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(12:21:24) Izzy: I back :D
(12:21:26) Aki: *TACKLE*
(12:21:30) Izzy: what XD
(12:21:36) Izzy: oh yeah
(12:21:36) Aki: okay
(12:21:36) Aki: so
(12:21:40) Aki: Sephiroth
(12:21:42) Izzy: Cloud had a talk with Zack
(12:21:42) Aki: is clean
(12:21:45) Izzy: pff
(12:21:46) Aki: oh rly?
(12:21:48) Izzy: yeah
(12:22:03) Izzy: and Zack was like "well, technically he's a different person"
(12:22:18) Izzy: and Cloud was still pissed
(12:22:46) Izzy: so Zack was like "Now he can be on the restoration committee and help, isn't that some kind of atonement?"
(12:23:05) Izzy: and Cloud was like "You're way too forgiving" and Zack was like "yeah, I probably am" and shrugged XD
(12:23:13) Aki: pfft
(12:23:16) Aki: oh Zack <3
(12:23:36) Izzy: but the funniest thing is
(12:23:42) Izzy: if Sephiroth doesn't remember
(12:23:49) Izzy: he won't really remember Cloud either XD
(12:23:54) Izzy: I mean, he will
(12:24:10) Izzy: but like...only as wimpy ShinRa recruit Cloud XD
(12:24:28) Aki: yeah, so? XD
(12:24:32) Aki: ...
(12:24:35) Aki: nooo
(12:24:35) Izzy: I just find it funny
(12:24:38) Izzy: because
(12:24:43) Izzy: I can just imagine
(12:24:46) Aki: Naminé and I are kind of--
(12:24:47) Aki: ?
(12:24:51) Izzy: Cloud giving Sephiroth this look like
(12:25:30) Izzy: "You may only remember me as a weakling, but I can totally kick your ass if I wanted to--in fact, I DO want to" and Sephiroth being ".....what is wrong with this kid?" XD
(12:25:43) Aki: haha
(12:25:59) Aki: ...lots of things, Seph, lots of things.
(12:26:05) Izzy: hahaha
(12:26:14) Izzy: most of them are your fault
(12:26:20) Izzy: Sephiroth's that is
(12:26:21) Aki: mine?
(12:26:22) Aki: oh
(12:26:24) Aki: haha
(12:26:25) Aki: yeah
(12:27:06) Aki: Naminé's actually trying to alter them, not erase Cloud from hs memory
(12:27:11) Aki: *his
(12:27:28) Aki: so he can remember Cloud, but like...not what they both went through
(12:27:34) Izzy: pff
(12:27:41) Izzy: this will be VERY trippy XD
(12:27:43) Aki: it's hard XD
(12:27:51) Aki: ITS CRACK
(12:27:54) Aki: so it works XD
(12:28:03) Izzy: yep XD
(12:28:43) Aki: it's crack yanon and making sense is the last thing we really should be worrying about XD
(12:28:57) Izzy: haha that's true
(12:29:10) Izzy: we have enough plot holes that another one won't matter much XD
(12:29:30) Aki: yeah really XD
(12:29:33) Aki: ...ahhh
(12:29:57) Aki: Sora's and my SoraRiku RP is distracting...I really am a SoraRiku mood right now..
(12:30:10) Aki: I'm
(12:30:12) Izzy: aww
(12:30:28) Aki: "Super crazy mad rabid Izzy deprived yanon crack RP Sephiroth mode"
(12:30:36) Izzy: yanon?
(12:30:42) Aki: yaoi + canon
(12:30:45) Izzy: XDDD
(12:30:48) Aki: never heard the term?
(12:30:51) Izzy: no XD
(12:30:55) Aki: o rly
(12:30:57) Aki: now you have XD
(12:31:04) Izzy: the two words are kind of...opposites XD
(12:31:22) Aki: hence why I mushed them together
(12:31:31) Aki: cuz I like both
(12:31:31) Izzy: hahaha
(12:31:34) Aki: and it makes no sense
(12:31:36) Aki: so it's funny XD
(12:31:55) Aki: ....I'm going on Coliah's sn, okay?
(12:32:08) Izzy: um
(12:32:10) Izzy: sure?
