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Aki: my balogna has a first name
(17:11:28) Izzy: pfft
(17:11:31) Aki: its O-S-C-A-R
(17:11:38) Aki: it also has a second name
(17:11:55) Aki: it's M-E-Y-E-R
(17:12:01) Izzy: you silly
(17:12:09) Aki: XD
(17:12:56) Aki: Sora: ....
(17:12:59) Aki: yeah
(17:13:00) Aki: I know
(17:13:04) Aki: you usually sing that
(17:13:14) Aki: Sora: Yeah.
(17:14:00) Aki: Sora: *goes back to the sport of Rikuclinging*
(17:14:05) Izzy: Awww
(17:14:11) Izzy: *melts*
(17:14:19) Izzy: there's too much romance everywhere
(17:14:24) Aki: XD
(17:14:30) Aki: it's like
(17:14:35) Aki: melted marshmellows
(17:14:37) Izzy: yes
(17:14:43) Aki: :D
(17:16:00) Izzy: OMG WIN.
(17:16:05) Izzy: this
(17:16:08) Izzy: anime
(17:16:09) Izzy: is
(17:16:12) Izzy: amazing
(17:16:12) Aki: *blink*
(17:16:32) Izzy: Drosselmeyer was just like
(17:16:55) Izzy: "How could the story be changed by a character in the story?"
(17:16:59) Izzy: and then he's like

(17:17:09) Izzy: "Wait! What if I'M a character in a story, too!?"
(17:17:17) Aki: oh yeah, I posted my thing...
(17:17:19) Aki: hahaha
(17:17:20) Izzy: ?
(17:17:22) Aki: haa
(17:17:31) Aki: ....he is
(17:17:34) Aki: <3
(17:17:38) Izzy: yes XD
(17:17:40) Izzy: your thing?
(17:17:45) Aki: my thinger
(17:17:47) Aki: the thing
(17:17:53) Izzy: wem
(17:17:57) Izzy: *erm
(17:17:58) Aki: THE 500 WORDS OF EMO?
(17:18:00) Izzy: oh
(17:18:00) Aki: or something
(17:18:02) Izzy: that
(17:18:04) Izzy: thing
(17:18:04) Izzy: XD
(17:18:06) Aki: XD
(17:18:22) Aki: you go tthe unedited version...
(17:18:29) Aki: because I got impatient
(17:18:37) Aki: *THE
(17:19:24) Izzy: haha it's fine
(17:19:46) Aki: *mistletoe poofs into existence over Riku and Sora not courtesy of Aki*
(17:19:53) Aki: *whistles and poofs herself*
(17:19:55) Izzy: haha surrreee.
(17:20:27) Aki: (a kiss makes all of Sora's problems go awayyyy, Riku.)
(17:20:37) Aki: (*killed*)
(17:20:43) Izzy: (oh god XD)
(17:20:54) Aki: (XD)
(17:21:44) Izzy: (wait)
(17:21:49) Izzy: (where did you post it?)
(17:22:00) Aki: (muh journal)
(17:22:08) Izzy: (...friends locked?)
(17:22:27) Izzy: (because)
(17:22:35) Aki: (because the rp journal doesn't need crap like that and I don't think it is. It's not supposed to be)
(17:22:42) Izzy: (you didn't add me XD)
(17:23:17) Aki: (it's not suppose to be friends lockkkeddd)
(17:23:40) Aki: (maybe...I dont want you to read it XD)
(17:23:43) Izzy: ('s not showing up)
(17:25:19) Izzy: (....)
(17:25:22) Izzy: (*poke*)
(17:25:40) Aki: (okayyy)
(17:25:43) Aki: (it should work now)
(17:25:49) Aki: (because)
(17:26:04) Aki: (my entire journal was friends only apparently)
(17:26:09) Izzy: (hah)
(17:26:14) Izzy: (that's strange)
(17:26:24) Izzy: (because I saw some of your entries)
(17:26:28) Izzy: (though non for a while)
(17:26:30) Izzy: *none
(17:26:34) Aki: (I duno)
(17:26:37) Aki: (it's fixed now )
(17:26:40) Izzy: (kay)
(17:29:26) Izzy: (*pokes internet*)
(17:29:32) Izzy: (there, that's better)
(17:29:36) Aki: (:O)
(17:31:13) Izzy: (I...have...)
