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18 morning after

Izzy: :D
Aki: XDD
Izzy: the thing?
Aki: Leon’s response to Cloud's thing
Izzy: oh
Izzy: yayy
Aki: Leon just was like
Aki: "Y'know...I'm bored...better get that done."
Aki: and I was like
Aki: "It's 2 in the morning..."
Aki: and he was like
Aki: "I don't care."
Aki: "I do."
Aki: "I still don't care."
Aki: "You're mean. I can't think."
Aki: "You don't have to; you just have to type what I say."
Aki: "I don't wanna listen to your gayness."
Aki: "Deal with it."
Aki: that's how that went.
Izzy: XD at least he asserted himself
Aki: XDD yeah, at 2 in the morning.
Izzy: hahahaha
Aki: it seems to be a theme here...XD
Izzy: hahaha
Aki: you can totally tell that both Leon and I were tired.
Izzy: it's fine XD
Leon: ...
Aki: yeah...hey there.
Leon: ......
Aki: *grumble*
Izzy: oh geez. I'll go wake Cloud up...
Aki: ...why?
Leon: ...
Izzy: actually, he's probably just pretending to be asleep
Aki: hahaha
Leon: Even if he's faking...just don't.
Aki: ...
Leon: It's not...
Izzy: can't face it?
Leon: That's not it.
Izzy: you're both so afraid of hurting each other...geez.
Aki: I think he's also afraid of being hurt AND hurting Cloud. Two things.
Leon: It's not...
Aki: yeah, uh-huh.
Leon: ....*goes back to his room*
Aki: ....*mutter* Tiiiiifa. :\
Izzy: yeah
Aki: Tifa and Aerith counseling again or something?
Izzy: I thought so. Something like that XD
Aki: Aerith's just gonna be like..."It was so obvious. *snicker*"
Izzy: XD oh geez
Aki: XD Tifa's a good buddy <3
Aki: ....and Cloud needs to eat more
Aki: because
Izzy: uh, yeah
Aki: he's so
Izzy: he kind of does
Aki: frigging SKINNY
Aki: wtf
Izzy: *sigh* I...
Aki: he's as skinny as Tifa
Aki: ?
Izzy: didn't realize until recently that he doesn't eat that much
Izzy: and now he's eating even less
Aki: Everyone’s developing eating disorders.
Tifa: *knocks on Cloud's door* Breakfast...
Izzy: (yeah, really...)
Aerith: Rinoa, why don't you go get Leon. I'm fine here in the kitchen.
Rinoa: Are you sure?
Aerith: Mhmm. :D
Rinoa: Well, thank you. ^^; *goes upstairs*
Tifa: Cloud, you've barely eaten anything in two days, and I know you're not asleep.
Tifa: ....
Rinoa: Oh! Good morning.
Tifa: Not so sure about the good part...
Rinoa: ....*sighs*
Tifa: I'm sorry. It's just never been this bad for a long time...
Tifa: Going to try to get Leon out then?
Rinoa: I will, it's just a matter of how long it will take.
Aki: (I luuu-huuuuuuvvvvvv Rinoa XD)
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (:D)
Tifa: of course.
Rinoa: Good luck.
Tifa: *smiles a little and shrugs* You too.
Tifa: *turns back* Is there someone else you'd rather dragged you out of bed?
Cloud: .........
Rinoa: *doesn't bother knocking on Leon's door, tries the handle first*
Rinoa: Locked. I thought so.
Aki: (haha she did that in the game so much. Always let herself into his dormroom XD)
Izzy: (hahahaha oh god)
Aki: (and she'd bend down and wait for him to wake up and he'd freak out XD)
Izzy: (I love how I'm totally pulling this out of nowhere and I'm getting her in-character. XD)
Leon: ...What's for breakfast?
Izzy: (.....XDDD oh god, Rinoa, I dunno if that's such a good idea...)
Aki: (His decision of going downstairs is based on the type of food XD)
Aki: (what idea? XD)
Izzy: (She said if he doesn't unlock the door she'll go outside and try the window XD)
Aki: (She WOULD XD)
Rinoa: Why don't you go downstairs and ask Aerith yourself?
Leon: ....*puts his book down on the table and goes to the door* ....Fine.
Aki: (too tired to argue, Leon?)
Izzy: (XD)
Leon: *unlocks it, and opens it* *sighs*
Aki: (I think he might be too tired to argue with her XDDD)
Aki: (yeah.)
Rinoa: That's one step. Next is actually eating.
Leon: ...Well, I wouldn't have come out if I wasn't hungry. *Shrugs*
Rinoa: Squall, you know if you're upset sometimes you won't eat even if you are hungry.
Leon: Yeah, but I feel like eating.
