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Izzy: (*cling*)
(17:01:21) Aki: (*hug*)
(17:01:34) Aki: (What's wrong, sweetie?)
(17:01:40) Aki: (...[/shiva])
(17:01:50) Izzy: (I FINALLY finished the lineart for the Axel/Kairi piccc)
(17:01:52) Izzy: (andddd)
(17:01:55) Izzy: (I missed youuu)
(17:02:00) Aki: (awww <333)
(17:02:08) Aki: (I missed you too D: )
(17:02:19) Aki: (I am in a motherly mode right now XD)
(17:02:21) Izzy: (hahaha)
(17:02:41) Aki: (You see, I had to take care of little children in school today)
(17:02:46) Aki: (so... XD)
(17:03:21) Izzy: (awww)
(17:03:33) Aki: (:D)
(17:03:56) Aki: (...Sora....almost died again around lunch time, but Aerith fixed him up, and he's okay now)
(17:04:06) Izzy: (ahhh)
(17:04:20) Aki: (well, he's okayish. there's still something wrong, but he's sasfer now)
(17:04:23) Aki: *safer
(17:04:38) Aki: (andddd Leon was...missing Cloud. Loudly.)
(17:04:44) Izzy: (pfft)
(17:04:52) Aki: (Aerith missed Zack )
(17:04:59) Izzy: (I recovered slightly from the fic)
(17:05:05) Aki: (and she cried...oh)
(17:05:11) Aki: (haha, it made me laugh)
(17:05:13) Aki: (the fic)
(17:05:16) Izzy: (awww Aerith)
(17:05:33) Aki: (sephiroth did some reconstruction work)
(17:05:39) Aki: (and Yazoo threw up today)
(17:05:42) Aki: (no one's happy)
(17:05:45) Izzy: (Zack: I'm back now, darling. >.>)
(17:05:47) Aki: (D: )
(17:05:48) Izzy: (everyone sick D:)
(17:05:54) Izzy: *everyone's
(17:06:00) Aki: (Aerith: *TACKLEZACK*)
(17:06:24) Izzy: (Zack: *picks her up by the waist and twirls her around*)
(17:06:37) Izzy: ( have NO idea how long he's been wanting to do that. XD)
(17:06:42) Aki: (Aerith: :DDD~)
(17:06:52) Aki: (and she's happy now XD)
(17:07:10) Izzy: (<3)
(17:07:50) Aki: (:D)
(17:08:06) Aki: (and Sora cried all day for Riku and Kairi)
(17:08:12) Aki: (but it's understandable)
(17:08:32) Izzy: (aww)
(17:08:40) Izzy: Kairi: *hugs him*
(17:08:46) Izzy: Kairi: Riku...
(17:08:51) Izzy: Riku: .....*hugs him too*
(17:09:02) Izzy: (Riku, you loser.)
(17:09:07) Aki: (*dies of cute cute yayness*)
(17:09:17) Izzy: (stop trying to maintain your manly image, it was gone long long ago XD)
(17:09:26) Aki: (*SHOT*)
(17:09:46) Aki: (I actually think Sora almost gave up again DX)
(17:09:51) Aki: (and that's why he almost died)
(17:09:56) Aki: (I'm not sure)
(17:10:01) Aki: (I wasn't there, I was getting lunch XD)
(17:10:45) Aki: (this kid is having confidence/other mental issues)
(17:10:58) Aki: (Maybe he needs to go with Xemnas to counseling)
(17:11:00) Izzy: (....)
(17:11:15) Izzy: Kairi: Did you eat the soup okay?
(17:11:27) Aki: Sora: *nods*
(17:11:44) Aki: (cuz it's Kairi's magical soup like you said)
(17:11:47) Izzy: (hahaha)
(17:13:12) Izzy: (but yeah)
(17:13:18) Izzy: ( somewhat better)
(17:13:22) Aki: (good)
(17:13:30) Izzy: (like, he'd okay to be getting up)
(17:13:33) Izzy: *he's
(17:13:38) Izzy: (but mentally...I dunno)
(17:13:44) Aki: (DX)
(17:13:52) Izzy: (no, not like that hahahah)
(17:14:01) Izzy: (he was just bit traumatized by the fic)
(17:14:06) Aki: (oh)
(17:14:14) Aki: (*laughs*)
(17:14:20) Izzy: (since I usually tend to shield him from fandom crack other than ours)
(17:14:27) Aki: hahah)
(17:14:45) Izzy: (and he keeps looking at me like I betrayed him XD)
(17:15:03) Izzy: (and he' too embarrassed to even look at Leon right now)
(17:15:17) Aki: that's upsetting XD)
(17:15:24) Aki: (*laughs anyway*)
(17:15:35) Izzy: (it IS funny. XD)
(17:15:54) Izzy: (the best [worst?] that I still have four chapters left...)
(17:16:09) Aki: (wtf you're still gonna read it? XD)
(17:16:12) Izzy: (....)
