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Tales of the Abyss arc part 3

Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (well, whatever you wanna do XD)
Aki: (sephiroth can teleport >>)
Aki: (they can get back and forth when ever)
Aki: (gummiship or not)
Aki: (Sephiroth teleporting might be a better idea, because then they can see little Asch disappear when the set foot in Auldrant)
Izzy: (I was thinking it would be a transitional thing)
Izzy: (like one second he's there and the next he's not)
Izzy: (they'd kinda feel the time shift close.)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (it'd be like that tho)
Izzy: (I didn't know Seph could teleport people besides himself XD)
Aki: (then again, Asch would like gummi ships)
Aki: and apparently he can)
Aki: (he does it occasionally XD)
Aki: (it take a bit out of him, but that's not really a big deal XD)
Izzy: (I think gummiship is just the best option)
Aki: (yeah. )
Aki: ("Daddy, what's this button?")
Aki: ("And this? And this one?")
Aki: ~Gummiship~
Izzy: (ahah)
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Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Wed Jan 23 10:11:22 2008
Aki: that was teh best sleep of my life ~_~
Izzy: ahahhaa
Izzy: sorry about that
Izzy: I had no idea when my internet would go off
Aki: ahahah its okay XD
Aki: :D
Izzy: HI\
Aki: lol
Aki: I'm gonna type something up from ToA okay?
Aki: so that AIM logs it
Izzy: sure
Aki: k
Aki: OMG
Izzy: good times
Aki: omg Spike can talk now
Izzy: whattt XD
Aki: I also miss the fact that Kairi voices ducky ;;
Aki: ah well
Aki: she used to
Izzy: *her day was just made*
Izzy: wow
Izzy: that makes me really happy
Aki: I think only for one movie
Aki: but she was the best one
Izzy: lol Claire
Izzy: SO
Izzy: what shall we do
Aki: ND2000: In Kimlasca shall be born one who inherits the power of Lorelei. He will be a boy of royal blood and hair of red. He shall be called 'The Light of the Sacred Flame' and he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.

ND2002: 'The One Who Would Seize Glory' shall destroy the island upon which he is born; a land by the name of Hod. War shall there after persist between Kimlasca and Malkuth for a full cycle of the seasons.
Aki: There
Aki: k
Aki: just writing the important parts of the Score down
Izzy: okay
Aki: k
Aki: XD
Aki: Because Tifa and co. all end up there in ND2018.
Izzy: ahaha
Aki: because Luke's journey starts on Rem-Decan 23 , Remday
Aki: ND2018
Aki: so yeah XD
Aki: wanna rp or something?
Izzy: sure XD
Aki: k XDDD
Izzy: right XD
Aki: k
Little Asch: ...Woahh! *glued to the window simply because both sides of his world have horrible space and flying technology*
Izzy: (btw, we need to film our cosplay this time around)
Aki: (huh?)
Izzy: (like)
Izzy: (I dunno)
Izzy: (have a video camera instead of just digital cameras)
Izzy: (make a video for fun)
Aki: Yeah XD(
Aki: *)
Izzy: eh? XD
Izzy: *()
Aki: (Where I learn all my ToA stuff)
Aki: never bookmarked it)
Izzy: oh
Little Asch: Ah...look all that snow...even Radessia has some...must be around Ifrit Redecan...*mutters, still extremely curious*
Izzy: (ahah)
Tifa: *looking over his shoulder*
Tifa: Do you know where we should land?
Tifa: Someplace where people won't see it...
Little Asch: Uhh. Hm. Can the Gummiship float?
Tifa: You mean on water?
Little Asch: Yeah....
