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Izzy: DX
(06:26:20) Izzy: I think
(06:26:29) Aki: heeeeello
(06:26:32) Izzy: I must turn my alram off without knowing it
(06:26:45) Izzy: there's no other explaination
(06:26:48) Aki: ha
(06:26:50) Aki: .well
(06:26:52) Izzy: *alarm
(06:27:08) Aki: I duno. I run on...I can't say light anymore, cuz I get up at 5
(06:27:10) Aki: but..
(06:27:15) Izzy: hah
(06:27:19) Aki: I have a really precise internal clock
(06:27:27) Izzy: maybe I should go to bed ealier, and it would be easier
(06:27:41) Izzy: but it's hard when I get home from class at 10...
(06:27:45) Aki: yeah
(06:28:22) Aki: Roxas: ....
(06:28:26) Aki: well
(06:28:57) Aki: I understand. I used to go to bed really late (we'll I still do, but I'm used to it now) and not be able to get up early
(06:29:08) Aki: *well
(06:29:11) Izzy: *nod*
(06:29:13) Izzy: I need
(06:29:25) Izzy: at least 7 hours of sleep to be able to function properly...
(06:29:28) Izzy: but anyway
(06:29:29) Aki: oh
(06:29:29) Izzy: RP?
(06:29:32) Aki: yeah
(06:29:46) Aki: haha I can run on 30 minutes of sleep but...that's me
(06:29:50) Aki: Roxas: ......
(06:29:56) Izzy: it's not good tho :\
(06:30:02) Izzy: what is Roxas upset about?
(06:30:10) Aki: Roxas: He went somewhere again, didn't he.
(06:30:15) Izzy: what
(06:30:19) Izzy: oh
(06:30:21) Izzy: AXEL
(06:30:23) Aki: Roxas: Without telling me
(06:30:29) Aki: Roxas: Right?
(06:30:49) Aki: Roxas: ....what?
(06:31:05) Aki: Roxas: I WANT to talk to him, but he's not here.
(06:31:16) Aki: (...pfft Roxas)
(06:31:22) Izzy: (hahaha poor kid)
(06:31:43) Izzy: (...everyone has been tired except for Cloud and Kairi)
(06:31:48) Izzy: (and I'm not quite sure why)
(06:32:04) Aki: (huh. that's...interesting)
(06:32:21) Izzy: (it might just be me tho)
(06:32:30) Aki: (*shrug*)
(06:32:52) Aki: Roxas: ....
(06:33:01) Izzy: Axel: ....
(06:33:50) Aki: Roxas: *sighs*
(06:34:19) Izzy: Axel: Don't get angry, 'kay?
(06:34:34) Izzy: Axel: Not really my fault, here.
(06:34:34) Aki: Roxas: I'm not...
(06:35:20) Izzy: (I drew so much of that scene yesterday...)
(06:35:20) Aki: Roxas: Never said anything was your fault. *somewhat confused expression*
(06:35:26) Aki: (what scene?)
(06:35:43) Izzy: (Shive bitching, bascially)
(06:35:48) Aki: (hahaha)
(06:35:57) Izzy: Axel: *shrugs*
(06:36:03) Izzy: *Shiva
(06:36:08) Aki: (Shiva...hurts my brain)
(06:36:41) Izzy: (apparently I never get tired of drawing Cloud looking upset...)
(06:36:50) Izzy: (which is a bit sad if I think about it)
(06:37:10) Aki: Roxas: *sneezes* Well, you seem tired. Go back to sleep or something...
(06:37:15) Aki: (aww)
(06:37:20) Aki: (well)
(06:37:28) Aki: (it's....amusing actually)
(06:37:32) Izzy: Axel: ....*puts a hand on the back of his neck*
(06:37:44) Izzy: Axel: YOu coming down with something?
(06:37:46) Izzy: *you
(06:37:56) Izzy: Axel: I'm fine.
(06:38:09) Izzy: (I drew him crying...)
(06:38:15) Aki: Roxas: Uh...Maybe. I duno. Good.
