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(19:00:35) Aki: Squall: *runs into Cloud's house* Cloud, Cloud! Mr. Highwind finished his new aircraft! He calls it a gummi ship! Come see itttt!
(19:00:52) Izzy: Cloud: Huh? You mean the one he's been saying would be finished for ages?
(19:01:01) Aki: Squall: Yeah!
(19:01:41) Aki: Squall: Can we go now? You'll really like ittt.
(19:02:37) Izzy: Cloud: Sure!
(19:02:42) Izzy: (aww cute kids XD)
(19:02:49) Aki: (XD)
(19:02:50) Izzy: (I need sugar, hahah)
(19:02:54) Aki: (hahaha)
(19:04:14) Izzy: (....)
(19:04:25) Izzy: (*hits self* okay, you finished the fic, get over it)
(19:04:33) Aki: (haha)
(19:05:09) Aki: (Shiva's bitchinggg)
(19:05:40) Izzy: *reading the fic
(19:06:07) Izzy: (I mean, it was entertaining at first, but then it got all "Whoo, melodrama and lesbians and Cloud is a loser")
(19:06:16) Izzy: (I'm the only one allowed to call Cloud a loser)
(19:06:22) Izzy: (and I have to pay for it)
(19:06:25) Aki: (possessive XD)
(19:06:50) Izzy: (shush)
(19:07:06) Aki: (I'm ...tempted to put Shiva in the little kid thing)
(19:07:10) Aki: (D:)
(19:07:15) Aki: (Nice!Shiva)
(19:07:21) Aki: (Well..not so nice)
(19:07:26) Izzy: (do you want to just deal with that?)
(19:07:28) Aki: (but not like "RAWR GO AWAY CLOUD" shiva)
(19:07:29) Izzy: (I mean)
(19:08:11) Izzy: (Do you want to RP that? Shiva dealing with being all "RAWR GO AWAY CLOUD" ? XD)
(19:08:27) Aki: (Only if you wanna)
(19:08:39) Izzy: (I really care)
(19:08:47) Izzy: (I just want Cloud and leon something XD)
(19:08:55) Aki: (okay XD )
(19:09:01) Izzy: (...)
(19:09:03) Izzy: (except)
(19:09:16) Izzy: (I apparently HAVE TO GO EAT DINNER NOW)
(19:09:18) Izzy: (wtf.)
(19:09:24) Aki: (ok)
(19:09:31) Izzy: (I will be back tho)
(19:09:35) Izzy: (promise <333)
(19:09:43) Aki: (:D)
(19:09:55) Izzy: (I guess I'm hungry anyway)
(19:09:57) Izzy: (*runs off*)
(20:12:13) Aki logged in.
(20:12:21) Aki: :O
(20:12:30) Aki: I started drawing Shiva
(20:12:32) Aki: wanna see?
(20:12:56) Izzy: yes?
(20:13:02) Aki: k
(20:14:25) Aki is offering to send file shivaaaa.jpeg
(20:14:34) Transfer of file shivaaaa.jpeg complete
(20:15:06) Izzy: she's purple
(20:15:12) Izzy: lavender
(20:15:16) Aki: haha
(20:15:17) Aki: actually
(20:15:20) Aki: she'd be lighter
(20:15:23) Izzy: haha
(20:15:24) Aki: because of the opacity
(20:15:28) Aki: but
(20:15:31) Aki: i needed dark colours
(20:15:33) Izzy: I see
(20:15:34) Aki: to see everything
(20:15:52) Aki: and..Shiva is purple actuall XD
(20:15:57) Aki: *actually
(20:16:29) Izzy: haha
(20:16:38) Aki: lol eyedropper tool
(20:16:40) Izzy: haha
(20:16:59) Aki: Shiva looooooves you
(20:17:32) Aki: Shiva: ....
(20:18:12) Izzy: ...
(20:18:17) Aki: IMCOLDNII-SAN
(20:18:17) Izzy: no she doesn't XD
(20:18:19) Aki: HOTCOCO
(20:18:22) Izzy: OKAY
(20:18:22) Aki: BRB
(20:18:34) Aki: <3333 I'll make you some too, Nii-san :D
(20:18:36) Aki: *runs off*
(20:19:02) Izzy: okay
(20:20:26) Aki: ....*waits for the milk to heat up*
(20:20:27) Aki: anyway
(20:20:34) Aki: how's life?
