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21.3 confession

Sora: ...*falls over*
(16:03:50) Izzy: WEELL
(16:03:50) Aki: ...
(16:03:52) Izzy: er
(16:03:58) Izzy: umm.
(16:04:00) Aki: I tried explaining to Angie.
(16:04:01) Aki: haha
(16:04:08) Izzy: XD
(16:04:11) Izzy: oh geez
(16:04:14) Aki: uh
(16:04:25) Aki: Sora
(16:04:26) Aki: was
(16:04:29) Aki: being mean
(16:04:31) Aki: actually
(16:04:33) Aki: and was like
(16:05:10) Aki: "...let him think that I don't love him. He needs to learn that he doesn't get everything he wants."
(16:05:27) Izzy: whuut
(16:05:29) Aki: He said it and I chokes on a cookie
(16:05:32) Aki: *choked
(16:05:34) Izzy: who
(16:05:36) Izzy: whoooo
(16:05:38) Aki: Soraaa
(16:05:39) Izzy: I don't get it XD
(16:05:41) Aki: to
(16:05:45) Aki: Angie's Riku
(16:05:47) Aki: well
(16:05:50) Aki: about Angie's Riku
(16:06:00) Izzy: oh
(16:06:01) Izzy: okay
(16:06:04) Izzy: that makes sense now
(16:06:07) Aki: haha okay
(16:06:25) Aki: pssh.
(16:06:34) Izzy: geez XD
(16:06:37) Izzy: actually
(16:06:38) Izzy: well
(16:06:42) Izzy: about yesterday XD
(16:06:54) Izzy: when you said "No, Sora, this isn't Angie's Riku"
(16:06:57) Izzy: I thought about that
(16:07:06) Izzy: but Sora's reasoning turned out to be better
(16:07:11) Izzy: because
(16:07:12) Aki: ?
(16:07:15) Izzy: my Riku
(16:07:23) Aki: what reasoning?
(16:07:32) Izzy: wouldn't take a kiss to mean "it's okay to stick your hand up my shirt"
(16:07:38) Izzy: >.>
(16:07:53) Izzy: I'm mean. XD
(16:07:55) Aki: haha
(16:08:18) Aki: Angie's Riku started being a little..
(16:08:26) Aki: smothering.
(16:08:29) Aki: He's nice...
(16:08:31) Izzy: oh geez.
(16:08:32) Aki: but still
(16:08:51) Aki: Sora's not going to be motivated to get better if he doesn't so anything for himself.
(16:08:59) Aki: Even if it is to get a glass of milk
(16:09:05) Aki: or do his own homework
(16:09:14) Izzy: *sigh*
(16:09:15) Aki: *do
(16:09:16) Izzy: well
(16:09:40) Izzy: the other things was
(16:09:42) Izzy: *thing
(16:09:48) Izzy: I was thinking about my Riku
(16:10:06) Izzy: because my first reaction was "He was really OOC yesterday:
(16:10:11) Izzy: but then I realized he wasn't
(16:10:13) Izzy: because
(16:10:24) Izzy: he still acts the same toward everyone else
(16:10:30) Izzy: smart mouth and everything :p
(16:10:34) Aki: haha
(16:10:43) Izzy: it's that the way he acts toward Sora has changed
(16:11:03) Izzy: (like, he's really blunt. He doesn't try to be nice to anyone except Sora XD)
(16:11:10) Izzy: (and what really cracks me up)
(16:11:21) Izzy: (is that when Sora's not around, he and Kairi act married)
(16:11:23) Izzy: (like)
(16:11:29) Izzy: (they bicker like they're married)
(16:11:34) Aki: (*dieS*)
(16:11:36) Aki: *dies
(16:11:37) Izzy: (and she tells him to do stuff XD)
(16:11:48) Izzy: (it's pretty funny)
(16:11:56) Aki: (I...can see XDD)
(16:11:59) Aki: (oh yeah)
(16:12:00) Aki: (I)
(16:12:04) Aki: (drew the part )
(16:12:08) Aki: (where we were like)
(16:12:32) Aki:
( "Kairi: I think you broke Riku...
Sora: I think I broke Riku too...")
(16:12:37) Izzy: (...XD)
(16:12:44) Izzy: (I drew the scene, kinda)
(16:12:47) Izzy: (um)
(16:12:57) Izzy: (...pfft.)
(16:13:15) Izzy: (it makes me laugh because it's not like drawing the LeonCloud pic for you at all.)