(06:38:17) Aki: (aww)
(06:38:31) Izzy: (that scene....killed me...)
(06:38:35) Izzy: (in a good way, haha)
(06:39:05) Aki: (:D)
(06:39:30) Aki: (...Leon cried, and emo'd all night)
(06:39:37) Izzy: (Cloud...)
(06:39:44) Aki: (Cried for like...10 minutes)
(06:39:48) Aki: (and then stopped XD)
(06:39:52) Izzy: (had some very interesting convesations with Zack and Tifa)
(06:39:56) Izzy: (aww)
(06:40:14) Aki: (which were? XD)
(06:40:50) Izzy: (well, first he went to Zack and was like "Do you feel jealous at all because it seems like I've replaced you with Leon?")
(06:41:03) Izzy: (and Zack like...laughed at him for worrying about that XD)
(06:41:12) Aki: (Pfftttt XD)
(06:41:17) Aki: (yes, laugh at Cloud <3)
(06:41:39) Izzy: (he was like "What, you're only allowed to have one best friend ever?" XD)
(06:41:58) Aki: (<3 )
(06:42:14) Izzy: (so it made Cloud feel a little better)
(06:42:26) Izzy: (but he was still a little lonely >.>)
(06:42:36) Izzy: (So he told Tifa about what happened with Shiva)
(06:43:07) Aki: (dee apostrophe colon )
(06:43:36) Aki: ( the bestestestest frienddd anyone could haveee)
(06:43:44) Izzy: (I knowwww)
(06:43:52) Izzy: (So he felt a little better about it)
(06:44:05) Izzy: (and she was happy because he actually approached her for once)
(06:44:09) Izzy: (so it's all good)
(06:44:13) Aki: (:D)
(06:44:49) Aki: (And Shiva like)
(06:45:01) Aki: (tried to go back to appologize)
(06:45:14) Aki: (But Leon got upset and kicked her out)
(06:45:18) Izzy: (hah...)
(06:45:20) Izzy: (well...)
(06:45:32) Izzy: (if she didn't act like she was better than all of them...)
(06:45:34) Izzy: (oh right)
(06:45:38) Izzy: (that reminds me)
(06:45:47) Izzy: (I had a really wierd dream last night...)
(06:46:05) Izzy: (It was like...the RP, except somehow Tidus and Yuna were in it too XD)
(06:46:13) Aki: (haha)
(06:46:14) Izzy: (and Leon was...)
(06:46:26) Izzy: (I dunno. He wasn't really human.)
(06:46:31) Izzy: (it was weirdddd)
(06:46:37) Aki: (*snicker*)
(06:46:40) Izzy: (and that was why he had emotional trouble)
(06:46:50) Aki: (who?)
(06:46:56) Izzy: (Leon)
(06:47:06) Aki: (XD poor Leon)
(06:47:12) Izzy: (I think he was an android or something)
(06:47:20) Izzy: (which sounds ridiculous when I type it)
(06:47:30) Izzy: (but it made sense in the dream D:)
(06:47:32) Aki: (haha)
(06:47:44) Aki: ('it made sense at the time').
(06:47:55) Izzy: (and Cloud was all "I care about him anyway! D")
(06:47:57) Izzy: *D:
(06:48:08) Izzy: (it was...interesting, to say the least
(06:48:40) Aki: (:DD LeonCloud it sounds like sorta<3 )
(06:48:55) Aki: (rather....CloudLeon...)
(06:49:00) Aki: (ANYWAY)
(06:49:12) Aki: (yeah)
(06:50:02) Aki: (I forgot what my dream was)
(06:50:05) Izzy: (pfft)
(06:50:09) Aki: (But Xemmy was there)
(06:51:05) Aki: (I feel as if I was in the Organization)
(06:51:17) Aki: (but that's creepy)
(06:51:23) Izzy: (are you telling me that my subconscious ships Cloud/Leon?)
