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Dirge of Cerberus arc part 3

Zack: *Makes another frustrated noise and looks like he might slam his hand into the keyboard, but reconsiders* It wasn't you.
Sephiroth: ...Angeal?
Zack: ........*turns to face the screen fully* ...when they discovered this thing it was like they'd found the Elixer of Life. What they didn't think about was that it had been sealed away for a reason.
Izzy: (...btw, he knows these things because he was dead. >.> it's special like that)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (or Aerith could have told him XD whatever)
Zack: 2000 years ago an alien life-form crash landed onto this planet. It was mostly inhabited by a race called the Cetra. ShinRa thought my wife was the last one of them. Looking at the kids back home, apparently they were wrong. But that's besides the point. They went nearly extinct because this...creature killed them. It could change its form at will, pretended to be their family members to trick them into a false sense of security while it slaughtered them. So the ones that remained put all their strength into sealing it away.
Izzy: (correct me if I make any mistakes. This is all from memory)
Aki: (good so far XD)
Zack: Then ShinRa's scientists uncovered it. And decided it would be a great idea to do some genetic enhancements using its cells and DNA. Problem was, it wasn't an ordinary life form. More like a collection of cells with a sort of hive mind. So the cells remained dormant but conscious inside human beings, while enhancing their strength and regenerative power......*pauses*
Izzy: (he's like "I nearly forgot how utterly disgusting this whole business is.”)
Sephiroth: ...And that's why I have an occasional faint voice inside my head? *still sort of letting it sink in*
Aki: (ahaha awwww well, Zack's being good D: good boy Zack *pats him*)
Sephiroth: *pulls up his file again, pointing to the paragraph he had been reading out loud beforehand*
Izzy: (good puppy XD)
Aki: (AHAHAHA yes)
Zack: ....*nods* Last year...when I came back. Sora ended up here. I think he was lost.
Aki: (sounds about right XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Zack: Hojo was a Heartless by then, but he was continuing his research...on other Heartless. And he discovered that the Heartless, having no real genetic makeup, are unable to be controlled by Jenova cells, and are therefore completely incompatible. He thought he'd test his theory on a human with strong connections to the darkness, but I got rid of him first.
Izzy: (I was drawing Zack's return to life; when he gets out of the Underworld, he's on the hill where he died. So he goes over to the Buster Sword and is like "Dammit, Cloud, you let it get all rusty! It's going to take hours to clean this!" XD)
Aki: (AWW)
Izzy: ("Angeal's going to kill me! Oh wait, hahaha.")
Aki: (Awwww Iluzack D: )
Izzy: (XD everyone does)
Aki: (ahahah)
Zack: But following that theory...if counteracted by darkness, the will in the Jenova cells wouldn't be able to overpower the mind of their host...........
Sephiroth: So what drove me crazy as a child is keeping me sane...?
Zack: ...ironic, isn't it? *sighs*
Sephiroth: *blinks, glancing back at the computer, frowning* So I really did set that fire?
Zack: I'm trying to say, it wasn't you!
Sephiroth: Well, in general I'm saying that...physically I did?
Zack: Maybe if you had control, you'd have wanted revenge on ShinRa for what they did to you--ah........*hesitates, then nods*
Sephiroth: All right. I still dislike Rufus. *snorts*
Aki: (he's being childish again XD)
Zack: *stares at him*...all...right? That's it?
Sephiroth: ...I can't think of anything else, really.
Zack: *blinks* Hah...
Shalua: You...seem to act a lot younger than you are. *had been observing them*
Zack: Who, me? I've always been like this.
Izzy: (.........XD ......)
Shalua: Like a teenager-- both of you. *laughs good naturedly*
Izzy: (he's so silly. Sorry XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Sephiroth: teenager? *surprised*
Shalua: Yeah, pretty much.
Sephiroth: Well...*thinks for a moment*
Shalua: Perhaps it's because of your different circumstances, being those with strong hearts and all...*had talked to Sora earlier*
Zack: grew up in Radiant Garden like the others, right?
Izzy: (Cloud didn't really want to talk about what he saw >.>)
Sephiroth: Right...
Zack: And Angeal and...Genesis were there, too?
Sephiroth: I grew up there until a few days before my tenth birthday---along with Angeal and Genesis. Yes. I...well, I was born with the ability to see the darkness in any of its forms-- more commonly in the form of people's hearts. I couldn't control it. So, I would just sit and stare at people for most of the day, until Angeal and Genesis found me and told me we had stuff to do. People thought I was strange-- I'd avoid any sort of physical contact, and I suppose I wouldn't look them in the eyes.
Izzy: (and then they would go torment innocent townspeople at Genesis' command >: ahah)
Aki: (XD YES)
Sephiroth: But Genesis would always tell me I shouldn't be moping, and he'd drag me off to sneak into the bakery through a little hole in the back of the building, or terrorize other children and whatnot...Apparently, despite my abnormalities, townsfolk would still try to spend time with my mother, but she'd use me as an excuse, and say that she needed to pay attention to me, to make sure I grew up correctly. That she didn't have time for anyone else. *laughs a little bit* She made some of her delicious cookies every Friday. But, anyway, one day...I decided to ask Angeal and Genesis if they could see 'the black stuff on people's hearts'. I told Genesis that darkness was almost completely consuming his heart....he got angry and I slapped him. He got angrier; Angeal had to break up our fight-- Genesis told me that they didn't need me around. Angeal tried coming after me, but Genesis told him I wasn't worth is, so I left. I went home, but some of the men of the town were standing around with knives-- I didn't really understand the situation. I saw my mother dead. And naturally....I ran.
Aki: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (sorry, couldn't help it)
Aki: (they should have done that to Jenova D: )
Izzy: (....XDDD)
Aki: (:D)
Zack: *looks understandably a little horrified*
Sephiroth: *laughs a little bitterly* I was the one who always cried, I was the smallest, I was the one who hid behind Angeal, the one who did the work but didn’t gain any of the benefits from it...So, I really didn't know where to run to. Eventually the men caught up, tried killing me. I was so scared, and I hadn't realized until one of the men said something about a monster-- how I'd turned their friend into a monster. I created a Heartless. So, I tried to use the power I had before...but the more I used it, the more my chest hurt-- and then I grew that wretched wing.
Izzy: (it's still tied down, right?)
Aki: (Yeah, though he's started to bitch about that too XD)
Izzy: (XD he could probably sleep without the binding. Well, he could take it off now, neither of them would blame him XD)
Sephiroth: It's....It actually grew as I gold older, it's a physical part of me, unlike Cloud's wing.
Aki: (yeah. Zack would probably have to mention it, because Seph still frets over it XD)
Zack: it still bothering you?
Aki: ( wtf? Grew.)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: ($300 GIL SHOES OMG)
Aki: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (anyway)
Sephiroth: ...nothing I can't handle.
Aki: (It's probably getting too big to be wound, too D: it like...had to regrow)
Izzy: (yeah)
Zack: No, really. Don't you get cramps with it tied down like that?
Sephiroth: Well, of course..
