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From here on, every 5 pages. This'll take a while.

Leon: One last dance, Ms. Heartilly?[/formal commander squall wtf]
Izzy: (he's having too much fun XD)
Yuffie: So you DID dump Cloud! D:
Leon: I was never WITH Cloud anyway.
Rinoa: *blinks*
Yuffie: *crosses arms* Pfft. But Squalllllll, Cloud will be upset. You weren't here to see how upset he was when you left for 5 minutes!
Leon: ....He was drunk, and I'm Leon.
Izzy: (he's also passed out.)
Yuffie: You're a pain in the ass is what you are.
Leon: Yuffie, I'm not buying any desserts for you, and that means no one gets any desserts.
Izzy: (is that her only motivation? sugar?)
Leon: If you don't remove yourself from my 45 foot bubble, I will take away your doujinshi collection.
Yuffie: DDDD: *upset*
Leon: everyone will be unhappy, because you will be. It tends to rub off.
Rinoa: What's that?
Leon: What's what?
Yuffie: DDD:
Rinoa: "Dou...jinshi"?
Leon: Oh.
Izzy: (you're better off not knowing. XDD)
Leon: Comics that --I'm not going to corrupt you DX
Yuffie: >_>
Rinoa: ?
Yuffie: It sucks that everyone lives in your house Leon. Sometimes. Sometimes it's nice. But emo gets on the carpet.
Leon: Remove yourself from the bubble, Yuffie.
Yuffie: At the safety of my desserts? Gladly. *leaves*
Sora: pleaseeee? T__T;
Aki: (he's still trying..)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Riku: ........I'd rather not......
Sora: .....I know the future...please dance with meeeeee? T___T;
Riku: ...what?
Sora: If you knew the future you be upset. *crosses arms* dance with meeeeee. pleaseeeee? >':
Sora: plllleasseeee?
Riku: .........
Aki: (Riku, give up, because Sora's gonna win at some point)
Riku:'re really that set on it........
Riku: ........................fine.
Sora: YAY. *hugs him*
Aki: (Even you love that kid, Riku....there's no denying it XD)
Aki: (The universe bends to mostly every whim of his *shot*)
Izzy: (basically XD)
Leon: As I was saying...Would you like to dance? *glances at Rinoa*
Rinoa: I'd be delighted.
Izzy: (she's playing along with the formality, haha)
Aki: (yay XD)
Leon: *brings her to dance*
Aki: (Leon was actually threatening me to let him propose to her, but I was like “noooo”)
Aki: (I need to preserve my crack otp D: )
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (it might make Cloud realize he's gonna be left behind if he doesn't take initiative)
Aki: (....I wanna see little Squinoas running around, actually XD)
Aki: (They'd be cute)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (Pairing names...are prefect for referencing their future children XD)
Izzy: (what I meant by initiative...he's gonna be the last one married. XDDD)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Aki: (No, I knowww)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (But I wanna see little Squinoas running around because they'd be cuteee)
Izzy: (all their kids would be cute)
Izzy: (Zack and Aerith's)
Aki: (true XD)
Aki: (omg yeah)
Izzy: (...Aerith did make a comment about "little Clouds and Tifas" once)
Aki: (oh yeah XDDD)
Izzy: (it cracked me up)
Izzy: (..........why)
Izzy: (do I have an urge to draw all their children nowww XD)
Aki: (because)
Aki: (we're making Rinoa and Leon get married because I said so and they get cute children later)
Aki: (because that's what you do to Aki. you obey. XD)
Izzy: (not now tho! XD)
Izzy: (we can't change the story anymore! XDDDD)
Aki: (I knowww)
Izzy: (you're too funny)
Aki: (they could get engaged though, and be like normal people, and wait like...a while >_>)
Aki: (*ahem*)
Izzy: (sure)
Izzy: (uh)
Aki: (that was funny XD)
Izzy: (haha, you plotter)
Aki: (yes. Yes. XD)
Izzy: (but he gave her a ring already XD)
Aki: (pleasseeee? Think of the Squinoasss)
Izzy: (I guess he has to get her a new one)
Aki: (yes)
Aki: (A prettier one XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (fine, Leon, propose)
(06:26:11) Aki: (Leon: *extremely and obviously ecstatic*)
Izzy: (*pokes him and giggles*)
Aki: (Leon: :D )
Rinoa: Is it just me, or have you been practicing?
Aki: ( laugh.)
Izzy: (hahaha we love himmm <3)
Rinoa: Dancing, that is.
Leon: ...hmm. Oh, not really.
Leon: I don’t believe I’ve danced since that night.
Rinoa: Hmm, well, I guess you're a natural.
Leon: I suppose so.
Izzy: (awkwardddd)
Leon: Wellllll. I'd been thinking about something a long while...and I was wondering if you'd consider marrying me?
Izzy: (what? XD)
Izzy: (yeah, he certainly did XD)
Rinoa: *blinks, startled*
Izzy: (awwwww)
Izzy: (I was gonna say, "you turning me into a fangirl")
Izzy: (but then I realized...I already AM one)
Aki: (haha)
Rinoa: A long...time?
