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3.1 Heartless trouble

Aerith: :00
Sora: ......I'm never making pie again.
Sora: ever.
Izzy: aww
Aki: Sora: Can I stab the sephiroth pie into oblivion? Please?
Izzy: yes?
Sora: Thank you.
Fenrir: *nudges Cloud* warkkk.
Cloud: Hmm?
Fenrir: *runs off to get paper and ink and comes back*
Fenrir: *"does the pie ACTUALLY have sephiroth in it, cuz if it does Sora's stigma will freak out, and then the Heartless will freak out."*
Cloud: ......I don't think so.
Fenrir: *sigh of relief* *"Heartless are scary..."*
Cloud: They certainly are.
Fenrir: *"I wonder if the heartless are scared of themselves, and we just don't know....cuz they don't have a choice. They're pawns of the darkness"*
Fenrir: *sort of just sorting everything in her head, so she understands*
Cloud: ....pawns....
Izzy: (jeez, Cloud, stop it.)
Fenrir: ......*kicks his leg*
Fenrir: *"stop it"*
Cloud: ....ow.
Fenrir: *"the water didn't work, though? Shouldn't we be worried about you and Sora and the others who have the stigma?"*
Cloud: ......I don't think it was the water....
Cloud: The stigma is a reaction to the Jenova cells already within us.
Cloud: Water can't get rid of them.
Cloud: *staring at his hand*
Fenrir: *sighs*
Fenrir: *"We're not moving anywhere like this."* DX
*someone's hands cover Clouds eyes* Guess who~
Cloud: *jumps*
"aw jeez Cloud. Don't tell me you're afraid of me. ha."
"....It's not like anything'll make me do anything for them! Not Jenova, not the Heartless, not the Nobodies, and so not anyone else who's evil and comes along~"
Cloud: ....Sora?
Sora: *pokes him in the back* Yay~
Sora: *takes his hands away* The Heartless are pawns though, Fenrir, but even they can break free. Look at that little guy over there with Zack number Two. *points*
Fenrir: *glances*
Aki: XDD
Aki: sora's seriously such a cutie-pie
Aki: X3
Aki: WTF.
Izzy: >:O
Izzy: haha
Aki: Mmmm valor formmm
Izzy: are you playing right now?
Aki: sorta
Aki: not really
Aki: cuz
Aki: the pirates are pissing me off
Aki: and yet
Aki: I can’t beat them
Izzy: aww
Aki: T___T I want Anti-form
Izzy: aww
Aki: annnntiii-fooorrrrmmm
Aki: it fights so well
Aki: but takes 3x more damage XD
Izzy: haha
Izzy: stigmaaa
Aki: *shot*
Aki: Jenova should get flushed down a toilet.
Izzy: haha
Sora: ..........Look Fenrir! It's Daddy being even more badass!
Sora: *took Leon's DVD player*
Izzy: hahahahaha
Izzy: ....Kaa-san in a bottle
Sora: ......Oh lookit
Sora: Kadaj is there tooooo
Sora: and Yazoo and Loz and Zack Number Two with his army
Izzy: XD
Aki: Reno: what???
Izzy: dammit, I want to watch AC again now
Sora: Come watch yourself run around~
Reno: :0
Sora: It's Rude too
Reno: :oo
Aki: .........MY MOTHER IS EVIL
Izzy: aww
Aki: stigma, kill me now.
Izzy: ;_;
Aki: blah
Aki: I'll draw Sephiroth pies
Izzy: ^^;
Aki: it'll make me happier prolly
Izzy: aww
Leon: ......About TIME
Aki: ....Oh right
Leon: Sora's been sick all last night and this morning.
Izzy: that’s no good
Aki: ....oh yeaaaah
Izzy: is it a normal kind of sick?
Leon: It seems so, but I'm not sure.
Leon: If it's induced by anti-form or the stigma, then, Riku or Cloud would know what to do, not me.
Izzy: symptoms?
Leon: Right now, he's just got a really bad temperature, and is preferring to sleep over everything else.
Izzy: at least his eyes aren't turning colors. >.>
Leon: You see, that's the thing. They haven't been open for us to check.
Izzy: ..........
Leon: I--what.
Izzy: no, I'm just worrying, per usual
Leon: Mm.
Leon: I'd wake Riku up, if I were you, however.
Aki: ....sora IS sick. He made ME sick.
Izzy: ehhh
Aki: I have a cough and headache
Izzy: like, actually sick?
Izzy: aww
Aki: i dunno
Aki: he hasn't woken up
Aki: He's been coughing and fell off his bed a few times XD
Izzy: aww
Izzy: *gives him cough drops*
Aki: haha
Izzy: hopefully it's just because of stress
Sora: ....I'm not stressed. *rubs eyes and yawns*
Leon: Finally.
Leon: ....come eat, and then go back and rest again.
Sora: I'm not hungry...
Izzy: Listen to Leon. >:{ Food is good for you,
Izzy: ....unless you're gonna throw up.
Leon: Someone will heat some soup up for you, in the kitchen.
Leon: I'm going to go get more groceries. We're low.
