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23 akuroku lolz

Aki : "You make a good Other."
Izzy: ...that's depressing
Izzy: XD
Izzy: XD
Aki: I was tending to the rumbly in my tumbly
Izzy: pfft
Izzy: well
Izzy: haha
Roxas: .....
Aki: ......
Roxas: *throws whatever's closest at Aki*
Aki: *dodges*
Izzy: don't be mean D:
Roxas: ....
Roxas: *runs off to find Axel*
Aki: Dude. Bad mood.
Aki: D:
Izzy: wtf
Izzy: well
Roxas: *tackles Axel*
Aki: ......
Aki: or he was waiting around for that.
Axel: *is tackled*
Axel: Sneak attack! No fair!
Axel: Fight like a man, dammit!
Roxas: *sticks his tongue out at Axel*
Roxas: *not letting go*
Axel: .....
Axel: Persistent, are we?
Roxas: You don't know what they just made me watch! D:
Axel: Oh?
Roxas: ....
Roxas: I'm not sharing because you'll say something along the lines of "I'm flattered, really"
Axel: You know me too well.
Roxas: Uh-huh.
Naminé: ....*snaps a photo of Roxas hanging off of Axel*
Roxas: ........
Axel: .......
Naminé: *runs off*
Roxas: ....
Axel: *calls after her* I want a copy!
Roxas: .....
Naminé: No problem!
Izzy: (...Axel, you...oh god. XD)
Aki: (*dies* XDDD)
Roxas: .................
Roxas: Get back here! *lets go and chases after her*
Naminé: No!
Roxas: Give it!
Naminé: No!
Roxas: *makes a grab for the camera*
Axel: don't get upset, we can make you a copy, too.
Naminé: Of course we can! *sidesteps and runs off to her room*
Roxas: *stumbles a little*
Roxas: ....
Axel: I'll draw little hearts on it, and you can keep it in your wallet.
Izzy: (what is this man ON? XD)
Roxas: ....fine.....
Aki: (I wonder. )
Izzy: (totally Zackkk. wtf. XD Nomura is so shameless.)
(11:11:21) Izzy: (no wonder he's special.)
(11:11:27) Aki: (XDDDD)
(11:13:43) Izzy: Axel: .....*pokes his nose*
(11:13:48) Izzy: (......>.>)
(11:13:51) Izzy: (he's bored...)
(11:14:23) Aki: Roxas: *glances up at him* ....
(11:15:30) Izzy: (....wtfff)
(11:15:39) Izzy: (my mom wants me to go find that paper...)
(11:15:43) Izzy: (
(11:15:44) Aki: (okay)
(11:15:53) Izzy: (I dunno how long it'll take)
(11:15:59) Aki: (okay.)
(11:16:06) Izzy: (but I'll be back)
(11:16:10) Aki: (:D)
(11:16:20) Aki: (sora loves youuu)
(11:16:26) Aki: (because you have Riku and Kairi XDD)
(11:16:27) Izzy: (I love him toooo)
(11:16:31) Aki: (and because you're funny)
(11:16:35) Izzy: (so do Riku and Kairi XD)
(11:16:37) Izzy: (ahaha)
(11:16:42) Izzy: (good to know)
(11:16:49) Aki: (Sora: *yawn*)
(11:17:00) Izzy: (be backkk sooonnn)
(11:17:04) Izzy: (*runs off*)
(11:48:36) Izzy: (back...for now...)
(11:48:42) Aki: Roxas: .................
(11:48:44) Aki: (:D)
(11:48:53) Aki: (pssh, his theme song is playing)
(11:49:10) Aki: (emooo emo emo emo *sings*)
(11:49:19) Izzy: (awww)\
(11:49:28) Izzy: Axel: *sighs*
(11:49:50) Izzy: Axel: I'm right here, all right?
(11:50:04) Izzy: Axel: Wipe that look off you're face. it's depressing.
(11:50:17) Aki: Roxas: ......*blinks*
(11:50:33) Izzy: Axel: Or soon enough you're gonna convince me that I'm still...well, y'know.
(11:50:55) Aki: Roxas: What?
(11:51:24) Izzy: Axel: That's what's bothering you, isn't it?
(11:51:36) Aki: Roxas: ...Yeah.
(11:52:17) Izzy: Axel: *pulls Roxas over to the couch and sits down*
(11:52:23) Izzy: (he was getting tired of standing XD)
(11:52:27) Aki: (hahaha)
(11:52:35) Aki: Roxas: ...*pulled*
(11:53:25) Aki: (Roxas is just being difficult. Because Axel originally was all he had in the beginning, and even then he was supposedly kinda mean to Roxas at first)
(11:53:40) Izzy: (hah)
(11:54:13) Aki: Roxas: .......*sits* Well.