(16:13:34) Izzy: (it's more like "AUGH THE CUTE MY TEETH ARE ROTTING")
(16:13:45) Izzy: (Sora is adorable even when he's kissing people. )
(16:13:50) Aki: (hahaha)
(16:14:09) Aki: Sora: ...why thank you. *flops over on the couch lazily*
(16:14:18) Aki: (Pssh, e used all his energy up today)
(16:14:21) Aki: *he
(16:14:41) Izzy: (aww)
(16:15:01) Aki: (Being overly happy and singing willingly. This kid...didn't let me take my exam very well XD)
(16:15:21) Izzy: (XDDD_
(16:15:30) Izzy: (Kairi gave Riku a good talking-to)
(16:15:37) Izzy: (because he was acting like Cloud again)
(16:15:50) Aki: (haha. )
(16:15:55) Izzy: (it was actually...well, honestly, I'm proud of her.)
(16:16:01) Izzy: (She handled it very maturely.)
(16:16:03) Aki: (:D)
(16:16:10) Izzy: (not that I expected any less. XD)
(16:16:25) Izzy: (it was basically like:)
(16:17:00) Izzy: (Kairi: Stop being silly.
Riku: I don't deserve it.
Kairi: Stop it.
Riku: You hate me, don't you.
Kairi: No, I don't.
Riku: Yes, you do.)
(16:17:16) Izzy: (Kairi: No, I don't.
Riku: Why?
(16:17:51) Izzy: (Kairi: Do I really have to say why after everything we've been through?
Riku: But--
Kairi: No.)
(16:18:17) Izzy: (Riku: But I--
Kairi: It doesn't matter, it's Sora's choice and I'm fine with it.)
(16:19:15) Izzy: (Riku: But aren't you--
Kairi: Jealous? Of course I'm a little jealous. It's natural. You are, too. But I'd rather have a world with both of you, than only one or the other.)
(16:19:39) Izzy: (Kairi: And if it means dealing with a little jaelousy, that's fine.(
(16:19:50) Izzy: (...uh, yeah. *takes a deep breath*)
(16:20:04) Aki: (awwwwww Kairiiii <333)
(16:20:16) Aki: (lol he chose them both tho, which makes me laugh.)
(16:20:23) Aki: (He...really can't decide)
(16:20:27) Izzy: (well, that's fine XD)
(16:20:39) Izzy: (By jealousy, she really meant them having to share him XD)
(16:21:08) Izzy: (XDDDDD)
(16:21:10) Aki: (I was...asking him about that earlier)
(16:21:14) Izzy: (that's cuz he has the biggest bed)
(16:21:21) Aki: (and he was joking around and said that XD)
(16:21:21) Izzy: (because he's the biggest XDDD)
(16:21:24) Izzy: (hahaha)
(16:22:11) Izzy: (Kairi also reminded Riku that if she really hated him, she wouldn't have stopped him from killing himself. >>)
(16:22:17) Izzy: (that got his attention)
(16:22:22) Aki: (Mm)
(16:22:41) Izzy: (geez, these kids...)
(16:22:49) Aki: (are a handful but I love them)
(16:23:58) Izzy: (yep)
(16:24:00) Izzy: (haha)
(16:24:09) Aki: Sora: ....*bounces on the couch while trying to think of something to do*
(16:24:09) Aki: (XD)
(16:24:38) Izzy: (aww XD)
(16:25:08) Izzy: (he should probably go talk Riku out of his emoing...XD)
(16:25:14) Aki: (yeah)
(16:25:50) Izzy: (....Cloud leaves for a while. Leon locks himself in his room. Riku...bakes muffins.)
(16:25:55) Izzy: (yeah.)
(16:26:00) Aki: (hahahah)
(16:26:08) Izzy: (they're gonna have enough muffins for a year...)
(16:26:13) Aki: (hehehe)
(16:26:24) Aki: (yayyy muffins.)
(16:26:27) Aki: (I want one)
(16:26:53) Aki: Sora: *bounces off to go find Riku*
(16:27:05) Aki: (*takes a few dozen muffins*)
(16:27:19) Izzy: (they're blueberry)
(16:27:24) Izzy: (with some cranberry)
(16:27:29) Aki: (*takes a dozen more*)
(16:27:29) Izzy: (and a few chocolate chip)
(16:27:32) Izzy: (XD)
(16:28:10) Aki: Sora: *goes to Riku's door*
(16:28:36) Aki: Sora: *goes in*
(16:28:47) Aki: (Sora would have totally climbed a tree to get in XD)
(16:28:52) Aki: (if he had to)
(16:29:27) Izzy: (haha)
(16:29:35) Izzy: ('s not locked)
(16:29:44) Aki: (yeah XD)
(16:29:50) Izzy: (Riku wouldn't bother. XD)
(16:30:06) Izzy: (he's may act like Cloud sometimes, but he's smarter than that)
(16:30:13) Aki: (*snicker*)
(16:31:03) Aki: Sora: ....You okay?