Zack: *gestures* Well, you could go ahead and give it a stretch if you want, unless--*glances at Shalua*
Izzy: (she'd probably be like "You have soft feathers :D" or something lol *shot*)
Shalua: *holds up her hands* I don't mind. *laughs*
Aki: (....she does that all the time XDDD)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Seph still thinks its weird XDDD)
Izzy: (XDDDD I just had this funny image of Zack trying to help him take the bandages off, and it looks really awkward XD)
Aki: (XDDDD it's supposed to XDDD)
Izzy: (and the security cameras making it look more awkward LOL)
Aki: (XDDD I would totally ship ZackSephiroth if Zack weren't married XDDD)
Izzy: (XD they have a special relationship since they are the gayest straight men ever)
Aki: (yes XD especially with one another XD)
Izzy: (right XD)
Zack: Well, you need any help?
Aki: (well, Zack just tops everyone, and we all know that all Sephiroths are Ukeroths thanks to Jenova who reads her gay porn all day long)
Izzy: ("Mother, mother, in a tank, who's the fruitiest but not by rank?" XDDD)
Sephiroth: *shrugging off his coat, before shrugging* If you want to.
Aki: (lol I love how we keep everything canon by fucking it up XDDD)
Izzy: (XDDDDDDDD....I don't get it XD)
Zack: *shrugs as well and starts undoing the bandages*
Aki: (We make so many jokes about fanon stuffs that by the end of the day, we go back to wanting to make everything canon)
Izzy: (lolllllllll you have no idea how hard this makes me laugh)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (but in the end, silly implications are much more fun than making it actually gay)
Aki: (yes XD)
Sephiroth: *stretches it slightly, feeling the bones crack, and he pulls it back against his shoulder*
Aki: (he needs to stop tying it so tightly)
Zack: Yeesh. You could have done that earlier, you know.
Sephiroth: ...The others were awake earlier.
Zack: I guess. We could have told the more excitable ones to leave. *grins a little*
Izzy: (Zack wanted to give him a little break from his morbid story XD)
Aki: (ahahaha awww)
Sephiroth: What, you like wings or something?
Zack: *stares at him for a second before cracking up* Are you insinuating something, mister?
Sephiroth: *raises a brow* Perhaps.
Aki: (oh no, not another moment XDDD I truly love how gay they are XD)
Izzy: (XDDD right in front of Shalua, too XDDD)
Aki: (she's giggling, dun worry XD)
Zack: Could it not be a fetish and just my general concern for my friend's well-being? No?
Sephiroth: *crosses his arms* Absolutely not. It's more fun this way.
Aki: (XDDD)
Zack: Are you doing this because I seemed so eager to share a room with you, or what?
Izzy: (he just won't stop XD)
Sephiroth: Oh, that's definetly it.
Aki: (...Seph won’t stop either XD)
Zack: Or maybe it's just my curse in life to be surrounded by men with wings.
Izzy: (.wdlk;asdlk;SLK;asl;k I gtg D: I'll call you on break so more Gayness can ensue)
Aki: (NOOOOO DON’T LEAVE l;dsf;lsdl;)
Izzy: (I'll call you now while I walk to work?)
Sephiroth: ALLLLL around you.
Aki: (OKAY)
Session Close (m& aureif): Fri Dec 07 17:00:49 2007

Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Sat Dec 08 10:53:29 2007
Zack: *tackles Sephiroth back*
Izzy: (.............he came out of nowhere)
Aki: (pfft *photo* *run*)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (just a feeeeewwww more centimeters and I could have sold this to fangirls D: darn you Zack *DEAD* --anyway)
Izzy: (lol)
Sephiroth: ....What did you eat this morning? *pokes Zack* Are you like...gonna stay here to sleep or can I get up?
Zack: I dunno, it's kind of comfortable.
Izzy: (.......................this man needs help XD)
Aki: (ahahahah )
Sephiroth: .....You're special.
Zack: *grins*
Sephiroth: Usually when you grin like that, there's something I should be worried about.
Izzy: (...Zack, I doubt he's ticklish. XD)
Aki: (......AHAHAHA THAT’S AMAZING BECAUSE HE IS XD sorry to burst your bubble XD)
Izzy: (lollllllll)
Aki: (I know for a fact that Sephiroth's wing is the most ticklish XDDD It makes him laugh so hard that he can’t stand or breathe XD)
Izzy: (XD ALSALKKLS:A:ALK don't give Zack ideas)
Izzy: (XD)
Sephiroth: Now I'm actually worried...
Zack: *yawns*
Izzy: (...I think he might fall asleep XD)
Sephiroth: .............*shrugs slightly*
Izzy: (don't be mean XD)
Aki: (I wanna tho D: )
Sephiroth: ....Are you actually going to fall asleep?
Zack: Still considering it.
Sephiroth:.... you could at least lemme grab my book...
Zack: *sighs dramatically* I suppose. *rolls off him*
Izzy: (............this is terribly awkward for me. I think Zack is doing it on purpose. >:)
Sephiroth: *snorts, sitting up and grabbing his book*
Aki: (I’m terribly amused)
Sephiroth: *just reads*
Aki: (they amuseeee me XD Is Zack trying to convert you to a new pairing or something? )
Izzy: (I DON'T KNOW)
Aki: (is it working?)
Izzy: (or maybe he observed Leon and Cloud and wanted in on the fun >.>)
Aki: (XDDDDD *DIES* because, sadly, it's working on me XD)
Izzy: (LOL I think it's just the way he is)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (I mean, I think it's more that he realized that Sephiroth doesn't care)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (He does similar things with Cloud, but...I was just used to it XD)
Aki: (ahahaha)
Zack: *gets up and collapses on the couch instead*
Aki: (Sephiroth's just like "Reading alone on the couch with nothing better to do is the same as reading with someone sleeping on you on the floor with nothing better to do. " XD)
Sephiroth: Did you not sleep well or something? *drapes a blanket over Zack, raising a brow*
Zack: *yawns again* I guess. I was busy.
Sephiroth: all right. Then sleep. *plops into another chair and reads*
Aki: (aw Seph's worried about Zack. He actually went to go cook Zack some food)
Izzy: (awwwww Zack's asleep XD I think he was doing Christmas shopping XD)
Aki: (LOL)
Sephiroth: ...*places the plate beside the couch, before reading again*
Izzy: (sooo are you coming over, or are you gonna read Vampirates all day? XD)
Aki: (uh my dad's not home yet...)
Izzy: (oh okay)
Aki: (oh well...they'll be home soon. Actual RP til then or no?)
Izzy: (okay uhm, sure. Guys with wings)
Aki: (XDDD)
Sephiroth: ...perhaps that is the case.
Zack: Hmm.
Izzy: (they're all serious again. ah well)
Aki: (aw)
Zack: *leans back against the computer desk* Feeling any better, then?
Izzy: (oh, right, I wanted to say...part of the reason Zack got so silly was relief over Seph not flipping out when he finally learned the truth)
Sephiroth: Hm? *smiles a little bit* Perhaps the break was for you-- you seem relieved about something.
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (you know what I love? People who ship both het and slash.)
Aki: (XDDD me too. Why was this brought up? XD)
Izzy: (looking through someone's gallery XD it made me happy.)
Zack: Relieved...I guess I am.
