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5.1 the trouble with GFs

Izzy: FF XII looks really good
Izzy: and it has a female protagonist
Aki: oh good
Izzy: can't wait till it's out
Izzy: though
Izzy: there's a lot of blond FF heroes >.>
Aki: haha
Izzy: Squall's the exception XD
Izzy: but we love him for it
Aki: Secretly...he dyed his hair...
Leon: I did not!
Izzy: like, the main characters of 7, 9(?), 10, 12, and 13 are all blond
Izzy: I don't know about the earlier ones
Izzy: though the chick in 13 leans toward pink
Izzy: haha Marluxia
Aki: XD
Aki: marloosha *ded*
Izzy: hurr
Izzy: Sora's Keyblade chain
Aki: Sora: o__O
Izzy: is giving me a hernia >:
Izzy: too many linessss
Sora: *looks at it*
Sora: ...hmm
Izzy: haha, the only reason I like Oathkeeper
Izzy: is that it’s a braid thing and not a chain
Sora: Same with Kairi's super girly Keyblade.
Izzy: XD
Sora: I'm not sure she even likes it...
Sora: She's just happy to have a Keyblade.
Sora: maybe I could give her a keychain of mine...
Kairi: it's not super girly!
Kairi: it's....
Sora: Yes it is!
Kairi: ...okay, it is.
Sora: Here. Try this one. *hands her the Metal Chocobo keychain*
Sora: Or this~ *hands her Oathkeeper and Lionheart*
Kairi: ...
Kairi: *tries Metal Chocobo*
Kairi: It's...big...
Sora: Good range. Kills your magic limit though.
Kairi: You'd think it would be heavier...
Sora: Leon's keychain's awesome, try it.
Kairi: Okay.
Kairi: *tries it*
Sora: It's shinnnnneyyy.
Kairi: Pretty cool!
Sora: Like the Gunblade. It's strong and ups magic.
Sora: Specially...FIIRREEE.
Kairi: You got this from Leon then?
Sora: Yep
Sora: I beat him and Cloud up
Kairi: *waves it around experimentally*
Sora: He gave it to me after
Leon: ...what are you two doing? *taking Fenrir for a walk* >_>
Fenrir: warrrk~
Sora: Just trying out keychains for Kairi's girly Keyblade of pinkness.
Leon: Ah.
Kairi: I think I like yours the best!
Izzy: (haha now she's gonna take it from Sora XD)
Leon: Thanks...
Sora: AND
Sora: nowwwww, Kairi and I will fight you, Leon :D
Izzy: (WHAT XD)
Leon: No, my leg hurts..
Sora: You're forfeiting, then?
Sora: Backing dowwwn?
Leon: ....
Sora: Think you could take Leon on, Kairi?
Leon: /he's not listening.../
Kairi: Hmmm...
Kairi: I dunno.
Sora: We could fight him togetherrrr.
Leon: /This is starting to sound like Selpie and Irvine./
Sora: :DD?
Kairi: But you beat him by yourself, didn't you?
Kairi: That wouldn't be fair.
Sora: huh?
Izzy: (haha, and iTunes starts playing the FFVIII battle theme XD)
Kairi: For Leon.
Izzy: (oh, ouch. XD)
Leon: I have a baby to take care of. *points to Fenrir*
Fenrir: *looks ready to fight*
Leon: /This is sort of degrading.../
Aki: (Leon's the only one that actually THINKS, at ALL)
Izzy: (XDD so true)
Sora: Sooooo Kaiiiiri?
Leon: ....
Fenrir: :D *runs off to get Cloud*
Leon: hey!
Fenrir: *gone~*
Kairi: Maybe I should fight by myself.
Izzy: (she's really not thinking. XD)
Sora: butbutbut. Iwannafightwithyou.
Kairi: Well, to even the odds...
Kairi: Maybe it should be two on two?
Sora: Who's else is gonna fight us?
Kairi: ....umm....
Leon: ...just me, regardless of injury.
Leon: *Unhooks Lionheart from his belt*
Cloud: *from a distance* no! OW! I got stabbed there!
