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Izzy: hello hello ^^
(16:59:58) Aki : Doing homework
(17:00:05) Aki: AHHH
(17:00:08) Aki: Riku's voice
(17:00:09) Aki: <3
(17:00:13) Aki:
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<lj-cut>Izzy: hello hello ^^
(16:59:58) Aki <AUTO-REPLY>: Doing homework
(17:00:05) Aki: AHHH
(17:00:08) Aki: Riku's voice
(17:00:09) Aki: <3
(17:00:13) Aki: <_<
(17:00:17) Izzy: eh?
(17:00:19) Izzy: XD
(17:00:32) Aki: I love his voice. It makes me happy. XD
(17:00:41) Izzy: yes
(17:00:42) Izzy: XD
(17:00:46) Aki: Miyano Mamoru <333
(17:00:49) Izzy: Miyano Mamoru
(17:00:52) Izzy: hahaha
(17:00:54) Aki: XD
(17:01:15) Aki: He's also my favourite character from Ouran High School
(17:01:20) Izzy: hahaha
(17:01:36) Aki: Suou Tamaki~
(17:01:37) Aki: <33
(17:01:44) Izzy: Oh, he's Tamaki?
(17:01:46) Aki: yeah
(17:02:00) Aki: geez
(17:02:03) Aki: he
(17:02:17) Aki: seems to have some sort of connection with characters named Riku
(17:02:18) Aki: XD
(17:02:29) Izzy: ahaha what? XD

(17:02:44) Aki: Riku from KH, Riku from Tokimeki Memorial Only Love and Riku from Spiral
(17:02:47) Izzy: oh
(17:02:52) Aki: pfft
(17:02:56) Izzy: haha
(17:02:59) Izzy: that's funny
(17:03:06) Aki: he makes a better Rikuriku tho
(17:03:07) Aki: <33
(17:03:16) Izzy: hahaha
(17:03:25) Aki: Sora: *TACKLES RIKU*
(17:03:27) Aki: ....
(17:03:33) Aki: He's been planning that.
(17:03:48) Aki: ...
(17:03:49) Izzy: ahaha
(17:03:51) Aki: He's...
(17:03:55) Izzy: Riku: *tackled*
(17:04:00) Aki: He also does Raito
(17:04:01) Aki: wtf
(17:04:05) Izzy: You're never gonna learn are you Riku?
(17:04:08) Izzy: oh god XDD

(17:04:18) Aki: and...
(17:04:19) Aki: OH GOD
(17:04:25) Aki: and Kiba
(17:04:37) Aki: Leon clone XD
(17:04:43) Aki: but Kiba
(17:04:44) Izzy: HE DOES KIBA?
(17:04:46) Aki: wtf
(17:04:47) Izzy: ahahahha'
(17:04:47) Aki: YES
(17:04:49) Izzy: wow
(17:05:02) Aki: my --
(17:05:18) Aki: he does the Japanese voice over for Percy Weasley
(17:05:21) Izzy: wow
(17:05:24) Aki: ...
(17:05:31) Izzy: I want to see Harry Potter in Japanese
(17:05:34) Aki: XD
(17:05:34) Izzy: that would be...
(17:05:37) Izzy: AMAZING
(17:05:41) Aki: Randomly hearing Riku
(17:05:42) Izzy: seriously
(17:05:46) Aki: and being like
(17:05:52) Aki: "WTF OMG RIKU WHERE?"
(17:06:02) Aki: I would be like that.
(17:06:15) Aki: ...he's in Eureka Seven too
(17:06:18) Aki: geez
(17:06:23) Izzy: who?
(17:06:26) Aki: This kid is my new love XDDD
(17:06:27) Aki: oh
(17:06:30) Aki: uh
(17:06:39) Aki: ....
(17:06:45) Aki: he does tyler from ET
(17:06:52) Izzy: ahaha
(17:06:55) Aki: *dying*
(17:07:29) Aki: he's also
(17:07:45) Aki: Ishida Tetsu in the Prince of Tennis Musicals.