Aki: (XD)
Sephiroth: *nods a bit*
Aki: (i'll leave in 15 minutes. Dad's eating)
Izzy: (kays)
Sephiroth: *smacks Zack with his wing simply because he can*
Aki: (....he's in a very good mood XDDD)
Zack: Bahh feathers in my face! What was that for? *good-naturedly*
Sephiroth: Just for standing there. *sticks his tongue out*
Aki: (really good mood, apparently)
Aki: I GTG
*** "Aki" signed off at Sat Dec 08 13:07:00 2007.
Session Close ( if): Sat Dec 08 13:07:08 2007

Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Sat Dec 08 17:14:59 2007
Izzy: youuuuuuuuu
Aki: :D
Sephiroth: ...*pokes Zack*
Zack: Hmmm?
Sephiroth: You're awake. You mind tying it back up?
Aki: (he's been a bitch all day D: TIE IT UNTIE IT TIE IT UNTIE IT etc)
Izzy: (XD)
Zack: What, you've changed your mind now? Someday it'll cut off your circulation, and that won't be fun. *sits up and rubs his face* *yawns*
Sephiroth: Well, Cloud's hanging around...and the others'll probably freak out or something. Since...that's what they thought made me lose my memory-- so of course if it comes back, I'm a threat no matter what I say.
Aki: (...I think it's actually an emo moment, not him being a bitch)
Zack: ....It's been growing back for a while, hasn't it?
Sephiroth: Yeah...
Zack: And the fact that you're actually worrying about what other people think about it...that doesn't say anything. *rubs his face again* It's your choice, but......*frowns and glances away for a moment*
Aki: (Sephiroth, do NOT quote Angeal. Bad timing >\ )
Zack: *grumbles and messes with his hair* I guess I just don't want to see you in pain.
Sephiroth: *pauses* don't have to. I don't want to, I just want to stay here with the least amount of trouble...
Aki: (he was gonna do the whole 'monsters want revenge, and angels want to be human. If I'm both, and I've gotten my revenge, then all I want now is to be human." He's emo D: )
Izzy: (real RP? As far as we can get?)
Aki: (sure. Well, even in the real RP Seph was thinking on that, which sucks)
Izzy: (aww)
Shalua: Something's bothering you. *had been studying them*
Izzy: (he was talking about his past, right?)
Sephiroth: *pauses* Yes, but it's irrelevant.
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (before Zack distracted him)
Aki: (yup)
Zack: *folds his arms* You should know better than that.
Sephiroth: ....I should, shouldn't I.
Aki: (he's just playing along DX)
Zack: Well, then, don't contradict yourself. If there's a problem, it can't be irrelevant. Does it have anything to do with what happens next?
Sephiroth: I suppose. It could be related to many events. *shrugs* Well, right after all of that...Genesis dragged me into the darkness, so I stayed close to him since he was obviously the only familiar thing. But he continued to ask me how I was able to use the darkness so easily, when it took him years to learn how to use its power. Eventually I ended up in the Underworld...I ran into Cerberus. I was still horrified, so it didn't come near me because the darkness around me was going I had a choice. Which Hades offered. I could learn to fight under his command and be his Platinum match participant, and he'd take care of me-- or I could go with Genesis and ultimately die. Being the cowardly child I was, I of course picked Hades. But, just because Hades took care of me, didn't mean Genesis was gone-- he followed me, jealous. He wanted my power. Where I went, usually he followed behind. *nods a bit*
Zack: he wasn't too different in that world, either. *folds his arms*
Sephiroth: hm? I...grew up with him here?
Aki: (he didn't get very far in his file XD)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Zack: Not grew up, per and Angeal told me stories about how the three of you were friends during SOLDIER training. Angeal and Genesis grew up in the same village...
Sephiroth: ...stupid apples. *pauses* Wait...what.
Aki: ( had to sorry XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Zack: ...*laughs* What, you remember?
Sephiroth: ....Banora Apples. I don't know what they are-- I just thought of them. Oh well.
Izzy: (XD those stupid apples)
Aki: (yus >D)
Sephiroth: *sighs*
Aki: (Shalua like...left them to bond XD she's like I HAVE OTHER WORK TO ATTEND TO, AS MUCH AS I ENJOY WATCHING YOU TWO BOND)
Izzy: (XD)
Zack: You tired yet?
Izzy: (.......................................THAT SOUNDED SO BAD OUT OF CONTEXT WTF ZACK STOP DOING THIS TO MY BRAIN)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (....that should be an icon. “I enjoy it when your brain farts.” I love how it doesn't hurt my brain-- Zack's just giving me more material to work with)
Sephiroth: ...not really.
Izzy: (lol)
Zack: You're taking this pretty well, considering.
Sephiroth: I...still don't remember a lot of's like I'm reading about someone else...*frowns*
Zack: Hmm...*yawns*
Sephiroth: You should sleep...
Zack: *waves a hand at him* Who me? I've gotten by on less.
Sephiroth: ...are you just looking for an excuse to stay up and make sure I don't blow something up?
Aki: (I'm not sure what he's thinking right now D: It sounded a little joking tho)
Zack: ...after what we just discussed, yes, I'm absolutely fraught with worry.
Izzy: (and that was fairly sarcastic)
Aki: (yeah XD the word fraught gave it away XD)
Zack: *yawns again* I did my damage control duty already anyway...
Sephiroth: ...what do you mean?
Aki: (he needs to NOT be curious...for FIVE MINUTES)
Izzy: (I don't even know if I spelled it correctly)
Zack: ...*pauses* I'd rather not have to fight you again, for any reason. That's all.
Sephiroth: ....I don't want to fight you either.
Zack: Good. That settles it.
Sephiroth: *sits back at the computer* ...Perhaps this computer is old enough to have Pacman...
Aki: (...on drugs srslie)
Zack: ........*snorts* Have fun. I think I am going back to sleep. Don't get eaten by ghosts.
Sephiroth: Mhmm. I'll probably just wander around the corridors.
Izzy: (lol Pacman. XD)
Sephiroth: Oh, don't worry. I'm the one who's in need of a good midnight snack anyway. *signs out of the computer, re-locking the password* Who in their right mind would make their password something so easily guessed?
Zack: Easy for you, maybe. *waves and leaves to go back to their room*
Sephiroth: *goes off to wander the halls*
Izzy: (lol. CinderellaAuroraJasmineAliceSnowWhiteBelleKairi. XD)
Aki: (...stop that)
Aki: (no really. Stop. It's creepy now XD)
Izzy: (what XD)
Aki: (it wasn't that order but it was close enough)
Izzy: (I know. What, why is it creepy XD)
Aki: (...because it was ;; jk *patpat*)
Izzy: (XD how many days did we say?)
