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Izzy: *tackle*
(09:01:28) Izzy: *pokepoke*
(09:05:28) Aki: hallooo
(09:05:32) Aki: was
(09:05:38) Aki: in the bathroom XD
(09:05:41) Aki: anywayyy
(09:05:48) Aki: *TACKLE*
(09:06:23) Aki: halllooooo
(09:06:24) Izzy: XD
(09:06:35) Aki: :D
(09:07:01) Aki: Sora: Hiya Izzy.
(09:07:10) Aki: go back to beddd....
(09:07:11) Izzy: Hiya Sora.
(09:07:15) Izzy: You feeling any better?
(09:07:24) Aki: Sora: Welllllll
(09:07:44) Aki: Sora: A tiny bit. I'm just kinda I'm up.
(09:07:59) Aki: You got up last night
(09:08:02) Aki: and collapsed
(09:08:05) Izzy: ...
(09:08:06) Aki: go back to bed
(09:08:10) Aki: Sora: Nooo.
(09:08:18) Izzy: Riku and Kairi say so too
(09:08:28) Aki: Sora: Noooooo. D:
(09:08:45) Izzy: ....
(09:08:49) Izzy: then eat something
(09:08:56) Izzy: and don't throw up
(09:09:16) Aki: Sora: Fine, I'll try. >:\
(09:09:52) Aki: Pfft, you made him deturmined to eat, Izzy. XDDD
(09:10:04) Izzy: good. >:
(09:10:07) Aki: no
(09:10:09) Aki: his
(09:10:11) Aki: face makes me laugh
(09:10:19) Aki: it is good tho
(09:11:29) Aki: Sora: ....I wanna go with Cloud and the otherrsss. D:
(09:11:46) Izzy: they're coming back soooonnn
(09:11:48) Izzy: >.>
(09:11:55) Aki: Sora: No they aren'ttttt.
(09:12:05) Aki: Sora: People always say that, and usually it's never true!
(09:12:22) Izzy: ....
(09:12:58) Aki: Sora: And then I wait, and wait.
(09:13:08) Aki: Sora: and then I go look for them.
(09:13:14) Aki: Sora: It's how it is. I wanna goooo.
(09:13:27) Izzy: only if you can keep your food down. >:
(09:13:39) Aki: Sora: I still wanna gooooo.
(09:14:10) Aki: Riku. Knock him out or something.
(09:14:36) Izzy: Riku: ....
(09:14:42) Aki: Sora: If you wont let me go, I can go by myself!
(09:15:15) Aki: Sora: *goes over to the door and heads off towards Cid's ship garage*
(09:15:18) Aki: *sigh*
(09:15:21) Izzy: ....
(09:15:27) Aki: ......
(09:15:34) Aki: he's been like this since they left
(09:16:14) Aki: Roxas: This is getting rediculous..
(09:16:25) Izzy: Axel: Just a bit.
(09:17:01) Aki: Roxas: Why couldn't one of those bad things just happen to me, for once. *goes after Sora*
(09:17:19) Izzy: Axel: .....
(09:17:36) Izzy: Axel: You're saying bad things never happened to you?
(09:17:57) Aki: Roxas: Not as bad as what's going on with Sora.
(09:20:21) Aki: Roxas: *dragging Sora back into the house*
(09:20:36) Aki: Sora: ....
(09:22:20) Aki: Roxas: *shoves Sora towards Riku* Keep an eye on him. I'm not going after him again. He's bound to go off if you let him. *goes upstairs*
(09:22:48) Izzy: Riku: ....*grabs Sora's arm*
(09:22:57) Izzy: Riku: Look, you're still recovering.
(09:23:10) Aki: Sora: ...For a pretty fucking long time. Yeah.
(09:23:15) Izzy: Riku: We don't have any idea how...what happened affected your body...
(09:23:32) Aki: Sora: I don't want to go sleep though.
(09:23:36) Izzy: Riku: ......
(09:23:44) Izzy: Riku: I'm not gonna force you to sleep.
(09:24:41) Aki: Sora:...Sorry.
