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9.3 party nobodies

Roxas: ugh. This is going to be a looong night...
Marluxia: ...ah! Don't I have the best luck!
Axel: Oh, leave it. There's at least five people here that would kick your ass if you so much as look at her the wrong way...
Naminé: *chucks one of her paper weights at Marluxia*
Axel: ...or...that.
Marluxia: *hops to the side rather ungracefully to avoid it* D:
Naminé: I'll help you supervise, Roxas!
Roxas: Sure…
Naminé: *crosses her arms over her chest, glaring at Marluxia*
Aki: (Even Leon would get pissed if anything happened to Naminé XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Marluxia: .....*mutters something and wanders over to the other side of the room to find something to do*
Marluxia: ....I won't forget what happened to my flowers...
Roxas: Get over it. *rolls his eyes*
Naminé: *starts drawing Izzy knows what in her sketchbook*
Izzy: (......Oh, I do know. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (...If Axel doesn't start paying attention to him more, Roxas will start bitching XD *Shot*)
Aki: .(Roxas: I will not. )
Izzy: (awww, I was just about to do something about that XD)
Axel: Here ya go. *hands Roxas a glass of something*
Aki: (something XD)
Izzy: (>.>)
Axel: Don't get worked up. It's orange juice.
Roxas: ...I doubt it, but I'll drink it anyway. When I've lost my mind.
Axel: Don't say that. It's a party! Have some fun!
Roxas: Fine...*takes a sip of the 'orange juice'*
Roxas: ...Yep, definetly suspicious. *drinks a little more*
Axel: ........
Naminé: I thought you'd said you'd given alcohol up, Roxas.
Roxas: ...Old habits die hard. *grumbles*
Axel: You make it sound like you were the town drunk or something.
Roxas: BEFORE I went after you--
Naminé: He drank at least one beer a night.
Roxas: did not
Naminé: Uh-huh.
Roxas: I did NOT.
Axel: .....*raises an eyebrow, vaguely amused*
Naminé: And I bet he went to bars in every town he searched--
Roxas: no.
Aki: (She's obviously just teasing him XD)
Sora: *tackles Roxas* HI ROXAS.
Roxas: Hi Sora...
Sora: What's that? *points at the cup in Roxas' hand*
Roxas: Beer.
Sora: I can't believe you're still drinking that stuff. *wrinkles nose*
Roxas: ...I didn't drink every day DX
Izzy: (see, first Cloud, now Roxas XD)
Sora: You came pretty close to every day
Roxas: *sighs and rolls his eyes*
Roxas: Sora, get off and don't drink any beer. Kairi will kill me if you do.
Sora: Eww, don't worry. *goes off to poke Marluxia*
Roxas: *sighs*
Izzy: (XD oh Sora)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: Hey, I remember you. You're that flowery pink guy! D:
Roxas: ...
Marluxia: of the Keyblade....
Izzy: (*sigh* this is what I get for reading CoM in Japanese XD)
Roxas: ...
Sora: Hmm.
Marluxia: I really do have the worst luck.
Izzy: (I think he's sulking over the comment about his hair or something XD)
Sora: ...Being pink and flowery isn't bad.
Aki: ("I LIKE flowers" XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Marluxia: .......
Sora: I like flowers. We have this huge garden out back in Aerith's greenhouse.
Sora: It's REALLLLLLLYY big and pretty ^^
Aki: (He's just like, "Yay Organization 13!" XDD)
Izzy: (Oh no, now he's gonna wanna see Aerith's garden XDDD)
Sora: Yeah! :D
Sora: C'mon I'll show you~ *grabs his arm and drags him away*
Roxas: ...I don’t see how Sora tolerates you all...
Izzy: ( XD)
Aki: (
Izzy: (Sora is Sora. XD)
Aki: (excited to see people from a while back, even if they were 'bad')
Aki: (yes, Sora is Sora XD)
Aki: (That's his explanation for EVERYTHING)
Izzy: (of course)
Izzy: (like Squeenix)
Aki: (haha)

Aki: hallo, guten tag. :D
Izzy: arghhhh
Aki: es ist ein schönes Morgen, ja? >_>
Izzy: I had to switch computers, meaning my mom will kick me off at 6:30 because she doesn't want me on hers -_-
Aki: oh
Aki: so gut.
Aki: Buuutttttt you have the computer for now.
Izzy: yesssss
Aki: let's RP, yo. D: My inner Reno says hi.
Izzy: hah
Izzy: my inner Cloud is ignoring him.
Aki: ...Inner Reno says he should eat a blueberry muffin.
Aki: He says it makes emo go away
Izzy: inner Kadaj says he wants a blueberry muffin
Izzy: what kind of RP is this? XD
Aki: the inner RP XD
Aki: the one we RP at 3 in the morning, verbally
Izzy: ah XD
Aki: that was a fun night XD
Izzy: it was
Sora: *falls*
Aki: D:
Izzy: :O
Izzy: see, that's why you shouldn't wear Cloud's clothes!
Izzy: you trip on them
Sora: Nuuu. It's the icky thing that Sephiroth gave me >:\
Sora: It hurtssss DX *rolls onto his back*
Cloud: ....why does everyone think my closet is their own personal wardrobe....
