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Fenrir: WARRRRRK *hides behind Izzy's leg*
(20:21:11) Izzy: that's Cloud and Tifa in a nutshell
(20:21:13) Izzy: eh?
(20:21:20) Aki: Simn: *chasing her* Grrraaahhhrrr!
(20:21:30) Izzy: Hey!
(20:21:34) Aki: Fenrir: Warrrrrkkkk! *goes up Izzy's pant leg*
(20:21:37) Izzy: Be nice!
(20:21:38) Izzy: ...
(20:22:05) Aki: Simn: *crouches down*
(20:22:13) Aki: Fenrir: ....
(20:22:43) Izzy: Stop thattt. D:
(20:22:51) Izzy: Fenrir is not for eating.
(20:22:57) Izzy: Or pouncing lessons.
(20:23:11) Izzy: Fenrir, if he bothers you, make sky-rocks fall on him.
(20:23:21) Aki: Fenrir: ...*shivering*
(20:23:29) Aki: Simn: grrrr.
(20:24:11) Aki: Aarao: *yanks on Cloud's arm*
(20:24:25) Aki: Aarao: Guess what, Cloudddd!
(20:24:31) Izzy: Cloud: Huh?
(20:24:38) Aki: Aarao: Guessss! :DDD
(20:25:10) Aki: Aarao: Guess what I got! :D
(20:25:58) Aki: Fenrir: ...*goes to Cloud and hops*
(20:26:05) Aki: Fenrir: *upset warks*
(20:26:13) Izzy: Cloud: ...what?
(20:26:28) Aki: Aarao: ...I got a chocobo!
(20:26:34) Aki: Fenrir: *chocobo tears* warrrrrk.
(20:27:32) Izzy: Cloud: *looks back and forth between them, then picks up Fenrir*
(20:27:36) Izzy: Cloud: You did?
(20:28:29) Aki: Aarao: Yeah, but Ester picked, so it's blue.
(20:28:44) Aki: Fenrir: warrk...
(20:28:45) Izzy: (ahhh brb)
(20:28:48) Aki: (k)
(20:43:49) Izzy: (bacckkkk)
(20:43:52) Izzy: (blahhh)
(20:43:58) Izzy: (more chores, hooray)
(20:43:59) Aki: mangalocaaaa XDDD)
(20:44:03) Izzy: (eh? XD)
(20:44:14) Izzy: (She's awesome?)
(20:44:17) Izzy: (Oh yeah XD)
(20:44:28) Izzy: (The scary thing?)
(20:44:37) Izzy: (She's a year younger than me...)
(20:45:06) Aki: (She's....amazing)
(20:45:09) Aki: (I'm jealous)
(20:46:09) Izzy: (yes. I know)
(20:46:11) Izzy: (I am too.)
(20:46:12) Aki: (...why does Cloud always have that on his cheek?)
(20:46:15) Izzy: (oh)
(20:46:21) Izzy: (she said something about that)
(20:46:41) Izzy: (it's part of her AU storyline, but she never explained why, just that it was)
(20:46:50) Aki: (haha)
(20:49:24) Aki: (her styleeee...)
(20:49:27) Aki: (is so cute)
(20:49:33) Izzy: (I knowww)
(20:49:41) Izzy: (I love how she draws Zack)
(20:49:45) Aki: (same)
(20:49:47) Izzy: (and her Sephiroth cracks me up)
(20:50:00) Izzy: (because it always looks to me like his hair is in a ponytail)
(20:50:13) Izzy: (so imagination gives him glasses XD)
(20:50:21) Aki: (XDDD)
(20:51:18) Aki: (Sephiroth: *reading the comics as well*)
(20:51:20) Aki: (...)
(20:51:42) Izzy: (....)
(20:51:50) Izzy: (Well, I suppose that's not too bad)
(20:52:05) Aki: (Sephiroth: Are you hiding something from me?)
(20:52:23) Izzy: (me? *whistles*)
(20:52:29) Aki: (Sephiroth: You are.)
(20:53:05) Aki: (Sephiroth: ....)
(20:53:14) Izzy: (ewww....)
(20:53:22) Izzy: (Oh, sorry. Distracted.)
(20:53:30) Izzy: (Eww, Hojo...)
(20:53:36) Aki: (Sephiroth: Who?)
(20:53:37) Izzy: (Creepy man...>.<)
(20:53:49) Izzy: (uhh.)
(20:54:04) Izzy: (I should stop trying to have a conversation while reading fanfiction.)
(20:54:32) Aki: (Sephiroth: You've called things creepy all day long. I do not know what you mean by creepy, any longer. *sighs*)
(20:54:51) Aki: (Sephiroth: ...Fanfiction. What's is it about?)
(20:55:09) Aki: (....At least he's trying to talk to you, Izzy XD)
(20:55:28) Izzy: (Yeah...)
(20:55:38) Izzy: (Well, creepy is...)
(20:55:40) Izzy: (hmm.)
(20:55:55) Izzy: (Things that frighten me, i guess.)
(20:56:13) Aki: (Sephiroth: I see.)
(20:57:06) Aki: (Sephiroth: ....)
(20:57:17) Izzy: (.....)
(20:57:24) Izzy: (Now I feel bad. DX)
(20:57:32) Aki: (Sephiroth: Why is that?)
(20:57:35) Izzy: (Am I allowed to feel bad?)
(20:57:42) Izzy: (Aki, you're not helpinggggg)
(20:57:47) Aki: (....what?)
(20:58:00) Aki: (what is ittt? Why do you feel bad? )
(20:58:08) Izzy: (I don't know what I can say and what I can't
(20:58:28) Aki: (Does it have to do with Mr. Tall, silver and shiny?)
(20:58:33) Izzy: (yes?)
(20:58:40) Aki: (Sora~)
(20:58:43) Aki: (sora: Yeah?)