(09:24:53) Izzy: (omg thooo)
(09:24:58) Izzy: (Princess Tutu <3)
(09:25:01) Izzy: (it is amazing)
(09:25:01) Aki: (XDD)
(09:25:08) Aki: ( i wanna see it sometime)
(09:25:11) Izzy: (no really XD)
(09:25:13) Izzy: (well)
(09:25:23) Izzy: (I borrowed all the DVDs from Sophie, sooo)
(09:25:31) Izzy: (<3)
(09:25:50) Izzy: (it makes me want to do ballet again XD)
(09:25:54) Aki: (XDD I can watch it online tho. It's just good to have something on my empty 'to watch' list)
(09:26:01) Izzy: (haha)
(09:26:36) Aki: (8D)
(09:27:05) Izzy: (omg)
(09:27:06) Izzy: (so)
(09:27:09) Izzy: (this person)
(09:27:17) Izzy: (played 20 mins of KH music)
(09:27:21) Izzy: (on the piano)
(09:27:23) Izzy: (<3)
(09:27:31) Izzy: (and I downloaded the mp3)
(09:27:44) Izzy: (and THAT makes me want to play piano again XD)
(09:27:51) Aki: (XDD)
(09:29:15) Aki: (I still sort of remember how to read notes and play piano, so I'm good XD)
(09:29:26) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:29:35) Izzy: (except I haven't actually played in over a year)
(09:29:41) Izzy: (and our piano's out of tune)
(09:29:44) Aki: (top my 8)
(09:29:51) Aki: (mine's out of tune too)
(09:30:20) Aki: (pfft, it's so old)
(09:30:21) Izzy: (haha)
(09:30:29) Aki: (OWA would even sound too weird on it)
(09:30:40) Izzy: (ours doesn't get tuned regularly anymore because no one plays)
(09:30:50) Izzy: (but I might start again on my year off)
(09:31:03) Aki: cool
(09:31:03) Izzy: (I've just gotta get me some Final Fantasy sheet music ^^)
(09:31:05) Aki: *()
(09:31:13) Aki: (I have a tonnnnn)
(09:31:21) Izzy: (>:O)
(09:31:27) Aki: (XD)
(09:31:32) Izzy: (*grabby hands*)
(09:31:33) Izzy: (XD)
(09:31:51) Aki: (from when I was looking for my collection of KH sheet music, I came across FF sheet music)
(09:32:00) Aki: (so I got that too)
(09:32:22) Izzy: (haha)
(09:33:08) Aki: (I have sheet music for Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony XDDD)
(09:33:33) Izzy: (.....)
(09:33:35) Izzy: (WIN)
(09:33:39) Izzy: (I want it XDDD)
(09:33:39) Aki: (XD)
(09:33:55) Aki: (okay XD)
(09:35:25) Aki: (OH RIGHT)
(09:35:27) Aki: (SCREENSHOT)
(09:35:31) Aki: (OR SORA LION)
(09:35:36) Izzy: (huh?)
(09:35:36) Aki: *OF
(09:35:56) Aki: the bg is justa filler XDD
(09:36:32) Izzy: okay
(09:36:33) Izzy: XD
(09:36:35) Aki is offering to send file sora_frame_845.jpeg
(09:36:40) Transfer of file sora_frame_845.jpeg complete
(09:37:04) Izzy: text boxessss
(09:37:08) Aki: XDDD
(09:37:08) Izzy: <3
(09:37:12) Aki: XDDDD
(09:37:13) Izzy: it's pink
(09:37:14) Izzy: XD
(09:37:19) Aki: well, red looked odd
(09:37:27) Izzy: yeah
(09:37:52) Izzy: no, I like the pink XD

(09:38:03) Aki: XDDD
(09:38:07) Aki: Sora's pink XDD
(09:38:09) Izzy: hahaha
(09:38:46) Aki: anndddd
(09:40:18) Aki is offering to send file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony
(09:40:48) Aki: wtf
(09:40:56) Izzy: ...
(09:40:57) Izzy: ahh
(09:40:59) Izzy: I duno
(09:41:06) Aki is offering to send file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony.jpg
(09:41:10) Aki: one at a time then
(09:41:11) Transfer of file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony.jpg complete
(09:41:17) Izzy: there we go
(09:41:19) Aki is offering to send file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony2.gif
(09:41:34) Transfer of file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony2.gif complete
(09:41:42) Aki is offering to send file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony3.gif
(09:41:47) Transfer of file ff7rufus_s_welcoming_ceremony3.gif complete
(09:41:50) Aki: k
(09:41:51) Aki: XD
(09:41:55) Aki: *()
(09:41:57) Izzy: (wow(
(09:42:01) Izzy: (XD)
(09:42:25) Aki: (You can tell I spent 6th grade year constantly online XD)
(09:42:33) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:43:34) Aki: Sephiroth: *just kind of watching things from a distance*
(09:43:53) Aki: (pfft, Sora is refusing to talk to any one, so...we wont do his part)
(09:43:54) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(09:43:55) Izzy: (XD)
(09:44:12) Izzy: Tifa: just...don' anything stupid.
(09:44:18) Izzy: Barret: ....
(09:44:48) Aki: Sephiroth: *sighs and side glances at Aerith who grins at him*
(09:45:32) Izzy: Barret: Jus don' pull no more crazy shit on me like this!
(09:45:54) Izzy: Barret: Dissapearin' for who knows how long, comin' back and not stoppin' by...
(09:46:28) Aki: Aerith: we're sorry. There was a lot to be done. We wish we could have stayed.
(09:47:30) Izzy: (poor Barret XD)
(09:47:31) Aki: Aerith: But, we're here now, so that's all that should matter.
(09:47:55) Aki: (what is wrong with everyone lately DX)
(09:47:56) Izzy: (aww geez)
(09:48:32) Izzy: (....)