(06:51:25) Izzy: (haha)
(06:51:28) Izzy: (Xemmy)
(06:51:31) Aki: (YES IT DOES SHIP THAT)
(06:51:36) Aki: (AND YES XEMMY XD)
(06:51:43) Aki: (Xemmy is my friend <3)
(06:52:50) Aki: (Leon: ...)
(06:54:17) Izzy: (...)
(06:54:23) Izzy: (my mom needs to calm down a lot)
(06:54:37) Izzy: (and stop depending on me for her important responsibilities)
(06:54:42) Aki: (D: )
(06:54:49) Izzy: (she asked me to fax something yesterday)
(06:55:03) Izzy: (and I tried about 5 times and it didn't work for various reasons)
(06:55:11) Izzy: (and then i had to go to class)
(06:55:22) Izzy: (so I forgot to tell her that it never went through)
(06:55:29) Izzy: (so she just spazzed at me when I told her)
(06:55:42) Aki: (:\)
(06:55:49) Izzy: (She was like "I was sending that to a lawyer! You're so irresponsible!!")
(06:56:06) Izzy: (and it's like "Okay, if it was that important why didn't you say so?")
(06:56:18) Izzy: (*sigh*)
(06:56:23) Aki: (ah well...yeah..)
(06:58:14) Izzy: (anyway)
(06:58:22) Izzy: (sorry we couldn't do much this morning)
(06:58:30) Izzy: (*hug*)
(06:58:43) Izzy: (gtg...)
(06:59:01) Izzy: (heyleoncloudlovesyou)
(06:59:05) Izzy: (*runs away*)

Izzy: (what now?)
(05:57:50) Aki: (Uhhhh I haven't a clue, we could like shift back to the current time line or something)
(05:58:14) Aki: (It could be an example of Leon remembering something. *Shrugs*)
(05:58:16) Izzy: (okay, if you want)
(05:58:31) Aki: (I have absolutely no idea XD)
(05:59:00) Izzy: (where were we before that?)
(05:59:08) Aki: (errr)
(05:59:16) Aki: *goes to check*)
(05:59:55) Aki: (I believe they...OH)
(06:00:15) Aki: (Leon locked himself in his room to keep Shiva out, not that it would do much good- she could just go through anyway)
(06:00:25) Aki: (and Cloud talked to Zack and Tifa)
(06:00:29) Izzy: (right)
(06:01:55) Aki: Leon: ....*leaning against the wall* *had just come out of his room*
(06:02:22) Aki: ("What the hell...?" pfft)
(06:02:29) Izzy: (huh? XD)
(06:02:37) Aki: (that's his monologue)
(06:02:45) Izzy: (awww XD)
(06:02:55) Aki: (haha)
(06:03:36) Aki: Leon: ...*just sits down*
(06:04:18) Izzy: Cloud: *walks upstairs*
(06:05:00) Aki: Leon: *glances at him*
(06:05:53) Izzy: Cloud: all right?
(06:06:09) Aki: Leon: Depends..
(06:07:14) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(06:08:00) Izzy: Cloud: I guess I was just...wondering if there was...something I could do.
(06:09:09) Aki: Leon: Climbing to the top of your house was enough for right now.
(06:09:29) Izzy: Cloud: ...*blinks and looks at him questioningly*
(06:09:55) Aki: Leon: ...When Cecella died, I mean.
(06:10:06) Izzy: Cloud: ...ah.
(06:10:46) Aki: Leon: and the flowers and the keychain Sora has. I duno.
(06:11:08) Izzy: (so it was the Fenrir keychain? XD)
(06:11:11) Aki: Leon: I'm going to go...cook or something. *stands up*
(06:11:18) Aki: (Haha I suppose so)
(06:11:28) Izzy: (but then Tifa had to have it)
(06:11:41) Aki: (Squall gave it to Cloud, simple)
(06:12:01) Izzy: (yes, but how did Tifa get it to give to Sora? XD)
(06:12:33) Aki: (Cloud gave it to her the night the Heartless came or something like that and she had it since)
(06:12:43) Izzy: (okay)
(06:12:56) Aki: (yeah)
(06:13:54) Aki: Leon: You want a peanutbutter sandwich or something? *snickers a little*
(06:14:28) Izzy: Cloud: ....*laughs a little in spite of himself*
(06:16:02) Aki: Leon: *rubs his face before heading downstairs* If you end up wanting something, I'll be cooking.
