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2.1 vs Seph

Aki: Sora: ...
Aki: D:
Izzy: I drew things...
Izzy: like
Aki: ???
Izzy: Zack XD
Aki: haha
Aki: me too
Aki: I drew Zack during math
Aki: to get him out of my system
Aki: but it didn't work
Izzy: and Aerith
Aki: :DDD
Aki: how tall IS Zack?
Izzy: hrmmm
Izzy: I dunno
Aki: The Zack cosplayer could be Seophiroth if she wanted to XD
Izzy: haha XD
Aki: He doesn't deserve to have that corrected..
Izzy: ?
Aki: i spelled his name wrong
Izzy: ah
Izzy: XDD
Izzy: no he doesn’t
Aki: haha
Izzy: D: they don't say
Sora: *pokes Seph*
Aki: aww
Izzy: he's definitely taller than Cloud tho
Aki: yeah
Izzy: haha shorty
Aki: *snort*
Izzy: ...he's the same height as Shoji
Aki: haha
Izzy: Cloud, that is
Sora: Cloud's not short!
Sora: ...Zack is just super tall! :D
Izzy: relatively speaking, no
Izzy: XD
Izzy: but compared to Sephiroth...
Izzy: who''4"..
Izzy: ............loser........
Sora: He could share some of his height with ME
Sora: Riku wouldn't share DDD:
Izzy: I'm sorry. ;_;
Sora: Naw, it's okay!
Sora: ....
Sora: Oh yeah!
Sora: I have to go give Sephiroth a pie!
Sora: See you~ *runs off*
Sora: ......SEPHIROTH
Izzy: (oh no XD)
Sora: Have you ever worn a dress, because there's this photo of someone who looks undeniably like you in a satin black dress.
Sora: ....Oh yeah, here's a pie I made you~ *holds it out to him*
Izzy: (O_o)
Aki: (It's random XD)
Izzy: ( a brain...)
Aki: (XDDD)
Aki: (what inspired that, was the Amano!Sephiroth)
Izzy: (ahahahah)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (iswearitsadress)
Izzy: (*upset* XD)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: .......Do you WANT the pie?
Sephiroth: .......
Izzy: (Sora, you should know by now that you're not gonna get anything out of him...)
Sephiroth: Why do you insist on doing this?
Aki: (haha, he really wants to be his friend. He's going to keep on trying. XD)
Sora: ...Because I care?
Izzy: (Doesn't Sora know that he killed Aerith? D:)
Aki: (nope)
Izzy: (...well, that would explain it.)
Izzy: (...does he even know that Aerith was dead at some point?)
Aki: (actually, he may know.)
Aki: (I forget if he references it at all before)
Izzy: (I don't think he does....maybe...)
Sora: *holds the pie out*
Aki: (I bet he might XD)
Aki: (he just...worries about other things, cuz he thinks "she's alive now, and we'll all keep her safe")
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (but he doesn't know that Sephiroth did it...hrmm)
Izzy: (*plots*)
Aki: (I dunno)
Izzy: (think, think)
Aki: (..."My stoutness exercises...")
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: ("but just how does one expose a bloodthirsty murderer?")
Aki: (hmm)
Sora: ....*reaches the pie out more with a somewhat hopeful look*
Sephiroth: Just like a foolish human to say such a thing
Sora: ...
Sephiroth: You show too much mercy to your enemies
Sora: You're not an enemy! You're a friend! D:
Izzy: (I really hate Sephiroth. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (me too XD)
Aki: (sora doesn't though )
Izzy: (too bad XD)
Aki: (Sora's too naïve)
Sora: .....You are too!
Sephiroth: In that you are wrong.
Sora: ........
Aki: (O_O)
Izzy: (...I hate you, Sephiroth)
Izzy: (haha sorry)
Izzy: (it like....really annoys me when he speaks politely, because he's so frigging superior-sounding)
Izzy: (I almost like it better when he's crazy XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (or angry)
Izzy: (then he slips and uses ore)
Aki: (*snort*)
Sora: ....You don't seem like an alien or mutant to me~
Sephiroth: I am neither. I am Mother's child.
Sora: AGAIN with the Mother thing.
Izzy: (get over it, you're not an Ancient, you're a genetically engineered freak..)
Sephiroth: Again?
Sora: Yeah!
Sora: I 'met' her three years ago.
Izzy: ("Not that I care to remember, but I never mentioned it to you." XD)
Sora: ....And she like...
Sora: put bruises on my side, and they hurt.
Sephiroth: ......
Sora: And I saw you in my head!
Sora: It was confusing.
Sephiroth: Hmph. Another failure.
Izzy: (dieeeee)
Sora: ...
Aki: (That hit something..)
Izzy: (ahah...)
Izzy: (I'd say Sora should beat him up again, but that would be quite satisfying enough.)
Sora: Failure?
Izzy: (Cloud! Pull out all his feathers one by one, and burn them!)
Sora: *looks down*
Aki: (he's taking it too personally XD)
Sora: ....FAILURE?! *looks up, eyes angry, but he's crying*
Sora: *Jumps at him, Keyblade ready*
Sephiroth: *Masamune appears in his hand*
Izzy: (...he's got his "I want to kill stuff" back)
