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Dirge of Cerberus arc part 1

Izzy: (Bridget was looking at my art yesterday and she said she liked Angeal XDD)
Aki: GOOD )
Izzy: (like...not the character, but how he looked in my drawing of him)
Izzy: (but I was happy <3)
Izzy: (she was like "Do you like guys with long hair or something? Is that why you draw them?")
Aki: (lol)
Izzy: (pfft well, she saw Leon first, lol)
Aki: (of course XD)
Leon: ....Ah.
Aki: (hi Leon)
Leon: Hi.
Cloud: *glances up, yawning.
Leon: ....that wasn't awkward you two...*goes over to Cloud after giving Izzy a weird look*
Izzy: ...ehhh? What? What did I do?
Leon: ...never mind.
Izzy: ....
Leon: ....
Izzy: I'm not a creepy fangirl. D:
Leon: whatever.
Izzy: I just like to draw.
Leon: Mhmm.
Izzy: You, specifically. >.>
Leon: exactly.
Izzy: okay, quitting while I'm not so ahead. *goes off*
Cloud: .........
Leon: *smiles a little, greeting Cloud* You still troubled?
Cloud: ....apparently the question is now when am I not troubled? *sighs*
Reno: BOSSSBOSSSBOSSSsss. Would I be able to visit you guys soon? *sitting in the kitchen*
Leon: Well. You have good reason to be...just, don’t let it get the best of you.
Rufus: Not all of us are on holiday, you know.
Cloud: I guess....*rubs his face*
Reno: huh? Wait, what's going on?
Leon: ....were you crying?
Cloud: ...what?
Leon: *imitates him*
Cloud: No, I'm just...tired...*a little startled*
Leon: alright. I'll make you breakfast. C'mon.
Cloud: ...all right.
Rufus: Oh, the usual.
Reno: meaning trouble and clean up, right?
Leon: *blinks hearing 'trouble'*
Rufus: Mostly.
Reno: ah...anything I could do?
Izzy: (holy crap.....I just realized that Alex looks like Angeal. He has the hair, too XDDDD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (I need to make him cosplay now. Though personality-wise he's Zack...)
Aki: (mm)
Izzy: (*pauses for a moment to fangirl Angeal some more* ....XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Izzy: (his hair makes me happyyyyy~ as does the stubble, lol)
Aki: (pfff oooh izzy XD)
Izzy: (shhhhhhhh)
Izzy: (what. XD lol I found Genesis' crazy face)
Aki: (?)
Izzy: (screenshot. I was trying to find one of him looking creepy XD)
Aki: (ahaha yayyy)
Reno: .... Rufus, what kind of trouble is it?
Rufus: More than the WRO can handle, apparently. *grumbles a little* it's lack of manpower more than funds, to my credit...
Izzy: (....XD he's still his pompous asshole self)
Reno: Well, I...could come help
Izzy: (har har)
Reno: I've got a bunch of friends here who might, also. Though, you know them. Some you might not.
Rufus: I was wondering why they left again...
Reno: it's complicated...
Rufus: Certain people here are misinformed as to their whereabouts.
Reno: I don't know how much I can tell you about it, but...they don’t belong in your world anymore. They're needed elsewhere. But...I can get some sort of force ready for you, from here. We've got Sora and co, Leon, Cloud, Tifa, Zack, Sep--*promptly has his mouth covered by Sephiroth*
Izzy: (XDDD)
Rufus: What?
Reno: Nffrothh..
Izzy: (XDDDD *dying*)
Aki: (XD)
Rufus: ....What just happened?
Reno: *Sephiroth takes his phone* HEY!
Sephiroth: Absolutely nothing just happened. However the force Reno was speaking of could most likely be pulled together.
Rufus: Who is this?
Sephiroth: You needn't know that.
Rufus: ...
Izzy: (he probably would find Seph's voice familiar, but he wouldn't think hard enough to figure it out right away XD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Rufus: ...Hmph.
Aki: (LOL OMG I JUST TYPED THIS: Sephiroth: Hmph.)
Izzy: (XDD)
Sephiroth: ...I have a feeling I still won’t like you.
Rufus: What?
Sephiroth: Nothing.
Reno: ...Cloud! CloudClouddddCLOUDDDD
Rufus: I'd prefer it if you gave the phone back to my subordinate.
Reno: ...the WRO is in trouble.
Sephiroth: Ah, can't be done, he's busy.
Rufus: Since according to the racket in the background, you haven't killed him.
Cloud: What!?
Sephiroth: Well, why would I kill him?
Izzy: (it was something of a joke XD)
Cloud *stands up*
Aki: (Sephiroth: is a bit literal XD)
Cloud: Who's on the phone?
Sephiroth: Rufus.
Izzy: (XD)
Cloud: ...*stares at him*
Reno: ...*looks back and forth between the two*
Cloud: Does he....know?
Rufus: What's going on?
Sephiroth: *looks away from Cloud* Know what?
Izzy: (most confusing conversation ever XD)
Sephiroth: nothing, be quiet. *talking to Rufus*
Izzy: (XDD only Sephiroth.)
Aki: (XD)
Sephiroth: As to who I am?
Cloud: Wh---never mind, that's not important. The WRO is having trouble?
Sephiroth: Apparently, whatever they are.
Cloud: The World Regenesis Organization....Reeve started it to clean up the mess and keep order, after ShinRa fell...
Sephiroth: ....I see. Are you willing to help them, then? Mr. President needs an answer. *bit of a taunting air towards the Rufus*
Rufus: ....*glaring at the phone, even though none of them can see it*
Aki: *just rufus, but you can add 'the' if you care about him enough XD)
Cloud: ....*holds out his hand for the phone*
Sephiroth: *hands it over to Cloud*
Izzy: (XD he gets his own article)
Aki: (yes XD)
Cloud: What is it.
Rufus: This isn't much better...
