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(20:34:25) Izzy: hello hello :D
(20:34:33) Aki : dinnerrr
(20:34:36) Izzy: tho I suppose I'm interrupting your FFVIII time
(20:34:40) Izzy: OHMIGOD
(20:34:45) Izzy: YOU'RE EATING FOOD
(20:36:53) Aki logged out.
(20:43:50) Aki logged in.
(20:43:50) Aki has gone away.
(20:43:50) Aki has become idle.
(20:43:54) Aki is no longer idle.
(20:43:59) Aki is no longer away.
(20:44:07) Aki: hi
(20:44:10) Aki: sorry
(20:44:10) Izzy: did you really eat food?
(20:44:19) Aki: what?
(20:44:21) Aki: yeah.
(20:44:23) Izzy: s'okay, I just got back
(20:44:24) Izzy: oh
(20:44:26) Izzy: hah
(20:44:30) Aki: why? XD
(20:44:42) Izzy: your away message said "dinner:
(20:44:54) Izzy: so I was like "OMG ASHLEY IS EATING DINNER"
(20:44:55) Izzy: ....
(20:45:02) Aki: pfft why? XDDD
(20:45:12) Izzy: you always say how there's no food in your house XD
(20:45:17) Aki: there isn't
(20:45:29) Aki: My aunt came with food
(20:45:34) Aki: :)
(20:45:42) Izzy: ah
(20:45:48) Aki: I MISSED YEW
(20:45:50) Aki: *TACKLE*
(20:46:04) Izzy: I DID TOO
(20:46:04) Aki: no more family time
(20:46:06) Aki: :D
(20:46:09) Izzy: but I only have 15 mins blahhh
(20:46:14) Aki: mehh
(20:46:17) Aki: better than nothin'
(20:46:20) Izzy: I drew Tidus and Yuna again...
(20:46:22) Izzy: and
(20:46:27) Izzy: I have decided I love Tidus
(20:46:29) Izzy: because
(20:46:45) Izzy: he's the only Final Fantasy hero that I can draw his hair
(20:46:50) Izzy: without adjusting my style
(20:46:54) Aki: mm
(20:47:03) Aki: I beateded the 3rd disc
(20:47:07) Izzy: :D
(20:47:10) Aki: XD
(20:47:16) Aki: on a time of 14 hours
(20:47:22) Aki: for all three discs
(20:47:37) Izzy: (but I have decided that Nomura got very sadistic towards artists and cosplayers when he made X and X-2)
(20:47:47) Izzy: (asasklkdjkasdjksdakjd)
(20:47:53) Izzy: (HIS LEFT ARM)
(20:48:00) Izzy: (THE ARMOR THINGY OH GOD.)
(20:48:03) Aki: (witht eh thing yeah)
(20:48:07) Izzy: (WHY TIDUS. WHY.)
(20:48:09) Aki: (I like drawing that)
(20:48:14) Izzy: (XD you WOULD)
(20:48:21) Aki: (pfft what? XD)
(20:48:28) Izzy: (:P)
(20:48:31) Aki: (why would I? XD)
(20:48:39) Aki: other than the fact that I do)
(20:48:45) Izzy: (because you're Aki XD)
(20:48:57) Aki: (pfft)
(20:49:02) Izzy: (and Aki < Shiva)
(20:49:02) Aki: (of course XDD)
(20:49:05) Izzy: (wait)
(20:49:08) Izzy: *>
(20:49:10) Aki: (noooo XD)
(20:49:12) Aki: (yes)
(20:49:15) Aki: (good)
(20:49:20) Izzy: (I lose haha)
(20:49:27) Aki: (You win )
(20:49:30) Aki: (it made me laugh)
(20:50:51) Aki: Shiva: Wie grün sind deiner Blätter~ *sing*
(20:50:52) Aki: ....
(20:50:55) Izzy: ....
(20:50:58) Izzy: what was that?
