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Izzy: (guess what)
(22:54:35) Izzy: (CLOUD IS BEAUTIFUL)
(22:54:44) Aki: (FO SHO)
(22:54:55) Aki: (Leon: ...don't make fun of me..)
(22:55:22) Izzy: (....why not?)
(22:55:29) Aki: (Leon: Because... )
(22:55:53) Izzy: ( have a pointy metal thing and you can hurt me with it. okay.)
(22:56:01) Aki: (XDD)
(22:56:04) Aki: (Leon: Yeah..)
(22:56:10) Aki: (no you cant XD)
(22:56:28) Aki: (Leon: ...D:)
(22:57:07) Aki: (Hey Leon, didn't you also think Cloud was sexy, earlier?)
(22:57:22) Aki: (Leon: I will not dignify this conversation by answering.)
(22:57:24) Izzy: (*covers mouth with hands*)
(22:57:40) Aki: (Leon: *sighs*)
(22:57:51) Izzy: (I'm just teasing you.)
(22:57:56) Izzy: (I dunno if she is, but I am. XD)
(22:58:02) Aki: (XDDD)
(22:58:09) Aki: (Leon: She's always serious
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<lj-cut>Izzy: (guess what)
(22:54:35) Izzy: (CLOUD IS BEAUTIFUL)
(22:54:44) Aki: (FO SHO)
(22:54:55) Aki: (Leon: ...don't make fun of me..)
(22:55:22) Izzy: (....why not?)
(22:55:29) Aki: (Leon: Because... )
(22:55:53) Izzy: ( have a pointy metal thing and you can hurt me with it. okay.)
(22:56:01) Aki: (XDD)
(22:56:04) Aki: (Leon: Yeah..)
(22:56:10) Aki: (no you cant XD)
(22:56:28) Aki: (Leon: ...D:)
(22:57:07) Aki: (Hey Leon, didn't you also think Cloud was sexy, earlier?)
(22:57:22) Aki: (Leon: I will not dignify this conversation by answering.)
(22:57:24) Izzy: (*covers mouth with hands*)
(22:57:40) Aki: (Leon: *sighs*)
(22:57:51) Izzy: (I'm just teasing you.)
(22:57:56) Izzy: (I dunno if she is, but I am. XD)
(22:58:02) Aki: (XDDD)
(22:58:09) Aki: (Leon: She's always serious <_<)
(22:58:13) Aki: (am not. D: )
(22:58:16) Izzy: (Yeah, thought so)
(22:58:23) Izzy: (especially with this subject XD)
(22:58:36) Izzy: (you're lucky Cloud's hanging with Zack and Tifa right now)
(22:58:46) Aki: (Leon: They whole ---Oh god. )
(22:59:01) Aki: (Leon: Yeah, luck's all I seem to ever have had. )
(22:59:48) Izzy: (...quite honestly, though)
(22:59:56) Aki: (...They're expluding FF8 characters? That's so mean..)
(23:00:01) Izzy: (I don't think it would bother him that much)
(23:00:02) Aki: *excluding
(23:00:04) Izzy: (huh?)
(23:00:16) Aki: (Zack, Tifa and Cloud XD)
(23:00:20) Izzy: (oh...)
(23:00:30) Izzy: (no)
(23:00:34) Aki: (what wouldn't bother who?)
(23:00:38) Izzy: (hang on)
(23:00:42) Izzy: (one thing at a time)
(23:00:48) Izzy: (it's not exclusion)
(23:00:49) Izzy: (XD)
(23:01:05) Izzy: (Zack and Tifa are just mostly who Cloud spends time with when Leon isn't around)
(23:01:17) Izzy: (anyway)
(23:01:21) Aki: (*nudges Leon*)
(23:01:26) Aki: (Leon: D:)
(23:01:33) Izzy: (anyway, I meant)
(23:01:55) Izzy: (that even if Cloud HAD overheard that conversation, it wouldn't have bothered him that much...)
(23:02:08) Izzy: ('s not like he isn't used to the fandom by now...)
