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1 winter

Leon: ...........
Izzy: hahahaha
Izzy: loserrrr
Aki: (haha, he IS a loser XD)
Leon: .....*walks up to Cloud and pokes him* Why are you in my house?
Cloud: Stop it.
Leon: Stop what?
Leon: no, really why are you in my house, Cloud? It's a beautiful day out. You should be OUTSIDE.
Cloud: ..........
Cloud: I don't need you telling me that.
Izzy: ("You're not my mother!" XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Leon: C'mon, we can even go spar or something~ *pushes him out the front door*
Aki: (...he's really happy today ^^; )
Izzy: (<3)
Aki: (:D)
Cloud: *horrified by his sudden change in mood*
Izzy: (not that he doesn't like it, he's just like "WTF!?")
Aki: (XDDD yeah. I was like that too. )
Aki: (he started being like this in English class)
Izzy: (haha)
Leon: ...or we can build snowmen!
Aki: (Oh, I get it)
Izzy: (?)
Aki: (uh...without Shiva, his moods are like multiplied by like...20 times)
Cloud: ...what?
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (so he's just happy for once)
Aki: (XD yeah)
Leon: We can build snowmen, I said. Or snowwomen. You can build a snowAerith, even.
Cloud: Are you...feeling all right?
Leon: Yes?
Leon: I'm perfectly fine.
Leon: Why?
Cloud: .......
Cloud: *puts a hand to his head* Maybe I'm the one...
Leon: ...Are you all right?
Leon: D:
Cloud: Well, I thought I was fine.
Shiva: CLOUDY-SWEETHEART~ *flies around to Cloud*
Leon: ....
Cloud: DDDDDD: !!!
Leon: ...........
Izzy: (she scared the crap out of him XD)
Aki: (XDDDD that face)
Shiva: Whatcha two doing? On a date? That's sweet. I came by to drop off some Chocobo feed from Aerith! Have fun! Play nice! See you later~
Shiva: *flies off*
Izzy: (bwahahahha)
Leon: ................*braindead*
Leon: ..............That was...
Leon: creepy.
Cloud: ....I'd say "disturbing", but that works.
Leon: *sighs*
Fenrir: *hopping through the snow*
Fenrir: *falls into a deep part*
Cloud: *sneezes*
Leon: catching a cold?
Cloud: Well, you pulled me outside without giving me a chance to put anything else on...
Leon: sorry.
Leon: I was jut a bit happy. We can go back inside now.
(17:46:35) Aki: Leon: Or, you can.
Leon: I''m gonna go to the Bailey.
Cloud: ....I'll just get a scarf or something--
Leon: If you want to.
Cloud: It's fine.
Cloud: Just give me a minute.
Cloud: .........
Leon: Mhm.
Izzy: (Watch him only be able to find the one Tifa knitted for him when they were kids XD)
Aki: (haha)
Leon: There's an extra one in the closet from Irvine, if you cant find one.
Izzy: (It's a very horrible color green and has holes in it, XD)
Aki: (aww. XD)
Cloud: Thanks.
Izzy: (but she put her utmost into it! XD)
Aki: (yeah. <3)
Leon: mhmm.
Leon: ...I'm going to bring a shovel and some wood, so...
Leon: Let's see...*picks some wood up from under the porch*
Cloud: Sure. *goes inside to find a scarf*
Leon: *gets a shovel*
Leon: goes back around to the front again*
Leon: find a scarf, Cloud?
Cloud: .....yes......
Cloud: Several, luckily.
Leon: Oh. Good.
Cloud: ....*stuffs the one from Tifa in the back of the closet*
Izzy: (He'll probably put it in his room later XD)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (Leon's wearing his Squall jacket, cuz it has long sleeves XDDD)
Aki: (since he doesnt have his new one, yet 8D)
Izzy: (haha)
Cloud: Oh, for the love of...
Cloud: *goes over to dig Fenrir out*
Leon: *picks Fenrir out of a different snowbank* Poor thing...
Leon: don't go running around in the snow like that. You'll get lost.
Fenrir: wark. *nod*
Leon: Should I carry the fuzz ball, or you?