(17:07:55) Aki: ...
(17:08:07) Izzy: XDDD

(17:08:14) Izzy: I'll have to mention that to JJ-san
(17:08:20) Aki: Sora: Riku~ *hugging and wont let go*
(17:08:23) Aki: you do
(17:08:26) Aki: XD
(17:08:29) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:09:05) Aki: Sora: :D?
(17:09:15) Aki: Sora: D:
(17:09:19) Aki: Sora: *lets go*
(17:09:46) Izzy: Riku: ...what?
(17:10:12) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(17:10:16) Izzy: (*smacks Riku*)
(17:10:21) Izzy: (he got dpressed today)
(17:10:24) Izzy: *depressed
(17:10:28) Aki: Sora: Nothing. It's only important to me I guess..
(17:10:32) Izzy: (because I drew the pages where Sora dies)
(17:10:36) Aki: (awwwww)
(17:11:04) Izzy: (I still can't draw Roxas, apparently)
(17:11:05) Izzy: (oh well)
(17:11:12) Aki: (pfft yeah well, he's hard to draw)
(17:11:16) Aki: (I guess...)
(17:11:18) Aki: (but)
(17:11:24) Aki: (befriend him and he'll model for you)
(17:11:34) Izzy: (ahaha)
(17:11:34) Aki: (He likes to)
(17:11:41) Izzy: (YES MY WIG SHIPPED)
(17:11:45) Aki: (:D)
(17:11:45) Izzy: (*dances*)
(17:12:00) Aki: Sora: *sighs* So.
(17:12:06) Aki: Sora: You seem down.
(17:12:12) Izzy: Riku: Huh?
(17:12:18) Izzy: Riku: No, I'm fine...
(17:12:26) Izzy: Riku: Are you feeling okay?
(17:12:35) Izzy: Riku: ...well, obviously.
(17:12:42) Izzy: Riku: If you jumped on me.
(17:12:48) Aki: Sora: Oh.
(17:12:56) Aki: Sora: Yeah, I feel a bit better. :D
(17:14:09) Aki: Sora: You still seem down.
(17:14:23) Aki: Sora: Don't change the subject. >_>
(17:15:06) Izzy: Riku: Uh...
(17:15:13) Izzy: (he can't win XD)
(17:15:26) Aki: (yeah really XD)
(17:15:43) Aki: (Anybody else, and Sora would have gotten sidetracked by their subject change)
(17:15:57) Aki: (but he's really worried about Riku for some reason)
(17:16:00) Izzy: (awww)
(17:16:34) Aki: (This kid...kept talking to me today about what he could do for Riku for Christmas)
(17:16:48) Izzy: (awww)
(17:16:53) Aki: (because he felt like the gift he got him, and being there aren't enough)
(17:17:08) Aki: (He just kept talking and worrying)
(17:17:17) Izzy: (geez)
(17:17:27) Izzy: (OH GOD)
(17:17:32) Izzy: (sorry)
(17:17:44) Izzy: (I'm...watching Princess Tutu)
(17:17:55) Izzy: (and Drosselmeyer is SO SCARY)
(17:18:03) Aki: (xD)
(17:18:45) Izzy: (he popped up in the episode break and I jumped)
(17:18:53) Izzy: (literally)
(17:18:56) Aki: (pfft XD)
(17:19:22) Izzy: (oh god)
(17:19:29) Izzy: (Neko-sensei is the best)
(17:19:43) Izzy: (this anime)
(17:19:53) Izzy: (has random characters that are animals)
(17:20:05) Izzy: (and their ballet teacher is a cat)
(17:20:15) Izzy: (and he's great XD)
(17:20:25) Izzy: (whenever they do anything wrong)
(17:20:40) Aki: (XD)
(17:20:42) Izzy: (he gets really upset)
(17:21:07) Izzy: (and goes "If you don't do better....I will have to MAKE YOU MARRY MEEE!!")
