *goes off to the study*
(15:21:48) Izzy: (Yazoo with glasses XD)
(15:21:53) Aki: (pfft XD)
(15:22:04) Aki: (He wore Leon's for about an hour once)
(15:22:23) Aki: (He wanted to see what it was like- he DOES have a natural curiosity. I was surprised.
(15:22:27) Aki: *)
(15:22:35) Izzy: (haha)
(15:22:38) Izzy: (brb)
(15:22:42) Aki: (k)
(15:24:47) Izzy: (back)
(15:24:50) Aki: (:D)
(15:26:06) Aki: Aarao: *staring up at Zack*
(15:26:25) Aki: Aarao: *add like "awe" x 94589485*
(15:26:28) Izzy: (how'd he get in the house XD)
(15:26:35) Aki: (Chocobo door)
(15:26:42) Izzy: (....hahahaha(
(15:27:01) Izzy: Zack: ...*looks down at him over the load of laundry*
(15:27:20) Aki: Aarao: You're that guy from the book..
(15:27:27) Aki: (Zack's famous too? XD)
(15:27:37) Izzy: (wait, they know him XD)
(15:27:42) Izzy: (they saw him at the party)
(15:27:53) Izzy: (Aarao called him funny XD)
(15:27:53) Aki: (they really didn't...hang out with him)
(15:28:05) Aki: (they just stared and kinda..laughed)
(15:28:13) Aki: (and went off with Selphie for bedtime)
(15:28:34) Izzy: (aww)
(15:28:36) Aki: (I doubt they actually would remember him- it was pretty late)
(15:28:42) Izzy: Zack: I'm in a book now?
(15:29:08) Aki: Aarao: Yeah! The picture book Ellone showed me.
(15:29:24) Aki: Aarao: But they couldn't draw you right. They just described you.
(15:29:47) Izzy: Zack: I guess it's hard to get my good looks on paper, huh?
(15:29:56) Izzy: (Zack, stop bragging to little kids XD)
(15:30:02) Aki: (haha)
(15:30:26) Aki: Aarao: Cloud and Squall were there too. And Tifa and Aerith.
(15:30:33) Aki: Aarao: It was a good book.
(15:31:00) Aki: Aarao: But not as good as the stories Cloud told me.
(15:31:04) Izzy: Zack: What're they teaching kids nowadays...
(15:31:30) Aki: Aarao: But we knew Aerith loooong before the book.
(15:32:45) Aki: Aarao: Oh, and Sephiroth of course. And Kadaj and Loz and Yazoo. Cloud told me about them.
(15:33:21) Aki: Aarao: You were funny in the story. Ester looked up to you when she was sad.
(15:33:29) Aki: Aarao: *runs off to go play somewhere*
(15:33:35) Aki: (break things XD)
(15:33:58) Izzy: (XD)
(15:34:00) Izzy: (<3)
(15:34:12) Izzy: (sorry, multitasking XD)
(15:34:16) Aki: (this kid talks a million miles an hour XD)
(15:34:19) Aki: (it's okay )
(15:34:27) Izzy: (<3 but we love him)
(15:34:42) Aki: (Even though we don't understand half of what he says XD)
(15:35:25) Izzy: (hahaha)
(15:35:38) Aki: Sora: ....*poking Sephiroth*
(15:36:04) Aki: Sora: ...*checks his arm each time he pokes him*
(15:36:10) Aki: (pfft, you're cured, Sora...)
(15:37:00) Izzy: (....)
(15:37:05) Izzy: (geez. XD)
(15:37:21) Aki: Sora: ....*pokes him more*
(15:37:29) Aki: (he...finds it fun XD)
(15:38:20) Izzy: (Sephiroth is seriously...out of it, though XD)
(15:38:31) Aki: (he still finds it fun XD)
(15:38:35) Izzy: (*snerk*)
(15:38:36) Izzy:
(15:38:47) Aki: Sora: ....*gets up and goes to the kitchen*
(15:38:55) Izzy: (We had Sephy-claus, and now we have Santa Cloud)
(15:39:13) Aki: (oh jeeeez)
(15:39:28) Aki: (*snickers*)
(15:40:04) Izzy: (*chokes*)
(15:40:05) Izzy:
(15:40:12) Izzy: (I don't know whether to be upset...)
(15:40:19) Izzy: (or to laugh a lot...)
(15:41:00) Aki: (*laughing a lot*)
(15:41:47) Aki: Sora: I'm making pie for Sephiroth, do any of you want some?
(15:42:04) Aki: (here we go with the situation that started it all..)
(15:42:10) Izzy: (oh god)
(15:42:23) Aki: (someone stop himmmm)
(15:43:14) Izzy: (the best part of that pic)
(15:43:39) Izzy: (is that Cloud's facial expression says "So..why are we doing this again?")
(15:44:16) Aki: (XDDD)
(15:45:32) Aki: Sora: .....
(15:45:45) Aki: Sora: guess not. *goes to get teh sugar*
(15:45:47) Aki: *the
(15:46:09) Izzy: (poor Sora)
(15:46:12) Izzy: (and I gtg)
(15:46:17) Izzy: (DX)
(15:46:27) Aki: pff byeeeee
(15:46:30) Aki: <33333333
(15:46:31) Izzy: (type up that monologue so I'll have something to amuse me XD
(15:46:40) Aki: okayyyy
(15:46:42) Aki: XD
(15:46:58) Aki: what parts do you want
(15:47:04) Aki: cuz
(15:47:08) Aki: I'll do a few right now
(15:47:15) Izzy: I don't care
(15:47:17) Izzy: whatever
(15:47:24) Izzy: the emotional parts
(15:47:26) Izzy: oh wiat
(15:47:28) Izzy: *wait
(15:47:33) Izzy: that's all of them, isn't it
(15:47:38) Aki: hahah
(15:47:40) Aki: yeah
(15:47:42) Aki: well
(15:47:46) Aki: I'lllll figure it out
(15:47:50) Aki: byeeee
(15:48:13) Izzy: <3
(15:48:15) Izzy: byee