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(18:54:28) Izzy: ...
(18:54:29) Izzy: ow
(18:54:31) Izzy: my head
(18:54:33) Izzy: really hurts
(18:54:35) Izzy: DX
(18:54:42) Aki: Sephiroth: Take something for it.
(18:54:48) Izzy: and I can't take meds because my stomach is empty
(18:54:56) Izzy: I'll throw up if I eat something...
(18:55:01) Aki: .....
(18:55:07) Izzy: blahhh oh well
(18:55:10) Aki: I take med on an empty stomach all the time
(18:55:13) Aki: *meds
(18:55:26) Aki: It does nothing to me D:
(18:55:40) Izzy: (.....Sephiroth is concerned about me. >.> Every fangirl's dream.)
(18:55:41) Aki: what does it do to you?
(18:55:46) Izzy: (EXCEPT MINE)
(18:55:49) Izzy: uhh
(18:55:49) Aki: (haha)
(18:55:54) Izzy: I get stomacheaches
(18:55:59) Aki: oh
(18:56:00) Izzy: which doesn't help
(18:56:14) Aki: Sephiroth: How about an Elixer?
(18:56:20) Izzy: I wish.
(18:56:32) Aki: Sephiroth: :\
(18:56:39) Aki: \:
(18:56:43) Izzy: YOU. *grabs Aki so she won't run away* EXPLAIN THINGS
(18:56:54) Aki: *grabs chain saw*
(18:56:55) Izzy: I have an excuse, I'm sick
(18:56:57) Izzy: D:
(18:57:02) Aki: *runs*
(18:57:06) Izzy: noooo
(18:57:11) Aki: (*waves*)
(18:57:17) Izzy: I hate you.
(18:57:21) Izzy: >.>
(18:57:23) Aki: (Of course you do)
(18:57:33) Aki: (I am Sephiroth)
(18:57:43) Izzy: Yes. With a burning fiery passion and all that.
(18:57:51) Aki: (Uh-huh XDD)
(18:57:56) Aki: fine
(18:58:08) Izzy: (XD)
(18:59:10) Aki: Sephiroth, you are a special person. A Special SPECIAL mama's boy. Your mommy...didn't teach you the right things though. She abused your trust.
(18:59:17) Aki: Sephiroth: ...I see.
(18:59:26) Aki: and
(18:59:27) Izzy: ("Seph, what do YOU know about math!?" XD)
(18:59:31) Aki: that's where everyone else comes in
(19:00:11) Aki: They are getting used to you because you betrayed their trust too. But you are gaining it back slowly.
(19:01:02) Aki: Annnnd...Your younger brothers are Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz....and Cloud if you have the impending urge to call him 'Nii-san'
(19:01:11) Aki: tho
(19:01:12) Aki: you are older
(19:01:26) Aki: comes with the whole SHM thing that I explained earlier
(19:01:29) Aki: no Otouto
(19:01:34) Izzy: (call....Cloud....Nii-san...XD)
(19:01:41) Izzy: (He's older XD)
(19:01:46) Izzy: (haha)
(19:01:47) Aki: (I just said that XD)
(19:01:51) Izzy: (yeah, I noticed)
(19:02:04) Aki: Sephiroth: I see...
(19:02:09) Aki: (I think he's confused XDD)
(19:02:14) Izzy: (XD poor Seph)
(19:02:49) Aki: (Actually, he doesn't see)
(19:02:52) Izzy: (hahaha)
(19:02:54) Aki: (He says it a lot)
(19:03:01) Izzy: (If he called Cloud that...)
(19:03:02) Izzy: (oh god)
(19:03:06) Aki: (therefore he can't really understand much of what's going on)
(19:03:06) Izzy: (he'd freak)
(19:03:08) Aki: (and yeah XD)
(19:04:32) Aki: Sephiroth: ....Zacccckk.
(19:04:49) Aki: Sephiroth: I think I'm going crazzzyyy. I'm hearing voices. D:
(19:04:51) Izzy: (oh man XD)
(19:04:57) Izzy: Zack: What the--
(19:05:15) Aki: don't worry Zack, it's just us..
(19:05:30) Izzy: Zack: ...ah. That would explain.
