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3.2 Heartless trouble

Kairi:....I can't pronounce it.
Sora: Trust Aerith to pick the ones with long, unpronounceable names. *snickers*
Sora: Riiii. You seem upsettt.
Sora: Riiiiiku. D:
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (8D)
Riku: huh? *spaced out*
Sora: ....What's wrong.
Riku: Noth--um.
Izzy: (haha, he almost did it again.)
Riku: ....
Riku: I was just thinking....
Aki: (Sora loves how, if he has to tell them what's wrong, then EVERYONE has to say what's wrong, in return XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Sora: Bouuuut whaaaat?
Aki: (sora likes rubbing it in XD)
Izzy: (XDDD if it makes him happy....)
Riku: The anti form....was there anything in particular that triggered it?
Sora: *thinks for a second* Jenova.
Sora: Stigma.
Sora: Sephiroth.
Sora: Anger
Riku: But didn’t you get healed?
Riku: The water....
Sora: It stopped for a while after that.
Sora: I dunno. didn't work, though.
Riku: Every time you defeated Sephiroth, he just kept coming back, right?
Kairi: *listening and cooking at the same time*
Sora: Uhh. Yep.
Sora: I made it a game to try and defeat him, after a while.
Sora: He kept coming back, so I thought, 'why not fight him as many times as I possibly can'
Riku: But what made this time different?
Sora: ....I was upset.
Sora: About something. I can't remember what, though.
Riku: But you've been angry before....
Sora: But....not that angry, though.
Sora: ....
Sora: Am I pathetic? *sudden curious tone*
Riku: What makes you think that?
Kairi: Of course not!
Sora: ....I dunno.
Sora: *rubs his neck* It....uh....oh, nevermind.
Riku: *gives him a look*
Sora: ....*purposefully looked away*
Cloud: If anyone, it's Sephiroth who's pathetic.
Kairi: *jumps and nearly burns herself* (she didn't notice him come in XD)
Izzy: (Cloud is a ninjaaaa)
Sora: *looks down*
Aki: (Ninja he sure he's not an annoying ninja girl? XD)
Izzy: (XDD)
Cloud: Don't beat yourself up over it. He talks like that because he can.
Cloud: makes things easier for him. *frowns*
Sora: *still looking down* No, I know....but still.
Sora: It's not really that....
Cloud: you think, if you were pathetic, that any of us would be willing to fight for you?
Sora: gee, thanks. But, probably not…actually, if I was truly that pathetic, then I wouldn't have made it to Traverse Town the first time.
Izzy: (Cloud just has a way with words, that's all. XD)
Aki: (haha XD)
Sora: ......
Sora: ......... .......
Sora: *sighs and slumps*
Sora: ....Ehhh.
Sora: Guys...
Sora: I'm gonna go on a walk...*gets up*
Kairi: I'll come with you!
Aki: (dun dun dun. He's nervous about something XD)
Riku: Me too.
Sora: No!
Sora: You stay here…
Izzy: (more something? XD)
Izzy: (what else....)
Sora: *gives a look to Cloud, like 'keep them here'*
Cloud: .......
Cloud: *sighs*
Kairi:'re not feeling well....
Sora: I'm going on a walk, anyway.
Sora: *heads for the door*
Sora: *gone~*
Aerith: ....You're not a very good caretaker, Riku. First cake, then a hot chocolate bribe, and now letting a sick, obviously going Heartless child, go on a walk by himself.
Riku: ..........
Riku: *runs after him*
Kairi: really....
Kairi: *looks to Aerith*
Aerith: *blinks* Would this face lie to you? *smiles*
Aerith: no, but, really.
Izzy: (no, it was more like she was asking if she could stop cooking and go after him XD)
Aerith: 10 stirs clockwise, 15 counter....then you can go after paopu-boy. *walks off to go take care of Zack 2*
Izzy: (XDD Oh, Aerith)
Aki: (xD)
Kairi: *stirs*
Sora: *hopping on rocks across the river*
Riku: *runs up, panting a little, and waves a scarf at him*
Riku: We don't need you any sicker than you already are!
Izzy: (he fusses so much XD)
Sora: Blaah. *sticks his tongue out at Riku*
Aki: (He's trying to make Riku fed up with him, so he leaves XD)
Riku: Geez, you're acting like a little kid again.
Sora: Yeah yeah! *continues hopping*
Sora: You're too stiff now. You don’t have fun anymore.
Riku: ....
Sora: *keeps hopping*
Riku: *folds his arms over his chest*
Sora: *makes it to the other side* *sticks his tongue out at Riku again and wanders off*
Riku: ....*stares at the rocks*
Kairi: *runs past him* Really! You're going to lose him!
Kairi: *starts jumping across*
Izzy: (oh man)
Izzy: (she's such a good counter to all the teenage male angst XD)
Aki: (I know XDD)
Sora: Kairi's still awesome, though!
Riku: *looks annoyed and follows her*
Izzy: (Riku's totally like "......I'm not gonna lose to her!" XD)
Sora: Ew, Heartless holes....*hops around them as they appear*
Aki: (I hate those heartless holes XD)
Izzy: (XD what?)
Aki: (the ones that shadows sink into )
Sora: Heeeeey Kairi.