(23:02:30) Aki: (It would have bothered Leon. >_>)
(23:02:32) Izzy: (I'm only slightly more sane than the rest of the fangirls)
(23:02:41) Izzy: (haha)
(23:02:53) Aki: (8D)
(23:03:07) Aki: (hey, you're saying I'm insane?)
(23:03:12) Izzy: (no...>.>)
(23:03:16) Aki: (yes...)
(23:03:32) Izzy: (you just cut off Sephiroth's wing with a chainsaw. That doesn't mean you're crazy.)
(23:03:50) Aki: (Oh right. I forgot to say to you...)
(23:03:59) Aki: (He wont go back to you...he's in my head now..)
(23:04:28) Aki: (and he claimed Cloud's bedroom...)
(23:05:27) Izzy: (.....)
(23:05:36) Izzy: (well, good riddance)
(23:05:43) Izzy: (but do I feel bad for you)
(23:05:55) Aki: (you really don't XD)
(23:06:42) Aki: (but yeah, he and I drank some tea together, and talked about cooking)
(23:07:31) Izzy: (...)
(23:07:44) Izzy: (no, I really do feel bad for you)
(23:07:57) Izzy: (I'm just relieved I don't have to take him back XD)
(23:08:02) Izzy: (because)
(23:08:15) Izzy: (he gave me no respect. >.>)
(23:08:30) Aki: (...he gives me respect...)
(23:08:41) Izzy: (yeah...)
(23:08:46) Izzy: (I don't know)
(23:08:56) Izzy: (it might be because I'm so much like Cloud? XD)
(23:09:14) Izzy: (or I couldn't order him around effectively)
(23:09:17) Izzy: (whatever)
(23:09:18) Aki: (I think fangirls are more suited to handling Sephiroth..)
(23:09:25) Izzy: (probablt)
(23:09:28) Izzy: *probably
(23:09:36) Izzy: (I don't have the personality for it XD)
(23:09:39) Aki: (Besides, I command respect)
(23:09:43) Izzy: (of course)
(23:09:45) Aki: (Otherwise he dies)
(23:09:48) Aki: (Again)
(23:09:49) Izzy: (hahah)
(23:09:57) Aki: (horrible, and painful)
(23:10:13) Aki: (A death which takes an eternity to perform)
(23:10:18) Aki: (yeah..)
(23:10:47) Izzy: (eheheh...)
(23:10:55) Aki: (does this mean I have to be him...?)
(23:11:02) Aki: (O rcan he just life with me..)
(23:11:04) Izzy: (this is why you're the leader of the DSO XD)
(23:11:04) Aki: *Or can
(23:11:07) Izzy: (uhhh)
(23:11:10) Izzy: (I dunno)
(23:11:18) Izzy: (I guess...I could still be him...)
(23:11:24) Aki: (I'd make him stress relief at parts)
(23:11:29) Aki: (so..)
(23:11:30) Izzy: (I don't know how well I'll do, tho)
(23:11:37) Aki: (I could be him then)
(23:11:59) Aki: (what's he like...)
(23:12:03) Izzy: (if it's not too much trouble for you)
(23:12:05) Aki: (when he's not evil...)
(23:12:11) Izzy: (uhh...formal, kinda)
(23:12:16) Izzy: (a
(23:12:19) Aki: (I wanna be him, I just don't know how XD)
(23:12:29) Izzy: (I wanna say arrogant, but he's not like Rufus)
(23:12:42) Izzy: (he's kind of like... "I'm awesome and I know it")
(23:12:51) Izzy: (ehhh)
(23:12:58) Izzy: (have you seen Last Order?)
(23:13:09) Aki: (This is the 8th time you've asked XDDD)
(23:13:15) Izzy: (I know, actually XD)
(23:13:20) Izzy: (and I can't remember XD)
(23:13:24) Aki: (Leon)
(23:13:27) Izzy: (shhh)
(23:13:28) Aki: (yeah, I have)
(23:13:32) Aki: (Leon)
(23:13:45) Izzy: (okay...but I guess he wasn't very sane in that, either)
(23:14:33) Izzy: (hmmm)
(23:14:39) Izzy: (what is Sephiroth like...)