(17:21:54) Aki: (XD)
(17:22:01) Aki: (drosslemayer...err)
(17:22:04) Aki: (is funny)
(17:22:06) Aki: (because)
(17:22:11) Aki: (In german)
(17:22:12) Izzy: (he scares meee XD)
(17:22:19) Aki: (it means "Thrust Master")
(17:22:24) Izzy: (oh, the anime is full of German, btw)
(17:22:26) Izzy: (ack)
(17:22:29) Izzy: (but yeah)
(17:22:39) Izzy: (all the episode titles are in German)
(17:22:52) Izzy: (and at some point Fakir says something in German)
(17:22:58) Izzy: (I dunno how accurate it was)
(17:22:58) Aki: (pfft)
(17:23:07) Izzy: (since it's a Japanese person speaking German XD)
(17:23:13) Izzy: (but it sounded pretty cool)
(17:23:28) Aki: (yeah)
(17:24:03) Aki: Sora: *crosses arms*
(17:24:13) Aki: (I wanna see Princess Tutu)
(17:24:20) Izzy: (yes)
(17:24:26) Izzy: (I will find my DVD)
(17:24:30) Izzy: (and make you watch it XD)
(17:24:39) Aki: (not like you have to)
(17:24:45) Izzy: (maybe we can all hang out after skating and watch it)
(17:24:45) Aki: (XD)
(17:24:47) Izzy: (no)
(17:24:55) Izzy: (I want to watch it WITH someone)
(17:25:02) Aki: (okay XD)
(17:25:06) Izzy: (cuz me and Becca and Emurii are all watching it)
(17:25:07) Aki: (have me translate it XDDD)
(17:25:12) Izzy: (but separately)
(17:25:22) Izzy: (so we said we have to watch it together sometime)
(17:25:27) Aki: (mm)
(17:25:35) Aki: (I'll probably start laughing randomly)
(17:25:43) Izzy: s'okay XD

(17:25:45) Izzy: *()
(17:25:48) Aki: (because they'll probably be saying like)
(17:25:53) Aki: (...)
(17:26:27) Aki: ("Das ist meine Schwester! Nein ein Hänchen das ist!")
(17:26:31) Aki: (and I will laugh)
(17:26:49) Aki: (correct words, but like...wrong order XD)
(17:26:56) Izzy: (...that's my...sweater?)
(17:27:17) Aki: ("That is my sister!" )
(17:27:19) Izzy: (it was a wild guess)
(17:27:21) Izzy: (XD)
(17:27:25) Aki: ("No a duck that is")
(17:27:30) Izzy: (ahahahah)
(17:27:42) Aki: (...)
(17:27:48) Aki: (*meiner)
(17:28:02) Aki: (I must get teh Dativ right!)
(17:28:06) Aki: (I must, I must!)
(17:28:09) Aki: *the
(17:28:16) Izzy: (haha)
(17:28:26) Aki: (feminine turns die to der)
(17:28:30) Izzy: (I had a brief bout with declining when I took Latin)
(17:28:33) Izzy: (not fun)
(17:28:39) Aki: (ah)
(17:28:51) Aki: (John was talking to the class today)
(17:29:05) Aki: (he's a senior, and all ready took at least one year of every language offered)
(17:29:17) Aki: (and he was saying how he almost failed Latin because)
(17:29:58) Aki: (He took the poetry version of the national test, and not the Prose or something. So he studied the wrong part of Latin the entire year XD)
(17:30:35) Izzy: (oh god XD)
(17:30:51) Aki: (he was laughing hysterically, sitting at the teacher's desk with his feet on her lesson plan XDDD)
(17:31:10) Izzy: (pfft)
(17:31:21) Aki: (My english teacher...calls her lesson plan her "brain")
(17:31:25) Aki: (so we're always like)
(17:31:39) Aki: ("I wonder what would happen if we took her brain and burned it or something?")