(20:51:08) Aki: O Christmas Tree in german..
(20:51:13) Izzy: ah...
(20:51:18) Aki: yeah...
(20:51:24) Aki: Leon got around to decorating..
(20:51:30) Izzy: wow
(20:51:32) Aki: OMG
(20:51:34) Aki: OMG
(20:51:34) Aki: okay
(20:51:35) Aki: so
(20:51:37) Aki: in the game
(20:51:41) Izzy: ye>
(20:51:43) Izzy: *yes?
(20:51:46) Aki: when Squall's emoing and thinking to himself
(20:51:54) Aki: he's lying in bed
(20:52:00) Aki: looking as leep
(20:52:05) Aki: and Rinoa comes over
(20:52:12) Aki: and was like, "Take me on a tour!"
(20:52:14) Aki: and he's like
(20:52:17) Aki: "again?"
(20:52:19) Izzy: pfft
(20:52:19) Aki: and she's like
(20:52:33) Aki: "You looked so cute asleep. So peaceful."
(20:52:43) Aki: "I wasn't asleep.."
(20:52:46) Aki: "You weren't?"
(20:52:50) Aki: "I was thinking..."
(20:53:20) Aki: "It's not healthy to think too much. Let me distract you, your Highness" -Rinoa
(20:53:30) Aki: and he takes her on a tour of the Library
(20:53:35) Aki: >_>
(20:53:37) Aki: but
(20:53:41) Aki: the
(20:53:41) Izzy: wow
(20:53:45) Aki: yeah
(20:53:48) Aki: XD
(20:54:32) Aki: Leon: ....Welcome back, mom. *puts forehead back on the table*
(20:54:34) Aki: ....
(20:54:40) Izzy: ....
(20:54:42) Aki: This is far too amusing.
(20:54:42) Izzy: what now.
(20:55:06) Aki: I think he's trying to either talk to Shiva or sleep. Or both.
(20:55:45) Izzy: aww
(20:55:53) Aki: Shiva: --ifa her gift. Okay? I'll be right back, love. *flies off*
(20:56:01) Aki: Leon: kay...*yawns*
(20:56:46) Aki: Oh, so Leon was smart, and got the gifts ahead of time.
(20:56:52) Izzy: haha
(20:57:00) Izzy: I need to make a list of gifts for everyone
(20:57:07) Aki: mm
(20:57:33) Aki: Shiva: Tifa-dear~
(20:57:47) Izzy: Tifa: Yes?
(20:58:14) Aki: Shiva: Would you help me bring these boxes to Squall's room? He's too tired.
(20:58:37) Izzy: Tifa: Oh! Sure.
(20:58:45) Aki: (He's been yawning a lot lately, now that I think about it. )
(20:58:59) Aki: Shiva: thanks. :3 *brings a bunch upstairs*
(20:59:32) Aki: noooo
(20:59:35) Aki: good night
(20:59:39) Aki: see you in the morninggg
(20:59:49) Aki: good bye nii-san's internets
(20:59:54) Izzy: bye XD
(20:59:56) Izzy: *hug*
(21:00:00) Aki: *hug*
(21:00:18) Aki: *hangs mistletoe above Cloud and Tifa*
(21:00:26) Aki: *runs off*
(21:00:26) Izzy: ahaha
(21:00:32) Izzy: they need the encouragement XD

Izzy: morningggg
(05:40:35) Aki: :D
(05:40:49) Izzy: it's coldddd
(05:41:01) Aki: ...*gives you her blanket* :D?
(05:41:10) Aki: *grabs another one*
(05:41:52) Izzy: XD

(05:42:10) Aki: Sora: *snuggle*
(05:42:19) Aki: he's been refusing to go to his room.
(05:42:27) Aki: So, he kept me company.
(05:42:56) Izzy: ah
(05:42:59) Izzy: well
(05:43:07) Izzy: now he can keep me warm.