(17:31:25) Izzy: (the sudden strange urge to translate it into Japanese)
(17:31:32) Izzy: (please shoot me.)
(17:31:34) Aki: (hah)
(17:31:37) Aki: (no)
(17:31:39) Aki: (XD)
(17:31:51) Izzy: (watch me do it, too)
(17:32:09) Aki: (XD)
(17:32:14) Aki: (I bet you will)
(17:32:23) Izzy: hee
(17:32:25) Izzy: *()
(17:32:48) Aki: (It's not even suppoed to be that good, cuz he wasn't able to really think clearly.)
(17:32:53) Aki: (so everythings everywhere)
(17:32:59) Izzy: ( works tho)
(17:33:07) Izzy: (it's thought process)
(17:33:13) Aki: (because he's an air head XD)
(17:33:33) Izzy: (aww XD)
(17:33:39) Izzy: (but we <3 Leon)
(17:34:46) Aki: (....Riku's version of me chills)
(17:35:09) Aki: (because it's makes so much more sense to KH)
(17:35:21) Izzy: (heh...)
(17:35:29) Aki: (it's pretty tho)
(17:35:36) Aki: (ah well)
(17:35:40) Aki: Sora: .....
(17:36:08) Izzy: Riku: You...okay?
(17:36:31) Aki: Sora:
(17:36:40) Aki: Sora: not really.
(17:36:49) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:37:10) Aki: Sora: ....
(17:37:33) Izzy: Riku: What is it.
(17:38:46) Aki: Sora: ...everthing just happens to people I love. All the bad stuff..
(17:39:11) Izzy: (You. Drosselmeyer.)
(17:39:17) Izzy: (You just like tragic stories.)]
(17:39:20) Izzy: (XD)
(17:39:26) Aki: (huh?)
(17:40:16) Izzy: (oh)
(17:40:19) Izzy: (in PT)
(17:40:24) Izzy: (he's the writer of the story)
(17:40:34) Izzy: (and he tries to manipulate it so it ends tragically)
(17:40:38) Aki: (ohhh)
(17:40:42) Izzy: (because it's "more fun that way")
(17:40:52) Izzy: (but the characters rebel, basically :p)
(17:41:26) Aki: (XDDD)
(17:41:29) Aki: (Like us)
(17:41:44) Izzy: (yeah XD)
(17:41:51) Izzy: (except we're not THAT sadistic)
(17:41:54) Izzy: (at least)
(17:41:58) Izzy: (I'm not >.>)
(17:42:06) Aki: (...Of course I'm not. )
(17:43:24) Izzy: (dammittt)
(17:43:30) Izzy: ( know how to conjugate this)
(17:43:50) Aki: (you are, aren't you. XD)
(17:43:56) Izzy: (yes. >.>)
(17:43:59) Aki: (XDDD)
(17:44:21) Izzy: (ability form of u verbs! Ahh!)
(17:44:34) Izzy: (I can remember ru verbs but not u -_-)
(17:44:46) Izzy: (whatever)
(17:44:53) Izzy: (regular form works)
(17:45:02) Aki: Sora: ....Why.
(17:45:04) Izzy: (it's just a looser translation)
(17:45:08) Izzy: Riku: ...
(17:45:11) Aki: (pssh that japanese site thingy )
(17:45:27) Aki: (on your LJ)
(17:45:36) Izzy: (oh XD)
(17:45:39) Izzy: (yeah)
(17:46:00) Aki: Sora: ....just..
(17:46:03) Aki: (i read it)
(17:46:06) Aki: (it was amusing)
(17:46:32) Izzy: (hahaha)
(17:46:38) Izzy: Riku: Sorry...
(17:47:13) Aki: Sora: *shakes head* No. Don't. It's okay.