Aki: (like three or four)
Izzy: (and are we going to RP all of them? ahah)
Aki: (do you WANT TO? I don’t mind XD)
Izzy: (well, not ALL of them XD we'd run out of things to do)
Aki: (well it IS time for
Izzy: (and a bunch of it is bonding XD lol)
Aki: (there’s Leon and Cloud bonding. Sephiroth and Zack bonding. Behind the scenes Shalua and Sephiroth bonding. Tifa and Aerith bonding. Zack and Aerith bonding. Sora, Riku and Kairi bonding. etc)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Riku and Cloud bonding. Any combo really)
Izzy: (lol ummm, what do you want to do XD we did the Sephiroth + Zack thing already)
Aki: (probably Leon and Cloud)
Izzy: (more like Zack/Sephiroth but whatever. Ahah all right)
Izzy: (they haven't really worked things out yet, right?)
Aki: (yeah.)
Cloud: ..........*staring at the wall, thinking about how he really, really doesn't want to get out of bed*
Izzy: (....XD he really is such a teenager)
Leon: ...*staring at Cloud, thinking about how he really, really wants Cloud to move so he doesn't have to worry about having to get up and force feed Cloud*
Izzy: (he'll eat, he's just being lazy hahaha)
Aki: (yeah)
Leon: Please tell me you're not comatose.
Cloud: I think I wish I were.
Leon: ....Oh, so life really sucks that much?
Cloud: ........It's not that. I was just...thinking. About how it's...going to be difficult to go home.
Leon: you mean?
Cloud: ...*sits up, staring down at the pile of blankets on his lap* Radiant Garden is home, but...I have memories...and friends here too. Last time, things were happening so fast, I wasn't thinking straight...I...should have thought about how it was like for you.
Aki: (does Cloud realize he's cute? )
Izzy: (no, probably not XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (his hair in the morning adds to the effect XD because it sticks up everywhere)
Leon: what it was like for me?
Aki: (AW fluffy Cloud. Cirrus)
Cloud: I'd come back with us. I didn't think...maybe you'd want to stay in your other world, with your other friends....Now I realize what that decision must have been like...
Leon: ...As much as I love them, I couldn't have stayed. Other than them, I really had nothing there. I had no family. No job. ...Laguna doesn't count.
Izzy: (XD “He annoys the hell out of me.")
Aki: (he said it so sharply too XD)
Izzy: (awww poor Daddy gets no love)
Aki: (Leon looks so much like Laguna now, tho)
Izzy: (I know XD)
Aki: (Leon's hair is longer...)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Izzy: (it was funny how pissed he got when the guards misrecognized him)
Aki: (XDDD)
Leon: ...Being royalty really takes away from the point of having a family, and having responsibility. *sighs* I don't know.
Cloud: .....I'm just...not sure how I'm going to explain. To everyone's like I abandoned them. Even though I didn't really have any control over the situation. And now I'm just going to leave again...
Leon: *Frowns*
Cloud: This world needs rebuilding, too.
Leon:'ll take a while, of ultimately they'll understand and whatever you chose to do...we'll all accept it. And...they need you here.
Cloud: *glances up at him* I wasn't doing much in the first place.
Aki: (....)
Cloud: *mutters* delivering packages. Just trying to make a living.
Aki: (Leon's like..."Well, whatever's best I suppose")
Cloud: I just don't know.
Leon: ....*shrugs a little* You'll figure it out. You'll know when you have to make that decision. You'll know what you want-- don't think on it. It'll come naturally.
Cloud: ...*nods slowly*
Leon: And it's not like all of us will be completely separated. We have the means of transportation thanks to Cid. ...and don't you dare even consider me. Don't make me any more important that the others. ....You'll figure it out. If...leaving means you'll be happier or is in your best interest, then I don't mind.
Cloud: ....*looks a little dismayed*
Aki: (that's what love is >D)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (it's unconditional :D)
Leon: ....*frowns before sighing*
Cloud: *looks back down* I don't think--................I don't think I...could be...happy without you. *quietly* That's all.
Leon: *blinks before grinning*
Cloud: *runs a hand through his hair, embarrassed*
Izzy: (he's like "blahhh touchy-feely stuff." XD)
Leon: We'll whatever you do, you're not getting rid of me.
Izzy: (XD)
Leon: ...C'mon. Let's get some breakfast! *grabs his hand and drags him off*
Cloud: *dragged*
Leon: Ok, really. You won’t ever be happy if you don't smile. *pushes his mouth up*
Cloud: *pushes his hand away, but smiles a little*
Aki: ("While his appearance and age change (in Kingdom Hearts, he is 25, whereas in Final Fantasy VIII, he is 17), his personality remains the same")
Aki: (NO. YEAH RIGHT. Suuuure)
Izzy: (Cloud's like "People need to stop pinching my face, it hurts"--AHAHAH WHAT that's such BS XD)
Izzy: (Leon TALKS to people. And SMILES XD)
Leon: ....That's better! *smacks Cloud's face with a spatula of conveniently placed cake frosting*
Aki: (......)
Izzy: (....)
Cloud: .....
Aki: (um that was all him *points*)
Leon: *grins*
Aki: (....)
Tifa: *walks in* Morning you tw--*bursts out laughing at the sight of Cloud's face*
Izzy: (wow. CLOUD YOUR FACE IS FUNNY—anyway)
Aki: ("Squall is also set to appear in the upcoming Dissidia: Final Fantasy game, where he is seen duking it out with FFVII's villain, Sephiroth" .....fighting over Cloud I see)
Izzy: (LOL I can't wait for Dissidia)
Aki: (me either)
Izzy: (so much crack opportunity)
Aki: (>D)
Leon: *thinking expression, thumb on his chin* ...It needs something more. Aha! *grabs a cherry and sticks it on Cloud's nose* There.
Tifa: *has to lean on the counter because she's laughing so hard*
Cloud: .....glad someone funds this funny.
Leon: *grins, pulling out a camera* ....*CLICKFLASH*
Cloud: ...ah--...was that necessary? *starts cleaning frosting off of his face*
Aki: ("He awkwardly bumps into other partygoers while staring constantly at his feet with a look of confusion. Rinoa, however, perseveres in partnering him, and Squall eventually reveals that he's quite capable of dancing, as it is a mandatory aspect of his training"--so he can dance XD)
Leon: Yes. Great scrapbook moment for Aerith to savour.
Cloud: ...she would. *licks frosting off of his fingers.
Izzy: (he was like "What the hell, I'll eat it." XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Leon: *smiles*
Tifa: *wipes away a tear* I guess you guys slept well.
Leon: Mhm! Did Aerith keep you up all night with her talk about the types of fertilizer you should use on Syringas? She did that to me a few years ago.
Aki: (unfortunately he remembers)
Izzy: (XD what the hell is a Syringa?)
Aki: (........)
Izzy: (...well? >.>)
Aki: (Lilac, I thought it was common knowledge XD)
Izzy: (....I'm no expert on flowers, just what my mom tells me. And I had no idea there was another name for lilac XD)
Aki: (XDDD...then Aerith suits me well. I know so much...)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (I grew up in gardens practically. I spent so much time climbing trees and looking at birds etc)
Leon: ...the common Lilac...Syringa vulgaris-- you know. Just forget that I know any of this.
Tifa: *laughs* No, it was just girl talk. You know. Or maybe you don't, but that's all right.
Leon: ...I've been included in general girl talk before...I think I have an idea...
