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(09:24:55) Aki: (Ellone)
(09:25:03) Aki: (but that would be destroying barriers XD)
(09:25:08) Izzy: (yes it would. XD)
(09:25:21) Aki: (pshh, cuz Ellone has the power to break time)
(09:25:29) Aki: (and put it anywhere she wants)
(09:25:37) Aki: (Rinoa does too, but she wouldn't)
(09:25:48) Izzy: (Rinoa does?)
(09:25:49) Aki: (Edea's dead, but she could)
(09:25:51) Aki: (yeah)
(09:25:58) Aki: (Rinoa''s a sorceress)
(09:26:07) Izzy: (I thought that was a fan theory)
(09:26:10) Aki: (here lemme explainnnn)
(09:26:14) Aki: (no it says sooo in the game)
(09:26:34) Izzy: (explain?)
(09:26:38) Aki: (k)
(09:26:53) Aki: (you know how sorceresses work, right?)
(09:27:04) Aki: (to have power, they need to have a knight)
(09:27:39) Izzy: (well, I didn't but now I know)
(09:27:41) Aki: (so, they make a man fall in love with them, or they could egg them on into swearing loyalty to joining her)
(09:27:56) Izzy: (hence Seifer)
(09:27:59) Izzy: (ahh.)
(09:28:01) Aki: (Edea egged Seifer on byy calling him "boy")
(09:28:42) Aki: ("You're just a scared little boy with now power. And that frightens you. But I...I could give you true power. For the price of being my knight.")
(09:28:59) Aki: ("Hell no!")
(09:29:30) Izzy: (I thought that was his dream)
(09:29:44) Izzy: (his... "Romannnnnntic" dream, no?)
(09:29:51) Aki: ("Then you are not the man you say you are. All of your work- it's been for nothing. You wont win Rinoa back this way.")
(09:29:57) Aki: (Yes, it was his dream)
(09:29:57) Izzy: (to be a sorceress' knight)
(09:30:03) Aki: (but to be Rinoa's)
(09:30:09) Izzy: (...oh.)
(09:30:14) Aki: (but he was angry)
(09:30:21) Aki: (and was like, "A knight is a knight")
(09:30:22) Izzy: (why'd she dump him?)
(09:30:37) Izzy: (besides the fact that he's an arrogant jerk XD)
(09:30:54) Aki: (Oh, she thought he was kind and charming XD)
(09:31:07) Aki: (and she admired him for his assertive behaviour)
(09:31:20) Izzy: (pfft opposite of Squall)
(09:31:26) Aki: (yeah)
(09:32:19) Aki: (They weren't really together, but the bothed loved eachother a lot.)
(09:32:23) Aki: *both
(09:32:45) Aki: (but Rinoa's from Dollet city in Galbadia, and Seifer's in the Balamb Garden Acadamy)
(09:32:50) Aki: (and she has to go home)
(09:32:52) Aki: *had
(09:33:20) Aki: (So seperated they were XDDD)
(09:33:42) Izzy: ("Wherefore thou art Galbadian?")
(09:33:43) Izzy: (XD)
(09:33:51) Aki: (XDDDD)
(09:33:57) Izzy: (seriously)
(09:34:01) Izzy: (that would be great)
(09:34:10) Izzy: (Romeo and Juliet with FF8)
(09:34:15) Aki: (*dies*)
(09:34:15) Izzy: (and it rhymes too)
(09:34:28) Aki: (XDD)
(09:34:56) Izzy: (and now Seifer's pissed because his rival stole his girlfriend without even trying? XD)
(09:35:05) Aki: (well, here's the thing)
(09:35:15) Aki: (Rinoa doesn't like Squall until around disc 3)
(09:35:19) Izzy: (ah)
(09:35:24) Aki: (She just treats him differently)
(09:35:28) Aki: (because he's so quiet)
(09:35:33) Izzy: (*nod*)
(09:35:41) Aki: (and he's depressed obviosuly)
(09:35:48) Izzy: (well, yeah >.>)
(09:35:56) Aki: (so she takes more care when talking to him- like he's a little kid, sorta)
(09:36:01) Izzy: (awww)
(09:36:10) Aki: (cuz he's always looking down)
(09:36:20) Aki: (she leans down and looks up to see his face )
(09:36:30) Aki: (and that makes him look up)
(09:36:53) Izzy: (....that just gave me the most disgustingly cute mental image ever XD)
(09:36:57) Aki: (XD)
(09:37:15) Izzy: (Aerith and Cloud, anyone? XD)
(09:37:20) Aki: (she talks to the others distractedly tho, cuz they aren't in Squall's situation)
(09:37:22) Aki: (hahaha)
(09:37:26) Izzy: (actually, Aerith does that to everyone)
(09:38:06) Izzy: (her little *links her arms behind her back and leans forward, looking up* "Hmmm?")
