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21.2 confession

(19:06:09) Aki: (hahaha)
(19:06:18) Aki: (Uh-huh XD)
(19:07:00) Aki: Sora: *nods slightly*
(19:07:27) Aki: (oh man. But the thing is Riku, Sora DID give up when he died, and he's getting his will back slowly. :\)
(19:07:50) Izzy: (yeah, well...)
(19:08:03) Aki: (He's getting better...I think.)
(19:08:12) Izzy: (Riku...idolizes Sora. Seriously.)
(19:08:22) Izzy: (like Sora idolized Riku when they were kids)
(19:08:33) Izzy: (he's kind of in denial that Sora would ever give up)
(19:09:01) Aki: (yeah.)
(19:09:07) Aki:
(19:09:15) Aki: (...oops XD)
(19:09:22) Izzy: (eh? XD)
(19:09:36) Aki: (meant to send that to Ayuka XD)
(19:09:47) Izzy: (okay? XD)
(19:09:54) Aki: (pfft)
(19:10:36) Izzy: (I looked at the person's gallery anyway XD)
(19:10:42) Izzy: (but it's trueeee XD)
(19:10:55) Izzy: (which is why he wears Riku's pants now)
(19:11:02) Aki: (hahah yeah )
(19:11:02) Izzy: (haha that sounds so awkward)
(19:11:09) Aki: (I was gonna say that)
(19:11:13) Izzy: (pfft)
(19:12:11) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(19:12:14) Izzy: (here)
(19:12:22) Aki: (Riku's probably happy they share pants..)
(19:12:24) Aki: (?)
(19:12:29) Izzy: (are the versions I haven't shown you yet)
(19:12:47) Izzy:
(19:13:17) Izzy: (that was the one in my sketchbook that I got embarassed about people looking at XD)
(19:13:26) Aki: (*dies*)
(19:13:39) Aki: (Oh how I torture you...)
(19:13:46) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(19:14:13) Izzy: (It says "dammit, I'm never drawing yaoi again")
(19:14:21) Izzy: (pssh yeah rightttt)
(19:14:24) Aki: (i read XD)
(19:14:34) Aki: (it)
(19:14:35) Izzy: (it's cut off XD)
(19:14:43) Izzy: (but I guess you can tell)
(19:14:55) Aki: (makes Leon happy XD)
(19:15:02) Izzy: (tch)
(19:15:16) Izzy: (Cloud's expression was what bored me)
(19:15:17) Izzy: (haha)
(19:15:22) Izzy: (I lose a lot.)
(19:15:32) Izzy: (and this one)
(19:15:35) Izzy:
(19:15:46) Izzy: (annoys me because the poses are awkward...)
(19:16:04) Izzy: (but it's the only one with the pendant)
(19:16:14) Izzy: (I wanted to do something with Leon's pendant)
(19:16:27) Izzy: (but I couldn't fit it in anywhere else. *shrugs*)
(19:16:36) Aki: (:D)
(19:16:48) Izzy: (oh god, my commentary XD)
(19:16:52) Izzy: (I forgot about it XD)
(19:17:02) Aki: (ew. It's on my armmmm)
(19:17:05) Aki: (*shakes arm*)
(19:17:19) Izzy: (whatttt XD)
(19:17:19) Aki: (haha yeah right. last draft. pfft)
(19:17:29) Aki: (it's on my armmm)
(19:17:33) Izzy: (what is)
(19:17:59) Izzy: (my commentary?)
(19:18:05) Izzy: (>.>)
(19:18:18) Aki: (that gross itchy stuff that left me with witha big bump on my left arm...the stuff from my 5 shots)
(19:18:24) Izzy: (D:)
(19:18:28) Izzy: (DDDD:)
(19:18:29) Izzy: (well)
(19:18:36) Aki: (I made my mom feel it)
(19:18:40) Aki: (but she said it wasn't there)
(19:18:44) Aki: (and it's creepyyy)
(19:18:44) Izzy: (ehhh)
(19:18:47) Izzy: (aww)
(19:18:52) Izzy: (well)
(19:18:52) Aki: (and ahh)
(19:19:02) Izzy: (HAVE THIS DISTRACT YOU)
(19:19:05) Izzy:
(19:19:14) Izzy: (that's the reallly sketchy one.)
(19:19:14) Aki: (it itches..)
(19:19:22) Izzy: *hides in a corner*
(19:19:24) Izzy: *()
(19:19:29) Aki: (HAYES!)
(19:19:37) Izzy: (WHAT?)
(19:20:15) Aki: (HA! YES!)
(19:20:22) Izzy: (...oh. XD)
(19:20:34) Aki: (IT ITCHESSS)
(19:20:38) Aki: (make it go awayyy)
(19:20:44) Izzy: (DDDD:)
(19:20:48) Izzy: (put ice on it)
(19:20:56) Aki: (that makes it hurt)
(19:21:09) Aki: (My mom likes the pictures btw)
(19:21:30) Izzy: (oh no.)
(19:21:39) Izzy: (you're not showing your mom.)
(19:21:44) Izzy: (what is wrong with you. XD_
(19:21:53) Aki: (she likes themmm)
(19:22:05) Izzy: (I'm NEVER going to be able to live this down...)