Aki: (that's what Sephiroth called fun xD)
Cloud: Shut up and tell me what's going on.
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (poor rufus XD I bet he prefers Reno now, huh? XD)
Rufus: There's no need to be so abrupt, Cloud. Who was that just now? Sounded familiar...
Cloud: None of your business.
Rufus: ...someone's in a bad mood.
Cloud: Mostly because I'm talking to you.
Rufus: Now, we're not going to get anywhere like this.
Leon: ...Okay Clarence, sit and I'll make you and Cloud some breakfast.
Sephiroth: ...Clarence. That's the best you can do?
Rufus: I have information you want, and if you want me to reveal it, you're going to have to be civil.
Cloud: .....
Leon: Of course. *goes about the food making*
Sephiroth: I'll go inform the others. *walks off*
Leon: right.
Cloud: ...fine.
Rufus: I want a "please".
Cloud: Don't push it.
Izzy: (Cloud is pissed. XD if you couldn't tell)
Aki: (LOL I was tempted to have Sephiroth say please XD)
Rufus: *sighs a bit dramatically*
Sephiroth: Quit the act, Shinra, and you'll have help, otherwise forget it. *goes off to find Zack and Aerith and Tifa*
Rufus: ....looks like you've picked up some more friends along the way, hm?
Cloud: Just get on with it.
Rufus: ...very well.
Sephiroth: Ah...Tifa!
Izzy: (gahh do I have to type it all out? XD)
Aki: (uh no XD)
Aki: (but in the doujin you'll have to summarize it XD)
Izzy: (okay. We'll just say Rufus told him about Deepground)
Tifa: ...yes? What is it?
Sephiroth: Apparently the WRO is in trouble.
Tifa: ! How do you know?
Sephiroth: I talked with Rufus.
Izzy: (at least Tifa can talk to Sephiroth. XD but she has more self control. XD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (she's a little uncomfortable but she doesn't show it)
Aki: (XDDD aww he's being helpful this time around XD)
Sephiroth: Something about Deepground-- man, Shinra is as irritating as ever. I'll go find Zack and Aerith, and alert them as well.
Tifa: All right....where is Cloud?
Sephiroth: Speaking with Rufus. He's getting the whole story.
Tifa: ...*nods* .....ah........Thank you. *goes off to find Cloud*
Reno: ...Ah, Sora, Riku, Kairi. We're going to go back home for a while to help out the WRO.
Izzy: (it's a start XD)
Sora: A-ah! I'll get the gummi ship ready, and tell Cid! *runs off*
Reno: ...Yeah.
Sephiroth: *puts a hand on Zack's head, though he doesn't ruffle it like he usually does* Trouble with Shinra.
Rufus: Do I need to inform anyone of your arrival?
Cloud: Don't bother. We'll be there soon enough.
Zack: Aww, what? Don't they ever let up?
Sephiroth: They need help, the WRO does at least.
Aerith: *blinks*
Sephiroth: Reeve apparently runs a clean up squad from the aftermath of everything...
Rufus: Don't I get any gratitude?
Cloud: I had to drag it all out of you.
Izzy: (....I love. Their dynamic XD)
Rufus: Hmph.
Sephiroth: I'm planning on going as well.
Cloud: ....thanks. *hangs up*
Aerith: ...we don’t need people recognizing you though.
Rufus: .....
Izzy: (.....I think he did that just to freak Rufus out. XDDD)
Aki: (I see Zack clapping his hands together going "HAIR DYE" and yes good one Cloud XD)
Reno: *takes his phone back*
Zack:'re sure you want to get involved?
Cloud: ....*nods to Reno and then goes off to find the others*
Sephiroth: I have no reason not to.
Tifa: There you are!
Aki: (he doesn’t remember that world Zack XD)
Zack: ....ah, well, I just meant...
Aki: (He knows names but not memories)
Izzy: (but he knows he's from there?)
Aki: (yeah, he knows basic things XD)
Izzy: (he just doesn't know what happened?)
Aki: (right)
Tifa + Cloud: *go off to discuss things*
Izzy: (lol. /lazy)
Sephiroth: Well, do you want me to stay here?
Zack: ....*scratches the back of his head a bit anxiously* I don't really know how to say this, but....If anyone figures out who you are, it'll probably be more trouble than it's worth.
Sephiroth: ....disguise, then? I...don't know what I did, but staying here seems meaningless. Since I can fight.
Zack: ...well.
Aerith: You'd need a new weapon, then, as well. Your muscle memory probably would pick up a standard sword well, since you were in soldier also, before first class.
Sephiroth: Soldier?
Zack: Here we go.
Aerith: It's not a big deal, just use a normal sword.
Izzy: (Link:
Izzy: (good full body shots o.o)
Sephiroth: ....*nods a little bit, accepting the silence*
Izzy: (now I can draw everyone XD)
Aki: (YAY)
Izzy: (I'm very tempted to change Shalua's outfit tho. Ah well)
Aki: (ahahah)
Zack: Hmm. We'll have to work on this.
Sephiroth: everyone keeping from me?
Aerith: You'll figure it out eventually, but we have limited time.
Zack: Well, we can start with........your hair is a dead giveaway.
Sephiroth: What? How?
Zack: It's not a normal color, unfortunately.
Sephiroth: ....Yeah, I know. It used to be brown.
Zack: People are gonna notice whether they recognize you or not--ah what? It did?
Sephiroth: My hair is originally brown. I was taken into the darkness, remember? *offers the photo of him, Angeal and Genesis as children*
Aki: (that was his extreme sliver of light, probably XD)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Zack: Yeesh. That's what the darkness does?
Aki: (as a reminder that at least Angeal hadn't betrayed him)
Izzy: (aww)
Sephiroth: Well...if you stay there for a while a bunch of things happen.
Zack: ...*looking over the photo* really were tiny...