(20:20:37) Izzy: hmm
(20:20:39) Izzy: better
(20:20:44) Izzy: now that I'm Cloud, haha
(20:20:47) Aki: XD
(20:20:52) Izzy: I told my family about it at dinner
(20:20:57) Izzy: and I was like "I'M CLOUD"
(20:21:01) Aki: XDD
(20:21:08) Aki: You're beautiful, then XDD
(20:21:08) Izzy: and my mom was like, "I hope not, because Cloud is a boy."
(20:23:04) Aki: that was him! *Points to Leon*
(20:23:06) Aki: Leon: ....
(20:23:27) Izzy: Yes, I'm beautiful.
(20:23:32) Aki: XD
(20:23:46) Aki: yes. You're....blonde, going brunet
(20:23:50) Izzy: hahaha
(20:23:52) Aki: you will no longer be cloud XD
(20:23:56) Izzy: I'll be blond in April
(20:24:00) Aki: yesss
(20:24:02) Aki: you will be
(20:24:31) Aki: this milk tastes a .
(20:24:58) Izzy: ...
(20:25:00) Aki: *shrugs* oh well.
(20:25:27) Aki: ...
(20:25:37) Aki: I have lost the motivation to finish that Shiva picture
(20:26:02) Izzy: ah
(20:26:04) Izzy: well
(20:26:06) Izzy: RP?
(20:26:09) Aki: yes
(20:26:11) Aki: R
(20:26:12) Aki: P
(20:26:14) Aki: bitte
(20:26:15) Aki: <3
(20:26:38) Izzy: what XD
(20:26:41) Izzy: anyway
(20:26:49) Izzy: Cloud and Leon were...
(20:26:57) Izzy: lying in the snow on the roof of the Bailey
(20:27:05) Izzy: contemplating Sephiroth's---that too XD
(20:27:09) Aki: >D
(20:27:19) Izzy: *dies laughing*
(20:27:49) Aki: I...want to put that in the hurt the fangirls even more. XD
(20:27:57) Izzy: ahahahaha
(20:27:57) Aki: <--changes sides, often XD
(20:28:17) Aki: *snickering* ANYWAY
(20:28:31) Aki: yeah
(20:28:37) Izzy: Cloud: ...........
(20:28:39) Izzy: what?
(20:28:48) Izzy: I can't make jokes?
(20:28:54) Aki: Leon: ....
(20:29:15) Aki: Leon: *doesn't care*
(20:29:20) Aki: we all know, Leon. XD
(20:29:40) Aki: .....
(20:29:48) Aki: "Why is Cloud's name Cloud?"
(20:29:53) Aki: "I duno, it just is."
(20:29:56) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:29:57) Aki: "Just is, huh?"
(20:30:01) Izzy: I want to readddd
(20:30:04) Aki: "Well then, Sora's happy to be called Sora"
(20:30:13) Aki: "Why is that?"
(20:30:48) Aki: "Because clouds always go with the sky"
(20:30:52) Aki: ....
(20:30:55) Izzy: .......
(20:30:56) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:30:58) Aki: it
(20:31:00) Izzy: that
(20:31:01) Aki: really was cute
(20:31:05) Aki: but
(20:31:06) Izzy: would be a lame pickup line
(20:31:15) Aki: no
(20:31:19) Aki: I'll show youuu
(20:31:26) Izzy: I'm kidding around
(20:31:31) Aki: no
(20:31:33) Aki: I mean
(20:31:34) Aki: the comic
(20:31:36) Aki: it's cute
(20:31:38) Izzy: oh okay
(20:31:51) Izzy: hahaha mataria girl
(20:31:55) Izzy: *materia
(20:32:01) Izzy: that would be Yuffie, not Aerith
(20:32:13) Aki: XD
(20:32:32) Izzy: it's like material girl except better...
(20:32:33) Izzy: oh god
(20:32:39) Izzy: now I have to write a filk
(20:32:58) Aki: XD
(20:33:24) Aki:
(20:33:29) Aki: *dies*
(20:33:39) Izzy: "Come on Vinnie, let's go party!"