(23:14:40) Aki: (I'll just mess around with him XD)
(23:14:53) Izzy: (........he's...I want to say cold. Standoffish.)
(23:14:59) Izzy: (but it's not like he doesn't talk)
(23:15:08) Izzy: (he just doesn't take crap from anyone)
(23:15:14) Aki: (yeah)
(23:15:32) Izzy: (he got along well enough with Zack)
(23:15:36) Aki: (It's crack, he can bea bit ooc)
(23:15:42) Aki: *be
(23:15:44) Aki: *a
(23:15:45) Izzy: (and it's not like he had no sense of humor)
(23:15:54) Izzy: (but he had no patience for petty people)
(23:15:59) Izzy: (annndddd I'm rambling)
(23:16:03) Aki: (I'm amused)
(23:16:17) Aki: (Cuz he' s staring at you)
(23:16:30) Izzy: (I'm kinda...piecing this together from the game flashbacks and the Crisis Core trailer...)
(23:16:36) Izzy: (and...that's...a creepy thought...)
(23:16:48) Aki: (what is?)
(23:16:57) Izzy: (the thought of him staring at me)
(23:17:01) Aki: (oh)
(23:17:06) Aki: (*turns his head away*)
(23:18:50) Aki: (Rinoa should come soon)
(23:19:05) Izzy: (uh-huh)
(23:19:07) Izzy: (..........)
(23:19:09) Izzy: (what)
(23:19:12) Izzy: (WHAT)
(23:19:18) Aki: (Merlin finished the extra rooms)
(23:19:22) Aki: (what?)
(23:19:25) Izzy: (That is the STRANGEST bit of trivia EVER)
(23:19:28) Izzy: (in KH1)
(23:19:31) Izzy: (Sephiroth)
(23:19:38) Izzy: (in English)
(23:19:41) Izzy: (is voiced by)
(23:19:44) Izzy: (of all people)
(23:19:51) Izzy: (Lance Bass from N'Sync.)
(23:19:58) Aki: (you didn't know?)
(23:20:04) Izzy: (no. I didn't.)
(23:20:18) Izzy: (.....isn't he the one that recently came out of the closet?)
(23:20:27) Izzy: (......*can't hold it anymore, cracks up*)
(23:20:33) Aki: (...yes, I believe so..)
(23:20:36) Aki: (Yeah, Seph's gay)
(23:20:39) Aki: (we all know)
(23:20:42) Izzy: (XDDD)
(23:20:55) Aki: (it's painstakingly obvious, anyways)
(23:20:56) Aki: (XD)
(23:21:03) Izzy: (hell, why else would he have such pretty hair)
(23:21:41) Aki: (Sephiroth: Do not even imply any further on this subject.)
(23:21:45) Aki: (...)
(23:21:50) Aki: (why hello there :D)
(23:21:58) Aki: (Sephiroth: Hello..)
(23:22:03) Izzy: (....)
(23:22:21) Izzy: (by the, I won't say anything.)
(23:22:32) Aki: (hmm? :D)
(23:23:00) Izzy: (uhh.)
(23:23:22) Izzy: (.............he makes me nervous for some reason.)
(23:23:22) Aki: (*pushes Sephiroth out of the parenthesis and into cloud's group of Tifa and Zack*)
(23:23:28) Aki: (you can say it now..)
(23:23:32) Aki: (or was taht it?)
(23:23:35) Aki: *that
(23:23:35) Izzy: (yeah XD)
(23:23:49) Izzy: (And I dunno if that was such a good idea...)
(23:23:56) Izzy: (Cloud is...not doing so well)
(23:23:59) Aki: (yeah)
(23:24:02) Izzy: (in this context)
(23:24:17) Aki: Sephiroth: ....*turns around to go off someplace else*
(23:24:25) Aki: (well, he's not interested, anways)
(23:24:57) Izzy: (good.)
(23:25:44) Aki: (...aww, but he's a nice guy now...I think a timeout in the field of flower in my mind, did him some good)
(23:25:50) Aki: *flowers
(23:26:12) Izzy: (ahaha)
(23:26:18) Izzy: (yes, but Cloud is...)