(19:22:12) Aki: (well, actually)
(19:22:19) Aki: (yaoi is a safe topic in my house)
(19:22:28) Izzy: (that's not it....XD)
(19:22:32) Aki: (I was exposed in 4th grade when I was completely naive)
(19:22:36) Izzy: (it's not the yaoi, it's...)
(19:22:43) Aki: (and my parents know what it is cuz I told them--)
(19:22:44) Izzy: (the ...oh god this is embarassing)
(19:22:47) Aki: (oh)
(19:22:55) Aki: (well, I didn't tell her you drew em)
(19:22:58) Izzy: (XD)
(19:23:43) Aki: (geez. You'll live it down. Pshh)
(19:23:57) Izzy: (but...yeah...I really do have a creepy obsession with Leon's hair.)
(19:24:03) Izzy: (Cloud doesn't appreciate it. >.>)
(19:24:10) Aki: (iiiiii noticed XDDD)
(19:24:20) Aki: (cloud knows he's enjoying this anyway)
(19:24:32) Izzy: (well, he won't admit it if he is. XD)
(19:24:40) Aki: (hehee. )
(19:25:00) Aki: (I picked up your laugh btw)
(19:25:03) Aki: (...)
(19:25:06) Izzy: (uhhh)
(19:25:28) Izzy: (my ridiculously loud and humiliating to the people I'm with in public laugh?)
(19:25:40) Aki: (no the "hehehehe" one)
(19:25:45) Izzy: (Oh XD)
(19:25:49) Aki: (XDD)
(19:25:54) Izzy: (...good XD)
(19:26:13) Izzy: (I wouldn't want you to embarrass your friends like I do XD)
(19:27:42) Aki logged in.
(19:27:42) Aki has gone away.
(19:27:57) Izzy: (...that was lame of my internet...)
(19:28:05) Aki: (haha)
(19:28:14) Aki: (Sora took a moment to be gay and you missed it)
(19:28:21) Izzy: (did I miss anyth---oh)
(19:28:21) Aki: (how dare you XD)
(19:28:45) Izzy: (sorryyyy XD)
(19:28:49) Izzy: (copy/paste)
(19:29:07) Aki: (uh, no. I'd rather not repeat it XD)
(19:29:18) Aki: (cuz it was a joke)
(19:29:25) Izzy: (......uhh. Okay?)
(19:30:11) Aki: Sora: ....*sighs again and can't really do much else*
(19:30:25) Aki: (...)
(19:30:35) Aki: (I was talking to Sora the girl and)
(19:30:43) Aki: (Her sora was like)
(19:30:47) Aki: (Sora2588 (7:29:12 PM): Sora: We'll...always be friends right?)
(19:30:56) Izzy: Riku: I'll...there has to be....something I overlooked...
(19:31:00) Aki: (And I was like "Lion king...)
(19:31:00) Izzy: (awwwwww)
(19:31:03) Aki: *"
(19:31:10) Izzy: (that's adorable.)
(19:31:20) Izzy: (I need to finish ittt)
(19:31:25) Aki: Sora: What...?
(19:31:29) Izzy: (I never got farther than when we watched it)
(19:31:47) Izzy: Riku: There has to be something I can do...
(19:31:52) Izzy: Kairi: ....Riku...
(19:32:11) Aki: Sora: It's okay, it's okay..
(19:32:23) Aki: Sora: It's fine, Riku..
(19:33:02) Izzy: Riku:'s not....I....
(19:33:22) Aki: Sora: You what? You feel guilty...
(19:33:42) Izzy: Riku: Maybe...I do.
(19:33:55) Izzy: Riku: But that's not what's important anymore.
(19:34:08) Izzy: Riku: For a long time, I...I thought that way.
(19:34:27) Izzy: Riku: That...because it was my fault, I had an obligation to do something about it.
(19:34:34) Izzy: Riku: But that's not right.
(19:34:47) Izzy: Riku: That...shouldn't be the reason.
(19:35:25) Izzy: Riku: Sora, I....
(19:35:45) Izzy: (.....*mutters the obvious to herself because she can't help not saying it*)
(19:35:51) Izzy: (*coughs* anyway...*)
(19:36:00) Aki: (haha)
(19:36:17) Izzy: Riku: I don't....want to see you in pain.
(19:36:25) Izzy: Riku: That should be reason enough.
(19:36:31) Aki: (Is it what my fangirl radar is thinking?)
(19:36:39) Izzy: (of course it is. XD)
(19:37:05) Izzy: (but Riku could never make a sappy love confession like that XD)
(19:37:22) Izzy: (not that it isn't already obvious anywayyyy)
(19:37:30) Aki: Sora: ...You are too...and I don't want to see that either.
(19:37:40) Aki: (it's so obvious Sora's sorta aware of it)
(19:37:55) Izzy: (XD)
(19:38:01) Aki: (oh geez Sora, don't do that. You're not with Angie's Riku.)
(19:38:03) Izzy: (well, Sora's admitted it)
(19:38:11) Aki: (*smacks Sora on the back of the head*)
(19:38:15) Izzy: (...what?)