Aerith: ...*looks over the photo too*
Sephiroth: Mhm.
Zack: *laughs a bit* Angeal wouldn't be caught dead with anyone clinging to him while I knew him.
Sephiroth: Ah...he let me. Since it...has Angeal in it, you can have it.
Zack: Ah? No, it's yours, that's fine...
Sephiroth: *nods a little*
Zack: Anyway, we've got preparations to make. *hands the photo back*
Sephiroth: *takes it*
Aerith: Hair dying time!
Zack: *snorts*
Aerith: *runs off to get the dye* Cloud, have you seen the brown hair dye!?
Cloud: What? Do we have it? And why--
Sephiroth: *has a horrified look on his face*
Aerith: We're dying Sephiroth's hair like this! *had taken the photo to compare colours, so she shows Cloud*
Zack: If you haven't noticed, my wife can get a bit enthusiastic.
Cloud: ....
Sephiroth: I've noticed. *blinks* I let her braid my hair once...
Cloud: I....wait, you mean--
Sephiroth: She had the time of her life.
Zack: ....*looks like he's trying not to laugh* That's revenge for you...
Sephiroth: sitting still for three hours? It was painful. *smiles a little*
Aerith: What? I just need brown hair dye, so I'm asking if we still have it. *grins*
Cloud: I don't...
Tifa: It would be under the sink in the bathroom upstairs, if anything.
Aerith: Alright! *runs upstairs* *comes running back down to get the dye ready* Don't need the bleach, that's for sure! *pours it on Sephiroth's hair*
Sephiroth: ! *startled*
Zack: ...maybe you should sit down. I'll go get some towels. *goes off, snickering*
Sephiroth: It's not funny, Zack. *sits*
Izzy: (they'll need like... 5 boxes for all his hair XDD)
Zack: Sorry, sorry...
Aki: (yeah really XD)
Zack: It'll wash out eventually. Don't worry about it.
Sephiroth: I don’t care what colour my hair is, really. So that's not an issue.
Aki: (when does your internet fail? XD)
Izzy: (oh. 1pm. so we're good)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (let's say they're done with his hair XD)
Aki: (yes pls XD)
Sephiroth: ...*puts it in a ponytail again*
Sora: Kay guys! Gummi ship is ready to leave!
Cloud: .....*sighs* *to himself* What are we going to do?
Sephiroth: We're going to go help your friends.
Sora: exactly! *grabs Cloud's arm, tugging*
Leon: *follows*
Cloud: Eh? *glances around, then sees Sephiroth and does a double-take*
Sephiroth: ...I would have looked like this if I hadn't been consumed by the darkness, so get over it.
Cloud: .....
Izzy: (he was mostly startled. XD)
Aki: (yes XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (8D)
Izzy: (so when do they come in again?)
Aki: (when Vincent like..fainted)
Izzy: (yeah, but where?)
Aki: (he's in the regeneration tank-- oh uh HQ)
Izzy: (like...Shalua takes Vincent back to HQ—yeah, okay. Oh, who's Shalua? XD I'm Reeve...and apparently Cait Sith, then, lol)
Aki: (uh)
Izzy: (well, let's see. We had a character list and handed them out at some point. I'm Barret, and Denzel, you're Marlene, you're Nanaki, I'm Reeve and Vincent. So we've got Lucrecia, Shelke, Shalua, and the Tsviets: Azul, Rosso, Nero, and I missing anyone?)
Aki: (uhhh)
Izzy: (the Australian guy, lol)
Aki: (YAY)
Izzy: (Lieutenant Chase. lollllllll)
Aki: (I can be chase)
Izzy: (okay XDD)
Aki: (since I'm also the other Chase too XD)
Izzy: (ahahahahhaha)
Aki: (you're Lucrecia cuz I'm Seph)
Izzy: (which means I'm Shelke as well)
Aki: (I can be Shalua)
Izzy: (which means we can skip the emo scenes with Vincent XDD lol)
Izzy: (well, we don't have to go over everything from the game, since it was in the game XD haha--like, the stuff with only DoC characters, we can mostly skip)
Aki: (yeah. wait...HQ IS part of Shinra, isn't it XD)
Izzy: (huh? Shinra is gone. The WRO is the WRO)
Aki: (no, I mean)
Izzy: (I don't know WHERE it is, tho)
Aki: (It looks like its part of Shinra cuz Rufus funded it)
Izzy: (Rufus secretly funds it. Reeve doesn't even know who it is that sends them money. It has nothing to do with Shinra)
Aki: (okay, just a little confusing)
Shalua: ...*sees the others coming in and rushes over, after closing out of her computer*
Izzy: (I'm trying to remember the scene)
Aki: (oh, she's waiting there for Vincent to wake up, and she's working on her computer)
Izzy: (oh okay...trying to remember if she knows any of them personally XD)
Aki: (I was too XD She might know Reno)
Izzy: (well, she probably knows Cloud by reputation. She might get upset about Reno. XD)
Aki: (yeah really XD)
Izzy: (well...I'll just bring Reeve in XDDD ahhh must turn off the happy music so I can concentrate XDD)
Shalua: Ah, hello!
Aki: (Shalua probably wouldn't know why they were there, because it was Rufus who called about it. Or, Rufus who told them to come XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Shalua: What... Why are you here?
Cloud: Vincent. Is he going to be all right?
Izzy: (worry about friends comes before intros, i guess. XD lollll Weissss. Silly man. He cracks me up.)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (I'm watching the cutscenes on YouTube to refresh my memory)
Shalua: *blinks, stepping back* Yes, but....
Cloud: ...*sighs*
Shalua: I know you're Cloud. Are you here to help us?
Cloud: Help is apparently what's in short supply, so yes.
Shalua: Ah, thank goodness.
Cloud: I'm sorry for being so abrupt, but I need to talk to Reeve. There's a lot to catch up on.
