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(00:29:35) Izzy: Kadaj: bleh...medicine...*runs by and glances at Sephiroth*
(00:29:53) Aki: Aerith: here, drink a bit of this. *hands it to him*
(00:30:06) Aki: Yazoo: C'mon Loz..
(00:30:14) Izzy: Kadaj: *sniffs it* it's the same stuff as before...
(00:30:23) Izzy: Loz: But it tastes funny. D':
(00:30:29) Aki: (pfft)
(00:30:33) Aki: awww Loz <333)
(00:30:38) Izzy: (I <3 Loz XD)
(00:30:53) Aki: Yazoo: *takes his medicine* *makes a choking sound* *coughs*
(00:31:07) Izzy: Kadaj: ....Mother says so...*drinks his as quickly as he can*
(00:31:15) Izzy: Loz: *makes a face and does too*
(00:31:27) Aki: Yazoo: This is disgusting...
(00:31:33) Izzy: Kadaj: ...I want ice cream. D:
(00:31:40) Aki: Yazoo: *throws the bottle away*
(00:32:01) Izzy: Kadaj: Yazoo, do you want ice cream?
(00:32:17) Izzy: Kadaj: I want to ask Sora how to make it~
(00:32:25) Aki: Yazoo: .....I guess I'll have some.
(00:32:32) Izzy: Kadaj: It would make the icky medecine taste go away.
(00:32:41) Izzy: (Kadaj is seriously...mentally 5 XD)
(00:32:56) Aki: (yeah XD)
(00:32:57) Izzy: (except he's a good obedient son XD)
(00:33:06) Aki: (<3)
(00:33:21) Izzy: Kadaj: *runs off to find Sora*
(00:33:55) Izzy: (Zack and Sephiroth eating pie. Pff.)
(00:34:10) Aki: Aerith: And you, will drink this potion. *puts it infront if Sephiroth* It'll heal your shoulder, though we couldn't avoid a scar.
(00:34:19) Aki: Sephiroth: ....*stares at it*
(00:34:24) Izzy: (Cloud is not in the mood to do anything)
(00:34:36) Izzy: Zack: that would ruin the taste of the pie...
(00:34:45) Aki: ( just staring at him, making sure he doesn't do stupid things)
(00:34:55) Izzy: Zack: I'll drink half if it makes you feel any better.
(00:35:09) Aki: Aerith: *rolls her eyes*
(00:35:10) Izzy: (No, he just...okay, woah, not-kosher thought there.)
(00:35:23) Izzy: (This is what happens when I stay up too late XD)
(00:35:25) Aki: Sephiroth: it's fine. *takes the potion*
(00:35:29) Aki: (err.)
(00:35:33) Aki: (what thoughts?)
(00:35:46) Izzy: (yaoi fangirl thoughts, that's all)
(00:35:58) Aki: (It's too late for me to be a yaoi fangirl)
(00:35:59) Izzy: (they creep up on me without me noticing when I'm tired)
(00:36:10) Izzy: (XD it's the opposite then)
(00:36:17) Aki: (haha)
(00:36:28) Aki: (what was the thought?)
(00:36:31) Izzy: (....)
(00:36:45) Izzy: (I wonder if I can type it without laughing...)
(00:36:51) Aki: (...type it)
(00:37:47) Izzy: (it was something like "Cloud doesn't want to do anything...just maybe lie down and be Le--AAHH OKAY I"M GOING TO DISTRACT MYSELF NOW WITH THOUGHTS OF SEPHIROTH AND PIE")
(00:37:58) Izzy: (I'm such a spaz XD)
(00:38:03) Aki: (XDDD)
(00:38:18) Aki: (HE LIKES PIE)
(00:38:25) Izzy: (he eats Sora's pie. it's good.)
(00:38:30) Izzy: (unlike my Sephiroth)
(00:38:34) Izzy: (who was a jerk)
(00:38:47) Izzy: (though I guess it stands to reason)
(00:38:49) Aki: (My nice. he like puppies)
(00:38:54) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(00:39:25) Aki: (He also likes ice cream, hugs and dandilions.)
