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It really is. I never really learn, but that's because I almost always finish stuff on time when I procrastinate. The difference between me and most other people that procrastinate is this: 

I do it because I'm able to.

Because I can actually get everything done at the last minute.

And I work better under pressure.

I've got a huge to do list which I'll post. I gotta get most of this done by the 14th.


1. Finish images and assemble calendar project (by the 8th) <-- Going to do this one all day tomorrow

2. Finish Semester project for Conceptual Development

3. 10 Linear solutions to the final project in Visual Thinking

4. Full body self portrait 4'x6' for Drawing Intensive

5. Put together final crit portfolio

6. Finish Jack and Jill assignment for Keith's class

7. Finish Matrix method solutions for Keith's class

8. Compile binders for VT and CD

9. Finish 3 essays for Foundation Sem.

10. Find colour practice for VT

11. Finish Visual thinking final project

I really need to fix this habit lmfao. fffff.

In other news, totally excited for Joe's birthday party on Friday night!! Haven't seen him in forever. <33

Haha college you suck.

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...and that is everything up until January 24, 2007. I am officially a masochist.

I have the rest of the chats, I just need to go through them, though I do have certain specific arcs edited that I'm going to put up as-is.
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