(17:32:05) Aki: (And she says she's like she's on crack and like...)
(17:32:06) Izzy: (....*cracks up*)
(17:32:35) Aki: ("Oh yeaaaah. We english teachers...always ALWAYS look for the sex references in everything we read!")
(17:32:43) Aki: (she said that)
(17:32:52) Izzy: (pfft)
(17:32:58) Izzy: (sad but true XDDD)
(17:33:02) Aki: (haha)
(17:33:16) Aki: Sora: *stomps foot*
(17:33:23) Aki: (...)
(17:33:26) Izzy: (ah)
(17:33:28) Aki: (wth)
(17:33:33) Izzy: Sorry Sora, my fault.
(17:33:45) Izzy: Though Riku is probably happy he can avoid the questions.
(17:34:02) Aki: Sora: Something IS wrong then!
(17:34:09) Aki: Sora: What is it?!
(17:34:11) Izzy: er, my fault again.
(17:34:22) Izzy: I reminded him of when you...died.
(17:34:33) Izzy: And he got depressed today. >.>
(17:34:40) Izzy: I'll just...go away now.
(17:34:40) Aki: Sora: *grumbles*
(17:34:53) Aki: Sora: No, that was my fault.
(17:35:12) Aki: Sora: Sorry.
(17:35:32) Izzy: ...are you apologizing to me?
(17:35:37) Izzy: cuz...don't. >.>
(17:35:43) Aki: Sora: Well...
(17:35:52) Aki: Sora: I just..
(17:36:14) Izzy: ...go give him another hug. *goes back tp parenthesis*
(17:36:25) Izzy: (I fail at life. XD)
(17:36:29) Aki: (XD)
(17:36:30) Izzy: *to
(17:36:32) Aki: (nooo)
(17:37:27) Aki: Sora: *hugs Riku*
(17:37:36) Aki: (*takes a photo for her holiday collection*)
(17:38:05) Izzy: (XD)
(17:38:14) Izzy: (we'll have photos on Sunday too)
(17:38:18) Aki: (yeah XD)
(17:38:22) Izzy: (we...need to make a Christmas card)
(17:38:26) Izzy: (wish we had a kairi)
(17:38:26) Aki: (My mom was doing stamps)
(17:38:42) Aki: (and she spilled my Sakura ink all over my Sora shirt)
(17:38:51) Izzy: (.....)
(17:38:55) Aki: (and it wont come out, but the pocket is fine, and I have a blue tanktop)
(17:39:05) Aki: (So, I can put it on there)
(17:39:06) Izzy: (ehhh)
(17:39:11) Aki: (...)
(17:39:14) Izzy: (well)
(17:39:20) Izzy: (I can just...make a new one...)
(17:39:29) Aki: (I don't want to stress you)
(17:39:44) Izzy: (I guess....)
(17:39:46) Izzy: (I mean)
(17:39:50) Aki: (The tanktop is near the same colour tho)
(17:39:53) Aki: (it's fine)
(17:39:58) Izzy: (I don't think I could make it in time for ice skating)
(17:40:06) Izzy: (but I can make you a new one.)
(17:40:13) Izzy: (it's pretty simple)
(17:40:19) Izzy: (since there are no sleeves)
(17:40:19) Aki: (for now tho.)