(06:16:25) Izzy: Cloud: *nods*
(06:17:09) Izzy: (...ha hasn't changed too much since he was a kid, he's just more depressed XD)
(06:17:31) Aki: (Yeah and Leon's still leader apparently XD)
(06:17:45) Izzy: *he
(06:17:59) Aki: ("Cloud, get up at 8:45 sharp so we can rebuild the stairs again!")
(06:18:27) Izzy: (haha)
(06:19:48) Izzy: (that's why it's "LeonCloud", hahaha)
(06:19:55) Aki: (hahahaha yess)
(06:21:09) Aki: Leon: *despite himself, he's making the sandwiches-oh joy XD*
(06:21:14) Izzy: (XD)
(06:21:54) Aki: Yuffie: You're out of your room, that's a miracle.
(06:21:57) Aki: Leon: *shrugs*
(06:22:02) Aki: Yuffie: What are you doing?
(06:22:06) Aki: Leon: Making food.
(06:22:36) Izzy: (oh, Yuffie)
(06:22:43) Aki: Yuffie: I can see that, but wh--ohhh, is that PB&J? :O
(06:22:48) Aki: Leon: ....
(06:23:13) Aki: Yuffie: Are you turning into a mother or something? Cloud mom made us th--
(06:23:18) Aki: Leon: no, and I know.
(06:23:27) Aki: *Cloud's
(06:23:40) Aki: (So Cloud, tell me about your mother)
(06:23:46) Aki: (She NOT my mother)
(06:23:48) Izzy: (XD)
(06:23:51) Aki: *She's
(06:23:58) Izzy: (Uhh...she was...nice?)
(06:24:07) Aki: (the crazy ones always are)
(06:24:43) Aki: Yuffie: Hey Tiiiiifa, Aeriiiith. Fooooood. *hopping slightly*
(06:24:58) Aki: (pfft)
(06:25:05) Aki: (She' good for advertising)
(06:25:23) Izzy: Tifa: Hmm? *sticks her head in the kitchen* what is it today?
(06:25:34) Aki: Yuffie: PB&J.
(06:25:49) Aki: Yuffie: And plain peanutbutter for Cloud, apparently.
(06:26:01) Izzy: Tifa:...*laughs*
(06:26:25) Aki: Yuffie: You should have some before I get them all. :D
(06:27:57) Aki: Yuffie: I know for a fact you'll give me yours though. *pokes Leon*
(06:28:10) Izzy: Tifa: Leon needs to eat, too.
(06:28:27) Aki: Leon: S'okay, I can make more.
(06:28:32) Aki: Yuffie: :D
(06:29:54) Izzy: Tifa: I'll go get Cloud.
(06:30:05) Aki: Yuffie: ....You remind me of her sometimes. the way you cook for us. Pfft. Leon Strife. Same initials though.
(06:30:12) Aki: Leon: that's creepy, don't.
(06:30:17) Izzy: (XD)
(06:30:35) Aki: (haha I love doing that)
(06:31:42) Izzy: Tifa: *calls up the stairs* Cloud!
(06:32:00) Aki: (I be--that would get me fined. Nevermind)
(06:32:25) Aki: (Oh well, I have 78,405 munny. )
(06:32:34) Izzy: (...tell me XD)
(06:33:33) Aki: (I bet he's braiding his hair and deciding on the proper clothes and makeup for the sandwich occassion. It's like a date with Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie and Leon. >_>)
(06:33:50) Izzy: (......*dies*)
(06:33:59) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...I'm coming.
(06:34:24) Izzy: Cloud: *walks downstairs*
(06:34:40) Izzy: Tifa: *smiles* It looks like Leon really is remembering.
