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22 afterward

(16:09:11) Izzy: *tackle*
(16:09:35) Aki: *FALL*
(16:09:52) Izzy: XD
(16:10:06) Aki: ohmannnnohmannnnn
(16:10:08) Aki: Sora
(16:10:11) Aki: had the worst night
(16:10:14) Aki: last night
(16:10:19) Izzy: I figured something would be bad...
(16:10:27) Aki: *sighs*
(16:10:41) Aki: I think he's still in bed, too.
(16:10:49) Izzy: D:
(16:10:52) Izzy: Riku...
(16:10:56) Izzy: suddenly got more social
(16:11:00) Aki: yayy
(16:11:03) Izzy: or rather
(16:11:09) Izzy: he actually talks to me now XD
(16:11:14) Aki: :DDD
(16:11:19) Izzy: but it's mostly to complain that he wants to see Sora XDDD
(16:11:32) Aki: *dies*
(16:11:34) Aki: now
(16:11:37) Aki: you know waht it's like
(16:11:41) Izzy: hahahhahaha
(16:11:42) Aki: to have SORA in your mind
(16:11:46) Aki: *what
(16:11:51) Aki: This is what it's like
(16:11:56) Aki: having a 5 year old son
(16:11:59) Izzy: pssh
(16:12:04) Izzy: oh yeah
(16:12:05) Izzy: and
(16:12:08) Aki: constantly whining and telling you he wants food
(16:12:11) Aki: or to sleep
(16:12:13) Izzy: hahaha awww
(16:12:21) Aki: or that he misses his boyfriend
(16:12:23) Izzy: well at least you don't hit him
(16:12:28) Izzy: did you scold Angie for that?
(16:12:33) Aki: ...uh. yeah.
(16:12:38) Izzy: that was pretty immature of her...
(16:12:41) Aki: She kept telling me
(16:12:42) Aki: that
(16:12:44) Aki: uh
(16:12:48) Aki: wait
(16:12:49) Aki: lemme find it
(16:14:19) Aki: Taro Lalalala (8:03:43 PM): COVER HIS EARS FOR CHRISSAKE
Aki (8:03:58 PM): *does so*
Taro Lalalala (8:04:01 PM): OKAY
Taro Lalalala (8:04:17 PM): part of me wants him to HURTTTTTTT LIKE RIKU DID

(16:14:24) Aki: Taro Lalalala (8:04:26 PM): and part of me wants to protect him
Taro Lalalala (8:04:36 PM): and its equal
Taro Lalalala (8:04:47 PM): and i dont know whos gonna win DDDD:
Aki (8:04:53 PM): *Sighs*

(16:14:25) Aki: Taro Lalalala (8:05:13 PM): cuz
Taro Lalalala (8:05:18 PM): it hurts to be nice
Aki (8:05:20 PM): I don't know what to do, except tell you not to hurt my kid more than you have to..
Taro Lalalala (8:05:23 PM): and it hurts more to be mean
(16:14:42) Aki: Uh....yeah
(16:14:44) Izzy: ....
(16:15:03) Izzy: Riku is Riku is Riku...
(16:15:07) Izzy: this is sooo confusing...
(16:15:10) Aki: yeah..
(16:15:12) Aki: my Riku
(16:15:14) Aki: ...uh
(16:15:25) Aki: just...kinda refuses to come out
(16:15:28) Aki: ever.
(16:15:29) Izzy: but he HAS a Sora of his own...
(16:15:30) Aki: like
(16:15:33) Izzy: ...errr
(16:15:37) Aki: yeah
(16:15:55) Izzy: I can't believe Angie's Riku and my Riku were technically competing for Sora
(16:16:00) Izzy: it doesn't make SENSE XD
(16:16:05) Aki: It's amusing tho
(16:16:09) Aki: but apparently
(16:16:13) Aki: Angie really was sorta angry
(16:16:15) Aki: cuzzzz
(16:16:18) Aki: uh
(16:17:16) Aki: Taro Lalalala (7:06:02 PM): but the part of me that made him

Taro Lalalala (7:06:50 PM): his 'mom'