(19:05:40) Izzy: Zack: Don't worry about them
(19:05:45) Aki: (*leaves*)
(19:05:49) Izzy: Zack: It doesn't make you crazy.
(19:05:51) Aki: (okay)
(19:05:53) Izzy: (*does so, too*)
(19:06:00) Izzy: Zack: What were they saying?
(19:06:32) Aki: Sephiroth: ....First one of them was sick, and I told them to take medicine, or an Elixer or something.
(19:06:46) Izzy: Zack: That's Izzy.
(19:06:59) Aki: Sephiroth: and she explained something about how I had a wing and how it was evil, and it made ME evil.
(19:07:05) Izzy: Zack: hrm...
(19:07:24) Aki: Sephiroth: And then She made Aki talk to me. *shrugs*
(19:07:35) Izzy: (I get a capital letter, huh. XD)
(19:07:41) Aki: (XD)
(19:08:05) Aki: (yeah, you're like God. To them. XD)
(19:08:11) Izzy: (oh man XD)
(19:08:18) Izzy: (God with a stomach virus)
(19:08:27) Aki: (Yup)
(19:08:50) Aki: (And a God who enjoys eathing them angst and suffer XD)
(19:08:57) Aki: *Watching
(19:09:06) Aki: (eathing? Wtf?)
(19:09:07) Izzy: (I do not. D:)
(19:09:15) Aki: (I do. D: Shh.)
(19:09:30) Aki: (I'm just horrible)
(19:10:12) Izzy: (haha)]
(19:10:17) Izzy: (I do...sometimes)
(19:10:18) Aki: (But really, they shouldn't let Seph die until he's supposed to, cuz he'll come back evil)
(19:10:27) Izzy: (uh, yeah. I know.)
(19:10:35) Izzy: (I think Cloud knows too...)
(19:10:37) Izzy: (he's better)
(19:10:39) Aki: (I was just typing a plot down on Word XD)
(19:10:40) Izzy: *he'd
(19:10:45) Aki: (that's why I said that)
(19:10:46) Izzy: (yeah?)
(19:10:48) Izzy: (oh)
(19:11:40) Izzy: (I have)
(19:11:47) Izzy: (the urge to draw Marlene)
(19:11:51) Izzy: (but I can't D:)
(19:11:55) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(19:11:59) Izzy: (Kadaj is sick too.)
(19:12:14) Aki: (The family is getting sick...)
(19:12:23) Aki: (Loz and Aerith and Zack are left..)
(19:12:40) Aki: (Cloud, Kadaj, and Yazoo and Sephiroth are sick XDD)
(19:12:49) Izzy: (ahaha)
(19:12:54) Aki: (Sora is as well, but it doesn't matter xD)
(19:12:58) Izzy: (aww)
(19:13:18) Aki: (XD)
(19:14:01) Aki: ...Yazoo, take your hair down, then.
(19:14:15) Aki: Yazoo: No, I've been wearing it like this since I came back. I have the right to it.
(19:14:23) Aki: *siiiigh*
(19:14:24) Izzy: (...)
(19:14:25) Izzy: (XD)
(19:14:41) Aki: (They're...driving me insane XDD)
(19:15:09) Izzy: (XD)
(19:15:33) Izzy: (I don't want to go all the way upstairs...)
(19:15:41) Aki: (?)
(19:15:42) Izzy: (but I want to scan something)
(19:15:48) Aki: (oh)
(19:15:52) Izzy: (my mom said she's bring me my backpack)
(19:15:58) Izzy: (she'd
(19:16:03) Izzy: (but she didn't)
(19:16:13) Izzy: (and if I get up I'll probably throw up again)
(19:16:21) Aki: (DDD:)
(19:16:52) Izzy: (I did an illustration for my fic today...)
(19:16:55) Aki: (sephiroth will read you a story. It'll make you feel better)
(19:17:07) Izzy: (it made me happy, because it came out okay even with my hand like this)
(19:17:21) Izzy: (and I want to write the second part)
(19:17:26) Izzy: (but I have no inspiration)
(19:17:37) Izzy: (because Cloud woke up and is asking for Leon again >.<)
(19:17:55) Aki: Leon: ...*goes off to play mother*
(19:18:03) Izzy: (hah)
(19:18:35) Aki: Leon: Tifa, you can go rest or something. :\
(19:18:50) Izzy: Tifa: Oh...*rubs her eyes*
(19:18:55) Izzy: Tifa: Thanks.