(12:32:24) Aki: Yes, I'm avoiding telling Sora that I don't wanna RP soraRiku right now. XD
(12:32:29) Izzy: oh
(12:32:30) Izzy: XD
(12:32:36) Izzy: poor girl XD
(12:33:17) Aki: actually
(12:33:21) Aki: she gave me a weird look
(12:33:23) Aki: and
(12:33:36) Aki: well, I told her I'm not inspired
(12:33:39) Izzy: aww
(12:33:53) Aki: she did the whole n_n" face
(12:33:58) Izzy: aww
(12:34:04) Aki: that face...really makes me nervous
(12:34:07) Aki: like
(12:34:10) Aki: really really bervous
(12:34:17) Aki: but no one knows that..
(12:34:20) Aki: except you
(12:34:28) Aki: *nervous
(12:34:32) Izzy: eh
(12:34:34) Izzy: like
(12:34:39) Izzy: how though?
(12:34:42) Aki: well
(12:35:10) Aki: People used to only do that when they thought I was lying or trying to get out of something because I was uncomfortable after seemingly boating about it
(12:35:22) Aki: and usually that wasn't the case
(12:35:23) Aki: and
(12:35:27) Aki: i duno
(12:35:30) Aki: it's complicated
(12:35:43) Izzy: ...
(12:35:44) Izzy: *hug*
(12:35:56) Aki: ...I take it as a blow of something like, 'you're really annoying/ you're stupid/ you lied" kinda thing
(12:35:58) Aki: and I duno
(12:36:12) Aki: kind of like how I hate things flying in my face, and I flinch away
(12:36:26) Aki: cuz my gym teacher hit us in the face in elementary school
(12:36:41) Izzy: D;
(12:36:43) Aki: or threw things at us
(12:36:50) Aki: or yelled
(12:36:54) Aki: or called us stupid
(12:36:54) Izzy: scaryy
(12:37:04) Aki: I took it kinda badly XD
(12:37:26) Aki: ....
(12:37:28) Izzy: (hug*
(12:37:31) Aki: my thought just proved it
(12:37:32) Aki: wow
(12:37:34) Aki: anyway
(12:38:26) Aki: almost done with Sephiroth
(12:38:30) Izzy: okay
(12:38:33) Izzy: >.>
(12:38:41) Izzy: I'll go finish the second doujin page now
(12:38:47) Izzy: I want to get to Cloud and Leonnnn
(12:38:57) Aki: cleonnn
(12:39:14) Izzy: stop it XD
(12:39:20) Izzy: you know what
(12:39:25) Aki: no wut?
(12:39:35) Izzy: after you told me what gay!Leon was thinking that day
(12:39:41) Izzy: while I was at school
(12:39:42) Aki: hahahaha
(12:39:44) Aki: /sdkfjlsdkfjs
(12:39:46) Aki: yesss
(12:39:47) Aki: wow
(12:39:48) Aki: pff
(12:39:52) Aki: Irvine shot him
(12:39:53) Aki: <3
(12:39:55) Izzy: I kept having to stop myself from cracking up
(12:39:57) Aki: it was sooooo funny
(12:40:03) Aki: you should have been there
(12:40:26) Izzy: because I'd be in the middle of class and have the urge to stand up and yell "CLOUD IS BEAUTIFUL!" XD
(12:40:35) Aki: hasdfkjhsdkjsdkjf
(12:40:36) Aki: yes
(12:40:39) Aki: he is XDDD
(12:40:51) Aki: I mean c'mon
(12:41:05) Aki: soft yet spiky blonde hair, amazing blue eyes
(12:41:05) Izzy: instead I'd giggle and mutter "Cloud is beautiful..." under my breath XDD
(12:41:10) Aki: lean body
(12:41:12) Aki: pfft
(12:41:14) Izzy: stop that XD
(12:41:25) Aki: ....his voice
(12:41:33) Izzy: ahhhh Sakurai-san
(12:41:37) Aki: haha
(12:41:37) Izzy: <3
(12:41:48) Izzy: I have this...slightly creepy thing about voice actors
(12:41:57) Izzy: but their voices are all so sexy *_*
(12:42:04) Izzy: the Japanese ones
(12:42:05) Izzy: that is
(12:42:11) Aki: Leon thinks Cloud is sexy
(12:42:12) Aki: pfft
(12:42:18) Izzy: *falls off chair*
(12:42:28) Aki: *laughing hysterically*
(12:42:51) Aki: ....I mean
(12:42:56) Aki: I'll write out his monologue for you
(12:42:58) Aki: jeez
(12:43:05) Izzy: hey, and he DOES look good in a dress XDD
(12:43:19) Aki: Leon agrees on certain terms about the type of dress
(12:43:33) Izzy: (That might be why I can't handle LeonCloud too well)
(12:43:41) Izzy: (because it makes me laugh SO MUCH)
(12:43:51) Aki: XDDD
(12:44:01) Aki: (*hopes into here*)
(12:44:03) Aki: *hops
(12:44:16) Aki: Leon: *banging his forehead on the table over and over*
(12:44:39) Izzy: (aww poor Leon XD)
(12:44:49) Izzy: (monologue?)