Taro Lalalala (7:09:41 PM): really feels like i lost someone
(16:17:30) Aki: yeah.
(16:17:31) Izzy: wtfff.
(16:17:34) Izzy: this is...
(16:17:37) Izzy: too much drama
(16:17:42) Izzy: for something like this...
(16:17:44) Izzy: I mean...
(16:17:45) Aki: it amuses me
(16:17:46) Aki: but
(16:17:48) Aki: it
(16:17:52) Aki: makes Sora cry
(16:17:56) Aki: so
(16:18:01) Izzy: too mucchhhh dramaaaaa
(16:18:04) Aki: I knowwww
(16:18:19) Aki: least there's no more Angie's Riku
(16:18:45) Izzy: ...
(16:18:49) Izzy: he seriously died?
(16:18:53) Izzy: Geez, Angie...
(16:19:05) Aki: yeah
(16:19:06) Aki: he did
(16:19:16) Aki: "Taro Lalalala (8:31:23 PM): umm... i forgive you :D
Taro Lalalala (8:31:31 PM): dont worry"
(16:19:22) Aki: Sora blamed himself DX
(16:19:36) Izzy: ....
(16:19:40) Izzy: this is surreal...
(16:19:44) Aki: Can we puh-LEASE just tell him
(16:19:46) Aki: that
(16:19:48) Aki: uh
(16:19:57) Aki: I duno
(16:20:02) Aki: I just want him out of bed
(16:20:04) Aki: because
(16:20:18) Aki: It's weird not having him bouncing around
(16:20:18) Izzy: Riku is Riku is Riku -_-
(16:20:21) Izzy: that's alll.
(16:20:36) Aki: Sora: *throws a pillow at Izzy*
(16:20:40) Aki: ...
(16:20:42) Aki: be nice..
(16:20:48) Izzy: ...hey. *throws it back*
(16:20:53) Izzy: s'okay, it's a pillow
(16:20:56) Aki: Sora: Mmfh..
(16:21:03) Izzy: not like he threw his Keyblade at me...
(16:21:11) Aki: Sora: *snuggles into the pillow*
(16:21:16) Aki: he'd never throw that at you
(16:21:17) Aki: ever
(16:21:21) Aki: he'd die first
(16:21:25) Aki: or something
(16:21:36) Izzy: awww
(16:21:37) Izzy: geez
(16:21:44) Aki: :\
(16:21:47) Aki: I think
(16:21:55) Aki: he slept most of the drama/angst off
(16:21:56) Aki: tho
(16:22:33) Izzy: that's good...
(16:22:35) Izzy: Riku!
(16:22:38) Izzy: Riku: ...what.
(16:22:46) Izzy: ...that was not a good tone of voice.
(16:22:50) Izzy: Riku: ....sorry.
(16:22:56) Izzy: .....o.o
(16:23:04) Aki: awwww you little boy's all grown uppppp
(16:23:05) Izzy: (see what I mean? He's acting strange)
(16:23:15) Aki: it's a wonderful feelingggggggggg isn't itttt? X3)
(16:23:18) Izzy: (he NEVER APOLOGIZES TO ME. XD)
(16:23:25) Izzy: (it's weirdddd. XD)
(16:23:31) Aki: (hahhhehh)
(16:23:33) Aki: (wellllll)
(16:23:38) Aki: (XD)
(16:23:47) Izzy: (I think he might be distracted tho)
(16:23:57) Aki: (By muffins?)
(16:24:02) Izzy: (er)
(16:24:05) Izzy: (
(16:24:13) Aki: (by frank?)
(16:24:16) Izzy: (but by what made him make muffins)
(16:24:32) Izzy: (oh, god, Riku, if you want Sora to kiss you again, go ask him yourself.)
(16:24:36) Izzy: (Riku: .....)
(16:24:44) Izzy: (>.>)
(16:24:53) Izzy: (...what? I totally hit that right on target.)
(16:24:56) Aki: (....I don't think I'll be making comments for a while XD)
(16:25:17) Izzy: (Riku: ..........not if you're watching.)
(16:25:24) Izzy: (*rolls eyes*)
(16:25:51) Aki: ( hehehehh. [/izzy])
(16:26:15) Aki: Sora: *throws pillow at parenthesis*
(16:26:35) Aki: { *parenthesis cracks*)
(16:26:50) Izzy: ....we need that, you know.
(16:27:19) Aki: Sora: Mm...whatever.. *pulls another pillow over his head*
(16:27:34) Izzy: Riku: ....
(16:28:11) Aki: Sora: Yesssss? *yawns*
(16:28:44) Izzy: Riku: ...this is probably a stupid question, but are you feeling any better?
(16:29:18) Aki: Sora: Mmyep.
(16:29:41) Aki: Sora: What about you?
(16:30:06) Izzy: Riku: Yeah...
(16:30:14) Aki: Sora: :D
(16:30:34) Aki: (I was right, sleep was a good thing XD)
(16:31:03) Izzy: (XD)
(16:31:16) Izzy: Riku: ....*goes over and sits next to him*
(16:32:50) Izzy: Riku:
(16:32:54) Izzy: (awkwarddd. XD)
(16:33:08) Aki: (sora finds the awkwardness rather amusing)
(16:33:10) Aki: (XD)
(16:33:27) Aki: (he's just trying to get Riku to talk more, I think. )
(16:33:31) Aki: (I refrain from saying more)
(16:33:35) Izzy: (psssh.)
(16:34:14) Aki: Sora: :D So?
(16:34:23) Izzy: Riku: ....uhh....
(16:34:31) Izzy: (....incoherent again...XDDD)
(16:34:34) Izzy: (oh man.)
(16:35:00) Aki logged in.
(16:35:08) Aki: Sora: *tackles and tickles Riku*
(16:35:11) Izzy: (lameeeee internet. Lameee)
(16:35:14) Aki: (I won't say that comment either)
(16:35:59) Aki: (?)
(16:36:12) Izzy: (sorry. back)
(16:36:18) Aki: (XD sokay)
(16:36:48) Izzy: Riku: *halfheartedly tries to puch him away while trying not to laugh*
(16:36:53) Izzy: Riku: *tickles back*
(16:36:58) Izzy: *push
(16:37:48) Aki: Sora: H-heyyy...! *laughs before leaning foreward to tickle him instead*
(16:38:00) Izzy: (tickle fightttt XD)
(16:38:02) Aki: (Their tickle fights....make me giggle insanely XD)
(16:38:05) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(16:38:56) Izzy: (oh yeahhh)
(16:38:59) Izzy: (and)
(16:39:05) Izzy: (it got busy up here...)
(16:39:08) Izzy: ( my head...)
(16:39:15) Izzy: (the whole moving out thing)
(16:39:44) Izzy: (Cloud wasn't too happy to hear that Sephiroth would be living with Aerith and Zack XD)