Sora: Let's see what that Keyblade of yours is capable oooof~
Aki: (okay, he's normal again XD)
Kairi: eh?
Izzy: (okay good XD)
Sora: There's Heartless up here.
Kairi: *looks around*
Riku: *finally catching up*
Izzy: (slowpoke)
Aki: (haha)
Izzy: (he used to be the fastest too XD)
Aki: (they got head starts )
Sora: ....Lesse....Dark Shield, Dark Aura, Eternal Session, Dodgeroll....bunches of other abilities....
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (yay party battle XD)
Aki: (haha yeah XD)
Aki: (Okay....he is now back to normal)
Aki: (if not a bit more hyper than usual XD)
Izzy: (XDD <3)
Riku: *summons Keyblade* No, really....
Kairi: *same*
Sora: ~ ~~
Sora: *running around killing Heartless*
Aki: (You KNOW it's his favourite thing to do XD)
Izzy: (it's Oathkeeper, not the silly flowery one XD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Aki: (okay, Oathkeeper)
Kairi: *trying to keep up with him*
Sora: ......*trips on his pants*
Izzy: (....fuck now this means I've gotta draw it XD)
Aki: (low and behold, they are Riku's >_>)
Aki: (haha!)
Aki: (You set yourself up ! X3)
Kairi: Sora! *defends him*
Izzy: (XDD)
Sora: ....Riku how tall ARE you?!
Riku: ......*fighting off heartless* Taller than Cloud!
Izzy: (he takes great pride in that XD)
Sora: Ohhh. VERY precise.
Sora: *gets up and runs off again*
Riku: Mind your own business!
Kairi: *laughing*
Sora: SoraRikuKairi time is over. Go on home~
Sora: *disappears*
Riku: ....
Aki: *into the forest he will go~*
Kairi: Eh....
Kairi: .........Sora....
Sora: Ew Heartless, ehhh. *keeps running*
Aki: (he's kinda freaking again....)
Izzy: (aww)
Kairi: *runs in the direction she thinks he took*
Riku: Hey! *runs after her*
Sora: See-in-the-dark vision....
Sora: Only good thing....*ponders*
Sora: *hops up the side of one of the cliffs to the top*
Kairi: *looking around* Oh, no~~ Where did he go!
Riku: *catches up to her*
Riku: .......
Sora: *sits there for a bit*
Riku: *grabs her arm and starts running* This way!
Izzy: (haha...."Sora sense......tingling....")
Aki: (HAHA yesss *ded*)
Izzy: (the sad thing is that Kairi could make it straight up but Riku can't XD)
Izzy: (all the running is starting to hurt him again)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (beh, back problems)
Izzy: (they take so frigging long to go away)
Izzy: (I would know >.>)
Aki: (I knowww)
Aki: (poor Rii D: )
Izzy: (DDD:)
Aki: (WHAT?)
Izzy: (Your buddy icon changing to Anti-Sora......D:)
Aki: (*ded*)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (I seriously, like, jumped a foot)
Aki: (*dies again*)
Riku: *breathing hard* Here....we are.......
Kairi: *a few steps ahead* You okay?
Riku: Yeah....fine. *winces*
Kairi: *looking around*
Sora: *tilts his head* ....
Kairi: *squints* it's getting dark, I can't see anything....
Aki: (He's almost all anti-form now XD)
Kairi: Sora? Is that you?
Izzy: (eep)
Izzy: (XD)
Kairi: *steps forward*
Aki: (He WAS trying to stay away from them XD)
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (they're just not smart enough to get it....)
Izzy: (oops XD)
Sora: .......
Kairi: Please don't run away again.
Kairi: I'm worried about you.
Sora: ......*glares slightly at her as a way of saying 'well, you're in DANGER, this way....'*
Sora: *hops slightly to another ledge, still in sight, because his EYES ARE FREAKY GLOWY HEARTLESS EYES*
Aki: (couldn't resist...)
Kairi: *holds out a hand* C'mon....let's go back....
Riku: *warning tone* Kairi....
Riku: *steps in front of her*
Sora: *tilts his head a little*
Kairi: Come on. Everyone's waiting.
Riku: ......
Sora: ......I...
Sora: *shakes his head gently*
Kairi: Please--!
Sora: *shakes his head again*
Kairi: We're friends, aren't we!? We can help you!
Izzy: (she's starting to sound like Tifa. >.>)
Aki: (Kairi, he's not the cute, uber adorable kid you know....)
Izzy: (yeah, really)
Sora: *starts backing up, telling himself not to hurt them*
Riku: ....Kairi. Go home. I'll take care of him, okay?
Riku: I'll bring him back.
Kairi: No! I'm not leaving.
Izzy: (stubborn. >.>)
Aki: (they all are XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Kairi: I have to....
Kairi: I have to believe....
Kairi: *starts walking towards him*
Sora: ......*stops for a moment*
Izzy: (Cloud, your stupidity is rubbing off on everyone)
Riku: ....Kairi....!
Kairi: *holds out her hands* Come on....let's go home together....
Kairi: I know you're there, Sora.
Kairi: *stops a few yards from him and waits*
Sora: ......
Sora: *clearly conflicted between backing up and going over to her*
Kairi: Come on. *beckons*