(17:16:15) Izzy: (look)
(17:16:19) Izzy: (one of my problems)
(17:16:27) Izzy: (is that I have to finish something once I start)
(17:16:33) Izzy: (or it drives me crazy)
(17:16:36) Aki: (*falls*)
(17:16:41) Izzy: (not that it doesn't drive me crazy anyway)
(17:16:42) Aki: (that's greattt)
(17:16:46) Izzy: (it's terrible XD)
(17:16:56) Aki: (It's funny in this situation XDDD)
(17:17:32) Aki: (Okay, they just on dates and stuff, and Cloud's all blushy blushy)
(17:17:35) Aki: (so they stay home)
(17:17:43) Aki: (and Leon buys him vanilla ice cream)
(17:17:49) Aki: (and Leon wants to try some)
(17:17:54) Aki: (but Cloud wont let him)
(17:18:01) Izzy: ( if he's never had any? >.>)
(17:18:02) Aki: (and he eats the etire tub)
(17:18:08) Aki: (oh)
(17:18:15) Aki: (Leon HATES sweet things )
(17:18:18) Izzy: (ah)
(17:18:20) Izzy: (hahahah)
(17:18:25) Izzy: (*amused*)
(17:18:34) Izzy: (btw)
(17:18:36) Aki: (XD)
(17:18:38) Aki: (?)
(17:18:42) Izzy: (oh, go ahead and finish first)
(17:18:50) Aki: (huh?)
(17:19:01) Aki: (I have nothing to say exccept "hahahaha")
(17:19:06) Aki: *except
(17:19:09) Izzy: (oh)
(17:19:15) Izzy: (that's all she's written so far?)
(17:19:23) Aki: (no)
(17:19:32) Aki: (okay that's all like chapter 3)
(17:19:35) Aki: (or four)
(17:19:39) Aki: (but then)
(17:20:07) Aki: (Leon's in kendo, and he has to give something to Leon, but he doesn't want the other kids to see him)
(17:20:19) Aki: (so he gets Zidane to go in there to get Leon for him)
(17:20:20) Izzy: (hah)
(17:20:32) Izzy: (does he still have a tail? XD)
(17:20:55) Aki: (but Zidane tells everyone in kendo "Leon, your little cutiepie is outside the door")
(17:21:01) Aki: (I bet he does)
(17:21:15) Aki: (so Leon goes to the door and grabs Cloud and drags him in)
(17:21:21) Aki: (and everyone stares at Cloud)
(17:21:26) Izzy: (oh god)
(17:21:39) Aki: (So then Seifer comes in and starts talking with Cloud)
(17:21:49) Aki: (and asks Cloud if he could borrow a book)
(17:21:59) Aki: (so Cloud and Seifer have a friendly conversation)
(17:22:10) Aki: (and Leon's all "GRRRRRR" in the background)
(17:22:11) Izzy: (Cloud and Seifer have a friendly conversation.)
(17:22:17) Izzy: (Cloud and SEIFER)
(17:22:28) Izzy: (....*a bit stunned by the thought*)
(17:22:29) Aki: (and Leon gets pissed and punches Seifer or something)
(17:22:32) Izzy: (ahahah)
(17:22:39) Izzy: (posessive much?)
(17:22:49) Aki: ("MY BOYFRIEND. You aren't...cheating on me, are you, Cloud?")
(17:22:51) Aki: (and)
(17:22:55) Izzy: (oh god)
(17:23:36) Aki: (Cloud was like, 'we met over the summer at library. I was too short, and couldn't reacha book even with a chair...I felll...and landed on Seifer)
(17:23:37) Aki: *"
(17:23:41) Aki: *at the
(17:23:56) Aki: (and the last oneeee)
(17:23:58) Aki: (or two_
(17:24:00) Aki: *)
(17:24:14) Aki: (Cloud has Leon over to his house)
(17:24:26) Aki: (and Leon wants to sleep in Cloud's room)
(17:24:32) Izzy: (.....)
(17:24:38) Aki: (And Cloud's like, "HOWABOUTTHEGUESTROOM?")
(17:24:49) Aki: ("But I want to be with you...")
(17:25:01) Aki: ("Theguessroomisnice.ipromise.")
(17:25:06) Aki: *guest
(17:25:16) Aki: ("I won't do anything, promise..")
(17:25:37) Aki: (so they end up sharing the bed until Leon acidentally hugs Cloud in his sleep)
(17:25:41) Aki: (and Cloud kicks him out)
(17:25:52) Izzy: (geez)
(17:25:56) Aki: (and locks him out)
(17:26:02) Izzy: (and what does Yuffie think of this?_
(17:26:08) Aki: (cloud figured Leon would go back to the guest room)
(17:26:11) Aki: (she's laughing )
(17:26:16) Izzy: (oh Yuffie XD)
(17:26:20) Aki: (XD)
(17:26:48) Aki: (but all of a sudden, she's like, "Cloud, he's been out there in the freezing hallway sleeping against your door for like...4 hours, right?")