Shalua: Oh, he's going to be here soon, but if it's more urgent than that, he's down the hall.
Izzy: (Cloud is learning how to be polite, lol)
Aki: (ahaha. Aerith, Zack, and Seph could probably stay here while the others go.)
Izzy: (and Sora, etc.)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (how's Yuffie doing about Vincent in a tank? XD) we have to change her intro because she came back with the others)
Yuffie: *staring up into the tank* ...
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (in the game she shows up to save his ass at some point out of the blue XD)
Aki: (ah w/e XD)
Izzy: (yeah really XD ah well)
Aki: (she could go investigate and come back later)
Izzy: (yeah. That's probably why the WRO is having such a hard time, because they're missing Yuffie and Cid lol)
Aki: (yeah who are now here XD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Aki: (hmm)
Izzy: (Well, Cid probably needs to run off and pull things together once they all get briefed)
Yuffie: ...Vincent.
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (airshipppp XD)
Aki: (she should go with Cloud and the others XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Tifa: ...*puts a hand on Yuffie's shoulder* I'm sure he'll wake up soon.
Yuffie: *nods a little bit, watching him for another moment before leaving with the others*
Cloud: Ah...thank you. *nods to Shalua before leaving*
Izzy: (now we get awkward conversation between poor Shalua and the misfits ahahahah)
Aki: (ahahah)
Shalua: Who are you three? You aren't going with them?
Zack: *looking around, cringing a bit at the sight of all the scientific machinery*
Izzy: (what about Sora, Riku and Kairi?)
Sora: *curious about the computer, poking it*
Aki: (I was getting to that XD)
Kairi: ....I don't know if that's a good...
Shalua: A-ah, don't touch that!
Riku: *sighs*
Sora: *withdraws* Sorry.
Shalua: it's alright.
Sephiroth: Are you alright, Zack?
Izzy: (she's probably like "...why are there kids here?")
Zack: *shrugs*
Aerith: *looking at Vincent* Ehh, something bad must have happened to him...
Aki: (yeah XD)
Sephiroth: *frowns*
Sora: Oh, I'm Sora! *grins*
Shalua: Shalua. *nods*
Izzy: (...still giggling over "Clarence". pfft ahahahsalkaslksdakl;dsa oh Leon.)
Aki: (XDDD)
Kairi: I'm Kairi, and this is Riku.
Shalua: Nice to meet you. *smiles*
Aerith: Uh, Aerith. *looks at Zack, unsure if that was a smart move or not, considering she was a test subject and might be in the database*
Izzy: (names are names? XD)
Aki: (well, wait till Seph's turn. He doesnt know what to do XD)
Izzy: (I dunno, she might think something is strange, but if they don't give last names, it should be okay)
Aki: (yeah)
Zack: *puts his arms around Aerith's shoulders* Zack. We're friends of Cloud's, you could say.
Shalua: And married.
Zack: *grins* Can you tell?
Shalua: *points to Aerith's ring* *smiles a bit*
Izzy: (<333)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aerith: *smiles widely* Yes.
Shalua: ...And you?
Sephiroth: ...Unimportant.
Shalua: I have to make sure the WRO can trust you, so, I need a name.
Zack: Uhh. It's complicated. But we can vouch for him.
Shalua: ...well, fine, give him a n--*squints before frowning* ...Crescent.
Sephiroth: *taken aback* What?
Shalua: Well, Crescent is what comes to mind. *guilty look*
Izzy: (too-es-tee. that's how you pronounce Reeve's name XDD)
Aki: (yay XD)
Zack: Crescent? Wasn't she one of the people working on Project G? ....oops.
Izzy: (....that slipped out XD)
Shalua: Ah? Yes..
Aki: (ahahah XD)
Shalua: Lucrecia Crescent.
Sephiroth: *makes a small noise, looking away*
Shalua: how did you know?
Aki: (it was probably his last name in HB too XD)
Zack: Uhh. I get around.
Shalua: *crosses her arms* I won’t say anything, give me a real answer.
Sephiroth: Leave him alone. *glares*
Shalua: *steps back* Fine.
Zack: *holds his hands up* We're all on the same side here, right? Let's not get worked up.
Sephiroth: *backs off a little*
Shalua: *sighs* I didn't think that name would get this kind of reaction, I'm sorry.
Aerith: *looking through the instruments and stuff with Sora*
Zack: It's all right.
Shalua: It's just...*goes over to the computer, entering Lucrecia's page* *hits some keys and lets the others see the screen* That's why it came to mind.
Zack: Huh...
Sephiroth: *making a point of looking elsewhere*
Izzy: (.......I'm assuming Zack doesn't know, but if you find out in the original game, Cloud would.)
Aki: (yeah. She's just showing Zack the similarities XD)
Izzy: (yeah)
Zack: *glances at Sephiroth*
Aerith: *tapping Vincent's tank*
Sephiroth: *ignoring Shalua, though he catches sight of Zack*
Izzy: (....Vincent would probably recognize Sephiroth, fyi.)
Aki: (yeahhhh he would XD)
Izzy: (just saying, because he'll wake up soon)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (he already knows Aerith's alive, but)
Aki: (ahaha yeah)
Izzy: (awww Vincent wants a hug XD)
Sephiroth: *muttering to himself* Project G...
Aki: (what? XD why? XD)
Izzy: (the scene when Lucrecia appears in the mansion and she walks through him, he like...reaches for her)
Aki: (lol oh yeah XD)
Izzy: (XDD it was kinda cute.)
Aki: (Awwww yes it was. He looked like a kicked puppy XD)
Zack: ...this could get messy. Not that it isn't already.
Izzy: (XD)
Sephiroth: Why does Project G sound familiar...