(16:39:53) Aki: (oh. XD)
(16:39:59) Aki: (he'll get a job...)
(16:40:04) Izzy: (hahahahaha)
(16:40:05) Aki: (So he wont be around the house..)
(16:40:12) Izzy: (I drew...this amuses me)
(16:40:49) Izzy: (and Kadaj was upset at first that he wasn't going to be living with Sora anymore)
(16:41:01) Izzy: (but then Zack explain he could visit whenever he wanted XD)
(16:41:05) Izzy: *explained
(16:41:17) Aki: ("EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? D:")
(16:41:22) Izzy: (XDDD no._
(16:43:04) Izzy: (
(16:43:20) Izzy: (I didn't have time to clean it up at all, but...)
(16:43:30) Izzy: (*has to run to work in a few*)
(16:43:34) Aki: Sora: *kisses Riku and then continues to tickle Riku* There! You wanted one, didn't youuuu~ *tickletickle*
(16:43:37) Aki: (okay)
(16:43:40) Aki: (*CLICK*)
(16:43:59) Izzy: Riku: *laughing too hard to be able to say anything*
(16:44:11) Aki: (Sora's...gonna start using that to his advantage you know XDDD)
(16:44:16) Izzy: (it's cut off, but I wrote at the bottom "Zack, you liar." XD)
(16:44:18) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(16:44:40) Aki: (XD)
(16:44:48) Aki: ( my Sephiroth XD)
(16:44:53) Izzy: (hahahaha)
(16:45:00) Aki: (He read stories to all of us sometimes XDDD)
(16:45:06) Izzy: (I hate to admit it, but I love him too XDDDD)
(16:45:15) Aki: (XDDDD)
(16:45:16) Izzy: (just your Sephiroth XDD)
(16:45:18) Aki: (YAYYY)
(16:45:36) Izzy: (hahaha oh man Cloud.)
(16:45:41) Izzy: (he makes me laugh.)
(16:45:42) Aki: (cuz he actually has facial expressions you'll be happy to draw? XD)
(16:45:47) Izzy: (hahaha)
(16:45:50) Aki: (my Seph that is.)
(16:45:53) Izzy: (yeah)
(16:46:06) Izzy: (it's refreshing to draw Sephiroth without the evil grin)
(16:46:10) Aki: (XDDD)
(16:46:16) Aki: (He thinks you're funny, btw.)
(16:46:22) Izzy: (....oh?)
(16:46:47) Aki: (He laughed at something you said. It was some sorta joke, and he laughed.)
(16:47:00) Aki: (He tried not to but he couldn't help it)
(16:47:00) Izzy: (whatt. XD)
(16:47:10) Izzy: (I made Sephiroth laughhh XD)
(16:47:30) Aki: (XD yeah)
(16:47:46) Izzy: (<3)
(16:47:51) Aki: (XD <3)
(16:48:01) Aki: (Sephiroth: ....*blinks*)
(16:48:08) Aki: (...hello. )
(16:48:09) Izzy: Riku: S-stop...I can't...*still laughing*
(16:48:18) Aki: (Sephiroth: Hello.)
(16:48:28) Aki: Sora: Sayyyyyy Sora winnnnsssss.
(16:48:29) Izzy: (...*waves a little*)
(16:48:49) Aki: (Sephiroth: *waves*)
(16:48:50) Izzy: Riku: No way!
(16:49:05) Aki: Sora: *tickles more*
(16:49:11) Izzy: (Sora wins with only one arm XD)
(16:49:11) Aki: Sora: sayyyy itttt.
(16:49:20) Izzy: Riku: N-no...hahahahha...
(16:49:31) Aki: Sora: Yesssssss.
(16:50:06) Izzy: (Riku's too stubborn XDD)
(16:50:15) Aki: (Sora is too XDDD)
(16:51:01) Aki: Sora: You know I wiiiinnn. There's no way you can win!
(16:51:06) Izzy: (aahhh I don't wanna go to workk DX)
(16:51:11) Aki: (aww)
(16:51:15) Aki: (well at least this was happy XD)
(16:51:33) Izzy: Riku: ....*rolls over to protect his stomach*
(16:51:38) Izzy: (the most ticklish XD)
(16:51:43) Aki: (XDDD)
(16:52:01) Aki: Sora: *leans over* Helllooooo~
(16:52:12) Aki: Sora: I want a mufffiiinnn. <333~~
(16:52:19) Aki: (okay, I think he's fine now XD)
(16:52:20) Izzy: Riku: ...I made some.
(16:52:23) Izzy: (aww <3)
(16:52:30) Izzy: Riku: Uhh...a lot, actually.
(16:52:36) Aki: Sora: Oh?
(16:52:36) Izzy: Riku: *sits up*
(16:52:57) Aki: (I almost typed "Sora: *sits up*" too XD)
(16:53:03) Aki: (but I turned it to "oh")
(16:53:06) Izzy: (ha)
(16:53:33) Izzy: Riku: I doubt you could eat them all.
(16:53:41) Izzy: (...was that a challenge? XD)
(16:54:03) Aki: (Temper temper, I wouldn't DREAM of challenging you.)
(16:54:12) Aki: Sora: I bet I could!
(16:54:15) Izzy: (what?)
(16:54:21) Izzy: (....oh. XD)
(16:54:28) Izzy: (*is a bit slow on the uptake*)
(16:54:35) Aki: (Pity. Why not?)
(16:55:06) Aki: (Well as far as the brains go, I got the lion's share...when it comes to brute strength...I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool.)
(16:55:26) Izzy: (this is why I keep you around. XD)
(16:55:35) Aki: (me? XD)
(16:56:03) Izzy: (yep)
(16:56:25) Aki: (If you tell me, I'll still act surprised! )
(16:56:49) Izzy: (Pffft. "Let's go bother Riku!")
(16:57:09) Izzy: (I can totally see Sora singing "follow the butterflies~")
(16:57:10) Aki: (Botherbotherbother)
(16:57:19) Izzy: (XDD)
(16:57:20) Aki: (He would XD)
(16:57:29) Izzy: ("...Firaga.")
(16:57:36) Izzy: ("ARS ARCANUM!"_
(16:57:38) Izzy: (XD)
(16:57:40) Aki: (Hey Scar I'll come with you!"
(16:57:47) Izzy: (<3333 I want flashhh)
(16:57:54) Aki: "No...It's more of a father...son...thing"
(16:57:58) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(16:58:13) Izzy: ....little Squall, oh god.
(16:58:17) Aki: XDDD
(16:58:24) Izzy: I can't get that voice out of my head!
(16:58:27) Izzy: I really can't. XD