Leon: *nods*
Rinoa: Squall, did you just propose to me?
Leon: Yes I did.
Izzy: (I'm sorry....I'm trying to take this seriously... XDDD)
Izzy: (omg puppy <3333)
Aki: (...Leon's being your typical guy that just proposed now XD)
Aki: (where?)
Izzy: (Leon?)
Aki: (what? XD)
Izzy: (he's like a puppy...)
Izzy: (okay, nevermind.)
Aki: (Leon's like please say yesplease say yesplease say yesplease say yes)
Aki: (he is like a puppy)
Rinoa: *hugs him and nearly squeaks*
Izzy: (she's like "OMG <3333")
Aki: (haha XD)
Izzy: (it's the fangirl genes)
Aki: (pfft of course XD)
Aki: ( I wonder how poor Cloud will react when he finds out he lost XDDD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (twice)
Izzy: (once to Zack, once to Rinoa XDDD)
Aki: (Yeah XD)
Aki: (...and he can marry Tifa, and Sora Riku and Kairi are all ready like they're married XD)
Izzy: (haha, they'll adopt tons of kids)
Aki: (there. All solved XD)
Aki: (And Yuffie will tail Vincent )
Aki: (cuz she can)
Izzy: (yeah, really. and Vincent would be like "T_T Lucrecia...go away Yuffie, no undead ninja babies for you. Unless I'm very very drunk.")
Aki: (yeah XD)
Rinoa: How could I say anything but "yes"?
Leon: *grins*
Aki: (Go tell Tifa or someone, Rinoa XDDD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (I don't think she wants to let go)
Aki: (haha, what if Leon goes with her? XDDD)
Izzy: (haha)
Rinoa: *holds his hand and twirls*
Izzy: (she's like "I'm so happy I will dance :D")
Leon: *grinning*
Aki: (he's seriously like 'omg happppyyyyyyy')
Aki: (He's not being coherent XD)
Izzy: (must be tougher on you XD)
Aki: (pfft, that guy makes me crack up)
Izzy: (woahhhh)
Izzy: (now it is like their parents)
Izzy: (because he went away)
Izzy: (except Rinoa stayed faithful XD)
Aki: (XD haha)
Leon: We're not telling Laguna though. Whatever you do, don't tell him. He'll throw a party...
Aki: (that's a death sentence right there...)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Rinoa: You're right...
Izzy: (he'll find out eventually tho XD)
Aki: (Irvine's sulking that he lost too. XD)
Aki: (He didn't get a girl like Squall did)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (Sora, be quiet)
Izzy: (Selphie might be happier if he didn't hit on every girl he saw...)
Aki: (yeah, and then she'd say yes XD)
Aki: (No, you're all ready married to Kairi and Riku, so shhh)
Aki: (
Izzy: (what. XD)
Aki: (Sora's like, “Ima marry Kairi and Riku!” )
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (that try living with him on a regular basis XD)
Izzy: (I did...well, only for a little while)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (but I have some idea)
Rinoa: Who're we going to tell first?
Aerith: I think I know what just happened. *nudges Zack* what about you?
Aki: (well Aerith seems to have a feeling XD)
Aki: (It's her 'love' radar XD)
Zack: *shrugs and grins a little*
Izzy: (hahaha that's because Aerith is magical)
Aki: (haha yesss)
Aki: (whoever Rinoa wants to tell first XDD)
Aki: (tifa probably)
Izzy: (haha)
Rinoa: *runs across the hall still holding Leon's hand*
Leon: *getting pulled along*
Izzy: (haha, it's just like "Didn't we just HAVE a wedding?" XD)
Izzy: (I know)
Aki: (Aerith was special XDD)
Izzy: (yes XD)
Tifa: Oh, there you are, I was wondering...
Rinoa: *out of breath*
Aki: (Leon's...smiling like a semi-idiot XD)
Tifa: ...did something happen?
Tifa: ...Leon?
Leon: Maybe.
Izzy: (she's like "he's grinning. I've never seen him do that." XD)
Aki: (of course, he's always emoing. XD)
Leon: *glances away suspiciously*
Rinoa: Well, are you going to say it, Squall, or should I?
Leon: *shrugs* You may if you want to. :]
Tifa: *looks back and forth between them* ?
Rinoa: *beaming* "We're officially engaged" happened!
Aki: (I loveeeee Rinooaaaa XDDD)
Izzy: (she' XD)
Aki: (yeah XDD)
Izzy: (she's so sweet, how could people hate herrr ;_;)
Aki: (....because they like yaoi)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Aki: (I love drawing Rinoa. XD)
Izzy: (same reason they hate Kairi, I guess)
Izzy: (I tried doing FFVIII fanart again)
Izzy: (but I can't draw Squall's short hair at all...XD)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (welllll tifa? XDDD)
Izzy: (I seriously can't)
Aki: (yes)
Aki: (it's hard)
Tifa: *stares for a moment, then smiles* Congratulations, you two!