(12:45:05) Aki: (you want his monologue? XD)
(12:45:19) Izzy: (sure why not)
(12:45:24) Izzy: (something else to make me laugh)
(12:45:29) Aki: (I have to type it all in word tho XD)
(12:45:34) Izzy: (....go ahead XD)
(12:45:45) Aki: (and post it journal or something but okay XD)
(12:45:54) Izzy: (that's quite a monologue XD)
(12:46:14) Aki: (It's like...a novel, seriously. He thinks wayyyyyyy friggin' too much)
(12:46:19) Izzy: (hahaha)
(12:46:25) Aki: (and talks to himself)
(12:46:26) Izzy: (they both do)
(12:46:28) Aki: (and shiva)
(12:46:39) Aki: (Shiva's in there, cuz...they share the same mind)
(12:46:42) Izzy: (Shiva is not good for their relationship tho XD)
(12:46:54) Izzy: (because she's jealous~~ XD)
(12:47:02) Aki: (she totally issss~~ XD)
(12:48:21) Aki: Leon: *still banging his forehead over and over*
(12:48:40) Aki: (I think...we're hurting his brain XD)
(12:48:46) Izzy: (make him stop hurting himself D:)
(12:48:59) Izzy: (Cloud's about to get upset)
(12:49:04) Izzy: (not that he isn't already)
(12:49:25) Aki: (Well, I'm not making Leon do anything. I can't really make him stop, either)
(12:49:48) Izzy: (.....*kicks Cloud's leg gently*)
(12:49:56) Izzy: (Cloud: ...I'll just make it worse.)
(12:49:58) Izzy: (STOP THAT.0
(12:50:21) Aki: (aww)
(12:51:00) Izzy: (He is your best friend whomayormaynothaveanunrequitedcrushonyou so go cheer him up D:)
(12:51:16) Izzy: (Cloud: .....)
(12:51:20) Aki: (hahahah)
(12:51:22) Izzy: (he does it for you. All the time.)
(12:51:24) Aki: (*ded*)
(12:51:32) Izzy: (Cloud: Stop trying to guilt-trip me.)
(12:52:11) Izzy: Cloud: ....Izzy was about to twist my arm off, so stop hurting yourself.
(12:52:16) Izzy: (I was not. D: Liar.)
(12:53:03) Aki: Leon: *stops but slams his fast down on the table* I'm just frustrated..*sighs*
(12:53:22) Izzy: Cloud: ....
(12:53:33) Aki: *fist
(12:53:38) Aki: Leon: ...
(12:53:46) Izzy: Cloud: Is there....anything I can do about it?
(12:54:27) Aki: Leon: You're all ready doing everything you can about it...besides, it's my job as leader... to finish the Bailey.
(12:55:06) Aki: Leon: I'm behind schedule...and I promised the Townspeople so many times that it would be done in a week...
(12:55:32) Aki: Leon: They want to get some of their gardens and stores and stuff back...
(12:55:47) Aki: Leon: and..
(12:55:55) Aki: Leon: I'm just stressed
(12:55:56) Izzy: Cloud: I guess we've had a lot of setbacks.
(12:56:17) Aki: Leon: *shrugs* I should manage my time better..
(12:56:31) Aki: Leon: I should go back to waking up at 8:45 to work.
(12:56:41) Aki: Leon: and working til 6.
(12:56:45) Izzy: Cloud: As long as you get enough sleep.
(12:56:55) Aki: Leon: It doesn't matter.
(12:56:57) Izzy: (haha, he's acting like a mother again XD)
(12:57:23) Izzy: (missing Fenrir, are you, blondie?)
(12:57:29) Aki: Leon: I can sleep all I when the Garden is finished down to the last brick.
(12:57:35) Aki: *All I want
(12:59:13) Aki: Leon: I have to keep working..*mutters* As leader, I really more responsible.