(06:36:05) Aki: Leon: Hey! No sticking your finger in the jelly jar!
(06:36:12) Aki: Yuffie: Butbutbut...!
(06:36:36) Aki: Leon: I said noooo~
(06:36:50) Aki: Yuffie: pleaseeeee can I have my sandwich nowww?
(06:37:04) Aki: Leon: Hereee. *gives it to her*
(06:37:07) Izzy: (XD)
(06:37:21) Aki: Yuffie: Yay!
(06:37:23) Aki: (XD)
(06:37:48) Izzy: Cloud: *follows Tifa into the kitchen*
(06:38:10) Aki: Yuffie: *trying to take Leon's sandwich too*
(06:38:51) Aki: Leon: ...Just half. Take more than that, and I wont make you food anymore.
(06:39:01) Aki: Yuffie: fine. *takes it*
(06:39:13) Izzy: Cloud: It's a bad habit.
(06:39:21) Izzy: Cloud: You've been taking other people
(06:39:27) Izzy: 's food since you were little.
(06:39:36) Izzy: (stupid enter key >.>)
(06:39:41) Aki: Yuffie: So? He lets me.
(06:39:55) Izzy: Cloud: *shrugs*
(06:40:50) Aki: Yuffie: If I'm the same, then you two can be slightly the same as before. C'mon smillllllle.
(06:41:07) Aki: Leon: My face hurts all ready. *takes a bite of his sandwich*
(06:41:39) Aki: Yuffie: ...Then practice, it's like training!
(06:41:49) Izzy: Cloud: Not everything's the same, anyway.
(06:41:59) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(06:42:18) Izzy: Tifa: But does that mean you can't smile as if it were?
(06:43:08) Aki: Leon: He does smile like before, just not as often. *shrugs*
(06:44:36) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(06:45:35) Izzy: Tifa: *looks at him*
(06:46:20) Aki: Leon: It's usually the case when you grow older. Things weigh you down, like death or misfortune, and it takes more to smile. Cuz as a kid, you remain blissfully unaware of most of those things. "Cecella'll take care of it." That's what I reasoned a lot.
(06:48:01) Aki: Leon: I don't know, I'm being pessimistic again. *finishes off his sandwich*
(06:48:14) Izzy: Tifa: *folds her arms* No, it's all right.
(06:48:17) Aki: (It looks as if Lucrecia was the one who started Leon's obsession with sandwiches XD)
(06:48:36) Izzy: Tifa: We'll just need to find more things for everyone to smile about, that's all.
(06:48:44) Izzy: (XD)
(06:50:14) Aki: Leon: what we have is enough. Some of us just need to make an effort, not just depend on the others to do something about it.
(06:51:12) Aki: Someone: *puts their hands over Cloud's eyes* Guess who~
(06:51:19) Izzy: Cloud: !!
(06:51:47) Aki: Someone: I saiiiid guess who~
(06:51:54) Izzy: Cloud: ah...
(06:52:00) Aki: Leon: *snickering*
(06:52:01) Izzy: (it's Aerith, yes? XD)
(06:52:09) Aki: Someone: Guessguessguess~
(06:52:11) Aki: (yep XD)
(06:52:29) Izzy: (I'm a better guesser than Cloud)
(06:52:38) Aki: (haha)
(06:52:53) Aki: Someone: Guesssss~
(06:52:58) Izzy: Cloud: A...Aerith?
(06:53:19) Aki: Aerith: No, I'm Zack! How dare you! *laughing*
(06:53:34) Izzy: (he knows her by her voice, he was just startled)
(06:53:50) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(06:53:53) Aki: (I'm assuming she lowered it, but yeah XD)
(06:54:03) Izzy: Cloud: You don't sound anything like Zack.
(06:54:10) Aki: (like...a couple hundred octives lower XDD)
(06:54:13) Izzy: (XDD)
(06:54:30) Aki: Aerith: Yeah well, worth a shot anyway~ :D
(06:54:38) Aki: Aerith: *lets his face go*
(06:55:12) Izzy: Zack: Excuse me, I think it was a pretty good impression.