(19:19:07) Aki: Leon: *nods* No problem.
(19:20:15) Izzy: (Tifa had better not get sick, too)
(19:20:21) Aki: (D: )
(19:20:24) Izzy: (because I dunno what I'd do without her)
(19:20:31) Izzy: (Rinoa would probably take charge...)
(19:20:37) Izzy: (but still)
(19:20:42) Aki: (yeah)
(19:21:02) Aki: (Leon better not get sick too. He's OBVIOUSLY the one in charge)
(19:21:40) Izzy: (hah)
(19:22:54) Aki: Leon: ....*puts his hand on Cloud's forehead*
(19:23:19) Izzy: (I gave him my fever by accident D:)
(19:23:48) Aki: Leon: ...I'm going to go get you some ice or a wet washcloth or something..*mutters absently and goes off to do so*
(19:23:58) Izzy: Cloud: ....*mumbles something incomprehensible*
(19:24:01) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(19:24:05) Izzy: (I just remembered0
(19:24:07) Izzy: *)
(19:24:15) Izzy: (You know how people RP on LJ?)
(19:24:17) Izzy: (Like)
(19:24:30) Izzy: (they make a whole new account for the characters)
(19:24:32) Aki: (yeah_
(19:24:34) Izzy: *character
(19:24:36) Izzy: (well)
(19:24:40) Aki: (i used to do that all the time)
(19:24:48) Izzy: (I stumbled across this KH group)
(19:24:48) Aki: (like...every waking moment. _
(19:24:51) Aki: *)
(19:25:00) Izzy: (and their Cloud and Leon are totally like ours. XD)
(19:25:03) Izzy: (except)
(19:25:24) Izzy: (her Cloud has even more self-loathing)
(19:25:28) Izzy: (if that's possible)
(19:25:44) Izzy: (and he frequently gets the crap beaten out of him horribly by Sephiroth -_-)
(19:26:01) Aki: (o_ò)
(19:26:08) Aki: (Sephiroth: I would never do th--)
(19:26:09) Izzy: (like...very...violently...)
(19:26:11) Aki: (go away)
(19:26:15) Izzy: (ah!)
(19:26:16) Aki: (*pushes him away*)
(19:26:36) Izzy: (It's not the same Sephiroth anyway! D:)
(19:26:42) Aki: Sephiroth: ...
(19:26:45) Izzy: (he doesn't like bunnies.)

(19:27:06) Aki: Leon: Sephiroth, do you know where Aerith put the washcloths?
(19:27:15) Aki: Sephiroth: I'll get one..
(19:27:23) Aki: (aww)
(19:27:30) Aki: (Seph is made to love bunnies)
(19:27:36) Aki: (Mine is, that is)
(19:27:48) Izzy: (hahaha)
(19:27:49) Aki: (Pfft, my Sephiroth is likeable XDD)
(19:28:03) Izzy: (wow.)
(19:28:19) Aki: (I love the LJ RP journals)
(19:28:26) Aki: (It's soooo much fun)
(19:28:32) Izzy: (haha, I'll link you to that)
(19:28:35) Izzy: (if you want)
(19:28:50) Izzy: (it's somewhat amusing if you compare it to our RP)
(19:28:54) Izzy: (the only thing is)
(19:29:11) Izzy: (the pairings appear to be Cloud/Vincent and Leon/Aerith XDDD)
(19:29:28) Aki: (Slash bothers me? I didn't know that.)
(19:29:42) Izzy: (what, that's not what I meant XD)
(19:29:43) Izzy: (huh)
(19:29:47) Aki: (XD)
(19:29:53) Izzy: (Cloud/Vincent amuses me, actually)
(19:30:01) Izzy: (because it would NEVER WORK)
(19:30:14) Izzy: (they're both far too angst-ridden to make a move on each other XDDD)
(19:30:17) Aki: (Ah you see...these are fan we are discussing...)
(19:30:21) Aki: *Fans
(19:30:27) Izzy: (I know XD)
(19:30:32) Aki: (everything works)
(19:30:34) Izzy: (It just makes me laugh)
(19:31:26) Aki: Sephiroth: ... *puts the cloth on Cloud's forehead* If you need anything else, I' in the corner, reading.