Aki: (D: )
Aki: (Sora's got that urge too, actually)
Sora: *slashing at Sephiroth quickly*
Sephiroth: *teleports faster than usual and blocks all of Sora's swings*
Izzy: (DDD:)
Izzy: (he got stronger, somehow...)
Izzy: (haha..."Song...of the Heartless ang--"*PASTED*)
Sora: *lands* *stands his ground, thinking about what to do*
Sephiroth: *appears suddenly behind him and slashes*
Sora: *spins around and blocks it*
Sephiroth: *kicks him while his Keyblade is raised*
Izzy: (cheater >:[)
Izzy: (he did that to Cloud too)
Sora: ....FIRAGA!
Sora: *blasts fire at seph*
Sephiroth: *cuts stream of fire in half with the tachikaze from his blade*
Izzy: (...damn)
Izzy: (this isn't MY fault)
Izzy: (stupid Seph, I don't want you in my head anymore)
Sora: *thrusts his keyblade foreward towards seph, to push him back*
Sora: *suddenly stops* nng..
Sora: ...Make Jenova..GO AWAY! *Slashes at Seph again* MAKE HER GO AWAY!
Sephiroth: *teleports again and then strikes from above*
Sora: It hurts! MAKE HER LEAVE!
Sora: *reflect*
Izzy: (waiiiit...does he still have Geostigma at this point?)
Izzy: (Time jump!)
Aki: (...plot twist~)
Izzy: (WHUT)
Izzy: (o_<)
Aki: (>_> )
(18:40:13) Izzy: KADAJ GO BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sephiroth: You see--Mother always returns. That is the true Reunion!
Sora: *lunges at Seph*
Sephiroth: *blocks and counterattacks*
Sora: Make. It. Stop. *glares at Sephiroth*
Aki: (Sora's eyes are green, currently.. D: )
Aki: (that creepy jenova green, that makes me want to jump off a bridge)
Sephiroth: Cloud wasn't nearly as useful as you...
Sephiroth: After all, think what Mother could do with the power of the Keyblade...
Izzy: (D:)
Sora: I'm not a tool!
Sephiroth: Foolishness. You have been one for three years.
Sora: ...I'll kill myself before she can hurt people!
Sora: She won’t do anything!
Sephiroth: Just as Cloud was, as well as that pathetic child Kadaj.
Sora: ....
Sora: Kadaj, is NOT pathetic!
Izzy: (Finally, I can make him be EVIL. <3)
Izzy: (like he really IS.)
Izzy: (for some reason...the evil Sephiroth bunny didn't come until now)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: (...really, don't mess with Sora when he's mad and distraught)
Izzy: (...this is SEPHIROTH we're talking about...)
Aki: (oh, well then, go on XD)
Sora: *backs down from the attack to hold his head*
Sephiroth: Blindly following Mother's will...
Sora: You're making it worse!
Sephiroth: He let himself be used.
Izzy: (...*hits Sephiroth*)
Izzy: (D: Stop being mean to Kadaj)
Sephiroth: It's about time...
Sephiroth: If you wish me silenced, then take that hatred and do it yourself
Izzy: (DD: He's having more fun picking on Sora than he did with Cloud)
Sora: Ugh…
Aki: (haha, yeah. I can tell XD)
Izzy: (...people, that is, fans seem to forget that Sephiroth is an evil psycho. >.>)
Izzy: (I mean, come on.)
Aki: (*snort*)
Izzy: (poor Sora ;_;)
Sora: ....Stop...make it stoopp..
Sora: ......*grabs onto the hem of Seph's jacket* Make it stop..
Aki: (not so much a fight, anymore XD)
Sephiroth: .....truly...pathetic.
Izzy: (....*stab*)
Sora: *almost synchronized that action to Seph's foot*
Aki: (the button lagged XD)
Izzy: (huh?)
Aki: (He stabbed Seph's foot)
Izzy: (Oh XD)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: Pathetic?! Shut up!
Izzy: ( do you stab something with a KEYBLADE?)
Sora: Ugh..
Izzy: (it's not...pointy)
Aki: (...fine, he used magic on his foot XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (sounds awkward, though XD)
Izzy: (well, he could have whacked his foot)
Izzy: (cuz that thing's pretty heavy)
Izzy: (so now Sephiroth has broken toes :D)
Aki: (...Ultima Weapon is pointy..)
Izzy: (.....I love how I'm happy about that)
Aki: (HAHA)
Aki: (broken toes~)
Sora: I'm not pathetic..
Sephiroth: ....
Sora: *stands up, and wobbles slightly*
Sora: *steadies self and points Ultima Weapon at Sephiroth*
Sora: *glaring*
Sora: *getting all scary sephirothy-jenova like before he bends over, and wills it to stop*

Cloud: .....*puts a hand on the back of his neck*
Tifa: Something wrong?
Cloud: .....Probably just my imagination...
Cloud: ....*goes outside*
Izzy: (there's better cellphone reception)
Cloud: *dials his phone*
Cloud: ...Barret? It's me.
Cloud: ....Yeah, I know I never call.
Cloud: I wanted to ask about the kids.
Cloud: So Denzel...
Cloud: ...yeah.
Cloud: I'll look into it.
Cloud: Tell Marlene I'll call her later.
Cloud: ...later. *hangs up*

Sora: *switching between creepy jenova and normal*