Tifa: I'm not sure...*glances at the others*
Izzy: (Sora would know XD)
Aki: (Sora's Gummiship can at least xD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (is sora there? I forget)
Izzy: (I think he was supposed to be_
Izzy: (whut XD_
Aki: (I'm not sure Sora's gonna be up for it, if he isn't allowed to go to gaiai the second time)
Aki: *Gaia
Izzy: (huh?_
Izzy: (Auldrant is before Gaiai)
Izzy: *Gaia
Izzy: (haha same typo)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (yeah, exactly)
Aki: (Auldrant is before, and he's still not very up to going to Gaia which is AFTER)
Aki: (thus he might not be up to this trip too)
Izzy: (oh)
Izzy: (he doesn't have to go)
Aki: (I wasn just thinking how it might make more sense if close people to Asch would go, besides Auldrat doest have a heartless problem because of the score)
Aki: *was
Izzy: (right)
Aki: (so tifa can call Sora to see if it's waterproof, or Sephiroth or Cloud XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Tifa: Sora would know. We should ask him.
Zack: On it. *pulls out his phone*
Little Asch: Because then...we could land in Belkend port. It's far enough away from Van, but close to an inn.
Tifa: *nods*
Aki: Sora: ....You should know me by now! I'm great at flying but I suck at landing~
Zack: *laughs*
Zack: That's it then.
Aki: Sora: All right, good luck!
Zack: Keep your head up, champ. We'll be back before you know it.
Aki: Sora: *rolls his eyes not that Zack could see* Go save to world, porcupine. *snickers*
Aki: *the world
Zack: Aww, again? Don't I get a break from this hero business?
Aki: Sora: When you come home, sure. *laughs*
Aki: Sora: Unfortunately, retirement it out of the question for nearly all of us-- but I suppose we can't really whine anyway, we're stuck with it.
Aki: Sora: So make the best of it.
Aki: (He's in suck a serious mood ;; )
Aki: *such
Izzy: (aww)
Zack: *catches on that Sora's not really in the mood* Sure. Don't worry about us.
Aki: (I think he's trying to train Anti-form. XDD)
Aki: (I just had the best mental image of Anti-form on the phone XD)
Aki: Sora: Oh, I won't. You know what you're doing. *grins a bit*
Izzy: (wow)
Aki: (ahah my brain just decided to show me that. Ah well XD)
Aki: ahaha General Cecille is left handed)
Aki: (Omg on auldrant, it's rarer to see a righty than a lefty, actually XD)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Zack: All right. See you.
Tifa: Well?
Zack: His exact words were "I'm great at flying but I suck at landing." I think that says enough.
Little Asch: Kay then. Land near that port right there...
Izzy: (Who's driving? XD)
Izzy: (Apparently Cloud or Sephiroth)
Izzy: (Probably Cloud because there's no way he'd let Sephiroth)
Aki: (Cloud would never let Seph drive XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (*headdesk*)
Aki: :D )
Aki: well, Malkuth population xD)
Aki: you have no idea how happy knowing all of this makes me XD)
Izzy: (pfft)
Izzy: (I'd think it would happen just as they got off the ship)
Aki: yeah)
Aki: he's just not there?)
Izzy: (well)
Izzy: (I'd think they'd feel something)
Izzy: (like, momentarily black out)
Izzy: (not collapse or anything, just like a flash)
Aki: yeah)
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Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Wed Jan 23 11:14:59 2008
Tifa: Just remember, we have to try not to be too conspicuous--
Tifa: !!
Cloud: *reaches for her shoulder*
Tifa: What....what was that?
Tifa: *looks around*
Izzy: (XDD)
Aki: (Asch is the special ops commander XD)
Izzy: (well)\
Izzy: (he's not with them anymore)
Aki: (no, I know. I was just reading stuff XD)
Izzy: (ah)
Aki: (And then I thought about the DSO)
Zack: ....? Something's different--
Aki: (and I laughed)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Tifa: ....Luke, what-- ....Luke? *looks around frantically*
Sephiroth: ...It's ND2018. *pauses*
Tifa: ...?
Izzy: (how does he know the date? just cuz he's special? XD)
Aki: (Asch knew a bit more than he was letting on)
Aki: (besides, the picture was dated ND2018)
Izzy: (which picture?)