(19:31:32) Aki: Leon: Sure.
(19:31:55) Aki: (link please? XD)
(19:32:09) Izzy: (oh right)
(19:32:11) Izzy: (sorry XD)
(19:32:37) Izzy:
(19:32:42) Izzy: (well, that's the Cloud)
(19:32:53) Izzy: (he's even more emo than mine, and that's a feat)
(19:33:35) Aki: (lol nice LJ Cloud...)
(19:33:39) Izzy: (hahahah)
(19:33:46) Izzy: (it's BLACK)
(19:33:51) Aki: (yeah XD)
(19:33:53) Izzy: (Like the depths of his SOUL XD)
(19:34:14) Aki: XDDD)
(19:34:59) Aki: (....Seph's theme on Cloud's side would be fun XD)
(19:35:06) Aki: (in a battle)
(19:35:11) Izzy: (haha)
(19:35:13) Izzy: (actually)
(19:35:18) Izzy: (at some point today)
(19:35:23) Izzy: (zack...started humming it)
(19:35:30) Izzy: (I kinda died XD)
(19:36:07) Aki: (that's...amazing)
(19:37:49) Aki: (*dying reading*)
(19:38:00) Izzy: (yeah, I know)
(19:38:11) Izzy: (when you're done with that, go look at Leon's)
(19:38:16) Izzy: (it's...pretty fantastic.)
(19:38:20) Aki: (Way ahead of you)
(19:38:23) Izzy: (oh XD)
(19:39:42) Aki: (haha)
(19:40:02) Aki: Seohiroth: I hear an ominous theme...
(19:40:03) Izzy: (yeah)
(19:40:07) Aki: *Sephiroth
(19:40:13) Aki: (that's my fault, oops XD)
(19:40:19) Aki: (*Playing OWA too loud*)
(19:40:24) Izzy: (but there were some part where I was just like "HI STOP STEALING FROM OUR RP KTHANKS XD)
(19:40:28) Izzy: (bad Aki XD)
(19:40:39) Izzy: (he needs a new theme)
(19:40:43) Izzy: (the piano version hahahaha)
(19:41:03) Aki: (there's..a piano...verson?)
(19:41:10) Izzy: (yes? XD)
(19:41:15) Izzy: (I dun have it tho)
(19:41:22) Aki: (I want ittt man)
(19:41:34) Aki: (I'll find it sometime)
(19:41:46) Izzy: (I'll...get you the FF pain collection CD)
(19:41:52) Izzy: (for Christmas or something0
(19:41:57) Izzy: *piano
(19:42:01) Izzy: (...pain.)
(19:42:06) Izzy: (dammit, Cloud. XD)
(19:42:11) Izzy: (stop that.)
(19:42:13) Aki: (*dies*)
(19:42:31) Izzy: Cloud: ...I....won't...not again....
(19:42:38) Aki: Leon: Huh..?
(19:42:39) Izzy: (ignore him, he's sick and delerious)
(19:42:41) Izzy: (>.>)
(19:42:58) Aki: (pfft, I'll ignore him...telling Leon that's a different story)
(19:43:05) Izzy: (XD I figured)
(19:43:17) Izzy: Cloud: .....keep this promise....
(19:43:29) Aki: Leon: *frowns*
(19:43:52) Izzy: Cloud: ....won't give in again....nnn...
(19:43:58) Izzy: (yes, my head hurts too. DX)
(19:44:05) Izzy: (Leon's right there, calm down.)
(19:44:21) Aki: Leon: *puts a hand on Cloud's shoulder*
(19:44:26) Aki: (aww, poor kid)
(19:46:12) Aki: Sephiroth: *glances at Cloud from the corner, before going back to reading*
(19:46:26) Izzy: Cloud: ....tell....Leon....
(19:46:29) Aki: (seph's in time out again XDDDD)
(19:46:37) Aki: Leon: ...*blinks*
(19:46:37) Izzy: (Sephiroth...keeps making me laugh XDD)
(19:46:46) Aki: Leon: *tilts head*
(19:46:50) Aki: (pfft why? XD)
(19:46:55) Aki: (Cuz he's rediculous?)