(23:26:20) Izzy: (eh.)
(23:26:29) Aki: (Cloud should go to that field too)
(23:26:30) Izzy: (it'll take him a while to adjust.)
(23:26:32) Izzy: (XD)
(23:26:53) Aki: (*takes Cloud and sticks him in the field*)
(23:27:09) Aki: (*the yaoi fangirl flower field of doom*)
(23:27:20) Izzy: (....)
(23:27:33) Aki: (He will spend 10 minuts there)
(23:27:37) Izzy: (he'd better not think about Leon XD)
(23:27:37) Aki: *minutes
(23:27:41) Aki: (XDD)
(23:28:32) Aki: (Sephiroth: ...)
(23:29:31) Aki: (*puts Cloud back in the group of Tifa and Zack because he was thinking of Leon*)
(23:29:36) Izzy: (Zack...stop.)
(23:29:45) Aki: (what is he doing?)
(23:30:12) Izzy: (I know you're happy he's his old self again instead of the homicidal psycho with and Oedipus complex, but seriously...)
(23:30:15) Izzy: *an
(23:30:30) Izzy: (and maybe that should be genocidal)
(23:30:33) Izzy: (but anyway)
(23:30:49) Izzy: (Zack said something about throwing a party)
(23:30:54) Aki: (haha)
(23:31:03) Izzy: (and Cloud was like "....NO." XD)
(23:31:11) Aki: (pfft of course XD)
(23:31:43) Aki: (sephiroth's probably going to stay away from them for a while, since he's adjusting too XD)
(23:32:37) Izzy: (yep)
(23:32:41) Aki: Sephiroth: ....Where's the food in this house? *glances at Zack*
(23:32:48) Aki: (cept when he's hungry...apparently)
(23:32:59) Izzy: Zack: Generally, food is in the kitchen.
(23:33:14) Aki: Sephiroth: ...Where is the kitchen?
(23:33:26) Izzy: Zack: *points*
(23:33:44) Aki: Sephiroth: *nods and goes off to the kitchen*
(23:34:21) Izzy: Zack: *pinches Cloud's cheek* You're sulking and it looks ridiculous.
(23:34:25) Aki: (pfft, Sephiroth's monologue is completely "Where the hell am I?" and "I'm hungry and tired." thoughts XD)
(23:34:30) Izzy: Cloud: ...stop it.
(23:34:35) Izzy: (XD)
(23:34:57) Izzy: Tifa: ...well, this is going to take some getting used to...
(23:35:15) Aki: Aerith: No, the peanutbutter is here...
(23:35:16) Izzy: (I mean...Sephiroth killed both their parents...and Aerith...though Aerith had her revenge...)
(23:35:31) Aki: Sephiroth: ....thanks.
(23:35:35) Aki: Aerith: Mhmm.
(23:35:56) Aki: (He's really mellow right now cuz he's confused and tired XDDD)
(23:35:59) Izzy: (ahaha)
(23:36:30) Izzy: Zack: Think about it this way; he was gonna come back sometime, and now you don't have to fight him anymore. You were getting sick of it, right?
(23:36:36) Izzy: Cloud: He took my room.
(23:36:52) Aki: (Aerith gave it to him XD)
(23:36:54) Izzy: (XD)
(23:36:59) Izzy: (Details)
(23:37:06) Aki: (who needs em)
(23:37:21) Izzy: Zack: And now you get to room with your best buddy Leon; you're complaining about that?
(23:37:27) Izzy: Cloud: .....are you implying something?
(23:37:33) Aki: (*laughs*)
(23:37:34) Izzy: Zack: I wouldn't dream of it.
(23:38:26) Aki: Leon: Sephiroth's room is actually half done. You only have to stay with me for one night. Is it really such a big deal?
(23:38:40) Izzy: Cloud: That's not...
(23:38:48) Aki: (Merlin came right over pff)
(23:38:52) Izzy: (haha)
(23:39:05) Aki: Leon: ...It's awkward for everyone.
(23:39:26) Aki: Leon: Even for him, probably. He forgot a lot of things.
(23:39:51) Izzy: Tifa: ...well, in a way it's better.