(17:49:24) Aki: Sora: My mom's just in the hospital. That's all. It shouldn't be bothering me that much..
(17:49:45) Izzy: Riku: Will she be all right?
(17:49:54) Izzy: (I commented with a few paragraphs XD)
(17:50:35) Aki: Sora: They said they don't know...but I feel like she's just gonna get worse. I hope I'm wrong.
(17:50:39) Aki: (yay XD)
(17:50:48) Izzy: Riku: You should go visit her.
(17:51:01) Izzy: (I'll do the rest on the bus...I just need my dictionary XD)
(17:51:17) Aki: Sora: ...*sighs* I guess so.
(17:51:21) Aki: (okay :D)
(17:51:25) Izzy: (and it's probably horribly English structure, but I don't care)
(17:51:32) Izzy: (hahaha_
(17:51:42) Izzy: (Oh yeah)
(17:51:50) Izzy: (I had to take a bit of liberty, tho...)
(17:52:03) Izzy: (I couldn't find a verb for "turn away")
(17:52:27) Izzy: (So I just said "mienai"--I can't look)
(17:52:33) Aki: (s'okay :D)
(17:54:02) Aki: (er, you leaving soon? XD)
(17:54:07) Aki: (like now or somethin'?)
(17:54:48) Izzy: (yeah, IRVINE. XD)
(17:54:56) Izzy: (a few minutes)
(17:54:59) Aki: (what?)
(17:55:03) Aki: (what about Irvine?)
(17:55:07) Izzy: (the somethin' XD)
(17:55:11) Izzy: (I was teasing)]
(17:55:20) Aki: (huh-oh. My habit)
(17:55:22) Aki: (ha.)
(17:55:51) Aki: (XD It's my bad habit when I write things)
(17:56:02) Aki: (It's why I have to do so much editing)
(17:56:11) Aki: (Half of my family has those accents)
(17:56:17) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(17:56:25) Aki: (so I have one to when I'm with them XD)
(17:56:29) Aki: *too
(17:56:58) Aki: (that's why I love Irvine. I don't have edit what I type for him)
(17:57:26) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(17:57:41) Aki: (x) )
(17:57:49) Aki: Sora: ...I don't...
(17:57:59) Aki: Sora: know..
(17:59:00) Aki: Sora: ...*sighs* I'm going to go think.
(17:59:08) Aki: Sora: *walks off*
(17:59:18) Izzy: Riku: you...dammit.
(17:59:28) Aki: Sora: *stops* ...what.
(17:59:32) Izzy: (blarghhh)
(17:59:35) Izzy: (I should go)
(17:59:39) Aki: (kayyyy)
(17:59:40) Izzy: (I'll miss the bus >.>)
(17:59:46) Aki: (go)
(17:59:55) Izzy: (BYEEE <3333)
(17:59:58) Aki: (byeeee)
(18:00:02) Izzy: (FEEL BETTER SORA)
(18:00:07) Aki: (sora: Thanks..)
(18:00:15) Aki: (Pfft. well, see ya)

Izzy: *tackleee*
(09:23:21) Aki: *TACKLED*
(09:23:47) Izzy: XD
(09:23:51) Aki: Sora: *Rikusnuggle*
(09:23:56) Aki: back...3
(09:24:00) Aki: hurts...
(09:24:05) Aki: minus the 3
(09:24:07) Aki: pfft
(09:24:36) Izzy: aww
(09:24:37) Izzy: geez
(09:24:40) Izzy: what did you do?
(09:24:45) Aki: nothing
(09:24:53) Aki: I really don't know why I'm sore
(09:25:02) Aki: but I had a limp all yesterday
(09:25:18) Aki: not important tho
(09:25:52) Izzy: yeah...