(16:31:22) Izzy: Riku: Considering....
(16:31:28) Izzy: Riku: I don't really know.
(16:32:19) Aki: Sora: Oh..Well...
(16:32:25) Aki: (he's so bad at talking XD)
(16:32:40) Aki: (uh. hmm)
(16:32:40) Izzy: Riku: I--I'm not upset or anything, I just...
(16:33:21) Aki: Sora: confused a bit..?
(16:33:29) Izzy: Riku: Maybe....
(16:34:30) Izzy: (...geez, Riku. Go ahead.)
(16:34:37) Izzy: (he's being silly again)
(16:34:43) Aki: (aww)
(16:34:54) Izzy: (Sora, smack him for me)
(16:35:02) Izzy: (or kiss him again or something. I dunno.)
(16:35:11) Aki: (haha he'd never hit riku.)
(16:35:14) Izzy: (I know. XD)
(16:35:26) Aki: (He'd jump him. *shot*)
(16:35:35) Izzy: (oh man.)
(16:35:38) Aki: (well, he sorta does all ready)
(16:35:50) Izzy: Riku: .....*lies back on his bed and stares at the ceiling*
(16:35:57) Izzy: (not like THAT tho.)
(16:35:58) Izzy: (XD)
(16:36:08) Aki: (haha right)
(16:37:16) Izzy: Riku: I probably should have been more honest with you...
(16:37:36) Izzy: Riku: Then again....I'm not all that honest to myself, either.
(16:37:51) Aki: Sora: *sighs* Well...
Sora: I...wasn't exactly being honest with you either...
(16:39:03) Izzy: Riku: ...*sits up*
(16:39:15) Aki: Sora: *glances at him*
(16:39:29) Izzy: Riku: About what?
(16:40:46) Aki: Sora: I mean sure...I ran around being a lot more than a little obvious...But you never seemed to notice, and I never bothered telling you...
(16:41:23) Izzy: Riku: No, it's my fault...I just thought...I don't know.
(16:41:57) Izzy: (sorry. needed to get that out. XD)
(16:42:05) Aki: Sora: Even back on the islands. I didn't really know why, but I always competed with you to get the attention from both you and
(16:42:09) Aki: Sora: it's not your fault.
(16:42:16) Aki: (haha yeah. )
(16:42:23) Aki: (you got that outta my system too XD)
(16:42:37) Izzy: (hahaha)
(16:42:56) Izzy: (XD(
(16:43:14) Izzy: (Riku was just kind of like ".....wait, I totally did the same thing. wtf." XD)
(16:43:26) Izzy: (Competing to get Sora's attention XDDD)
(16:43:29) Aki: (...That was me. *shot*)
(16:43:33) Izzy: (hahahahaha)
(16:44:57) Izzy: (XDDDDD)
(16:45:10) Aki: (Sora said that. Uh. Yeah. XD)
(16:45:13) Izzy: (yeah, they need their own house XDDD)
(16:45:13) Aki: (part of it)
(16:45:15) Aki: (at least)
(16:45:23) Izzy: (too many people in Leon's house XD)
(16:45:44) Izzy: (Cid probably moved out a while ago cuz it was too noisy XD)
(16:45:48) Aki: (Zack and Aerith move out first XD)
(16:45:54) Izzy: (haha right)
(16:46:07) Aki: (Cloud doesn't have to)
(16:46:18) Aki: (cuz Leon's just like "Whut. No.")
(16:46:19) Izzy: (....I doubt he'd...think of it XD)
(16:46:27) Izzy: (so no worries, Leon XD)
(16:46:42) Aki: (so Rinoa, Tifa, Leon and Cloud)
(16:46:59) Aki: (Then Aerith, Zack, Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz)
(16:47:01) Izzy: (Tifa wants to set up the bar again, or a restaurant or something to help out with money, tho)
(16:47:05) Izzy: (hahaha)
(16:47:07) Aki: (Riku, Sora and Kairi)
(16:47:12) Izzy: (big family XD)
(16:47:17) Aki: (haha yes)
(16:47:34) Izzy: (Reno?)
(16:47:42) Izzy: (Axel and Roxas)
(16:47:49) Izzy: (who else are we missing...)
(16:47:53) Aki: (and Naminé)
(16:47:56) Izzy: (Namine)
(16:47:58) Izzy: (yes)
(16:48:00) Izzy: (sorry XD)
(16:48:04) Izzy: (just about to say taht)
(16:48:06) Izzy: *that
(16:48:33) Aki: (Yuffie with Leon)
(16:48:37) Izzy: (yeah)
(16:48:44) Izzy: ("I'm his SISTER!" XD)
(16:49:09) Izzy: (ahahahahah)
(16:49:34) Aki: ("You two don't look alike.")