(05:43:14) Aki: And Leon wrapped all of his gifts, and then stayed up working on the supply list for the reconstruction.
(05:43:21) Izzy: (...I'm sorry, I couldn't make that not sound sketchy x.x)
(05:43:35) Aki: Sora: *snuggles Izzy*
(05:43:43) Aki: (no, Sora sounded sketchy, not you)
(05:43:45) Aki: (XD)
(05:43:47) Izzy: (XDDD)
(05:44:57) Aki: Sora: ....I'm hungry. *sighs*
(05:45:35) Aki: Does Kairi have magical food avalible, Iz? *ded*
(05:47:00) Aki: isabeeeeellllllla~
(05:47:12) Aki: did your internets die?
(05:47:39) Izzy: oh
(05:47:39) Izzy: no
(05:47:49) Izzy: I'm checking the ice skating thread XD
(05:47:53) Aki: oohhhh
(05:47:54) Izzy: sorry
(05:48:00) Aki: I was wondering about that last night
(05:48:01) Aki: :o
(05:49:03) Izzy: yeah
(05:49:10) Izzy: the first event was yesterday
(05:49:22) Izzy: I just hope enough people will come next week
(05:49:29) Izzy: it sucks because JJ-san went yesterday
(05:49:32) Izzy: cuz
(05:49:45) Izzy: we decided on two different skating days
(05:49:55) Izzy: because half the people couldn't make it to one
(05:50:12) Izzy: I just don't know how many people are coming next week
(05:50:13) Izzy: and
(05:50:22) Izzy: I want to bring cookies for everyone >.>
(05:50:37) Aki: paopu cookiiesss
(05:50:40) Aki: *shot*
(05:50:53) Aki: cookies are good. :D
(05:52:16) Izzy:
(05:52:18) Aki: "We've got a goal to accomplish here. To knock Wonderboy off his throne of glory....and you..."
(05:52:21) Izzy: pictures from yesterday
(05:52:31) Izzy: ahahaha
(05:52:36) Izzy: I remember that, for once
(05:52:40) Aki: XD
(05:53:21) Izzy: oh god XD
(05:53:27) Izzy: JJ-san went as Harry Potter
(05:53:30) Izzy: dammit
(05:53:38) Aki: that's great
(05:53:39) Izzy: I wish I could have gone yesterday
(05:53:42) Aki: XD
(05:53:44) Aki: yeah
(05:53:49) Izzy: I hope people come next week
(05:54:00) Aki: yeah
(05:54:13) Izzy:
(05:54:16) Izzy: bwahahaha
(05:54:25) Izzy: Harry Potter meets BLEACH!
(05:54:33) Izzy: sad thing is I know all those people
(05:54:38) Aki: XD
(05:54:54) Aki: lol hp slash
(05:54:57) Aki: *dies*
(05:55:01) Izzy: the Malfoy was Rufus last year
(05:55:12) Izzy: HP slash makes me laughhhh
(05:55:21) Aki: it scares me XDD
(05:55:32) Izzy: I try not to pay too much attention to it XD
(05:55:44) Aki: Sora: *blinks* What are they doing?
(05:55:49) Izzy: omg Kadaj
(05:55:50) Izzy:
(05:55:51) Aki: skating.
(05:55:54) Izzy: ice skating, Sora
(05:56:00) Izzy: you can try next week :D
(05:56:25) Aki: Sora: wouldn't you fall over on those little thin things you stand on?
(05:57:00) Izzy: no
(05:57:11) Aki: Sora: Oh..
(05:57:17) Izzy: you'll see
(05:57:21) Izzy: it's fun :D
(05:57:29) Aki: Sora: Okay.
(05:58:07) Aki: Sora: Well, first I have to be able to stand up longer than 10 minutes, but that's doable.
