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20.2 whole lotta anti

(09:14:27) Aki: *compared
(09:15:11) Aki: Sora: *goes after Cloud again*
(09:15:14) Aki: (oh yeah)
(09:15:25) Aki: (Well...Cloud could always try to beat Sora works)
(09:15:35) Aki: (Well, it brings him back.)
(09:15:37) Izzy: (hah...well...)
(09:15:38) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:15:41) Aki: ('s kinda hard XD)
(09:15:50) Izzy: (he's gonna have a hard time hitting first, tho XD)
(09:15:54) Izzy: (well, whatever)
(09:16:51) Izzy: Cloud: *jumps to the side* Everyone's ...waiting for you...pull it together!
(09:16:56) Izzy: (*sigh*)
(09:18:09) Aki: Sora: ....*registers the movement and follows him*
(09:18:51) Izzy: ( least he's not attacking...)
(09:18:59) Izzy: (....I....shouldn't have said that)]
(09:19:04) Aki: (he still might, yeah..)
(09:19:19) Aki: (Sora sees this as a game for now XDDD)
(09:19:29) Izzy: (XD I can see that)
(09:20:03) Aki: (but having the common sense of a dog right now....if Cloud gets more serious in his actions, Sora will too)
(09:20:09) Izzy: (yeah...)
(09:20:28) Aki: (sora the golden retriever)
(09:20:28) Izzy: (well...I think Cloud figured out it would be bad if he did anything aggressive...)
(09:20:32) Izzy: (XD)
(09:20:43) Aki: (good for Cloud XD)
(09:21:28) Aki: (Cloud could play with Sora and call Riku or Tifa or someone.)
(09:21:33) Aki: (Actually, Riku might make it worse)
(09:21:39) Izzy: (yeah, really...)
(09:22:05) Aki: Sora: *stops*
(09:22:22) Izzy: (.....)
(09:22:38) Izzy: (...........Kairi...wants to know why I told her not to go outside.)
(09:23:02) Aki: (uh. tell her that Sephiroth remembers and is going on a rampage)
(09:23:03) Izzy: (wtfff. Why can't I at least have SOME semblance of control over these characters?)
(09:23:20) Izzy: (she says he's in the living room, reading.)
(09:23:30) Aki: (....his evil evil twin)
(09:23:40) Aki: (feffirof)
(09:23:52) Izzy: (KAIRI, howver, got very good grades in school, unlike Cloud.)
(09:24:00) Aki: (dammit)
(09:24:02) Aki: (uh)
(09:24:24) Aki: (.....the moogles are going crazy and throwing rotten tomatoes everywhere)
(09:24:30) Izzy: (.........)
(09:24:43) Aki: (she doesn't want all that crap in her hair, does she?)
(09:24:56) Izzy: (no....but....)
(09:25:14) Aki: (kay, fine. Sora's gone insane)
(09:25:25) Izzy: Kairi: Sora--!
(09:25:28) Aki: (He's going around asking for help to build a soda fountain)
(09:25:31) Aki: (...uh)
(09:25:32) Izzy: (*waves hands agitatedly*)
(09:25:46) Izzy: (children...never...listen!)
(09:25:55) Aki: (*grabs Kairi and drags her away*)
(09:26:08) Aki: (*ties her up*)
(09:26:13) Aki: (>:\)
(09:26:21) Izzy: (you're horrible. XD)
(09:26:36) Aki: (Riku will be preoccupied with untying her.)
(09:26:44) Aki: (two birds with a stone)
(09:26:50) Izzy: (>.>)
(09:26:52) Izzy: (rope)
(09:27:05) Aki: (with padlocks and anti-Riku sensors)
(09:27:11) Izzy: (......>.>)
(09:27:27) Aki: (...I made it last month)
(09:27:47) Aki: (as a cruel joke to play on Sora and Riku)
(09:27:49) Izzy: Cloud: .....Come on...
(09:27:54) Izzy: (you're mean. XD)
(09:28:06) Aki: Sora: ...*follows Cloud again*
(09:28:08) Aki: (I know XD)
(09:28:31) Izzy: Cloud: .....*decides to start leading him away from the house*
(09:28:42) Izzy: (oh, good. Some kind of thought process happened.)