(09:38:08) Izzy: (XD)
(09:38:15) Aki: (yeah xD)
(09:38:37) Izzy: (but Rinoa's a lot shorter than Squall XD)
(09:38:49) Aki: (but Squall's and Rinoa's relationship starts out with her trying to make him look up, tho. Because she feels everyone's supposed to be happy)
(09:38:53) Aki: (yeah)
(09:38:53) Izzy: (whereas Aerith and Cloud don't have as much of a height gap XD)
(09:39:02) Izzy: (aww)
(09:39:31) Aki: (tho at first, she's using Squall to overthrow the Galbadian government)
(09:39:48) Aki: (because it's ruining everybody's lives)
(09:40:03) Aki: (but yeah)
(09:40:24) Aki: (The Sorceress has the power to make some lucky guy her knight)
(09:40:26) Izzy: (*nod8)
(09:40:32) Izzy: **
(09:40:42) Aki: (but they don't have to. )
(09:40:52) Aki: (That's why Squall doesn't turn into a knight)
(09:41:01) Izzy: (is being a sorceress hereditary?)
(09:41:14) Aki: (yeah, I believe it is..)
(09:41:22) Izzy: (sorry, I'm asking you all these questions when you probably want to RP XD)
(09:41:28) Aki: (no it's okay)
(09:41:41) Aki: (pfft, actually, I see why you explain things all the time)
(09:41:45) Aki: (it's enjoyable)
(09:42:05) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:42:05) Aki: (now I want my ot4 + Irvine)
(09:42:10) Izzy: (awww)
(09:42:17) Aki: (*dying*)
(09:42:24) Aki: (yes now that you mentioned the RP XDDD)
(09:42:29) Izzy: (haha okay)
(09:42:42) Aki: Aki (8:59:57 PM): Shiva: But Balamb garden was the first time I was embraced. I do not want to lose that. I'm afraid of losing that.
(09:42:45) Aki: (there XD)
(09:42:49) Izzy: (XD)
(09:43:13) Izzy: (unfortunately I can't do much yet, since Cloud doesn't seem to have anything to say to that XD)
(09:43:28) Aki: (leon sorta does XD)
(09:44:31) Aki: Leon: *looks down for a moment before sighing* You wouldn't lose that- I miss you too much..
(09:44:45) Aki: (Leon & Shiva momenttt XDD *DED*)
(09:44:49) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:45:00) Izzy: (It's like family. [/Tifa])
(09:45:08) Aki: (yess XD)
(09:45:39) Aki: Shiva: But I'm not allowed back in there *taps the side of her head* am I?
(09:45:53) Aki: Leon: ....*looks like his thinking*
(09:45:59) Izzy: Cloud: ........
(09:46:29) Aki: Leon: *not quite sure what to say*
(09:46:38) Aki: Leon: I...don't know.
(09:46:49) Aki: Leon: It might not be a good idea..
(09:47:10) Aki: Shiva: What if I promise to eat the tiny tiny ones...and not the important ones..?
(09:47:26) Izzy: (Shiva on a diet...)
(09:47:34) Aki: Leon: ...*frowns*
(09:47:35) Izzy: (sorry, couldn't resist)
(09:47:45) Aki: (Leon's trying not to laugh at that, actually)
(09:47:49) Aki: (cuz he heard you XDDD)
(09:48:34) Aki: Leon: ....Like?