(09:48:49) Izzy: (*deletes Vanilla from her internet favorites so she won't be tempted to click it*)
(09:48:59) Aki: (*LAUGHSSSS*)
(09:49:09) Aki: (yeah...god idea)
(09:49:13) Aki: (*good)
(09:49:54) Izzy: (I was just looking and kinda went "Wait, that's still there?" and nearly did, but then I was like "NO WAIT A MINUTE" XD)
(09:50:07) Izzy: (haha I don't need that today)
(09:50:14) Izzy: (especially today)
(09:50:17) Izzy: (oh yeah)
(09:50:18) Izzy: (so)
(09:50:29) Izzy: (I dunno what's happening exactly
(09:50:42) Izzy: (but we're going to get our tree tomorrow?)
(09:50:55) Izzy: (so I'm probably missing yough group...)
(09:50:56) Izzy: (but)
(09:51:09) Izzy: (my mom said I could go to the movies tonight)
(09:51:20) Izzy: (since our plans changed, but I got off work)
(09:51:22) Izzy: (sooo)
(09:51:26) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:51:34) Aki: (*blink*)
(09:52:01) Izzy: *youth
(09:52:16) Aki: (Soooo what? See a movie or something later? )
(09:52:22) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:52:31) Izzy: (maybe with a few other people, I dunno)
(09:52:36) Aki: (What do you think my ADHD answer will be?)
(09:52:40) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:52:46) Aki: (XD)
(09:52:50) Aki: (exactly)
(09:53:01) Aki: (so yeah, if that's the plan, I'm there :])
(09:53:15) Aki: (With paopu cookies for all XD)
(09:53:32) Aki: (but when?)
(09:54:02) Izzy: (hmm)
(09:54:06) Izzy: (I dunno yet)
(09:54:16) Izzy: (I'm going to this open house thing after karate)
(09:54:21) Izzy: (at the MFA school)
(09:54:31) Izzy: (because I might be taking a class there in the spring)
(09:54:39) Izzy: (and that ends at 3)
(09:54:51) Aki: (as in the museum?)
(09:54:56) Izzy: (and my mom said I have to finish my supplemental application thing today)
(09:54:58) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:55:02) Izzy: (I think)
(09:55:06) Aki: (Those are some good classes )
(09:55:18) Aki: (realllly good)
(09:55:18) Izzy: (I'm probably gonna take a portfolio class)
(09:55:22) Izzy: (*nod*)
(09:55:35) Izzy: (since I need a portfolio to apply to MassArt next year)
(09:55:35) Aki: (I spent like 6 years taking classes there)
(09:55:39) Izzy: (haha)
(09:55:43) Aki: (I learned stuff but got bored XD)
(09:55:47) Aki: (because I was little)
(09:55:48) Izzy: (yeah)
(09:55:59) Izzy: (I took a class at the actual museum once)
(09:56:09) Izzy: (but it as all observational drawing)
(09:56:12) Izzy: *was
(09:56:16) Aki: (I did that too)
(09:56:20) Izzy: (shading techiniques and stuff)
(09:56:24) Aki: (I drew animals all the time)
(09:56:33) Izzy: (and...I kinda got bored of drawing statues XD)
(09:56:34) Aki: (Oh, I learned anatomy and stuff)
(09:56:43) Aki: (I never drew what they told me to draw )
(09:56:46) Izzy: (hahaha)
(09:56:59) Aki: (:) )
(09:57:41) Izzy: (sorry I don't have much RP inspiration right now)\
(09:57:49) Aki: (Timcanpi looks like a snitch...)
(09:57:53) Aki: (Oh, I don't either)
(09:57:55) Izzy: (I want to see you in person, not online)
(09:58:02) Izzy: (yes, it does XD)
(09:58:07) Aki: (XDD)
(09:58:43) Aki: (Yeah, I wanna see you in person tooooo)
(09:58:49) Aki: (I'm sooooooooooo lonely)
(09:59:03) Izzy: (aww)
(09:59:16) Aki: (It was stupid of me to stay home last night. I went to be at 8 because I was lonely)
(09:59:22) Aki: *bed
(09:59:31) Aki: (and now mywake up schedule will be screwed up
(09:59:32) Aki: *)
(09:59:44) Izzy: (aww)
(09:59:50) Izzy: (well
(10:00:07) Izzy: (as soon as I upload it, I have stuff to show you :) )
(10:00:15) Aki: (k)
(10:00:32) Aki: (...Sephiroth, don't go any--)
(10:00:43) Aki: (he teleported. that's not good)
(10:01:03) Aki: (tho we let him keep his teleporation powers because we liked em, me and Naminé XD)
(10:01:21) Izzy: (hah)
(10:01:32) Izzy: (uhhh)
(10:01:35) Izzy: (yeah)
(10:01:47) Izzy: (we should have tried to disguise him a bit...)
(10:02:00) Aki: (They can catch him and dress him up XD)
(10:02:05) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:02:11) Aki: (The ponytail seemed to work a bit XD)
(10:02:17) Izzy: (true)
(10:02:30) Izzy: (...pfft. Is it a high ponytail or a low one?)