(00:39:35) Izzy: (*dies*)
(00:39:43) Aki: (And long walks in the park)
(00:39:52) Aki: (and star/cloud watching)
(00:39:56) Izzy: (on the beach)
(00:39:58) Izzy: (haha)
(00:39:59) Aki: (and food)
(00:40:06) Aki: (and sleep)
(00:40:06) Izzy: (and Pantene shampoo)
(00:40:09) Izzy: (no)
(00:40:12) Aki: (yes)
(00:40:13) Izzy: (Herbal Essences)
(00:40:17) Aki: (yesss)
(00:40:20) Izzy: (XDD)
(00:40:30) Izzy: ("*gasp* You WOULDN'T" XD)
(00:40:42) Aki: (XDDDD)
(00:40:55) Izzy: (I am so happy right now)
(00:41:00) Izzy: (which is strange)
(00:41:15) Izzy: (because it means I'm in the mood to write Cloud and Leon angst)
(00:41:26) Izzy: (seriously...I do that best when I'm happy)
(00:41:34) Izzy: (it's weird...)
(00:42:25) Aki: (" and so, Leon took it upon himself to comfort Cloud in his sorrow and confusion. He pulled him agains-- [not 4 see]")
(00:42:48) Aki: (...I had to TRY to type that. Usually it just comes to me)
(00:43:07) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(00:43:18) Izzy: (someday I need to read bad yaoi fics...)
(00:43:26) Aki: (I will write one XD)
(00:43:28) Izzy: (but like...not explicit ones)
(00:43:39) Izzy: (just ones that are so bad that they're funny)
(00:43:47) Aki: (I love those)
(00:43:53) Aki: (they make me crack up)
(00:44:41) Aki: Sephiroth: ........I'll just stay away from Cloud, I suppose.
(00:44:57) Aki: Sephiroth: He wouldn't adjust. At all. Would he?
(00:45:12) Izzy: Zack: Huh...
(00:45:32) Izzy: Zack: I dunno. Personally I'd give him more credit, but then again, he's had to deal with a lot.
(00:45:40) Aki: (jeez, Seph's worrying about things XD)
(00:45:46) Izzy: (it amuses me)
(00:45:48) Aki: (This is special.)
(00:45:53) Izzy: Zack: Other things.
(00:46:11) Izzy: Zack: He could be a little more stable right now.
(00:46:48) Aki: Sephiroth: Well, staying away would what a ---...*frowns*
(00:47:08) Aki: *is what a, not would what a XD
(00:47:15) Izzy: (yeah XD)
(00:47:35) Aki: Sephiroth: ...It escaped me. Nevermind.
(00:48:10) Izzy: (Gren is forever the best Zack.)
(00:48:18) Izzy: (Just thought I'd say that.)
(00:48:27) Aki: (--a psycho murderer should do, hmm?)
(00:48:29) Aki: (she really is)
(00:48:44) Aki: (she's like...)
(00:49:06) Aki: (the cosplay god--queen...with Cherry)
(00:49:11) Izzy: (yes, yes)
(00:49:25) Aki: (8D)
(00:49:35) Izzy: (don't be mean to Sephy, he is trying vewy hard >:)
(00:49:48) Aki: (what? XDDD)
(00:50:38) Izzy: (the pscho murderer thing)
(00:50:41) Izzy: *psycho
(00:50:52) Aki: (oh haha)
(00:51:35) Aki: Sephiroth: I would bang my hea don the table in frustration, but I that would be rather pathetic.
(00:51:41) Aki: *head on
(00:51:54) Aki: dskfjhsdf)
(00:51:59) Izzy: Zack: mmm...yeah, it would be.
(00:52:09) Aki: Sephiroth: ....
(00:52:11) Izzy: (Zack is so encouraging. XD)
(00:52:14) Aki: (XDD)
(00:52:38) Izzy: Zack: Just don't take your frustration out on people, and you'll do fine.
(00:53:03) Aki: Sephiroth: ....It's not like would.
(00:53:23) Aki: Sephiroth: I'm tired, I'm going back to bed. You may have the rest of the pie.
(00:53:28) Izzy: Zack: Why thank you.