(12:59:36) Aki: Leon: I was right...I really do suck at being a leader.
(12:59:37) Izzy: Cloud: ....*sits down*
(12:59:40) Izzy: Cloud: No...
(12:59:49) Izzy: Cloud: You're trying too hard.
(13:00:09) Izzy: Cloud: You take responsibility for all of us, and then you're running the committee, too.
(13:01:44) Aki: Leon: ...Yeah...but still.
(13:02:22) Izzy: Cloud: ...look, is there anything else I can do?
(13:02:22) Aki: Leon: I really should be more responsible with the work and management..
(13:02:42) Aki: Leon: I all ready said you're doing what you can..
(13:02:57) Izzy: Cloud: ...*shakes his head*
(13:03:16) Izzy: Cloud: If you're having trouble, then I can do more.
(13:03:16) Aki: Leon: ...*sighs*
(13:03:29) Aki: Leon: I shouldn't ask that of you.
(13:03:56) Izzy: Cloud: You're not.
(13:04:01) Izzy: Cloud: I'm asking you.
(13:04:27) Aki: Leon: ....*shrugs*
(13:04:41) Izzy: Cloud: Actually...I was talking to Tifa about starting up the delivery service again...
(13:04:50) Izzy: Cloud: Then you wouldn't have to work to support us.
(13:05:15) Aki: Leon: I don't mind it.
(13:06:22) Aki: Leon: I kind of makes me happy when I can do something like that for any of you...
(13:06:48) Izzy: Cloud: If you know that, then you'd know it's the same for all of us.
(13:06:53) Izzy: Cloud: Look...I want to help. I'm not saying this because I feel sorry for you or anything.
(13:07:18) Izzy: (my brain is about to explode)
(13:07:31) Izzy: (they're having...a NORMAL CONVERSATION. DUN DUN DUN.)
(13:07:37) Aki: (hahaha)
(13:07:43) Izzy: (XD)
(13:07:51) Aki: Leon: I know.
(13:08:09) Aki: Leon: I know. I just..
(13:09:07) Aki: Leon: It's just...I've always done 'lives'. Taken on more than I can handle...but somehow pull it off in the end..
(13:09:39) Aki: Leon: and then...cause problems.
(13:09:46) Aki: Leon: And then there's Shiva...
(13:09:55) Aki: Leon: who's making everything even more difficult..
(13:09:59) Izzy: Cloud:'d better not blame yourself for that.
(13:09:59) Aki: Leon: I..
(13:10:14) Aki: Leon: I'm not, I just..
(13:10:27) Aki: Leon: I miss her.
(13:11:01) Izzy: Cloud: *not entirely sure how to respond*
(13:11:30) Aki: Leon: I really should just keep going, and move on without her.
(13:11:48) Aki: Leon: But it's hard when she's all you've had for part of your life..
(13:11:55) Izzy: Cloud: ....*nods slowly*
(13:13:17) Aki: Leon: Nevermind, it's not your problem.
(13:13:28) Aki: Leon: *puts head back on the table*
(13:13:29) Izzy: Cloud: no, I...
(13:13:39) Izzy: Cloud: ...*sighs and glances to the side*
(13:14:05) Izzy: Cloud: I just wish there was something I could do. Because I haven't done enough.
(13:15:57) Aki: Leon: ....Sit on the roof with me later. *mutters*
(13:16:11) Izzy: Cloud: *looks up at him*
(13:17:24) Aki: Leon: I wont yell and scream about people leaving this time, promise.
(13:17:40) Aki: Leon: *puts his face in his arms*
(13:18:21) Izzy: Cloud: ......
(13:18:28) Izzy: Cloud: I never said you would.
(13:18:44) Aki: Leon: It's a reference...*shrugs*
(13:20:13) Aki: Leon: *stands up* I'm gonna get the layout map of the town...if you want to, you can help me re-design the Gastle Gates and area around the Crystal Fissure..
(13:20:29) Aki: Leon: *goes to get it*
(13:20:34) Aki: *castle
(13:20:38) Izzy: Cloud: I don't kn--all right.
(13:21:56) Aki: Leon: ....*comes back with Yuffie's box of pencils and the map*
(13:22:02) Aki: (she keeps taking his pencils XD)
(13:22:46) Izzy: (XD oh, Yuffie)
(13:22:54) Aki: (haha)
(13:24:08) Aki: Leon: *sits back down and opens the map, and grabs a pencil*
(13:24:20) Izzy: Cloud: So what exactly...