(09:28:48) Aki: (hahaha)
(09:29:09) Aki: Sora: *chases*
(09:29:27) Aki: (Cloud-tag XD)
(09:29:31) Izzy: (XDDDD)\
(09:30:04) Izzy: (when in doubt, to the Bailey! XD)
(09:30:14) Aki: (yes!)
(09:30:21) Aki: (With lots of other people!)
(09:30:24) Aki: (Yay!)
(09:30:30) Izzy: (I was kidding)
(09:30:36) Izzy: (it's called a joke)
(09:30:41) Aki: (I know XD )
(09:30:48) Aki: (it's called playing along and finding it funny XD)
(09:31:04) Izzy: (because so many things happen at the Bailey XD)
(hahah it's so hard to do sarcasm over AIM)
(09:31:42) Aki: (I use italic for emphesis)
(09:31:47) Izzy: (yeah...)
(09:31:50) Aki: (<3)
(09:31:57) Aki: Sora: *keeps chasing*
(09:32:03) Izzy: --*some place where there are no people*--
(09:32:10) Izzy: (>.>)
(09:32:13) Izzy: (*is lazy*)
(09:32:22) Aki: (hahaha)
(09:32:39) Aki: Sora: *looks around a little*
(09:32:58) Izzy: Cloud: *stops and turns to watch him*
(09:34:07) Aki: Sora: *throws himself at a wall*
(09:34:15) Aki: (his thought
(09:34:26) Aki: (it's like, "Let me talk, let me talk DX")
(09:37:03) Aki: Sora: *stops and sinks into the ground, frustrated*
(09:39:47) Izzy: (.....asreuq09254u[q09u234h0[q923)
(09:39:49) Izzy: (I)
(09:39:54) Izzy: (AM GOING TO KILL MY MOTHER)
(09:39:58) Izzy: (seriously.)
(09:40:06) Aki: (*blink*)
(09:40:14) Izzy: (she...has...NO IDEA...)
(09:40:23) Izzy: (how irritating she is sometimes)
(09:41:02) Izzy: (so all of a sudden she's like "we're getting you your driver's permit" and she made me go download the form and now she's making me read the manual)
(09:41:11) Izzy: (and she wouldn't let me click the AIM window)
(09:41:19) Izzy: (not even to tell you to wait for a second)
(09:41:27) Aki: (sokay)
(09:41:36) Izzy: (and...arghhhh. *bangs head agaist desk*)
(09:41:40) Aki: (DX)
(09:41:42) Aki: (dont)
(09:41:51) Aki: ( )
(09:41:51) Izzy: (and I'm SICK)
(09:41:57) Aki: (:\)
(09:42:08) Izzy: (and she was like "Oh, if you're so sick then you should be in bed!")
(09:42:10) Izzy: (bs.)
(09:42:13) Izzy: (anyway)
(09:42:15) Izzy: (rant done)
(09:42:35) Izzy: (oh)
(09:42:41) Izzy: (I've seen that. XD)
(09:42:46) Aki: (It makes me happy XD)
(09:43:03) Izzy: Cloud: ...h-hey...
(09:43:42) Aki: Sora: ............*stays there*
(09:43:53) Izzy: Cloud: *takes a cautious step toward him*
(09:44:35) Aki: Sora: .....*comes back up, and just watches him*
(09:46:06) Izzy: Cloud: *crouches down to his eye level*
(09:46:27) Izzy: Cloud: You...remember what I said? It's all right, so...
(09:47:02) Aki: Sora: ....*tilts head*
(09:47:04) Izzy: (I don't think he's really paying attention to what he's saying)
(09:47:11) Aki: (not understannndddding XD)
(09:47:14) Aki: (haha)
(09:47:24) Izzy: (just...he's trying to get Sora to recognize the sound of his voice)
(09:47:47) Aki: (Yeah.)
(09:48:03) Izzy: Cloud: Nobody...holds this against you. You know that.
(09:48:56) Aki: Sora: ......*just kinda sits there*
(09:50:07) Izzy: Cloud: Everyone....knows you'd never hurt them...all right?
(09:50:11) Izzy: Cloud: So just...
(09:50:15) Izzy: Cloud: ......