(00:53:30) Aki: *not like i would
(00:53:53) Aki: [I'm missing the subject in most of my sentances XD)
(00:54:10) Izzy: (it's all right XD)
(00:54:21) Izzy: (I'm tired so I read them as if they're correct anyway)
(00:54:28) Aki: (yeah)
(00:54:36) Aki: (Ima got to bed at 1, and you should too)
(00:54:39) Aki: *GO
(00:55:12) Izzy: (yeah...)
(00:55:35) Aki: Sephiroth: ....Would you happen to have any spare bandages? >_>
(00:56:15) Izzy: Zack: Not on me, but they're in the cabinet in the bathroom.
(00:56:29) Aki: Sephiroth: which is where?
(00:56:38) Aki: (he's so lost)
(00:57:02) Izzy: Zack: Down the hall, second door on the right.
(00:57:20) Aki: Sephiroth: Thanks. *goes off to get them and go to bed*
(00:58:00) Izzy: Zack: ....well.
(00:58:10) Izzy: Zack: I think that went rather well, considering.
(00:58:51) Aki: Sephiroth: ....*stares at Cloud's room, before sitting against the wall and deciding to try to sleep there, since it's not his room*
(00:59:07) Aki: (he will be sore, but...he deserves it for a lot of things.)
(00:59:09) Izzy: (...silly Sephiroth. Beds are for sleeping, not walls)
(00:59:14) Izzy: (yeah, true)
(00:59:26) Izzy: (I'm just amused that he gets angst)
(00:59:28) Aki: (he's respecting Cloud's space tho XD)
(00:59:33) Izzy: (yeah...XD)
(00:59:53) Aki: (Anyone who really doesn't know what's going on would probably angst)
(00:59:57) Aki: (or be curious)
(01:00:03) Izzy: (yeah)
(01:00:08) Aki: (but Sephiroth has no realy curiosity)
(01:00:12) Aki: *real
(01:00:19) Izzy: ('re right, actually...)
(01:00:30) Izzy: (it was curiosity that drove him crazy)
(01:00:36) Izzy: (before that he had none)
(01:00:50) Izzy: (and then he got obsessed with the whole Jenova thing...)
(01:01:02) Aki: (yeah)
(01:01:11) Aki: (Keep him not curious and we'll all be fine XD)
(01:01:15) Izzy: (yep XD)
(01:01:45) Izzy: (at least they're in Radiant Garden, not the FFVII world, so there's not much danger of him finding anything xD)
(01:01:54) Aki: (yeah)
(01:02:15) Aki: (But when they go back there, they'll have to keep an eye on him)
(01:02:20) Aki: (since he'd have to go with them)
(01:02:50) Izzy: (.....)
(01:02:58) Izzy: (oh right)
(01:03:00) Izzy: (damn)
(01:03:07) Izzy: (that'll be awkward XD)
(01:03:09) Aki: (he'll be behaved)
(01:03:13) Aki: (and yeah)
(01:03:26) Izzy: (I can just imagine Reeve and Barret's reactions...)
(01:03:33) Aki: (hahaha)
(01:03:42) Izzy: ("HOLY SHIT")
(01:03:46) Aki: (XDDDDD)
(01:04:00) Izzy: ("nononono, he's nice now")
(01:04:20) Aki: (sephiroth in his fit of OOCness would hide behind Cloud XD)
(01:04:32) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(01:04:48) Aki: ("He's nice, see? He brought you a puppy!"
(01:04:49) Aki: *)
(01:04:56) Izzy: (XD)
(01:05:18) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(01:05:20) Aki: (pfft, I would want to see EVERYONE'S reaction)
(01:05:22) Aki: (?)
(01:05:24) Izzy: (MangaLoca's doujin)
(01:05:33) Izzy: (do sane Sephiroth pretty accurately)
(01:05:52) Izzy: (except for the whole giving Cloud dangerous birthday presents thing XD)
(01:06:03) Aki: (hahahahah yessss)
(01:06:19) Aki: (she cut his hair off too, right?)