(13:24:30) Aki: Leon: hmm?
(13:24:48) Izzy: (...pfft. Cloud
(13:24:55) Izzy: 's like "I can't draw...>.>")
(13:25:09) Aki: Leon: Just...I can't recall what the area around the Fissure cave looked we need to be creative.
(13:25:21) Aki: Leon: Though I really should know it like the back of my hand. *sighs*
(13:25:33) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(13:25:53) Izzy: Cloud: There was a narrow path, and then a ledge over here...
(13:26:05) Izzy: Cloud: ...*frowns, thinking*
(13:26:14) Aki: Leon: ...*blinks before drawing the placement on the map*
(13:26:31) Aki: Leon: hang on...
(13:26:38) Aki: Leon: *gets up, and goes up to his room*
(13:28:25) Aki: Leon: *comes back down with a ratty manilla folder labeled in Cloud's little kid writing "Cloud's and Squall's maps"* Find the one of the fissure... *adding things he does remember to the map*
(13:28:44) Izzy: (........I need to go draw them as kids again now XD)
(13:28:49) Aki: (I used to do this with Rebekah XD)
(13:28:55) Aki: (draw maps of wellesley)
(13:28:59) Aki: (We;d go around and draw them)
(13:29:03) Aki: *We'd
(13:29:03) Izzy: Cloud: ...*takes it* You...kept this?
(13:29:12) Aki: Leon: yeah.
(13:29:46) Aki: Leon: The Orichalcum's in there too.
(13:30:06) Izzy: (hrmm...*working on neko-cloe's request pic* it's not as horribly drawn as I remember)
(13:30:15) Aki: (haha)
(13:30:18) Izzy: (but Kairi's head is too big. *goes to fix it0
(13:30:35) Izzy: (I put it off because I kept getting frustrated with the proportions)
(13:30:55) Izzy: ( know when you get to a point where everything you draw looks bad to you?)
(13:30:57) Izzy: (...yeah)
(13:31:16) Aki: (Of course )
(13:31:25) Aki: (It happens just about...every 4 hours)
(13:31:31) Izzy: (D:)
(13:32:03) Aki: (haha)
(13:32:17) Izzy: (blarghhh...but her hair was all pretty and now I need to redo it)
(13:32:30) Izzy: (ah well. I really need to just get this over with)
(13:33:03) Aki: (:])
(13:34:55) Izzy: (...)
(13:35:00) Aki: Leon: Why...wouldn't I keep them?
(13:35:02) Aki: (?)
(13:35:10) Izzy: (I'm just going to go over the lineart again, on a new layer)
(13:35:16) Aki: (*nods*)
(13:35:29) Izzy: (so it'll look nice from the start instead of me having to refine it)
(13:35:54) Aki: (yeah)
(13:36:21) Aki: (I'm tempted to colour it)
(13:36:28) Izzy: (I think my tablet was also skipping when I did it the first time)
(13:36:32) Izzy: (huh?)
(13:36:47) Izzy: (I haven't even put what I've done online at all(
(13:36:56) Aki: (You redid the entire thing?)
(13:36:58) Izzy: (I mean, the progress I've made since the last time)
(13:37:00) Izzy: (yeah)
(13:37:05) Izzy: (I did two sketches)
(13:37:12) Izzy: (and I put those up)
(13:37:13) Aki: (They're both up..)
(13:37:17) Aki: (yeah)
(13:37:21) Aki: (but you redid it)
(13:37:27) Izzy: (and I did lineart on Photoshop using the second sketch)
(13:37:33) Aki: (I still like colouring your lineart XD)
(13:37:33) Izzy: (but it's still kinda messed up)
(13:38:01) Izzy: (so I'm going to use that lineart as if it were a sketch, and correct the rest of the mistakes)
(13:38:10) Aki: (yeah)
(13:38:52) Izzy: (anyway)
(13:39:02) Izzy: (Cloud, leon's talking to you...)
(13:39:08) Aki: (haha)
(13:39:12) Aki: (you're turning into Shiva)
(13:39:15) Izzy: Cloud: I don't know...
(13:39:18) Aki: (She told Leon that all the time)
(13:39:21) Izzy: (haha oh no, that's not good XD)
(13:39:37) Izzy: Cloud: I guess I just got lost with everything else.
(13:39:41) Aki: (Squall honey...someones talking to you..he asked how you want your coffee...)