(16:58:36) Izzy: btw, Cloud misses Leon
(16:58:41) Izzy: he won't admit it tho XD
(16:58:52) Izzy: but Tifa's getting annoyed at him
(16:59:08) Izzy: because he keeps trying to do things to distract himself
(16:59:10) Aki: "SARABIIII!
Yes Scar?
Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their job.
Scar, there's food. The herds have moved on."
(16:59:24) Izzy: and she keeps telling him to lie down and take it easy so he'll recover
(16:59:30) Izzy: from his little bout with Anti-form
(16:59:46) Izzy: but he's not listening
(17:00:03) Izzy: it's like....
(17:00:03) Aki: "Then you're just not looking hard enough.
It's OVER. There's nothing else. We must follow them."
(17:00:14) Aki: awww
(17:00:29) Izzy: Cloud: the way, have you seen Leon?
Tifa: you know where he is. Be patient.
Cloud: Oh yeah...sorry.
(17:00:36) Izzy: 5 minutes later...
(17:00:41) Izzy: same thing again XD

(17:01:10) Aki: "We're not going anywhere.
Then you have sentances us to death!
Then SO BE IT!
You can't do that!
I'm the king. I can do whatever I want!"
(17:01:19) Aki: *sentenced
(17:01:24) Izzy: pssh, I need to finish that movieee
(17:01:31) Izzy: anyway
(17:01:33) Izzy: gtggggg
(17:01:41) Izzy: <333 *hugs and runs away*
(17:01:41) Aki: "I you were half the king Mufasa wa--
(17:01:45) Aki: okay bye