(09:49:26) Izzy: (XD)
(09:49:27) Aki: Shiva: like...the ones of all the names of the countless insects you named when you were back at the orphanage?
(09:49:44) Aki: Leon: That could work...
(09:50:08) Aki: Shiva: Exactly. Those ones would last me 3 years. by then we could figure something else out.
(09:50:29) Aki: Leon: I'm still not sure. Sorry.
(09:50:46) Izzy: (doneeee)
(09:50:54) Izzy: (*posts fic*)
(09:50:57) Aki: Shiva: *sighs* wha tif I go out to other places when I'm hungry, and eat THEIR non-important memories?
(09:50:59) Aki: (:D)
(09:51:04) Aki: *what if
(09:51:21) Aki: Leon: Cloud..a little help here...
(09:51:27) Izzy: Cloud: I...
(09:51:33) Aki: Leon: *still not sure about anything*
(09:51:56) Izzy: Cloud: I'm sorry. I don't know.
(09:52:06) Izzy: Cloud: But I think this has to be your decision.
(09:52:15) Aki: (wtf. Okay. This monster's attack)
(09:52:20) Aki: (is called "suicide")
(09:52:36) Izzy: (wtf XD)
(09:52:40) Aki: (XD)
(09:52:45) Aki: (I'll take a photo for you)
(09:52:50) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:53:13) Izzy: (ahhh)
(09:53:22) Izzy: (and of course LJ decides to be lameee)
(09:53:30) Aki: (yeah)
(09:53:32) Aki: (same for me)
(09:53:55) Aki: (THAT IS NOT COOL)
(09:53:59) Aki: (THAT IS SO NOT COOL)
(09:54:03) Izzy: (I was going to put it on DA anyway, but...)
(09:54:17) Izzy: (I wanted to make the illustration I drew for it prettyyyy)
(09:54:32) Aki: (suicide is meant for one of MY team members.)
(09:54:43) Aki: (pfft and how appropriate. )
(09:54:52) Aki: (It used Suicide on Squall)
(09:54:57) Izzy: (oh god. XD)
(09:55:11) Aki: (wow)
(09:55:36) Aki: (that mosnter could feel Squall's depression and disire to die. XD)
(09:55:41) Aki: *desire
(09:55:50) Izzy: (pfft)
(09:56:48) Aki: (that thing was mean..)
(09:57:12) Izzy: (awww)
(09:57:33) Aki: (Okay, Irvine was nice and gave him a phoenix down)
(09:57:39) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:57:59) Aki: ("You weren't supposed to revive me, it's called suicide!")
(09:58:02) Aki: ("sorry...")
(09:58:09) Aki: (anyway)
(09:58:47) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(09:59:01) Aki: Leon: ...What if I make the wrong one.. *looks down*
(09:59:12) Aki: (Squall personality coming back. Make it stop. D: )
(09:59:36) Izzy: (ahhh.)
(09:59:39) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(10:00:01) Izzy: Cloud: You've...we've come this far, and you still can't trust yourself?
(10:01:04) Izzy: (...rawrrr. I'll just put it on DA.)
(10:01:07) Aki: (okay)
(10:01:16) Izzy: (whatever. No matter that I suck at writing fanfics. >.>)
(10:01:28) Aki: (D: You donntttt)
(10:02:12) Aki: Leon: I..
(10:02:13) Izzy: (I did something I hate)
(10:02:19) Izzy: (I used Japanese -_-)
(10:02:33) Izzy: (no matter that Marlene really does call Aerith "Onee-chan"_
(10:02:51) Izzy: (but I couldn't have her say "big sister" because that would sound dumb)
(10:03:06) Izzy: (but I hate it when there's Japanese words and it's not set in Japan)
(10:03:15) Aki: (yeah)
(10:03:16) Izzy: (and...argh.)
(10:03:21) Aki: (well )
(10:03:32) Aki: (It's fine if she actually calls her that)
(10:03:33) Izzy: (it's just a little thing, though, I guess)
(10:04:17) Aki: Leon: I never was good with making decisions...I'm better in battle...because I don't think about it...
(10:04:21) Izzy: (now I shall sally forth to navigate the new text submission form)
(10:04:31) Izzy: (is there a fanfiction category?)