(23:40:02) Izzy: Tifa: Considering he's no longer...
(23:40:10) Izzy: Cloud: ....insane?
(23:40:26) Izzy: Tifa: Obsessed with being a god?
(23:40:57) Izzy: Cloud: ....obsessed with me. *mutters*
(23:41:05) Aki: (pfft)
(23:41:25) Izzy: (he pretty much got to a point where he was like "WHY WON'T SEPHIROTH FRIGGING LEAVE ME ALONE." XD)
(23:41:35) Aki: (well, he is now XD)
(23:41:40) Aki: (and Oh man, Leon's identifying with Sephiroth XD)
(23:41:44) Izzy: (haha. 'HE'S the clingy one.")
(23:41:47) Izzy: (oh god)
(23:42:34) Aki: ("He forgot a lot of things" "I know how that feels. It's like drowning. You know there's the surface, but the struggle getting there doesn't really feel worth it.")
(23:42:43) Izzy: (.....)
(23:42:55) Aki: (HES BEING EMO)
(23:42:55) Izzy: (yeah...)
(23:42:58) Aki: (MAKE HIM STOP)
(23:42:59) Izzy: (oh god.)
(23:43:05) Izzy: Cloud: .......
(23:43:17) Izzy: Cloud: ....I'm going to go...train..or something.
(23:43:28) Aki: Leon: ...*blinks*
(23:43:40) Aki: Leon: All right.
(23:44:45) Aki: (.........eveyone's emo in my head right now)
(23:44:52) Izzy: (he wants to get out of the house...)
(23:45:01) Izzy: (and Leon should really follow him)
(23:45:11) Izzy: (Because Zack isn't in the mood to deal)
(23:45:25) Izzy: (he's feeling too upbeat :p)
(23:45:26) Aki: Leon: ...I'm coming, if you don't mind.
(23:45:33) Izzy: Cloud: I don't.
(23:45:39) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(23:46:25) Aki: (Leon's emo, Sora's emo, Yazoo's emo, Aerith', Yuffie is asleep, Sephiroth is sort of emo, and Reno is kinda emo, and Roxas is TOTALLY emoing.)
(23:46:32) Izzy: (....)
(23:46:36) Aki: (it's...)
(23:46:39) Izzy: (*shoves Axel at Roxas)
(23:46:41) Izzy: **
(23:46:46) Aki: Roxas: ....
(23:46:59) Aki: Roxas: Why are you here?
(23:47:02) Izzy:
(23:47:09) Izzy: Axel: What's that supposed to mean?
(23:47:17) Izzy: (I wanted to ask for anatomy advie)
(23:47:20) Izzy: *advice
(23:47:34) Aki: Roxas: ...why are you here.
(23:47:49) Izzy: Axel: I not supposed to be here?
(23:48:36) Aki: Roxas: can be..I mean, my room is your room, considering they haven't made you one yet.
(23:48:48) Aki: Roxas: ...
(23:48:54) Izzy: Axel: *crosses his arms* Stop making that face.
(23:49:06) Aki: (Kairi's feet should be a little bigger than her hands)
(23:49:13) Aki: (everything else is good)
(23:49:18) Izzy: (should her legs be longer?)
(23:49:37) Izzy: (or the waistline higher?)
(23:49:47) Izzy: (it looks wrong to me, for some reason)
(23:49:51) Aki: (no, it's nearly perfect)
(23:50:02) Aki: (buttt)
(23:50:47) Aki: (legs can be a little longer, but they're fine)
(23:50:50) Aki: (Kairi's short)
(23:50:54) Izzy: (yeah)
(23:51:05) Aki: (pfft 5')
(23:51:08) Izzy: (haha)
(23:51:08) Aki: (yeah)
(23:51:23) Izzy: (and I'm making her head smaller)
(23:51:29) Aki: (Mr 6'2" is sulking ove rhis peanutbutter sandwich)
(23:51:31) Aki: (yeah)
(23:51:33) Izzy: (hahaha)
(23:51:48) Izzy: (....Sephiroth....eating a peanut butter sandwich....)