(20:33:43) Izzy: okay stopping now
(20:34:03) Izzy: "Cuz I am a materia girl~"
(20:34:06) Izzy: okay maybe not
(20:34:13) Aki: *dies again*
(20:34:38) Aki: I love
(20:34:44) Aki: how you can make jokes about their names
(20:35:53) Izzy: yes? XD

(20:36:14) Aki: ...Irvine's...
(20:36:17) Aki: angsty
(20:36:25) Aki: at teh beginning..
(20:36:28) Aki: *the
(20:36:35) Izzy: hah
(20:43:02) Aki: Quistis glanced sideways towards the newcomer of their party. Not that they trusted a Galbadian SeeD or anything. She sighed. "Don't you dare go around playing with Selphie's heart!"

The Sharpshooter looked at her, eyes somewhat wide. "...Oh, c'mon now." He mumbled with a grin. "I'm jus' havin' some fun. Ya know?" He glanced towards Rinoa, who was standing peacfully in the corner, looking over the written assination plan. He took a few long strides towards her, about to hug her.

The girl stepped back, and darted from underneath him, towards Squall. The brunet gave him a calculation stare. "Don't try anything, Kinneas." He warned.

(20:43:04) Aki: there moreee
(20:43:20) Izzy: haha
(20:44:35) Aki: "Don't worry!" He reassured. "Y'know...I'm just lonely." He began, uncertain of what he was trying to say. His voice had lost the carefree slang tint to his voice. It was sharp, but quiet. "Sharpshooters are lone wolves by nature. Pick up the gun, and bang. You're alone." He sighed, letting his hand gestures fall limp at his sides.

"I'm just tired of that. Do you understand that?" He frowned, eyes dropping to the floor at the long pause that ensued. "I suppose not. I'll be in the guess room if you need me." He walked out of the passenger car, and to the residential area.
(20:44:36) Aki: there
(20:44:39) Aki: that's that scene
(20:44:56) Izzy: aww poo emo Irvine
(20:44:59) Izzy: *poor
(20:45:02) Aki: emo Irv. XD
(20:45:05) Izzy: hahaha
(20:45:27) Aki: *guest
(20:45:40) Aki: pfft. this is what I get for typing it straight onto AIM XD
(20:45:53) Izzy: s'okay
(20:45:54) Izzy: wait
(20:45:59) Izzy: who wrote that?
(20:46:03) Aki: ....
(20:46:06) Aki: me
(20:46:08) Aki: just now
(20:46:24) Izzy: oh
(20:46:26) Izzy: like
(20:46:29) Aki: it's crap, lilke i said XD
(20:46:31) Izzy: describing what happened?
(20:46:33) Aki: *like
(20:46:35) Aki: yeah
(20:46:57) Izzy: ah
(20:47:00) Izzy: no, it's not crap D:
(20:47:05) Aki: err
(20:47:07) Aki: yeah it is
(20:47:30) Izzy: ...
(20:47:34) Aki: ...
(20:47:36) Aki: what.
(20:47:45) Izzy: you're being me, stop it
(20:47:47) Izzy: hah
(20:47:58) Aki: haha well
(20:48:00) Aki: it is
(20:48:07) Aki: nothin' you can do about it.
(20:48:44) Aki: anywayyyyy
(20:48:57) Aki: Leon and Cloud were holding eachother
(20:49:00) Aki: and
(20:49:05) Aki: saying deep things to eachother
(20:49:11) Izzy: sure
(20:49:16) Aki: *shrugs* XD
(20:49:17) Izzy: whatever you say
(20:49:18) Izzy: oh god
(20:49:22) Izzy: that mental image...
(20:49:23) Izzy: is...
(20:49:26) Izzy: far too funny
(20:49:29) Izzy: sorry guys XDDD
(20:49:48) Aki: Leon should stop thinking
(20:50:12) Izzy: Cloud is thinking about throwing snowballs at me
(20:50:18) Aki: pffttt
(20:50:20) Aki: GO CLOUD
(20:50:33) Izzy: I'll throw them back D:
(20:50:40) Aki: I'll help Cloud
(20:50:42) Aki: :D
(20:50:51) Izzy: meanies
(20:50:55) Aki: :D
(20:51:08) Aki: Leon: I'll be on your side. *glances at Izzy*
(20:51:26) Aki: 8D what a team
(20:51:37) Izzy: ....