(19:38:24) Izzy: (usually it's the other way around XD)
(19:38:51) Izzy: (it's okay to do things around my Riku that would get a bad reaction from Angie's XD)
(19:39:08) Aki: (*facepalm* Guess who keeps trying to give Sora kissing lessons? XD)
(19:39:16) Aki: (he's not really with his teacher right now *dies*)
(19:39:24) Aki: (ITS ANGIE'S FAULT)
(19:39:28) Izzy: (oh geez XD)
(19:39:30) Aki: (*POINTS TO HER*)
(19:39:33) Izzy: (bad Angie)
(19:40:29) Izzy: (bad bad Angie. Taking away Sora's innocence. XD)
(19:40:51) Izzy: (I really...have no idea what Riku would do.)
(19:41:08) Aki: (I...yell at angie to stay away from my never works)
(19:41:19) Izzy: (though quite honestly...he'd probably be happy...>.>)
(19:41:25) Izzy: (...then feel guilty later)
(19:41:35) Aki: (awww cute <3 minus the guilty part)
(19:41:38) Izzy: ("He only did it because he felt bad for me.")
(19:41:42) Izzy: (*smacks Riku*)
(19:42:05) Aki: (Oh geez Sora's extremely tempted. Goddammitttt)
(19:42:11) Izzy: (everyone needs to...stop taking after Cloudddd.)
(19:42:21) Aki: (*hides in shame of horrible mother protection...*)
(19:42:44) Izzy: (aww XD)
(19:42:56) Aki: (I fail as mother *cry*)
(19:43:07) Izzy: (Aerith! take over! XD)
(19:43:18) Aki: (Aerith: D: )
(19:43:22) Aki: (D:)
(19:43:25) Izzy: (All kids have to grow up sometime, i guess...)
(19:43:34) Aki: (haha)
(19:43:34) Izzy: ((j/k btw XD))
(19:43:37) Izzy: (though)
(19:43:50) Izzy: (my "kids" aren't going anywhere anytime soon. *rolls eyes*)
(19:43:54) Izzy: (Dammit, Cloud.)
(19:44:20) Aki: (What about Riku, Sora asked the fake blonde girl with a pout. )
(19:44:33) Aki: (My brain)
(19:44:35) Aki: (my son)
(19:44:44) Izzy: (......Riku....needs to stop taking after Cloud.)
(19:44:49) Izzy: (like I said.)
(19:44:57) Aki: (hahah)
(19:45:23) Izzy: (Kairi's right there. Crying too. Did you forget? XD)
(19:45:36) Aki: (.....He'll kiss her too. Cuz he's a whore.)
(19:45:43) Izzy: (oh. I didn't mean that in a "I think I'll ruin it " way XD)
(19:45:58) Izzy: (Sora is not. D: he just has enough love to go around)
(19:46:17) Aki: (*snicker*)
(19:46:53) Aki: Sora: ....
(19:47:24) Aki: (Y'know, you'll have to draw this.)
(19:47:31) Aki: Sora: *leans up and kisses Riku*
(19:47:32) Izzy: (......I figured.)
(19:47:35) Aki: (>:) )
(19:47:41) Izzy: (hah.)
(19:47:55) Aki: (oh how I wish this was a paragraph Rp, right now XD)
(19:47:59) Izzy: (only if i don't get diabetes first)
(19:48:17) Aki: (you'd get diabetes if it was paragraph style..)
(19:48:27) Izzy: Riku: *too shocked to respond at first*
(19:48:35) Izzy: (yeah, probably. )
(19:48:41) Izzy: (you write, I'll draw. >.>)
(19:48:51) Aki: (yay!)
(19:48:57) Aki: (i win! *dances*)
(19:49:15) Izzy: (stop making me laughhhh XD It's ruining the mood.)
(19:49:21) Izzy: (oh. my. god. XDD_
(19:49:30) Izzy: (Riku...just gave me this look...)
(19:49:37) Aki: (hehehe [/izzy])
(19:49:47) Izzy: (that totally said "SHUT UP. SORA'S KISSING ME.")
(19:49:57) Izzy: (*dies*)
(19:50:15) Aki: (*still going with the Izzy laugh*)
(19:50:32) Izzy: (it's too...funny...*collapses*)
(19:50:43) Aki: (Uhhhuhhhh XDDD)
(19:51:15) Izzy: (FRIEND: Orpheus? Was he that crazy dude on Iron Chef? No, no, no, it was the guy from the Matrix. *nods sagely* Sorry, yeah. He was totally the man. I knew that. )
(19:51:18) Izzy: (pfft.)
(19:51:28) Izzy: (my friends and I are doing this skit for English)
(19:51:43) Izzy: ('s amazing)
(19:51:49) Aki: (XDD)
(19:52:16) Izzy: (I play this overstressed college art major who's just coming to terms with the fact that he's gay)
(19:52:35) Izzy: (the skit is about this really weird dream he has)
(19:52:48) Izzy: (it has a talking statue and a penguin in it. XD)
(19:52:57) Izzy: *art history major
(19:53:19) Aki: (penguins.)