Vincent: ......*kind of half-conscious, catches sight of Aerith*
Izzy: (lol, so instead of mistaking Shalua for Lucrecia, he mistakes Aerith XDD well, similar hair hahaha)
Aki: (k XD)
Shalua: look who's awake. *smiles*
Zack: Project G preceded--you know what, this is probably a really bad time to explain this.
Vincent: ....?
Shalua: Wait a moment, I'll release you. *goes over*
Izzy: (Aerith should wave cheerily lol)
Zack: Maybe we should go get Cloud and the others.
Sephiroth: ...*glances at Zack* What?
Aerith: Hi Vinnie!
Izzy: (XDDD)
Vincent: Where is this?
Shalua: WRO Headquarters. You were passed out and I carried you here.
Izzy: ("it seems like the beast inside you went a little wild back there." XDDD pfft.)
Aki: (LOL YES XD that too XD)
Shalua: ...It seems like the beast inside you went a little wild back there. Does it happen often?
Izzy: (XDDDDDDD *ded*)
Aki: (YES I WIN)
Izzy: (...I am laughing at Rosso right now)
Vincent: ...went...wild? You mean...Chaos?
Izzy: (lol stealing dialogue from the game)
Aki: (yeahhh I forget what she said tho XD)
Izzy: ("Your body harbors the Chaos gene? So that explains your connection to Lucrecia Crescent"
Aki: (RAHHHHH lol okay)
Izzy: (Link:
Izzy: there you go XD
Shalua: Your body harbours the Chaos gene? So that explains your connection to Lucrecia Crescent...
Izzy: (Rosso....makes me...laughhhhh)
Sephiroth: *listening to the conversation carefully*
Izzy: ("Were you the product of one of her experiments?")
Aki: (nicelyy said Weeeiisssss)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (hang onnn computer slowww)
Shalua: Were you the product of one of her experiments?
Vincent: Lucrecia's...experiments?
Izzy: ("I apologize. That wasn't what I meant.")
Aki: (no, I remember that part XD)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Shalua: I apologize. That wasn't what I meant.
Vincent: Wait.......What are you all doing here?
Izzy: (putting aside his emo moment for slightly later XD)
Aerith: Helping out. We came to assist the WRO.
Vincent: I see...does this mean Cloud and the others are here as well?
Aerith: Of course.
Vincent: ....*glances around at them, recognizing Sora and Riku*
Izzy: (is Leon there?)
Aki: (He went with Cloud, didn't he? XD)
Izzy: (oh okay)
Aki: (to figure out what was going on since he’s not from here)
Izzy: (just asking)
Aki: (yup XD)
Sora: *looks up, waving at Vincent*
Vincent: ....*overlooks Zack, but pauses when he gets to Sephiroth*
Izzy: (...I can't say he frowned because he's always frowning XDD like Asch.)
Aki: (XD)
Sephiroth: *tilts his head slightly*
Reeve: Vincent! You're awake!
Aki: (ahahah yes XD)
Sephiroth: *jumps*
Aerith: *looks over at Reeve curiously, sensing news will be talked about*
Reeve: *glances around at all of them, noticing Aerith first*
Shalua: *blinks, noticing Reeve's pause*
Reeve: *looks a bit stunned* I heard from Vincent, seemed impossible...
Aerith: *laughs a bit* Ah yes. The impossible can happen. Don't let the meaning of the word fool you.
Reeve: *walks up to her* So you really are all right...the first good news in a while, I'm afraid.
Aerith: *stands up straight* More good news will be had eventually, just have some hope about it.
Izzy: (...I don't want to bother recycling more dialogue from the game XD but something might come up...I mean, they have some time to discuss Chaos before Deepground attacks)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (then Vincent will go off and fight Azul and Shelke and the others will help elsewhere)
Aki: (Shalua will leave)
Izzy: (yeah. It doesn't seem like there's much of a point in having any of the others in on the boss fights, so we can leave them out)
Aki: (yeah, til Genesis, and then)
Izzy: (right.)
Aki: (well, they can head to Nibelheim early)
Izzy: (you think?)
Aki: (maybe)
Izzy: (I was thinking Vincent would go to Nibelheim by himself, but)
Aki: (oh yeah)
Izzy: (because...uhh. Too many memories for Seph....ew....sorry.....Rosso just totally stuck her hand in Vincent's stomach and pulled out the Protomateria o.o)
Aki: (seph needs to learn a few on his own tho somehow, in order to process it XDD EW EWEWEW)
Izzy: (it's huge, too)
Aki: (EWwww)
Aki: (where?)
Izzy: (Shinra Mansion)
Aki: (linkkk)
Izzy: (you're about to get to that part. Oh, and that's when yuffie saves his ass XD)
Izzy: (Link:
Izzy: (about halfway through)
Aki: (oh okay)
Izzy: (ohh. this works. They can go save Vincent at Shinra mansion XD from Rosso)
Aki: (ahaha yeah. Seph will probably be making ew faces at the scenery XD)
Izzy: (ewww Hojo ewwwwwwwww *flails* awww poor kicked puppy Vincent.)
Aki: (awww)
Izzy: (poor Lucrecia's baby. >.> ....technically, Vincent feels like Sephiroth is his fault. >.> because he didn't stop Lucrecia from doing the experiment)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (I don't think the crystal place is real? maybe it is, but)
Aki: (I don’t either)
Izzy: (whenever he goes there, it's a hallucination, it seems XD LOL YUFFIE)
Aki: (I saiiiid sooooo XD)
Izzy: (her dramatic entrance is HILARIOUS)
Aki: (XD)
Sephiroth: Shouldn't we be doing something instead of standing around...
Izzy: (she keeps twirling around and being happy and it makes me happy. Oh man. I love this girl. XD)
Aki: (ahahahah)
Izzy: (okay—ACK where did my time go DD: I'll call you so we can discuss, and I'll see if I can get online later)
*** You have been disconnected. Sun Sep 23 12:59:44 2007.

Aerith: *pats Reeve's shoulder* Have some hope. *smiles*
Reeve: *clears throat* Ah. Yes.