(17:26:59) Aki: (and Cloud freaks)
(17:27:07) Aki: (and is like, "HE'LL GET SICK")
(17:27:16) Izzy: (aww)
(17:27:25) Aki: (and he goes out to get Leon, and he takes him back in)
(17:27:43) Izzy: (this Cloud is...far too easily manipulated XD)
(17:27:47) Aki: (and Leon wakes up and is like, "sorry...I didn't mean to, I'm sorry *sneeze*")
(17:28:00) Aki: (and Cloud forgives him)
(17:28:09) Aki: (and then they stay home the next day and watch movies)
(17:28:19) Aki: (and Cloud makes Leon cookies)
(17:28:29) Aki: (and I'm waiting for chapter 7 now )
(17:28:33) Izzy: (bad cookies XD)
(17:28:35) Izzy: (j/k)
(17:28:37) Izzy: (anyway)
(17:28:44) Aki: (no, Cloud's quite a cook in this fic XD)
(17:28:47) Izzy: (hahaha)
(17:29:00) Aki: (but yeah)
(17:29:08) Aki: (there, you don't have to read it anymore)
(17:29:09) Aki: (XD)
(17:29:25) Izzy: (...good, I guess. XD)
(17:29:39) Izzy: (because I think lLoud would have moved out otherwise)
(17:29:42) Izzy: *Cloud
(17:29:45) Izzy: (I fail)
(17:29:47) Izzy: (anyway)
(17:29:47) Aki: (to where?)
(17:29:49) Izzy: (well)
(17:29:54) Izzy: (that's a good question)
(17:29:58) Izzy: (Leon lives in your head)
(17:30:03) Izzy: (but so does Seph)
(17:30:06) Aki: (XD)
(17:30:14) Aki: (only because Seph likes me)
(17:30:30) Izzy: (hahaha0
(17:30:32) Izzy: (but yeah)
(17:30:34) Izzy: (I guess)
(17:30:43) Izzy: (what bothered me more than the romance)
(17:30:53) Izzy: (was that...I empathize far too much with Cloud)
(17:30:54) Aki: (OoCCCCCC XD)
(17:30:57) Aki: (haha)
(17:30:58) Izzy: (well)
(17:31:01) Izzy: (it was like)
(17:31:11) Izzy: (when he was embarassed I was embarrassed)
(17:31:14) Izzy: (etc.)
(17:31:15) Aki: (XDDD)
(17:31:18) Aki: (*DIES*)
(17:31:21) Izzy: (and that kinda screwed me over)
(17:31:30) Izzy: (especially because I was still recovering XD)
(17:31:33) Aki: (Well, you would have...died in chapter 6)
(17:31:35) Izzy: (hah)
(17:31:42) Izzy: (good thing you summarized for me then)
(17:31:46) Aki: (yeah)
(17:32:09) Izzy: (basically)
(17:32:13) Izzy: (my reaction was this)
(17:32:19) Izzy:
(17:33:14) Aki: (that....made my day)
(17:33:20) Aki: (Leon: .....)
(17:33:50) Izzy: (I love how Cloud is willing to sacrifice MY favorite dessert. >.>)
(17:34:15) Aki logged in.
(17:34:35) Aki: (*finds your pain funnier than it should be*)
(17:34:55) Izzy: (in a month or so I'll probably look back and laugh)
(17:34:57) Izzy: (hah)
(17:35:02) Aki: (XDD)
(17:35:07) Aki: Leon: ............
(17:35:20) Aki: (he's not missing cloud loudly anymore...he's just missing him)
(17:35:24) Izzy: (aww)
(17:35:29) Izzy: (yeah, basically)
(17:35:44) Izzy: (Cloud didn't object to the Leon liking him thing, he objected more to the OOC)
(17:35:51) Izzy: (and the whole high school thing)
(17:35:55) Izzy: (sorry)
(17:36:02) Aki: (I dont like the highschool thing)
(17:36:04) Izzy: (but I find high school AU kinda...cliche)
(17:36:07) Aki: (actually)
(17:36:09) Izzy: (yeah)
(17:36:19) Aki: (I used it more as a laughing thing XD)
(17:36:28) Izzy: (it's hard to take seriously anyway)
(17:36:30) Aki: (cuz when I started it)
(17:36:43) Izzy: (like, even when Yuffie was emoing over not being to help Cloud, I laughed)
(17:36:44) Aki: (I was rock bottom)
(17:36:48) Izzy: (aww)
(17:36:55) Aki: (so it made me laugh)
(17:36:58) Izzy: (that's what fanfiction's for XD)
(17:37:05) Aki: (yeah)
(17:37:12) Izzy: (but yeah)
(17:37:16) Izzy: (it was the OOC)
(17:37:20) Izzy: (like...)
(17:37:57) Izzy: (Even if Leon were gay, he wouldn't act like that)
(17:38:04) Aki: (I'm wondering why everyone always makes Leon the gay one XD)
(17:38:09) Izzy: (so it threw him off a lot...)
(17:38:11) Aki: (Why not Cloud first?)
(17:38:13) Izzy: (uh-huh)
(17:38:17) Izzy: (because)
(17:38:18) Aki: (*SHOT*)
(17:38:22) Izzy: (they're yaoi fangirls)
(17:38:23) Aki: (no, I know why)
(17:38:28) Aki: (also)
(17:38:31) Aki: (because)
(17:38:34) Izzy: (and 99.9% of yaoi fangirls think Cloud is uke)
(17:38:37) Izzy: (therefore)
(17:38:44) Izzy: (he can't possibly make the first move.)