(01:06:42) Izzy: (uh-huh XD)
(01:06:48) Aki: (8D)
(01:07:05) Aki: (reno is gonna freak out when he comes back)
(01:07:16) Aki: (pfft Rufus)
(01:07:23) Aki: (How I love rufus)
(01:07:27) Izzy: (oh man XD)
(01:07:33) Izzy: (Rufus...oh man.)
(01:07:39) Aki: (hmm?)
(01:08:26) Izzy: (it's amusing)
(01:08:31) Izzy: (did you want to go to bed?)
(01:08:41) Aki: (did you?)
(01:08:44) Izzy: (cuz I won't keep you up)
(01:09:06) Aki: (...I swear you're caffine.)
(01:09:23) Aki: (I wanna stay up XD)
(01:09:23) Izzy: (pfft)
(01:09:32) Aki: (if you're gonna)
(01:09:37) Izzy: (I'm prolly gonna regret this in the morning, but yeah XD)
(01:09:51) Izzy: (I won't be able to get online before church tho)
(01:10:00) Izzy: (I have choir at 9:30)
(01:10:15) Izzy: (not that I have much online time Sunday mornings anyway)
(01:10:19) Izzy: (so it's fine0
(01:10:24) Aki: (I used to be in chior...back when I went to church..)
(01:10:34) Izzy: (and I'll be seeing you at youth group)
(01:10:42) Aki: *choir
(01:11:12) Aki: (how would everyone react tho? XDD)
(01:11:18) Aki: (Reno would...make faces)
(01:11:20) Izzy: (uhh)
(01:11:30) Aki: (and look like he is about to attack and run awya at the same time)
(01:11:37) Aki: *away
(01:11:39) Izzy: (Rufus would be like "what the hell is going on" but act calm)
(01:11:45) Izzy: (Elena would freak out...)
(01:11:50) Izzy: (Barret would too)
(01:12:00) Izzy: (Reeve would get...very very nervous)
(01:12:06) Izzy: (Nanaki would be upset)
(01:12:11) Izzy: (and probably angry)
(01:12:20) Aki: (yeah)
(01:12:26) Izzy: (Vincent would be his usual self, because...)
(01:12:30) Izzy: (he's Vincent.)
(01:12:35) Aki: (yeah)
(01:12:37) Izzy: (XD)
(01:12:39) Izzy: (uhm.)
(01:12:49) Izzy: (The kids would hide.)
(01:12:56) Aki: (Yuffie's gonna scream)
(01:13:07) Aki: (pfft, what is Aarao and Ester went and clung to Seph's leg? XDDD)
(01:13:13) Aki: *if
(01:13:25) Aki: (not that they would...but)
(01:13:42) Izzy: (ahaha poor Yuffie)
(01:13:59) Izzy: (Sephiroth would...try to make them let go)
(01:14:12) Izzy: (probably with confusion)
(01:14:14) Aki: (yeah he wou;d)
(01:14:20) Aki: *would
(01:14:26) Izzy: ("Oi. Yosanai ka.")
(01:14:32) Izzy: (...what's that from)
(01:14:34) Izzy: (...)
(01:14:46) Izzy: (ah. Leon. Chan of Memories manga XD)
(01:14:48) Izzy: *chain
(01:15:07) Aki: (hah.)
(01:15:09) Izzy: (when Sora's being clingy and all like "But don't you remember meee T_T"
(01:15:18) Aki: (aww)
(01:15:37) Izzy: (and Leon's like "...get off me...")
(01:15:40) Izzy: (XD)
(01:15:51) Aki: (oh yeah, Seph's got no sword XD)
(01:16:14) Aki: (aww Leon <3)
(01:16:17) Aki: (and Sora XDDD)
(01:16:22) Izzy: (ahaha)
(01:16:31) Izzy: (Aerith melted his Masamune...)
(01:16:36) Aki: (yeah)
(01:16:50) Aki: (what will we do when they all fight?)
