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2.2 vs. Seph

Yazoo: ...
Yazoo: *looks to Loz*
Kadaj: Don't you think Nii-san was acting funny today?
Riku: ....why're you asking me?
Kadaj: Oh, nothing...
Yazoo: ...Loz, it's the creepy feeling.
Reno: ...?
Kadaj: I just remembered I have an errand to run. :D
Kadaj: Have fun with the rest of the cake!
Riku: Hey!
Kadaj: *goes to find Yazoo and Loz*
Loz: D:
Yazoo: ...*upsetish*
Yazoo: ...If I was a normal person, I would be hiding under my bed…
Kadaj: You felt it too.
Kadaj: And Nii-san has been acting strange all day.
Loz: *tear*
Yazoo: ...where’s your little buddy?
Kadaj: Hmm?
Kadaj: Sora? I think he went to give Sephiroth a....
Kadaj: ...a.....Sephiroth....D:
Yazoo: .....pie..
Yazoo: ah. Well..
Izzy: (haha Sephiroth pie...)
Aki: (XDDD)
Kadaj: *runs outside*
Kadaj: Nii-san's motorcycle is gone!
Yazoo: Take mine!
Yazoo: Cid's repairing yours.
Kadaj: *nods*
Yazoo: DDD:
Sora: *starting to turn whispey and blackish*
Aki: (The Anti-form is trying to protect sora)
Sephiroth: Interesting...
Sora: .....Ugh..god no..
Sora: *steps back slightly*
Cloud: GET BACK!!!
Sora: *glares back at Cloud*
Sephiroth: *looks slightly surprised and blocks Cloud's swing*
Sora: *watches as the Keyblade disappears and his hand turns black*
Sora: *glances back to Cloud and Sephiroth*
Cloud: --!!!
Cloud: Sora! Run!!
Sora: ....
Sephiroth: Futile.
Aki: (he's not quite understanding, since he's half Heartless by now XD)
Sephiroth: *teleports and hits Cloud in the back*
Cloud: Unh--
Sora: ....!
Izzy: (yeah...I figured)
Sora: *rushes at Sephiroth*
Cloud: *stumbles, then whips around and attacks again*
Sephiroth: *jumps into the air*
Sora: *jumps up after him*
Cloud: Shit...*splits sword in two*
Aki: (oh jeez, haha, yeah common sense, no strategizing though XD)
Cloud: *sticks one sword in its holder on his back, then splits the main sword again*
Cloud: *jumps back and around and attack Sephiroth from the side*
Sora: *reaches towards Sephiroth's chest*
Aki: (Seph DOES have a heart, though..)
Sephiroth: *raises hand*
Izzy: (oh shit Meteor D:)
Sora: ....
Izzy: (yeah, but he also has like 20 health bars XD)
Izzy: (but it's good to wear him down)
Sora: *dodges in midair, and goes to push Cloud away*
Cloud: *looks up, eyes widening*
Sora: ....go...stay...away...
Sephiroth: *drops meteor towards them*
Sora: ...*pushes Cloud away again*
Sora: *dodges*
Cloud: Don't be stupid! *drops and rolls*
Cloud: I'm not leaving you alone!
Sora: .....
Sephiroth: Your efforts are in vain. *teleports behind Cloud again*
Sora: *dodges towards Seph*
Cloud: *shifts so the sword on his back blocks it*
Izzy: (that's why he did that XD)
Izzy: (Cloud is smart sometimes)
Sora: ....
Sephiroth: Hmph. *teleports again*
Aki: (Sora's acting all on impulse though XDD)
Izzy: (he's making my brain hurt >.<)
Izzy: (Seph, that is)
Aki: (aww)
Cloud: *jumps toward Sephiroth again*
Sephiroth: *meets him with a bunch of lightning-fast slashes*
Sora: ........!
Cloud: *manages to block all but one*
Izzy: (damn range...)
Sora: *pacing a bit*
Izzy: (I fucking hate his range)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (same)
Sora: *growls slightly*
Cloud: *takes the hit as an opportunity to slash Sephiroth across the chest*
Sephiroth: Hah...*backs off for a moment*
Cloud: *breathing heavily*
Sora: ....
Sora: ...go..