(10:02:53) Aki: (whichever you want...I had no preference. I didn't even picture it)
(10:02:58) Izzy: (oh)
(10:03:04) Izzy: (I don't know XD)
(10:03:09) Izzy: (either would be amusing)
(10:03:20) Izzy: (though a low one seems more his style)
(10:03:24) Aki: (yeah)
(10:03:29) Izzy:
(10:04:03) Izzy: (of course, it's ridiculously hard to draw to my satisfaction with this stupid brace, but)
(10:04:19) Izzy: (and Braig's design is really rough)
(10:04:40) Aki: (braig makes me happy XDD)
(10:04:44) Izzy: (because I did it all with no reference, and my mental image of Xigbar isn't very detailed)
(10:04:45) Aki: (everyone <333)
(10:05:18) Izzy: (I was wondering if I should have done the eyepatch or the scar, tho)
(10:05:34) Aki: (he didn't have either)
(10:05:37) Izzy: (okay)
(10:05:49) Aki: (It's actually canonn that Xemnas did that to him)
(10:05:53) Aki: *canon
(10:05:56) Izzy: (eep)
(10:05:59) Aki: (It says it someplace in a report)
(10:06:24) Aki: (lol Leon's glasses XD)
(10:06:26) Aki: (<33)
(10:06:32) Izzy: (now they're Riku's XD))
(10:06:49) Izzy: (that's what I meant by short ahir and glasses)
(10:06:52) Izzy: *hair
(10:07:01) Aki: (yeah but he has leon's glasses XD)
(10:07:08) Aki: (which is funny XD)
(10:07:09) Izzy: (and Kairi ended up looking like Namine(
(10:07:12) Izzy: (>.>)
(10:07:33) Izzy: (AND SORA HAS A PONYTAIL *shot*)
(10:07:38) Aki: (XDDD)
(10:08:08) Izzy: (it really is terribly attractive for some reason)
(10:08:15) Aki: (*DIES*)
(10:08:18) Izzy: (do I just like guys with long hair? >.>)
(10:08:26) Aki: (I think you do XD)
(10:08:40) Izzy: (hah)
(10:08:46) Izzy:
(10:08:58) Izzy: (I drew YuRiPa with no reference, so...whatever)
(10:09:11) Aki: (that's amazing XDDD)
(10:09:45) Izzy: (no, my memory is just weird)
(10:09:55) Aki: (Leon)
(10:10:01) Izzy: (huh?)
(10:10:08) Izzy: (oh)
(10:10:12) Izzy: (wow, I'm slow)
(10:10:16) Aki: (XD)
(10:10:28) Aki: (I really should draw more)
(10:10:36) Aki: (But I don't have any more sketch books)
(10:10:44) Aki: (and loose paper bothers me)
(10:10:45) Izzy: (aww)
(10:11:33) Aki: (beh I need a new sketchbook)
(10:11:48) Izzy: (we can get you one today ^^
(10:12:02) Aki: (we don't have to, if it's going to be a detour XDD)
(10:12:15) Aki: (BUT GOOD NEWS. IM NOT BROKE)
(10:12:19) Aki: (*SHOT*)
(10:12:29) Izzy: (:D)
(10:12:49) Aki: (:D)
(10:13:00) Aki: (Little Leon's crying. Make him stop)
(10:13:02) Aki: (DX)
(10:13:18) Izzy: (aww geez)
(10:13:29) Izzy: (I'll be your mommy, Squall.)
(10:13:31) Izzy: (*shot*)
(10:13:51) Aki: (Squall: ....You wouldn't leave, right?)
(10:13:58) Aki: (XD geez Izzy XD)
(10:14:32) Izzy: (Me? Leave?)
(10:14:46) Izzy: (Well, I always come back. >:
(10:14:58) Izzy: (like...a yo yo.)
(10:15:24) Aki: (Squall: *laughs slightly with a nod*)
(10:15:31) Aki: (Izzy, I think you have a kid now XD)
(10:15:56) Aki: (You had better be his 8th and final mother XDD)
(10:16:09) Izzy: (*crosses arms* You've got it.)
(10:16:21) Izzy: (I'll be a better mother than Cloud, anyway.)
(10:16:34) Aki: (Squall: Cloud's a mommy?)
(10:16:53) Izzy: (he has a baby chocobo now)
(10:17:09) Aki: (Squall: A chocobo? I wanna seeee..)
(10:17:33) Izzy: (*mentally sees little Squall in Aarao's place*)
(10:17:37) Izzy: (.....)
(10:17:45) Izzy: (Dammit, that is far too adorable)
(10:17:50) Izzy: (it should be illegal)
(10:17:50) Aki: (XDDD)
(10:18:41) Aki: (Squall: Clouuuud, mom says you have a chocobooo. *goes off to find Cloud*)
(10:18:57) Aki: (...Well, he likes you, which is good XD)
(10:19:06) Izzy: (...I have a cute son.)
(10:19:08) Izzy: (omg.)