(13:39:59) Izzy: (...BLACK. Like my SOUL. XD)
(13:40:03) Aki: (XDDD)
(13:40:38) Aki: Leon: ...I didn't have much to begin all ended up with me anyway..
(13:41:12) Aki: Leon: Because It's all I had of you and Tifa at the time, and I missed you, so it wasn't destroyed..
(13:41:22) Aki: Leon: I duno..
(13:41:27) Aki: Leon: *shrugs*
(13:41:35) Izzy: (he probably stuffed it under his shirt and took it with him on the Gummi Ship XD)
(13:41:38) Izzy: Cloud: ...
(13:41:46) Aki: (yeah, he probably did XD)
(13:42:15) Izzy: Cloud: If only...I had been able to hold on to something...
(13:42:22) Izzy: Cloud: *shakes his head* Sorry.
(13:42:51) Aki: Leon: ...You held onto something.
(13:43:27) Aki: Leon: You apparently held onto Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie and I...
(13:44:09) Izzy: Cloud: I...
(13:44:50) Izzy: Cloud: I haven't changed much, have I.
(13:44:56) Aki: Leon: Hmm?
(13:45:18) Izzy: Cloud: I'm still...afraid of not being good enough. Strong enough...
(13:46:04) Izzy: Cloud: Sometimes I wonder if that will ever change.
(13:47:21) Aki: Leon: I'd smack you if it changed that way...Everyone has insecurities, but others are there to help.
(13:48:03) Aki: Leon: All that matters is if your will is strong enough. The will to make something good happen.
(13:48:26) Aki: Leon: Sora would call that the strength of heart, I suppose.
(13:48:58) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...
(13:49:45) Izzy: Cloud: *laughs a little*
(13:49:53) Aki: Leon: *smiles slightly*
(13:49:57) Izzy: (...I guess that was a pretty funny thought XD)
(13:50:32) Aki: ("...he smiled.")
(13:50:44) Aki: (pfft, Leon, stop writing your life's story)
(13:50:47) Izzy: (Cloud was reminded of how Sora...stared at him when they first met XD)
(13:51:03) Aki: (hahaha)
(13:51:05) Izzy: (andhe found it funny XD)
(13:51:13) Aki: (I found it funny too XD)
(13:51:43) Izzy: (because...well, he was thinking how Sora had this expression of awe on his face, but now Cloud is the one who looks up to Sora, in a way)
(13:51:57) Izzy: (in the sense of strength of heart)
(13:53:28) Aki: (yeah XD)
(13:53:45) Aki: (oh Cloud, what will we do with you..? XD)
(13:53:48) Izzy: (hahaha)
(13:53:52) Izzy: (but we love him XD)
(13:53:57) Aki: (Of course)
(13:54:48) Izzy: Cloud: *going through the maps*
(13:55:45) Aki: Leon: ...There was a hollow railing...where we could hide. *laughs to himself*
(13:56:04) Izzy: Cloud: There were a lot of close calls.
(13:56:32) Aki: Leon: Cuz I dragged you everywhere. *grins*
(13:57:12) Aki: Leon: and YuRiPa.
(13:57:17) Aki: Leon: they followed us around.
(13:57:34) Izzy: (haha he calls them YuRiPa XD)
(13:57:45) Aki: (They actually say that at somepoint)
(13:57:52) Izzy: (though it would techinally be the Gullwings_
(13:57:53) Izzy: *)
(13:58:06) Aki: (I couldn't remember that. But, yes, whichever)
(13:58:23) Izzy: Cloud: I had to start hiding the treasure we found under my mattress at home...
(13:59:37) Aki: Leon: *laughs* well, I sold some of it to get Lionheart.
(13:59:44) Aki: Leon: The other treasures I either gave to Yuffie, Sora or they burned down with Minnette's house. :\
(13:59:58) Aki: Leon: But eitherway, those adventures were the best.
(14:00:25) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...
(14:01:04) Izzy: Cloud: Just thinking about it...
(14:01:20) Izzy: Cloud: We always used to say "when we're older, we'll go on real adventures".
(14:02:18) Aki: Leon: Uh-huh. *grins*
(14:02:22) Izzy: Cloud: I guess we never expected that wish to come true the way it did.
