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11.1 back in the underworld

Roxas: ...*sits on the stairs*
Aki: (Roxas is like, 'I don't know why...but I can't leave them like I always do...')
Izzy: (aww)
Fenrir: ...
Fenrir: *glances up at Cloud intently*
Cloud: .....
Izzy: (...yeah, he's crying)
Aki: (aww the poor buddy)
Izzy: (......)
Izzy: (well what did you think >.>)
Aki: (that he'd stand there blaming himself with part of it)
Izzy: (He is.)
Izzy: (he's also crying.)
Aki: (ugh. =_= He wasn't listening to Sora yesterday...was he?)
Izzy: (he was, but Cloud will be Cloud)
Izzy: (actually)
Aki: (heh)
Izzy: (it's more like he wants to have been able to do something)
Izzy: (he does know there was nothing he could have done)
Izzy: (but that doesn't make it any better, you know)
Izzy: (it still hurts just as much)
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (well Sora's ghostly-spirit thing is trying to pick up something to throw at Riku)
Izzy: (all my characters aren't going to do much besides sit around crying)
Aki: (It's not exactly working too well)
Izzy: (go Sora...)
Aki: (Sora: GRRRR.)
Aki: (Sora: This is annoying. *crosses arms*)
Izzy: ( won't work)
Izzy: (go have a nice chat with Hades)
Aki: (Sora: I did. )
Izzy: (uh huh?)
Aki: (Sora: He threw me into that icky gross green pool of dead people slime)
Izzy: (yuck)
Izzy: (you'd think he'd take more time to gloat)
Aki: (Sora: One would think )
Izzy: (You know, "Well, well, fancy seeing you here, Keybearer" and all that crap)
Aki: (Sora: Yeah yeah. I can't really do anything, considering I'm dead without a Keyblade)
Aki: (Sora: And I'm not all that good with strategies)
Aki: (Sora: Most of the time it's 'button mashing' attacks that do the trick)
Izzy: (hmmm)
Aki: (Sora: ...And I didn't want to go! Once I was in that situation, I didn't want to leave!)
Aki: (Sora: So this is so frustrating)
Izzy: (yeah...well....)
Izzy: (:\)
Aki: (Sora: *sighs*)
Izzy: (don't worry, Sora...)
Izzy: (actually, we should be telling them not to worry)
Izzy: (err.)
Aki: (Sora: *Chucks Oathkeeper chain at Riku's head* goddammit. *goes off to take care of stuff*)
Riku: *winces*
Roxas: ....I can't...believe I just threw that..
Izzy: (...he has no idea what hit him)
Roxas: ...
Kairi: *blinks and wipes her eyes*
Kairi: Wh...what...
Kairi: *reaches for it*
Roxas: *upset face*
Aki: (he's like 'I don’t understand myself DX')
Izzy: (aww poor Roxas)
Izzy: (now that you have a real body, Sora is trying to steal it XD)
Aki: (haha)
Roxas: ........
Roxas: ...when...did...*glances at Axel*
Roxas: ....
Axel: *shakes his head a little*
Roxas: ....I'm going to my room...
Roxas: *gets up, but falls again*...
Roxas: Ow...*forgot about that*
Axel: ....just sit down, all right.
Roxas: ...
Roxas: Fine...
Kairi: ...*holding the keychain*
Izzy: (well, we can take care of Sora's side then)
Aki: (okay suraga)
Sora: ....*seething*
Sora: .........*kicks the wall*
Sora: *sighs*
Sora: ....
Shiva: ....Everyone's CRYING you know.
Sora: AH. *falls*
Sora: ...*stares at her*
Shiva: Get up.
Sora: ....
Aki: (he's in shock Shiva, be patient)
Izzy: (aww)
Shiva: *crosses arms* That Hades cut your string too early.
Shiva: You had at least two more months.
Izzy: (it's all Sephiroth's fault >.>)
Sora: gee...that makes me feel a whole lot better...
Sora: Where in Hell am I...
Sora: I don't remember this part of the Underworld...
Shiva: ...I don't know. I haven't been here for a while, either.
Shiva: ...I can go scout out where we are, though...
Shiva: *flies off*
Sora: Hey wai--*drops hand*
Izzy: (oh, Shiva)
Sora: ...
Aki: (remember...Sora's just a normal 18 year old Keyblade or anything)
Izzy: (yeah)
Aki: (So he needs to have Shiva around like his mommy XD 'hay wait for me')
Izzy: (awwww)
Sora: ........