Fenrir: warrrrrrk~
Izzy: (Still recovering from Sephiroth impaling him -_-)
Aki: (haha yeahhh)
Izzy: (or rather, impaling himself with Sephiroth's Masamune, but whatever)
Aki: (XD)
Cloud: Fenrir! Stop it! What're you so anxious about!
Fenrir: *pulls*
Leon: *blocks one of Sora's attacks*
Sora: C'mon Kairi~
Kairi: *looks determined and readies her Keyblade*
Izzy: (Oh, poor Leon. XD)
Izzy: (pfft, his theme is playing now)
Izzy: (good show, iTunes XD)
Leon: /Why do I always get caught up in the ridiculous events?/
Aki: (yeah, mines playing it too XD)
Kairi: *jumps and attacks*
Shiva: Squall honeeeyyyy~
Leon: *blocks her attack, but Sora slashes at him*
Leon: *backs up and blocks*
Shiva: How about junctioning~
Leon: No.
Kairi: *presses forward*
Shiva: ...what?
Leon: *presses back against her Keyblade* I said no.
Shiva: DDD:
Shiva: C'mon Squall, let's fight like old times~ :D
Leon: I'll fight by myself--*quickly blocks Sora*
Kairi: *slashes*
Aki: (It's Squall development XD)
Izzy: (XD I think she's having fun..)
Leon: *arm gets hit, and his Gunblade gets knocked out of his hand*
Kairi: Oops!
Izzy: (She's not really taking it seriously enough. XD)
Sora: NO Kairi that's good!
Leon: *uses his forearm to block the hit from Sora* ow.. *dashes for his weapon*
Leon: *leans down to pick it up*
Fenrir: *pecks Cloud and looks to where Leon, Kairi and Sora are*
Cloud: .....
Cloud: No.
Cloud: I'm injured.
Izzy: (bad excuse, so is Leon XD)
Izzy: (besides, you have an extremely high tolerance for pain)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Cloud: Do shut up.)
Izzy: (*sticks tongue out*)
Fenrir: *pretends to limp around and points to Leon*
Leon: *forces Sora back, once he got his blade back*
Cloud: ....I don't care.
Izzy: (yes you do. XD)
Fenrir: D:
Fenrir: *ruffles her feathers, threatening to use Meteor*
Cloud: ......
Fenrir: *glares*
Izzy: (go on, throw little flaming rocks at his head. XDD)
Aki: (oh no, she has big ones too XD)
Aki: (She didn't want to KILL Grrface that time..)
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (well, I don't think she really wants to kill Cloud either)
Aki: (nope XD But she WILL totally threaten him)
Izzy: (haha)
Cloud: .....
Cloud: No.
Fenrir: *bites him*
Cloud: HEY! I just got a thirteen-foot sword stuck through me the other day!!
Cloud: And just because it's happened before doesn't make it any better!
Cloud: *mutters and rubs the spot where she bit him*
Fenrir: >_>
Fenrir: *"Least you've never got a sword stuck in your face before."*
Cloud: .....
Cloud: What?
Izzy: (Toootally missed the reference there XD)
Fenrir: ....wark. *warning tone*
Shiva: *flies over to Cloud and Fenrir*
Shiva: Clouuuuud-honey, what do I doooo?? He won’t let me junction DDD:
Fenrir: *confused*
Cloud:'re asking me?
Shiva: He won’t lettt meeeee.
Shiva: I ask him to junction, and he's all like..."NO"
Shiva: DDD:
Aki: (......)
Aki: (*reading her Math text book* Her name is Marlene!)
Izzy: (eh?)
Aki: ("Marlene wants to check that her door frame makes right angles at the corners. The door is 2.5 meters high, and 1.5 meters wide. How long should the diagonal of the door be if the corners are at right angles?")
Aki: (yeah...random XD)
Izzy: (XDD)
Izzy: (Barret! Your daughter is becoming a carpenter!)
Aki: (XDDD)
*something white attacks Leon from behind*
Leon: ....!
Sora: Leon! Kairi, Nobodies!
Leon: ...Oww..