(16:49:46) Aki: ("Thank Hyne." "YES WE DO")
(16:50:26) Izzy: (errm. But where do Axel, Roxas and Naminé stay?)
(16:50:32) Izzy: (XD)
(16:50:35) Aki: (hmm)
(16:50:48) Izzy: (none of them works XD)
(16:50:57) Aki: (Roxas would)
(16:50:57) Izzy: (*has a job
(16:51:00) Izzy: (true)
(16:51:15) Izzy: (Axel, don't mooch off your boyfriend. Get a job.)
(16:51:27) Izzy: (...totally Zack's nobody. Anyway)
(16:51:43) Aki: (dude, rly. He is XD)
(16:52:43) Aki: (They'd probably live with Sora and Riku and Kairi tho)
(16:52:53) Aki: (Cuz Roxas...seriously has a Sora-complex)
(16:53:12) Izzy: (yeah, well)
(16:53:19) Aki: ("Where is he? What's he doing? What are the consequenses if he goes out to fight heartless?" etc)
(16:53:20) Izzy: (they're kind of the same person...)
(16:53:23) Izzy: (kind of)
(16:53:37) Aki: (He doesn't want anything bad happening tho)
(16:53:43) Aki: (Like last time)
(16:53:49) Izzy: ((roxas roxas)
(16:53:54) Izzy: (...that was Chi)
(16:53:56) Izzy: (anyway)
(16:53:58) Aki: (ll)
(16:54:00) Aki: *lol
(16:54:00) Izzy: (I kinda figured)
(16:54:07) Izzy: (after what happened)
(16:54:22) Izzy: ("say Axel, what happens to a Nobody when the Other dies?" >.>)
(16:54:31) Aki: (yeah)
(16:55:04) Izzy: (and Kairi has Naminé for girl talk XD)
(16:55:11) Aki: (yup!)
(16:55:20) Aki: (Axel has Roxas there if he needs anything.)
(16:55:24) Aki: (it all works out XD)
(16:55:32) Izzy: (Riku and Axel...don't really interact much)
(16:55:38) Izzy: (which is pretty funny)
(16:55:53) Izzy: (they just kinda nod at each other and continue what they're doing XD)
(16:56:05) Aki: (they probably would if Riku let them talk to eachother XD)
(16:56:13) Izzy: (pfft, Riku)
(16:56:20) Izzy: (he needs better social skills)
(16:56:30) Aki: (Axel's so XD)
(16:56:34) Aki: (yeah. Riku)
(16:56:37) Aki: (Get Sora )
(16:56:41) Aki: (To share some of his)
(16:56:46) Aki: (socialness with you)
(16:56:52) Izzy: (XD)
(16:57:05) Aki: ("Nooo it's all mine D: ")
(16:57:20) Aki: (....Riku should really say that)
(16:57:44) Aki: Sora: *sighs*
(16:57:53) Izzy: (XD)
(16:58:25) Aki: Sora: I...
(16:59:03) Aki: Sora: I don't know what you want to do, I only know what I want.
(16:59:08) Izzy: Riku: *looks up at him*
(16:59:20) Aki: Sora: And I all ready did what I wanted to do.
(16:59:20) Izzy: (For once, haha. still sitting on the bed. XD)
(16:59:39) Izzy: (sorry. When I drew the pages...)
(16:59:53) Izzy: (I was giggling because Sora had to stand on his toes...)
(17:00:00) Izzy: (height difference...too funny...)
(17:00:08) Aki: (it's still cute tho <3)
(17:00:14) Aki: (I'm not gonna make fangirl comments now)
(17:00:19) Izzy:
(17:00:29) Izzy: (yesss. Photobucket cooperated.)
(17:00:40) Izzy: (9 pages, just change the last number
(17:00:52) Izzy: (there's supposed to be another page between 3 and 4)
(17:00:59) Aki: (kay :D)
(17:01:06) Izzy: (but I didn't finish it, and nothing really important happens it in)
(17:01:24) Izzy: (Kairi just goes off into the kitchen, which makes it a little less awkward)
(17:01:32) Izzy: *in it
(17:01:48) Aki: (:D)
(17:02:33) Aki: ("Your face will be stuck like that, you know.")
(17:02:36) Izzy: (XDDDD)
(17:02:49) Izzy: (I changed the dialogue around a bit to make it flow better)
(17:02:55) Izzy: (hope you don't mind)
(17:03:15) Aki: (Nope, I don't XD)
(17:03:53) Aki: (...Uh, actually, Soriku is my serious OTP. Because...)