(10:19:21) Aki: (Leon is going to be so messed up XDDD)
(10:19:27) Izzy: (....why is this so fufilling for me. XDD)
(10:19:41) Aki: (I don't know. But that's cool XDD)
(10:20:08) Izzy: (I'm reminded of that children's book)
(10:20:16) Izzy: ("Are You my Mother?")
(10:20:21) Aki: (Awww)
(10:20:24) Izzy: (that...)
(10:20:37) Izzy: (would be amazing spoofed with Advent Children)
(10:20:44) Aki: (XDDD)
(10:20:53) Aki: (yes. Yes it would)
(10:21:43) Aki: Squall: Clouudddd. Where are youu?
(10:21:51) Izzy: (which Cloud. XD_
(10:21:56) Aki: (I dunno XD)
(10:22:01) Aki: (Don't ask me XD)
(10:22:22) Izzy: (because little Cloud would be like "What chocobo?)
(10:22:33) Izzy: (and big Cloud would be like "Leon, you shrunk.")
(10:22:42) Aki: (the first Cloud that he runs int-- XDDD)
(10:22:54) Aki: ("who's Leon?")
(10:22:58) Izzy: (XDD)
(10:23:07) Izzy: (timeee paradox XD)
(10:23:15) Aki: (it's sooo amusing tho)
(10:23:17) Izzy: (I need to draw them with their younger selves)
(10:23:21) Izzy: (like that FMA pic)
(10:23:32) Aki: (yeah)
(10:23:48) Aki: Squall: Clouuuuddd D:
(10:23:57) Aki: Squall: where are you D':?
(10:24:54) Izzy: Cloud: I'm right here....
(10:25:09) Izzy: Cloud: *shakes his hand a little bit* ow.
(10:25:19) Izzy: (it's little Cloud. XD Luckily.)
(10:25:23) Aki: Squall: :D *runs over*
(10:25:25) Aki: (XD)
(10:25:49) Aki: (Minette probably went away by now XD)
(10:25:53) Izzy: Cloud: *puts his finger in his mouth*
(10:25:56) Izzy: (huh? XD)
(10:26:31) Aki: (remember? Raine-->Cecella --> Minette --> you)
(10:26:34) Izzy: (oh)
(10:26:37) Izzy: (hah)
(10:26:43) Izzy: (now I'm his mom. XD)
(10:26:47) Izzy: (wow.)
(10:26:50) Aki: (XD)
(10:27:44) Aki: Squall: Mom says you have a chocobo!
(10:27:52) Izzy: Cloud: Mm nnnd nt n d shvv.
(10:27:57) Izzy: Cloud: 8takes it out* What?
(10:27:59) Izzy: **
(10:28:13) Aki: Squall: mom says you have a chocobo.
(10:28:17) Aki: Squall: i wanna seeee.
(10:28:20) Izzy: Cloud: A chocobo?
(10:28:59) Izzy: Cloud: I wanted one, but Mom said I wasn't responsible enough...besides, they're too hard to catch.
(10:29:01) Aki: (actually, you're the first one since Raine that's he's called 'mom')
(10:29:06) Izzy: (geez XD)
(10:29:34) Aki: Squall: she said...
(10:29:45) Aki: Squall: Okay. Well, what happened to your finger?
(10:29:54) Izzy: Cloud: I burned it on the stove...
(10:30:19) Aki: Squall: oh..
(10:30:20) Izzy: Cloud: I'm not allowed in the kitchen when Mom's cooking anymore. >.>
(10:30:39) Aki: Squall: I see.
(10:30:46) Izzy: Cloud: Hey, maybe we could catch a chocobo together!
(10:31:05) Izzy: Cloud: A little one. Cuz then we could raise it.
(10:31:09) Aki: Squall: Yeah!
(10:32:18) Aki: Squall: My mommy might let us go out and catch one, too. :O
(10:32:25) Izzy: (....)
(10:32:39) Izzy: Cloud: Your mommy...
(10:32:41) Aki: (Well, they'd have to sneak out, remember? XD)
(10:32:46) Izzy: (hahaha)
(10:32:59) Aki: Squall: huh?
(10:33:15) Izzy: Cloud: *shakes his head* Mm, no, it's nothing.
(10:33:30) Aki: Squall: *blinks and frowns*
(10:33:55) Izzy: (>.>)
(10:33:57) Aki: Squall: No, not nevermind.
(10:34:12) Izzy: (we know where he got it now XD_
(10:34:27) Aki: (huh? XD)
(10:34:28) Izzy: Cloud: wasn't really...I was just thinking...
(10:35:00) Aki: Squall: ...clearly. What about, though?
(10:35:18) Izzy: Cloud: I don't think I met your new mom.
(10:35:23) Izzy: (oh geez. XD)
(10:35:29) Aki: (hahah)
(10:35:40) Aki: (*dies*)
(10:36:05) Aki: Squall: Oh. *drags Izzy out of the parenthesis*
(10:36:20) Izzy: uhhh...
(10:36:27) Izzy: Cloud: ...*stares*
(10:37:19) Aki: Squall: I dunno. I was crying, and she said she wanted to be my mommy. I trust her though.