(17:40:22) Izzy: (yeah_
(17:40:30) Izzy: (the collar was the annoying part)
(17:40:39) Izzy: (sewing the bias tape at the right angle)
(17:40:44) Aki: *yeah)
(17:40:46) Izzy: (but I've gotten better)
(17:40:46) Aki: *(
(17:40:54) Aki: (It'll be fineeee)
(17:41:27) Aki: (Sorry)
(17:41:36) Aki: (I shouldn't have had it there)
(17:41:40) Aki: (It was stupid)
(17:41:41) Izzy: (it's okay)
(17:41:49) Izzy: (I do stupid things all the time >.>)
(17:41:54) Izzy: (I mean)
(17:41:56) Izzy: (well)
(17:42:02) Aki: (but you made it and I was careless)
(17:42:08) Izzy: (I kinda figured it out talking to my therapist)
(17:42:19) Izzy: (the reason I want to make everyone's costumes for them)
(17:42:28) Izzy: (is basically because I'm a control freak >.>)
(17:42:45) Izzy: (like...I've made mistakes learning and had to rip out so many seams)
(17:43:00) Izzy: (and...I don't want other people to have to go through that trobule)
(17:43:05) Izzy: (which makes no sense)
(17:43:20) Izzy: (because no one learns without making mistakes -_-)
(17:43:31) Aki: (considering I know how to sew. I've sewn since I was four)
(17:43:34) Izzy: (but deserve a good costume...and yeah.)
(17:43:40) Izzy: *trouble
(17:43:51) Aki: (I just don't have a sewing machine)
(17:43:57) Izzy: (*nod*_
(17:44:03) Aki: (So, I really have no problem with you doing it)
(17:44:06) Aki: (I just)
(17:44:12) Izzy: (and I don't wanna make you handsew anything >.>)
(17:44:20) Izzy: (how much of it is ruined?)
(17:44:23) Aki: (Izzy, I'm fast and precise)
(17:44:26) Izzy: (just the front?)
(17:44:33) Aki: (...)
(17:44:38) Izzy: (and I don't want to point this out like this)
(17:44:40) Aki: (it soaked through)
(17:44:45) Aki: (Ink tends to do that)
(17:44:49) Izzy: (but you had trouble with the hem of your Ed coat)
(17:44:58) Izzy: (but whatever. I'm crazy.)
(17:45:09) Aki: (But I never made a coat before)
(17:45:09) Izzy: (is the collar stained too?)
(17:45:13) Aki: (and I had no pattern)
(17:45:14) Izzy: (or can I salvage that)
(17:46:01) Aki: (the right arm is ruined, but it's kinda in the rag pile cuz my mom thought it should be)
(17:46:09) Aki: (but I have the pocket)
(17:46:16) Aki: (and no ink)
(17:46:33) Aki: (I'm just retarded )
(17:46:35) Aki: (that's all)
(17:46:40) Aki: (Let me fix it)
(17:46:53) Izzy: (the right arm? It's sleeveless)
(17:47:07) Aki: (the right tankytop thinger that keeps it on your shoulder)
(17:47:27) Aki: (the sleevless sleeve)
(17:47:33) Aki: (I don't know what to call it)
(17:47:37) Izzy: (oh)
(17:48:06) Aki: (I was being retarded)
(17:48:12) Aki: (So I'm gonna fix it)
(17:48:32) Aki: (I should stop relying on others to do everything)
(17:48:44) Aki: (Because I can handle it myself)
(17:49:25) Izzy: (well...I did it because I wanted to)
(17:49:31) Izzy: (but if you want to, that's fine)
(17:49:40) Izzy: (do you need more bias tape?
(17:49:55) Aki: (Probably, I can look around in my sewing box first)
(17:50:37) Aki: (Whatever. )
(17:50:43) Izzy: (kay)
(17:50:51) Izzy: (I'll see what I can do about your jacket)
(17:50:57) Aki: (kay)
(17:51:05) Izzy: (I should be able to mostly finish it)
(17:51:10) Izzy: Not the shouler armor things)
(17:51:17) Izzy: *shoulder
(17:51:22) Aki: (yeah)
(17:51:22) Izzy: or the yellow straps
(17:51:26) Izzy: but everything else
(17:51:31) Izzy: gtg soon, class
(17:51:35) Aki: (k)
(17:52:04) Aki: ...)
(17:52:15) Aki: (what was that person's name?)