Aki: (he's like 'I'm horrified now, horrible HORRIBLE memories" XD Aerith dressed him up once, back when they were little)
Izzy: (....XDDDDDD)
Aki: (and taught him about flowers, and not to mention RINOA)
Aki: (girl talk EVERYWHERE)
Izzy: (the two of them are forces of nature. And then there's Yuffie)
Aki: (SELPHIE, RINOA, AERITH, TIFA, YUFFIE, QUISTIS, ELLONE against Seifer, Cloud and Irvine and Zell)
Izzy: (A guy can only take so much, even if he's gay XD)
Aki: (I feel like they all turned him gay)
Izzy: (lol, or maybe he just likes Cloud because he doesn't talk. XD)
Aki: (AHAHAHA perhaps)
Aki: ("The first character Nomura designed specifically for use in Final Fantasy VIII was Squall, initially giving him longer hair and a more feminine appearance" --poor Squall gets it so hard ;; )
Izzy: (hahahha)
Aki: ("Squall and his rival, Seifer Almasy, are the only gunblade specialists who appear in the game, although Laguna Loire uses one very briefly." --ohohoho...that's another clue. “medium-length brown hair and blue eyes")
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (sky slate, kthnxbai)
Izzy: (kayyy what now)
Aki: (uhm stuff XD maybe more plot. But Leon was haaaappy XD)
Izzy: (aww well, Sephiroth's story has been told, at least)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (is there anything left to do?)
Aki: (break up the happy moment in the kitchen, because we can say that was the fourth day. I know just how to do it)
Sephiroth: *goes into the kitchen to get orange juice*
Aki: (there....I want buffalo winnngss. yummy D: )
Izzy: (ahahha)
Cloud: ...*finishes cleaning his face with a napkin*
Izzy: (actually, Cloud has made an improvement. He's gone from glaring at Sephiroth to pretending he doesn't exist >.>)
Aki: (that's good)
Sephiroth: *leaves the room with the carton*
Aki: (...and Sephiroth imitates)
Izzy: (ahah)
Tifa: *sighs a little*
Izzy: (it happens in the morning right? Shalua falls asleep at the computer...)
Leon: ....did it grow back? *was doing a double take*
Aki: (Yeah i think so)
Izzy: (because it's daylight when Vincent gets there)
Cloud: *looks up sharply*
Zack: *yawns and wanders in*
Aki: (yeah)
Zack: ....*stops and glances around* ....who left the freezer door open?
Izzy: ("Is it cold in here or is it just me?")
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (I was reading about Cissnei)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (And I was extremely slow because I just now realised that she's Shuriken)
Izzy: (HAHAHA really?)
Aki: (yeah I’M SLOW)
Izzy: (its okay XD)
Aki: (I don’t pay attention to BC XD)
Izzy: (I like Turks XD so I know more than I should)
Leon: ....*looks a little guilty for bringing it up*
Zack:, really. Geez, lighten up, all of you. I don't see a time bomb sitting over there on the table.
Leon: It's growing back. At least that's what I saw. *sighs*
Zack: Yeah, well, it has been. For a while. He's been hiding it. Probably because he was expecting such a reaction from you guys. Which says something in itself, doesn't it.
Tifa: ...we're sorry, it's just, you know...
Zack: Yeah, I know. *glances at Cloud*
Cloud: ....
Zack: *sighs*
Leon: Personally, I'm just worried about Cloud. *frowns*
Aki: (Leon's pretty patient with Sephiroth, actually. Just gets upset when Cloud gets upset)
Cloud: I'm fine. *sounds a little strained*
Izzy: (yeah)
Leon: ....right.
Zack: ....*scratches the back of his head thoughtfully* saw it, didn't you? What happened to him when he was a kid. In Radiant Garden.
Cloud:...*looks up slowly*
Leon: ...Seeing it leaves more of an impact...I spoke with Merlin about it before we left...
Zack: That's all he really remembers. What happened here...*looks at Cloud* It was Jenova that drove him insane. You know that. You know what it's like. The darkness is taking care of that. There's nothing to worry about.
Leon: That's ironic. *leans against the wall*
Zack: *grins a little* Ironic but true.
Leon: *nods a bit, smiling slightly*
Aki: (Leon's a more serious Zack who actually pulls his own weight XD)
Zack: Anyway, the wing had nothing to do with it. It's more like an outward sign. A symptom.
Izzy: (wait...does this mean Kyran will grow a wing? >.> wtf)
Aki: (wait wut)
Izzy: (Genesis and Sephiroth)
Aki: (he has least)
Izzy: (both grew wings because of their power--well...because they used their power)
Aki: (yeah, but that's because their darkness grew and grew out of control)
Izzy: (so I guess Kyran wouldn't)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (and yeah, the scars, you're right0
Aki: (lol I think too much about my characters)
Izzy: (ahah)
Zack: Just don't let it hit you in the face when you walk by and you'll be fine. *pats Cloud on the shoulder and goes to find something to eat*
Cloud: ....*looks slightly less upset and more contemplative*
Aki: (-smack-)
Izzy: (finally feeling some sort of remorse for getting so angry...)
Aki: (oh good, getting somewhere)
Izzy: (well, yeah. I wasn't sure how to describe his expression)
Aki: (uhm, just so Zack knows, Sephiroth hijacked the orange juice)
Izzy: (like...he's thinking about it)
Aki: (and yeah)
Izzy: (and he feels kind of bad.)
Aki: (If you also think about it, Sephiroth, in a way, by following Cloud around as a child, was protecting him)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (and not just stalking him)
Izzy: (Cloud probably would have died. Tifa too. I think he knows that, because there was no other way they could have gotten off-world. They were just kids)
Aki: (right. And at the same time, Cloud was keeping Sephiroth sane, not just the darkness)
Izzy: (also, what Zack said about Jenova driving him crazy: "You know what that's like"--he does. He knows what it's like to be controlled like that, except Sephiroth had a stronger will, but more reason for it to mess him up. So the effort it took to fight was kind of what drove him crazy, if you think about it)
Aki: (*nods*)
Izzy: (because half of him probably wanted to do those things--get revenge, at least)
Aki: (but not to that extent)
Izzy: (and Jenova made him take it out on the wrong people. Right)
Aki: (*nod*)
Aki: (Sephiroth's been trying to fly actually, but he can’t lately. It's just amusing to watch)
Izzy: (all it did to Cloud was try to make him betray his friends. Well, not "all", but you know what I mean)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (so it was more straightforward for Cloud, he knew what he had to do. Sephiroth was probably very confused)
Aki: (right. And still is, and always will be. But not horribly so)
Izzy: (*sigh* ahah)
Tifa: ...*puts a hand on Cloud's shoulder reassuringly*
Aki: (you see, he's just confused about why he can’t fly-- sometimes he can be so...onetrackminded.)
Izzy: (XD aww)
Aki: (he keeps falling. He's got an Angeal complex now)
Cloud: *mumbles* It's fine. I just don't think I have it in me to forgive anything.
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (Angeal really, REALLY sucks at being a monster XD)
Izzy: (he really, really does XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (he's too nice)
Aki: (heehee)
Aki: (yayyy)
Aki: -later that day/next day?-
Izzy: (we'll say that was day two or three)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (uhm, can we just go over the scene where Shelke wakes up so I can get used to her?)