Leon: *leaves*
Izzy: wake uuuuup Riku
Izzy: you need to make Sora eat something
Sora: ....I'm not hungrryyy
Sora: Bleh. My head hurts.
Izzy: Leon's asprin's in the cabinet.
Riku: geez, okay.
Sora: *heads to the cabinet*
Sora: ....I want cake and cookies. *glances at Riku meaningfully*
Sora: *takes two and puts the bottle back*
Riku: Make sure to eat something healthy later....*heads off to the kitchen*
Sora: X3
Aerith: ....Riku, don't make him those things.
Sora: But Aerriiithhh.
Aerith: No.
Izzy: ((haha, Riku's such a pushover when it comes to Sora XD)
Aki: (yep XD)
Aerith: You want him to get better, so make him something that'll do so.
Sora: *whines*
Riku: Fine. Chicken soup.
Sora: *slump*
Aerith: Good.
Aerith: *goes over to make Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo dinner*
Sora: ....struggling for that...*mutters* bleh.
Riku: *leans over and mutters* I'll make you hot chocolate too, okay?
Riku: huh?
Sora: *sits and nods* yeah…oh…
Sora: Nothing…
Riku: *sits on the edge of the bed* It's not nothing, and we both know it.
Sora: It's really nothing.
Sora: *upset expression* Really.
Riku: ..........
Riku: Just....tell me when you're ready to talk about it.
Riku: *sits there for a moment*
Sora: Sephiroth. That's all you're getting out of me.
Riku: ..........
Sora: *rubs his neck absently* hot chocolate pleasee~
Riku: *sighs*
Riku: *gets up*
Riku: *pauses at the door* Look, it's just......
Riku: I don't want to see you hurting. None of us do.
Riku: And it's even more painful when there's nothing we can do about it....
Sora: It's just the whole Sephiroth thing. I'll get over it.
Sora: It wasn't my own anger that wanted to kill was weird.
Riku: .........
Sora: I never wanted to kill before, so it couldn't have been me.
Riku: ..........*looks down and places a fist over his own heart*
Riku: .......something....else......
Izzy: (stop being cryptic! *hits him*)
Aki: (haha )
Sora: huh?
Sora: And don't use my 'nothing' tactic.
Sora: It doesn't work anymore.
Sora: apparently.
Riku: ............I caught myself, don't worry.
Izzy: (XD he realized that a second before Sora said it XD)
Aki: (XDD)
Riku: Cloud said....something about the anti-form....?
Sora: Ah? Yeah…
Sora: That happened…a few times.
Riku: ....
Sora: ....what?
Izzy: (I'm playing/betting on the fact that the heartless and Jenova are kind of....opposites?)
Aki: (yep)
Izzy: (okay good)
Izzy: (but the question is how much does Riku understand about Geostigma.......)
Aki: (I dunno. He could ask Cloud later)
Sora: ....*glances towards the window*
Riku: *thinking*
Sora: a tool… *thinking to himself outloud*
Riku: I don't know......*runs a hand through his hair*
Sora: Mm.
Sora: I---wanna go outside. :|
Riku: Eat first.
Sora: Okayfine.
Sora: X3
Riku: *laughs slightly*
Riku: *heads for the kitchen*
Sora: *gets up to follow*
Sora: *pulls on his the T-shirt he's wearing* ....Cloud has a chocobo shirt? (he's borrowing clothes, since he doesn't really....carry extra around XD)
Riku: Apparently.
Izzy: (I bet he wears it to bed. XDD)
Aki: (haha yeah XD)
Sora: Mm. Cloud's big. This thing goes down to my knees!
Sora: *Tripping slightly on the borrowed pants*
Riku: *grabs his arm to steady him*
Riku: It'd be worse if it was my shirt.
Izzy: (I'm amused that Riku's taller than Cloud XD)
Aki: (Yeah XD)
Sora: Haha, yeah.
Sora: ....*puts a hand over his left eye and moves it away, and puts it back* ew, Heartless vision.
Sora: *pulls it away again* Okay, that's better. All better.
Riku: What?
Riku: Don't tell me it's still....
Sora: hmm?
Sora: *blinks*
Riku: Is the anti-form still bothering you?
Sora: Huh. uh, well, it's not that bad. It shouldn't be scary, by now.
Riku: Still....
Sora: It's not like you're at fault. Maleficent is.
Sora: It doesn't bother me, unless I end up hurting someone…
Riku: .......
Riku: *starts walking toward the kitchen*
Sora: ....!
Sora: *follows after him*
Izzy: (*pokes Riku* Don't make him think you're upset at him , because you're not)
Aki: (yeah, Riku XD)
Izzy: (He's actually worried sick and doesn't know what to do about it)
Izzy: (I think Cloud has been rubbing off on him....)
Izzy: (Stupid Cloud.)
Aki: (haha)
Kairi: Oh, Sora, you're up! Are you feeling a little better?
Kairi: Aerith is teaching me a new recipe :D
Izzy: (oh, no......XD)
Sora: *looks over to her* Really? What is it? :o
Kairi: umm......*looks at the recipe sheet*

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