(11:54:43) Izzy: (aww)
(11:55:11) Izzy: Axel: Anything I can do to convince you I'm not going anywhere?
(11:55:32) Aki: Roxas: I believe you, I believe you.
(11:55:54) Aki: Roxas: I was more upset about the fact that you died before.
(11:56:11) Aki: Roxas: Just a bad memory, really.
(11:56:11) Izzy: Axel: ......hah, well...
(11:56:16) Izzy: Axel: .......
(11:56:31) Aki: Roxas: You're back.
(11:56:42) Aki: Roxas: Just don't die again. That's all.
(11:56:55) Izzy: Axel:'ve got it.
(11:57:05) Izzy: (aww, now Axel's angsting XD)
(11:57:18) Aki: Roxas: Because even if you left, as long as you're alive I'll follow you.
(11:57:24) Aki: (poor Axel D: )
(11:57:34) Aki: (It was bothering Roxas for like....3209848973581 y4912u4 jfg months)
(11:57:42) Izzy: Axel: Maybe I should've...put in a little more effort myself...huh.
(11:58:03) Aki: Roxas: what? No. You did what you could.
(11:58:07) Aki: Roxas: That's enough.
(11:58:49) Izzy: Axel: *shrugs a little* But in the end, I still...gave up.
(12:00:52) Aki: Roxas: *shoulders slump a little* You'd been through more than you should have been.
(12:01:54) Aki: Roxas: It's somewhat irrelevant, but you didn't deserve any of the bad things that happened.
(12:02:01) Izzy: Axel: Who does?
(12:02:22) Aki: Roxas: Xemnas.
(12:02:37) Izzy: Axel: Point there...
(12:03:47) Aki: Roxas: Enough angst. There's enough around here. *grins slightly*
(12:04:42) Aki: Roxas: Everything's a lot better now, so I suppose...
(12:04:59) Aki: Roxas: ...we should be too. *shrugs*
(12:05:16) Izzy: Axel: Better?
(12:06:13) Izzy: Axel: *laughs a little* I guess I never thought about it...
(12:06:55) Izzy: Axel: Not that I think too much anyway. *raises an eyebrow* I never bothered looking too far ahead.
(12:07:23) Aki: Roxas: Well, that's my problem, then.
(12:09:39) Izzy: Axel: problem?
(12:09:49) Aki: Roxas: well, it used to be, anyway.
(12:10:14) Aki: Roxas: I thought too much about consequences, the future and the like...and I never stopped to have fun.
(12:10:50) Izzy: Axel: Well, look where that got me...
(12:10:57) Izzy: Axel: Come to think of it...
(12:11:25) Izzy: Axel: What would we have done afterward?
(12:12:40) Izzy: Axel: You know...if I had gotten you back....
Axel: If we had gone through with Xemnas' plan..gotten hearts that you think it would've worked?
(12:20:59) Izzy: (Wow, Axel's having a deep moment...XD)
(12:21:21) Aki: Roxas: No. Ever since he explained his idea...a lot of it just..
(12:21:43) Aki: Roxas: It just didn't mean anything..
(12:22:10) Aki: Roxas: But had we gone along with it..
(12:22:28) Aki: Roxas: ...We would have stayed faded in the darkness.
(12:24:19) Aki: Roxas: I don't know what to think.
(12:31:39) Izzy: Axel: See...that's what I mean. I didn't think ahead.
(12:31:51) Izzy: Axel: I don't think I ever really believed it, either, but...
(12:32:06) Izzy: Axel: Our objectives were the same. We both wanted you back.
(12:32:24) Izzy: Axel: I didn't really think about what I'd do afterward.
(12:32:52) Izzy: Axel: It was enough that we'd be together, I guess...
(12:33:03) Izzy: (......oh man. He's gonna make me cry. XD)
(12:33:26) Aki: Roxas: Had it've been just been you...I would have come back. No doubt.
(12:33:28) Aki: (Aww)
(12:33:31) Aki: (poor Axel D: )
(12:34:01) Izzy: (he was kind of like..."well, a heart would've been nice, but Roxas is enough." >.> *shot*)
(12:34:08) Aki: (aww)
(12:34:11) Izzy: (that man needs SOME kind of medecation. XD)
(12:34:24) Aki: (no. He just needs Roxas XD)
(12:34:28) Izzy: (ahahahaha)
(12:34:44) Izzy: (I love how...Cloud's a kid but Axel's a man XD)
(12:34:53) Aki: (*dies* XD)
(12:35:28) Izzy: Axel: I should've left with you, then.