(20:51:54) Aki: ANYWAY
(20:51:56) Aki: okay
(20:52:24) Izzy: hahaha
(20:53:09) Izzy: that's good
(20:53:16) Aki: :D
(20:53:39) Aki: Speaking of Rinoa
(20:53:51) Aki: Leon went into the "I miss Rinoa" whiney faze
(20:53:53) Izzy: um
(20:53:54) Izzy: haha
(20:54:00) Izzy: she should come back soon
(20:54:04) Aki: yeah
(20:54:27) Aki: ...little Leon's and Rinoas running around Uncle Cloud and Auntie Tifa and Aerith and Zack
(20:54:29) Aki: *shot*
(20:54:35) Aki: *Leons
(20:54:43) Izzy: ahahaha
(20:55:44) Aki: Leon: so..
(20:55:53) Aki: Leon: *shifts position on the roof*
(20:56:04) Izzy: Cloud: ....*sighs*
(20:56:15) Izzy: Cloud: It's just too much all at once...I guess.
(20:56:46) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(20:58:41) Izzy: (...*pokes Cloud*)
(20:58:48) Aki: (haha)
(20:59:11) Aki: Leon: It's just as uncomfortable for everyone.
(20:59:57) Izzy: Cloud: Zack was...probably right, though.
(21:00:05) Izzy: Cloud: At least I don't have to fight him this time...
(21:00:36) Aki: Leon: He'll probably even be on our side...*sighs*
(21:02:54) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(21:03:03) Aki: Leon: ...sorry.
(21:03:10) Izzy: Cloud: No.
(21:03:21) Izzy: Cloud: I was just thinking...after everything...
(21:03:25) Izzy: Cloud: I don't know.
(21:03:39) Izzy: Cloud: We'll deal with things as they happen, I guess.
(21:04:39) Aki: Leon: *nods witha bit of a smile*
(21:05:22) Izzy: Tifa: *pulls herself up* Cloud! Is Leon with you?
(21:05:40) Izzy: (I got impatient XD)
(21:05:47) Aki: Leon: *waves* :)
(21:05:59) Aki: (Leon' a happy mood today)
(21:06:11) Izzy: Tifa: *trying not to laugh* There's someone I think you'd like to--
(21:06:23) Izzy: Rinoa: Squall! *jumps up after her*
(21:07:01) Aki: Leon: :D!
(21:07:05) Izzy: Rinoa: *practically tackles him*
(21:07:10) Aki: Leon: *tackled*
(21:07:17) Izzy: (awww she missed him XD)
(21:07:19) Aki: (On the roof XD)
(21:07:25) Izzy: (yep XD)
(21:07:43) Izzy: Cloud: *moves over a little to give them some room*
(21:07:52) Izzy: Rinoa: I'm sorry I took so long...
(21:08:01) Izzy: Rinoa: There were things to be sorted out at home.
(21:08:29) Aki: Leon: S'okay, I understand. *nods a little*
(21:08:39) Aki: (Leon esploded from happiness)
(21:09:17) Izzy: Rinoa: The kids...Aarao and Ester...they disappeared.
(21:09:23) Izzy: Rinoa: Right after you all left!
(21:09:37) Izzy: Tifa: They're all right.
(21:09:41) Aki: Leon: They invade my house everyday.
(21:09:47) Aki: Leon: and take food and blankets.
(21:09:47) Izzy: Rinoa: They're here?
(21:09:54) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(21:09:56) Izzy: (XD little troublemakers)
(21:10:01) Izzy: Rinoa: Thank goodness...
(21:10:11) Izzy: Tifa: *goes over to sit by Cloud*
(21:10:30) Aki: Leon: Don't come complaining to me when there's no more blankets. :p
(21:10:41) Izzy: (XD)
(21:10:56) Aki: (I told you he esploded)
(21:11:10) Izzy: (they're way too adorable)
(21:11:17) Izzy: (it should be illegal)
(21:11:22) Aki: (hahaha)
(21:11:34) Izzy: (I think Rinoa is wearing a jacket)
(21:11:45) Izzy: (otherwise she'd be freezing in her new outfit XD)
(21:11:51) Aki: (yeah XD)
(21:12:40) Aki: (rinoa, you made Leon go splody)
(21:13:01) Aki: (He's a pile of happy, jiggly, pink mush)
(21:13:04) Izzy: (ahaha)
(21:14:09) Aki: Leon: *glances at Cloud and Tifa, then back to Rinoa* *gives her a 'let's let them be alone' look*
(21:14:28) Izzy: Rinoa: *nods and covers a smile*
(21:14:42) Aki: Leon: *quietly hops down off the roof*
(21:15:37) Izzy: Tifa: gonna be okay?