(20:58:48) Aki: (Take him away!)
(20:59:11) Izzy: (go...make pie or something.)
(20:59:20) Aki: (sora: kay!)
(20:59:23) Izzy: (cake works too(
(20:59:24) Izzy: *)
(20:59:26) Aki: (Sora: *drags Sephiroth off*)
(20:59:37) Aki: (Sephiroth: *dragged away*)
(20:59:41) Aki: (yeah?)
(20:59:50) Izzy: (....)
(20:59:53) Izzy: (it's WEIRD)
(21:00:05) Aki: (what is)
(21:00:14) Izzy: (talking to him reasonably. XD)
(21:00:21) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:00:30) Izzy: (That and I don't know how much to say XD)
(21:00:34) Aki: (This is how he and I talk)
(21:00:41) Aki: (pff)
(21:00:47) Aki: (You'll get used to it, I guess)
(21:01:03) Izzy: (like, how can I say anything about FFVII? XD)
(21:01:12) Izzy: (it would screw things up again)
(21:01:25) Izzy: (maybe I'm worrying to much about this, haha)
(21:01:32) Aki: (Maybe)
(21:01:49) Aki: (...all it would do, is make him ask questions)
(21:01:54) Aki: (If anything.)
(21:02:24) Izzy: (yeah...)
(21:02:30) Izzy: (but...oh well XD)
(21:02:51) Izzy: (I suppose it wouldn't hurt to explain that Hojo is a baddd mannnn [/Aarao])
(21:02:57) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:03:10) Aki: (Then Sephiroth can stay away from his heartless)
(21:03:23) Aki: (Or something)
(21:03:29) Aki: (or..Nobody pff)
(21:03:58) Izzy: (ewww)
(21:04:01) Izzy: (no Nobody)
(21:04:05) Izzy: (kill it.)
(21:04:09) Aki: (hahaha)
(21:04:16) Aki: (Seph could kill it for you)
(21:04:22) Izzy: (though a Nobody might make more sense0
(21:04:36) Izzy: (not that his Nobody would be much different from the real one)
(21:04:48) Izzy: (I mean, it's not like he had much of a heart to begin with)
(21:04:55) Aki: (yeah XDD)
(21:05:03) Aki: (No tag backs tho)
(21:06:16) Izzy: (damn yoouuuu. XD)
(21:06:21) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:06:33) Izzy: (I'm going to have to clean for weeks after we get rid of him.)
(21:06:43) Aki: (*laughs*)
(21:06:52) Izzy: (icky icky icky.)
(21:06:53) Aki: (Sephiroth: ...I can help clean.)
(21:06:58) Aki: (*jumps*)
(21:07:19) Izzy: (But Sephiroth killing him would be appropriate justi---*jumps too*)
(21:07:42) Aki: (Sephiroth: Who did I kill?)
(21:08:24) Izzy: (You didn't. Not yet. >.>)
(21:08:35) Aki: (Sephiroth: I see..)
(21:08:36) Izzy: (ahh. My head.)
(21:08:49) Izzy: (I'm going to get my timelines so confused...)
(21:08:58) Aki: (Sephiroth: You want me to kill someone you don't like?)
(21:09:13) Izzy: (No, I just thought it would be...)
(21:09:18) Izzy: (hmm. What's the word.)
(21:09:30) Izzy: (Well. Appropriate justice.)
(21:09:45) Aki: (Sephiroth: What's that mean? )
(21:10:03) Aki: (you're...too curious for your own good. Go cook or something.)
(21:10:17) Aki: (Sephiroth: Cake is baking all ready.)
(21:10:22) Aki: (...)
(21:10:37) Aki: (go read. )
(21:11:00) Aki: (Sephiroth: I doubt any of these books would hold my interest for too long.)
(21:11:02) Aki: (*sighs*)
(21:12:05) Izzy: (....)
(21:12:23) Izzy: (I'm sorry, but my intellect isn't on a level to keep you interested either.)
(21:12:57) Izzy: (...ahaha)
(21:13:07) Izzy: ("I'll help you out, I can sense it's rather strong," the beast suddenly said. It took all Tifa had not to stare and she was pretty sure she was failing as she stammered, "I-It talked?" "I'll talk as much as you want later, Miss," it said politely.)
(21:13:11) Izzy: (Nanaki ftw.)
(21:13:12) Aki: (Sephiroth: It's not about intellect, it's about being updated on things I should probably know.)
(21:13:30) Aki: (haha Nanaki)
(21:14:58) Aki: (Sephiroth: ...All right, fine, I can go update my knowledge myself.)
(21:15:15) Aki: (Sephiroth: *goes off to google things*)
(21:15:19) Aki: (....)
(21:15:23) Aki: (err..)
(21:15:34) Aki: (*unpluges internet cord*)
(21:15:40) Aki: *unplugs
(21:15:44) Izzy: (geez.)
(21:16:04) Aki: (Zack... do something DX)
(21:16:21) Aki: (Make the 'secrets' less appealinggg or somethinggg)
(21:16:30) Izzy: (ehhh)
(21:16:38) Izzy: (haha "little crybaby Strife")