(09:26:00) Izzy: my...right hip joint is bothering me
(09:26:04) Izzy: and I have me idea why
(09:26:08) Izzy: *no
(09:26:12) Aki: yeah
(09:26:18) Izzy: I feel like an old lady -_-
ki Raureif: wb
(09:26:54) Aki: XD
(09:26:54) Izzy: ...okay, that was lame
(09:26:58) Izzy: XD
(09:27:03) Izzy: it wasn't my internet
(09:27:06) Izzy: it was the program
(09:27:09) Izzy: I dunno
(09:27:10) Izzy: whatever
(09:27:13) Aki: mm
(09:27:24) Aki: Sora: :I
(09:28:15) Aki: Sora: ...*yawn*
(09:28:18) Aki: oh yeah
(09:28:20) Aki: Leon
(09:28:30) Aki: misses
(09:28:32) Aki: Cloud
(09:28:34) Aki: lots
(09:28:56) Izzy: hahaha
(09:29:04) Aki: X3
(09:29:15) Aki: Leon: =_=
(09:29:29) Izzy: ...
(09:29:42) Aki: Leon: ...
(09:30:17) Izzy: ....
(09:30:22) Izzy: (Wtf)
(09:30:25) Aki: .........Sora. bad thought. bad.
(09:30:33) Aki: Sora: *rikusnuggle*
(09:30:42) Aki: (*grumble*)
(09:31:10) Izzy: (aww geez)
(09:31:12) Izzy: (anyway)
(09:31:16) Izzy: (my mom)
(09:31:22) Izzy: (is being bitchyyyy)
(09:31:28) Izzy: (tomorrow)
(09:31:31) Izzy: (apparently)
(09:31:43) Izzy: (she wants me to go to the youth group Christmas party)
(09:32:02) Izzy: (she's like "just go for half an hour")
(09:32:10) Izzy: (but I don't WANT to)
(09:32:27) Aki: (eh)
(09:32:44) Izzy: (and then she's all like "everyone's working so hard to organize it and people don't appreciate it blah blah blah")
(09:33:04) Izzy: (so she said she'd get us to ice skating at 1:30
(09:33:13) Izzy: (which totally won't happen)
(09:33:21) Aki: (Of course people don't appreciate itttttt. I bet they didn't ask the people if they wanted a party. DX)
(09:33:24) Izzy: (because she's as bad with time as I am)
(09:33:45) Aki: (...I...)
(09:34:03) Aki: (could go to the'd be better than me not being there, right?)
(09:34:17) Izzy: (and the Frog Pond closes when the sun goes down)
(09:34:27) Izzy: (so yeah)
(09:34:28) Izzy: (oh)
(09:34:38) Izzy: (it would be easier if you came, too)
(09:34:55) Izzy: (because then we wouldn't have to pick you up after)
(09:35:00) Aki: (yeah)
(09:35:07) Izzy: (what I'm annoyed about isn't the party, but the fact that it's at 1)
(09:35:23) Izzy: (and we're SO not getting to ice skating at 1:30 if we do that)
(09:35:33) Izzy: (and I WANT to ice skate.)
(09:35:43) Izzy: (and I want a good few hours to do it in)]
(09:35:54) Aki: (yeah...)
(09:36:31) Aki: (*sigh*)
(09:36:50) Izzy: (blehhh)
(09:36:53) Izzy: (the thing is)
(09:37:07) Izzy: (I was talking about ice skating since two months ago)
(09:37:15) Izzy: (so it's not like it's new)
(09:37:21) Izzy: (that's what annoys me)
(09:37:27) Aki: (*nods*)
(09:37:38) Izzy: (I mean, we told them at youth group that we weren't coming on the 17th)
(09:37:43) Aki: (Okay, I think this is getting a little...out of hand)
(09:37:51) Aki: (cuz)
(09:38:05) Aki: (You missed the first one to get a TREE)
(09:38:18) Aki: (and now it's a party.)
(09:38:23) Izzy: (yes, exactly)
(09:38:47) Aki: (....I didn't mean to say 'party' in such a sour way...)
(09:39:02) Izzy: (uh)
(09:39:05) Aki: (But parties mean people...)
(09:39:05) Izzy: (it's okay)
(09:39:07) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:39:13) Aki: (whatever)
(09:40:06) Aki: (beh)
(09:40:09) Aki: (anywayyyy)
(09:40:28) Izzy: (I'll just...whatever. Rawr.)