Leon: *looks to Cloud*

Leon: *puts Fenrir in his pocket* *starts to head off towards the bailey*
Izzy: (Leon probably thinks Cloud's ignoring him)
Aki: (*shrugs* XD)
Aki: (No...Leon thinks Cloud died, standing up)
Izzy: (oops)
Aki: (XD)
Cloud: *follows*
Leon: *opens the cage door to the bailey*
Leon: Ugh. The stairs got blown up again...
Leon: *places the wood down*
Leon: *heads down to a pile of cement and boulders*
Cloud: *looks around*
Izzy: (He's gonna fix stuff up? Not play in the snow? XD)
Aki: (he's gonna play in the snow. XD)
Aki: (He brought the wood to just leave out there, so he wouldn’t have to bring it another time XD)
Izzy: (ah XD)
Aki: (but somehow the stairs got blow up again and he's upset)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (his hard work XD)
Cloud: ....just what did you have in mind?
Leon: ....making snowmen, and forts and stuff.
Leon: But...the stairs...
Cloud: I can help fix them if you want.
Leon: You don't have to, this is mainly my job.
Cloud: It's fine. I'm...part of this too.
Cloud: I wasn't much help before, anyway.
Leon: ...
Leon: Well...
Leon: If you really don't mind...
Cloud: I don't.
Leon: You can stop when you want, though.
Cloud: ...what, you think I'd stop before you?
Leon: *Starts shoveling the snow away from the stair site* Maybe.
Leon: Though, it is sort of our game. *snickers*
Cloud: *makes a derisive noise*
Cloud: *picks up the other shovel and helps*
Leon: ....*catches a glimpse of Sephiroth* HE keeps doing this?
Leon: This is annoying. How many times have I rebuilt the stairs?
Cloud: ......
Leon: 17 probably.
Leon: ....*kinda of annoyed now* *throws the shovel at Sephiroth* If you're not going to HELP the rest of the committee like you said you would, just LEAVE.
Cloud: ...........
Aki: (He wants to make this the 18th and FINAL time he rebuilds)
Cloud: *confused*
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (Seph is part of the committee, actually XD)
Izzy: (hahahahaha you mentioned that once XD)
Aki: (that's canon, too, which is great)
Izzy: (whut)
Izzy: (I mean, WHAT!?)
Izzy: (XDD)
Aki: (XD)
Leon: .....*grumbles when it hits Sephiroth*
Leon: *goes to get another shovel*
Leon: I spend so much time rebuilding these stairs, to have them get blown up again...*muttering*
Cloud: ......*glaring at Sephiroth* Using Meteors is cheating.
Sephiroth: ...................
Leon: *somewhat amused*
Fenrir: Wark!
Fenrir: *runs over towards Sephiroth*
Cloud: Fenrir--
Sephiroth: *stares*
Aki: (... a baby's curiosity XD)
Izzy: (He's kinda stunned by that blow to the head) XD
Fenrir: *stares up at him* wark.
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (I think he DID lose brain cells from being beaten up by Sora so much XD)
Aki: (my GOD XDDD)
Aki: (poor Seph..)
Aki: (but he deserved it XD)
Izzy: (haha he's gonna need therapy too)
Aki: (with Xemmy)
Izzy: (pwhahahaha)
Sephiroth: looks like you, Cloud.
Leon: *laughing*
Fenrir: *still staring up at Sephiroth* wark <3
Fenrir: *nudges Sephiroth's boot*
Aki: (...She LIKES sephiroth, but...she doesn't know he's bad XD)
Izzy: (oops)
Aki: (no it’s okay XDDDD)
Sephiroth: *tolerates it for a bit, then nudges her away a bit forcefully*
Sephiroth: Cloud, take your pet away before I do to it what I did to you.
Fenrir: ....
Fenrir: *glares*
Izzy: (see, he did lose brain cells)
Izzy: (he wouldn't have warned themotherwise)
Aki: (haha XDDD)
Fenrir: *jumps up and pulls some of his feathers out*
Cloud: ....looks like you're clipped after what Sora did to you.
Izzy: (bad pun.)
Cloud: ...pathetic.