Sephiroth: You're struggling for that? *gestures at Sora*
Cloud: Shut up!
Sora: .......What...?!
Cloud: Nothing you say can turn my resolve any more!
Cloud: I'll beat you back every time!
Sora: *Anti-form wearing off a little*
Sora: *grabs Keyblade*
Sephiroth: *laughs a little* You have only one life.
Sora: Think again, bastard!
Sora: If I have to use Geostigma to my advantage, I'm going to!
Cloud: Sora! Stop! You have to get out of here!
Cloud: I'll take care of this!
Sora: ...Like Hell I will!
Sephiroth: Even the two of you won't be enough.
Sephiroth: Not this time.
Cloud: This time...
Cloud: I get it now.
Sora: ....I'm going to KILL you! *rushes at Seph*
Aki: (ew Jenova)
Sephiroth: Too late--I'm already dead.
Aki: (stupid Jenova genes)
Sora: .....
Izzy: (yeah eww.)
Cloud: So that's it...
Cloud: Even though I faced my darkness...
Sora: ........*enraged*
Cloud: *takes a step forward* I faced my darkness! Yet you didn't disappear!
Sephiroth: Despair does not disappear.
Sora: ....UGH. Make it stop! *kneels*
Cloud: Sora!
Sephiroth: *attacks while he's distracted*
Cloud: *turns his sword sideways to block*
Cloud: Unh...*stumbles backwards*
Sora: ......*rushes forward*
Sora: *slashes at Seph*
Sephiroth: Like the darkness, once despair grabs hold of a heart, it never lets go...
Sephiroth: *trades blows with Sora*
Sora: .....
Cloud: *leaning on his sword*
Sora: *dodges each one*
Cloud: It doesn't...
Sora: ...I HATE you so much!
Cloud: it doesn't matter....
Sephiroth: As you should! *laughs*
Cloud: It doesn't matter!
Cloud: That's how people live!
Cloud: *runs forward*
Sora: I CANT BELIEVE I TRUSTED YOU. *lashes out at Seph*
Sephiroth: A familiar line...
Cloud: We fall, we despair...and then we hope...
Aki: (...Actually, Sora's never wanted to kill someone before XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Cloud: We beat back the despair every time!
Sora: Nng..
Sephiroth: An endless, futile struggle!
Sora: *glares at Seph*
Cloud: *Limit Break*
Izzy: (geez...finally.)
Cloud: Sora, get BACK!
Izzy: (This'll do a lot)
Sora: ..........*glares at him with his creepy jenova eyes* *steps back*
Izzy: (not finish it, but it'll do a lot XD)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (Sora'll do his limit too, soon)
Sephiroth: *smiling as he takes the hits*
Sephiroth: Not nearly enough!
Cloud: *drops to the ground and catches the last sword*
Cloud: .....
Sephiroth: *drops toward him, Masamune outstretched*
Cloud: *dodge rolls* (haha)
Cloud: *grabs one of his swords as he passes it*
Sora: *uses one of the five limits he's capable of*
Aki: (he seriously had like 98578394759834)
Izzy: (pfft, I have this image in my head of Sephiroth going "Mada mada!" and...looking like the guy from Prince of Tennis XDD)
Aki: (it's basically Ragnarok, Curaga, Arts Arcanum, and Sonic all in one)
Aki: (oh geebus XD)
Izzy: (:DDD I want one.)
Aki: (you want his limit? XD)
Izzy: (yeah...)
Izzy: (it would be my squishy. *pouts*)
Aki: (*snicker*)
Sora: *finishes up with 12 of Cloud's attacks*
Sephiroth: *overconfidently barely blocking*
Aki: (12 slashes of sonic, that is XD)
Izzy: (loser, having enough HP bars to sacrifice 1 or 2)
Sora: *kicks him*
Izzy: (..or 3...or 4...)
Izzy: (XD the ultimate attack, right there)
Aki: (XDD)
Aki: (seph cheated, sora can too)
Izzy: (haha true)
Aki: (WTH. why did Seph cheat? He doesn't have to!! DD: )
Izzy: (I know, he's just sadistic >.>)
Aki: (what a loser XD)
Izzy: (he likes kicking people)
Sora: *Final Forms*
Cloud: ....*collecting his swords while Sephiroth is distracted*
Sora: *uses second keyblade to hit him with a few more*
Sephiroth: Even with all your'll never be able to finish me off.