Izzy: (besides, I like his long hair betterrrr)
Aki: (ahah)
Aki: (Leon, stop smiling)
Aki: (You're gonna hurt your face. )
Rinoa: *hugs him again* Thank you! ^^
Leon: ^^
Aki: (make him stop XD)
Izzy: (<3 XD)
Aki: (....little Squinoas.)
Aki: (imagine them)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Aki: (they're ADORABLE)
Izzy: (too cuteeee)
Aki: (Ima do some designs)
Izzy: (yayy)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (Ima do everyone’s kids)
Aki: (Cuz I'm a loser)
Izzy: (awww)
Aki: (...Cloud would totally have a daughter XD)
Izzy: (haha, well he's got Fenrir)
Aki: (another daughter XD)
Izzy: (hahah)
Izzy: (you need to show me so I can draw them XD)
Aki: (poor Cloud will be heartbroken when he finds out XD)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Aki: (pfft anyway)
Leon: ..*puts his glasses on, cuz he's getting tired and that what Ashley should do, because she needs glasses*
Aki: (THERE)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Izzy: (Rinoa thinks the glasses are kind of funny...)
Aki: (yes, but he kinda needs them XDD)
Rinoa: *laughing a little*
Leon: *raises and eyebrow* yes?
Rinoa: Oh, I'm's so strange seeing you wear glasses like that...
Rinoa: You look...sophisticated...*leaning on his arm and trying not to laugh harder*
Izzy: (she's making fun of him....pfft)
Leon: Apparently my near-sightedness is from--hmph. *shakes his head*
Aki: (he's just like, 'whatever' XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Tifa: *hides a smile behind her hand*
Tifa: Why don't you go spread the good news?
Aki: ("Waiiiit a minute! You don't like my glasses? Bring it on!" *KILLED*)
Izzy: (XD she does like them)
Tifa: Though breaking it to Cloud will have to wait, he's out cold.
Aki: (I NEEDED to reference something or my brain would ESPLODE XD)
Izzy: (it's fine XDD)
Leon: that what he gets for drinking..
Tifa:'re the one who has to get him up in the morning. *winks and goes off to find Sora and the others*
Izzy: (that's mean, Tifa...)
Leon: ...*has this amazing Leon sort of pout that only Ashley can see because it's too hard to describe*
Izzy: (ahahah)
Rinoa: *barely manages not to laugh out loud*
Aki: (Leon's like 'what? nooo. I don't want to wake him up! *waves red flag*')
Izzy: (XD)
Rinoa: You've already got a lot of responsibility, huh, Squall?
Leon: I suppose so. I mean, I'm the head of rebuilding my town, so why not throw a few more jobs in there too? *small grin and shakes his head*
Rinoa: I'm sure you could handle it all.
Leon: Oh, I do.
Rinoa: *links arms with him* Well, then, shall we?
Leon: *smiles*
Leon: All right.
Aki: (Zack and Aerith are magical and all ready know XD)
Aki: (probably)
Izzy: (yep XD)
Aki: (...Cloud...really is the last one)
Aki: (Even Sora beat him *dies*)
Izzy: (yep, poor Cloud XD)
Izzy: (we're so terrible to him)
Aki: (haha, yeah)
Aki: (but we love him. That's why we do it)
Aki: (save the best for last *shot*)
Izzy: (ahahah)
Rinoa: Irvine~ Not too drunk yet, I hope!
Irvine: Not with Selphie here. *shakes his head with a grin*
Selphie: Squall, you look weird. *hands on hips, and leans over to see the glasses*
Leon: .....
Leon: whatever. I know you meant that with love. *rolls his eyes*
Rinoa: ^^
Selphie: how else would I have meant it? *snickers*
Irvine: what're you so happy 'bout, Rin? Did Galbadia rebuild itself over night or somethin'?
Rinoa: Noooo...better! *sticks her tongue out at him*
Rinoa: I'm getting another ring~
Irvine: You're going to get hassled if you get any more jewelry. *a hand on his hip, and takes a sip of beer*
Irvine: Stopped in every flyin' station.
Rinoa: It's worth it.
Irvine: Oh?
Aki: (Irvine is being dense and sorta drunk XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Rinoa: *hugs Leon's arm* I get a fiancé along with it! :D
Irvine: damnit. Beat me this time, Squall? Well, congrats. *grins*
Selphie: *rolls her eyes and before flicking the side of his face* Think Irvine, little Squalls and Rinoas. :D
Irvine: Just what we need. Another Squall. *raises and eyebrow*
Leon: *sticks his tongue out at him* We don't need little Irvines running around. >\
Irvine: now that's harsh! Balamb needs more guys like me! Handsome and strong, sharp eye and aim to match~
Rinoa: Hmm...but Irvine, all the women just might be overwhelmed with more than one of you.
Irvine: Overwhelmed with love and admiration~
Selphie: Irvine, at least their kids wouldn't drink. You'd lose a very generous customer. *sticks her tongue out at Irvine*
Irvine: That no drinking policy of Squall did always bother me a bit. *sighs*
Leon: I'm right here...
Rinoa: At least it keeps him out of trouble.
Irvine: He doesn't need beer to find trouble

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