Aki: (And Seph knows the score)
Aki: (of Asch's mom)
Izzy: (oh)
Tifa: What do you mean--did you see where he went?
Sephiroth: ...And Asch was born at the end of ND2000...
Tifa: ....
Sephiroth: Lorelei Decan.
Sephiroth: That would make him almost eighteen.
Zack: I know time moves differently between worlds, but isn't that a bit extreme?
Sephiroth: ....*shrugs a little*
Cloud: Then what we just felt was...
Sephiroth: This world is rather far out there.
Tifa: ....
Tifa: But...what's going to happen to him, then...
Tifa: He'll think we abandoned him.
Sephiroth: Come to think of it...
Sephiroth: He's seventeen.
Tifa: *glances at him*
Izzy: (it's good to have a smart person around XD)
Izzy: (not that the others are stupid)
Sephiroth: He's...not supposed to live into his eighteenth year.
Aki: (yeah xD)
Izzy: (Sephiroth is just borderline genius XD)
Aki: (GENESSSss))
Izzy: (so he can figure these things out a lot faster)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (He can also manage to focus on the important things)
Tifa: ....then--
Aki: (wait till they meet Jade. He created Fomicry when he was 11)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Sephiroth: He may, or may not be alive.
Tifa: ...*takes the picture of Suzanne out of her pocket, glancing at the back*
Tifa: We have to find him.
Aki: (Susanne would be in Baticul, obviously)
Tifa: I...I made a promise.
Izzy: (I know)
Aki: (I'm just thinking outloud XD)
Izzy: (she's just remembering "She asked me to take care of him for her")
Aki: (this picture would have aged a little too)
Izzy: (yeah)
Sephiroth: ....*takes a few steps forward into the port*
Cloud: ...what now?
Tifa: I wonder if it's all right to ask around...
Zack: Well, we shouldn't just stand around, we're looking pretty conspicuous.
Izzy: (mostly Sephiroth is looking conspicuous.)
Izzy: (XD)
Sephiroth: Asch is the heir to Baticul's Kingdom...But we shouldn't go there. *still thinking* Well, you can ask, but don't say anything too weird-- After all, for all everyone else knows, the replica is Luke.
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (well, he looks like he's from grand chokmah)
Tifa: That's right...does that mean they'd look the same by now?
Aki: (they all have white or blond hair and blue eyes)
Aki: (it's like Hitlers dream, unfortunately D: )
Izzy: (D:)
Izzy: (so does Cloud then XD)
Sephiroth: Asch would make an effort to look different.
Sephiroth: they'd both try to look different from one another...Yo're his mother, you'll be able to tell the difference.
Aki: *you're
Tifa: ...I guess that's how it is...
Izzy: (it's true tho)
Izzy: (*DIES*)
Aki: (pff)
Izzy: (someone should ask)
Aki: (Tifa looks like she's from Daath)
Izzy: (and Cloud would get so angry)
Aki: Zack is the odd one out, actually)
Izzy: (ahah)
Sephiroth: ...*goes over to ask*
Sephiroth: There's an inn in the next town. To the south is Belkend.
Tifa: Maybe...the best thing is to get some rest and think this over.
Aki: oh, okay good. I forgot that too, but it's important. Belkend is Duke Fabre's territory)
Tifa: Though...
Tifa: *looks a little worried* We don't have any currency.
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: (It'll be funny when he tells peple his name)
Izzy: *people
Aki: (they'll think he's like...a decendent of yulia XD)
Izzy: (ahahahahhahaha_
Aki: (he'd be treated like a god, basically)
Izzy: (*dies*)
Sephiroth: ...Perhaps before we go to the inn, a few battles with the native monsters would be beneficial to our wallets.