Aki: (yus)
Izzy: (even though it's just repeating game dialogue)
Aki: (yeah, I have the script open to that part if you want it)
Izzy: (I'll just YouTube it, gimme a sec)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (kayyy)
Aki: (KAY)
Izzy: (XD)
Shelke: *thinking* Where am I....
Shalua: *sleeping at the computer terminal*
Shelke: ....*gets up, looking around*
Shelke: *spots her weapons on the desk next to Shalua, and reaches for them*
Izzy: (what the hell are they called, anyway. Lightsabersss)
Shalua: Shelke! How are you feeling?
Izzy: (XD)
Shelke: *stares at her for a moment, then shakes her head slightly as if to clear it* You were a fool to let your enemy live. Now I'm going to kill you, and return to Deepground.
Shalua: I don't think so. I have to admit, I wasn't myself back there. Seeing you for the first time in ten years left me in a spin. But I've had time to recover. And I'm not letting you get away. Not this time. There's no way I'm going to let you kill me, and there's no way I'm going to let you go back to Deepground.
Shelke: I don't recall needing your permission to do anything. *battle stance*
Shalua: And I don't remember you ever being able to win any of our fights, do you? How about it? You want to try your luck?
Izzy: (the Deepground Soldiers run funny)
Aki: (>D)
Izzy: (they really do, it's hilarious)
Aki: (XDD)
Izzy: *Alarms go off*
Aki: (...oh, just the Shalua and Shelke moment? No Reeve?)
Izzy: (oh, yeah. Reeve isn't important *shot*)
Aki: (XD ok)
Izzy: (it's just, it doesn't make sense to skip around, you know what I mean?)
Aki: (right)
Shalua: They're back!? But why?
Shelke: They were waiting. For Azul.
Shalua: Azul?
Shelke: His death was merely a prologue to the true terror.
Aki: (LOL QUADRUPLE T: to the true terror)
Izzy: (ahahaha lol)
Aki: (right)
Izzy: (lol Yuffie. And Chase. I love how we named the Austrailian guy Chase)
Aki: (yes XD)
Yuffie: *falls, hitting her head and blacking out*
Izzy: (I wonder if people will get the reference)
Aki: (ahahah I hope)
Vincent: *jumps out and shoots things. Lots of things*
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (We need to make a "You're British" "No I'm Australian" joke at some point)
Izzy: (XD omake)
Aki: (House did that once XD)
Izzy: (yes)
Aki: (he calls Chase British XD I love them--speaking of Australian, I have a talking Steve Irwin doll. I got it from Kris today)
Vincent: *stares at beastified Azul coming down the hallway* What the hell--!?
Shelke: Azul.
Izzy: (who's Azul again? XD I don't remember who does which Tsviet)
Aki: (....I'll be fatman)
Izzy: (lol. You're Nero and I'm Weiss, but that's all I know. So you're Azul and Rosso?)
Azul: *storms over and knocks Vincent down*
Aki: (sure)
Izzy: (he knocks Shalua over first, just saying)
Aki: (the script didn’t say that XD)
Izzy: (oh. Well, Vincent fires off a few shots into Azul’s face that do nothing)
Aki: (I R AZN)
Izzy: (Shalua goes for him and gets knocked flying--what XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Vincent gets distracted worrying about her and gets knocked down)
Aki: (ok)
Shelke: *stands calmly in front of Azul*
Azul: *to make everything symmetrical he knocks Shelke down*
Izzy: (XD)
Shelke: Uh--! *rolls over and scrambles to her feet* *backs away, dodging more of his swipes, and pulls out the Shield Materia*
Shelke: The extreme potency of this shield materia is comparable to that of your barrier field, Azul.
Izzy: (then his monster form dissipates)
Aki: (I know, it says so)
Izzy: (ahaha sorry)
Aki: (sokay XD)
Izzy: (good puppy. XD)
Azul: Shelke? Why do you stand in my way?
Izzy: (SECRETLY AZUL IS SAIX'S SOMEBODY lol if he weren't a Nobody himself in this)
Shelke: *puts the materia away and sighs* I had to protect myself. You were trying to kill me.
Izzy: (blue hair and berserk mode XD)
Azul: then now is the time. *swipes at her* You are no longer required.
Shelke: *gasps* longer...?
Azul: You are no different from the others. Your weak body is nothing without mako. Your only skill is collecting data from inside a virtual reality. It makes me sick to even think of you as a member of the Tsviets. Weiß ordered your termination.
Shelke: *stares at him in disbelief* Weiss!?
Izzy: (how do you type that character XD I know I can do it on this keyboard but I don't remember the shortcut)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Aki: (I don’t know on a windows. only on a Mac)
Izzy: (I'll copy/paste or something, or just type it Weiss XD)
Aki: (I think It’s control s—no waiiit—something...nvm...option s)
Izzy: (Windows keyboards don't have option XD oh well CONTINUE)
Aki: (lol we got hung up over the eßet)
Izzy: (lol)
Aki: (esset. uhm)
Izzy: (you can just copy paste)
Aki: (eßet is spelled with an eßet XD)
Izzy: (Azul monologues for a while XD ahah)
Aki: Azul: Your mission was to identify and locate the keeper of the Protomateria. That is why we uploaded the doctor's data into your neural network. But now we no longer need it. And we cannot let it fall into the hands of the WRO. Your fate has been decided, Shelke. It is time for you to return to the planet.
Shelke: *stares at him as he advances before pulling out the shield materia again*
Shalua: *grabs Shelke's hand* Vincent! Shelke! Let’s get out of here!
Vincent: *dashes through the door as she opens it*
Shelke: *tries to pull away* Let go of me--!
Shalua: I don't think so. We have ten years to catch up on. I'm not going to let this end here-- *jams her arm between the doors*
Vincent: Shalua--!
Shelke: Why...are you doing this?
Shalua: you can still get through! Go on. *pushes her*
Izzy: Shelke: *stumbles through*
Shalua: Shelke.
Vincent: *pulling on the door to try to stop it from closing*
Shalua: I'm sorry I wasn't a better sister. *says this as Shelke looks back*
Shelke: *staring*
Shalua: I'm sorry I let you suffer for so long. Vincent. Take care of her, will you?
Vincent: Wait--
Shalua: Shelke. I'm glad I was able to find you. And remember. I'll always love you.
Aki: -squiiishhhhhhhhdoorsclose-
Vincent: *slams his fists into the door in frustration when it closes*
Shelke: Why...
Aki: -seepage under the door after a slam is heard-
Shelke: Why did she....why.....*looks down slowly* Shalua....
Aki: -thud-
Vincent: *grabs her by the arm and drags her away*
Tifa: *running down the corridor towards them with Zack and Cloud close behind*
Izzy: (and Aerith and Sephiroth and possibly Yuffie, I'd assume)
Aki: (yeah)
Tifa: Vincent! What happened! Are you all--
Aki: -all them too-
Aki: (*trying to save time * XD)
Vincent: Shalua, she--*half turns to look back*
Shelke: *still in shock* But why...
Sephiroth: ...Shalua what?!