(09:51:47) Aki: Sora: *backs up slightly*
(09:52:01) Izzy: Cloud: It's okay....
(09:52:15) Izzy: (he a frightened animal)
(09:52:34) Aki: (the difference between Cloud's and Sora's darkness, is that Sora's makes him unable to understand. )
(09:52:35) Aki: (yeah)
(09:52:40) Izzy: (I want to pet him. D:)
(09:52:44) Aki: (haha)
(09:52:49) Izzy: (except that would probably get my hand clawed off)
(09:52:56) Izzy: (and most of my arm with it)
(09:52:56) Aki: (*drags Anti-Sora over to Izzy*)
(09:53:12) Aki: (you can pet him XDDD)
(09:53:21) Izzy: (.....)
(09:53:33) Aki: (*amused*)
(09:53:55) Izzy: (*pets him verryyyy carefullyyyy on the head*)
(09:54:00) Aki: (haha)
(09:54:21) Aki: (Sora: *tolerates it for a second but runs off*)
(09:54:37) Izzy: (for some reason, I get the impression that Anti-form would...purr were it ever happy XD)
(09:54:46) Aki: (hahahaha)
(09:54:54) Aki: (Sora probably all ready purrs XD)
(09:54:56) Izzy: (or make little burbly noises.)
(09:55:05) Izzy: (yes. Burbly.)
(09:55:10) Aki: (haha)
(09:55:13) Aki: (special word)
(09:55:23) Aki: (it's a sora word XDDD)
(09:55:26) Izzy: (I don't even know if that's a word, but that's what the noises would sound like)
(09:55:29) Izzy: (XD)
(09:55:54) Izzy: (the verb form is "burble")
(09:56:12) Aki: Sora: *keeps backing up before stopping a few feet away*
(09:56:13) Aki: (haha)
(09:56:23) Aki: (exactly)
(09:56:29) Izzy: Cloud: ....C'mon...
(09:56:41) Izzy: Cloud: *holds out his hand, slowly*
(09:56:59) Aki: Sora: *looks at it*
(09:57:06) Aki: ("does he have food?")
(09:57:15) Izzy: (>.>)
(09:57:27) Izzy: (anti-form is a heartless.)
(09:57:34) Izzy: ( eats hearts?)
(09:57:39) Izzy: (not good there...)
(09:57:42) Aki: (I guess XD)
(09:57:50) Izzy: (I dunno XD)
(09:58:00) Izzy: (he's never been anti-form long enough to need food)
(09:58:02) Izzy: (right?_
(09:58:05) Aki: (I was just making up something he could be thinking. He might not even be thinking XD)
(09:58:09) Aki: (probably not)
(09:58:10) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:58:32) Izzy: Cloud: Everyone
(09:58:35) Izzy: 's waiting
(09:58:44) Izzy: (stupid...enter...key...)
(09:58:50) Aki: (haha)
(10:01:29) Aki: Sora: *shakes his head violently a few times before backing up again and turning to go to a corner*
(10:01:29) Izzy: (...DX)
(10:01:43) Aki: (It's hard to figure out what Anti-form is thinking XD)
(10:01:46) Izzy: (it's not helping that I'm sick)
(10:01:48) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:02:12) Izzy: (well, I feel that way with what Cloud does sometimes, so you're not alone...XD)
(10:02:22) Aki: (yeah XD)
(10:02:30) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(10:03:46) Izzy: Cloud: *stands up slowly*
(10:04:00) Izzy: (at least he's got the no sudden movements thing down...)
(10:04:40) Aki: Sora: *heaves a loud sigh and lies down on his side*
(10:04:44) Aki: (good for Cloud XDDD)
(10:05:00) Aki: (I'll give him his Atiform training diploma after this is over)
(10:05:08) Izzy: (wait....does that mean he's back to normal if he can sigh?)
(10:05:13) Aki: *antiform
(10:05:27) Aki: (not neccessarily)
(10:05:35) Aki: (he could be getting a bit better tho)
(10:05:44) Izzy: (ah.)
(10:05:52) Izzy: Cloud: ....Sora?
(10:06:03) Izzy: ("Sit. Stay. Good boy."
(10:06:06) Izzy: (>.>)
(10:06:12) Izzy: ("Roll over.")