Izzy: (sorry, catching up myself XD)
Aki: (sokay XD same here)
Izzy: (I'm thinking maybe they should split up. Shalua can talk to Vincent about Lucrecia)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (and Reeve can fill everyone else in on Deepgroud and Weiss, etc, then killing things, then Vincent leaves for Nibelheim, right. I'm thinking...they don't all have to follow him. Yuffie should, like she does in the game--wait, was there a reason we wanted any of the others to go to Nibelheim?)
Aki: (uhm, Mansion. Sephiroth. books. crazy.)
Izzy: (yes. so bad)
Aki: (= memory gain)
Izzy: (just Yuffie goes then >.>)
Aki: (well)
Izzy: (because she's worried about Vincent?)
Aki: (he wasn't gonna go crazy)
Izzy: (I know, but)
Aki: (he was gonna gain some of his memory back. But yeah--but whatever. I don’t really care XD)
Izzy: (it just seems like they'd be smarter than that--to let him go there.)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (considering what happened last time >.> and you get Seph/Shalua bonding time anyway XD)
Aki: (But Gaia in general is just a huge reminder, so there's memory gain everywhere, and yes. Tho currently he can’t stand her XD)
Izzy: (hahahaha well she set off a nerve)
Izzy: (unintentionally)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (well...that might be...a good way to go about it. If she talks about Lucrecia, because she has positive things to say about her. And he'd actually learn about his real mother)
Aki: (yeah. And even tho he knows his KH mother, he's probably only really heard bad things about her from other people)
Izzy: (and then she'd probably figure out who he is after a little bit. yeah. awww Vincent is nice to children XD /random .....anyway, he probably wouldn't tolerate them climbing on him XD)
Aki: (aww XD)
Izzy: (okay, so--actually, Reeve already explained to the others. I forgot. So, everyone's back in the room.)
Aki: (okay)
Izzy: (and they're about to get attacked, but Shalua never explained about Lucrecia's thesis, because Vincent got distracted by the others)
Aki: -insert really long, complicated thesis that I only understood half of when she talked about it-
Izzy: (okay. XD so, skipping ahead after all the explanations)
Reeve: So...Rosso the Crimson told you that the Protomateria is they key to controlling Omega.
Izzy: (this is part 3 on YouTube, btw. do you need a link? Because it's going to be mostly game dialogue)
Aki: (AHHH I'm watching it, but my internet is being slow)
Izzy: (okay)
Vincent: ...yeah.
Reeve: *glances at Shalua, then the others* Any ideas?
Izzy: (You have the script? XD)
Aki: (yes)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Aki: (Which part is it? what chapter)
Izzy: (Uhm I dunno. It's right before Deepground invades HQ after Silent Edge...)
Aki: (FOUND IT--almosttt)
Izzy: (XD I know it's boring to rehash game dialogue but it'll be easier for us to write the doujin if it's all together like this)
Aki: (no, I was looking for it. It's long)
Shalua: Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the stream to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold mighty Chaos, Omega's squire to the loft heavens.
Aki: (LOL the long lines I didn't want to type out XDD)
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (*lofty)
Aki: (yes)
Izzy: (s'fine XD)
Aki: (dude, you try typing that over and over XD)
Reeve: Where'd you--
Aki: (I challenge you >D)
Izzy: (over and over? XD)
Aki: (I kept messing up XD)
Izzy: (oh)
Shalua: A passage ---
Izzy: (just copy--yes XD)
Shalua: A passage from Dr. Crescent's thesis. But that's all I know. Unfortunately, I only saw a fragment of the document. However, Chaos... Omega... And...*looks at Vincent* All seem to be connected to Dr. Crescent in some way. There's no other explanation. I think we'll need to gather more data on her to get anywhere.
Izzy: (....she should look at Sephiroth too XD)
Aki: *cue Shalua's glance to Sephiroth who glares defensively*
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (pff it's amusing in my head)
Izzy: (kayyy fight teims)
Izzy: *alarm goes off*
Aki: *ALARM ---
Aki: (JEEZ XD)
Izzy: (Izzy needs her God time too >:)
Aki: (NEVER )
Reeve: What now!?
Aki: (jk XD)
Shalua: *sees that the camera was shot down* Damn! *types in the code to close the doors in the complex*
Izzy: (hang on, we can ad lib a little here too XD stfu Azul. XD)
Aki: (...MAD LIBS)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (omg I love those)
Reeve: did they find us?
Aki: (eh ad lib? what's that)
Izzy: (do you remember the number of floors by any chance? XD)
Izzy: (uhm, it means to make stuff up)
Aki: (I counted, that's all I remember)
Izzy: (yes, precisely. OH WELL WE'LL SAY 6 FOR NOW)
Aki: (lol)
Izzy: (then we can change it)
Aki: (yeah. Or I could you some sniping again)
Cloud: How many troops do you have here?
Reeve: Not nearly enough to repel this sort of attack. We're spread thin as it is--
Cloud: *glances at the others* We'll split up.
Izzy: (argh thank god)
Aki: (ahahah)
Izzy: (he still takes some sort of charge in a crisis)
Aki: (oh good)
Aerith: *nods confidently* Who're you taking with you, Cloud?
Aki: (twos would be safer)
Aki: (there's a lot going on)
Izzy: (XD yeah)
Aki: (XD)
Cloud: ...ah...
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: (Yuffie's gonna follow Vincent, isn't she XD)
Yuffie: *hands on her hips* No one better go with Vi--
Aki: (yeah stfu XD)
Izzy: (Lemme just list who we have--AHAH)
Aki: (I forget my characters XD)
Izzy: (Vincent, Yuffie, Shalua stays in the camera room until she spots Shelke, Reeve doesn’t fight. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Leon, Zack, Aerith, Sora, Riku, Kairi. Uhm SRK should go together just because XD)
Aki: (ahahah)
Izzy: (Cloud and Leon, Zack and Sephroth, Tifa and Aerith?)