(12:35:58) Aki: Roxas: Should have's won't do anything.
(12:36:28) Aki: *"Should haves"
(12:36:31) Izzy: Axel: .....*laughs suddenly* You're right! What am I saying.
(12:36:46) Izzy: Axel: The future, the past...why am I worrying about it.
(12:36:53) Aki: Roxas: Exactly.
(12:38:16) Izzy: Axel: To think you get what you want once you give up...
(12:38:30) Izzy: Axel: That's kind of crazy.
(12:38:41) Aki: Roxas: *laughs* Well, strange things happen.
(12:39:11) Aki: Roxas: Xigbar happened.
(12:39:18) Izzy: Axel: .......*laughs also*
(12:39:25) Izzy: (yep, he happened. XD)
(12:39:29) Aki: (XDD)
(12:39:41) Aki: (Braig/Xigbar jokes. I love them XD)
(12:40:40) Izzy: (pfft)
(12:40:58) Izzy: Axel: now that is crazy.
(12:41:58) Aki: Roxas: 'course. What happened to your ponytail, where is it? *raises eyebrows*
(12:42:11) Aki: (yes, it's important. To Roxas XDDD)
(12:42:57) Izzy: Axel: Where? I took it out?
(12:43:07) Aki: Roxas: Why is that?
(12:43:20) Izzy: Axel: *shrugs*
(12:43:42) Aki: Roxas: Put it back.
(12:43:49) Aki: (...he's totally trying Sora's pout)
(12:43:57) Aki: (*dies*)
(12:43:59) Izzy: Axel: ....why, did you like it or something?
(12:44:06) Aki: Roxas: ....yes.
(12:44:50) Izzy: Axel: Well, in that case...
(12:45:06) Izzy: (I love themmmmm)
(12:45:12) Aki: (XDD me too)
(12:45:18) Aki: ("Put it back.")
(12:46:14) Izzy: (pfft)
(12:46:25) Aki: ("It looked hot")
(12:46:29) Izzy: (Axel is debating getting up and getting a hair tie XD)
(12:46:31) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(12:46:34) Aki: (*not alive*)
(12:46:49) Izzy: (but he doesn't want to get up...hahahaha)
(12:46:51) Izzy: (lazyyy)
(12:46:53) Aki: Roxas: *waves a hair tie infront of Axel's face*
(12:47:15) Aki: (He's has extras just in case *Shot*)
(12:47:23) Izzy: Axel: *takes it* that's what I call being prepared.
(12:47:35) Izzy: (oh, Roxas.)
(12:47:46) Izzy: (....I...wasn't looking at the keyboard)
(12:47:57) Izzy: (and I typed "Sora" instead of Roxas XDDD)
(12:48:06) Aki: (XD)
(12:48:23) Izzy: (my fingers just did it automatically)
(12:48:32) Aki: (hehehe)
(12:48:32) Izzy: Axel: *puts his hair up* There. Happy?
(12:48:40) Aki: Roxas: Extremely.
(12:49:12) Izzy: Axel: That's what I like to hear.
(12:49:23) Izzy: (...oh...geez...XD)
(12:49:29) Aki: (pssh XD)
(12:49:38) Izzy: (go ahead, Axel. You know he wants you to.)
(12:49:50) Izzy: Axel: *puts his arm around Roxa's shoulders)
(12:50:01) Izzy: (why doesn everyone ask ME for permission? XD
(12:50:06) Izzy: *Roxas'
(12:50:09) Izzy: **
(12:50:12) Izzy: *does
(12:50:17) Izzy: (can't...type XD)
(12:50:19) Aki: (uh cuz..)
(12:50:20) Izzy: (*dying*)
(12:50:22) Aki: (Uhm)
(12:51:35) Aki: (haha well)
(12:51:45) Aki: (...Roxas. no. XD)
(12:51:55) Izzy: (I think they're still afraid of offending my senebili---what?)
(12:52:05) Izzy: *sensebili--
(12:52:48) Aki: (pssh)
(12:53:00) Aki: (Roxas isn't)
(12:53:23) Aki: Roxas: *kisses Axel*
(12:53:26) Aki: (2 years.)
(12:53:28) Aki: (TWO YEARS)
(12:53:32) Izzy: (oh, I knew it XDDD_
(12:53:35) Izzy: (I KNEW ITTT)
(12:53:39) Izzy: (FIRST SORA)
(12:53:43) Izzy: (youuu XD_
(12:53:46) Aki: (WELL IT RUNS IN NTHE GENES)
(12:53:51) Aki: *THE
(12:53:56) Izzy: (*falls off chair*)
(12:54:02) Aki: (Axel = gay)
(12:54:15) Aki: (Roxas = also gay)
(12:54:15) Izzy: (yes? XD)
(12:54:27) Aki: (Axel+Roxas=<3)
(12:54:33) Izzy: (XDDD)
(12:54:44) Aki: (Excuse me)
(12:54:51) Aki: (Roxas+Axel=<3)
(12:55:00) Izzy: (yeah, that...)