(09:40:42) Izzy: (I already TOLD the people at skating I'd be there at 1.)
(09:40:46) Izzy: (*hits something*)
(09:41:07) Aki: (*grumble*)
(09:41:23) Aki: (now I'm getting a bit annoyed.)
(09:41:29) Izzy: (sorry)
(09:41:33) Aki: (no, it's okay)
(09:41:51) Aki: (I want to be annoyed. All those other times didn't annoy me because I didn't let them)
(09:42:08) Aki: (ah whatever.)
(09:42:55) Aki: (sdfjks)
(09:42:58) Aki: (*yawn*)
(09:43:00) Izzy: (D: *hug*)
(09:43:22) Aki: (*hugged* XD)
(09:43:45) Aki: Sora: >:I
(09:44:09) Aki: Sora: *pouts* ....
(09:44:23) Izzy: Riku: ....
(09:44:42) Izzy: (my new webcam is up :p)
(09:44:51) Aki: (XD)
(09:44:54) Aki: (yay)
(09:45:04) Aki: Sora: D:
(09:45:37) Aki: .....)
(09:45:42) Aki: (PSSH MY DORKY GRIN)
(09:45:47) Izzy: (hee)
(09:45:51) Aki: (YOU GOT THAT DOWN WTF XD)
(09:46:00) Izzy: (XDDD whut)
(09:46:11) Aki: (I would totally use that face XDDDD)
(09:46:14) Izzy: (XDD)
(09:47:17) Aki: (I wanna see the rest of uber newtonnnnn)
(09:47:25) Aki: (the Leonie pages)
(09:47:32) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(09:47:33) Izzy: Well)
(09:47:42) Izzy: (....I'm too lazy to scan them all XD)
(09:47:47) Izzy: (but I'll scan some)
(09:47:51) Aki: (okay)
(09:47:55) Aki: (Oh yeah)
(09:48:01) Aki: (Leonie wants to talk to you)
(09:48:07) Aki: (but her Aim is down i think)
(09:48:11) Izzy: ( told her)
(09:48:20) Aki: (That's why she ---noooo)
(09:48:25) Aki: (I said nothing)
(09:48:40) Aki: (but that's why she's never really on AIM)
(09:48:44) Aki: (She talkes through DA tho)
(09:49:00) Izzy: (I just added her :) )
(09:49:05) Aki: (:D)
(09:49:48) Izzy: (I was very tempted to use the "hello there, gorgeous" panel as my webcam instead, but that would have been sketchy XD)
(09:50:13) Aki: (XDDD)
(09:55:15) Aki: (*still staring at the webcam*)
(09:55:20) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(09:55:29) Aki: (it makes me laugh)
(09:55:35) Aki: (Because I that XD)
(09:55:39) Izzy: (that was the intention XD)
(09:57:24) Izzy: (...stupid lame photobucket)
(09:57:30) Aki: (yeah)
(10:02:29) Izzy: (it (I wonder if it would be any different if I made a new account)
(10:02:45) Aki: (hmm I duno)
(10:02:47) Aki: (maybe)
(10:03:02) Aki: (it worked for me)
(10:03:20) Izzy: (I think it might be my computer or my internet connection)
(10:03:30) Izzy: (I used to have the same problem with DA)
(10:03:34) Izzy: (uploading files)
(10:03:40) Izzy: (instead of going through)
(10:03:52) Izzy: (it would give me the 'this page cannot be displayed' thing)
(10:04:05) Izzy: (but for some reason it usually worked if I reduced the file size)
(10:04:09) Izzy: (I don't know)
(10:04:16) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(10:04:40) Izzy: (well, it's finally letting me delete things)
(10:04:44) Izzy: (so let's see...)