(17:38:48) Aki: (....XDD)
(17:38:57) Aki: (He wouldn't be able to anyway)
(17:39:02) Aki: (this conversation is...)
(17:39:08) Aki: (funny XD)
(17:39:14) Izzy: (...seriously, though, would EITHER of them, ever? XDD)
(17:39:33) Izzy: (they both had to be dragged feet-first into relationships)
(17:39:45) Aki: (someone would have to make the first move for them)
(17:39:50) Izzy: (exactly)
(17:39:54) Izzy: (like...Yuffie.)
(17:39:57) Aki: (yeah)
(17:39:57) Izzy: (<.<)
(17:40:10) Aki: (XD)
(17:40:46) Aki: Leon: ..............
(17:40:49) Aki: (*sighs*)
(17:41:06) Aki: (You can miss him loudly now...)
(17:41:11) Izzy: (aww)
(17:41:16) Aki: Leon: I'm lonellyyy D:
(17:41:42) Izzy: Cloud: *walks in the front door*
(17:41:45) Izzy: (oh.)
(17:41:46) Aki: (he...has been like, "I MISS CLOUDDDDDD" all day)
(17:41:51) Izzy: (that's where he was)
(17:42:01) Izzy: (....motorcycle maintenance...)
(17:42:04) Aki: (XDD)
(17:42:36) Aki: (he has another Fenrir to maintain)
(17:42:41) Izzy: (yeah XD)
(17:42:45) Aki: (XD)
(17:43:13) Izzy: Cloud: *passes a hand over his face and only succeeds in making the oil smudge worse* .....
(17:43:36) Aki: Leon: *snicker*
(17:44:10) Izzy: Cloud: What? I haven't cleaned it in weeks.
(17:44:18) Izzy: Cloud: Too much happening all at once...
(17:44:37) Aki: Leon: *nods* It still doesn't make your face any less amusing.
(17:44:39) Izzy: (oh yeahhh)
(17:44:41) Izzy:
(17:44:57) Izzy: (and am coloring :D)
(17:45:12) Aki: (PRETTTTTYYY)
(17:45:32) Izzy: (I finally got the poses to look relatively okay)
(17:45:45) Aki: (:])
(17:46:06) Izzy: (Kairi still looks a bit awkward, but at this point, I don't care)
(17:46:13) Izzy: (I've been trying to finish for monthsss)
(17:46:18) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(17:46:45) Izzy: Cloud: I was just wondering...
(17:47:13) Izzy: Cloud: We were...planning to go back and visit everyone in Edge, but maybe we shouldn't leave.
(17:47:18) Izzy: Cloud: Sora's having trouble...
(17:47:31) Izzy: Cloud: And a lot of people have gotten sick...
(17:48:17) Aki: Leon: Merlin got this illness healing potion from Yen Sid...and he's going to bring it around later..
(17:48:40) Aki: Leon: He was meaning to bring it earlier, but the King needed help with something.
(17:49:20) Aki: Leon: I'm not sure about Sora, though. He almost...
(17:49:24) Aki: Leon: again..
(17:49:31) Aki: Leon: *sighs*
(17:49:34) Izzy: Cloud: .....*frowns*
(17:49:46) Izzy: Cloud: There has to be something we can do this time.
(17:49:59) Aki: Leon: Kairi got him to eat, actually.
(17:50:24) Aki: Leon: Once his body's stronger, we handle the other problems.
(17:50:45) Aki: Leon: He's oging to want to come with us, so...
(17:50:51) Aki: *going
(17:51:22) Izzy: Cloud: You're right. It can wait a little longer.
(17:51:44) Aki: Leon: You guys can go. I'll stay and watch Sora.
(17:52:06) Aki: Leon: I can explain to him that it you aren't going to be there very long.
(17:52:18) Aki: Leon: It wont be worth it to go, for him.
(17:52:37) Izzy: Cloud: Especially...not with what's happened to him before.
(17:52:51) Aki: Leon: It's not like THAT would stop him though.
(17:53:43) Aki: Leon: *sighs* You guys can go. Kairi, Riku and I can stay with Sora.
(17:54:39) Izzy: Cloud: ...All right. Thanks.
(17:54:58) Izzy: Cloud: I guess I just want a chance to explain to everyone...we left behind.
(17:55:14) Izzy: Cloud: Last time we had too much on our minds...
(17:55:27) Izzy: Cloud: But I'll make sure we come back soon.
(17:55:41) Izzy: (...uh-huh. Right. Little do they know...XD_
(17:55:44) Izzy: *)
(17:55:44) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(17:55:50) Aki: (XD)
(17:56:31) Aki: (wanna say they're there now? *getting impatient* >_>)
(17:56:35) Izzy: (gtg in a sec)
(17:56:37) Izzy: (class)
(17:56:39) Izzy: (but)
(17:56:40) Aki: (yeah)
(17:56:41) Izzy: (sure)
(17:56:52) Aki: (k.)