(10:06:21) Izzy: ("Kill Dusks.")
(10:06:24) Aki: (XDDD)
(10:06:31) Izzy: ("Heel, boy! Heel!")
(10:06:37) Izzy: (<.<)
(10:06:38) Aki: (Cloud has a new pet XDD)
(10:06:45) Izzy: (*shoots self in the face*)
(10:06:49) Izzy: (I'm horrible. XD)
(10:06:54) Aki: (noooo)
(10:06:58) Aki: (curaga)
(10:07:13) Aki: Sora: *glances at Cloud*
(10:07:19) Aki: (Well, he at lest knows his name)
(10:07:20) Izzy: (that's gonna need more than Curaga XD)
(10:07:23) Izzy: (haha)
(10:07:41) Aki: (GURAGADEDANATOR)
(10:07:46) Aki: (CURAGA)
(10:07:48) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:08:02) Aki: (THAT WAS A C NOT A G)
(10:08:02) Izzy: Cloud: ....*takes a step forward*
(10:08:04) Aki: (OOPS)
(10:08:06) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(10:09:03) Aki: Sora: *watches*
(10:11:09) Aki: Sora: *not sure what to do*
(10:11:13) Izzy: (DX sorry)
(10:11:18) Aki: (sokay XD)
(10:13:06) Izzy: (....gah)
(10:13:13) Izzy: (*grabs box of tissues*)
(10:13:18) Izzy: (I hate this fucking cough...)
(10:13:22) Aki: (awww)
(10:13:33) Aki: (*offers more tissues and coughdrops*)
(10:13:39) Izzy: (awww thanks)
(10:13:47) Aki: (:) )
(10:14:15) Aki: (Be like Izzy Cloud and pet Sora, cuz it would rediculously cute if he doesn't bite you)
(10:14:25) Aki: *would be
(10:14:40) Aki: (*ded*)
(10:14:43) Izzy: (...the if is the question. XD)
(10:14:53) Aki: (XD)
(10:15:23) Izzy: Cloud: ......*crouches down again, still holding out his hand*
(10:15:30) Izzy: (he should...give him food. XD)
(10:15:35) Aki: (haha yeah XD)
(10:15:45) Aki: (figure out what Antiform likes to eat)
(10:15:45) Izzy: (I bet Anti-form would eat chocobo feed)
(10:15:47) Izzy: (XD)
(10:15:56) Aki: (that's horrible XDDDD But it's probably true)
(10:16:05) Izzy: (geez, how would Fenrir react?)
(10:16:12) Aki: (Jus stare XD)
(10:16:14) Aki: *just
(10:16:50) Aki: ("....uh, the heartless can have my food. I don't need it. I've lost my appitite, yep.")
(10:17:19) Aki: (Antiform would probably eat table scraps too XD)
(10:17:28) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:18:49) Izzy: (rawrrr. *chews on something*)\
(10:19:03) Aki: (DDD:)
(10:19:20) Izzy: (I don't wanna go downstairs to get more orange juice cuz)
(10:19:27) Izzy: (then my mom won't let me come back up)
(10:19:41) Aki: (:\)
(10:19:44) Izzy: (I'll settle for water)
(10:19:51) Aki: (okay..)
(10:20:00) Izzy: (I really wanna RP, but)
(10:20:10) Izzy: (I have no inspiration for some reason...)
(10:20:23) Aki: (:\)
(10:21:10) Aki: (Sora can turn back to normal and we can stop XD)
(10:21:37) Izzy: (XDD okay fine?)
(10:21:51) Aki: (what?)
(10:22:36) Izzy: (I dunno XD)
(10:22:54) Aki: (*shrugs* XD)
(10:24:02) Aki: Sora: *glances at Cloud's hand, deciding it's a little too close and his bites it*
(10:24:08) Aki: *he
(10:24:24) Aki: (did Cloud get his rabies shot?)
(10:24:31) Izzy: (I hope so...)
(10:24:34) Izzy: Cloud: ..!!
(10:24:47) Izzy: Cloud: *grits his teeth but doesn't move*
(10:25:10) Izzy: (...uhh. That's right. let him chew on your hand so he realizes you're not a threat. Uh-huh.)