(21:16:41) Izzy: (>.>)
(21:16:45) Izzy: (I don't know DX)
(21:16:48) Izzy: (I'm tireddd.)
(21:17:08) Aki: (go sleeeep)
(21:18:15) Izzy: (not like that)
(21:18:21) Izzy: (I just can't think too well XD)
(21:18:43) Aki: (okay XD)
(21:18:57) Aki: (pfft, guess you're too distracted to do any RP. )
(21:19:15) Izzy: (sorry...)
(21:19:26) Aki: (naw, that's fine XD)
(21:19:27) Izzy: (I could probably RP Cloud right now)
(21:19:34) Izzy: (but Zack is beyond me XD)
(21:19:41) Aki: (yeah, Zack. XDDD)
(21:19:42) Izzy: (expecially dealing with Sephiorth)
(21:19:46) Izzy: *Sephiroth
(21:19:54) Aki: (Sephiroth fell asleep anyway)
(21:19:55) Izzy: ....*especially
(21:19:57) Izzy: (good)
(21:20:10) Aki: (Leon could deal with Cloud I guess)
(21:21:09) Izzy: (Cloud kinda...went outside and...)
(21:21:20) Izzy: (I think he went up to the roof of the Bailey.)
(21:21:32) Aki: (Mmm)
(21:21:36) Izzy: (and ley down
(21:21:38) Izzy: *lay
(21:21:43) Izzy: (augh. My brain.)
(21:21:54) Izzy: (and lay down in the snow. XD)
(21:22:07) Aki: (hahah)
(21:22:26) Aki: Leon: ....*climbs up after him*
(21:23:28) Aki: Leon: *sits next to him*
(21:23:52) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(21:24:25) Aki: Leon: ....
(21:25:30) Izzy: Cloud: Am I....the only one who doesn't understand?
(21:25:51) Aki: Leon: ...I'm not following. *sighs*
(21:26:22) Aki: Leon: I don't know what's going on either...
(21:26:34) Izzy: (omg. XD)
(21:26:42) Aki: (?)
(21:26:49) Izzy: (Barrett huffed and wheezed, making to try and get in to drive. Tifa frowned and slapped his hand off the door, “Huh, Tif’?” “Oh you don’t… Get in the back, both you and Red.” “But,” his eyes trammelled to the back, “…but…” “Just do it. If it gets scary, hug Red. Red, if it gets scary, lookout for Barrett hugging you.”)
(21:27:24) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:28:01) Aki: (I wish I could read fanfiction right now)
(21:28:07) Aki: (But my entire family is in here)
(21:28:09) Aki: (...)
(21:28:14) Izzy: (ah)
(21:28:17) Izzy: (well...)
(21:28:35) Izzy: (I can give you the link if you want anyway)
(21:28:43) Izzy: (it's not inappropriate or anything)
(21:28:46) Aki: (Well, I can't read it. )
(21:28:50) Izzy: (oh)
(21:29:01) Aki: (People stare over my shoulder)
(21:29:06) Aki: (It's uncomfortable)
(21:30:06) Izzy: (oh)
(21:30:25) Aki: (I'm amazingly bored)
(21:30:44) Aki: (I'd go and pla videogames..but I'm too lazy to get up.)
(21:30:49) Aki: *play
(21:31:02) Izzy: (aww)
(21:31:05) Izzy: (well.)
(21:31:15) Izzy: (I'll--no, that's mean. I'll poke Cloud so he talks. XD)
(21:31:36) Aki: (you don't have to XDD)
(21:31:42) Izzy: (I can tho)
(21:31:43) Aki: (You'll what?)
(21:31:59) Izzy: (I almost said I'd kick him, but decided against it)
(21:32:09) Izzy: (I need to stop kicking him. XD)
(21:32:09) Aki: (dfjhgkjsdhfgk)
(21:32:13) Aki: ( I hate...sports)
(21:32:17) Aki: (ughskfhsk)
(21:32:17) Izzy: (D:)
(21:32:41) Aki: (They're all yelling. And I can't hear OWA. And the volume on mother computer AND iTunes is on max..)
(21:32:51) Aki: pff mother)
(21:33:02) Aki: (*both)
(21:34:58) Izzy: (hah....)
(21:35:18) Izzy: (well, if it makes you feel any better my family is annoying me, too...>>)
(21:35:30) Aki: (I can't hear myself thinking)
(21:35:49) Izzy: (you could try headphones)
(21:35:56) Aki: (....I'm wearing them)
(21:36:08) Aki: (And the headphones have their own volume...and that's also on max)
(21:36:50) Izzy: (....)
(21:36:55) Izzy: (don't hurt your ears)
(21:37:06) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(21:38:31) Aki: (I....hate sports)
(21:38:53) Aki: (two years ago, the Super Bowl was on my birthday)
(21:39:03) Aki: (guess what every one chose?)
(21:39:19) Izzy: (....)
(21:39:47) Aki: (...I'm ranting to myself. Sorry.)
(21:40:35) Izzy: (it's okay)
(21:40:41) Izzy: (I rant to you, so...)
(21:40:52) Aki: (Its different)
(21:41:08) Aki: (so. Sorry. )
(21:41:22) Izzy: (no, it's not)
(21:41:26) Izzy: (geez.)
(21:41:28) Izzy: (....)