(19:46:59) Aki: (XDD)
(19:47:38) Izzy: (just because XD)
(19:47:46) Izzy: Cloud: I didn't....
(19:47:52) Izzy: Cloud: I never...forgot...
(19:48:46) Aki: Leon: Cloud, s'okay.
(19:48:55) Izzy: (ginger ale is my friendddd)
(19:49:02) Aki: (yeah)
(19:49:58) Aki: (I have....had a strange thought)
(19:50:04) Izzy: (what)
(19:50:21) Aki: (If I ever get taller, I want to cosplay Sephiroth)
(19:50:28) Izzy: (besides the fact that I have to fight off yaoi fangirl thoughts when I'm tired and sick?)
(19:50:31) Izzy: (ah.)
(19:50:35) Izzy: (ah ah. XD)
(19:50:40) Izzy: (that would be a sight)
(19:50:51) Aki: (If I never get taller, I will make a Sephiroth puppet)
(19:50:56) Izzy: (ahahaha wow)
(19:51:02) Izzy: (you can be Jenova instead XDDD)
(19:51:07) Aki: (*DIES*)
(19:51:15) Izzy: (and Chi can call you "Kaa-san" XD)
(19:51:28) Aki: (think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...Aki, happy thoughts...)
(19:51:42) Aki: (I'd better get taller...)
(19:51:46) Izzy: (it was a joke XD)
(19:51:48) Izzy: (ow)
(19:51:51) Izzy: (you know)
(19:52:10) Izzy: (I think this is my body punishing me for considering drawing LeonCloud in school today)
(19:52:20) Izzy: (setting aside my hand)
(19:52:20) Aki: (*snickers*)
(19:52:46) Izzy: (Unless my brain gets messed up when I'm sick)
(19:53:01) Izzy: (I killed Kimura when I was delirious with a fever once -_-)
(19:53:17) Izzy: (Shoji...nearly killed ME)
(19:53:22) Aki: (awww)
(19:53:37) Izzy: (he still hasn't quite forgiven me)
(19:53:45) Izzy: (so I'm writing him type II XD)
(19:53:51) Aki: (Kimura is my friend <3)
(19:54:00) Izzy: (because he doesn't die in fifteen years there XD(
(19:54:02) Izzy: (see)
(19:54:05) Izzy: (I figured)
(19:54:16) Izzy: (Kimura was basically "frozen" for 200 years)
(19:54:51) Izzy: (and you know how you have to get shots when you go to different countries, because you're not used to the germs?)
(19:54:54) Izzy: (well)
(19:54:59) Izzy: (he wouldn't be, either)
(19:55:21) Izzy: (so even a sickness that wasn't usually fatal could kill him, because his body hasn't developed to deal with it)
(19:55:27) Izzy: (that's...what happens)
(19:55:31) Aki: (awww)
(19:55:35) Izzy: (yeah...)
(19:55:41) Aki: (you killed my frienddd)
(19:55:45) Izzy: (I guess I gave them fifteen years together)
(19:55:50) Izzy: (but Shoji's still pissed)
(19:56:01) Izzy: (There's Type II! And Kaizoku!)
(19:56:17) Aki: (yeah, but still)
(19:56:24) Izzy: (...Hayate and Nanako lose a child to the same sickness, too)
(19:56:35) Izzy: (bad stuff happens. >.> I'm a horrible person)
(19:56:43) Aki: (hahah)
(19:56:47) Izzy: (but I couldn't go back on it)
(19:56:53) Aki: (maybe Cloud has that sickness...)
(19:56:57) Izzy: (I couldn't just...decide to change it)
(19:57:02) Izzy: (oh right *rolls eyes*)
(19:57:04) Izzy: (sureee)
(19:57:08) Aki: (XD)
(19:57:16) Izzy: (no, he's got the plain old flu, I think(
(19:57:18) Izzy: *)
(19:57:24) Aki: (yeah)
(19:57:26) Izzy: (whatever I have)
(19:57:39) Aki: (yeppp)
(19:58:16) Izzy: Cloud: .....Leon?