(10:26:02) Aki: Sora: *bites his arm this time*
(10:26:17) Aki: (he's like, "go away before I do any more damage")
(10:27:08) Izzy: (oh geez.)
(10:27:35) Aki: (geez Cloud. What's he trying to do, really?)
(10:27:41) Izzy: (I don't KNOW)
(10:27:49) Izzy: (that's the biggest problem.)
(10:28:01) Aki: Sora: *swats at Cloud's hand*
(10:28:06) Aki: (yeah.)
(10:28:25) Izzy: Cloud: *flinches and moves back a bit*
(10:28:43) Aki: Sora: *lowers his head again*
(10:29:19) Izzy: (ahhh...I have sooo many DA messages...)
(10:29:25) Aki: (awww)
(10:29:28) Izzy: (well)
(10:29:30) Izzy: (...35)
(10:29:36) Izzy: (but it's a lot for me! DX)
(10:29:37) Aki: (that's...a lot XD)
(10:29:50) Aki: (for 3 days, right?)
(10:29:55) Izzy: (no.)
(10:29:57) Izzy: (one.)
(10:30:03) Aki: (oh geez)
(10:30:05) Izzy: (I cleaned it out yesterday. >.>)
(10:30:13) Izzy: (it's crazyyy.)
(10:30:17) Aki: (hahaha)
(10:30:20) Aki: (yeah )
(10:30:28) Izzy: (well, a lot of them are favorites, but...)
(10:30:38) Izzy: (I still feel like I should reply to all the comments)
(10:30:46) Izzy: (and like)
(10:30:59) Izzy: (I never know if I should thank people who watch me for favoriting things.)
(10:31:08) Aki: (I sometimes do)
(10:31:10) Izzy: (because that gets kind of repetetive...)
(10:31:30) Aki: (yeah)
(10:31:50) Izzy: ( Riku and Xehanort pic
(10:31:57) Izzy: (has 29 favorites. XD)
(10:31:58) Aki: (makes me happy)
(10:32:06) Izzy: (that's the most of all my deviations)
(10:32:12) Izzy: (it's kind of sad. XD)
(10:32:18) Aki: (it's funnnnnnnnnyyyy tho)
(10:32:22) Izzy: (because it's a pen drawing)
(10:32:22) Aki: (that picture is cute)
(10:32:29) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:32:40) Aki: (:D)
(10:33:11) Aki: (maybe Riku would make it better. I duno. )
(10:33:15) Aki: (now that I think about it..)
(10:33:18) Izzy: (*sigh*)
(10:33:21) Aki: (*shrugs*)
(10:33:39) Izzy: Cloud: ......
(10:33:46) Izzy: Cloud: *holding his arm*
(10:33:52) Izzy: (yeah, uh...about that...)
(10:33:57) Izzy: (go disenfect it...)
(10:34:03) Aki: (haha)
(10:34:24) Aki: (Sora's probably rabid..or has some sort of weird virus that only Heartless are immune to)
(10:34:48) Aki: (or something. Or Antiform's good and brushes it's teeth)
(10:35:19) Aki: Sora: *curls up on his side*
(10:35:25) Izzy: (XD)
(10:35:59) Izzy: (I...want to put up my doujin...)
(10:36:07) Aki: (you should?)
(10:36:11) Izzy: (yeah...)
(10:36:20) Izzy: (but I need to finish that requet first...)
(10:36:22) Izzy: *request
(10:36:29) Aki: (oh..)
(10:36:52) Izzy: (geez. all that's left is the shading)
(10:37:01) Aki: (:o)
(10:37:05) Izzy: (what's wrong with meee)
(10:37:11) Izzy: (why can't I finish)
(10:37:15) Aki: (DDD:)
(10:38:35) Izzy: (not even the shading. Cleaning up the shading.)
(10:38:46) Aki: (:\)
(10:39:22) Izzy: (I wanna finish it but I don't. it's like...mehhh.)
(10:39:30) Izzy:
(10:39:30) Aki: (DD: I could..)
(10:39:38) Izzy: (seriously, at it.)
(10:39:46) Izzy: (that'll take me half an hour...)
(10:40:11) Aki: (I likkkeee itttt)
(10:40:14) Izzy: (XD)
(10:40:15) Aki: (I could do it..