(23:52:02) Izzy: (I suppose it's better than being in a pie XD)
(23:52:09) Aki: (yeah XDDD)
(23:52:33) Izzy:
(23:52:34) Aki: Sora: *pokes Zack*
(23:52:45) Izzy: (oh yeah, and when I refine that, it'll be my new webcam XDD)
(23:52:54) Izzy: Zack: What's up?
(23:53:03) Aki: (I WANNA COLOUR IT)
(23:53:07) Izzy: (XD)
(23:53:14) Izzy: (it's a very bad rough sketch)
(23:53:21) Aki: Sora: ....*hands him a pie*
(23:53:23) Izzy: (I'll send you the lineart when I do it XD)
(23:53:29) Aki: Sora: Give it to Sephiroth?
(23:53:41) Izzy: Zack: Hmmm...can't give it to him yourself?
(23:53:46) Aki: Sora: ....
(23:53:48) Izzy: Zack: Not that I really blame you.
(23:53:53) Izzy: Zack: Don't sweat it.
(23:53:58) Aki: Sora: I mean, I like him but..
(23:54:09) Izzy: Zack: hey, everyone's dealing with it.
(23:54:23) Izzy: Zack: Cloud needed space...Tifa is staring at the wall...
(23:54:27) Izzy: Tifa: ...huh?
(23:54:32) Izzy: Zack: And spacin out...
(23:54:39) Izzy: *spacing
(23:54:42) Aki: Sora: *laughs* yeah..
(23:54:58) Izzy: Tifa: *shrugs a little* Sorry.
(23:55:01) Aki: Sora: I duno. I just don't know if he'd ignore me or pick a fight again.
(23:55:14) Aki: Sora: Last time wasn't the best...experience.
(23:55:36) Izzy: Zack: Right now, I doubt he's in shape to fight Fenrir, let alone you.
(23:55:46) Aki: Sora: Haha. Yeah..
(23:56:06) Aki: Sora: You know, I'll go with you to give it to him.
(23:56:24) Izzy: Zack: If you don't wanna, it's fine.
(23:56:29) Aki: Sora: No, I want to.
(23:56:42) Izzy: (wtf.)
(23:56:52) Izzy: (It's like...the Sephiroth effect XD)
(23:57:01) Izzy: (cuz Tifa is actually being a bit emo, too...)
(23:57:06) Aki: (aww)
(23:57:09) Izzy: (well)
(23:57:13) Izzy: (uhm.)
(23:57:13) Aki: (Seph's making himself emo too)
(23:57:26) Izzy: (he was the one who pulled her into the darkness)
(23:57:33) Izzy: (and she had to fight her way out of it)
(23:57:49) Izzy: (and it was only her will to look for Cloud that kept her going)
(23:57:56) Izzy: (and...yeah.)
(23:58:03) Aki: (mm)
(23:58:16) Izzy: (and the only time she knew sane Sephiroth)
(23:58:27) Izzy: (was right before the Nibelheim incedent)
(23:58:33) Aki: (*nod*)
(23:58:55) Izzy: (haha, the photo)
(23:59:00) Aki: (Well at least Sephiroth is choosing to stay away)
(23:59:03) Izzy: (yeah)
(23:59:14) Izzy: (she's taking it a LOT better than Cloud, though)\
(23:59:19) Aki: (yeah)
(23:59:24) Izzy: (though that's a general rule)
(23:59:34) Izzy: (Tifa takes things better than Cloud)
(23:59:49) Izzy: (she's a better boyfriend XD *shot*)
(23:59:52) Aki: (...the DSO think...)
(23:59:54) Aki: *thing
(23:59:56) Aki: (<3)
(23:59:59) Izzy: (haha)
(00:00:07) Aki: (aha better BF)
(00:00:15) Izzy: (have you seen that comic? XD)
(00:00:19) Aki: (yeah)
(00:00:27) Izzy: (haha)
(00:00:48) Aki: (my...face makes me laugh. I look absolutely insane XDD)
(00:01:03) Aki: ("We'll have to OPERATE")
(00:01:24) Izzy: (hahaha)
(00:01:39) Aki: (kmaybe that's why Seph does what I tell him to do)
(00:01:40) Izzy: (I was trying to make it scary XD)
(00:01:45) Aki: *maybe
(00:02:46) Aki: Sephiroth: ...*watching Zack and Sora in a confused manner*
(00:02:56) Aki: (he's just like, "wth")
(00:03:03) Izzy: Zack: Did you want me to carry it?