(19:53:23) Izzy: (yes.)
(19:53:29) Izzy: (my friend Chen is the penguin.)
(19:53:34) Izzy: (his name is Albert.)
(19:53:54) Izzy: (it is amazing. XD)
(19:54:05) Aki: (*ded* Penguin XD)
(19:54:22) Izzy: (I'll send you what we have of the script? XD)
(19:54:28) Izzy: (then we can get back to the kissing)
(19:54:37) Izzy: ( that sounds awkward.)
(19:54:46) Izzy: (but there was no other way to say it. XD)
(19:54:52) Aki: (That. Was. Funny.)
(19:55:08) Aki: (I said that out loud too XD)
(19:55:12) Izzy: (pfft)
(19:55:26) Izzy: (Chen wrote most of the script, btw.)
(19:55:42) Aki: (I saw Chen, right? XD)
(19:56:03) Izzy: (did you?)
(19:56:21) Aki: (uhhh maybe)
(19:56:24) Izzy: (when would you have met him...I dunno)
(19:56:46) Aki: (I duno *shrug*)
(19:57:02) Izzy: Enter JESSE, sitting in his messy dorm room, frantically typing, on the brink of madness! After a while, he collapses atop his laptop and heap of books. Darkness.

Light. JESSE wakes, very groggy. (we’re not sure if this is real life, or a dream.) Doesn’t notice the statue in the middle of the room/stage. Hears a squawk in the distance. Slowly wanders onto stage. Hears another squawk. A PENGUIN appears, slowly waddling up to JESSE.
JESSE: What?
PENGUIN: Why hello! I’m your dream guy. *Flap, flap*
JESSE: ...what?
PENGUIN: Dream guide. Shake? *offers wing*
(19:57:48) Izzy: JESSE:, thanks.
PENGUIN: *shrugs* Mmkay. So who do you want to see first?
PENGUIN: Uh huh. And you better make up your mind fast, kid, ‘cause we’re on a very tight schedule. *glances at non-existent watch*
JESSE: I’m not sure if I understand what’s going on right now.
(19:58:58) Izzy: PENGUIN: Well let’s go for a walk, then. I’ve always been a big fan of walks. You know, being a penguin and all.
JESSE: ...sure. You know, this usually doesn’t happen to me. I usually finish my work and go to bed at a very punctual hour. I don’t drink; I don’t take any drugs; and I certainly don’t dream about penguins.
PENGUIN: I don’t either. I’m a very organized individual. Guess that’s why they picked me for you.
PENGUIN: Come on, let’s start walking.
*they walk, passing by the statue*
while they walk, PENGUIN rambles: by the way, my name’s Albert. You know, penguins tend to live in incredibly cold climates. How do they do it? It’s like they have some sort of special talent, you know, like those people who can touch the tips of their noses with their tongues. Can you do that? I can’t. I wish I could, but it’s like, evolution or something. What do you think, by the way, about this whole nurture vs. nature thing? I mean, a friend of mine and I were talking about this just before—
STATUE: *quotes Rimbaud*
(20:00:11) Izzy: JESSE: *turns around, confused* What was that? That...that statue—did it-he just say something?
PENGUIN: Beats me. *Shrugs*
*they continue walking*
STATUE: *quotes Rimbaud again*
JESSE: There—it-he just did it again. How-did you hear that?
PENGUIN: Hear what? You must be like, on drugs or something. I don’t like drugs. Much.
(20:01:08) Izzy: SAPPHO appears, with “lyre” (a.k.a. blender with “lyre” written on it, electrical cord trailing behind her as she gracefully strums it)
SAPPHO: I have arrived! Prostrate yourself before my radiant excellence!
STATUE bows in majestic reverence
PENGUIN: QUACK. *moment of awkward silence* Sorry. That happens, sometimes. SAPPHO: You? What are you doing here, you puny, flightless, arctic monstrosity!
JESSE: A blender? Points
SAPPHO looks at her blender
(20:01:23) Izzy: **points*
(20:02:18) Izzy: SAPPHO: You mean this splendid instrument I filched from Orpheus, that brave soul who dared trespass into Hades and then got his head got off? Sad. *looks sad*
JESSE: Um, yeah.
PENGUIN: Excuse me, lady, I’m like, kinda tryin’ to work here. *looks pissy*
SAPPHO whips out a notebook
SAPPHO: But it says, look—right here, penciled in my agenda—Jessie. *looks at JESSE and PENGUIN*
(20:03:29) Izzy: PENGUIN takes a closer look
PENGUIN: There’s an ‘i’ in that Jessie, you nincompoop.
SAPPHO: *all a-fluster * What? pause Oh fuck. Now I’m late. Fuck, fuck, fuck. *realizes JESSE and PENGUIN are still there, huffs a frustrated sigh* Here, take this. *hands blender to JESSE*
JESSE: Um, thanks.
SAPPHO: *disgusted* mortal hands... *skips off into the distance, playing ‘air-lyre’* JESSE: *looks at the blender* Uh, what should I do with this?