Fenrir: *hops up to his shoulder, and bites his nose*
Sephiroth: I wouldn't be so quick to---
Sephiroth: !!!
Cloud: ........*trying not to laugh*
Fenrir: WARK! *pecks him in the face*
Sephiroth: *swats at Fenrir*
Fenrir: *jumps around*
Fenrir: ....WARK! *Bites his nose again*
Izzy: (haha, Sephy's getting his ass handed to him by a baby chocobo)
Aki: (yeah XDD)
Sephiroth: .....*teleports*
Fenrir: ......... *unhappy noises*
Fenrir: *hits the ground*
Fenrir: ..........................
Fenrir: WAAAAAAAARK. *mad*
Fenrir: *runs off in the general direction Seph went*
Cloud: hmph.
Cloud: This really is pathetic.
Leon: ...I dunno. It was pretty amazing..
Aki: and she ate Seph's nose..
Izzy: <3333
Izzy: haha, he got what was coming to him
Aki: yeah
Aki: XD
Aki: I'm not sure what he said, that made her do that XD
Fenrir: *still chasing Seph either way*
Izzy: Maybe because he tried to kick her? XD
Aki: haha
Aki: Cloud used to do that, though
Aki: sorta
Izzy: what, kick Sephiroth?
Aki: no XD
Aki: he use to be mean to Fenrir
Izzy: oh
Izzy: hahaha
Aki: she...never ate his nose..
Izzy: my other thought was, "Chase Sephiroth around?" XD
Aki: I think she still likes him, she's just upset about something XD
Aki: she's too little to like...know to hate something XDD
Izzy: awww, well
Izzy: he doesn't like her XD
Aki: I can tell XD
Izzy: stupid Seph with no weakness for small fluffy animals
Aki: lol
Fenrir: WAAAAAARK *freaked out wark*
Leon: .....
Cloud: .......
Cloud: Why do I have a feeling that this could get bad?
Izzy: (...because Sephiroth is involved? XD)
Fenrir: Wark wark warrrrrrkkkkkkk!! *runs past with a Dusk after her*
Aki: (Nope, she couldn’t find him XD)
Cloud: .....*stares for a moment, then pulls out one of his swords*
Izzy: (He brought the two smallest ones, because they're easier to carry)
Fenrir: *turns around and heads back for the Dusk*
Aki: (good job, Cloud. )
Fenrir: *Bites the dusk*
Fenrir: WARKKKKK. *thrown into a wall*
Aki: (ooh...she can fly now..*mean*)
Izzy: (D:)
Izzy: (what's Leon doing, btw?)
Izzy: (Did he bring his gunblade?)
Aki: (Kinda just...busy being armed, but not really doing anything..)
(06:52:14) Izzy: (hah)
Cloud: *takes out the other sword and jumps between the Dusk and Fenrir*
Izzy: (I hope he hasn't gotten rusty...again. XD)
Izzy: (Well, it's only been two days)
Fenrir: WARRRRRRK! *runs towards the dusk again*
Aki: (...okay, she totally takes after daddy, in all aspects...)
Cloud: No, you idio--
Fenrir: *jumps and stabs it a few times with her claws and the Dusk dies*
Cloud: ...........
Cloud: Never mind, then.
Leon: ...uh.
Leon: Dusks don't bleed, do they, Cloud?
Cloud: .....
Leon: Maybe we should take her back.
Fenrir: .....*stumbles a few times while attempting to go after Sephiroth again*
Cloud: No, you don't. *Picks her up carefully*
Fenrir: ..... wark.
Cloud: You were very brave, but we're going home now.
Izzy: (Aerith's motherly instincts really are rubbing off XD)
Aki: (haha XDD yes)
Fenrir: ........w.a.r.k..
Leon: Cloud, Aerith went shopping.
Cloud: What?
Leon: I can heal her, hand her over.
Cloud: *does so*
Leon: *takes her and checks the injuries before casting Curaga*
Fenrir: wark wark warrrk.
Leon: Curaga hurts for a few seconds, I know...just hang on a second. *casts a smaller bit of Cure on her wing* There.
Leon: Here's your precious baby~ *hands her back to Cloud*
Cloud: ..Thanks.