(17:57:04) Izzy: (So we've got Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Cid)
(17:57:08) Izzy: (Aerith, Zack)
(17:57:16) Aki: ( 6'2")
(17:57:20) Aki: (Reno)
(17:57:23) Izzy: (..right)
(17:57:39) Izzy: (the SHM?)
(17:57:41) Izzy: (tho)
(17:57:52) Izzy: (Kadaj would want to stay with Sora)
(17:58:03) Aki: (and Yazoo is where Kadaj is)
(17:58:14) Izzy: (and Loz, etc etc)
(17:58:19) Aki: (haha)
(17:58:25) Aki: (yeah)
(17:58:38) Izzy: (good, at least we can cut down on the number of people to keep track of)
(17:58:40) Izzy: (for now)
(17:58:51) Izzy: (they should stop by and see Barret and the kids first)
(17:58:54) Aki: Aerith: *stretches* Sooooo good to be back.
(17:58:56) Aki: (k XD)
(17:59:01) Izzy: Cloud: ...*looks up*
(17:59:12) Izzy: Tifa: And it's good weather today. ^^
(17:59:31) Aki: Cid: o' course.
(17:59:34) Izzy: Zack: You guys gonna admire the sky or catch up?
(17:59:46) Aki: Aerith: *goes after him*
(17:59:52) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(18:00:07) Izzy: Tifa: The kids are probably waiting.
(18:00:20) Izzy: (...ahhh, I gotta go or I'll miss the bus -_-)
(18:00:25) Aki: (k byeee)
(18:00:26) Izzy: (*hugs youuu*)
(18:00:32) Izzy: (I'll be up early tomorrow ,3)
(18:00:35) Izzy: *<3
(18:00:37) Aki: (k)
(18:00:37) Izzy: (byeee0

Cloud: ...
(18:00:07) Izzy: Tifa: The kids are probably waiting.
(05:40:12) Aki: HI BARRET! (*disappears*)
(05:40:16) Izzy: (XD)
(05:41:09) Aki: Reno: ....*doesn't feel like getting caught by Rufus today, so is keeping an eye out*
(05:41:19) Izzy: (oh Reno XD)
(05:41:19) Aki: (He doesn't want to leave Hollow Bastion XDD)
(05:41:29) Izzy: (awww he didn't have to XD)
(05:41:48) Aki: (He considers himself retired XDDD)
(05:41:56) Izzy: Cloud: ...*standing in front of the bar entrance* "Closed"...
(05:41:59) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(05:42:11) Izzy: Tifa: Well, of course...*a little sadly*
(05:42:19) Izzy: Tifa: But maybe someone's still here.
(05:42:33) Izzy: Tifa: The phone still worked, right?
(05:42:57) Izzy: Cloud: *goes around to the back entrance*
(05:43:29) Aki: Aerith: *Glancing around*
(05:43:36) Izzy: Cloud: *unlocks it*
(05:43:47) Aki: Cid: Maybe yeh should just call 'im, if he's not there.
(05:43:48) Izzy: (yeah, he still has the keys XD)
(05:44:01) Izzy: (he kept them with Fenrir)
(05:44:01) Aki: (pfft Cloud)
(05:44:10) Izzy: (the motorcycle Fenrir)
(05:44:17) Aki: (I figured XD)
(05:44:19) Izzy: (hahaha)
(05:44:33) Aki: Yuffie: *follows Cloud*
(05:44:40) Izzy: Cloud: I don't fancy getting yelled at over the phone again.
(05:44:48) Izzy: Cloud: I'd rather get yelled at in person.
(05:45:00) Izzy: Cloud: *opens the door and walks in*
(05:45:08) Izzy: Tifa: *follows*
(05:45:09) Aki: (haha, Leon's phone.)
(05:45:12) Izzy: (hahah)
(05:45:24) Aki: Aerith: *follows*
(05:45:35) Aki: Cid: *goes after him*
(05:45:41) Aki: Sephiroth: *does so as well*
(05:45:49) Aki: Reno: *runs inside*
(05:45:55) Izzy: (hahaha)
(05:46:02) Izzy: Zack: *following Aerith*
(05:46:24) Aki: -everyone else who could possible be there follows-
(05:46:29) Aki: *possibly
(05:46:30) Izzy: (XD)
(05:46:35) Izzy: Denzel: *looks up from sweeping the floor*
(05:46:54) Izzy: (Denzel is a good, helpful little boy who does his chorse without being told)
(05:46:57) Izzy: (XD)
(05:46:58) Aki: (XDDD)
(05:47:11) Izzy: *chores
(05:47:55) Izzy: Denzel: *looks shocked for a moment* Cloud! *runs over and tries to hug Cloud and Tifa both at once*
(05:48:11) Aki: (....*diesss of cute*)
(05:48:24) Izzy: (aww he missed his mommy and daddy XDD)
(05:48:28) Aki: (XDD)
(05:48:40) Izzy: Tifa: *hugging him back*
(05:48:53) Izzy: Cloud: *puts a hand on Denzel's shoulder*
(05:49:09) Aki: (pfft, totally better than a hug, Cloud)
(05:49:13) Aki: (*shot*)
(05:49:20) Izzy: Denzel: Marlene said---but I didn't think you'd--
(05:49:54) Izzy: (Tifa actually crouched down, but Denzel tackled Cloud while he was still standing up, so he cna't do much more than that XD)
(05:50:00) Izzy: *can't
(05:50:05) Aki: (oh i see XD)
(05:50:27) Aki: (so that's how it is then? )
(05:50:37) Izzy: Tifa: I'm sorry. I know, we should have come sooner.