(10:06:19) Izzy: (*pokes it*)
(10:06:30) Aki: ( :o)
(10:06:43) Izzy: well
(10:06:45) Izzy: that worked
(10:06:48) Izzy: >.>
(10:06:49) Izzy:
(10:07:03) Izzy: that's what she looks like when she takes off the wig
(10:07:33) Aki: :OOO
(10:07:36) Aki: :DDD
(10:07:49) Izzy:
(10:08:19) Izzy: I gtg pretty much as soon as I'm done uploading these :\
(10:08:28) Aki: k
(10:09:08) Aki: your face
(10:09:10) Aki: XDDD
(10:09:13) Izzy: yes XD
(10:09:20) Aki: XDD
(10:09:44) Aki: pssh Leonie's accurate too. her stoned expression. *shot*
(10:10:05) Izzy: (oh god XD_
(10:10:12) Aki: (XDDDD)
(10:10:17) Izzy: what
(10:10:25) Izzy: why am I bothering with parenthesis XD
(10:10:29) Izzy: it's like...
(10:10:31) Izzy: habit
(10:10:40) Aki: yeah XD
(10:10:40) Izzy: I used them by accident talking to someone else once XD
(10:10:54) Aki: I use them all the time XD
(10:11:58) Izzy: okay, pages 1-5 are up...
(10:12:02) Aki: yeah
(10:12:06) Izzy: just change the #
(10:12:14) Izzy: 6 is being bitchy
(10:12:23) Izzy: and then there's the two pages from the dance
(10:12:34) Aki: :D
(10:12:42) Izzy: if it decides to work...
(10:13:09) Aki: People are staring XDD
(10:13:10) Izzy: okay, 6 worked
(10:13:13) Izzy: yes XD

(10:13:20) Izzy: well, I yelled
(10:13:26) Aki: yeah XD
(10:13:26) Izzy: in the middle of a convention hall
(10:14:42) Izzy: okay!
(10:14:43) Izzy:
(10:14:47) Izzy: so, two of those
(10:14:53) Aki: you...
(10:14:55) Aki: totally
(10:14:55) Izzy: I have more pages
(10:14:56) Aki: are
(10:14:57) Izzy: but
(10:15:00) Aki: a yaoi fangirl magnet
(10:15:11) Izzy: I scanned the ones that I drew all the pnales for
(10:15:14) Izzy: *panels
(10:15:16) Izzy: hahaha
(10:15:17) Izzy: yeah...
(10:15:30) Izzy: there's something I'm trying to fit in, though
(10:15:45) Izzy: when we're dancing and my thought process goes something like
(10:16:25) Izzy: "I'm not gonna be able to get out of this, am I...and where's my ICR? I'm not reverting, this is me. Does that mean I can handle the situation?"
(10:16:58) Izzy: "But I hate parties, and dancing, and talking to strangers...but here I am, dancing with a stranger at a party"
(10:17:11) Aki: XDD
(10:17:18) Izzy: yep :p
(10:17:27) Izzy: but...
(10:17:35) Aki: <333
(10:17:43) Izzy: apparently I underestimated my own ability to embarass myself
(10:17:46) Izzy: because
(10:18:04) Izzy: then I kind of trip
(10:18:12) Izzy: because it IS hard to dance in a kimono
(10:18:30) Aki: XD
(10:18:44) Izzy: so you get the classic "Oops I nearly fell on you and wow, this is a really awkward position"
(10:19:08) Izzy: and I kinda freak out and am like "MY LIFE IS TURNING INTO A SLASH FIC"
(10:19:16) Izzy: "WHY."
(10:19:36) Aki: XDDDDD
(10:20:07) Izzy: and then "maybe I'm developing OCR, and taking on the fan-created personalities like poor humiliated uke Cloud"
(10:20:11) Izzy: "Oh shit."
(10:20:37) Aki: *dies*
(10:20:42) Izzy: yeah...
(10:20:50) Aki: ....that
(10:20:51) Izzy: so apparently I can embarass myself.
(10:20:53) Aki: would be great
(10:20:58) Aki: XDDD
(10:21:22) Izzy: :p
(10:21:29) Izzy: the saddest thing is probably
(10:21:33) Izzy: that I'm amused by it
(10:22:18) Aki: XD
(10:22:19) Izzy: ....I really do want to use that panel
(10:22:23) Izzy: as my webcam
(10:22:35) Izzy: but I also like the one I'm using now XD

(10:22:39) Aki: XDDD
(10:22:51) Izzy: I should put it as like...