(20:04:37) Izzy: PENGUIN: I for one could go for a pina colada. But one can’t always get what one wants, can one? You know, those gender-neutral pronouns are so annoying, aren’t they? Yes, they are. *nods to himself over and over, wanders off*
JESSE: *still holding blender, with a confused expression on his face*
FRIEND appears: Hey, man. *holds up hand for a high five*
FRIEND: No? What’s up with the blender?
JESSE: It belonged to Orpheus.
(20:04:51) Izzy: ( I boring you? >.>)
(20:04:56) Izzy: (I probably am.)
(20:05:05) Aki: (no, it's fine XD)
(20:05:29) Aki: (I read slow. )
(20:05:34) Izzy: (oh. XD Sorry.)
(20:06:19) Aki: (*ded* XD)
(20:06:28) Izzy: FRIEND: Orpheus? Was he that crazy dude on Iron Chef? No, no, no, it was the guy from the Matrix. *nods sagely* Sorry, yeah. He was totally the man. I knew that.
JESSE: *embarrassed for his friend* Uh yeah, that’s the one. *puts the blender down* So what are you doing here?
FRIEND: Weren’t we supposed to hang, man?
JESSE: Well, I was writing a paper...
FRIEND: No, no oh, yeah we were going to play hangman. Yeah, you got a piece of paper or something?
JESSE: Paper?
(20:07:07) Izzy: FRIEND: You said you had a paper...
JESSE: Art history.
FRIEND: But dude, I totally have a pen. *searches pockets* It was....I swear, I had a pen...
JESSE: Why are you wearing your football uniform?
FRIEND: *suddenly angry* You tell me, it’s your frickin’ dream. I didn’t ask for this, you know!
(20:08:02) Izzy: JESSE:
FRIEND: You better be. Shit, I’m going to be late for practice. *dashes off*
JESSE: That was not...normal.
STATUE: *quotes Rimbaud...again*
JESSE: Stop that! *makes a shooing motion*
(20:08:33) Aki: (hehe, I still like the penguin <3)
(20:08:42) Izzy: (XD yay)
(20:09:13) Izzy: PENGUIN, suddenly comes back with a bag of chips, busily munching: You hungry? JESSE: Where’d you get that?
PENGUIN: Vending machine.
JESSE: Ah. Okay.
PENGUIN: sometimes I stress-eat. You know? When you’re feeling just...overwhelmed by the, you have a secret or something. You know, or something. *dramatic pause* It’s terrible for my complexion, though. STATUE gets out katana, holds it up, directed at PENGUIN
(20:09:19) Izzy: **
(20:09:29) Izzy: (and then...the statue kills the penguin. XD)
(20:09:41) Aki: (noooo)
(20:09:47) Aki: (PENGUINNNN! COME BACK!)
(20:09:52) Izzy: (XDD wiat wait)
(20:09:54) Izzy: *wait
(20:10:13) Izzy: (and starts totally hitting on's pretty funny)
(20:10:27) Aki: (oh okay!)
(20:10:35) Izzy: (and they eventually walk off stage, leaving the Penguin lying there)
(20:10:46) Izzy: (and all of a sudden, his cell phone rings)
(20:11:06) Izzy: (and he sits up and answers it with the sword still stuck through him)
(20:11:18) Izzy: (and he's like "Yeah, boss...i died again. Shit." XD)
(20:11:33) Aki: (oh geez. D: )
(20:11:38) Aki: (poor think)
(20:11:43) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(20:11:49) Aki: *(thing
(20:12:00) Izzy: (you feel sorry for the penguin. I'll have to tell Chen. XD)
(20:12:14) Izzy: (he's awesome. he's totally my platonic boyfriend.)
(20:12:25) Izzy: (well, he's gay. Hence the platonic. XD)
(20:12:38) Aki: (haha XD yeah well)
(20:13:09) Izzy: (my favorite part is still the blender. <3)
(20:13:16) Aki: (XDD Yes)
(20:13:46) Aki: (....)
(20:13:49) Aki: (guess what.)
(20:14:20) Izzy: (er.)
(20:14:28) Izzy: (Sora is still kissing Riku?)
(20:14:34) Izzy: (did I guess right?)
(20:14:40) Aki: (uh, no but that too)
(20:14:43) Aki: (XD)
(20:14:45) Izzy: (XD)
(20:14:59) Aki: (poor Riku probably died of overload)
(20:15:07) Izzy: (nearly XD)
(20:15:15) Aki: (hehehe)
(20:15:29) Izzy: (bad Angie.)
(20:15:37) Izzy: (it's totally her secret plan)
(20:15:49) Izzy: (to get rid of my Riku, so hers will be the only one XD)
(20:15:59) Aki: (XDDD She has to get rid of mine, too)
(20:16:04) Izzy: (true)
(20:16:12) Aki: (and
(20:16:53) Aki: (used to being kissed, because the Angie made Sora practice on my riku when he was sick. He didn't wanna give him his cold.)
(20:17:13) Izzy: (............)
(20:17:18) Izzy: (so it's not his first. XD)
(20:17:26) Izzy: (aww, poor my Riku. XD)
(20:17:35) Izzy: (Sora is more experienced.)
(20:17:40) Izzy: (*cracks up at the thought*)
(20:17:43) Izzy: (how terrible.)