(05:50:41) Aki: (I see when I'm not wanted. *SHOT*)
(05:50:42) Izzy: (how what is? XD)
(05:50:47) Izzy: (what? XD_
(05:51:09) Aki: (nevermind. Spontaneous crack moment. Right there.)
(05:51:11) Izzy: Denzel: *hugs them for a moment longer, then blinks*
(05:51:17) Izzy: Denzel: Marlene...
(05:51:49) Izzy: Denzel: *breaks away reluctantly and runs over to the bottom of the stairs, calling up* Marlene! Come down! Hurry!
(05:52:25) Aki: Marlene: Why, you want me to see how clean downstairs looks? *comes down*
(05:52:41) Aki: (she was cleaning upstairs XD)
(05:52:44) Izzy: (aww)
(05:53:22) Izzy: Denzel: *runs up to pull her by the hand down the lst few steps* They're back! They're really back!
(05:53:35) Izzy: *last
(05:53:57) Aki: Marlene: Really?
(05:54:27) Aki: Marlene: *sees Cloud and Tifa nd stares a minute before tackling them much like Denzel did*
(05:54:55) Izzy: (awww)
(05:55:23) Aki: Marlene: You're back, you're back! *hugs Tifa before going over to cling to Cloud's leg*
(05:55:33) Aki: (pfft, hug his leg, Marlene XD)
(05:55:41) Izzy: (she's so shorrt XD)
(05:55:50) Aki: (yess XD)
(05:55:56) Izzy: Denzel: *hugging Tifa again*
(05:56:29) Izzy: (and then Marlene spots Yuffie, Cid...and Aerith...XD)
(05:56:50) Aki: Marlene: There's lots more people here.
(05:56:53) Aki: (exactly)
(05:57:26) Aki: (XD)
(05:57:38) Izzy: Tifa: That's right. There's some people you don't know. They're our friends, too.
(05:57:47) Izzy: (Marlene knows thos three tho)
(05:57:51) Izzy: (those
(05:57:53) Izzy: **
(05:57:55) Aki: (yeah XD)
(05:58:05) Izzy: (XD and she hasn't seen Aerith not-dead yer)
(05:58:07) Izzy: *yet
(05:58:41) Aki: (Cept that one time where they were kidnapped by Tseng...)
(05:58:48) Aki: (*dies*)
(05:58:55) Izzy: (what? XD)
(05:59:08) Aki: (do you mean in the RP specifically?)
(05:59:11) Izzy: (yeah)
(05:59:18) Aki: (ohhh, well then)
(05:59:23) Aki: (no Tseng XD)
(05:59:28) Aki: (He makes me laugh)
(05:59:32) Izzy: Denzel: Welcome back...*sniffs and swipes at his face, trying to pretend he's not crying*
(05:59:36) Izzy: (I love Tseng)
(05:59:39) Izzy: (the poor guy)
(05:59:48) Izzy: (always getting horribly injured)
(05:59:58) Aki: ("Boy, do I feel sorry for you...")
(05:59:59) Izzy: (first Sephiroth, then the SHM...)
(06:00:01) Izzy: (hahaha)
(06:00:15) Izzy: (and his unrequited love for Aerith XD)
(06:00:20) Aki: (XDDD)
(06:00:29) Izzy: (anyway)
(06:01:08) Aki: Marlene: But we know Cid, Yuffie and Ae--*blinks*
(06:01:29) Aki: Marlene: *squints before blinking again*
(06:01:34) Aki: Aerith: *waves*
(06:01:36) Izzy: (Onee-chan <3 XD)
(06:01:50) Aki: (X3)
(06:02:32) Aki: Marlene: Onee-chan :OO
(06:02:39) Aki: Aerith: Helloooo.
(06:03:02) Aki: (that took a while XD)
(06:03:06) Izzy: (awww)
(06:04:07) Aki: Marlene: *hugs her* but...didn'
(06:04:11) Izzy: Denzel: *blinks and looks over*
(06:04:40) Aki: Aerith: I'm magical. So, I came back to keep an eye on everyone, along with Zack here. *glances at Zack*
(06:05:02) Aki: Marlene: *blinks* Oh. :D
(06:05:25) Izzy: Zack: That's right, everyone gets into all kinds of trouble without us. *Slaps Cloud on the back*
(06:05:29) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(06:05:58) Aki: Marlene: He gets into lots of trouble with anybody not here. :\
(06:06:14) Izzy: (awww marlene XDD)
(06:06:22) Aki: (XD)
(06:06:40) Aki: Marlene: Who else is here?