(19:58:17) Aki: (Leon...BAD THOUGHTS)
(19:58:21) Izzy: (AHAHAHA)
(19:58:37) Izzy: (yeah...probably the same as my thoughts in school today)
(19:58:47) Aki: (...XDD)
(19:58:47) Izzy: (but he's sick :P)
(19:58:54) Izzy: (and Leon would get sick too XDDD)
(19:59:03) Aki: (No...waiitaminute)
(19:59:19) Aki: (what were your thoughts in school?)
(19:59:25) Izzy: (just....)
(19:59:35) Izzy: (wierd fluffy cuddling thoughts)
(19:59:42) Izzy: (I was kinda laughing at myself)
(19:59:45) Aki: (*blink* ?)
(19:59:49) Izzy: (...)
(20:00:00) Izzy: (do I have to be more obvious? XD)
(20:00:08) Aki: (yeah, you do)
(20:00:25) Izzy: (Leon. And Cloud. Cuddling. Got it memorized?)
(20:00:35) Izzy: (or do I need to spell it out too? XD)
(20:00:48) Aki: (As if.)
(20:00:54) Aki: (Go ahead, spell it.)
(20:01:08) Izzy: (yeppp...there's definitely something wrong with my brain when I'm sick)
(20:01:20) Izzy: (Okay...let's se...M-A-N-S--no, wait)
(20:01:23) Izzy: *see
(20:01:26) Aki: (XD)
(20:01:28) Izzy: (wrong one)
(20:01:32) Aki: (Seph should meet mansex)
(20:01:38) Izzy: (no no no. XD)
(20:01:47) Izzy: (they would have tea and I would die. XD)
(20:01:53) Aki: (yeah XD)
(20:01:57) Izzy: (oh god)
(20:02:04) Izzy: (Seph/Xemnas OTP)
(20:02:10) Aki: (I...just spat water out on my keyboard..hang on)
(20:02:28) Aki: (nooooo)
(20:02:36) Aki: (Xemnas/Sephiroth OTP <3)
(20:02:42) Aki: (this my new OTP)
(20:02:45) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(20:02:59) Izzy: (they will have to wear glasses and have British accents)\
(20:03:07) Izzy: (and drink tea together)
(20:03:11) Aki: (yeaah)
(20:03:27) Aki: (can you imagine Seph with a british accent?)
(20:03:28) Izzy: (Cloud...stop. You'll regret that when you're better.)
(20:03:33) Izzy: (oh, yes, I can. XDD)
(20:03:38) Izzy: (and it's fantastic.)
(20:03:43) Aki: (yeah. XDD).
(20:03:48) Aki: (what was Cloud doing?)
(20:03:58) Aki: Leon: I'm here..
(20:04:02) Aki: (being gay)
(20:04:08) Izzy: (that too XD)
(20:04:14) Aki: (XDD)
(20:04:26) Aki: (What was cloud doing?)
(20:04:44) Izzy: (he was thinking suicidal things.)
(20:04:49) Izzy: (I blame it on the fever)
(20:04:52) Aki: (o___o)
(20:04:56) Izzy: (uh-huh.)
(20:04:57) Aki: hey Leonnnn
(20:04:59) Aki: guess what
(20:05:01) Izzy: (he wouldn't usually.)
(20:05:07) Aki: Leon: hmm?
(20:05:16) Izzy: (I think that other RP Cloud affected him XD)
(20:05:20) Aki: Well, now you can connect with Cloud on a whole new level
(20:05:25) Izzy: (pff)
(20:05:31) Aki: Leon: what.
(20:05:37) Aki: Well, he's suicidal.
(20:05:44) Aki: (*poofs*)
(20:06:04) Izzy: (XD)

(20:06:09) Izzy: (you're terrible)
(20:06:35) Aki: Leon: ....
(20:06:39) Aki: (XD)
(20:06:50) Izzy: Cloud: Did I....
(20:06:57) Aki: Leon: .....Did you what..
(20:06:58) Izzy: Cloud: Did I do all right this time?
(20:07:06) Izzy: (this is worse than him being drunk. XD)
(20:07:11) Aki: (XD)
(20:07:18) Aki: (I can't tell if he's awake or not XDD)
(20:07:23) Izzy: (he's half-awake)
(20:07:31) Izzy: (he's responding to Leon but he
(20:07:41) Izzy: 's definitely not thinking right)
(20:08:16) Aki: Leon: You did fine. Everything's going to be okay..