(17:04:03) Aki: (I mean c'mon. It's cute <3)
(17:04:10) Izzy: (oh, 7. missing dialogue. that's not important either XD)
(17:04:14) Izzy: (just cake talk)
(17:04:20) Aki: (heheh yeah. )
(17:04:21) Izzy: (it is rather cute)
(17:04:30) Aki: (X3)
(17:04:38) Aki: (I made a fangirl face omg)
(17:04:41) Aki: (*shot*)
(17:04:46) Izzy: (XD)
(17:04:50) Izzy: (a fangirl face?)
(17:05:16) Aki: (The rediculously over used faces fangirls use on forums)
(17:05:30) Izzy: (ah)
(17:05:39) Aki: (Like..."X3333" or "^__________________^")
(17:05:43) Izzy: (oh yeah XD)
(17:05:58) Izzy: (I...really am obsessed with that pink ribbon)
(17:06:04) Aki: (I refuse to start speaking fragmented japanese XD)
(17:06:07) Aki: (huh?)
(17:06:12) Izzy: (people are gonna be like, "what's wrong with you?")
(17:06:18) Izzy: (the friendship ribbon XD)
(17:06:39) Izzy: (Sora's got one, Kairi's got one, and now Riku finally agreed to wear one)
(17:06:46) Izzy: (it's on his right wrist)
(17:06:50) Izzy: (if you didn't notice.)
(17:06:54) Aki: (Awww)
(17:07:12) Aki: (Riku needs a blue ribbon XD)
(17:07:16) Izzy: (the last page cracks me up XD)
(17:07:20) Izzy: (actually)
(17:07:28) Izzy: (it's tied around his blue armband)
(17:07:35) Izzy: (Kairi's got one too XD)
(17:07:45) Aki: (aw--*CRACKS UP*)
(17:07:49) Aki: (...sorry.)
(17:07:59) Aki: Sora: *falls*
(17:08:01) Aki: (oops)
(17:08:02) Izzy: (what?)
(17:08:07) Aki: (He can hear us. )
(17:08:11) Izzy: (oh)
(17:08:25) Izzy: Riku: *stands up* What happened?
(17:08:45) Aki: Sora: ....nothing you need to worry about.
(17:08:56) Izzy: Riku: ....uhh. All right....
(17:09:01) Aki: Sora: *grabs Riku's arm and takes a look at the armband*
(17:09:33) Aki: (He finds it flattering and funny XD)
(17:09:37) Izzy: (awww)
(17:09:41) Izzy: (Kairi made them XD)
(17:09:57) Aki: (He likes the pink ribbon ontop of it XDD)
(17:10:03) Izzy: (hahahahaha)
(17:10:22) Izzy: Riku:...that's not exactly new, you know.
(17:10:47) Aki: Sora: I never...noticed it. That's all.
(17:11:15) Izzy: Riku: Oh.
(17:12:20) Aki: Sora: ....Oh yeah. Uh..
(17:13:11) Aki: Sora: I didn't mean to throw Oathkeeper's keychain at you so hard. I just...didn't want you something stupid. I wanted you to snap out of it..
(17:13:20) Izzy: Riku: ....what?

(17:13:30) Aki: Sora: ...Uh.
(17:13:34) Izzy: Riku: What are you talking about? When did you...
(17:13:38) Aki: Sora: When I died.
(17:13:56) Izzy: Riku: ....that? But you were....
(17:14:01) Aki: Sora: ...
(17:14:29) Aki: Sora: I was dead. I know.
(17:14:44) Izzy: (he made Roxas throw it for him. XD)
(17:15:10) Aki: (Well, they're linked, and Roxas was able to control Sora's when he cried.)
(17:15:19) Izzy: (I know)
(17:15:46) Aki: (I remember we laugh insanely at the fact that Roxas had no idea how he got his hands on Oathkeeper)
(17:15:50) Aki: *laughed
(17:15:52) Izzy: (XDDD)
(17:15:57) Izzy: (ohhh yeah)
(17:16:08) Izzy: (poor Riku.)
(17:16:15) Izzy: ("Noooo, Soraaaaa--OW")
(17:16:24) Aki: (XDDD)
(17:16:38) Aki: Sora: Sorry about that...I was just mad.
(17:16:51) Izzy: Riku: It's had every right to be.
(17:17:01) Izzy: Riku: I wasn' my right mind.
(17:17:29) Izzy: Riku: I guess...I was lucky...that Kairi was there. Or I probably would have followed you.
(17:18:06) Aki: Sora: Well...
(17:18:32) Aki: Sora: Try not to do things like that again.
(17:18:38) Aki: (Oh man. I just realized)
(17:18:46) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:18:50) Izzy: (what?)