(21:41:33) Izzy: (Leon.)
(21:41:42) Izzy: (Though actually that's more like Cloud.)
(21:41:48) Aki: (what?)
(21:42:04) Izzy: (The not wanting to worry me with your problems thing.)
(21:42:26) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(21:42:34) Aki: (It's not worth it.)
(21:43:00) Aki: (It was in the past. It doesn't matter. I can't do anything about it.)
(21:43:29) Izzy: (*hug*)
(21:44:09) Aki: (*hugged*)
(21:45:17) Izzy: (bleh)
(21:45:23) Aki: (*blink*)
(21:45:32) Izzy: (I wish I had SOME kind of inspiration right now)
(21:45:36) Izzy: (but I don't)
(21:45:56) Izzy: (nothing. -_- Not RP, not drawing, not writing...)
(21:45:58) Izzy: (ehhh)
(21:46:03) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(21:46:05) Izzy: (I don't know what's wrong with me)
(21:46:13) Aki: (Nothing is)
(21:47:18) Aki: (....Read some ZackCloud for a laugh. It's inspiring.)
(21:47:30) Izzy: (hah)
(21:47:42) Izzy: (I'm happier with my TifaAerith XDDDD)
(21:47:52) Aki: (*dies*)
(21:47:58) Aki: (Yuri fangirl XDDD)
(21:47:58) Izzy: (for some reason)
(21:48:09) Izzy: (Shoujo-ai is more tolerable than shounen-ai)
(21:48:26) Izzy: (possibly because girls can act like that normally anyway)
(21:48:30) Izzy: (if you know what I mean)
(21:48:36) Aki: ("Shhhhh" [/Izzy])
(21:48:39) Izzy: (like, hugging and holding hands and stuff)
(21:48:52) Izzy: (you know?)
(21:48:54) Izzy: (I mean)
(21:48:56) Aki: (yeah)
(21:49:01) Aki: (I know)
(21:49:02) Izzy: (you can read it easily as not romantic)
(21:49:14) Izzy: (so it's not as weird)
(21:49:27) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(21:50:19) Izzy: (ah well)
(21:50:57) Aki: (...they're goneeee)
(21:51:14) Aki: (nooo)
(21:51:23) Aki: (he came baccckkkkkkk)
(21:51:40) Izzy: (what)
(21:51:47) Aki: (sdfjsdkjfhs)
(21:51:52) Aki: (I have a headache)
(21:52:22) Izzy: (D:)
(21:52:38) Izzy: (you can...go up to your room or something if you want to get away)
(21:52:41) Izzy: (go play FF8)
(21:53:05) Aki: (...)
(21:53:13) Aki: (I don't want to)
(21:53:16) Aki: (Cuz I'm lonely)
(21:53:32) Izzy: (okay...)
(21:53:36) Izzy: (chocobossss)
(21:53:39) Izzy: (I want one)
(21:53:43) Aki: (yeah)
(21:54:22) Aki: (fklslfdj)
(21:54:30) Aki: (*shoots self*)
(21:54:40) Aki: (*MISS*)
(21:54:42) Aki: (...)
(21:54:57) Izzy: (....*hug*_
(21:55:05) Izzy: (here, really silly fanfic lines. XD)
(21:55:23) Izzy: ("I thought you'd like a bed and a hot bath for once," he scrubbed his hand into his bright gold locks and she suddenly wanted to mess his entire hairstyle up beyond any gel-based repair, her fingers literally itched with the mischievous need to do so.)
(21:55:42) Izzy: (Aerith got her hair-ruffling urges from you XDDD)
(21:56:03) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:56:59) Izzy: (Cloud's hair is very tempting tho)
(21:57:04) Aki: (yeah)
(21:57:14) Aki: (I'm literally about to go insane.)
(21:57:27) Aki: (Mom is being super annoying)
(21:57:35) Izzy: (ahhh)
(21:57:46) Izzy: ("I'll be taking them," Cloud added from where he was reining up the saddlebags to a bird, "I'll look after the weapons whilst we cross and Barrett will have to side-saddle with Red, as he needs help staying on." "Curse my evolutionary lack of opposable thumbs," murmured the reddish cat dryly as he slunk past. )
(21:57:51) Aki: (*turns music up higher*)
(21:57:52) Izzy: (*hugs you*)
(21:58:04) Izzy: (I love Nanakiiiii)
(21:58:27) Aki: (XDD)
(21:58:58) Aki: ( not want to go to school)
(21:59:03) Izzy: (I'm sorry :\)
(21:59:08) Aki: (I want to sleep)
(21:59:10) Aki: (All day)
(21:59:14) Izzy: (ehh.)
(21:59:15) Aki: (witha pillow)
(21:59:19) Aki: (over my head)
(21:59:49) Aki: (I'm really sore too, so it contributes to the 'tired' factor)
(22:00:10) Izzy: (D:)
(22:00:44) Aki: (I bet I'll blow up at a teacher or someone tomorrow, at least once.)
(22:01:26) Izzy: (D:)
(22:01:43) Aki: ggtgggg
(22:01:49) Izzy: okay
(22:01:51) Izzy: *hugs*
(22:01:54) Izzy: sleep
(22:02:01) Izzy: feel better
(22:02:09) Aki logged out.