(05:58:17) Izzy:
(05:58:19) Izzy: omg
(05:58:29) Izzy: JJ-san looks like the biggest dork ever XDD
(05:58:32) Izzy: as if she isn't
(05:58:34) Izzy: pfft
(05:58:36) Aki: XD
(05:59:14) Aki: pfft the rest of them
(05:59:21) Aki: they're all great
(05:59:34) Izzy: I love these people <3
(05:59:39) Aki: :D
(05:59:48) Izzy: christmas Usagi! :D
(05:59:52) Izzy:
(06:00:01) Izzy: that's soooo cute
(06:00:18) Aki: :D
(06:00:29) Aki: so
(06:01:50) Aki: *yawn*
(06:01:51) Izzy: so
(06:01:54) Izzy: oh yeah
(06:01:55) Izzy: wait
(06:02:02) Izzy: there was something I wanted to tell you...
(06:02:04) Izzy: .....
(06:02:05) Izzy: dammit
(06:02:10) Izzy: I forgot
(06:02:18) Aki: I had something to say too
(06:02:26) Aki: well, a lot of things
(06:02:31) Aki: but i forget
(06:02:32) Aki: too
(06:03:34) Aki: Sora, stop snuggling with Izzy, Riku'll get jealous. We don't want that. Remember what happened last time? >_>
(06:03:45) Aki: Sora: D: But she's warm and I'm cold.
(06:04:12) Izzy: It's a mother-son type of snuggle >:
(06:04:18) Aki: *dies*
(06:04:19) Aki: yeah
(06:04:21) Aki: I know
(06:04:25) Aki: I wasn't being serious
(06:04:27) Aki: pff
(06:04:29) Izzy: hahaha
(06:04:31) Aki: XD
(06:05:07) Izzy: ("and as for sora, AT LEAST SOMETHING CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET. >.>; even if it wasnt him. HAR.")
(06:05:11) Izzy: (Oh, Angie)
(06:05:20) Aki: (WHAT?!)
(06:05:23) Aki: (I WANNA SEE XD)
(06:05:28) Izzy: (her reply)
(06:05:39) Izzy: (to my random KH doodles)
(06:05:46) Izzy: (this)
(06:05:47) Izzy:
(06:06:31) Aki: (that...made my day)
(06:06:56) Izzy: (the most amazing things come out of that girl's mouth XDDD)
(06:07:01) Izzy: (or...fingers. Whatever.)
(06:07:02) Aki: (yeah XD)
(06:07:18) Aki: you roll how you roll)
(06:07:30) Aki: (jeez. That's what it's like talking to her.)
(06:07:33) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(06:07:38) Aki: (Only more awkward)
(06:07:45) Izzy: (and she complimented my fic XD)
(06:08:02) Izzy: (but she was like "TIFA SHOULD STOP BEING EMO")
(06:08:04) Izzy: (XD)
(06:08:13) Aki: hahaha
(06:08:16) Aki: *()
(06:08:49) Aki: killer squids)
(06:09:09) Izzy: (pfft)
(06:09:47) Aki: ( *angsty breeze blows*
I suck so bad at it. XD;
I...waited 1 hour and 43 minutes for one damn reply in an rp once XD))
(06:09:57) Izzy: (ahahahah)
(06:10:00) Izzy: (wow)
(06:10:23) Aki: (man XD)
(06:10:35) Izzy: (yep :p)
(06:10:45) Aki: (XD)
(06:10:49) Aki: (oh angiee)
(06:10:56) Aki: (she's special <3)
(06:11:01) Izzy: (she is, she is)
(06:11:10) Izzy:
(06:11:17) Izzy: (obviously I'm still working on that)
(06:11:20) Izzy: (but)
(06:11:25) Aki: Sora: *goes off to Riku's room and goes to snuggle with him instead*
(06:11:39) Aki: (awww that's so cuteeeee )
(06:11:42) Izzy: (yesterday in the car, all of a sudden I was like "RP TIDUS AND YUNAAA"))
(06:11:43) Izzy: (XD)
(06:11:55) Aki: (XD)
(06:12:26) Aki: (tidus is like "whut")
(06:12:29) Izzy: (so I guess I started on his new costume design? XD)
(06:12:38) Izzy: (because I had no references, so I made it up completely)
(06:12:44) Aki: (yeah)
(06:12:49) Izzy: (yeah)
(06:13:00) Izzy: (he was actually blushing in the original sketch)
(06:13:03) Izzy: (it was cute)
(06:13:12) Aki: (hahah yay XD)
(06:13:36) Izzy: (hrm...he needs to be more tan, tho)
(06:13:54) Aki: (yeah)
(06:14:29) Aki: Sora: ......*pulls on the sides or Riku's mouth*
(06:14:44) Izzy: Riku: Wttr yn dngg.