(17:18:55) Izzy: Riku: ....try?
(17:19:19) Aki: (they they're in the same position as when Sora was like, "I looked everywhere for you..." )
(17:19:28) Aki: Sora: ....don't do those things then.
(17:19:29) Izzy: (awwww hahaha)
(17:19:37) Izzy: Riku: All right.
(17:20:16) Aki: Sora: can take your time. *lets go of Riku's arm*
(17:20:32) Aki: (Sora, stop talking about two things at once)
(17:20:35) Izzy: (XD)
(17:20:42) Izzy: (it's confusing me AND Riku)
(17:21:23) Aki: (First he's like, "LETS TALK ABOUT ME DYING" and now he's like, "You can take your time to figure out what you wwant to do about the situation I put us in.")
(17:21:32) Izzy: (yeahh. aww.)
(17:21:43) Izzy: (well, Riku's figuring things out. XD)
(17:22:05) Izzy: Riku: it's...probably not what you think.
(17:22:12) Izzy: Riku: I just...
(17:22:14) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:22:38) Izzy: Riku: I started to realize a lot of things while you were...gone.
(17:22:46) Izzy: Riku: But I couldn't admit them to myself.
(17:24:01) Izzy: Riku: Two years ago, I...didn't think it was possible for things to go back to the way they were.
(17:24:08) Izzy: Riku: I mean, when we were kids.
(17:24:39) Izzy: Riku: And it's not as if they have, but...we've all found a peacful life together again. Something like that.
(17:24:43) Izzy: Riku: I don't know...
(17:24:51) Izzy: Riku: I think...I gave up.
(17:25:08) Izzy: Riku: I stopped thinking about the future because I didn't think I had one.
(17:25:37) Izzy: Riku: So when we went back, after defeating Xemnas, I...
(17:25:52) Izzy: Riku: I didn't know what to do. I hadn't thought about it at all.
(17:26:01) Izzy: Riku: I guess I still don't know.
(17:26:16) Izzy: (that was a lot of talking...)
(17:27:00) Aki: ( made Sora grin like a maniac)
(17:27:09) Izzy: (XD Awww)
(17:28:33) Aki: Sora: Don't think about the future. You can't enjoy the present too much like that, cuz you're spending it thinking about the future. You could be spending that time doing a whole bunch of other things you lilke doing. It'll all come together on it's own.
(17:29:10) Aki: (Sora: *hides*)
(17:29:19) Izzy: (XD)
(17:29:23) Aki: (Sora: ....the other Riku got online..)
(17:29:28) Izzy: (oh dear.)
(17:29:43) Izzy: Riku: Maybe...
(17:30:31) Aki: Sora: When you use to always sit on the paopu tree
(17:30:44) Aki: Sora: you seemed to always be thinking about the future.
(17:30:52) Aki: Sora: So, I tried it a few times..
(17:31:02) Aki: Sora: It made me depressed.
(17:31:11) Aki: Sora: Thinking about it too much...isn't good.
(17:31:12) Izzy: Riku: ...
(17:31:43) Izzy: Riku: But if I don't think about the future, I can't think about the consequences of my actions.
(17:32:07) Aki: Sora: *sighs*
(17:32:44) Izzy: (Riku's being a stick in the mud. XD)
(17:32:52) Izzy: (but at least he's talking)
(17:32:56) Aki: (mm. yeah XD)
(17:32:59) Aki: (oh man..)
(17:33:07) Attempting to connect to Aki at for Direct IM.
(17:33:07) Asking Aki to connect to us at for Direct IM.
(17:33:12) Attempting to connect to Aki at for Direct IM.
(17:33:12) Direct IM with Aki failed
(17:33:12) Asking Aki to connect to us at for Direct IM.
(17:33:15) Izzy: (D:)
(17:33:19) Aki: oooook)
(17:33:22) Izzy: (stupid firewall)
(17:33:24) Aki: (hang on XD)
(17:33:26) Izzy: (it's my side)
(17:33:32) Izzy: (my dad blocks thingsss)
(17:33:34) Izzy: (rawr)
(17:33:47) Izzy: (he thinks I'll dowload a virus or something)
(17:33:59) Aki: ((Taro Lalalala (5:29:10 PM): YOU.
Aki (5:29:17 PM): ....
Aki (5:29:20 PM): Sora: *hides*
Taro Lalalala (5:29:40 PM): WAIT TILL)

(17:34:12) Aki: (Taro Lalalala (5:30:00 PM): IM BACK
Taro Lalalala (5:30:11 PM): HOMETaro Lalalala (5:30:35 PM): SORA
Aki (5:30:54 PM): Sora: .........