(17:52:22) Aki: (I had to do something for them.)
(17:52:44) Aki: (...whatever. DX)
(17:52:50) Izzy: .....
(17:52:54) Aki: what.
(17:53:05) Izzy: that was such a Leon thing to say...
(17:53:07) Izzy: I'm sorry
(17:53:09) Izzy: I laughed
(17:53:11) Aki: whaaat XD
(17:53:17) Izzy: I couldn't help it XD
(17:53:28) Izzy: "What was that person's name?"
(17:53:28) Aki: I dont understanddddd
(17:53:33) Aki: XDD ohh
(17:53:35) Izzy: hahaha
(17:53:38) Izzy: oh man
(17:53:48) Izzy: <3 KH II chapter 8
(17:53:52) Aki: :D
(17:53:57) Izzy: when no one can see Roxas anymore
(17:54:01) Izzy: and he's freaking out
(17:54:04) Izzy: and Axel shows up
(17:54:06) Izzy: oh god
(17:54:09) Aki: XD
(17:54:15) Izzy: Axel's all ready for a dramatic confrontation
(17:54:26) Aki: Sora: .......*frowns and walks off*
(17:54:27) Aki: haha
(17:54:31) Aki: "ROXAS"
(17:54:37) Aki: "COME BACK WITH MEEEEE"
(17:54:38) Izzy: and he looks and Roxas just looks up at him with this ;_; face
(17:54:47) Aki: "PLEASEEEEEE"
(17:54:49) Izzy: it's adorable XDDD
(17:54:51) Izzy: and Axel'
(17:54:55) Izzy: s like
(17:55:04) Izzy: "Uh...what's with you?"
(17:55:09) Aki: "Aww"
(17:55:17) Aki: "You're so adorable Roxie."
(17:55:19) Aki: *Shot*
(17:55:23) Izzy: XDDD

(17:55:41) Aki: the '*shot*' thing...really is mine, isn't it? XD
(17:55:59) Izzy: yep
(17:56:03) Izzy: ah god XDD
(17:56:11) Izzy: Axel brought him sweet bean buns XDDD
(17:56:18) Izzy: why wasn't THAT in the game XDDD
(17:56:18) Aki: wtf
(17:56:19) Aki: XD
(17:56:30) Izzy: he's like "Here a souvenir"
(17:56:40) Aki: geez XD
(17:56:54) Aki: Sora: *sticks his tongue out at Izzy*
(17:56:55) Aki: ....
(17:56:59) Aki: behave.
(17:57:04) Izzy: *tear*
(17:57:08) Izzy: this is so saddd
(17:57:10) Izzy: here, Sora
(17:57:14) Aki: Sora: ....
(17:57:18) Izzy: take Riku while I take my Japanese midterm
(17:57:27) Izzy: I don't need his help anymore
(17:57:28) Aki: Sora: ...
(17:57:39) Aki: Sora: Okay...
(17:58:12) Aki: Sora: *Rikucling*
(17:58:18) Izzy: cheer him up, kay?
(17:58:21) Izzy: *runs off*
(17:58:25) Aki: Sora: ...
(17:58:30) Aki: Sora: I dunno if I can
(17:58:33) Aki: Sora: bye..
(17:58:48) Izzy: ...
(17:58:52) Izzy: YOU CHEER UP TOO
(17:58:57) Izzy: *gives him ice cream*
(17:58:58) Aki: Sora: *blink*
(17:59:05) Aki: Sora: *hands it to Riku*
(17:59:08) Izzy: *runs away*

(17:22:42) Aki: ...
(17:22:43) Izzy: Riku: *tackled*
(17:23:23) Aki: Sora: *cling* Whatcha up toooo?
(17:23:36) Izzy: Riku: um.
(17:23:40) Izzy: Riku: Nothing much.