(06:07:18) Izzy: Cloud: .......
(06:07:40) Izzy: Tifa: Well...
(06:07:52) Aki: Marlene: *grabs onto cloud's arm happily*
(06:07:53) Izzy: Barret: *from upstairs* What's all th' noise? We ain't takin' no customers today.
(06:08:10) Aki: Marlene: They're back, they're backkk!
(06:08:36) Izzy: Barret: *walking down the stairs grumbling* Ah always said I ain't fit to take car o'--
(06:09:01) Aki: Marlene: See? I told you.
(06:09:20) Izzy: Tifa: Barret!
(06:09:56) Izzy: Barret: ...well, shi--*checks his language* Sho' took you long enough!
(06:10:14) Izzy: (it's hard to type his slang, haha XD)
(06:10:17) Aki: (XD)
(06:10:52) Aki: Marlene: Onee-chan, too!
(06:11:16) Izzy: Barret: *stops* Whu--
(06:12:25) Izzy: (he heard from Vincent but he's still like "Well, SHIT." XD)
(06:12:32) Aki: (XD)
(06:12:51) Aki: Aerith: Hey there~ *leans over from behind Cloud and waves*
(06:13:10) Izzy: Barret: *stares for a moment*
(06:13:30) Izzy: (good thing Seph's hanging back, or the poor man would have a heart attack XD)
(06:13:39) Aki: XD)
(06:13:57) Aki: (I think Seph went out to the Saucer to play some games XD)
(06:14:02) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(06:14:09) Izzy: Barret: Y'really...
(06:14:38) Aki: Marlene: :DD
(06:14:56) Aki: Reno: Mind if I have a drink? *behind the booth*
(06:15:09) Izzy: Barret: Well...damn.
(06:15:21) Izzy: (oh god Reno, not the time XD)
(06:15:24) Aki: (XD)
(06:15:38) Izzy: Tifa: *mouths "go ahead but not too much" at him*
(06:15:58) Aki: Reno: *goes about deciding*
(06:16:57) Aki: Aerith: I'm going to go talk to him, okay? I don't think he wants to be in here to scare anyone.. *talking about Seph to Zack*
(06:17:17) Izzy: Zack: Might be a good idea.
(06:17:24) Aki: Aerith: *nods and goes outside*
(06:17:34) Izzy: Zack: *follows her*
(06:17:42) Izzy: Barret: Wuzzat...?
(06:17:44) Izzy: Tifa: Zack.
(06:18:07) Aki: Yuffie: Aerith and he are marrieeeddd. With kids. *snickers*
(06:18:23) Aki: (I didn't give you permission to say that, Yuffie XDD)
(06:18:28) Izzy: (XDDD)
(06:18:40) Izzy: Barret: Married!?
(06:18:47) Aki: Yuffie: With three kids.
(06:18:53) Aki: (*dies*)
(06:18:59) Aki: (she's talking on her own XD)
(06:19:01) Izzy: (trust Yuffie. XD)
(06:19:59) Aki: Yuffie: *hands on hips* "'o 'course, is zat re'lly such a shocker?"
(06:20:12) Aki: (I've been reading too much slang poetry for school that it's not even funny)
(06:20:15) Izzy: Barret: Shut yer smart mouth.
(06:20:17) Izzy: (XD)
(06:20:27) Aki: (XD)
(06:20:31) Aki: (sh HAD to XD)
(06:20:33) Aki: *she
(06:20:44) Izzy: (hahaha)
(06:21:18) Aki: Cid: *sighs* I'ma have a drink, too. *goes to join Reno*
(06:21:36) Aki: (read: "I'm tired of standing")
(06:22:05) Izzy: (haha)
(06:22:10) Aki: Sephiroth: Explaing it wouldn't do any good right now, I believe.
(06:22:15) Izzy: Tifa: Why don't we all sit down...
(06:22:17) Aki: Aerith: *sighs*
(06:22:26) Aki: *explaining
(06:22:55) Izzy: (poor Aerith, she tries so hard)
(06:23:01) Aki: (yeah XD)
(06:23:40) Aki: Aerith: you're going to have to sometime, you know.
(06:24:32) Izzy: (...sorry, this requires some thinking on my part XD
(06:24:40) Aki: (XD)
(06:24:57) Izzy: (oh yeah, my mom threatened to push back my internet time...)
(06:25:05) Izzy: (so it might go off early today. I dunno)
(06:25:08) Izzy: (we'll see)
(06:25:16) Aki: (I see)
(06:25:19) Aki: (okay)
(06:26:21) Izzy: (ermmm. -_-)
(06:26:24) Aki: Aerith: ....C'mon, might as well scare them, get it over with, explain, and be on better terms.
(06:26:38) Izzy: (I seem to have hit a metaphorical wall of some sorts)
(06:26:46) Izzy: (Metaphorical?)
(06:26:49) Aki: (haha metaphoresss)
(06:26:53) Izzy: (never mind, ignore me)
(06:27:01) Izzy: (I don't know what I'm talking about XD)
(06:27:10) Aki: (XD)
(06:27:19) Aki: Sephiroth: ...but..