(20:17:49) Aki: (pssh XD)
(20:18:24) Aki: (wow. anywayyyy.)
(20:19:05) Izzy: (no wonder the poor kid is so traumatized.)
(20:20:08) Aki: (pssh course XD)
(20:20:25) Izzy: (Tales of Destiny. That's where the other Leon is from.)
(20:20:32) Izzy: (*plots to play it*)
(20:20:45) Izzy: (, uh...are they gonna come up for air?)
(20:20:59) Izzy: (what makes me laugh is I'm not sure Kairi noticed....)
(20:21:08) Aki: (Uh, that depends on Riku)
(20:21:11) Aki: (and uh, good...)
(20:21:45) Izzy: (Riku needs to breathe just like everyone else XD)
(20:21:57) Aki: (Yep! :D)
(20:22:05) Izzy: Riku: *gasps a little*
(20:23:11) Aki: Sora: *Leans away a little farther away and just watches Riku*
(20:24:36) Aki: (lol Riku)
(20:24:49) Izzy: Riku: *just kind of stares at him* ....S....
(20:24:54) Izzy: (...say something? XD)
(20:24:58) Izzy: (he makes me laugh XD)
(20:25:16) Aki: (heh. XD)
(20:25:36) Izzy: Riku: *expression a mix between surprise and relief*
(20:25:48) Izzy: (and happiness, you know it. XD)
(20:26:27) Aki: Sora: *grins a bit* Smile more, 'kay?
(20:26:33) Aki: (sora can see it too. man XD)
(20:27:24) Aki: Sora: ...Cuz...
(20:28:14) Izzy: Riku: *blinks*
(20:28:30) Aki: Sora: We can deal with whatever comes around, together...
(20:29:17) Aki: Sora: Why am I so bad at this...*laughs nervously*
(20:29:27) Aki: (okay, well, good question Sora XD)
(20:29:48) Izzy: Riku:'s...all right....
(20:29:58) Izzy: (oh, you know you want to. *sighs*)
(20:30:12) Izzy: Kairi: *busy wiping her face*
(20:30:28) Izzy: (she was crying the whole time. She DIDN'T notice. Oh man. XD)
(20:30:36) Aki: (haha well...)
(20:32:37) Izzy: (Riku's still kind of in shock....XD *pokes him* but at least it's the good kind of shock)
(20:33:06) Aki: (yes. good. Now, ask your newfound boyfriend on a date, pretty boy D: *shot*)
(20:33:13) Aki: Sora: *sighs*
(20:34:16) Aki: Sora: *can't really decide on what to say*
(20:34:24) Aki: (his mind is blank. Seriously. )
(20:34:28) Izzy: (awww)
(20:34:49) Aki: (so many things to say that it's blank XD)
(20:34:55) Izzy: (....Seriously, Riku...)
(20:35:06) Izzy: (what are you freezing up for. XD)
(20:35:21) Aki: (geez. Practically Sora's first kiss. All the other times he didn't wanna. XD)
(20:35:27) Izzy: (hahaha)
(20:35:27) Aki: (*pokes Riku*)
(20:35:49) Aki: Sora: Well...
(20:36:10) Aki: Sora: I guess we should get around to making that cake...
(20:36:20) Aki: (pfft XD)
(20:36:22) Izzy: Riku: ......
(20:36:30) Izzy: (*pinches his arm*)
(20:36:34) Aki: (He's not sure how Riku took it XD)
(20:37:05) Izzy: Riku: Wh--oh...
(20:37:16) Izzy: (he's not making sense in my head right now. XD)
(20:38:12) Aki: (Riku. we get it. You love him. Please come back from the world of the pile-of-mushy-pink-fluff)
(20:38:30) Izzy: (yeah really...)
(20:38:35) Aki: (Please leave the land of Riku for a minute...)
(20:38:46) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(20:39:38) Izzy: Riku: L-look, I...
(20:39:45) Izzy: (........*sighs*)
(20:40:31) Aki: Sora: *Looks at Riku*
(20:41:26) Izzy: Riku: *lifts his hand as if to reach for Sora, then drops it*
(20:41:44) Izzy: (I...have no IDEA what is wrong with him. -_-)
(20:42:23) Aki: (It's called denial-guilt awareness)
(20:42:30) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(20:42:43) Aki: (My Riku went through it. So did Sora. Even my Ed and Roy.)
(20:42:49) Izzy: (oh god. XD)
(20:42:52) Aki: (even Kenshin)
(20:42:55) Aki: (at some point)
(20:42:59) Izzy: (at least Al is fairly guilt-free.)
(20:43:08) Aki: (Yeah, I never RPed him XD)
(20:43:12) Izzy: (and kenshin is one big bundle of guilt. XD)
(20:43:35) Izzy: (I never exactly RPed Al, but he's a muse of mine :)
(20:43:45) Izzy: (I keep him for the kitties XD)
(20:43:55) Aki: (XDDDD)
(20:44:22) Izzy: (and Roy...yeah. pfft.)
(20:44:27) Izzy: (oh, god, Riku.)