Izzy: (XDD well, they build off each other. Kairi has magic and healing, Riku is offensive. Sora's all over the place XD)
Aki: (ahahah like his drugs)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (I mean material *Shot*)
Izzy: (XD)
Tifa: ...*nudges Cloud* You go with Leon, you two work better together.
Izzy: (she realized he felt bad about choosing between them XD)
Aki: (I forget on what terms they are at this point...Cloud and Leon)
Vincent: *already left*
Izzy: (uhhh, they worked things out, didn't they? or maybe not, not completely)
Aki: (I think Leon's just backing off a little)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (being protective, but not 'omgilu')
Izzy: (no balcony scene yet XD)
Aki: (yeah. Seph has a normal sword, right?)
Izzy: (Zack's old SOLDIER sword, I think. yeah. Who knows how Zack still had it)
Aki: (He's gonna...unconsciously make a few follies since the muscle memory was used to 13 ft of space)
Izzy: (it's probably not HIS specifically. True. And he might break it >.> at some point)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (because the Masamune can take more abuse than a normal sword)
Zack: Right then, come on...Clarence.
Sephiroth: ...*twitches but follows*
Izzy: (Zack is trying not to laugh as well)
Zack: Okay, okay, this is serious.
Aki: (So is Sephiroth, actually)
Tifa: Aerith?
Sephiroth: Really, I hadn't noticed?
Zack: *snorts*
Aerith: *smiles and follows happily, a little bouncily*
Zack: *hefts the Buster Sword* hope you haven't gotten too rusty.
Sephiroth: ...Well, let's hope that is the case-- otherwise our tactic would be to run in the opposite direction in a zig-zag manner to avoid stray bullets.
Aki: (he's on something. Still.)
Zack: ...oohh, that was low. *starts running down the corridor*
Sephiroth: *follows along*
Aki: (wait, so it's Tifa, Zack, Aerith and Clarence? or Tifa and Aerith, and Zack and Clarence)
Izzy: (I thought you said twos)
Aki: (yeah okay. I'm a little spacy XD)
Izzy: (so yeah, the latter. S'okay XD I thought Zack would be best to go with Sephiroth)
Izzy: (ahahaha former is first and latter is last)
Aki: (yeah. Uh yeah, ZACKCLARENCE GO)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (>.>)
Aki: *KABAM*
Aki: *BOOM*
Aki: *DEATH*
Zack: *lets out a yell for old time's sake* Irasshaimase!
Aki: *HAVOC*
Izzy: (ahaha they're not supposed to level the building XD)
Sephiroth: *laughs, slashing away, mis-stepping a few times but getting the job done*
Aki: (ahahah I WANTED TO XDD)
Izzy: (btw, the Deepground are Heartless or Nobodies?)
Aki: (UHM)
Izzy: (I don't remember)
Aki: (uhmmm I thought it was Nobodies....I forget tho)
Izzy: (uh I think it was)
Aki: (Hojo is a Nobody. Since the heartless died)
Izzy: (but they can control Heartless. uhhh brb groceries)
Aki: (nuuu ok XD)
Izzy: (tall, dark and handsome, but not what they seem)
Izzy: (these boys, so lovely, play for the other team)
Izzy: (They call me their diva, "we love you" they say)
Izzy: (but still I'm alone, because my boyfriends are GAYYYYYYY~)
Izzy: (best. song. ever.)
Aki: (Ahahahah. sorry was getting food)
Izzy: (s'okay XD)
Aki: (uhm I'm glad you're back because Sephiroth and Shalua were trying to scare me by 'romantically gazing into one another's eyes' as they put it XD)
Aki: (THEYRE SPECIAL. It was like a staring contest only scarier. .......actually. The reason Zack and Aerith probably knew Sephiroth and Shalua got married in the probably because they were OBSERVANT and SAW THEM BONDING while alive :D Their magical abilities are exposed for what they truly are. *eating some really tasty veggie dip*)
Aki: (WHAT XD)
Izzy: ("I can't stop imagining Demyx running around that stupid golf course, singing. Seriously. It needs art. Or something." XDD <3 that made my day.)
Sephiroth: Hah, I suppose you haven't changed much, which is a good thing-!
Aki: (AHAHAHAH YES....seph rememberedddd)
Zack: *grins*
Sephiroth: ....*pauses* Good to take on a mission with you! *slashes at something that crawls up behind Zack*
Aki: (although, he's saying a few things...that he doesn’t understand very well, but they're there XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (but at least he's happy)
Zack: *salutes and kicks one of the four-legged things in the face*
Izzy: (let's call them Nobodies)
Aki: (lol beautiful. ok)
Aerith: ....*just whacking the shit out of the things, casting reflect occasionally*...I hate to be mean, but you guys are really ugly!
Tifa: tell me about it. *combos one and finishes it off with a spinning kick* *watching it disappear into little white fragments* these...they're Nobodies, aren't they.
Aki: (I assume Aerith's MP bar spirals to the middle of the TV screen XD)
Izzy: (XD pretty much)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aerith: *pauses, frowning* Ah, yes--! *Firas another one*
Tifa: I guess that makes sense, because of all the Heartless--*elbows one that's trying to sneak up behind her* --we ran into in Edge before.
Aerith: *nods* I wonder how Sora's putting up with it then...?
Kairi: Riku, behind you! *casts Reflect on him*
Sora: ....This is really annoying-- they keep coming back! *hits them a few times, eventually making them explode*
Aki: (pff)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Kairi: I think there are just a lot of them--
Riku: *stabs a bunch*
Aki: (Sora makes everything spontaneously combust)
Izzy: (XD)
Sora: ...I mean-- Hey! Don't touch her! *sends a flash of Holy*
Izzy: (does that mean the Tsviets are Nobodies too?)