(10:37:47) Izzy: Cloud: Oh.
(10:38:21) Izzy: Cloud: Well, I guess she can't leave or anything.
(10:38:57) Izzy: Cloud: And she gives me cookies sometimes.
(10:39:08) Aki: Squall: :D
(10:39:13) Izzy: Cloud: but not too many because she says I'll get fat.
(10:39:21) Aki: Squall: *laughs*
(10:39:21) Izzy: Cloud: So I guess she is like a mom.
(10:39:24) Izzy: >.>
(10:39:48) Aki: Squall: Well, you will get fat if you eat too many coiokies..
(10:39:50) Izzy: (I just can't resist cuteness. <,<)
(10:39:56) Izzy: *.
(10:40:09) Izzy: Cloud: But I like cookies. D:
(10:40:26) Aki: Squall: I didn't say you couldn't. X3
(10:40:31) Izzy: Cloud: I like ice cream better tho.
(10:40:44) Aki: Squall: secondeddd.
(10:40:54) Izzy: Cloud: Let's go get some!
(10:41:01) Aki: Squall: Kay!
(10:41:31) Izzy: Cloud: *runs off to raid the freezer*
(10:41:41) Aki: Squall: *follows*
(10:41:48) Izzy: ( am I ever going to raise small children0
(10:41:49) Izzy: ()
(10:41:52) Izzy: **
(10:42:00) Izzy: (I won't be able to say no to anything XD)
(10:42:05) Aki: (haha, I think the sense of security he has with you is cuz of Leon, or maybe it's the other way around...)
(10:42:11) Izzy: (ahahaha)
(10:42:46) Izzy: (<3)
(10:43:16) Aki: Squall: Hi Mrs. Strife~ *waves at her*
(10:43:31) Aki: (least he's longer down. )
(10:43:41) Izzy: (what?_
(10:43:46) Aki: Squall: *grabs some ice cream*
(10:43:53) Aki: (he was really upset )
(10:43:59) Izzy: Lucrecia: Hello, Squall.
(10:44:02) Izzy: (ah)
(10:44:20) Aki: (about Cecella, but then he had it when Minette proke her promise to go off with some guy)
(10:44:24) Aki: (or something)
(10:44:30) Aki: (She and I talked about it for like 5 minutes)
(10:44:34) Izzy: Lucrecia: Cloud, make sure you don't eat the whole carton. Dinner will be ready soon.
(10:44:36) Aki: (and she left)
(10:44:45) Izzy: (ahhh)
(10:44:49) Izzy: (geez)
(10:45:10) Izzy: Cloud: Can Squall stay for dinner?
(10:45:18) Izzy: Cloud: If it's okay with his mom?
(10:45:24) Izzy: Lucrecia: Of course.
(10:45:31) Aki: Squall: *eats his ice cream*
(10:45:35) Izzy: (and Sora is your son. XD)
(10:45:45) Aki: (yes, he is XD)
(10:45:47) Izzy: (and Cloud is...okay, this is wierd XD)
(10:45:55) Izzy: (because I RP Haruka, hahaha)
(10:46:18) Aki: (cloud belongs to Nomura and Lucrecia)
(10:46:23) Aki: (And)
(10:46:44) Aki: (Haruka is Sora's mom, and I am his father I guess XD)
(10:46:48) Aki: (*dies*)
(10:46:55) Izzy: (pfft)
(10:47:16) Izzy: (that's right, isn't it XD)
(10:47:20) Izzy: (Nomura IS CLoud
(10:47:29) Izzy: *Cloud's dad
(10:47:50) Aki: (And he left cuz he was busy with work XD)
(10:48:32) Izzy: (ahahahah)
(10:49:20) Aki: (squall: Hey mom, can I stay for dinner?)
(10:49:45) Izzy: (uhh...sure.)
(10:50:04) Aki: (squall: Kay! )
(10:50:15) Aki: Squall: Yeah, I can stay.
(10:50:25) Aki: (strange relationship, isn't it XDDD)
(10:50:41) Izzy: (yeah...)
(10:50:47) Izzy: (I gtg soon XD)
(10:50:50) Izzy: (karate)
(10:50:54) Aki: (k XD)
(10:51:02) Izzy: (make sure he knows I'll be back haha)
(10:51:30) Aki: (you tell him XD)
(10:51:53) Izzy: (okay)
(10:52:03) Izzy: (I won't be back for a few hours tho >.>)
(10:52:14) Aki: (go tell him that XD)
(10:52:19) Izzy: (ahhh now I feel terrible leaving XD)
(10:52:57) Aki: (XD)
(10:53:11) Aki: (*pushes you out of the parenthesis*)
(10:53:18) Izzy: Play nice with Cloud and eat your vegetables, I'll be back in a few hours.
(10:53:41) Aki: Squall: *blinks* Where're you going?
(10:53:50) Izzy: hm.
(10:53:59) Izzy: In terms you would understand, "training".
(10:54:13) Aki: Squall: Oh.
(10:54:21) Aki: Squall: you sure you're coming back?
(10:54:31) Izzy: Very very sure.