(06:55:33) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(06:55:47) Aki: (He...really just makes me laugh. Like 2/3 the time he's there XD)
(06:55:50) Aki: (Zack I mean)
(06:55:53) Izzy: (<3)
(06:56:18) Aki: Aerith: Why thank you!
(06:57:10) Izzy: Zack: How's this. *falsetto* A flower, sir? only 10 gil!
(06:57:32) Izzy: (Aerith should smack him for that XD)
(06:57:45) Aki: Aerith: *laughs and does as Izzy said on his shoulder*
(06:58:21) Aki: Aerith: Next time, you should be the one doing an impression of someone, Cloud.
(06:58:39) Aki: Aerith: Tifa, wanna give it a shot too? :D
(06:58:42) Izzy: Cloud: .....*glances to the side*
(06:58:47) Izzy: Tifa: Hmmm///
(06:58:50) Izzy: *...
(07:00:13) Izzy: Tifa: Let's see...*smooths her hair back imperiously* Don't you want to bring the smiles back to those children's faces?
(07:00:18) Izzy: (....haha, Rufus)
(07:00:32) Aki: (XD)
(07:00:53) Izzy: Cloud: ......*shakes his head and laughs a little*
(07:01:00) Izzy: Tifa: There, see!
(07:01:22) Aki: Aerith: :D
(07:01:24) Izzy: (and we have Sora's Leon impression :p)
(07:01:35) Aki: (Yeah xD)
(07:01:53) Aki: Aerith: Cloud, your turn, then Yuffie and Leon.
(07:02:40) Izzy: Cloud: ....*shrugs a little but doesn't stop smiling* I don't know.
(07:03:14) Aki: Aerith: Fine, we'll come back to you! :D
(07:03:20) Aki: Aerith: Yuffie ^^
(07:04:04) Izzy: (Sora has a Cloud impression too, doesn't he XD)
(07:04:25) Aki: Yuffie: G'dammit, get yer friggin' head outta those clouds, and get yer ass down to some realy work, yeh hear? *punches into her other palm*
(07:04:29) Aki: (yeah, he does XD)
(07:04:39) Aki: *real
(07:05:21) Izzy: Cloud: ....and drink your goddamn tea.
(07:05:38) Aki: Yuffie: Yesyesyes! Haha!
(07:05:59) Aki: Yuffie: Sora's impression was the greatest thing I've ever seen!
(07:06:22) Aki: Yuffie: Okayokay so... *puts hand infront of her face* We may never meet again, but we will always remember eachother.
(07:06:47) Aki: Leon: *chokes on his coffee slightly*
(07:07:02) Izzy: (pff poor Leon)
(07:07:10) Aki: (XD)
(07:07:39) Aki: Yuffie: Who do you think that was, huh? *snickers*
(07:07:52) Izzy: Cloud: .....
(07:07:54) Aki: Aerith: *giggles*
(07:07:57) Izzy: Cloud: I can guess.
(07:08:05) Izzy: (he wasn't there to hear it :p)
(07:08:18) Aki: (exactly XD)
(07:08:33) Aki: (Aerith gets it but she's laughing)
(07:08:50) Izzy: (hahaha)
(07:08:54) Izzy: Tifa: ...*amused*
(07:09:51) Aki: Yuffie: Orrrr, *hands on her hip, other up as if she's slung a weapon over her shoulder* They'll keep coming at you as long as you continue to wield the Keyblade. *serious face*
(07:10:23) Izzy: Tifa: *leaning on Cloud and trying not to laugh*
(07:10:37) Izzy: Cloud: *glances up at the ceiling*
(07:10:43) Izzy: (I gtg in a sec XD)
(07:10:48) Aki: (same)
(07:11:32) Izzy: (<3)
(07:12:14) Aki: Yuffie: It maght be trouble if one more shows up- that'll be the one I fight"
(07:12:19) Aki: gtg
(07:12:20) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(07:12:23) Izzy: bye ,3
(07:12:25) Izzy: *<3