(01:17:01) Aki: (...meteor pff)
(01:17:08) Izzy: (no, that would be bad. XD)
(01:17:15) Izzy: (he needs a new sword)
(01:17:16) Aki: (I was joking)
(01:17:29) Aki: (yeah...but I like the range when it's on my side)
(01:17:52) Izzy: (uh-huh :p)
(01:18:00) Izzy: (haha flashbacks. <3)
(01:18:09) Aki: (*blink*)
(01:18:25) Izzy: ("OH CRAP I DIED never mind, Sephiroth phoenix-downed me and killed it in two hits.")
(01:18:33) Izzy: (I love FF7)
(01:18:43) Aki: (XDDDD)
(01:19:10) Aki: (what would the new sword be like..)
(01:19:18) Aki: (Yes, I'm worrying about Seph. Pff)
(01:19:23) Aki: (there is nothing wrong with that)
(01:19:30) Izzy: (It needs good range like his old one.)
(01:19:41) Izzy: (We're really going to get killed for this XD)
(01:19:45) Izzy: (by the fangirls)
(01:19:53) Izzy: (taking Seph's Masamune away)
(01:19:54) Aki: (*phoenix-down's Masamune*)
(01:19:57) Izzy: (hahaha)
(01:20:09) Izzy: (technically...he can summon it like Sora can with the Keyblade, tho)
(01:20:14) Izzy: (in KH)
(01:20:20) Aki: (it's melted XD)
(01:20:22) Izzy: (it just...appears)
(01:20:34) Aki: (yes but it melted)
(01:20:45) Aki: (there fore he'd summon fridge magnets)
(01:20:55) Izzy: ( Thing. Ever.)
(01:21:00) Aki: (XDDD)
(01:21:05) Izzy: (Deadly fridge magnets.)
(01:21:10) Aki: (yeah XDDD)
(01:22:23) Aki: Aerith: Heyyy zack. There's heartless outside. You should go take care of em. Or drive em out towards Cloud...he could use it as a distraction.
(01:22:53) Izzy: Zack: Eh?
(01:23:03) Izzy: Zack: I suppose I can't let myself get rusty...
(01:23:29) Aki: Aerith: there you go. *nods and goes off to do more laundry*
(01:23:58) Aki: I should go sleep so I'm sane tomorrow...
(01:24:04) Aki: cuz
(01:24:10) Aki: I really am prone to insanity
(01:24:23) Aki: ....truthfully I am
(01:24:25) Aki: so
(01:24:27) Izzy: ah
(01:24:28) Izzy: well
(01:24:30) Izzy: go sleep XD
(01:24:35) Aki: good night <3
(01:24:37) Izzy: I will write Cloud angst
(01:24:40) Izzy: XD
(01:24:42) Aki: yayyyy
(01:24:43) Izzy: good night <3
(01:24:51) Aki: <33333333
(01:24:58) Aki: Leon loves you
(01:25:04) Aki: ~~~
(01:25:06) Izzy: yep
(01:25:15) Aki: Sora does too
(01:25:19) Aki: Reno and Yuffie
(01:25:21) Aki: Aerith
(01:25:24) Aki: Fenrir
(01:25:30) Aki: Yazoo
(01:25:31) Izzy: <3
(01:25:33) Izzy: well
(01:25:35) Aki: Cid
(01:25:39) Izzy: everyone over here loves you XD
(01:25:43) Izzy: they just won't admit it
(01:25:47) Izzy: Kairi might
(01:26:00) Aki: Seph wont admit he loves you all too Pff
(01:26:16) Izzy: ahahaha
(01:26:26) Aki: He sends hearts tho
(01:26:47) Aki: Cloud got the most hearts
(01:26:50) Aki: *ded*
(01:26:53) Izzy: ahahahaha
(01:26:56) Izzy: oh god.
(01:27:05) Aki: ?
(01:27:38) Aki: g'nighhttttttt
(01:27:47) Izzy: night <3
(01:28:04) Aki: Sephiroth: Goodnight~
(01:28:09) Izzy: O.o
(01:28:13) Aki: ...we know where Kadaj got it.
(01:28:15) Izzy: uhm..okay.
(01:28:18) Izzy: XD
(01:28:27) Aki: I hope Seph wont sing.
(01:28:47) Aki: ....tho, his image song was nice XDDD
(01:28:51) Aki: nighty
(01:29:01) Aki logged out.