Aerith: *blinks, jumping slightly from the tone*
Yuffie: *looks at Vincent*
Shelke: *looks up at him, obviously confused* She held the door I could get through...Azul is going to kill her...why...
Sephiroth: ...What?! *slashes at the door*
Aki: -it breaks in-
Izzy: (XD)
Sephiroth: *almost gets mauled by Azul, who stampedes out*
Cloud + the others: *jump out of his way*
Sephiroth: *slashes angrily at him, though half-assed, worried about other things*
Vincent: *pulls Shelke back, since she's too stunned to move*
Azul: *lets out a yowl and continues out*
Izzy: (lol angry puppy)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (I'm sorry. He's totally Saix)
Sephiroth: *hurries inside*
Aki: (he really is XD)
Vincent: *lets go of Shelke and runs after him, also worried about Shalua*
Tifa: *takes a few steps forward and stops, horrified*
Sephiroth: *obviously extremely worried, holding her up, horrified as well*
Aki: (D: his crush is comatose *crai*)
Tifa: A-aerith!
Aerith: Y--yes! *runs in, going near, yet gets a warning look from Sephiroth, indicating no one else is allowed near*
Aki: (um he's doing this himself XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Vincent: ...*takes note of said look and stands a little way back, glancing back to check on Shelke*
Shelke: *shaking her head, obviously upset*
Aerith: *tries healing, examining carefully before officially declaring the comatose state*
Izzy: (Shalua's probably been through a lot of healings as well)
Aki: (godddd freaking dammimt, he really does like her. D: )
Izzy: (so magic won't be as effective--awwww)
Aki: (cuz I'm getting upset XDDD)
Izzy: (awwwwwwww--beh I gtg for dinner)
Izzy: *cut to Reeve*
Izzy: (we'll continue tomorrow--lol)
Aki: (D: fien XD)
Izzy: ilu silly faise
Aki: ilu2 sillierfaise
Izzy: XD byeee
Aki: bye
Session Close (j3 aureif): Mon Dec 10 19:40:06 2007
Session Start (Izzy:Aki): Tue Dec 11 14:50:24 2007
Izzy: XD what
Aki: I was excited alllll day long to RP with you
Izzy: aww XD I have work at 4 so let's get started
Aki: YUS
Izzy: (but I figured, they'd have split up)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (so maybe Cloud with Leon following went to the control room to check on Reeve or something)
Aki: (k. I drew emo seph)
Izzy: (Vincent still goes there afterward, so--awww)
Aki: (Him leaning against the regeneration cell thing all in pain etc. I scan)
Izzy: (aww)
Reeve: *sitting on the floor in the ruined control room* ...I’m so ashamed. I’m supposed to be a hero of the Jenova War. But...look at me.
Vincent: Don’t take all the blame. ....Reeve.
Reeve: ...?
Vincent: You’re not thinking of giving up, are you? I used to be nothing but a stone in the river of time. But three years ago, it was you and the others who taught me I had to move ahead.
Reeve: Vincent...
Vincent: *leaves to go check on Shalua*
Aki: (wait, is she in the thing yet or are they still there trying to fix her?)
Izzy: (uhm, sorry XD I was going to say, we end that scene there)
Aki: (oh ok, I didn't get that)
Izzy: (sorry XD)
Aki: (ahaha sfine)
Izzy: (and then the little thing with Reeve--well, Cloud will be there too, I'll expand the dialogue a bit when we draw the doujin. Then to Shalua in the tank)
Aki: (k...someone should like...calm Sephiroth down...because this set him off, actually. I started working on the Shalua and Seph stuff too)
Izzy: (ah)
Aki: (so, he's all protective unfortunately)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (like, the last time Aerith came near him, he flared his wing--defense mechanism sorta)
Izzy: (ah)
Aki: (but he's also taking it hard because on one of his and Shalua's event's he's thinking about how the people he gets to know and care about...they all die or take the wrong path, so)
Izzy: (awwww)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (well, shall we?)
Aki: (yus mai dear)
Izzy: (Reeve is very upset too D:)
Aki: (yeah, I'm just having a hard time seeing the whole picture cuz Seph's all upset and taking up all the screen space XDDD)
Izzy: (lol)
Vincent: ....*walks in, looking around at everyone with their serious expressions*
Izzy: (he matches XD well, Tifa probably went to find Cloud, so it's Aerith, Zack, Sephiroth...Yuffie...uhm, where are Sora, Riku and Kairi?)
Aki: (Sora's probably there cuz he tried going near Seph too, dunno about Riku or Kairi)
Izzy: (they'd be with Sora)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (obviously haha >.>)
Aki: (ahahah)
Zack: *is solemn for once, giving Sephiroth space*
Aerith: *keeping an eye on Shalua's vital signs etc, glancing to Zack every once in a while*
Sephiroth: ....*next to the cell, though obviously trying not to be there mentally*
Izzy: (do you have the script out?)
Aki: (nope)
Izzy: (cuz Yuffie rants)
Aki: (ooooh okay)
Izzy: (she's loudly upset ahah)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (kay got it)
Yuffie: They say she won’t wake up. She suffered too much trauma to her head. Unless there's some kind of a miracle, she's not...
Aki: ( they call them regeneration tubes too-- that was so random. Sorry XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Yuffie: Vincent, you were there, why couldn't you save her?!
Vincent: ....I'm sorry.
Yuffie: No, I didn't mean to...
Shelke: *walks in, slowly* ....she was a fool.
Yuffie: *walks over and gives her a good whack*
Izzy: (ahah)
Yuffie: You have no right to call her that! *scrolls down in the internet browser* You don't know what...!
Vincent: *grabs Yuffie's shoulder, trying to calm her down*
Izzy: (ahaha what XD)
Aki: (sorry, had to XD I had to scroll down, hence the pause)
Izzy: (s'fine XD)
Shelke: *glances off to the side, unsettled*
Yuffie: ...*huffs, leaving*
Shelke: ...why...why would she do something so...
Izzy: (if we ad lib from here it'll be more interesting)
Izzy: (and poor Vincent won't have to give the Friendship Speech all alone XDDD)
Aki: (sorry, I'm gonna have to each time XD)
Izzy: (lol, besides, Vincent's game dialogue is kind of silly. I want to reword it anyway XD)
Sephiroth: ...You're her sister, and she had given everything to search for you-- any means necessary to make sure you were all right!
Aki: (ouch...he almost yelled)
Shelke: ...*turns to stare at him*
Vincent: ....she said you were her reason to live.
Shelke: don't understand.
Aki: (Seph's also mad because Shalua asked Sephiroth to help take care of Shelke if something happened)
Izzy: (AWWW)
Shelke: How could someone give their life for that of another...
Aki: (he doesn't want any stupidity to deal with)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Sephiroth: Because when some one cares enough about another, any action is an option. Such as giving up her life.
Aki: (he's finally learning, too)
Sephiroth:'s the least someone could do.
Zack: *stands up from leaning against the wall* It's what makes us human.
Izzy: (lol stealing Vincent's dialogue XD)
Aki: (ahahaha it works tho)
Izzy: (it's boring if only he says it XD)
Aki: (right)
Shelke: Someone...they care about...