(12:55:01) Izzy: (XD)
(12:56:26) Aki: (...Axel, react. xD)
(12:56:30) Izzy: (Um....Axel...breathe plz.)
(12:56:39) Izzy: (you and Riku...geez.)
(12:56:58) Izzy: (*still dying*)
(12:57:14) Izzy: (so much love going around...XD)
(12:57:18) Aki: (yes)
(12:57:26) Aki: (XD)
(12:57:45) Aki: (So Roxas, what's your dream when you grow up?)
(12:57:49) Aki: (To marry Axel!)
(12:57:51) Izzy: (XDDD)
(12:58:08) Izzy: (well, this IS Massachusetts...)
(12:58:14) Izzy: Axel: *kisses back*
(12:58:27) Aki: (They'll be at it for a while *dies*)
(12:58:43) Izzy: (*feeling around for wakizashi*)
(12:58:53) Aki: (*snickers*)
(12:59:37) Izzy: (must....preserve...honor...)
(12:59:48) Aki: (........)
(12:59:56) Aki: (you will live)
(12:59:58) Aki: (becauseee)
(13:00:09) Aki: (I wont have an RP buddy to contaminate.)
(13:00:22) Izzy: (XD)
(13:00:28) Izzy: (meanie)
(13:00:32) Izzy: (gtg in a sec)
(13:00:36) Aki: (yeah)
(13:00:41) Izzy: (so we'll just...leave them to do that...)
(13:00:49) Izzy: (Cloud and Leon sleeping in the hallway...)
(13:00:56) Aki: Sora: *in Riku's shirt*
(13:01:02) Aki: (oh wait)
(13:01:05) Izzy: (that too XD)
(13:01:11) Aki: (Is your nets gonna turn off?)
(13:01:16) Aki: (or you just have to leave?)
(13:01:22) Izzy: (I gotta go)
(13:01:29) Izzy: (the internet's still on)
(13:01:39) Aki: (I wanted to send you that picture Angie drew)
(13:01:47) Izzy: (I have to go get dressed, and I have an appt)
(13:01:55) Izzy: (kay?)
(13:02:16) Aki: (hang for a second)
(13:03:29) Aki is offering to send file Picture 1.jpg
(13:03:36) Transfer of file Picture 1.jpg complete
(13:03:51) Aki: there
(13:05:30) Aki: see ya later
(13:05:33) Aki: or something
(13:06:05) Izzy: 1 sec
(13:06:33) Izzy: *snerk*
(13:06:35) Izzy: oh man.
(13:06:37) Izzy: Sora...
(13:06:40) Izzy: we love him. XD
(13:06:44) Aki: XD
(13:06:48) Izzy: and I found an art thief on DA
(13:06:51) Izzy: D:
(13:06:54) Izzy: it's kinda sad
(13:06:55) Aki: ?
(13:07:09) Izzy: because the person favorited one of my pics, so I went to her page to thank her
(13:07:30) Izzy: and I saw she had recently put up this pic that I remembered favoriting a few months ago
(13:07:36) Aki: oh
(13:07:38) Aki: who?
(13:07:38) Izzy: and it was obviously not her art style at all
(13:07:46) Izzy: so I noted the original artist
(13:08:00) Aki: mm
(13:08:04) Izzy: D:
(13:08:04) Aki: who's the thief?
(13:08:12) Izzy: Ming-Chan146
(13:08:15) Izzy: I think...
(13:08:17) Izzy: *checks*
(13:08:50) Aki: Someone did that to my Cloud pic on FAC
(13:08:54) Aki: pssh
(13:08:58) Aki: I laughed at them
(13:09:07) Izzy: seriously?
(13:09:11) Aki: yeah
(13:09:42) Aki: "What version of PS did you use to colour that?"
(13:09:46) Izzy: geez
(13:09:48) Izzy: XD
(13:09:48) Aki: "What kinda multiliner?"
(13:09:55) Aki: "Where's you get it from?"
(13:09:58) Izzy: that's great
(13:10:02) Izzy: but see
(13:10:04) Izzy:
(13:10:05) Aki: "Do you know who you're talking to?"
(13:10:08) Izzy: that's the stolen one
(13:10:39) Izzy: anyway
(13:10:41) Izzy: see you