Kairi: !!
Shiva: *looks torn* Why wont he let me junction...
Fenrir: *runs down towards Leon, Sora and Kairi*
Cloud: ....the other problem, that my SWORD is back at the HOUSE!
Cloud: *says something you'd expect to come from Cid*
Fenrir: *calls on some larger meteors*
Leon: ...holy shit...what has Cloud been teaching you..
Cloud: Absolutely nothing.
Sora: *wide eyed*
Leon: *picks himself up off the ground, and stumbles towards Lionheart to pick it up again*
Fenrir: *running around taking her 'hyperness' out on the Dusks*
Kairi: *stands protectively in front of Leon*
Izzy: (like she could do anything for him...XD)
Izzy: (it's the thought that counts)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Izzy: (she's kinda like, "Oh, no, I'm the one who disarmed him...)
Leon: *throws Cloud Lionheart* Use this, while I take a potion..
Cloud: *catches it* ....
Cloud: Too light...oh well....
Kairi: *trying to fight off a Dusk, but proving too fast for her*
Cloud: *grits teeth and runs toward her*
Leon: .....Well excuse me for having more sensibility on choosing a more transportable weapon. *mutters and takes a potion*
Izzy: (XDD Cloud and his ridiculous sword)
Sora: *uses his limit to get rid most of them*
Aki: (yeah. Lionheart's pretty heavy, too XD)
Aki: (about 175 lbs)
Cloud: *pushes the Dusk away from Kairi*
Izzy: (...yeah, but imagine how much Cloud's sword weighs XD)
Aki: (Yeah XD)
Izzy: (especially now that it's 6 instead of just 1...)
Aki: (*snort*)
Leon: *unpockets a gun, and shoots ducks away* (He actually used guns, in the game, too XD)
Aki: (DUCKS)
Izzy: (....ducks. XD)
Aki: *dusks
Izzy: (look out Donald! XD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Leon: *shoots a few more that head after Cloud*
Cloud: Want your toothpick back yet?
Leon: ...
Leon: I have a gun, smartass.
Aki: (Cloud...he really loves his Gunblade XDD)
Izzy: (that's sarcasm, Leon XD)
Izzy: (Cloud's just frustrated because it's wayyy too light for him)_
Izzy: (so he swings too hard and it throws him off balance)
Leon: can you handle guns better? >_>
Cloud: *turns and fights off another Dusk*
Leon: ....... *sigh*
Grrface: *running in front of a rental chocobo, which is carrying Cloud's sword*
Aki: (good boy Grrface.)
Aki: (It's more like...pulling it as hard as it can XDD)
Izzy: (XDD poor chocobo)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (Leon's apparently paying for the rental..)
Izzy: (harr)
Cloud: *tosses the Gunblade back to Leon*
Leon: Holy shit. No throwing Gunblades at me DX
Izzy: (...Cloud...if you're NEED something lighter. >.>)
Leon: *catches*
Cloud: Speak for yourself!
Izzy: (he threw it first XD)
Aki: (yeah XD But, he doesn't have 'Gunblade-going-at-face' phobia XD)
Izzy: (true)
Chocobo: *collapses* DX
Fenrir: *runs over to it*
Cloud: *grabs his sword and splits it, sticking two into the ground*
Leon: *readies his limit*
Cloud: *to Fenrir* say thanks for me.
Fenrir: warrrrk warrrk X3 **to other Chocobo*
chocobo: *nods*
Cloud: *runs back into battle*
Shiva: ...Limit?! But..! I need to Junction to do that!
Leon: No! *uses his limit*
Shiva: Pleasseeeee?
Leon: *finishing his limit* NO.
Izzy: (she's whining....XD)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Shiva: butbutbutttt
Leon: noooo. D:
Shiva: So you trust Cloud more than me, now?!
Leon: .....
Leon: yes, no shut the freaking Hell up, while I kill things! *goes back to fighting*
Shiva: X333
Cloud: *drops to one knee, a bit overwhelmed*
Cloud: Shit....*holding his side*
Leon: *Destroys all the Nobodies around them with his limit again*