Sora: Cuz you have comfy clothes.
Cloud: ....
Izzy: and it's not like you wear them anyway, so don't complain
Sora: :D;
Izzy: Sora, did you take your meds today?
Sora: What? What meds?
Izzy: anti-form meds, and Geostigma meds
Sora: There's such a thing? D:
Izzy: ...apparently.
Sora: Ah.
Sora: Well.
Sora: Obviously I didn't take them..
Izzy: well, your Geostigma isn't normal, since it didn't go away
Izzy: so you have to take good care of yourself D:
Sora: Mhmm.
Sora: *stands up*
Izzy: I think I'll give it to Kairi, and have her take care of it...
Izzy: if I give it to Riku, he won't make you take them once you give him the face >.>
Sora: D:
Izzy: now shoo! Go do happy things
Sora: *blinks*
Sora: Okay :D! *runs off to go tickle Riku*
Cloud: ....two eggs, 41/2 cups of flour.....argh, I can't remember.
Cloud: ........
Leon: ....That's fine, I was smart for once, and wrote it down. I'll give it to you later, since it's muscle memory, for me.
Izzy: Yeah, if Leon can remember it, it's pathetic if you can't.
Leon: Gee, thanks.
Cloud: What are you still doing here anyway?
Izzy: Oops. >.>
Izzy: (XD uhhh)
Aki: (haha)
Izzy: (I just love bothering them, don't I XD)
Aki: (of course XD)
Leon: ...I'm going to go call Irvine. *walks off*
Cloud: ...might be a little easier if the "party" wasn't so loud...what?
Leon: I said, I was going to go call Irvine. When I'm done, you can talk to him, and you two can bond over Chocobos.
Cloud: ....
Leon: *leaves*
Izzy: (speaking of which, where has Fenrir been? XD)
Aki: (In the pocket the entire time, sleeping XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Aki: (Cloud's just that boring 8D)
Izzy: (hahaha!)
Fenrir: *sticks her foot into Cloud's back*
Zack: Did I miss something, or are people just being generally loud?
Cloud: Ow!
Fenrir: *sticks other foot into his back*
Cloud: ....I don't know. Where have you been.
Cloud: ow--Fenrir, stop that! *takes her down*
Zack: You been giving your daughter enough attention lately?
Zack: Kids need a lot of it, you know.
Fenrir: Wark! *runs over to Zack*
Fenrir: *sits on his foot*
Zack: Well, hello, little lady.
Zack: Has your daddy been feeding you properly?
Cloud: *holding his side* Ow...
Fenrir: wark~ *Sticks tongue out at Cloud*
Zack: hmmm. I'll take that as a no?
Cloud: It's a lot to keep track of...I try.
Zack: You're lucky you've got so many people that will do it for you.
Cloud: .....
Zack: Oh, lighten up, will you?
Aki: (Leon's even got a food bowl in his room for Fenrir XD)
Izzy: (haha, he's like his wife. "I'm not taking any more angst from you!")
Aki: (XDD)
Zack: Hey, Fenrir, let's go find you some dinner.
Fenrir: wark~ :D
Zack: ...just what is going on downstairs, anyway?
Fenrir: *hops off his foot* wark. *shrugs*
Cloud:....I said, where have you been?
Zack: Sleeping. Where my darling wife can't find me and drag me off by the ear to do laundry.
Izzy: (Zack is such a lazy husband. XD)
Aki: (XD yes but we all love him )
Izzy: (of course XD)
Zack: Well, this looks like a party if I ever saw one...
Zack: Who brought the beer?
Zack: What?
Cloud: If you join in, Aerith's gonna kill me for not stopping you.
Izzy: (They're such good friends)
Zack: Hey, what kind of friend are you?
Sora: *goes up the stairs* He's a strict one, when it comes to saving his own ass. :D
Sora: *goes into his room to get Naminé another pencil*
Zack: I guess that means we'll just haveta get you drunk, too!
Sora: Roxas and Axel and the others are drinking. It's fine if you join. They won't mind.
Sora: *goes back downstairs*
Zack: What, still embarrassed about last time? That wasn't so bad.
Aki: ('did I just get dumped?' XD)
Cloud: If it wasn't, then why wouldn't anyone tell me what I did?
Fenrir: ....*sneaks off downstairs*
Aki: (She's like, 'mm beer' XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Roxas: ...Sora, don't go near the beer! D:
Sora: It tastes baaaad, but you still get to drink it, why can't I have some? We're the same age! D:
Roxas: Kairi would kill meee D:
Zack: .....*starts laughing*
Cloud: What? What's so funny?
Cloud: What did I do?
Aki: (Zack should tell him about it XD)
Zack: *waves a hand at him and walks downstairs*
Zack: I'll tell you when you're older.
Aki: (Or he could go ask Yuffie. She'd tell him XD)
Cloud: ....*stares*
Izzy: (I think he might XDDD)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: ha-HA! *runs off with a beer*
Izzy: (oh no XD)
Roxas: COME BACK HERE! *chases*
Sora: Nooo!
Izzy: (have fun with that, Sora XD)
Aki: Sora's gonna run to Riku though
Izzy: oh no XD
Aki: to save him from scary Roxas XD
Izzy: hahaha <333
Aki: Oh Roxas how we love you