(06:14:58) Aki: Sora: *sits back* I dunno.
(06:15:07) Izzy: Riku: *yawns*
(06:15:59) Aki: Sora: ...
(06:16:14) Izzy: Riku: Are you...
(06:16:23) Izzy: Riku: Do you think you can eat
(06:16:55) Aki: Sora: *blinks* We can figure that out when we have breakfast.
(06:17:07) Aki: Sora: Cuz I duno.
(06:17:34) Izzy: (my sister barely ate for a week -_-)
(06:17:40) Izzy: (she's finally getting better)
(06:18:06) Aki: (that's good)
(06:18:17) Aki: (Same thing happened to Cecile)
(06:18:32) Aki: (doctor gave her medicine she was allergic to tho)
(06:18:37) Izzy: (ew)
(06:18:42) Aki: (and she was bedridden for three weeks)
(06:18:50) Aki: (and threw up every time she ate)
(06:18:56) Aki: (so she lost 20 pounds)
(06:19:01) Aki: (in 7th grade)
(06:19:04) Izzy: (ech.)
(06:19:16) Aki: (and she's still 12 pounds underweight from it)
(06:19:35) Izzy: (ew)
(06:19:40) Aki: (yeah)
(06:19:44) Aki: (but she's all better)
(06:19:53) Aki: (but what sucks)
(06:20:00) Aki: (is that she was underweight to begin with)
(06:20:15) Aki: (but not so badly)
(06:20:22) Izzy: (yeah)
(06:20:35) Aki: Sora: ....
(06:20:44) Aki: (I think Sora and I just shared a thought)
(06:20:51) Aki: (...)
(06:21:00) Izzy: Riku: Is there something specific you wanna eat?
(06:21:03) Izzy: (...what.)
(06:21:19) Aki: Sora: *shrugs* It doesn't matter, I'll eat whatever.
(06:21:23) Aki: (nothing...)
(06:22:09) Aki: (ehh, but how would you combat this, since it's psychological..?)
(06:22:24) Aki: (lol big words)
(06:22:29) Izzy: (he needs to realize it himself, I think...)
(06:22:51) Aki: (well, I don't think anyone knows)
(06:23:27) Aki: (so, no one would know, especially Sora.)
(06:23:40) Aki: *know how to go about it
(06:23:42) Izzy: (yeah)
(06:24:11) Izzy: (*dies*)
(06:24:19) Aki: Sora: I'm boredddd Rikuriku.
(06:24:21) Aki: (?)
(06:24:47) Izzy: ("You gotta believe in yourself!")
(06:24:51) Izzy: (I love Rayearth XD)
(06:24:57) Aki: (XD)
(06:26:18) Aki: Sora: *rubs the back of his neck* well, I guess you're still too tired, then..
(06:26:52) Izzy: Riku: Uh? Oh, sorry...
(06:26:57) Izzy: Riku: I was thinking...
(06:27:04) Aki: Sora: Abouttt?
(06:28:22) Izzy: Riku: Just...
(06:28:39) Izzy: Riku: I don't know. It doesn't make sense and it's frustrating.