(00:03:11) Izzy: (in what way? XD)
(00:03:25) Izzy: (like...he knows who they are, right?)
(00:03:30) Aki: (yeah)
(00:03:46) Aki: (like, 'why are they acting like that?')
(00:03:56) Aki: (cuz Sora's clinging behind Zack)
(00:04:02) Izzy: (hahaha)
(00:04:11) Izzy: Zack: Okay, I get it.
(00:04:49) Aki: (....I'm starting to like Aki!Sephiroth cuz...I can bond with him XDD)
(00:04:57) Izzy: (XDD I'm amused)
(00:05:03) Izzy: (and a bit less intimidated)
(00:05:14) Izzy: (it might be the peanut butter sandwich thing)
(00:05:18) Aki: (hahah)
(00:05:41) Izzy: Zack: *holds the pie out to Sephiroth* The kid wants you to have this.
(00:06:19) Aki: Sephiroth: ....*stares at it for a second before taking it*
(00:06:47) Aki: Sephiroth: Thanks.
(00:07:07) Aki: (I thik he's still under the influence of the traquilizer..)
(00:07:11) Aki: *think
(00:07:15) Izzy: ( was because I kicked him.)
(00:07:20) Izzy: (I mean. before_
(00:07:32) Izzy: (maybe that was why I had such a hard time with him)
(00:07:42) Aki: (you kicked him? XDD)
(00:08:22) Izzy: (uh, yeah)
(00:08:26) Izzy: (you don't remember?)
(00:08:34) Aki: (er..nope)
(00:08:36) Izzy: (it was during some fight scene...)
(00:08:41) Izzy: (and I got mad at him)
(00:08:48) Izzy: (and kicked him in the shin...)
(00:08:53) Izzy: (it...hurt my foot...)
(00:08:58) Aki: (Aww)
(00:09:24) Aki: Sephiroth: ...You can have some if you want, I wouldn't be able to eat it all.
(00:10:24) Izzy: (Who, Zack? or Sora? XD_
(00:10:26) Aki: Sephiroth: ...
(00:10:32) Aki: (both XD)
(00:10:35) Izzy: (oh)
(00:10:47) Izzy: Zack: *glances questioningly at Sora*
(00:10:50) Aki: (seph's...thinking about leaving :\)
(00:10:53) Aki: Sora: *shrugs*
(00:11:04) Izzy: (hah, well...he's not that much of a people person)
(00:11:16) Aki: (you should like Aki!Sephiroth XD He's huggable)
(00:11:22) Izzy: (he should...go on a journey in search of himself XD)
(00:11:32) Izzy: (though that might not turn out so well)
(00:11:38) Aki: (yeah.)
(00:12:00) Aki: Aerith: You done with this? *takes his plate*
(00:12:08) Aki: Sephiroth: ....yes.
(00:12:17) Aki: Aerith: *goes off to do dishes*
(00:12:38) Aki: Sephiroth: ...
(00:12:51) Izzy: (Cloud was not actually in the mood to train...he just wanted an excuse to get out of the house...)
(00:13:17) Izzy: Zack: Sora...either you leave or you stop using me as a shield. it's not getting you anywhere.
(00:13:33) Izzy: Zack: *pats him on the head*
(00:13:45) Aki: Sora: ..*lets go* Fine.
(00:14:20) Aki: Sora: I will go find Riku~ *goes off in search of Riku*
(00:14:44) Aki: Sephiroth: ...
(00:14:52) Izzy: Zack: *shrugs with a "well, that's that" expression*
(00:15:25) Izzy: Zack: This'll take a bit of adjusting for everyone, so it's bound to be awkward at first. *to Sephiroth*
(00:16:13) Aki: Sephiroth: I apparently did something no one's too thrilled with.