(10:40:18) Aki: *)
(10:40:24) Izzy: (no, it's okay...)
(10:40:28) Izzy: (I mean...)
(10:40:30) Izzy: (eh.)
(10:40:30) Aki: (It looks fun XD)
(10:40:37) Izzy: (You know what I did, tho? XD)
(10:40:50) Izzy: (I realize this a while ago, but was too lazy to go back and fix it)
(10:41:04) Izzy: (the lighting angle of the background)
(10:41:12) Izzy: (and the lighting angle on the people)
(10:41:21) Izzy: (are coming from two different directions. XD)
(10:41:27) Aki: (OMG TWO SUNS)
(10:41:33) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:41:40) Izzy: (I wrote it off to)
(10:41:57) Izzy: ("it looks like Namine's wierd while space, so it doesn't need to make sense.)
(10:42:03) Izzy: *white
(10:42:05) Aki: (XDDD)
(10:42:12) Aki: (EXACTLY)
(10:42:17) Aki: (no one's gonna notice)
(10:42:21) Izzy: (hahahaha0
(10:42:29) Aki: (or care XDD)
(10:42:31) Aki: (so)
(10:42:36) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:42:40) Aki: (all they care is it's prettieeesss)
(10:42:54) Izzy: (XDDD)
(10:43:00) Aki: (and that Axel needs a haircut. He look like a lion.)
(10:43:04) Aki: (taken from Roxas)
(10:43:12) Izzy: (psssh)
(10:43:17) Aki: (pssh. Roxas wants him to get a haircut XDD)
(10:43:29) Izzy: (but I love Axel's hair D:)
(10:43:34) Aki: (me too)
(10:43:35) Izzy: (we'll give him a ponytail)
(10:43:45) Aki: (Roxas likes that idea wholeheartedly )
(10:44:04) Aki: (he says it'll be sexy)
(10:44:07) Aki: (he also says)
(10:44:11) Izzy: (XDD *dies*)
(10:44:20) Aki: (Oops, i'll go shopping now.)
(10:44:29) Izzy: (ahahahahaha)
(10:44:30) Aki: (yeah.)
(10:44:32) Aki: (XD)
(10:45:10) Izzy: (Axel's expression at that was...hilarious, to say the least. XD)
(10:45:19) Izzy: (", huh?")
(10:45:23) Aki: (XDD)
(10:45:55) Aki: (Roxas: *still extremely red and runs off to go help Naminé with shopping*)
(10:46:21) Aki: (Yeah. Axel, your boyfriend status has become official, I believe. *ded*)
(10:46:41) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(10:47:10) Aki: (ohhhh man. XD)
(10:47:11) Izzy: (about time)
(10:47:14) Izzy: (XDDDD)
(10:48:05) Aki: Sora: *Suddenly lunges at Cloud*
(10:48:15) Aki: (I should have kept you updated on his train of thought...)
(10:48:18) Izzy: (oh)
(10:48:34) Izzy: ((but yeah, seriously, HOW did Nomura slip Axel past Disney?))
(10:48:44) Izzy: ((I mean...he'
(10:48:45) Aki: (uh.)
(10:48:50) Aki: (I duno)
(10:48:50) Izzy: ((Gay.))
(10:48:58) Aki: (XD)
(10:48:58) Izzy: ((in a very awesome way. XDD))
(10:49:03) Izzy: (which rhymes.))
(10:49:05) Aki: (maybe Disney secretely likes it)
(10:49:20) Aki: *secretly
(10:49:21) Izzy: (hahaha
(10:49:25) Izzy: Cloud: !!
(10:49:39) Izzy: Cloud: *dodges to the side out of reflex*
(10:49:47) Aki: Sora: *follows*
(10:49:47) Izzy: (probably a bit late there...)
(10:49:50) Aki: (fight him...)
(10:50:37) Izzy: (okay. I've got ten minutes. XD)
(10:51:14) Aki: Sora: *lashes out across Cloud's chest before he starts changing back a little*
(10:51:21) Aki: (okay. 10 minutes XD)
(10:51:39) Izzy: Cloud: .... *pulls out Origin and manages to deflect one of the swipes*
(10:51:49) Izzy: (ah...he's using it left-handed...)