Izzy: (The one thing consistant between worlds XD)
Izzy: (monsters drop money)
Aki: (XD YES)
Izzy: (I think that's pretty great)
Aki: (lolll)
Aki: this is why Asch is mostly always in pain)
Aki: ("• Fomicry research involves a number of chemicals that are harmful to living creatures")
Aki: (that includes the initial experiments)
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: AAHAHA this is a Badtouch quote on its own)
Aki: ("• It takes a decendent of Yulia to open the Yulian Seals, thus why Van can access the Passage Rings in the Sephiroth")
Aki: (I died)
Sephiroth: Now, to find the inn...
Aki: (which is the first building to the right when they enter)
Izzy: (okay)
Aki: (it has a huge sign in fonic that says INN)
Izzy: (XD)
Cloud: *points*
Sephiroth: ...
Cloud: I can read a little...from what Luke showed me.
Sephiroth: Ah. All right.
Sephiroth: *follows after them*
Tifa: *looking over the money they've made* I hope it's enough...I have no idea how expensive things are.
Aki: Innkeeper: 200 gald per person per night.
Aki: (they probably wouldn't have that. Thus Jade would pay XD)
Tifa: *does the math quickly* good. We're short. *sighs*
Jade: *wanders over*
Izzy: (*is a loser and drooling over Dissidia!Squall*)
Izzy: (I'M LIKE)
Izzy: (99 % LESBIAN)
Jade: *notices something peculiar about them, and looks to the inn keeper* They're with me. Add their costs to Jade Curtiss' bill.
Aki: (LOSER)
Izzy: (*twitch*)
Aki: (Leon: THANK YOU)
Aki: (...I make girl jokes about him all the time XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: Innkeeper: Colonel Jade BALFOUR Curtiss the NECROMANCER?! *surprised and drops the money he's been paid*
Jade: I'd...prefer that name didn't get out. I left it behind with my Fomicry theories and research. *pays for the group*
Izzy: (Link:
Aki: Innkeep: O-of course...! *bows a bit*
Tifa: ...
Aki: *click*)
Tifa: We're very grateful, but...we couldn't possibly--
Jade: It's no trouble.
Jade: Especially when there's proof that space and time travel exists.
Tifa: ....!
Izzy: (he is way too smart for his own good XD)
Jade: Auldrant hasn't had that technology for two thousand years...
Aki: (ahahaha he is XD)
Aki: (Hojo has nothing on him)
Aki: (Hojo, Hollander, Gast, Lucrecia AND Sephiroth all put together even XD)
Izzy: (ahahahaha)
Izzy: (Hollander wasn't much of a genius anyway)
Izzy: (just an ass)
Izzy: (>:)
Jade: Guy, I'm sure, would love to look at your transporation device.
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (but he still was a scientist XD)
Izzy: (true)
Jade: Ah well. Hmm...Radient Garden perhaps.
Izzy: (I love how Tifa becomes the group spokeperson)
Aki: (Well, Jade dropped in and out of Asch's experiments)
Izzy: (Zack is too ADD)
Aki: (He'd learn SOMETHING About them and yeah XD)
Izzy: (Cloud doesn't like talking)
Tifa: How do you--
Jade: ...Oh. So that is you.
Jade: Hm. That child said he left his prized possession in Radient Garden...and no one believed him. *talks to himself*
Tifa: ...ah. *remembers his title* Colonel...Curtiss? Do you ...know Luke, then?
Jade: He's in the other room, in fact.
Tifa: He is!?
Tifa: So he's all right--
Jade: Yes. He's resting...
Jade: *knows they're talking about Asch, but decides not to say anything about it*
Izzy: (yeah I figured)
Aki: (he tends to do that XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Tifa: *looks relieved*
Jade: *glances over them, before looking to Anise in the far corner of the lobby* Anise, would you send word to Baticul?
Tifa: *looks at Cloud*
Cloud: *frowning, as if he senses something off*
Aki: Anise: Of course, Colonel! *giggles and goes to the front desk *
Jade: Is something wrong, young man?