(10:04:47) Aki: Leon: When Galbadia was laughing destruction missiles at Trabia and Balamb Garden...
(10:04:52) Aki: (I duno if there is)
(10:05:00) Aki: *launching
(10:05:04) Izzy: (we'll see)
(10:05:18) Izzy: (should I do it in two parts or just one?)
(10:05:23) Aki: Leon: ...Every one made me leader...I didn't have to be, but they chose me..
(10:05:26) Izzy: (it's about 10 pages total)
(10:05:30) Aki: (uhh two maybe)
(10:05:36) Izzy: (kay)
(10:06:20) Aki: Leon: I had to split our party up into two groups of three. There was Irvine, Quistis, Selphie, Zell, Rinoa and myself..
(10:06:45) Aki: Leon: And one team had to go back to Balamb to warn the headmaster...and evacuate everyone.
(10:07:02) Aki: Leon: and the other was to blow up the Launch site...
(10:07:15) Izzy: (there is a fanfiction section. Good.)
(10:07:51) Aki: Leon: And they were both extremely dangerous missions...
(10:08:54) Aki: Leon: and they kept yelling at me to 'hurry up and make the teams'
(10:09:04) Aki: Leon: 'make good ones! ones taht wont fail!"
(10:09:05) Izzy: Cloud: .......
(10:09:07) Aki: *that
(10:09:22) Aki: Leon: I sent Selphie, Zell and Quistis to the Launch site...
(10:09:50) Aki: Leon: They were successful in setting the self destruct limit...
(10:10:01) Aki: Leon: But they got locked inside the base..
(10:10:23) Aki: Leon: And couldn't get out when it exploded.
(10:10:56) Aki: Leon: They were almost killed...because I sent them there...I didn't have to, it wasn't an assigned mission..
(10:12:06) Aki: (long story short, he's saying it could be an irreversible mistake >_>)
(10:12:54) Izzy: (ehhh)
(10:13:33) Aki: (he's just being emo XD)
(10:13:41) Izzy: Cloud: And if you had gone....would it have been any different?
(10:13:45) Izzy: (yeah, I noticed)
(10:14:01) Aki: Leon: they wouldn't have died...
(10:14:11) Izzy: (because Cloud's kind of like "Why are you acting like I don't understand would that feels like?")
(10:14:18) Izzy: *what
(10:14:31) Izzy: Cloud: ...but they didn't.
(10:14:46) Aki: (Leon knows Cloud knows but Leon's in his little mentalish world.)
(10:14:52) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:14:55) Aki: Leon: ...Yeah...
(10:15:17) Izzy: Cloud: I'm not...trying to say that it's easy or anything...
(10:15:19) Aki: Leon:'s too hard to make decisions when you know the consequences...
(10:15:44) Aki: Leon: Sorry..
(10:15:54) Izzy: Cloud: ...*shakes his head*
(10:18:40) Aki: Leon: ....
(10:19:35) Aki: Shiva: Honey, you should make the decision. I won't get upset with whatever it is.
(10:19:42) Aki: Leon: I...
(10:20:03) Aki: Leon: Still don't know... *turns around to leave*
(10:20:12) Izzy: Cloud: .......
(10:20:31) Izzy: Cloud: What's....going to make you happy?
(10:21:18) Aki: Leon: Why should that matter.
(10:22:07) Aki: Shiva: Lion, you try to hard to make it so others can have an easier time...Why can't you do something for yourself?
(10:23:35) Aki: Leon: I need to think about what woul--
(10:23:38) Aki: Shiva: No.
(10:23:54) Aki: Shiva: Don't think about the consequences. Think about what you want.
(10:24:34) Aki: Shiva: You know I have self control. I wont do anything you do not want me to.
(10:24:46) Aki: Shiva: It's a simple stay, or go.
(10:26:41) Izzy: (...sorry, once again Cloud has nothing to say >.>)
(10:26:44) Aki: Shiva: Both will have heavy side effects, but which one would make you look up at your friends?