(18:07:23) Izzy: ....
(18:07:24) Izzy: what
(18:07:29) Izzy: Aerith? XD
(18:07:36) Aki: She went with them.
(18:07:41) Aki: XD
(18:07:45) Izzy: uhh
(18:07:47) Izzy: hmm
(18:07:57) Izzy: who else? XD
(18:08:02) Aki: ...Sora
(18:08:04) Aki: and Sephiroth.
(18:08:13) Aki: Seph did is X-mas shopping XDDD
(18:08:16) Izzy: ahahhahaha
(18:08:19) Aki: Sora...just went for fun
(18:08:34) Izzy: "Sephiroth...this present you got it...ticking?"
(18:08:43) Izzy: XDD "No, that's just your imagination."
(18:08:46) Aki: hahahhaa
(18:08:57) Izzy: MangaLoca <#
(18:08:59) Izzy: *<3
(18:09:00) Aki: XDDD
(18:09:02) Aki: ROY
(18:09:03) Izzy: that crazy girl
(18:09:05) Izzy: ROY XD
(18:09:18) Aki: Auron did his shopping too
(18:09:23) Aki: along with Yazoo
(18:09:26) Izzy: pff
(18:09:43) Aki: Seph and Yazoo had that deep conversation about life that you predicted that they'd have XD
(18:09:51) Izzy: hahaha
(18:10:32) Aki: :D
(18:10:43) Aki: and no
(18:11:03) Aki: Seph says he doesn't need nor want anything from anybody D:
(18:11:12) Izzy: ...
(18:11:14) Izzy: too bad
(18:11:17) Aki: Sora says
(18:11:34) Aki: "GUESS WHAT I GOT FOR CLOUD"
(18:12:10) Izzy: haha
(18:12:11) Izzy: hmmm
(18:12:15) Izzy: a pink shirt!
(18:12:17) Izzy: or a dress
(18:12:25) Aki: Sora: ...welllll.
(18:12:42) Aki: Sora: Not really. A shirt is part of his gift.
(18:13:39) Izzy: wellll
(18:13:41) Izzy: I dunno
(18:15:35) Aki: :O
(18:15:41) Aki: sorry it was the phoneee
(18:16:06) Izzy: s'okay
(18:16:13) Izzy: this fic is getting mean to Cloud tho XD
(18:16:15) Izzy: you were right
(18:16:21) Aki: ?
(18:16:23) Aki: about what?
(18:16:31) Izzy: about TifaAerith fans being mean to Cloud
(18:16:38) Aki: it was a guess XDDD
(18:16:57) Izzy: well
(18:17:03) Izzy: it wasn't so bad at first
(18:17:18) Izzy: but now TIFA is jealous of Cloud and keeps getting mad at him
(18:17:21) Izzy: and it's weird
(18:17:48) Izzy: Tifa does not get jealous of Cloud
(18:17:57) Izzy: she gets jealous of people getting close to Cloud
(18:18:21) Izzy: and she sticks with him no matter what
(18:18:23) Izzy: ah well
(18:18:26) Aki: mhmm
(18:18:36) Izzy: it's not canon, so something wacky was bound to happen
(18:18:43) Aki: yep
(18:18:57) Aki: I
(18:18:59) Aki: figured
(18:19:06) Aki: oout where the trains
(18:19:08) Aki: came from
(18:19:09) Izzy: yes?
(18:19:12) Izzy: :O
(18:19:17) Aki: 8D
(18:19:25) Aki: ok
(18:19:27) Aki: so
(18:19:28) Aki: I
(18:19:37) Aki: took an all nighter cuz I couldn't sleep
(18:19:44) Aki: so I passed the time playing FF8
(18:19:52) Aki: soooo
(18:19:58) Aki: at some point
(18:20:22) Aki: we had to hijack the President of Galbadia's train car
(18:20:26) Izzy: pff
(18:20:30) Aki: and replace it with dummy one
(18:20:40) Aki: and we have five minutes to do this
(18:20:53) Aki: and
(18:20:59) Aki: before we go to hijack it
(18:21:08) Aki: Selphie looks to Squall and is like
(18:21:31) Aki: "I love trains! What about you? I love to see the scenery of the rolling hills and big blue sky passing me"
(18:21:34) Izzy: XD
(18:21:42) Aki: and he was like