(20:44:44) Aki: (Man. He seems to be taking it worse than Sora did.)
(20:44:46) Izzy: Kairi: Oh...the cake...
(20:44:56) Izzy: (it's not "bad", it's more like...)
(20:45:06) Izzy: ("oh god what do I do?")
(20:45:10) Izzy: (and kairi's there)
(20:45:16) Izzy: (so he feels awkward XD)
(20:45:40) Aki: Sora: Hey Kai. Do we have fluffy pink frosting anywhere?
(20:45:47) Aki: (Sora's...feeling..)
(20:45:48) Izzy: Kairi: Pink...frosting?
(20:45:52) Izzy: (that's subtle. XD)
(20:45:57) Aki: (like...poking at Riku XD)
(20:46:04) Aki: (by making a pink cake )
(20:46:04) Izzy: Kairi: Maybe...
(20:46:16) Izzy: Kairi: We could make pink frosting...with red and white...
(20:46:23) Izzy: Kairi: Are you...going to be okay?
(20:46:36) Aki: Sora: Uh-huh!
(20:46:40) Aki: (of course he is...)
(20:47:46) Aki: Sora: Riku can handle the frosting~
(20:47:54) Aki: Sora: *hops up onto the counter to get the sugar*
(20:47:55) Izzy: Riku: ....
(20:48:02) Izzy: (Sugar. Not good. XD)
(20:48:08) Aki: (XD)
(20:48:43) Aki: Sora: Riiiiku. You alive?
(20:49:22) Izzy: Kairi: ...*glances at Riku* Are you going to be okay?
(20:49:47) Izzy: Riku: I...uh...
(20:49:57) Izzy: (oh geez. XD)
(20:50:17) Aki: Sora: *amused laugh* *goes to get the eggs from the fridge*
(20:50:40) Aki: (sora's just like, 'He looks kinda funny, but that's okay!')
(20:50:43) Izzy: (XD)
(20:51:01) Izzy: Riku: B--....Sora, you...
(20:51:09) Izzy: (Riku, go take a cold shower, kay? XD)
(20:51:21) Aki: (...I wont make any comments...promise.)
(20:51:30) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(20:51:45) Izzy: (you have no idea how funny this is all of a sudden)
(20:51:50) Izzy: (or maybe you do)
(20:52:02) Aki: (I'm laughing. So hard. Right now.)
(20:52:23) Aki: Sora: ....Uh. Do you need to talk or something?
(20:52:32) Aki: Sora: Or sleep?
(20:52:41) Aki: Sora: Or get a glass of water?
(20:52:44) Izzy: (No, Sora, he just wants you to kiss him again. XDDD)
(20:52:49) Aki: (XDDD)
(20:52:49) Izzy: (*dies*)
(20:53:02) Izzy: (it's TRUE. XD)
(20:53:14) Aki: (your Riku. Is. amazing. Thank you. )
(20:53:22) Izzy: (poor repressed Riku. XD)
(20:53:31) Aki: (XDDD)
(20:53:52) Aki: Sora: .....your face'll get stuck like that.
(20:54:10) Izzy: Riku: *automatically puts a hand to his face* What?
(20:54:19) Izzy: Kairi: A whole word. That's a good sign.
(20:54:29) Aki: Sora: You'll match the cake, probably.
(20:54:33) Aki: Sora: Ah well..
(20:54:51) Izzy: Kairi: ....? *looking at Riku curiously*
(20:54:58) Aki: (*snickers*)
(20:55:18) Izzy: Riku: *tries to hide the fact that he IS turning pink*
(20:55:23) Izzy: (*snerk*)
(20:55:33) Aki: (My life. Is complete.)
(20:56:06) Izzy: Kairi: ...Sora, is something wrong with him?
(20:56:18) Izzy: ("I think you broke Riku.")
(20:56:48) Aki: ("I think I broke Riku too...")
(20:57:05) Aki: Sora: ....*bites his lip* Uh...
(20:57:24) Aki: Sora: ...I'll sort this out...
(20:57:32) Aki: Sora: *drags Riku out of the room*
(20:57:44) Izzy: (*extremely amused*)
(20:58:11) Aki: Sora: So you do.
(20:58:26) Izzy: Riku:
(20:58:39) Izzy: (.....*covers mouth with both hands*)
(20:58:53) Aki: Sora: You like me.
(20:59:01) Aki: (sora...was never clueless. I swear. )
(20:59:03) Izzy: (XD)
(20:59:13) Izzy: Riku: Of--of course!
(20:59:27) Izzy: Riku: What does that have to do with...
(20:59:30) Izzy: Riku: ....
(20:59:37) Izzy: (uhh. Everything?)
(21:00:14) Aki: Sora: ....Uh-huh. Why didn't you say something?
(21:00:24) Aki: (pfft. Everything.)
(21:00:29) Izzy: (exactly.)
(21:00:57) Izzy: Riku: I just....
(21:01:20) Izzy: Riku: What about...Kairi...
(21:01:26) Izzy: Riku: She does...too.
(21:01:35) Izzy: (is that...the only thing? *sighs*)
(21:02:14) Aki: Sora: ....*heaves a sigh*
(21:02:39) Aki: Sora: *rubs the back of his neck* I love you both like that. I said that all ready, a while ago...