(10:26:48) Aki: (shiva's still talking xD)
(10:26:54) Aki: (cuz she likes to talk)
(10:26:55) Izzy: (or rather, nothing that's already been said)
(10:26:59) Izzy: (haha it's okay)
(10:27:03) Aki: (she's like a mommy)
(10:27:16) Izzy: (because she's pretty much saying what Cloud wanted to say)
(10:28:13) Aki: Shiva: Which one would stop you from breaking down each night?
(10:28:20) Aki: Leon: *sighs*
(10:29:17) Aki: Leon: ...stay, I guess..
(10:29:32) Aki: Shiva: You positive? There's no guessing involved.
(10:29:41) Aki: Leon: Yeah..
(10:30:07) Aki: Shiva: That's that?
(10:30:27) Aki: Leon: I want you to stay.
(10:30:31) Aki: Shiva: ah, there we go.
(10:30:49) Aki: *what's that?
(10:31:00) Izzy: (aww)
(10:32:03) Aki: Shiva: You'll have your boyfriend back to normal by tomorrow, Cloudy-sweetheart~
(10:32:11) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(10:32:12) Aki: Shiva: *pushes Leon back towards the house*
(10:32:23) Aki: Shiva: So, have you eaten this morning?
(10:32:26) Aki: Leon: yes.
(10:32:31) Aki: Shiva: feed Simn?
(10:32:34) Aki: Leon: yes...
(10:32:37) Aki: *fed
(10:32:44) Aki: Shiva: fed the chocobo?
(10:32:49) Aki: Leon: She's Cloud's.
(10:32:56) Aki: Shiva: Worked out your vacation plan?
(10:33:00) Aki: Leon: what..?
(10:33:12) Izzy: Cloud: *mutters* I should have pushed for conditions. Like no more ridiculous insinuations.
(10:33:24) Aki: (hahaha)
(10:33:32) Aki: (too late XD)
(10:33:41) Izzy: (hahaha yep, he's stuck XDD)
(10:33:51) Aki: (8D)
(10:34:37) Aki: Shiva: Given Rinoa her daily hug?
(10:34:42) Aki: Leon: not yet..
(10:34:53) Aki: Shiva: Well, let's get going~
(10:35:09) Aki: (Shiva makes me happy when she's in a good mood XD)
(10:35:12) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:36:03) Aki: -Cloud's cell rings-
(10:36:13) Aki: (BECAUSE IRVINE SAID SO)
(10:36:13) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(10:36:15) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:36:18) Aki: (XD)
(10:36:35) Izzy: Cloud: *takes it out of his pocket* ....who's number is this?
(10:36:46) Aki: Irvine: pick it up, pick it up...
(10:36:57) Aki: Irvine: *smacks the table with his fast*
(10:36:59) Aki: *fist
(10:37:12) Izzy: Cloud: .....*answers it*
(10:37:27) Izzy: (poor lonely Irvine. What happened to Selphie?)
(10:37:27) Aki: Irvine: Howdy there, Cloud!
(10:37:31) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(10:37:36) Aki: (she got taken back to Trabia)
(10:37:37) Izzy: Cloud: Why are you calling me?
(10:37:40) Izzy: (oh right)
(10:37:44) Aki: (yeah)
(10:38:05) Aki: Irvine: ...Because no one else is here?
(10:38:17) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(10:38:36) Aki: Irvine: Squall wont pick up his phone, ain't got Rinoa's number, Selphies been 'kidnapped'
(10:38:47) Aki: Irvine: Quistis' go her hands full with teaching
(10:38:51) Aki: *got
(10:39:12) Aki: Irvine: Zell's on a date in Dollet with Greta.
(10:39:27) Aki: Irvine: Yeah, there's yer story.
(10:39:58) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(10:40:12) Aki: Irvine: Squall told you 'bout the situation with Galbadia..right..?
(10:40:29) Izzy: Cloud: No. Not really.
(10:40:35) Aki: Irvine: Oh..I see.
(10:40:54) Aki: Irvine: Nevermind...Perhaps I should just go back to handling this myself.
(10:40:57) Izzy: Cloud: He doesn't like to talk about it.
(10:41:06) Aki: Irvine: *sighs* No one does..
(10:42:12) Aki: Irvine: Galbadia is a country in our world. There's three. Balamb, Trabia and Galbadia.