Rinoa: Well, that's good. *starts down the stairs*
Leon: *follows*
Izzy: (....XD She was going slowly in case he didn't follow)
Aki: (well, he did XDDD)
Izzy: (puppy XD)
Aki: (hahaha)
Aki: (A puppy that's been kicked and stabbed in the stomach one too many times XD)
Izzy: (and is still loyal. Poor thing.)
Tifa: ....I don't care if the door is locked, you know I can kick it in, and the money's coming out of Leon's pocket to fix it. So don't give me anything about not hurting him.
Izzy: (Tifa's annoyed XD)
Leon: ...*wanders over to Tifa*
Aki: (haha, well, she has a right to be XDD)
Aki: (She has a right to kick that door down)
Izzy: (XDD)
Tifa: Leon, you don't happen to have your key on you, do you?
Leon: ....
Leon: Get out here now, Cloud.
Aki: (He's worried. Ohman.)
Izzy: (oh geez)
Tifa: ....
Izzy: (at least Cloud isn't suicidal...not in any direct way, at least)
Aki: (Leon's homicidal. so Cloud better come out.. XDD)
Izzy: (like, he might let himself starve to death. but he wouldn't jump out of a window)
Tifa: know what? I'll pay for it myself, all right?
Leon: No..
Izzy: (she really just wants to kick something XD)
Leon: ....I'll pay for it. It's fine.
Rinoa: *standing a little way back watching*
Tifa: Don't trouble yourself any more than you have to. *turns and slams her heel into the door handle*
Leon: I don't mind.
Tifa: *reaches down and pulls out the handle and lock together, then pulls the door open*
Tifa: ....*sighs*
Cloud: .....
Tifa: Don't make me say anything you already know.
Leon: *grabs Cloud's arm and drags him out and to the kitchen*
Aki: (Leon's...I don't really know. )
Izzy: ( guess it's good? XD)
Aki: (I guess XD)
Tifa: ....well. If that's what they needed....*goes to get a broom to clean up the wood splinters*
Leon: You'll eat on your own too, or I'll shove it down your throat. *worried-annoyed tone*
Cloud: ......I'm...not...*stumbles*
Leon: *stops*
Izzy: (uh-huh. Hasn't eaten for two days. And he's not used to doing that to himself XD)
Leon: *holds him up a little* ....
Aki: (yeah. XD whereas Leon does this what? 8 times a month?)
Leon: ...........You know what. *picks Cloud up and carries him to the kitchen* You're too light.
Cloud: ....
Izzy: (I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh XD)
Aki: (XDD I’m laughing too)
Izzy: (geez. Leon's the one who should let himself cry, and Cloud's the one that's about to cry)
Aki: (awww, Cloud can cry first)
Izzy: ("Lack of food makes me emotionally unstable...shut up..." XD)
Izzy: ("You mean you weren't emotionally unstable to begin with?")
Rinoa: *helping Tifa clean up*
Aki: (hahaha)
Izzy: (....oh geez. XDD image of Leon carrying Cloud is really funny)
Leon: *puts him on one of the chairs and goes to get a plate of food from Aerith*
Aki: (haha XD Leon would totally tho.)
Cloud: ......*staring at the table*
Cloud: *barely audible* ....why are you.....
Leon: Why am I what?
Aki: (he's paying a bit too much attention to Cloud, I think, otherwise he wouldn't have heard that)
Cloud: ....why can't you....hate me for this....
Leon: I just couldn't. *putting eggs on the plate*
Aki: (Leon's like, "Because I love you?")
Cloud: .....*puts his forehead down on the table because he's dizzy*
Leon: *brings the food over*
Leon: *frowns and sits next to him* C' a little... *pushes the plate towards Cloud*
Cloud: .....*reluctantly picks up the fork*
Izzy: (he won't admit it, but he's hungry XD)
Aki: (Leon knows how that is, so he's not gonna leave Cloud alone about it)
Izzy: (and it's no use saying no to your body when the food's right in front of you)
Aki: (yeah XDDD)
Izzy: (...god, he's a mess....)
Leon: You don't have to eat it all, but you should eat a little. At least half.
Izzy: (absolute wreck. wreck. wtf.)
Aki: (aww)
Izzy: ('s was sudden)
Izzy: (and it's different from Leon nearly dying, because it's constantly right there in front of him)
Izzy: (and it's different from Aerith because she made absolutely no secret about liking him XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Cloud: ....*barely manages a nod*
Leon: *smiles slightly before resting his chin on his arms on the table* *keeps an eye on Cloud*
Izzy: (...yeah. But basically he just feels really, really guilty about the fact that there's nothing he can do)
Izzy: (which is kind of ironic...)
Aki: (haha yeah)
Izzy: (and I think he realizes that and it makes it even worse. XD)
Aki: (mm. )
Cloud: *eating slowly*
Leon: *picks up his own fork and begins eating his own breakfast*
Cloud: *still staring at the table*
Leon: ...It's okay, you know.