(18:21:51) Aki: "...I guess trains are okay."
(18:22:07) Aki: but during the hijacking
(18:22:12) Aki: you have to
(18:22:31) Aki: press in three codes to disconnect the cars from eachother
(18:22:37) Izzy: yeah?
(18:22:54) Aki: but you have to climb down the side ladder on the moving train, and pressin the codes that are under the train
(18:22:57) Aki: but there are guards
(18:23:01) Aki: partolling
(18:23:03) Aki: so
(18:23:11) Aki: you cant get caught down there
(18:23:18) Aki: so you have to hop back up to the roof
(18:23:22) Aki: before they catch you
(18:23:48) Aki: and Zell and Selphie are to warn you when the gaurds are coming
(18:23:51) Izzy: ah
(18:23:55) Aki: so you can hop up in time
(18:23:59) Aki: I did it under 2 minutes
(18:24:04) Aki: it was pretty easy
(18:24:05) Aki: but
(18:24:09) Aki: in school
(18:24:12) Aki: I drew
(18:24:18) Aki: the little comic where
(18:24:44) Aki: Selphie forgets to warn you, because she's all like, "TRAINNNSSSSS<3333"
(18:24:53) Aki: and Squall gets caught
(18:24:55) Izzy: win XD
(18:24:59) Aki: XDD
(18:25:16) Aki: Irvine just joined my party
(18:25:22) Aki: pff
(18:25:38) Aki: and
(18:25:48) Aki: Rinoa was Seifer's girlfriend
(18:25:53) Izzy: hah
(18:25:58) Aki: tho
(18:26:10) Izzy: I knew that
(18:26:12) Aki: I kinda knew it allread from all the fanfiction
(18:26:14) Izzy: yeah
(18:26:18) Aki: *all ready
(18:27:55) Aki: "Here Cloud, I want you to have this journal. Write in it very often. I keep one too."
(18:28:47) Aki: did you see that comic?
(18:29:02) Izzy: yes. yes. XDDD
(18:29:13) Aki: pff
(18:29:18) Aki: Oh Sephiroth
(18:29:23) Aki: He likes giving gifts
(18:29:52) Izzy: haha
(18:30:04) Izzy: this fic is traumatizing me now
(18:30:13) Aki: stop reading ittt then XD
(18:30:14) Izzy: because I want to read the end
(18:30:22) Izzy: even though I KNOW how it ends
(18:30:31) Izzy: because it's basically the game storyline
(18:30:35) Izzy: but like
(18:30:37) Izzy: AAHHH
(18:30:40) Aki: haha
(18:30:41) Izzy: poor Cloud
(18:30:43) Izzy: geez
(18:30:53) Izzy: I feel so bad for him
(18:30:54) Aki: Sora will love Cloud XDDD
(18:30:57) Izzy: XD
(18:31:02) Izzy: Tifa is SUPPOSED to love him
(18:31:10) Izzy: so it scares me when she doesn't D:
(18:31:13) Aki: yeah
(18:31:19) Aki: Yazoo will have to love Cloud too
(18:31:23) Aki: and Reno
(18:31:24) Izzy: pfttt
(18:31:25) Aki: and Yuffie
(18:31:26) Izzy: *snerk*
(18:31:35) Izzy: Leon loves him alre--*is killed*
(18:31:52) Aki: Leon: --ady. Anyway.
(18:31:56) Aki: Leon: I have work to do.
(18:32:12) Aki: Leon: see you. *goes off*
(18:32:43) Izzy: hah.
(18:33:51) Aki: Sephiroth: ....I will go off in search of myself now..*walks off*
(18:33:54) Aki: Sora: Pancakessss. D:
(18:33:54) Izzy: ...
(18:34:05) Izzy: yes, pancakes win over self.
(18:34:08) Izzy: (ahahaha.)
(18:34:12) Aki: (XD)
(18:34:22) Aki: Sora: D:
(18:34:29) Izzy: (She pushed the cup away and reached for her gil pouch, but before she could pay, Cloud had already dropped the coins needed next to the cups. "I can pay."