(21:03:18) Izzy: (*is a little puddle on the floorrrr.*)
(21:04:28) Aki: Sora: It is...sorta weird that way...I guess...isn't it.
(21:04:38) Izzy: Riku:
(21:05:06) Izzy: Riku: There's...nothing wrong with that.
(21:05:19) Izzy: (oh god, Riku, be selfish for once. *rolls eyes*)
(21:05:40) Aki: Sora: Don't lie.
(21:05:53) Aki: (well...sora sorta caught him. XD)
(21:06:06) Izzy: Riku: I'm not lying...
(21:06:09) Izzy: (pfft.)
(21:06:12) Aki: ("His eyes don't lie" *KILLED*)
(21:06:15) Izzy: (XD)
(21:06:39) Aki: Sora: Okay, you're lying about lying..
(21:07:00) Aki: Sora: You don't feel like sharing me, I guess...
(21:07:01) Izzy: Riku: ....*shakes his head* It's enough if you're happy...that's all.
(21:07:42) Aki: Sora: *crosses his arms* But you're not happy that way.
(21:07:55) Aki: Sora: 'least not completely.
(21:08:39) Izzy: Riku: ....but it's...wrong for me to....
(21:08:53) Izzy: (...want Sora all to yourself? It's called, uh...)
(21:08:56) Izzy: (being human.)
(21:09:08) Aki: Sora: No. It's not...
(21:09:11) Aki: (pssh, yeah XD)
(21:09:21) Izzy: (I should be his therapist. >.>)
(21:09:30) Aki: (haha)
(21:10:18) Izzy: Riku: *looks down* So maybe I'm not completely happy.
(21:10:34) Izzy: Riku: But it's worse if you're not. So it's fine.
(21:10:41) Izzy: (...that's kind of true...)
(21:10:51) Izzy: (Sora's misery is worse for Riku. >.>)
(21:11:02) Aki: (aww)
(21:11:32) Aki: Sora: *sighs*
(21:12:41) Aki: Sora: You say it like we aren't equal...
(21:13:25) Aki: Sora: You're no less important then me, you know.
(21:15:04) Izzy: (*sighs* jeez.)
(21:15:13) Izzy: (my mom...I'm ready to kill her...)
(21:15:20) Aki: (:\)
(21:15:33) Izzy: (sorry)
(21:15:37) Izzy: (not your problem)
(21:15:40) Aki: (no, it's okay)
(21:15:48) Izzy: (I'm just annoyed at what she's making me get off for)
(21:16:10) Izzy: (and that she doesn't understand that I'd rather she didn't read my chats over my shoulder)
(21:16:28) Izzy: (and...blehhh)
(21:16:32) Aki: (uh, is she still reading over your shoulder?)
(21:16:40) Izzy: (no, I made her leave)
(21:16:48) Izzy: (and give me two minutes to say goodbye)
(21:17:02) Izzy: (*grumbles*)
(21:17:10) Aki: (aw, well, okay. )
(21:17:26) Aki: (gnight muh luv <33)
(21:17:28) Izzy: (it's just that we haven't RPed in so long)
(21:17:29) Izzy: (XD)
(21:17:50) Izzy: (tommorrow <3)
(21:17:57) Aki: (sure)
(21:18:00) Aki: (when?)
(21:18:02) Izzy: (it's only a day away~~)
(21:18:05) Izzy: (uhhh, 4)
(21:18:08) Izzy: (around)
(21:18:23) Aki: (Sora: g'nighhhttttt.)
(21:18:25) Aki: (okay)
(21:18:34) Izzy: (Riku loves youuuuu XD)
(21:18:38) Aki: (draw some RikuSora XD)
(21:18:38) Izzy: (goodnight)
(21:18:41) Izzy: (pfft)
(21:18:44) Aki: (Sora: :D)
(21:18:50) Aki: (it's like Soriku)
(21:18:54) Izzy: (Riku really needed that tho)
(21:19:01) Izzy: (and yeah, really XD)
(21:19:11) Izzy: (he was getting moody over it for a while)
(21:19:20) Aki: (aww poor baby)
(21:19:21) Izzy: (but he wouldn't tell me, so I had no idea)
(21:19:30) Izzy: (and he wouldn't tell Kairi, of course)
(21:19:44) Izzy: (lame, Riku. She would never hate you for it and you know it)
(21:20:07) Izzy: (Riku: .....but not because you told me to. *hugs him*
(21:20:26) Aki: (Sora: X3 I wanna go with them :|)
(21:20:30) Aki: (....)
(21:20:32) Izzy: (in fact, Kairi knows anyway, so you're not hiding anything. Jeez.)
(21:20:39) Aki: (Okay, fine, be sure to sleep...)
(21:20:46) Izzy: (She can see right through him..hah...well)
(21:20:50) Izzy: (*hugs you*)
(21:20:53) Izzy: (I'll sleep)
(21:20:57) Izzy: (I dunno about Riku XD)
(21:20:59) Izzy: byeee
(21:21:04) Aki: (Or Sora)