(10:43:21) Aki: Irvine: Galbadia's always causin' trouble- invadin' towns, killin' people, launchin' missiles, wagin' wars. Has been taht way fer 23 years jus' 'bout.
(10:43:33) Aki: *that
(10:44:17) Aki: Irvine: Galbadia's back off, but now Trabia and Balamb and Esthar are goin' out killin' Galbadians.
(10:44:33) Aki: Irvine: An' I just don't...
(10:45:14) Aki: Irvine: *starts talking normally* I just don't feel good about this...I mean, I'm Galbadian, and what am I supposed to do about this...*sighs*
(10:45:28) Aki: Irvine: I just needed to tell someone, I suppose.
(10:45:36) Aki: Irvine: Sorry, I'll go now.
(10:45:42) Izzy: Cloud: Ah.
(10:45:47) Izzy: Cloud: well....
(10:46:02) Aki: Irvine: ...Nn?
(10:46:19) Izzy: Cloud: It' trouble, I guess....
(10:47:21) Aki: Irvine: Yeah well...I should be handling this better than I am. I'm a sharpshooter after all- not supposed to crack under any amount of weight. Heh..
(10:47:37) Aki: Irvine: Anyway, thanks..
(10:48:03) Izzy: Cloud: ...yeah....
(10:48:24) Aki: Irvine: ....See ya or somethin'.
(10:48:28) Aki: Irvine: *hangs up*
(10:48:51) Izzy: Cloud: ......but why me.
(10:48:57) Aki: (because. XD)
(10:49:11) Izzy: ("I'm not the best choice of therapist." XD)
(10:49:25) Izzy: (no, he actually kind of understood)
(10:49:34) Izzy: (because of the whole Wutai war thing...)
(10:49:36) Izzy: (oh)
(10:49:39) Aki: (yeah)
(10:49:45) Izzy: (do you know about that?)
(10:49:50) Aki: (not completely)
(10:50:01) Izzy: (yeah, well, I don't either XD)
(10:50:07) Izzy: (I haven't gotten far enough)
(10:50:11) Izzy: (I know the basics, but)
(10:50:22) Izzy: (it's dealt with in Yuffie's side plot, I think)
(10:50:29) Izzy: (and I never got her in my game)
(10:50:40) Izzy: (like...she didn't show up when she was supposed to.)
(10:50:49) Izzy: (so I don't have her. >.>)
(10:50:55) Aki: (you scared her off XD)
(10:50:58) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(10:51:06) Izzy: (but seriously)
(10:51:11) Izzy: (I don't know why XD)
(10:51:18) Izzy: (she just never appeared XD)
(10:51:23) Aki: (pfft XD)
(10:51:39) Izzy: (which sucks because she's the comic relief)
(10:51:45) Aki: (yeah)
(10:52:01) Izzy: (I might go looking at some point to try to figure out why)
(10:52:14) Izzy: (but I can't really go to the place she's supposed to be)
(10:52:27) Izzy: (because I'm on the wrong continent >.>)
(10:52:36) Aki: (*ded*)
(10:54:21) Aki: Leon: ...Hey Cloud, you coming? I made lunch!
(10:55:07) Izzy: Cloud: ...uhh. Yeah, one minute...
(10:55:22) Izzy: Cloud: *puts his phone away*
(10:56:24) Aki: Leon: *finishing up making [insert whatever food character wants here]*
(10:56:52) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:57:17) Aki: (:) )
(10:58:21) Aki: (pfft, Leon's humming Eyes on Me)
(10:58:48) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:58:49) Aki: (I think something reminded him of Laguna, and he remembered his dreams with Laguna in it, where Julia's singing)
(10:59:02) Aki: (must be the food)
(10:59:06) Aki: (or Simn)
(11:00:15) Aki: Simn: Ragoona. *pushes Rinoa into the kitchen*
(11:00:20) Aki: Fenrir: *pulling Tifa*
(11:00:28) Aki: (the pets are teaming up XD)
(11:00:37) Izzy: (aww)
(11:01:02) Izzy: Tifa: All right, all hungry? Did Cloud feed you today?