Aki: ( least he's not blaming himself, he's just upset now that I think about it)
Vincent: seems like there are a lot of people around who don't need a reason to risk their lives for that of another.
Izzy: (yeah, well, there was nothing anyone could have done...Vincent can't break down doors >.>)
Aki: (yeah, I mean Seph still could choose to be like ""If I had arrived earlier..." but he's not making any effort to blame himself)
Shelke: *looks back at him* And are you...uh--*stumbles*
Vincent: *catches her arm before she falls*
Sephiroth: *moved lightly, but let Vincent*
Shelke: ......*stares up at him blankly for a long moment*
Izzy: (Vincent was closer XD)
Aki: (yeah)
Shelke: *pulls away, blinking* ...I'm sorry.
Aki: (He's trying to do what Shalua asked, at least)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Aki: (it's best for the two of them, I think)
Izzy: (I didn't feel like repeating it, and it's not that important)
Izzy: (yeah)
Shelke: ...*turns away* Why are her data fragments...responding?
Izzy: (oh, and Shelke will have a reaction to Sephiroth when she figures out who he is, so it'll be interesting)
Aki: (right, well, Zack would slip, probably)
Izzy: (because despite the horrible things Lucrecia knew he was going to do, he was still her son and she loved him)
Aki: (since they let their guard down)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (cuz Shalua never cared about it XD and yeah)
Sephiroth: ...*blinks*
Reeve: *walks in, followed by Cloud and Tifa* You're all here...good. *sighs, glancing at Shalua with a bit of an anguished expression* I can't believe...I nearly gave up....*turns to Vincent* Those data files you recovered from ShinRa're sure there aren't any more?
Vincent: ...I'm sure.
Reeve: ...I see.
Cloud: ...what's wrong?
Reeve: Well, the Omega Report--the file was incomplete.
Izzy: (sorry, necessary plot crap XD)
Aki: (I know, I’m reading along)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Aki: (I might go pee tho, brb, 'less you need me)
Reeve: To make any sense of it, we're going to require the other half.
Izzy: (ahaha XD kay)
Reeve: If possible, I wanted to know more about our foe before we launched the attack on Midgar.
Shelke: .....*turns around* Are you speaking...of Dr. Lucrecia Crescent's findings?
Reeve: ...? yes, but how did you...?
Aki: (baccckk)
Izzy: (there's a word in Shelke’s next line I don't know how to spell XD)
Izzy: (neumonic?)
Aki: (yum)
Aki: *...p
Izzy: (haha what)
Izzy: (Pneumonic)
Aki: (yup*)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (huh?)
Izzy: (you said "p" so I thought you meant "it's spelled with a p" XD that would make it related to air XDD pneu is tire in French lol)
Aki: (Mnemonic)
Izzy: (thanks)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (ahhh that makes sense, related to memory)
Aki: (LANGUAGE FREAK :D I felt the need arise XDD)
Shelke: A large quantity of her mnemonic data fragments have been uploaded into my neural network.
Izzy: (XD)
Shelke: It was my prime directive to use this data to locate and retrieve the Protomateria.
Aki: (Sephiroth keeps twitching at the name "Lucrecia Crescent " XD)
Izzy: (ahah)
Shelke: However, not only was the data incomplete, but part of her consciousness began interfering with my own thought process.
Sephiroth: *frowns*
Shelke: It was believed that the missing fragments may have been the reason for this. *glances at Sephiroth offhand, because he seems familiar and it's unsettling her* I can attempt to upload the WRO's files of the Omega Report.
Sephiroth: *leans back against the wall, looking away, also a little unsettled*
Aki: (he's like, 'wait what')
Shelke: By combining it with what you already possess, you may obtain a clearer picture of what you are up against.
Izzy: (ahah)
Shelke: And perhaps...I can regain control of my mind.
Sephiroth: *sighs before heading over to Zack finally*
Aki: (he's like 'I like friends...')
Izzy: (aww)
Zack: *puts a hand on his shoulder*
Izzy: (cue Yuffie with the PA system)
Yuffie: Vincent, Reeve, you'd better get out here!
Aki: (Cid could like...spoil Sephiroth's desguise if you want)
Izzy: (hahahaha I think Shelke will figure it out. She can look through the files while she's uploading the Omega Report. While she's doing that, I guess everyone will go outside to say hi to Cid)
Aki: (Cid just has an overwhelming need to smack Sephiroth right now, for some could be because Seph threw out his cigarettes)
Izzy: (well, the original crew. Zack and Sephiroth can stay behind)
Aki: (but okay XD)
Izzy: (LOL. So they'll be in the room while she works with the computer)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: --Everyone goes outside to see Cid land his airship in a dramatic manner--
Aki: (xDD)
Sephiroth: ...*goes back over to Shalua*
Aki: (magnettt)
Izzy: (aww XD LOL CID I love Cid)
Aki: (hahah yes)
Izzy: (they're going to load Shalua's life support on the Shera because HQ is compromised btw.)
Aki: (yeah)
Shelke: ...*at the computer*...this technology is incompatible. *to herself* ...*glances back at Sephiroth and Zack, who seem preoccupied, and decides to do a little poking around*
Izzy: (it's genes. XD)
Aki: (hahaha)
Izzy: (well, she was basically like "this computer is too old to do an SND, so I'll just take a look around before trying to find one that isn't.” Cause she does the SND on the ship, and since Cid just upgraded...makes sense XD)
Aki: (K XD)
Izzy: (and she's curious about Sephiroth)
Aki: (Isn't everyone XDDD)
Izzy: (because the Lucrecia-bits in her are responding to him, too, ahahah)
Aki: (right. It's also the Rui genes like you said)
Izzy: (yep XD)
Shelke: ...*shakes her head after reading through the files* Impossible.
Zack: *glances up, since she said it in a normal tone of voice*
Izzy: (she was distracted by her curiosity and forgot to keep it to herself XD)
Aki: (ahaha)
Zack: What's up? Not working?
Shelke: This terminal is not capable of handling a connection to my neural network, no. But I was speaking of the files on the Jenova Project.
Sephiroth: ....*glances over* *trying to decide between being curious and staying with Shalua*
Shelke: *stands, staring at Sephiroth* Lucrecia Crescent's son was reported deceased nearly a decade ago.
Izzy: (Shelke is kind of fun to write XD)
Sephiroth: ...Oh, so I died here. *grumbles to himself about Hades being a stick in the mud*
Izzy: (XD)
Shelke: ....
Izzy: (poor confused Shelke XD she really doesn't know what to make of him)
Aki: (ahahaha aww)
Shelke: Sephiroth.
Sephiroth: ...*looks at her fully finally*
Shelke: I don't understand. Even with enhancements from Jenova cells, a fall into the depths of a Mako Reactor should be fatal.
Zack: *waves his hand* It was.
Sephiroth: ...Mako...reactor?
Shelke: *turns back to Zack, even more confused* What is your relation to him?
Izzy: (I don't wanna go to work D:)
Sephiroth: Best friend.
Aki: (awww DONNTT *cling*)
Izzy: (ahah I wish)
Aki: (CALLL)
Izzy: (I'll call now~)
Aki: (yay k)