"I know, but you were too slow?"

"This is subtle revenge for putting you in a dress, isn't it!" she scolded, despite smiling as she stood up. Cloud flushed and grinned.

Red coughed from the floor, where he'd seemingly be forgotten, tongue lolling out of his mouth, "Dress, Cloud?"

The spiky haired blonde went even redder and fiercely frowned, "It's a long story."

"He has great legs for a guy," she twinkled at Red, laughing and holding her stomach.


"You do! Oh, hahaha! Don't look so angry! I'll go and check on that little girl... oh Cloud, really, hahaha!")
(18:34:39) Izzy: (I saved all the funny lines pff)
(18:35:31) Aki: (wow XDD)
(18:35:42) Izzy: ("Piece of pie!"

"That's cake, thief," Barrett rumbled.

She sniffed airily, "I don't like cake; I like pie."

"I don't care what y'like, say the language right, awright!"

"You first," she stuck her tongue out.)
(18:35:47) Izzy: (Yuffie <3)
(18:36:04) Aki: (XDDD)
(18:36:15) Izzy: (It doesn’t look like a week on the map!” Yuffie wailed, holding it upside down for the curious reason that perhaps the distance would magically shorten between here and there, “And worse, it’s been a week already, this is what we get for letting Barrett read it!”

“I read I fine, foo’, you’re the one with no direction.”

“I’m a Ninja! I have plenty of direction, you just don’t know north from south from your neighbour’s backyard!”

“Come closer and say that, shrimp.”

“Fine, only because you ASKED FOR MY SHURIKEN UP YOUR ASS!”