(06:27:24) Aki: Aerith: C'mon.
(06:27:35) Izzy: Zack: and hey, if you put it off it'll just be worse later on.
(06:27:44) Izzy: (trust Zack to be ever the optomist)
(06:28:12) Aki: (XD)
(06:28:27) Aki: Aerith: exactly, c'mon!
(06:28:32) Aki: Aerith: *drags him inside*
(06:28:43) Izzy: Tifa: Now, this is going to be a little hard to explain, but--\
(06:29:04) Aki: Sephiroth: ....*not putting up much effort to get away, though he still feels like leaving* .....
(06:29:33) Aki: Sephiroth: Aerith, I honestly don't hink this is...the best..
(06:29:38) Aki: Sephiroth: Idea..*Whispers*
(06:29:45) Aki: Aerith: Oh hushh..
(06:30:00) Aki: *think
(06:30:02) Izzy: Tifa: You'll just have to take our word for it...all right?
(06:30:15) Izzy: Barret: Stop dancin' around an get to th' point.
(06:30:56) Aki: Aerith: I'm not the only one back. *pushes Sephiroth foreward*
(06:31:03) Aki: Sephiroth: *stumbles slightly*
(06:31:06) Aki: (I had to)
(06:31:08) Aki: XD)
(06:31:14) Izzy: Barret: Holy--
(06:31:39) Izzy: Tifa: *jumps up and grabs his arm* Don't do anything stupid! Just calm down!
(06:32:31) Aki: Aerith: He's huggable too! *hugs Sephiroth*
(06:32:37) Aki: Sephiroth: Get off of me...please..
(06:32:54) Aki: Aerith: *grinning and does so and goes back over to Zack*
(06:32:58) Izzy: Barret: *staring* Th' all gone CRAZY!?
(06:33:15) Aki: Sephiroth: I'll just leave, then.
(06:33:19) Aki: SephirothL *turns around*
(06:33:23) Izzy: Cloud: Apparently. *gets up to help Tifa hold him back if he tries anything*
(06:33:24) Aki: Aerith: no, you won't.
(06:33:35) Aki: *:
(06:33:51) Izzy: Tifa: *whispering urgently* Calm down. He doesn't remember anything.
(06:34:01) Izzy: (Aerith is way too okay with this XDDD)
(06:34:09) Izzy: (I find it funny)
(06:34:32) Aki: (XD)
(06:35:13) Aki: (Her Sephiroth logic by now: "If he hadn't been evil, he would have made an awesome friend")
(06:35:24) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(06:35:26) Izzy: (wow)
(06:35:30) Aki: (not really... but whatever you say Aerith XD)
(06:35:31) Izzy: (she's far too forgiving)
(06:35:36) Izzy: (but then again)
(06:35:51) Izzy: (he did get the crap frequently beaten out of him)
(06:35:55) Izzy: (and his hair cut off)
(06:36:02) Aki: (which grew back)
(06:36:16) Izzy: (I suppose that's atonement fornall the people he slaughtered...>.>)
(06:36:18) Izzy: (haha)
(06:36:43) Aki: Sephiroth: Okay, he's seen me. Can I leave yet?
(06:36:51) Aki: Aerith: Nope.
(06:37:02) Aki: Sephiroth: *sighs*
(06:37:30) Izzy: *all
(06:38:22) Aki: Aerith: sooooo.
(06:38:55) Izzy: Tifa: *grits her teeth* Do I have to knock you out?
(06:39:09) Izzy: Barret: Yer expectin' me t' take this well!?
(06:39:48) Aki: Sephiroth: ....Let him go. I wont fight him, he can do what he feels like doing. *shrugs*
(06:40:05) Izzy: Tifa: No, we're expecting you to take it the same way everyone else did.
(06:41:19) Izzy: (....*pokes internet*)
(06:42:05) Aki logged in.
(06:42:18) Izzy: (*pokes internet again*)
(06:42:30) Aki: *poke*)
(06:43:00) Izzy: (that's not gonna last *sigh*)
(06:43:14) Izzy: (but at least we got to see Barret freak out over Sephiroth XD)
(06:43:20) Aki: (XDDD)
(06:43:21) Aki: (yeah)
(06:43:55) Aki: (seph actually got nervous, which amused me greatly)
(06:44:08) Izzy: (hahaha)
(06:44:10) Aki: (cuz its just barret)
(06:44:20) Izzy: (XD Just Barret, huh? XD)
(06:44:25) Aki: (haha)
(06:44:29) Izzy: (well I suppose he's bigger)
(06:44:31) Izzy: (for once)
(06:44:40) Izzy: (someone's bigger than Sephiroth XD)'
(06:44:46) Aki: (XD)
(06:44:58) Izzy:
(06:45:25) Aki: XDDD
(06:45:27) Aki: *()
(06:45:35) Izzy: <3 XD
(06:45:42) Aki: oh xemnas XD
(06:45:55) Izzy: hee
(06:45:57) Izzy: oh
(06:46:00) Izzy: ...hmm
(06:46:04) Izzy: I forgot
(06:46:08) Izzy: what I was gonna say