(00:16:41) Izzy: (Thrilled is...a bit of an understatement. XD)
(00:17:01) Aki: Sephiroth: Maybe it would be better if I went someplace else.
(00:17:41) Aki: (I swear to god he just wants a hug. This Aki!Sephiroth. Pff)
(00:17:46) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(00:17:56) Izzy: Zack: Ahhh, man...*runs a hand through his hair*
(00:18:12) Izzy: ( that's where Cloud got it from....anyway)
(00:18:20) Aki: (hahaha)
(00:19:10) Aki: Sephiroth: You know what I did, would you tell me?
(00:19:20) Izzy: ( brain is going...)
(00:19:26) Izzy: Zack: ....erm.
(00:19:30) Aki: (My brain died 30 minutes ago)
(00:19:38) Izzy: Zack: That's...well.
(00:19:54) Aki: Sephiroth: That's a no.
(00:20:02) Izzy: Zack: It kind of is.
(00:20:14) Izzy: Zack: Let's just say it's a sanity thing.
(00:20:24) Aki: Sephiroth: I see.
(00:20:43) Izzy: Zack: ....and here I am driving myself insane...
(00:21:04) Aki: Sephiroth: ...Ah yes, leaving would be a better option.
(00:21:11) Aki: Sephiroth: *stands*
(00:21:42) Izzy: (it's kind of a delicate balance between "Do I tell him he was crazy and killed lotsa people because he wants to know, or will it make him go crazy again?")
(00:22:00) Aki: (haha)
(00:22:25) Izzy: (Seriously, though...poor Namine's hard work would be for nothing)
(00:22:44) Aki: (yeah XD)
(00:22:52) Aki: (she's going to need to sleep for a month)
(00:22:57) Izzy: Zack: Let's put it this way. You're starting over.
(00:23:42) Aki: Sephiroth: *tilts his chin to the collar of his shirt, before glancing back at Zack* Well...
(00:23:50) Izzy: (ahahaha emo pose)
(00:24:34) Aki: Sephiroth: I could very well make these mistakes again, simply because I dont know how I was.
(00:24:50) Izzy: Zack: Yes, that is a danger.
(00:24:52) Aki: (He's worrying. that's a start)
(00:25:02) Izzy: Zack: But I think we're all willing to give it a try.
(00:25:07) Izzy: Zack: Most of us, anyway.
(00:25:18) Aki: Sephiroth: hmph.
(00:25:25) Izzy: Zack: That was probably what Sora was trying to say with the pie.
(00:25:32) Aki: Sephiroth: I see.
(00:25:36) Izzy: Zack: Oh, I forgot you don't like the touchy-feely stuff.
(00:25:50) Izzy: (Zack is in wayyy too good a mood XD)
(00:26:15) Aki: Sephiroth: *raises an eyebrow*
(00:26:21) Aki: (haha yeah)
(00:26:26) Aki: (Zack <33)
(00:26:30) Izzy: Zack: Yep...that's more like it.
(00:26:52) Izzy: (he's just kinda like "W00t, the old Seph's back")
(00:27:03) Izzy: ("I don't have to beat the crap out of him for Cloud"(
(00:27:05) Izzy: *)
(00:27:10) Aki: (hahhaha)
(00:27:23) Izzy: (Because...he probably would)
(00:27:30) Izzy: (if Sephiroth loses it again..._
(00:27:57) Aki: Sephiroth: ....
(00:27:58) Izzy: (yayyy I can't type)
(00:28:15) Aki: Aerith: Kadajjjjj, come take the cold medicine again! Bring Yazoo and Loz!
(00:28:20) Aki: Sephiroth: *sighs*
(00:28:26) Izzy: Zack: You're on the right track. Now eat the pie before it gets cold.
(00:28:39) Aki: ("I dont want you three gettingggg sickkkkk")
(00:28:50) Izzy: (awww)
(00:28:55) Aki: Sephiroth: You'll have some too.
(00:29:01) Izzy: Kadaj: Yes, Mother~
(00:29:09) Izzy: Zack: I guess I can't refuse.
(00:29:24) Aki: Sephiroth: *sits back down*