(06:28:49) Izzy: Riku: You're fine. You're not sick anymore.
(06:28:57) Izzy: Riku: So what's wrong?
(06:30:05) Aki: Sora: I duno~ *reaches out to pull on Riku's mouth again, but stops* ....
(06:30:15) Aki: Sora: We'll figure it out, and then it'll all be good.
(06:30:23) Aki: Sora: ...
(06:30:34) Izzy: Riku: ....what?
(06:30:42) Aki: Sora: hmm?
(06:30:57) Izzy: Riku: *blinks*
(06:31:42) Izzy: Riku: *shakes his head*
(06:31:47) Aki: Sora: *shrugs*
(06:31:56) Izzy: (XD)
(06:32:03) Aki: (XD)
(06:33:42) Izzy: Riku: I'll go see if anyone's making breakfast, then...
(06:34:12) Aki: Sora: .....kay. I'm coming though.
(06:34:27) Aki: Sora: *follows*
(06:35:49) Izzy: Kairi: Hmm...flour, eggs, sugar...this isn't too different.
(06:36:05) Izzy: Kairi: Morning! :D *looking at a cookbook*
(06:36:25) Izzy: Kairi: I was trying to figure out how to make pancakes. Since all I know is cookies, really.
(06:36:43) Aki: Sora: :D
(06:38:25) Aki: Sora: call me when it's ready. My back hurts, so I'm gonna go rest~ *goes off back to Riku's room*
(06:38:37) Izzy: Kairi: All right...
(06:38:46) Aki: (yes, I'm trying to make it slightly more obvious to them, since Sora's not getting it DX)
(06:38:59) Izzy: Riku: *started taking out ingredients, glances after him*
(06:39:03) Aki: (and we shall not interfere to tell them XDDD)
(06:39:05) Izzy: (yeah)
(06:39:12) Izzy: (XD that's cheating)
(06:39:17) Aki: (yeah XD)
(06:40:30) Aki: Sora: come to think of it, I slept for a week. I'm good. *grumbles* *sits at the spinny chair at the counter*
(06:40:39) Izzy: (spinny chairrr)
(06:40:40) Aki: (geez Sora, listen to your god. I say sleep XD)
(06:40:54) Izzy: Riku: ...your back hurts? Did you sleep on it wrong?
(06:41:04) Aki: Sora: No?
(06:41:16) Aki: Sora: I don't think I did, at least.
(06:41:30) Aki: Sora: But it's not like
(06:41:36) Aki: Sora: the crampy hurt
(06:42:06) Izzy: Riku: Where?
(06:42:14) Izzy: (Riku's fussing. XD)
(06:42:28) Aki: Sora: ....places. My back. Like I said.
(06:42:30) Aki: (aww)
(06:42:30) Izzy: (bye soon D:)
(06:42:33) Aki: (riku's a good mommy)
(06:42:36) Izzy: (hahaha)
(06:42:37) Aki: (bye soon <3)
(06:43:43) Aki: Sora: I feel like it's back. *foreheadtable*
(06:43:45) Izzy: Riku: ...
(06:44:01) Izzy: Riku:
(06:44:07) Izzy: (aww, he's afraid to ask)
(06:44:18) Aki: (pff)
(06:45:05) Aki: Sora: I see it on my arms sometimes. But, that's not important. I'm not gonna get better, am I?
(06:45:27) Izzy: Riku: What?
(06:45:33) Izzy: Riku: There's nothing there.
(06:45:42) Aki: Sora: Cuz I don't think I am..
(06:45:48) Izzy: Riku: It was gone when you came back, why...