(10:54:34) Izzy: Ask Cloud
(10:54:37) Izzy: he can tell you.
(10:54:49) Aki: Squall: Can I go with you?
(10:54:55) Izzy: ...if you want to?
(10:55:31) Aki: Squall: Okay, you passes the mommy test. *goes back to eating* <33
(10:55:39) Aki: Squall: have fun training :D
(10:55:42) Izzy: (ohgodI'mateenagemother. XD)
(10:55:44) Aki: *passed
(10:55:52) Izzy: I will. ^^ I'll be back before you know it.
(10:55:57) Izzy: *runs off*
(10:56:00) Aki: (hahahahaha)

Izzy: ohayou gozaima--su
(09:01:32) Aki: hallo
(09:01:43) Aki: :DDD
(09:01:45) Aki: :DDDDD
(09:01:48) Aki: :DDDDDDDDD
(09:02:24) Aki: HE NEEDS HELP D:
(09:02:24) Izzy: huh?
(09:02:42) Aki: Irvine
(09:02:49) Aki: is having an issue with
(09:02:54) Izzy: RP Irvine or game Irvine?
(09:02:55) Aki: being form Galbadia
(09:02:58) Aki: both XD
(09:03:00) Izzy: oh
(09:03:01) Izzy: XD
(09:03:18) Aki: oh jesus
(09:03:28) Aki: these monsters grow like in FF7 too?
(09:03:31) Aki: *dies laughing*
(09:03:38) Izzy: what XD
(09:03:41) Aki: you know
(09:03:44) Aki: how those things
(09:03:50) Aki: in ff7 kept getting bigger?
(09:03:57) Izzy: yeah
(09:04:02) Aki: they do the same thing in ff8
(09:04:03) Aki: only
(09:04:07) Aki: it looks more rediculous
(09:04:18) Izzy: hahaha
(09:04:21) Aki: and it made me fall off my chair the first time
(09:04:25) Aki: because it made noise
(09:04:34) Izzy: hahaha
(09:04:36) Izzy: wow
(09:04:52) Aki: now I have to save Balamb from being attacked by the Galbadians
(09:04:54) Aki: you see
(09:05:05) Aki: people don't like Irvine cuz he's from Galbadia
(09:05:07) Aki: because
(09:05:16) Aki: Galbadia always is causing trouble (the government )
(09:05:21) Aki: and like
(09:05:31) Aki: launching missiles at other Countries
(09:05:38) Izzy: pfft
(09:05:39) Aki: and invading towns and killing people
(09:05:49) Aki: and it's been going on for 17 years
(09:05:52) Aki: this war
(09:05:55) Izzy: ah
(09:06:03) Aki: and no one likes Galbadians, but they deal
(09:06:31) Aki: My mental Galbadia stopped though, and backed off
(09:06:37) Izzy: what? XD
(09:06:45) Aki: the galbadia in my head
(09:06:58) Aki: not the Galbadia in the game
(09:07:02) Aki: the RP galbadia
(09:07:02) Izzy: errr
(09:07:06) Izzy: oh XD
(09:07:08) Aki: yeah
(09:07:10) Aki: XD
(09:07:18) Aki: the rp galbadia backed off
(09:07:45) Aki: but the other countries see this as a good time to make sure they don't do anything ever again
(09:08:24) Aki: so now Trabia sent its army off to kill the Galbadians. No one ever wins this war DX
(09:08:36) Aki: and now people are going after Irvine
(09:08:41) Aki: AND ITS NOT COOL
(09:08:42) Aki: D:
(09:08:52) Aki: so now
(09:09:01) Aki: he's living in his dorm room XD
(09:09:04) Aki: staying there
(09:09:06) Aki: all day
(09:09:11) Izzy: we have to go save irvine? XD
(09:09:15) Aki: no
(09:09:17) Aki: we dont
(09:09:19) Izzy: haha
(09:09:31) Aki: I'm just updating you on his situation XDDD
(09:09:40) Izzy: oh okay XD
(09:09:51) Aki: But Irvine might call Cloud a few times, is what I'm getting at.
(09:09:58) Aki: because Leon wont pick up at times
(09:10:00) Aki: and
(09:10:07) Aki: he doesn't have Rinoa's cell
(09:10:19) Aki: because Rinoa likes to spite him a lot XD
(09:10:42) Aki: it's extremely amusing....they're interaction, in the game
(09:10:46) Aki: *their
(09:10:50) Izzy: hahaha
(09:10:53) Aki: there, their, they're
(09:10:54) Aki: pfft
(09:10:58) Izzy: s'okay XD
(09:11:04) Izzy: but I'd laugh
(09:11:08) Izzy: if he called Cloud
(09:11:16) Izzy: because Cloud would answer
(09:11:26) Izzy: oh yeah
(09:11:28) Izzy: I...
(09:11:39) Izzy: stayed up until 2 last night writing my fanfic >.>
(09:11:47) Aki: wow
(09:11:48) Izzy: my mom got mad because I didn't go to bed XD
(09:11:55) Aki: aww
(09:11:58) Izzy: I got really caught up in it...