Vincent, a quiet spectator in the wonderful world of sport which had fast become ‘Yuffie vs Barrett – insult slinging matches of the century!’ just lifted a cool, corporate eyebrow and said: “Arguing gets you nowhere.”)
(18:36:24) Izzy: (the Yuffie-Barret dynamic is amazing XD)
(18:37:20) Aki: (XD)
(18:37:30) Izzy: (Through the windows, they could see the figure of the pilot arguing with no one other than the 'strawberry blond' President Rufus. Ginger, Tifa candidly admitted, he was ginger in denial.)
(18:37:59) Izzy: (Ah, Rufus)
(18:38:02) Izzy: (anyway)
(18:38:16) Aki: hahaha)
(18:39:07) Izzy: (everyone keeps calling poor Vincent a vampire, too XD)
(18:39:14) Aki: (oh jeez XD)
(18:39:25) Aki: ...)
(18:39:38) Aki: (I know...just wha tto make you for X-mas)
(18:39:44) Aki: *what to
(18:39:46) Izzy: (what?)
(18:40:12) Aki: (I thought of your X-mas gift)
(18:41:17) Izzy: (yes...)
(18:41:28) Izzy: (oh, it would be a secret, wouldn't it)
(18:42:03) Aki: (Not...if you RPed with me, tho I suppose you're not in the mood for it, so tough luck XD)
(18:43:06) Aki: brb
(18:43:11) Izzy: (no, I am)
(18:43:21) Aki: (kay fine)
(18:43:29) Aki: (I'm stealing all of your art to make an art book)
(18:43:36) Aki: (a hard covered one)
(18:43:48) Aki: (*runs off for a few minutes*)
(18:44:35) Izzy: (whattt)
(18:44:42) Izzy: (that's crazy XD)
(18:44:46) Izzy: (awesome but crazy)
(18:45:25) Aki: (XDD)
(18:45:29) Aki: (okay back)
(18:45:51) Aki: (You know what else I WOULD give you?)
(18:45:57) Aki: (I really can't tho)
(18:46:07) Aki: (But I would if I could and if it were actually possible)
(18:46:33) Izzy: (uhhh)
(18:46:39) Izzy: (no, I don't know XD)
(18:46:46) Izzy: (but I will if you tell me)
(18:46:53) Aki: (....pff)
(18:47:17) Aki: (Whenever one of our arms hurts, we could switch. It's weirddd, but it'd be funny)
(18:47:35) Aki: ("hey bekah, guess who's arm I've got today?")
(18:47:37) Izzy: (ahahah)
(18:47:39) Izzy: (wow)
(18:47:51) Aki: (8D)
(18:48:42) Aki: (RP?)
(18:49:20) Izzy: (kay XD)
(18:49:29) Izzy: (from where?)
(18:49:36) Aki: (someplace)
(18:49:40) Aki: (XD)
(18:50:01) Aki: (where do you wanna be?)
(18:50:07) Aki: (where do you wanna start?)
(18:50:32) Aki: ("I dreamt I was a moron")
(18:50:38) Aki: (I got to that part last night)
(18:50:42) Izzy: (hahaha)
(18:50:44) Izzy: (wow)
(18:50:47) Izzy: (I dunno)
(18:50:51) Aki: (I also got to the "You're about a -3 on the manliness scale")
(18:50:58) Izzy: (I almost want to do more of them as kids)
(18:51:04) Izzy: (haha manliness)
(18:51:20) Aki: yeah)
(18:51:23) Aki: (as kids)
(18:52:19) Aki: (....I...)
(18:52:28) Aki: (love Laguna even more than I did before XD)
(18:52:33) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(18:52:38) Izzy: (yay)
(18:52:44) Aki: (he's so nervous when he talks to women)
(18:52:51) Aki: (especially Julia)
(18:53:44) Izzy: (awwww)
(18:54:01) Aki: (he's very close to me calling him cute)
(18:54:03) Izzy: (this is so wierd)
(18:54:04) Aki: (it's creepy)
(18:54:14) Izzy: (the fic is being nice to Cloud all of a sudden again)
(18:54:21) Izzy: (haha laguna)
(18:54:26) Aki: (Laguna <3)
(18:54:39) Aki: (before or after the Cecella death thing?)
(18:55:07) Izzy: (uhhh)
(18:55:14) Izzy: (after, I guess...)
(18:55:20) Izzy: (I dunno)
(18:55:21) Aki: (k)
(18:57:03) Izzy: (I need CloudTifaaaa)
(18:57:14) Izzy: (I will right the rest of my fic at the same time XD)
(18:57:42) Aki: (k)
(18:58:20) Izzy: (So Tifa lived, whilst Cloud immersed himself in angst.)
(18:58:27) Izzy: (Advent Children in one sentence. XD)
(18:58:33) Aki: (XDDD)