(21:15:43) Izzy: Cloud: ...I think so.
(21:15:50) Izzy: Rinoa: *follows him*
(21:16:30) Aki: Leon: C'mon, I can show you around if you's a huge place. Keep putting on additions.
(21:16:47) Izzy: Rinoa: That's your work, right? Tifa was telling me about it.
(21:17:03) Aki: ("But it was originally for just you and meee")
(21:17:05) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(21:17:34) Izzy: (...what XD)
(21:17:40) Izzy: (oh)
(21:17:42) Aki: Leon: Well, currently I'm in charge of the town's reconstruction..
(21:17:43) Izzy: (I lose)
(21:17:49) Aki: (XD)
(21:18:30) Izzy: Rinoa: *pokes him a little playfully in the chest* She also said you work too hard.
(21:19:56) Aki: Leon: *shrugs* I fall behind schedule occasionally, and have to make up the work.
(21:21:55) Izzy: Rinoa: ...
(21:22:09) Izzy: Rinoa: As long as you're not pushing yourself too much.
(21:23:27) Aki: Leon: Taking tomorrow off seems tempting anyway.
(21:23:48) Izzy: Rinoa: That's what I like to hear~
(21:25:09) Aki: Leon: Yeah. Sleeping in would do me some good anyway- technically I should still be on the schedule Kadowaki put me on...but it's a little hard to stick to.
(21:25:16) Izzy: (oh god the cute it is killing me XD)
(21:25:21) Aki: (XD)
(21:27:23) Izzy: Rinoa: Well, things aren't going to fall apart if you get a few extra hours, are they?
(21:28:13) Aki: Leon: Course not. I can break my own rules.
(21:28:36) Aki: Fenrir: *goes over to Rinoa and sits on her foot*
(21:28:50) Aki: (always there to ruin the cute XD)
(21:29:19) Izzy: Rinoa: Oh!
(21:29:30) Izzy: (but she IS cute herself, so it's okay XD)
(21:29:36) Aki: (XDDD)
(21:29:50) Aki: Fenrir: wark~
(21:30:03) Izzy: Rinoa: Hello there. ^^
(21:30:13) Aki: Fenrir: ^^
(21:30:37) Aki: Fenrir: *goes over to Leon and unzips his shoe half way*
(21:30:48) Aki: Leon: ...
(21:31:08) Aki: Leon: I'll feed you, c'mon. *goes to the kitchen*
(21:31:14) Izzy: Rinoa: *giggles* Does she do that a lot?
(21:31:16) Aki: Fenrir: *follows*
(21:31:25) Aki: Leon: when she's hungry.
(21:31:50) Aki: Leon: She would normally do it to Cloud, though.
(21:32:53) Izzy: Rinoa: Hmmm...
(21:34:36) Aki: Leon: ...And you can have a piece of the pie Sephirot left, as a treat...*goes intot he fridge and grabs a small piece and puts it in her food bowl ontop of the actual food*
(21:34:40) Aki: *sephiroth
(21:34:47) Aki: *into
(21:34:54) Aki: (*dies* spellllling)
(21:34:59) Izzy: Rinoa: Sephi--...
(21:35:13) Izzy: (He's going to traumatize everyone, isn't he XD)
(21:35:22) Izzy:
(21:35:27) Izzy: (LOOK PRETTY RINOA ART)
(21:35:32) Aki: (oops, that was unconsious XD)
(21:35:35) Aki: (*clicks*)
(21:36:12) Aki: Leon:'s a long story, but he's good now.
(21:36:52) Izzy: Rinoa: Ah...
(21:37:49) Aki: Leon: It'll...take everyone a bit of time to adjust though.
(21:37:54) Aki: Leon: I suppose..
(21:38:13) Izzy: Rinoa: I don't really understand, but...if you say it's all right...