Aki: (AND KH)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Aki: (well, I assume so)
Izzy: (yeah. but then Shelke...actually, that makes sense--a ridiculous amount of sense. Because when she downloads Lucrecia's memories, she starts getting feelings back)
Sora: ...You can relax guys. *since Holy seeks out any sort of threat/enemies and follows them til it destroys them*
Aki: (ah yeah)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Kairi: Whew! You've gotta teach me that one sometime.
Sora: *salute* Aye aye captain!
Aki: (it makes everything so much easier in COM XD)
Kairi: *smiles, then leans over the balcony railing and spots some WRO soldiers in trouble* Ah--Lumina! *fries most of the Nobodies around them*
Izzy: (Takes a lot of MP tho XD)
Izzy: (pfft ahahah)
Aki: (because I was gonna do "Sephiroth: *teleports behind them and stabs the enemies*" but then Kairi did that and Sephy got scorched XD in my mind XD)
Izzy: (awww XD)
Aki: (it was actually really amazing)
Izzy: (omake. XD his poor hair)
Aki: (XDDD His hair takes all of the damage. But it's nothing that the Shinra Shampoo can't fix! And that's an awesome part of Crisis Core in case you haven't seen that part yet XD)
Izzy: (...what XD)
Aki: (okay. You can join clubs in CC)
Izzy: (what XD seriously?)
Aki: (And one of the clubs: "the sephiroth fanclub")
Izzy: (Lol)
Aki: (Cloud and Zack join. The original Seph fanboys. And they find out what shampoo Sephiroth uses)
Izzy: ('re making this up XD)
Aki: (I think it was peach scented or something--NO I’M NOT, GO THROUGH MY FAVS)
Izzy: (FINE XD)
Aki: (XDD It’s not a lie ;; )
Izzy: (sorry, I'm usually really gullible, so people take advantage XD)
Aki: ( (Link: )
Aki: (I can back it upppp)
Aki: (I KNOW, THEY GOSSIP AND STUFF AND THEY FIND OUT WHAT SHAMPOO HE USES. They snooped through his trash to find out)
Izzy: (wow.
Aki: (Zack and Cloud= original Sephiroth Fanboys)
Izzy: (I love how you can get tissues. that's special XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Sephiroth: *stabs at an enemy, falling forward, though he blasts a sphere of darkness at it*
Izzy: (this is too amazing. srsly)
Aki: (I KNOW. I’M JOINING THE SEPHIROTH FANCLUB. And Zack has one too apparently XD)
Izzy: (lollll)
Aki: (I bet Zack joined his own fanclub...)
Izzy: (Angeal likes dogs XD and gardening)
Aki: (yeah, that's why he and Aerith would make best friends)
Sephiroth: *stabs at an enemy, falling forward, though he blasts a sphere of darkness at it* ...these are Nobodies...
Zack: You're right...well, there's a bunch of Heartless running around this world as well, so it stands to reason. *smashes through a few more*
Sephiroth: ....*thinks for a moment* Perhaps I could--
Aki: (no summoning Heartless to do your bidding. That's cheating mister)
Zack: Hmm?
Sephiroth: *shakes his head after a moment, before getting up* Nothing. It wouldn't make anything easier. *crosses his arms* Is there anywhere in here the no one would mind getting destroyed-- for then I could actually use some of my spells... *slashes again*
Zack: Too many people--*stabs a few more* Collateral damage, see. We gotta do this the old fashioned way.
Aki: (....aka Sin Harvest and Meteor. You can use them later Seph XD)
Izzy: (yeahh)
Sephiroth: ....That brings the feeling of unbridled joy to my heart. *rolls his eyes, stabbing a swarm*
Zack: I should hope so! *Blizzagas a bunch*
Izzy: (okay XD)
Aki: (kay what now XD)
Izzy: (lemme check)
Aki: (I'll get ice cream XD)
Izzy: (well, Shalua sees Shelke, follows her, Ruda and Vincent KO her and Vincent goes off to fight Azul)
Izzy: *REEVE
Izzy: (wtf)
Aki: (ahahah oh right, here)
Izzy: (do we need to change any of that?)
Aki: uhhhh *reads* not that part, it goes:
Aki: [Shalua looks at the video feed of the camera which was shot earlier. What's left of the video feed shows the little girl walking by. Shalua freaks out]

Shalua: What? It couldn't be...

[Gameplay time. Vincent works his way through the floors of the WRO building, taking out various Deepground units. Eventually he reaches a WRO member who alerts him of the threat to Reeve]

WRO Member: Mr. Valentine! A sizable enemy unit is headed straight for the command center. Please, sir, you have to help the commissioner!

[Oh no, Reeve! Vincent races to the command center, where he encounters...]

Cait Sith: Take that!
[A Deepground soldier gets thrown out. Cait Sith walks out of the room, followed by Reeve, their actions synchronized]
Reeve: Don't worry. I'll be fine here. But Vincent. The Tsviets... Azul is still on the loose. [Reeve and Cait Sith walk back into the room]

[Gameplay continues; Vincent backtracks, and notices Azul on the ground floor; he makes his way there, and then through some hallways, until he gets to a large room. As he's walking, we can see a cloaked person following him. Shalua, who's also in the room, spots the hidden being and pulls her gun]

Shalua: Don't move.
[The cloaked being... is that little girl. She uncloaks and walks up to Shalua, who's still pointing a gun at her]
Girl: Very perceptive of you.
Shalua: I knew it.
[They look at it each other]
Shalua: Shelke.
Shelke: I have no acquaintances in the WRO.
Shalua: We've both changed so much. No, you haven't changed at all. Not in ten years.
[Shelke gasps]
Shalua: Shelke. It's me. Shalua.