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (he...does that too XD)
Izzy: (I always forget that Cloud's like...25)
Izzy: (and 25 is not really that old)
Aki: (ahaha Jade is 10 years older then XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Cloud: do you know all this?
Cloud: *folds his arms*
Jade: ...Well, how could I not know. I've been forced to work with that stupid runny nosed brat of a scientist Dist, since I was around four.
Cloud: ...*recognizes the name but doesn't respond to it*
Cloud: You're saying you had a hand in the experiments?
Izzy: (....he's getting hostile)
Izzy: (stoppit Cloudddd)
Aki: (ahaha Jade's not bad, but he's done bad things XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Izzy: (Cloud's just touchy when it comes to experiments)
Jade: Unfortunately. Not directly, but yes.
Cloud: ...
Jade: I was around 11 when I proposed the theory of Fomicry. I'd assume you know what that is.
Tifa: *puts a cautious hand on Cloud's arm as if warning him not to do anything stupid*
Cloud: It
Izzy: 's been...explained to me.
Jade: Up until my fourteenth birthday, I had practiced the theory on small animals, and when I turned fifteen, I tried to ressurect my beloved professor...but the replica was unstable and almost destroyed I sealed her away.
Jade: I then banned Fomicry due to ethical reasons, but Dist wouldn't give up the practice.
Jade: *shakes his head a little*
Jade: *orers a wine at the small bar*
Cloud: ...
Aki: *orders
Tear: ...*tries to sneak by*
Jade: Tear, where are you going?
Tear: ...! Jade...
Tear: *composes herself* I'm...going to go try to persuade my brother to stop this more time, on my own.
Izzy: (I love how the RG group is just standing around awkwardly)
Jade: ...Though I am against this, I'll cover for you. *sighs*
Izzy: (Well, Zack isn't XD)
Tear: *nods a little bit*
Aki: JadEe: However, I'd like you to meet this group of people.
Aki: *Jade:
Tear: *blinks before approaching them*
Tear: Hello...
Tifa: Ah...hello.
Tear: I'm Tear. *smiles a little and holds out her hand*
Tifa: *takes it* I'm Tifa. Cloud, stop scowling.
Cloud: ....*glances away, embarassed*
Jade: wonder he bonded with you so well.
Tear: *shakes Zack and Sephiroth's hands*
Jade: *raises a brow* It wouldn't be the same tree, would it?
Sephiroth: I wouldn't think so. Perhaps.
Zack: That's an awkward coincidence.
Jade: You'll have to get used to it. Our world is supposrted by pillars called the Sephiroth Tree.
Aki: *supported
Jade: It's scared...and many of the sephiroth are falling, thanks to Van-- speaking of whom. Go stop your brother, Locrian Sargent Grants.
Tear: *salutes and runs off*
Izzy: (XD)
Tifa: Her brother...?
Jade: *nod a little bit*
Tifa: She's that man's sister....
Izzy: ("I feel sorry for her." XDDD)
Aki: (That would be an insult. She loves Van)
Izzy: (I know)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Which is why she didn't say anymore)
Aki: (yup)
Izzy: (Tifa knows how to talk to people, unlike Cloud)
Izzy: (and when to stop talking)
Jade: Guy, come meet this fine group of people.
Guy: ...What are you up to now, old man?
Jade: Ouch, my pride is destroyed.
Guy: Ha. *walks over to them before seeing Tifa and he freaks out*
Guy: Ahh...*hyperventilates a little*
Jade: ...
Tifa: A-are you all right?
Izzy: (poor Guy XD)
Guy:'s nothing personal...
Guy: Sorry...
Guy: *shakes hands with cloud, Sephiroth and Zack however* I'm... Guy Cecil.
Jade: Gynophobia.
Guy: *gives Jade a look*
Jade: Well, it's trueee.
Izzy: (ahaha)
Jade: When will Luke be awake?
Guy: In a half an hour or so...In the mean time...I'm supoosed to go speak with Asch about our next move. He mentioned the Tower of Rem, but wouldn't say anything else.
