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15 sparring

Leon: *checks the barrel and gives Lionheart a few experimental swings* Haven't picked this thing up since Balamb...It'll do me some good..*mutters*
Cloud: ...*separates Origin from the rest of the sword*
Leon: *shifts slightly, waiting to see who'll move first*
Cloud: *shifts back into a more comfortable stance* You sure you're not too rusty?
Leon: Of course not. *leans the blade down in a slightly different way than he usually does*.... *moves the Gunblade into his left hand, finding it more comfortable*
Cloud: *flips Origin's hilt so he's holding it reversed and charges*
Leon: *bringing the blade against the ground, swinging it up from the side at Cloud*
Cloud: *blocks with Origin and dodges to the right*
Leon: *dodges towards him, bringing the blade up in the same manner Seifer did in their fight, in an attempt to knock Origin away*
Cloud: *jumps backward to disengage their blades, then forward again and slashes with the main sword*
Leon: *Clicks the barrel, but keeps it on lock as battle habit, swinging around to try to push Cloud down a little*
Cloud: *blocks again by crossing both swords and stops, bracing against his back leg*
Leon: *dodges behind Cloud, bringing up Lionheart*
Cloud: *glances back quickly and pivots to the left, bringing up Origin to meet it*
Leon: *footwork faulters slightly, though he pushes against Origin*
Cloud: *pushes harder with Origin and reverses his grip on the main sword so he can strike at close range* *brings the main sword down to block the swing, but it glances off at an awkward angle, throwing him off balance*
Leon: *dodges foreward and pushes against him, in attempt to knock him completely off balance*
Cloud: *turns to face him and pushes with Origin as well, but nearly loses his grip on the main sword in the process*
Leon: *brings his blade down by his side for a moment, while unlocking the barrel*
Cloud: *takes a few steps back and fixes his grip*
Leon: ...*charges up the Firaga gauge on the blade* *About to shoot Renzokuken at Cloud*
Cloud: *shifts into a defensive stance and energy-charges Origin*
Shiva: STUPID. D:< No limi--*gets Lionheart pointed at her*
Cloud: !!
Leon: ...get out of here.
Shiva: ...
Shiva: No Renzokuk--
Leon: *slashes at her*
Shiva: hey--*keeps dodging his consecutive swings at her*
Cloud: ....Leon, don't......*lets the charge on origin go and puts it back on the main sword* *runs toward them*
Leon: ....You put us through more than we had to deal with! *slashes at her again*
Shiva: but...
Cloud: *grits his teeth and jumps between them, blocking with the broad side of his sword* Stop it! Calm down!!
Leon: ....*stops, before dropping letting Lionheart to the ground*
Cloud: ...*breathing a little harshly from the adrenaline, lowers his sword as well*
Leon: *backs away with a sigh*
Shiva: *frowns*
Cloud: Earlier, I...couldn't think of how to say it, but...I don't blame anyone. And I know it's hurt both of us, but getting angry isn't going to change anything.
Leon: *somewhat hurt expression* ...I remember...I just...Why. Why the Hell, Shiva...

Shiva: ....It's a private matter, to be discussed between just you and I. Other mortals are nowhere near worthy of hearing our thoughts.
Leon: ....*turns around*
Cloud: ....well, excuse me.
Leon: ....
Shiva: ...
Leon: If you speak to me, you speak to Cloud.
Cloud: *rests his sword on his shoulder*
Shiva: ....He was getting too close. *crosses arms over her chest* You're supposed to be "The Ice Prince", as everyone called you.
Leon: They only call me that because you're the Ice queen! They also called me "Shiva's Bastard child" *glares*
Shiva: *sighs*
Cloud: *quietly* Then how come he never forgot about Rinoa? Are you just afraid someone will take him away from you?
Shiva: Absolutely not! I fear nothing, especially not a feeble mortal such as yourself. *suddenly finds Lionheart pointed towards her again*
Cloud: .... it's fine, I can defend myself.
Leon: *frowns before backing off*
Shiva: I just don't want you to end up with another scar like that! *points at his face* Friendly rivalry turning spoiled.
Leon: *glares* Seifer merely got carried away...I gave him his scar as well.
Cloud: ....*tightens his grip on his sword hilt* So you're saying it's better this way? That it's going to stop him from getting hurt!? Isn't it worse!?
Shiva: It'll keep him from getting any clos--
Leon: *hits her in the face as hard as he can*
Cloud: ...
Shiva: How dare you! *backhands him in the face as he turns to leave*
Leon: .......*continues to leave *
Cloud: Stop...
Leon: ....
Shiva: *glances at Cloud*
Cloud: Stop hurting him. If you want to hurt someone, then hurt me instead. *tosses his sword down*
Leon: ........
Shiva: ....Considerate one, you are.
Cloud: Shut up!! I'd rather take the hits!
Shiva: Do not talk to me that way, foolish human.
Cloud: ....*grits his teeth*
Shiva: You're both stubborn. *sighs* But the Lion is the one making the mistakes, not you. Why take punishment for something you did not do?
Cloud: ...... Because... He's my friend. And I care about him. Isn't that enough?
Shiva: It's amazing how many times I've heard people say this. What makes you different?
Leon: I say it's different.
Shiva: You've said this every--
Cloud: ...*glances at him*
Leon: I say it's different.
Shiva: How so?
Leon: He's been by me for most our lives. I've been by him. Nothing...went bad like all of those other times. You wouldn't know, you weren't here during that time.
Shiva: I just--
Leon: didn't want others to get close to me, emotionally. Like you were.
Shiva: ...I have business. *disappears*
Leon: *watches her leave*
Cloud: ....*lets out the breath he was holding in*
Leon: *sighs*....
Cloud: ...that's it? *puts a hand to his head*
Leon: ..Hmm?
Cloud: This is all because of...I...
Leon: *takes two tylenol out of his pocket* It's not your fault...*takes them* She's just used to having me go running to her.
Cloud: .... Thanks...for trusting me.
Leon: Well, you're my best friend. Why shouldn't I trust you?
Cloud: Y-yeah... *passes a hand over his face* ....*stares at it* Wh—
Leon: ...Cloud?
Cloud: I don't...know.... *laughs a little* Sorry.
Leon: Don't be. Nothing to say 'sorry' for.
Cloud: ....*wipes his face on his sleeve, a little embarrassed*
Leon: *Shakey breath* What now.
Cloud: ....I don't know.
Cloud: But...I would.
Cloud: Take a hit for you, I mean.
Leon: same.
Cloud: You already did, anyway...
Leon: *shrugs* Doesn't mean I can't state the obvious. :]
Cloud: ....*smiles back*