(21:38:58) Aki: Leon: Let's just say that the stuff in the books never happened...well, as far as Sephiroth is concerned, it didn't happen.
(21:39:27) Aki: Leon: We won't risk bringing it up...curiosity, obviously, was what made him crazy in the first place.
(21:39:49) Izzy: Rinoa: I see...
(21:40:19) Aki: Leon: ....
(21:40:27) Aki: Leon: *nods slightly*
(21:41:16) Izzy: Rinoa: Well...I'm glad everything's all right, at least. ^^
(21:41:34) Aki: Leon: Yeah. :)
(21:43:07) Izzy: (it is happy)
(21:43:09) Izzy: (XD)
(21:43:20) Izzy: (I'm like "super angst mode" right now)
(21:43:27) Aki: (XD)
(21:43:29) Izzy: (and Rinoa is trying to cheer me up)
(21:43:35) Izzy: (so I can write not-angst)
(21:44:24) Aki: (aww)
(21:44:31) Aki: (Leon can do angst too)
(21:44:35) Aki: (He's a master of angst)
(21:44:42) Aki: (*shot*)
(21:44:53) Izzy: (hahaha)
(21:45:25) Aki logged in.
(21:45:36) Izzy: (haha Becca got her Ps2)
(21:45:41) Izzy: (*PS2
(21:45:50) Izzy: (she's ridiculously happy right now XD)
(21:45:54) Aki: (:D)
(21:46:02) Aki: (rikunort's staring at you)
(21:46:06) Izzy: pff
(21:46:09) Izzy: *()
(21:46:26) Aki: (XD)
(21:48:24) Izzy: (oh god)
(21:48:28) Izzy:
(21:48:36) Izzy: (XD Wiimote mishaps)
(21:48:43) Aki: (XDD)
(21:50:24) Izzy: (ehhh)
(21:50:34) Izzy: (apparently I'm supposed to go to bed now)
(21:50:43) Aki: okay XD
(21:50:51) Izzy: *hugs you*
(21:51:07) Aki: nighttt
(21:51:10) Aki: Leon loves youu
(21:51:32) Izzy: Cloud loves Le--*is shot*
(21:51:41) Izzy: hey. D:
(21:52:18) Aki: :D
(21:52:18) Izzy: I'll do something productive in the morning...late day...
(21:52:24) Izzy: right now I need real sleep XD

(21:52:25) Aki: same
(21:52:37) Aki: I have a LD too
(21:52:39) Aki: so
(21:52:42) Aki: see ya then
(21:52:50) Izzy: :D
(21:52:58) Izzy: and I can stay online *evil grin*
(21:53:02) Izzy: okay~
(21:53:04) Aki: :D
(21:53:13) Aki: LEON LOVES YOU CLOUD
(21:53:16) Izzy: *skips off to think CloudTifa thoughts*
(21:53:20) Izzy: XD
(21:53:23) Izzy: sorry leon
(21:53:27) Aki: XDDD
(21:53:28) Izzy: you can come too
(21:53:30) Izzy: and Rinoa
(21:53:37) Izzy: OT4
(21:53:39) Izzy: lolz
(21:53:41) Aki: Leon: :D
(21:53:46) Aki: haha
(21:53:51) Aki: wow Leon
(21:53:56) Aki: stop smiling every 5 seconds
(21:53:59) Izzy: ahahaha
(21:54:03) Izzy: Cloud laughes
(21:54:06) Aki: XD
(21:54:08) Izzy: *laughed
(21:54:11) Izzy: he LAUGHED
(21:54:17) Izzy: it made me kinda happy
(21:54:22) Izzy: it made Tifa very happy XD
(21:54:28) Aki: it made Leon very happy
(21:54:48) Aki: Leon: GOOD BYE CLOUD
(21:54:53) Aki: Leon: *waves*
(21:54:58) Izzy: Rinoa is happy because leon is happy XD
(21:55:04) Aki: XDD
(21:55:09) Izzy: Cloud: ....*waves back*
(21:55:28) Aki: Leon: SEE YOU TOMORROW MORNING *goes off with Rinoa*
(21:55:31) Izzy: pfff okay I'm going for real XD
(21:55:34) Izzy: have fun XD
(21:55:38) Aki: XD
(21:55:39) Izzy: night~
(21:55:43) Aki: 8D