Jade: The Tower of Rem? That old abandoned factory?
Guy: Yeah.
Tifa: Wait--Asch?
Guy: I'm off-- *pauses*
Izzy: (sorry, I was distracted XD)
Guy: Asch the Bloody. Not the most plesent person ever.
Tifa: ...
Guy: But a strong ally.
Tifa: *looking at Jade* You said Luke was--oh.
Tifa: ...*quietly* oh.
Guy: Since he's in the Oracle knights and is a God General, he;ll be able to figure out Van's main goal...
Guy: I'll be back soon.
Guy: *goes off*
Tifa: .....he probably won't remember. It was a long time ago for him.
Zack: Hey. Don't talk like that. You came here to find him, didn't you?
Tifa: I...*looks at Cloud*
Cloud: ...*nods a little*
Tifa: *glances at Jade* I have something--I have something important I need to tell him. Please excuse us.
Jade: He'll be here soon.
Tifa: here?
Jade: Guy's just supposed to go get him...
Tifa: ...oh.
Jade: Asch refuses to work with Luke.
Jade: Guy has to persuade him to come here.
Tifa: I see...
Tifa: I suppose..we can wait, then.
Jade: It's better than getting lost.
Cloud: *starts scowling at him again*
Izzy: (He doesn't like Jade at all. XDDD)
Izzy: (I don't know why.)
Asch: *eventually comes in with Guy* Why go with the replica?
Guy: I told you! You're not the Luke who is my best friend!
Guy: I don't like you.
Asch: Hn. I can work with that. *eyes narrow*
Jade: Calm down, I'm not on your opposite side. *talking to Cloud*
Zack: He's right, you know. *smacks Cloud on the back* Loosen up.
Luke: *wanders out and yawns* --A-asch!
Asch: *glances at him* If you sleep that much, your brain will melt.
Luke: *pouts* And if you scowl like that too long it'll stick.
Tifa: *turns back to see the rest of them* ...!
Luke: Why are you even here?
Asch: I can to tell you about a way to neutralize the miasma. Before Van can get to the last of the Sephiroth and cause the last outer lands to fall.
Luke: Really, what is it?! *looks happy*
Jade: *stands abruptly, curious as well*
Asch: ....If you gather enough seventh fonons in one place and use the Jewel and Sword of Lorelei to channel them, a hyperresonance will be caused that is strong enough to neutralize the miasma.
Jade: *eyes widen* That's only a theory!
Jade: The Seventh fonists who are to be used will die!
Asch: ...I know.
Jade: *eyes narrow*
Luke: L-let me do it!
Tifa: ...*takes a few steps toward them without really thinking*
Asch: Dreck! I won't let you die! You are to fight Van!
Luke: But you are the Original, the stronger--!
Asch: I'm the shadow of the sacred flame, idiot! Besides, if I'm stronger, the hyperresonance will be too! It'll be more of a change to neutralize the miasma!
Luke: ...But your friends and family and everyone...!
Asch: They're yours now.
Luke: I'm weaker and useless! I...should be the one to die instead!
Asch: *backhands him* I did not lose everything to someone weaker than myself! Do not insult me!
Luke: *stares*
Izzy: (aww)
Jade: ....!
Izzy: (sorry, I keep meaning to step in, but I'm too fascinated by this since I haven't seen the scene)
Guy: *smacks Asch in turn*
Aki: (right XD)
Asch: ...!
Guy: Don't talk to him like that.
Asch: Hn.
Guy: Even if you are originally the same person, I still don't like you. Keep yourself in line.
Asch: ....*turns to leave and sees Tifa and the others*
Asch: *eyes widen, before giving a hurt look and grimacing and running off*
Tifa: Wait--
Asch: *gone*
Jade: ...Well, we know one thing. Asch is going to sacrifice himself at the Tower of Rem.
Jade: *puts a hand to his head* Luke, I'm aware that you're still tired, but we should get there before he does...