(10:51:56) Izzy: (because Sora bit his other arm...)
(10:52:08) Izzy: (well, he's practically ambidextrous, but still...)
(10:52:28) Aki: Sora: ...I.. *just stares at Cloud*
(10:52:35) Izzy: Cloud: *leans on it to get to his feet*
(10:52:36) Aki: (well...everyone probably is XD)
(10:52:46) Izzy: Cloud: ...Sora?
(10:53:35) Aki: Sora: *freezes for a second before backing up* I...
(10:54:33) Aki: Sora: *tries to run away but grabs onto a near wall before his falls*
(10:54:47) Izzy: Cloud: *takes a few steps toward him*
(10:55:23) Aki: Sora: I don't feel good..*backs up*
(10:55:35) Izzy: Cloud: Just calm down...
(10:56:26) Aki: Sora: But I...But I...I just..*runs again but does fall this time*
(10:56:53) Aki: (Cloud, you're lucky he didn't throw up :\)
(10:56:58) Izzy: (>.>)
(10:57:28) Izzy: Cloud: It's all right...*puts Origin down and kneels next to him*
(10:58:15) Izzy: (he gets this from taking care of Fenrir, I guess? XD)
(10:58:40) Aki: Sora: ....*sighs, and lies on his side*
(10:58:46) Aki: (baby chocobo XDD)
(10:58:50) Izzy: (XDD)
(10:59:07) Izzy: Cloud: *puts a hand on Sora's shoulder*
(10:59:55) Aki: Sora: ....Don't.
(11:00:07) Izzy: (I love how...for us this isn't awkward at all. XD)
(11:00:10) Izzy: Cloud: ....
Aki: (Pshh No, even if it was awkward for you, it wouldn't be for me. XD)
(09:22:29) Izzy: (XD)
(09:23:31) Aki: Sora: *just stares at Cloud for a minute before looking away* You knew something was shouldn't have agreed to spar with me. It's just a bunch of trouble...
(09:24:09) Izzy: Cloud:'s no trouble.
(09:24:24) Izzy: (*tries not to laugh* Um, sure.)
(09:24:48) Aki: (XD)
(09:25:01) Aki: Sora: ....Don't lie about it.
(09:25:39) Izzy: Cloud: I'm not...
(09:25:43) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(09:25:56) Aki: Sora: sure.
(09:27:37) Izzy: Cloud: Are you...
(09:28:09) Aki: Sora: ...*looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish the question*
(09:28:15) Aki: (he'd better finish it XD)
(09:28:49) Izzy: (he was going to say "Are you going to be all right?" but then he realized how useless that question is)
(09:28:59) Aki: (Yeah, I figured XD)
(09:29:11) Aki: (Sora was gonna be like, "....I guess")
(09:29:58) Izzy: Cloud: *exhales heavily and sits down.*
(09:30:39) Aki: Sora: You can go back home.
(09:31:04) Izzy: Cloud: As long as you're coming back as well.
(09:32:02) Aki: Sora: I'm gonna stay out here just incase..
(09:32:21) Aki: Sora: go get your hand looked at...
(09:32:58) Izzy: Cloud: It's fine. It's not that bad.
(09:33:09) Aki: Sora: Go get it looked at.
(09:33:33) Izzy: (he picked up Leon's over-protectiveness)
(09:33:40) Aki: (hahahaha)
(09:33:50) Aki: (Cloud's probably a white belt tho)
(09:33:56) Izzy: (what?)
(09:34:15) Aki: (When it comes to overprotectiveness, Leon's a black belt. Seriously. It's creepy)
(09:34:21) Izzy: (pfft.)
(09:34:42) Izzy: Cloud: ....can you stand?
(09:34:42) Aki: (He DOES act like a mother of small children )
(09:34:51) Izzy: (avoiding the issue...)
(09:34:52) Izzy: (XD)
(09:35:04) Aki: Sora: Get. it. looked. at.
(09:35:16) Aki: (read as "no, I can't stand")
(09:35:24) Izzy: (yeah, really.)
(09:35:59) Izzy: (um, no, Cloud...Sora will probably actually TRY to hurt you if you do that.)
(09:36:12) Aki: (what?)