(17:34:19) Izzy: (oh geez)
(17:34:25) Aki: (Taro Lalalala (5:31:21 PM): I HAVE A SURPRISE
Taro Lalalala (5:31:50 PM): FOR YOU
Aki (5:32:02 PM): Sora: .........*whimpers*)
(17:34:31) Izzy: (XDDD)
(17:34:54) Aki: (Taro Lalalala (5:32:49 PM): RIKU
Taro Lalalala (5:33:36 PM): IS LIKELY
Taro Lalalala (5:33:53 PM): DEAD
Taro Lalalala (5:34:13 PM): WHORE)
(17:35:02) Izzy: (D:)
(17:35:04) Aki: (that made Sora mad XD)
(17:35:05) Izzy: (that's mean.)
(17:37:28) Aki: (...Sora's yelling..)
(17:37:36) Aki: (He's going crazy again..)
(17:37:38) Izzy: Riku: .....I don't know. But if you say so...
(17:37:44) Izzy: Riku: I'll try...
(17:37:48) Izzy: (uhhh...)
(17:37:50) Aki: (Taro Lalalala (5:35:00 PM): NICE MOVE
Aki (5:35:21 PM): Sora: ....SHUT UP.
Aki (5:35:28 PM): Sora: JUST SHUT UP.)
(17:37:51) Izzy: (D:)
(17:37:58) Aki: (Taro Lalalala (5:35:33 PM): I WARNED YOU
Taro Lalalala (5:35:48 PM): NO
(17:38:05) Izzy: (DDD: Soraaaa)
(17:38:14) Aki: *WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO
(17:38:18) Izzy: (oh geez. they're both immature >.>)
Taro Lalalala (5:36:30 PM): ITS YOUR FAULT)
(17:38:34) Aki: (Aki (5:36:43 PM): Sora: HOW IS IT MY FAULT!?
Taro Lalalala (5:37:15 PM): YOU DONT CARE?
Taro Lalalala (5:37:38 PM): HES DEAD
(17:38:46) Izzy: (he's not dead. Geez.)
(17:38:56) Izzy: (>.>)
(17:39:22) Aki: (Aki (5:38:37 PM): Sora: ....I care. Just DONT YELL AT ME. WHO I CHOSE TO LOVE IS MY OWN DECISION!
Aki (5:38:41 PM): Sora: NOT YOURS.)
(17:39:27) Aki: (He's...)
(17:39:30) Aki: (not)
(17:39:36) Izzy: (oh man)
(17:39:38) Aki: (doing so awesome)
(17:39:57) Izzy: (D: *hugs Sora*)
(17:40:08) Aki: (Sora: ....Don't.)
(17:40:14) Izzy: (...D:)
(17:40:44) Izzy: (she's not worth it...geez...)
(17:41:07) Aki: (Sora: ...She won't stop.)
(17:41:15) Izzy: (then leave)
(17:41:25) Aki: (Sora: I did. She just keeps talking.)
(17:41:33) Izzy: (D:)
(17:42:06) Aki: Sora: okay...
(17:42:08) Aki: Sora: Good.
(17:44:06) Aki: Sora: ....
(17:44:10) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:44:26) Izzy: Riku: *hugs him*
(17:44:32) Izzy: (okay, FINALLY. Geez.)
(17:44:42) Izzy: (took him long enough.)
(17:45:22) Aki: Sora: *hugs him back and probably wont let go for a few centuries*
(17:45:34) Aki: (......Ugh. Angie made him cry.)
(17:45:37) Izzy: (eww.)
(17:46:01) Izzy: (at least Riku got over his physical affection problem)
(17:46:13) Izzy: (now for Cloud. >.>)
(17:46:18) Aki: (good XD)
(17:46:20) Aki: (haha)
(17:47:36) Aki: Sora: .....*grip tightens*
(17:47:55) Aki: (...She cannot hit him like that! >:|)
(17:48:45) Izzy: (what. no.)
(17:49:38) Aki: (ughhhh. This kid. )
(17:49:46) Aki: (needs happier things to happen DX).
(17:50:13) Izzy: Riku: *trying to be careful of Sora's arm*
(17:50:17) Izzy: (aww geez.)
(17:50:28) Izzy: (I'll have to lend you Riku when I head to class.)
(17:50:39) Aki: (I guess so XD)
(17:50:59) Aki: (Riku, Sora doesn't care about his arm right now XDDDD)
(17:51:20) Izzy: (Riku cares XD)
(17:51:40) Aki: (haha yeah)
(17:52:34) Aki: Sora: I do so much to make people happy....
(17:52:36) Aki: Sora: And one little thing...I only did one little thing I wanted...
(17:52:49) Aki: Sora: And...