(17:23:47) Aki: Sora: :D
(17:23:50) Izzy: (he was working on Sora's present XD)
(17:23:55) Aki: (XD)
(17:24:54) Aki: Sora: Oh!
(17:25:09) Aki: Sora: Okay.
(17:25:27) Izzy: Riku: ....something you wanted?
(17:25:42) Aki: Sora: Not really.
(17:26:32) Aki: Sora: ...*cant think of anything to say*
(17:27:05) Izzy: Riku: ...uhh. Oh yeah. Where are we getting a tree this year?

(17:27:16) Aki: Sora: *blinks*
(17:27:26) Aki: Sora: I don't know...
(17:27:55) Aki: Sora: Cuz...there aren't any on this you have to order one from Cid.
(17:28:01) Aki: Sora: And he goes out to get them.
(17:28:16) Aki: Sora: Leon says he's got the tree covered.
(17:29:22) Izzy: Riku: Ah.
(17:29:31) Aki: Sora: Yeah...
(17:30:29) Izzy: (awkwarddd)
(17:30:58) Aki: (huh?)
(17:31:07) Aki: (I went to get cake to eat XD)
(17:31:52) Izzy: (no, it's just awkward XD)
(17:32:18) Aki: (cuz I put mistletoe above them?)
(17:32:42) Aki: (it's why Sora's all like "....")
(17:33:00) Izzy: (...oh.)
(17:33:05) Izzy: (XD)
(17:33:09) Izzy: (you're terrible XD)
(17:33:15) Aki: (No. )
(17:33:18) Aki: (I'm a fangirl )
(17:33:22) Izzy: (same thing)
(17:33:23) Aki: (there's a difference XD)
(17:33:24) Izzy: (pfft)
(17:33:46) Aki: (I love how we said the exact opposite at the same time XD)
(17:33:56) Izzy: (hahaha_
(17:33:57) Izzy: *)
(17:34:04) Izzy: (well, I'm terrible too XD)
(17:34:08) Izzy: (I admit it)
(17:34:18) Aki: (Closet yaoi fangirl)
(17:34:20) Aki: (that's why)
(17:34:41) Aki: (wanna continue from the part where Sora runs off to Cloud's world with Riku and Kairi ? XDDD)
(17:34:53) Izzy: (oh, right)
(17:34:55) Izzy: (sure XD)
(17:35:01) Aki: (XD)
(17:35:12) Aki: ("IM COMING ANYWAY *HANGS UP*")
(17:35:17) Aki: ("WAI--")
(17:35:43) Izzy: (XD)
(17:35:55) Aki: (Yeaaaah XD)
(17:36:33) Aki: Aerith: *glances at Cloud* What was that about?
(17:36:41) Izzy: Cloud: Sora...
(17:37:09) Aki: Aerith: Is something wrong?
(17:37:13) Izzy: Cloud: He's decided that he's coming here.
(17:37:16) Izzy: Cloud: Now.
(17:37:21) Aki: Aerith: Oh..
(17:37:39) Aki: Aerith: well...
(17:37:53) Aki: Aerith: I could see if I could change his mind, when he comes..
(17:38:00) Aki: Aerith: If you want.
(17:38:12) Izzy: Cloud: I just don't want to get unrelated people involved, that's all...
(17:38:22) Izzy: Cloud: And Sora's always wanting to help.
(17:38:47) Izzy: Cloud: That's what's...dangerous for him.
(17:39:15) Aki: Aerith: *sighs* I talked with him about that.
(17:39:53) Aki: Aerith: He said as long as he can protect others he doesn't care what happens to him. He'll fight for himself when he has to, though.
(17:41:16) Aki: Aerith: And I think ever since he ended up with the keyblade, that desire to protect got stronger. He can't help it, I guess.
(17:41:19) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(17:41:42) Aki: Aerith: But I'll turn him away for you when he gets here.
(17:41:54) Aki: Aerith: He's still ill.
(17:41:56) Izzy: Tifa: ...and Cloud can't stop worrying.