(09:36:13) Izzy: (*sighs*)
(09:36:23) Izzy: (He was gonna pick him up and carry him back)
(09:36:31) Izzy: (I was trying to convince him not to)
(09:36:36) Izzy: (and...failing miserably)
(09:37:11) Aki: (sora'd kick and yell and bite and protest and struggle and cry and pound on Cloud's back or chest or whatever he can reach)
(09:37:18) Izzy: (yeah, I figured.)
(09:37:29) Izzy: Cloud: *puts Origin away*
(09:37:35) Aki: (oh jeez Cloud XD)
(09:38:06) Aki: Sora: *rolls onto his other side*
(09:38:11) Izzy: Cloud: All right, I'll go.
(09:38:28) Aki: Sora: Good.
(09:39:26) Izzy: Cloud: *takes a deep breath and flexes his right hand experimentally*
(09:39:39) Izzy: ("It hurts like hell, but it works")
(09:39:44) Aki: (Cloud you have rabies now XD)
(09:39:46) Izzy: (XDDD)
(09:39:59) Izzy: (Send him to House. XD)
(09:40:06) Aki: (I WAS GONNA SAY THAT)
(09:40:09) Izzy: (XDDDD)\
(09:41:32) Izzy: (....fucking cough....)
(09:41:33) Aki: (House: ...that case isn't interesting. Not worth my time. Get him fluids through a drip and stick that huge-ass needle into his stomach and give him the medicine. He'll be feeling better in a few days. Better yet- he wont infect anymore little unfortunate animals.)
(09:41:42) Izzy: (I hate having a cough DX)
(09:41:50) Izzy: (.....XDDD)
(09:42:01) Izzy: (you watch too much of that show(
(09:42:05) Aki: (I love it)
(09:42:07) Aki: (<3)
(09:42:34) Izzy: (the best part was Cloud's facial expression XD)
(09:43:17) Aki: (what? XD)
(09:43:39) Izzy: (at that)
(09:43:47) Izzy: (he just kind of stared at you)'
(09:43:53) Izzy: (It was amusing...)
(09:44:28) Aki: (no, he probably was staring at the House in my head XD)
(09:44:33) Aki: (I have one. It's amusing)
(09:44:44) Izzy: (XDDD0
(09:44:51) Izzy: (You WOULD. XD)
(09:44:52) Aki: (House: And if he doesn't respond to the meds...*opens a bottle of Ketamen and takes three in a gulp* Give him some numbing fluid and stick it know. It'll do the trick. Trust me.)
(09:45:11) Aki: (He...would say that. Which make sme laugh)
(09:45:15) Aki: *makes me
(09:45:40) Aki: (Cloud, I don't think House likes you...)
(09:45:47) Aki: (maybe he does)
(09:45:50) Aki: (who knows)
(09:45:53) Aki: (**shrugs*)
(09:45:54) Izzy: (ahahaha does he like ANYONE?)
(09:45:58) Aki: (nope)
(09:46:03) Aki: (cept Wilson and Cuddy)
(09:46:06) Aki: (and babies)
(09:46:09) Izzy: (thought so)
(09:46:14) Aki: (and comatose people)
(09:46:14) Izzy: (....babies?)
(09:46:29) Aki: (oh, he likes anyone who can't open their mouths and annoy him)
(09:46:51) Aki: (Like babies)
(09:46:55) Aki: (actually, he loves babies)
(09:46:56) Izzy: (XD)
(09:47:03) Aki: (He thinks they're cute)
(09:47:13) Izzy: (...pfffft)
(09:47:25) Aki: Sora: ....sorry.
(09:48:02) Izzy: Cloud: Don't worry about it.
(09:48:47) Aki: Sora: ....Get Aerith to look at it or Riku or someone. Riku might be better at it...I mean..he created Anti-form..
(09:49:02) Aki: (Is that a little hint of hurt I hear, Sora?)
(09:49:05) Aki: (no?)
(09:49:08) Izzy: (aww geez.)
(09:49:23) Aki: (yeah, geez)
(09:49:30) Izzy: Cloud: We'll see.
(09:49:42) Izzy: Cloud: Are you hurt at all?
(09:50:46) Aki: Sora: I think I re-broke my arm..or something.