Aki: Sora: RIKU
(18:22:35) Aki: SorA: *TACKLE*
(18:22:38) Aki: *Sora:
(18:22:49) Aki: o-o
(18:23:04) Izzy: I'm aliveeee
(18:23:14) Izzy: we moved the computer upstairs, finally
(18:23:19) Aki: :O
(18:23:26) Izzy: because the setup downstairs was really bad for my posture
(18:23:45) Izzy: and now maybe my mom will stop bitching at me about spending all my time in her office
(18:23:59) Izzy: now I'll just spend all my time in my brother's old room, hah
(18:24:09) Izzy: but yeah
(18:24:18) Aki: XD
(18:24:26) Izzy: she changed my account password so I would move the computer before going online
(18:24:33) Izzy: but then she left to pick up my sister
(18:24:43) Izzy: so i had to awit until she got home to change it back
(18:24:46) Izzy: and blah
(18:24:53) Aki: mm
(18:24:54) Izzy: and I can't go online in the morning anymore
(18:25:03) Izzy: because I was late for school *rolls eyes*
(18:25:25) Izzy: because OBVIOUSLY the computer made me late for school when I got off of it 45 minutes before I had to leave
(18:25:35) Aki: Mm.
(18:25:40) Izzy: now I
(18:25:48) Izzy: 'll just sleep ing
(18:25:50) Izzy: *in
(18:25:56) Izzy: and be late for school anyway
(18:25:58) Izzy: whatever
(18:26:02) Aki: I see.
(18:26:10) Izzy: sorry
(18:26:15) Aki: why?
(18:26:16) Izzy: I'm...not having a great day
(18:26:24) Izzy: I didn't mean to take it out on you
(18:26:29) Aki: No, it's okay.
(18:26:31) Izzy: I tried my medecation today
(18:26:40) Izzy: and it made me feel all shaky and weak
(18:26:50) Izzy: and my mom got upset about a bunch of stupid stuff
(18:27:06) Izzy: like me not turning my cell phone on after school
(18:27:09) Izzy: and...yeah
(18:27:26) Izzy: I just wanted to get online
(18:27:39) Izzy: and things kept happening to prevent that
(18:27:43) Izzy: blahhh
(18:27:45) Izzy: it's like
(18:27:46) Aki: yeah
(18:27:48) Izzy: my therapy
(18:27:56) Aki: I see.
(18:28:17) Aki: My dad came to pick me up from school, and he told me the computer died.
(18:28:26) Aki: I...kind of lost control.
(18:28:29) Izzy: ahh
(18:28:30) Aki: and Freaked out.
(18:28:46) Aki: I didn't have much of a good day either.
(18:29:06) Aki: Ah well.
(18:29:19) Aki: My head hurts.
(18:29:44) Izzy: meh
(18:29:52) Izzy: we can have a bad day together now
(18:29:55) Izzy: and make it a good day
(18:30:00) Aki: I guess.
(18:30:03) Izzy: pfft. CLOUD had a good day
(18:30:13) Aki: I wonder why.
(18:30:37) Izzy: I don't really know, actually.
(18:30:45) Aki: I see. XD
(18:31:06) Aki: Ew. I feel guilty for some reason.
(18:31:13) Aki: I have absolutely no idea why.
(18:31:23) Izzy: what
(18:31:23) Aki: I didn't do anything wrong, I don't think.
(18:31:29) Aki: But I feel guilty.
(18:31:53) Aki: ...It must be my Riku.
(18:31:54) Aki: emoing
(18:31:59) Aki: and talking to Sora's Sora.
(18:32:10) Aki: I d'know.
(18:32:23) Izzy: hah
(18:32:25) Aki: Sora missed Riku all day.
(18:32:25) Izzy: rawrrr
(18:32:30) Izzy: my mouse keeps not working
(18:32:34) Izzy: *eats it*
(18:32:36) Izzy: ....
(18:32:42) Izzy: okay, maybe that was a bad idea
(18:33:03) Aki: ha.
(18:33:48) Aki: Sora: D:
(18:34:15) Izzy: Riku: Did you eat anything today?
(18:34:32) Aki: Sora: Yeah.