Sora: ......*grumbles*
Sora: *starts going in the opposite direction*
Jessie: Well, you're a new face. Looking for something?
Sora: ....I'm...
Sora: I...
Sora: Don't know, never mind...
Jessie: *pats him on the shoulder* I know, kinda dreary, right? You'll get used to it.
Sora: I've...been here before. Just not dead.
Jessie: Really?
Sora: Yeah...
Sora: to fight Hades...and Cerberus and Sephiroth.
Sora: And Heartless.
Jessie: Wow! Were you a hero or something?
Sora: No.
Sora: Not really.
Jessie: I sure wish I could've been a hero...
Jessie: I died too soon though. *shrugs* We were gonna save the Planet, too...
Sora: I bet you were a hero in that case.
Izzy: (she' XD)
Izzy: (despite being in the Underworld for so long)
Aki: (Sora's...sorta turning into Cloud)
Izzy: (jeez)
Aki: (He's like 'I'm scared, how do I act?')
Jessie: Oh, no...
Jessie: Not me.
Jessie: Cloud got to be a hero, though. *smiles a little*
Sora: Cloud?
Izzy: (damn, did she have a crush on him)
Izzy: (I don't know if you remember, but she totally hits on you in the beginning of the game >.>)
Aki: (I remember XD)
Jessie: Yeah!
Jessie: We were in AVALANCHE together--oh, sorry, I'm getting carried away. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about.
Sora: Barret and Tifa...
Jessie: You're probably from a different
Jessie: yes, Barret and Tifa--wait, you...
Jessie: You know them?
Sora: And Cloud too...and Aerith.
Sora: And Rufus and Reno...
Sora: Yeah...
Sora: I traveled worlds...and they helped me.
Jessie: Wow! So you really were a hero!
Sora: *shakes head* I just helped here and there.
Jessie: But you got to meet are they?
Jessie: I haven't had any news since that girl came along...
Jessie: what was her name...Aerith, that's it.
Sora: yeah...They're...good I guess.
Sora: not...anymore though...
Sora: But they will be...
Jessie: What do you mean?
Sora: I...died. *shrugs*
Sora: I got this thing called Geostigma...
Sora: And I didn't get better. So...
Jessie: Oh...
Sora: So now they're probably really upset.
Sora: Kadaj is probably pretty bad off too...
Sora: Since...he thinks it's his fault that I got it...
Jessie: I'm sorry.
Jessie: I didn't mean to remind you or anything.
Sora: I didn't want to forget. *shrugs* So it's fine.
Sora: Because...I'm going to try and get out of here...
Jessie: Really?
Sora: yeah.
Jessie: When I first came, I wandered around for a while, but I couldn't find a way out...
Sora: Always a door to the light. I should know...
Sora: *grins*
Jessie: Hmm.
Jessie: Well, you know what.
Jessie: If there's any way I can help, just ask.
Jessie: I might've been down here too long to get out myself, but...
Sora: Just hang around?
Sora: I want someone to talk to...
Jessie: Sure! I can show you around a little, if you'd like
Jessie: Though...I still get lost
Sora: :D I got lost after the bazillionth time down here...I don't think Hades even knows his way around.
Sora: Speaking of which, I have another bone to pick with him...
Sora: hmm...I don't have my Keyblade...
Sora: How do I go about fighting...Hades...
Jessie: You're gonna fight?
Sora: Yeah.
Jessie: Wow...
Izzy: (she's like "OMG you're awesome" XD)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (fangirl XD)
Aki: (oh jeez XD)
Sora: What would Riku say to do...
Sora: *thinks*
Sora: 'be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you'
Sora: ...
Sora: A lot of help that'll be...
Sora: hmmm.
Aki: (Jessie lifted Sora's mood XD)
Shiva: Boo!
Sora: *falls*
Aki: (don't...ever do that again, Shiva)
Izzy: (XDD)
Sora: D:
Jessie: :O
Sora: ...Squeon needs to keep you locked up.
Shiva: That's mean D:
Sora: Yeah well...
Sora: ......My motivation is getting out of here. The reason I'm here is because Sephiroth is a fucking bastard. Just like Hojo. Father like son.
Aki: (omg Sora figured it out XD)
Izzy: (wow.)
Sora: Now....weapon.
Sora: Shiva will do.
Shiva: HEY
Jessie: ....
Izzy: (she's like "I don't understand x.x" XD)

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