(14:03:33) Izzy: ( tablet's not doing pen pressure anymore)
(14:03:42) Aki: Leon: *nods*
(14:03:43) Aki: (err)
(14:03:56) Aki: (uh i duno)
(14:03:57) Izzy: (it's working fine. but the line thickness won't change)
(14:04:05) Aki: (I can try to find the software)
(14:04:28) Izzy: (s'okay)
(14:04:33) Izzy: 9it's not a big deal)
(14:04:35) Izzy: *(
(14:04:42) Aki: (...:\)
(14:04:49) Izzy: (I'm used to it since I drew with a mouse)
(14:05:03) Izzy: (I just go back and erase stuff afterward to get the variation)
(14:05:12) Aki: okay...)
(14:06:00) Izzy: (<3)
(14:06:12) Izzy: (Kairi's dress is crazy, but it makes me happy)
(14:06:22) Aki: (hahah)
(14:07:09) Aki: Sora: *tacklecloud*
(14:07:18) Aki: Leon: *blinks*
(14:08:12) Izzy: Cloud: *puts his palms down on the maps to keep them from scattering everywhere*
(14:09:20) Aki: Sora: Hiya Cloud!
(14:09:29) Izzy: Cloud: ...hey...
(14:09:38) Izzy: (he was kinda startled XD)
(14:09:39) Aki: (I...have not seen him for 6 or 7 days..)
(14:09:43) Izzy: (aww)
(14:09:58) Izzy: (he must've been working reall hard on those presents XD)
(14:09:58) Aki: Sora: Whatcha doin'?
(14:10:02) Izzy: *really
(14:10:23) Aki: (I think half the time he was a heartless. I'm guessing.)
(14:10:31) Izzy: (D: poor baby)
(14:10:37) Aki: (I dunno tho)
(14:10:47) Izzy: (oh yeah, I was thinking)
(14:11:02) Izzy: (if Cloud made the Fenrir-keychain thing)
(14:11:10) Izzy: (he must have some kind of talent for metalwork XD)
(14:11:31) Aki: (yeah XD)
(14:12:16) Izzy: (....he'll probably end up designing gates)
(14:12:19) Izzy: (haha)
(14:12:29) Izzy: Cloud: Looking at maps...
(14:12:54) Aki: Sora: ...crayon maps.
(14:13:02) Aki: Sora: *looks through them*
(14:13:48) Izzy: Cloud: I was only ten.
(14:14:06) Aki: Sora: You made them?
(14:14:32) Aki: Sora: ....this doesn't look like Radiant garden...*looks at the label*.
(14:16:04) Aki: (Cloud is beautiful)
(14:16:08) Izzy: (pff)
(14:16:23) Izzy: (so are his crayon drawings)
(14:16:29) Aki: (ahaha)
(14:17:29) Izzy: Cloud: Yeah...
(14:17:34) Izzy: Cloud: This was before.
(14:17:58) Izzy: Cloud: We used to explore a lot when we were kids. A lot of this is gone now.
(14:18:06) Aki: Sora: Oh..
(14:18:32) Aki: Leon: don't even consider saying sorry.
(14:18:40) Aki: Sora: *frowns* but I..
(14:18:47) Aki: Leon: --didn't do anything.
(14:19:10) Aki: Sora: *nods* Okay..
(14:19:26) Aki: Leon: good.
(14:19:50) Izzy: Cloud: ...*raises an eyebrow slightly and starts sorting the papers by area*
(14:20:44) Aki: ("'I really wish I could have ended up with a house for just two people.' But, that was back then.")
(14:20:46) Aki: (*shot*)
(14:20:51) Izzy: Cloud: It's ironic.
(14:20:55) Izzy: (hah. XD)
(14:21:23) Izzy: Cloud: In the legend, the world was rebuilt from the darkness through the light in the hearts of children...
(14:21:50) Aki: Leon: *blinks*
(14:21:52) Izzy: Cloud: And here we are, trying to rebuild our world with memories left over from our childhoods.
(14:22:03) Izzy: (...didn't you read the manga? XD)
(14:22:31) Aki: Leon: Yeah. *nods with a bit of a smile*
(14:22:36) Aki: (Yeah, I did)
(14:22:45) Izzy: (okay, just checking XD)
(14:23:53) Aki: Leon: ...*thinking*
(14:24:09) Aki: Sora: *lets go of Cloud and goes off to find Riku and kairi*
(14:25:09) Aki: Leon: hmm? *looks under the table* Oh..
(14:25:16) Aki: Grrface: mrrmm..