Cloud: *glances at him quickly* *swallows and looks back down* It wasn't okay two days ago.
Leon: But I thought about it...It's not like it's the end of the world anyway... *sighs*
Cloud:, but....
Leon: hmm?
Cloud: .....I can't even....I don't....know. *pushes his plate away and rests his face on his hands*
Izzy: (well, at least he ate half like Leon told him to. -_-)
Leon: ...*sighs* I just don't want this to ruin what we do have. Our friendship.
Cloud: I know....I know...but I...I'm never able to do anything for you and now...I always just end up hurting you, I... *trying not to cry and not being very successful*
Izzy: (...just let it go already....grown men are allowed to cry too -_-)
Leon: *frowns* ...You don't always end up hurting me. I always do the first thing...If anything, I'm okay with it.
Leon: I think about how things could turn out...and if I still do them...It's okay. But sometimes those first actions I take hurt you.
Cloud: I don't...I'm not the one that matters...Just...look at me. I'm not the one who should be crying.
Leon: ... I... You have a right to cry. And you are. I have the right as well...but I don't want to.
Cloud: .............
Leon: ...I always cry, that's all. *glances away* I always did when we were little. I cried enough to last 10 lifetimes. *sighs*
Izzy: (Cloud's listening, he just...can't really talk....>.>)
Aki: (yeah, and Leon's done talking XD)
Izzy: (and...geez, I'm not the one who should be crying, either.)
Izzy: (oh man)
Aki: (*LAUGHS*)
Aki: (>_>)
Izzy: (XD)
Leon: *sighs*
Cloud: Thirteen...years...and you haven't cried in front of me since. *wipes his face on his sleeve* Were you trying to make up for it?
Leon: ....I...
Izzy: (Cloud's still crying but at least he's not sobbing so hard he can't talk anymore >.>)
Leon: no...I just needed to grow up and be the stronger one. Yuffie would always come back with some sort of injury...or Aerith would be cornered by Heartless...I made it my job to get rid of keep them safe.
Leon: They were the ones that cried because they were scared. I couldn't cry...
Cloud: What does this have to do with fighting?
Leon: ...I'm......just fighting myself. *sighs and looks away*
Cloud: .....
Leon: ....
Izzy: (I just still standing there? XD)
Aki: (....she left the room, but she's outside the kitchen door grinning like a retard XDD)
Izzy: (XDD knew it)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Zack is probably right behind her XD)
Aki: (pssh yeah XD)
Izzy: (...eating his breakfast standing up XD)
Aki: (XDDD oh Zack )
Izzy: (we love him XD <3)
Aki: (yes <33)
Cloud: .....*forces himself to look up*
Leon: *puts a hand on top of his head*
Cloud: ...I......gave up again, didn't I? I'm...sorry.
Leon: ....It's not your fault.
Aki: (*smacks Leon* stop blaming yourself)
Izzy: (XD both of themmmm. geez)
Aki: (yeah, really XD)
Cloud: That doesn't stop me from feeling bad about it.
Leon: Yeah, but still...
Cloud: ...still what? We both always try to take the blame all the time. There's not much point to it anymore.
Cloud: "I'm sorry." "It's not your fault. Don't apologize." "But..." "I'm sorry." "Don't apologize."
Cloud: .....*sighs*
Leon: *glances at Cloud for a second and laughs quietly* yeah...*looks away again*
Cloud: .....*runs a hand through his hair distractedly*
Izzy: (it...looks funny in the morning XD)
Izzy: (messier than usual)
Aki: (hahahaha)
Leon: *stands up, takes Cloud's and his plates to the sink*
Cloud: I'm...not doing that again. Not eating.
Leon: Good.
Cloud: ......*stands up* ...want any help? Cleaning up, I mean...
Leon: I'm fine, I can do it myself...
Cloud: .......
Cloud:....that's what you always say.
Leon: ....Yeah, because I can usually do it myself.
Cloud: That's not what I mean...
Leon: ...what do you mean then?
Cloud: About...everything. You're always trying to do everything yourself. Even when you know you can ask for help.
Leon: ...I don't want to rely on people when I don't have to.
Cloud: You don't rely on people even when you should, sometimes.
Leon: ...I'm used to it, I can't help it.
Leon: ......
Cloud: .....
Aki: (oops, he's been crying since he Cloud said "Even when you know you can ask for help")
Aki: (forgot to say that.)
Izzy: (aww man)
Aki: (but he's not facing Cloud, and he's being quiet.)
Izzy: (yeah, I figured...)
Aki: (mm)
Cloud: ....*pushes his chair in*
Leon: *puts the plate back in the cabinet*