(20:08:32) Aki: (Leon's saying all of this because..)
(20:08:41) Aki: (he wished someone would have done this for him)
(20:08:44) Izzy: (awww)
(20:08:54) Izzy: Cloud: I...
(20:09:08) Izzy: Cloud: Tifa....
(20:09:14) Izzy: Cloud: I always make her worry...
(20:09:23) Izzy: Cloud: I always make everyone...
(20:09:31) Aki: Leon: we want to. We care.
(20:09:33) Izzy: (maybe not as gay as I thought, but oh well)
(20:09:35) Izzy: (XD)
(20:09:44) Aki: Leon: So try your hardest to get better, okay?
(20:09:48) Aki: (aww)
(20:09:51) Izzy: Cloud: I'm tired...
(20:09:51) Aki: (lol )
(20:10:06) Aki: Leon: Go ahead and rest, I'll be here if you need anything.
(20:11:06) Izzy: Cloud: th--thanks...
(20:11:26) Aki: Leon: No problem.
(20:12:41) Aki: Leon: ....*smiling a bit*
(20:12:46) Izzy: (sorry...headache...>.<)
(20:12:50) Izzy: (gimme a sec)
(20:12:59) Aki: (s'okay)
(20:14:26) Izzy: (I want my back to stop hurtinggg)
(20:14:30) Izzy: (it's not my injury)
(20:14:40) Izzy: (it's my upper back, and it's aching because I'm sick)
(20:14:44) Izzy: (*sigh*)
(20:14:58) Izzy: (sorry, not trying to worry you, trying to distract myself from it)
(20:15:48) Aki: (sokay :D)
(20:16:19) Izzy: (which is probably why Cloud is acting like that -_-)
(20:16:28) Izzy: (I really want someone to fuss over me right now...)
(20:16:30) Izzy: (>.>)
(20:16:46) Izzy: (ahh, I'm being whiny and silly)
(20:17:31) Izzy: (I'll go to be at 9, I guess...)
(20:17:37) Izzy: (hope I wake up okay)'
(20:18:57) Aki: (feh, my computer is being extremely slow, but guess what I found?)
(20:19:08) Izzy: (what)
(20:19:19) Aki: (OWA piano version)
(20:19:49) Izzy: (oh man)
(20:20:28) Izzy: (Cloud fell asleep, finally)
(20:20:35) Aki: lemme download ittt :D
(20:20:40) Izzy: kay
(20:20:45) Aki: hang onnnn X3
(20:32:29) Aki: ....this thingggg pisses me offff
(20:32:34) Izzy: e h
(20:32:39) Aki: I had to buy it
(20:32:39) Izzy: *eh
(20:32:43) Aki: butttt
(20:32:44) Izzy: what
(20:32:49) Aki: oh
(20:32:52) Aki: I bought it
(20:32:57) Izzy: iTunes?
(20:32:58) Aki: but it's not working
(20:33:00) Aki: yeah
(20:33:01) Izzy: oh...
(20:33:10) Aki: ah well
(20:33:24) Izzy: >.<
(20:33:29) Aki: :\
(20:33:49) Izzy: *hug because you can't get sick over the internet*
(20:34:11) Aki: *hugged* XD
(20:35:16) Aki: lol wow
(20:35:34) Aki: I figure out how to play Aerith's theme on my portable keyboard just now tho
(20:35:45) Izzy: aww yayy
(20:36:01) Aki: XD
(20:38:07) Aki: Leon: *yawns*
(20:41:14) Aki: Sephiroth: Why don't you go rest?
(20:41:25) Aki: Leon: I can't. I said I'd be here..
(20:42:50) Izzy: okay
(20:42:54) Izzy: I'm going to sleep
(20:42:56) Izzy: -_-
(20:43:00) Izzy: I'm sorry
(20:43:02) Aki: k
(20:43:04) Aki: sure
(20:43:06) Aki: night
(20:43:08) Izzy: I'm practically dead
(20:43:09) Aki: feel betterrr
(20:43:16) Aki: sleeep
(20:43:19) Izzy: thanks
(20:43:22) Izzy: see you ^^
(20:43:25) Aki: ^^