(10:23:02) Izzy: the webcam for the grrface account
(10:23:06) Aki: yeah XD
(10:23:10) Izzy: really?
(10:23:37) Izzy: like...would you be okay parting with the bouncing paopu fruit? XD

(10:23:46) Aki: ...yeah
(10:23:48) Aki: XD
(10:23:56) Aki: I forgot about that paopu
(10:23:58) Izzy: haha
(10:24:00) Izzy: well
(10:24:12) Izzy: why don't we put the you and me panel as the grrface one
(10:24:34) Aki: okay. XD
(10:24:37) Izzy: <3
(10:24:41) Aki: because I always say that during the RP)
(10:24:43) Aki: ....
(10:24:46) Izzy: hahahaha
(10:24:50) Aki: XDDDD
(10:24:52) Aki: oh wow
(10:24:53) Aki: habitttt
(10:24:57) Izzy: hahaha
(10:25:53) Aki: wow
(10:25:55) Aki: XD
(10:25:57) Izzy: I
(10:26:04) Izzy: am such a horrible person
(10:26:05) Izzy: but
(10:26:41) Aki: 8D
(10:26:50) Aki:
(10:26:55) Aki: are a closet yaoi fangirl
(10:26:57) Aki: and you know it
(10:27:10) Aki: you can't deny it
(10:27:10) Izzy: uh-huh
(10:27:13) Izzy: suuuure
(10:27:17) Izzy: *shifty eyes*
(10:27:19) Izzy: well.
(10:27:24) Izzy: only when it's crack XD
(10:27:33) Aki: it still counts XD
(10:28:05) Aki: Sora: ....
(10:28:05) Izzy: oh yeah
(10:28:08) Izzy: the passwrod
(10:28:11) Izzy: *password
(10:28:17) Aki: Sora: *bites Riku's shoulder*
(10:28:17) Izzy: for the grrface lj
(10:28:18) Aki: oh
(10:28:20) Aki: oresama2
(10:28:24) Izzy: yes XD

(10:28:27) Izzy: and poor Riku
(10:28:31) Aki: I figured it out after I sent that email
(10:28:49) Izzy: hahaha
(10:28:54) Aki: Sora
(10:28:56) Aki: I think
(10:29:12) Aki: i duno
(10:29:15) Aki: XD
(10:29:23) Aki: Sora: DDDD':
(10:29:37) Izzy: Riku: calm down...
(10:30:23) Aki logged in.
(10:30:56) Izzy: *sigh*
(10:31:08) Izzy: why do my own ridiculous facial expressions never fail to amuse me?
(10:31:13) Izzy: I seriously do
(10:31:15) Aki: I
(10:31:17) Aki: duno
(10:31:18) Aki: but
(10:31:21) Izzy: make exagerrated face like that
(10:31:23) Aki: they never fail to amuse me too
(10:31:29) Izzy: I have practically no control
(10:31:36) Aki: Leonie's complainingggg
(10:31:41) Izzy: over not showing what I'm thinking on my face
(10:31:44) Aki: she says she DA noted yew
(10:31:47) Izzy: yes
(10:31:54) Izzy: I noted her back a minute ago
(10:31:59) Aki: *shrugs*
(10:32:06) Izzy: but
(10:32:10) Izzy: I said i have to go
(10:32:11) Izzy: because
(10:32:12) Izzy: I do
(10:32:19) Izzy: I have to get ready for karate
(10:32:23) Aki: yeah+
(10:32:25) Aki: *yeah
(10:32:29) Izzy: but I'll be back in two hours
(10:32:48) Izzy: webcams fixed :p
(10:32:53) Aki: :D
(10:32:55) Aki: byeee
(10:32:57) Izzy: byeee
(10:32:59) Izzy: <333
(10:33:04) Aki: <333
(10:33:09) Izzy: *zooms away*