(17:42:10) Izzy: Cloud: I--it's just...look what happened last time!
(17:42:32) Aki: Aerith: Maybe this would do him some good.
(17:42:47) Aki: Aerith: I don't know.
(17:43:17) Aki: Aerith: He knows what he's getting into.
(17:43:26) Izzy: Zack: Well, if he really wants to, I doubt any of us could stop him.
(17:43:40) Izzy: Zack: Maybe not even all of us together.
(17:43:50) Aki: Aerith: Exactly.
(17:44:02) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(17:44:05) Aki: Aerith: Hardly any of you can say no to him >_>
(17:44:14) Izzy: Cloud: That's...
(17:44:20) Aki: Aerith: Justa simple pout.
(17:44:42) Aki: Aerith: Brings you and Leon and even Sephiroth down a couple of notches.
(17:44:54) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(17:44:56) Izzy: Tifa: .....well, it's true.
(17:45:23) Aki: Aerith: *laughs* we'll deal with him when he gets here.
(17:45:34) Izzy: Cloud: All right...
(17:45:44) Izzy: Tifa: If it comes down to it...we're all here.
(17:45:58) Izzy: Tifa: We can handle anything that happens. I'm sure.
(17:46:11) Izzy: (and Riku and kairi >.>)
(17:46:13) Izzy: (geez)
(17:46:29) Izzy: (they're going to stick to him like they're super-glued)
(17:46:35) Aki: (hahaha)
(17:46:53) Aki: (and he'll just look at them occassionally like they're crazy)
(17:46:56) Izzy: (XD)
(17:47:01) Aki: (XD)
(17:47:45) Aki: *loud crashing noise outside*
(17:47:52) Aki: (pfft warp drive)
(17:48:37) Izzy: (hahaha)
(17:48:39) Aki: Sephiroth: ...
(17:48:40) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(17:48:45) Aki: Yuffie: :O
(17:48:49) Aki: Aerith: ...
(17:48:54) Izzy: Tifa: Well, there you go...
(17:48:55) Aki: Cid: .........
(17:49:08) Izzy: Zack: *sighs dramatically*
(17:49:14) Aki: (*ded*)
(17:49:23) Izzy: (Zack is the best. End of story.)
(17:49:27) Aki: (XD)
(17:49:59) Aki: (he did this little...wrist flick and exasperated drooping of the shoulders in my mind XD)
(17:50:41) Izzy: (XD)
(17:50:45) Aki: Sora: *slams open the door and tackles and clings right onto Cloud*
(17:50:56) Izzy: (Zack=Spiderman/Jack Sparrow)
(17:51:00) Aki: (XDDDD)
(17:51:16) Izzy: (the Spiderman thing is ALL MangaLoca, hahahaha)
(17:51:21) Aki: (XD)
(17:52:44) Aki: Aerith: well Cloud, choose. /...make him go home or let him come.../
(17:53:06) Izzy: Cloud: Ah...
(17:53:19) Izzy: Barret: Friend o' yours?
(17:53:29) Aki: Sora: *glances at Barret*
(17:54:05) Aki: Sora: :)
(17:54:18) Aki: (He's totally that Barret, from the stories Tifa told meee?)
(17:54:20) Izzy: (my arm needs to...stop hurting.)
(17:54:23) Izzy: (XD)
(17:54:40) Izzy: Cloud: Barret...this is Sora. The Keyblade master.
(17:55:12) Aki: Sora: *grins* Hiya.
(17:55:14) Izzy: Barret: Huh. Ah expet--mpph
(17:55:19) Izzy: Tifa: *covers his mouth*
(17:55:33) Izzy: Tifa: *whispers* Bigger, yes, we know.
(17:56:08) Izzy: (poor 5' 1" Sora XD)
(17:56:16) Aki: Sora: *Snorts slightly in amusement*
(17:56:21) Aki: (he's used to it by now XD)