Tifa: He can't--he didn't want to!
Luke: Right...
Tifa: *starts for the door*
Cloud: *grabs her arm*
Sephiroth: ...May we go with you, Colonel?
Jade: Of course.
Cloud: We won't be able to find him.
Tifa: I know...
Tifa: I just...I wanted to...
Jade: ...Noelle should be able to track her brother on the Albiore, Luke.
Luke: Oh, that's right...Ginji takes care of Asch...All right. We'll to that.
Luke: Noelle, contact Ginji and tell him not to take Asch to the Tower!
Aki: Noelle: Will do! *runs off to the Albiore*
Aki: (Noelle flies the Albiore II, and Ginji flies the Albiore III)
Izzy: (ah)
Aki: (AII is for Luke and co, and AIII is for Asch, Ginji and the Darkwings)
Izzy: (kay)
Izzy: (got it XD)
Aki: (k XD)
Izzy: (damn I need to play this game)
Aki: (Ginji is apparently protective of Asch, as are the Darkwings. They're his new friends. )
Aki: (ginji's like the male version of Tifa, only not XD)
Izzy: (how does that work XD)
Aki: (uhhh he's really caring)
Aki: (and does everything he can to make sure Asch is okay)
Aki: Noelle: ...Ginji doesn't know where Asch is!
Izzy: (oh I see XD)
Aki: Noelle: He says Asch didn't come back-- Asch is going by land! Ginji'll go on a search for him!
Izzy: (aren't the rest of the gang just a bit curious as to where Cloud and Tifa and everyone came from?)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (besides, Tear isn't there)
Izzy: (I just wanted to pull the "Asch is my son" line on them)
Aki: (Anise will meet up with them)
Aki: (oh okay XD)
Izzy: (at some point)
Aki: (she can pull that after Asch and Luke try to scarifice themselves)
Aki: (when everyone is there)
Izzy: (I just wanted it to be funny)
Izzy: (not
Izzy: "omg he's dead crai")
Aki: (XDDD it'll be funny, because that's not when he dies XD)
Izzy: (okay)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: I wrote the actual script for ToR tho)
Aki: (this is mostly me C+Ping)
Aki: "[All 10, 000 replicas are standing around on the circle array on the roof of the Tower of Rem. the group of Luke, Jade, Tear, Guy, Anise and Natalia are survaying the severity of the situation. Luke steps forward.]

Aki: "Luke: Looks like Asch isn’t here yet...
Luke: *sigh of relief* That's good...
Aki: "[The group spots the replica of Guy’s sister Mary holding another female replica, and Tear runs over to her, worried.]"
Tear: ...What happened!?
Aki: Mary: *looks up and speaks monotonously* She's one of us, chased out of a city and treated like a slave before coming to this tower.
Aki: Mary: ...Why have you all come? Are you the one who will walk the path of death with us?
Natalia: *runs over* You intend to give up your lives to erase the miasma?
Aki: Mary: ... We realized that there was not other way. No... We decided it is what we must do.
Aki: *no other way
Guy: You're being persecuted by the originals, just like he is. *motions to Luke* Yet you'll still disappear for them?
Aki: Mary: ... This is not for the originals. It is so our many brethren who have not yet made is here can find a place to live. A new nation will arise from our corpses. Do you not desire our deaths as well?
Luke: *flinches* I...
Asch: I tolf you I'd do it! Why are you here!?
Aki: *told
Luke: Asch! I told you, I--
Asch: Replicas, I am the one who will die with you. Come!
Aki: REPLICASSss: *follow him to the middle of the array*
Izzy: (oh geez)
Aki: "Natalia: Asch! Stop this foolishness!
Luke: Listen to her, Asch! Stop!
Asch: Stop trying to tell me what to do! Get out of here! You’re a replica, too. If you stay here, you’ll be caught up in the reaction and disappear! Who’s going to free Lorelei if that happens?!
Luke: You can free Lorelei! I’m going to do this!

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