(09:12:54) Aki: yeah :D
(09:13:02) Izzy: give me 15 minutes and I'll have it up ^^
(09:13:08) Aki: kay
(09:13:16) Izzy: *yawns*
(09:13:18) Izzy: hah
(09:13:21) Aki: XD
(09:13:29) Izzy: I actually woke up at 8
(09:13:36) Aki: I woke up at 5
(09:13:39) Izzy: but I decided not to get out of bed
(09:13:42) Izzy: geez
(09:13:57) Aki: *shrug*
(09:14:27) Aki: oh geez
(09:14:44) Aki: Trabia took Selphie back to their Garden.
(09:15:00) Aki: cuz she's from there. but still.
(09:15:00) Izzy: uh?
(09:15:04) Aki: sorry
(09:15:08) Aki: I'm talking with Irvine
(09:15:10) Izzy: oh
(09:15:14) Izzy: it's okay XD
(09:15:28) Izzy: I just know practically nothing about FF8
(09:15:33) Aki: sokay
(09:15:37) Aki: you'll play it sometime
(09:15:47) Aki: I'm having SOOOOO much fun with this game
(09:15:49) Aki: it's my baby
(09:15:54) Aki: I somehow believe
(09:16:04) Aki: that FF7 couldn't compete in my mind >_>
(09:16:18) Aki: we'll it could, but there's no way it'd win favourite
(09:16:25) Izzy: hahaha
(09:16:27) Izzy: well
(09:16:31) Izzy: that's good
(09:16:34) Aki: other way around for you
(09:16:38) Izzy: yes XD
(09:16:41) Aki: which is good XD
(09:16:47) Aki: cuz we each gave a game specialty
(09:16:50) Izzy: haha
(09:17:11) Aki: pfft, but you don't have your little crush in your game, so thar XD
(09:17:20) Izzy: shut up. XD
(09:17:35) Aki: 8D
(09:17:40) Izzy: I have Kingdom Hearts!
(09:17:47) Aki: yes you do
(09:18:00) Aki: but you still dont get the originalness that made it so KH has Leon
(09:18:06) Izzy: and he's got the long hair there.
(09:18:15) Aki: pfft, originally Wakka was supposed to be Irvine
(09:18:23) Izzy: huh? XD
(09:18:24) Aki: that amuses me
(09:18:25) Aki: oh
(09:18:27) Aki: on the islands
(09:18:31) Aki: in KH
(09:18:32) Izzy: ah
(09:18:36) Aki: Irvine was replaced by wakka
(09:18:40) Izzy: awww
(09:18:46) Izzy: XD
(09:18:47) Aki: must be because he's from Galbadia
(09:18:50) Aki: psshhh
(09:18:54) Izzy: poor Irvine
(09:19:00) Izzy: still facing discrimination at work
(09:19:07) Aki: hmm?
(09:19:11) Izzy: Irivine
(09:19:14) Aki: yeah
(09:19:17) Izzy: *Irvine
(09:19:28) Izzy: is still facing discrimination at work XD
(09:19:34) Aki: yes. XD
(09:19:46) Aki: Irvine: Not just me!
(09:20:38) Aki: Irvine: I don't care what happens to me. I don't even have a family to care about, because of them. I've got friends though, back there in Galbadia Garden! My...Sniping teacher too..
(09:20:50) Aki: calm down.
(09:21:16) Aki: Irvine: I told you before, and I told Squall and Rinoa in Dollet! I crack under pressure!
(09:21:24) Aki: most people do...
(09:21:38) Aki: Irvine: I'm a sharpshooter! I'm not suppose to!
(09:21:41) Aki: *sighs*
(09:22:01) Aki: Rant to Cloud or Squall or Rinoa, please.
(09:22:19) Aki: Irvine: I will at some point.
(09:22:22) Aki: good.
(09:22:34) Izzy: (where were we?)
(09:22:39) Aki: (hmm?)
(09:22:44) Izzy: (oh yeah. Shiva ranting about Tidus and Yuna >.>)
(09:22:51) Aki: (lol Tidus XD)
(09:23:27) Aki: "Aki (8:59:57 PM): Shiva: But Balamb garden was the first time I was embraced. I do not want to lose that. I'm afraid of losing that."
(09:23:28) Izzy: (oh yeahhhh)
(09:23:38) Izzy: (Tidus and Yuna)
(09:23:45) Izzy: (I had something to say about that)
(09:23:53) Izzy: (well, if in KH people
(09:24:01) Izzy: 's forms change to fit the world)
(09:24:16) Izzy: (then if Yuna and the other two go home to Spira or whatever)
(09:24:23) Izzy: (they'll be normal-sized again)
(09:24:26) Izzy: (but)
(09:24:27) Aki: (yeah)
(09:24:33) Izzy: (then she can't be with Tidus >.>)
(09:24:36) Izzy: (which still sucks)
(09:24:42) Aki: (mhmm)
(09:24:48) Aki: (timmee ga--wait)