(11:01:11) Aki: Fenrir: *nods*
(11:01:24) Aki: Fenrir: *glances at lunch on the table*
(11:01:25) Izzy: (no Tifa, if she was hungry she'd be untying your shoes XD)
(11:01:45) Aki: Fenrir: *looks back at Tifa*
(11:01:54) Aki: (haha yep XD)
(11:02:07) Izzy: Tifa: Oh, I see.
(11:02:25) Aki: Simn: *blinks*
(11:03:00) Izzy: Rinoa: *pops up behind Leon* You'll have to teach me how you make it look so good.
(11:05:20) Izzy: (...*hits internet*)
(11:05:55) Aki: Leon: *smilesa little* Of course. After a while Galbadian food seems to become all the same, huh?
(11:06:00) Aki: (*hits your internet too*)
(11:06:44) Izzy: Rinoa: *giggles* Not just the food, the apron, too.
(11:06:49) Izzy: (oh that was mean. XDDD)
(11:06:56) Aki: (XDDD)
(11:07:34) Aki: Leon: At least it's not a pink apron, thank Hyne.*laughs a little*
(11:08:19) Izzy: Cloud: *walks in behind Tifa*
(11:09:12) Aki: Fenrir: wark! :DD *runs over to Cloud*
(11:10:01) Izzy: (*hits internet again*)
(11:10:10) Aki: Shiva: ...honey, watch out, don't let that burn...
(11:10:29) Aki: Leon: Oh..right..*turns the stove down a little*
(11:10:44) Aki: (aww *curagas your internet)
(11:10:49) Aki: **
(11:11:34) Izzy: (bleehhhhhh I have to go)
(11:11:40) Aki: okay
(11:11:45) Izzy: (I don't know when I'll be back)
(11:11:49) Aki: sokay
(11:12:03) Izzy: meh
(11:12:04) Izzy: well
(11:12:06) Izzy: I'll
(11:12:08) Izzy: draw stuff
(11:12:09) Izzy: and
(11:12:11) Izzy: call you
(11:12:18) Izzy: and maybe I can come over tonight
(11:12:30) Aki: you make it sound like you're going to canada to get your tree XD
(11:12:47) Aki: but yeah
(11:12:49) Aki: maybe you can
(11:12:52) Aki: so
(11:12:53) Izzy: well
(11:12:58) Izzy: we have to go get my brother
(11:13:06) Izzy: and his school is an hour away
(11:13:13) Izzy: and then we have to drive to the place
(11:13:16) Aki: you need him to get a tree...
(11:13:22) Izzy: my mom insists on cutting one down
(11:13:22) Izzy: no
(11:13:37) Izzy: it's supposed to be a family outing *rolls eyes*
(11:13:46) Aki: I'm sorry that I'm laughing.
(11:13:48) Aki: >_>
(11:13:55) Aki: I can't help it..
(11:13:57) Aki: ah well
(11:14:05) Aki: er.. yeah
(11:14:19) Izzy: it's okay XD
(11:14:26) Aki: r-e-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s
(11:14:27) Aki: pfft
(11:14:33) Aki: anyway
(11:14:48) Aki: yeah, please do call, unless it stalls you from coming back XDDD
(11:15:10) Izzy: okay XD
(11:15:15) Izzy: and my fic is up on DA
(11:15:23) Aki: k
(11:15:24) Izzy: I revised the first part a tiny bit too
(11:15:28) Aki: :o
(11:15:30) Aki: Leon: *waves*
(11:15:34) Izzy: *waves*
(11:15:34) Aki: Irvine: *waves too*
(11:15:51) Izzy: Rinoa doesn't want to go XD
(11:15:56) Aki: poor Irvine. Getting punched in the face. Awww
(11:16:00) Aki: Rin, you can stay here.
(11:16:01) Izzy: she wants to eat her boyfriend's cooking
(11:16:03) Izzy: XD
(11:16:19) Izzy: *pushes her towards you*
(11:16:28) Izzy: okay, gotta go
(11:16:30) Aki: Leon: *takes her and runs off*
(11:16:33) Izzy: XDD
(11:16:33) Aki: okay byeee