Cloud: *looks up suddenly*
Izzy: (SHIT)
Sora: *glides off to the side to cure himself*
Izzy: (NO CLOUD)
Izzy: (Don't do that, dammit)
Aki: (DDD: ???)
Izzy: (*bangs head against keyboard)
Izzy: (he's being obstinate again D:)
Cloud: With all of our power, maybe--!
Cloud: *runs forward, readying sword*
Izzy: (it's all put together again)
Sora: *frowns*
Sora: *Curagas Cloud before the attack*
Izzy: (that was probably a good thing >.>)
Cloud: *slashes*
Sephiroth: *blocks and stabs*
Sora: *turns anti-form again*
Cloud: AARGHHH! *throws his sword at Sephiroth and grabs the Masamune blade with both hands, yanking it out of Sephiroth's grasp*
Sora: ...!
Izzy: (It's...still stuck through him too. D:)
Aki: (stupid retard Cloud XD)
Izzy: (he let Sephiroth stab him on purpose...)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (XDDD)
Sora: *fights off the heartless and Jenova for a little bit longer*
Aki: (it's wearing Sora down, to push both auras away.)
Sora: ...Cloud! *kinda freaked out by the whole thing*
Sephiroth: *looks mildly surprised and swats Cloud's sword away with his bare hand*
Cloud: *grits his teeth so he doesn't scream*
Sephiroth: *reaches for his Masamune*
Sephiroth: *stops and stares in surprise at Souba sticking through his chest*
Sora: *frowns*
Sephiroth: You...
Kadaj: The difference between you and I, Sephiroth...
Kadaj: is that I'm not a pawn anymore!
Sora: Uhnn..
Leon: *runs after Kadaj, with Fenrir after him*
Sephiroth: Hah! Even three of you--
Kadaj: *grabs Sephiroth's wing in one hand so he can't fly away*
Kadaj: I have a present for you...from Mother.
Leon: *goes over to Sora, who collapsed at some point, turning into a heartless again*
Kadaj: *pulls Souba out and tosses it away*
Kadaj: *sticks his arm, which is now glowing white, into Sephiroth's chest*
Izzy: (kinda gross, I know >.>)
Aki: (I'm laughing really hard, actually XD)
Izzy: (can you guess what Mommy's present is? :D)
Sephiroth: !!
Kadaj: The Planet's done with you.
Kadaj: *smiles grimly*
Sora: *trying to get at Sephiroth, but Leon's holding him back*
Cloud: ah--ugh....*finally managed to pull the Masamune out of him, and starts to crawl away*
Cloud: *sheilds his face as the air around Kadaj and Sephiroth begins to glow white and green*
Sora: *digging his heartless claws into Leon's arms, trying to get at Seph*
Sephiroth: Uhh...the Planet...will never be...
Leon: ....
Sephiroth: Mother will...
Kadaj: *closes eyes*
Cloud: *curls into a ball at the explosion*
Sora: *squeaks once like a heartless and ducks*
Izzy: (aww)
Leon: *pulls Sora close and also ducks*
Cloud: ......uh...*managed to drag himself behind a boulder*
Fenrir: *runs to Cloud*
Cloud: *opens eyes carefully*
Sora: ......
Cloud: Ah...shit-- *tries to sit up*
Cloud: *clutches side*
Cloud: *drags himself to his feet, leaning on the boulder*
Fenrir: *pulls a potion with her*
Fenrir: *drags it to Cloud*
Cloud: ....hah...thanks.
Cloud: *takes it*
Cloud: *stands up a little straighter and looks around*
Fenrir: *looks over her shoulder at the scene*
Cloud: *picks her up and starts walking forward, waving a charred black feather out of the air in front of him*
Cloud: *grimaces and starts running*
Kadaj: unnnhhhh......
Sora: *also runs towards Kadaj*
Cloud: *kneels next to him*
Sora: ....*changing back to normal*
Kadaj: how....did
Cloud: You did just...fine.
Cloud: Fine...shit...Leon!
Leon: what?
Leon: *running over*