(17:52:55) Izzy: Riku: It''s all right...
(17:53:32) Aki: Sora: I get yelled at and hit, and it's not fair..
(17:53:53) Izzy: Riku: ...
(17:54:05) Aki: (ugh, he's not in a condition to talk normally XD)
(17:54:09) Izzy: (awww)
(17:54:16) Izzy: Riku: No, it's not.
(17:55:09) Aki: Sora: Maybe I'm wrong..I don't know.
(17:55:52) Izzy: Riku: You're not wrong.
(17:56:10) Izzy: Riku: We're the ones who want you to be selfish for once...
(17:56:35) Aki: Sora: Maybe I shouldn't be.
(17:56:46) Aki: Sora: ...
(17:56:47) Izzy: Riku: Stop saying that.
(17:57:34) Aki: Sora: *sighs* Hah. I was...the one who was supposed to come in to make you feel better...
(17:57:44) Izzy: Riku: did.
(17:57:47) Izzy: Riku: ....
(17:57:55) Izzy: Riku: I sound like such an idiot.
(17:58:01) Izzy: (oh, Riku. XD)
(17:58:07) Aki: (aww)
(17:58:31) Aki: Sora: *nods* 'm glad.
(17:58:41) Izzy: (he's like, "All I can do is say 'no, you're not, stop it, it's okay'")
(17:59:18) Aki: (awwww D: )
(17:59:26) Aki: (poor kid)
(18:00:00) Aki: Sora: .....I'm almost 19. I shouldn't be crying. *rubs at his eyes*
(18:00:06) Izzy: Riku: ....
(18:00:13) Izzy: Riku: You're saying that now?
(18:00:24) Aki: (Now she's playing the guilt card. The bad thing is it's working)
(18:00:30) Izzy: (wtfff)
(18:00:35) Izzy: (telll her I said stoppp)
(18:00:58) Aki: Sora: ....I guess I am.
(18:01:15) Aki: (tho technically he's still 16 XD)
(18:01:23) Izzy: (yeah XD)
(18:01:25) Izzy: (mentally)
(18:01:27) Izzy: (well)
(18:01:33) Izzy: (experience-wise)
(18:01:42) Izzy: (mentally we know he's 5 XDD)
(18:01:46) Izzy: (gtg in a few)
(18:01:50) Aki: (okay)
(18:01:56) Aki: (haha yeah. )
(18:02:04) Aki: (Sora, if you're five, you can cry. XD)
(18:02:21) Aki: (dshfklfdhjjksd)
(18:02:26) Aki: (Sora, don't say sorry to her)
(18:02:31) Izzy: (whattt)
(18:02:53) Izzy: Riku: If you feel like crying, go ahead.
(18:04:12) Aki: Sora: yeah..
(18:04:21) Izzy: Riku: No one'll think any less of you for it.
(18:05:04) Aki: Sora: *small shrug*
(18:05:21) Aki: (least he's trying not to say sorry XD)
(18:05:24) Izzy: Riku: I won;t.
(18:05:27) Izzy: (awww)
(18:05:29) Izzy: *won't
(18:05:47) Izzy: (arggghhh XD)
(18:05:52) Aki: Sora: I know. *grins a little*
(18:05:54) Izzy: (riku, that's ....sappy)
(18:06:00) Aki: (what? XD)
(18:06:05) Izzy: (I made him stoppp XD)
(18:06:09) Izzy: (Sora will get mad at me now)
(18:06:17) Izzy: (but it was too corny)
(18:06:25) Aki: (what was it?)
(18:06:31) Izzy: (he was about to like...touch Sora's cheek)
(18:06:36) Izzy: (but I died first XD)
(18:06:51) Aki: (*fangirl laugh* I'M WINNING)
(18:07:07) Izzy: (I can DRAW it, but somehow, RPing it is awkwardddd XD)
(18:07:41) Aki: (It's pretty easy tho XD)
(18:07:53) Izzy: (shhh.)
(18:08:20) Aki: ("Riku: *puts his hand against Sora's cheek*")
(18:08:23) Aki: (See?)
(18:08:24) Aki: (XD)
(18:08:34) Izzy: (XD fine, YOU can do it for me)
(18:08:38) Izzy: (I gtg anywayyy)
(18:08:47) Izzy: (*shoves Riku at you*)
(18:08:47) Izzy: XD
(18:08:50) Izzy: *byeee
(18:08:53) Aki: ("Sora: *grins insanely and rewards him with a kiss and a hug *")
(18:08:56) Aki: (BYE)
(18:08:58) Aki: (*WAVES*)
(18:09:07) Izzy: (XDD LOVEEE)
(18:09:11) Izzy: byes