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16 Shiva.

Aki: you were asking about Naminé doing something to Cloud, earlier XD
Izzy: oh
Izzy: I was talking about the memory of the LeonCloud fic, haha
Aki: XDD oh. I suppose we could. Or Shiva could, cuz Nami is tired
Izzy: or just have Shiva eat i—yeah XD Except, can we really trust her in Cloud's head? >.>
Aki: yesss. I'll keep her from doing anything
Izzy: hahaha
Aki: she may be a goddess, but who am I?
Izzy: she needs to get over the jealous streak...
Izzy: you are Aki, no other explanation needed
Aki: Shiva < Aki
Izzy: ahaha
Aki: Sephiroth < Cloud < Leon < Shiva < Aki
Aki: that's how it is
Izzy: ...yep.
Aki: XD anywayyyy yeah, Shiva could get rid of it
Izzy: it might make things a bit easier for both of us >.>
Aki: yeah
Izzy: the only question is
Aki: Shiva's hungry anyway
Aki: ?
Izzy: will Cloud let her...
Aki: ....
Aki: Sephiroth < Cloud < Leon < Shiva < Aki
Aki: he will
Aki: Sephiroth can tell him how resisting is useless
Aki: it will only hurt more that way, it's best to cooperate
Izzy: ....
Aki: :D;
Izzy: You hear that, Cloud?
Cloud: .....
Aki: *laughs*
Aki: *Hojo laugh*
Aki: *drags Cloud away*
Aki: Shivaaaa, dinner timmeeee~
Shiva: Really? *follows*
Izzy: ...
Aki: Okay, you may eat the memories of that fanfic. You know, the LeonCloud one.
Izzy: just don't do anything terrible to son. That must be it.
Aki: The one I read.
Shiva: Oh! Of course! *flies into Cloud's head*
Izzy: Nomura gave him up for adoption.
Aki: XDDD that's great
Shiva: *eats the memory*
Cloud: ....
Shiva: ....*gives into temptation and merely pokes one of Leon*
Shiva: *leaves and flies off*
Cloud: !! What the--
Aki: :D
Izzy: I promise it wasn't important.
Aki: Me too
Izzy: In fact, you are definitely happier this way.
Aki: yeah
Leon: I wish I were you right now, I wish they would let me forget that fanfic.
Leon: *sighs*....*goes off somewhere*
Aki: ...........he'd better not emo on the floor anymore...I had it professionally cleaned today...
Cloud: fa--....
Cloud: Maybe you're right then...
Izzy: Of course I'm right.
Aki: haha
Aki: ....
Izzy: really, Cloud. Now go cheer Leon up.
Aki: "Goddammit, I miss her so much. I'm still completely angry at her, but I liked it better when I didn't cry every night!"
Aki: yeah, really. Go now.
Cloud: .....*goes*
Aki: helloooo monologue. DX
Izzy: oh man
Simn: Ragooooonnnaaaaa! *follows Leon*
Aki: (they...are SOCUTE)
Aki: (I want a moomba.)
Cloud: ..............
Izzy: (Cloud misses Fenrir for once, hahaha)
Aki: (aww)
Fenrir: *been sleeping on his shoe actually*
Aki: (under his pants XD like a blanket)
Aki: (I drew it. It's lying somewhere)
Izzy: (ahaha)
Cloud: *picks her up so he can follow Leon*
Fenrir: wark. *snuggles* <33
Leon: *looks down at Simn*
Simn: :D
Leon: *smiles slightly*
Cloud: *to Fenrir* As long as you stay quiet, all right?
Aki: (pfft so many happy memories of that kitty XD)
Fenrir: *nods*
Izzy: (trying to drown him...locking him outside...XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (Simn saving him from the Galbadian precinct 7, and drinking the poison out of his blood and running around play wrestling XD)
Aki: (he's pretty grateful to Simn)
Izzy: (hah <3)
Aki: (:3)
Simn: Ragoona, juskd jerro mtiff grfarr.
Cloud: *catches up*
Leon: Yeah, I know, thanks. *sighs*
Simn: Ro robrem. *runs off*
Izzy: (....translate? XD please)
Aki: (haha)
Aki: ("You know I'm here to listen too, even though I can't really talk back.")
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (tho he kinda can talk back XD)
Izzy: (haha true)
Simn: *glances up at Cloud* rood ruck. *scampers off*
Cloud: ...thanks, I guess...
Leon: *goes outside*
Aki: (I almost typed “Reon” *ded*)
Izzy: (ahahaha)
Leon: *cellphone rings* *looks at it, before answering* yeah?
Cloud: *sighs* Bad timing. *stops to wait*
Izzy: (he was going to leave but I glared at him XD)
Leon: No Irvine. She's not here. Good bye.
"--hey wai--"
Leon: *hangs up*
Izzy: (who was he asking for?)
Aki: (he almost didn't even answer, but he remembered Cloud grabbing his wrist)
Aki: (Rinoa)
Izzy: (oh. but she is...isn't she?)
Aki: (well, not with him)
Izzy: (oh)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (hahah)
Cloud: At least you answered it, I guess.
Izzy: (Irvine should just call Rinoa himself. XD)
Aki: (He wanted an excuse to call Leon, I think XD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Aki: (cuz he was worried cuz Leon actually called him last night to vent)
Aki: (pfft, I eavesdropped)
Izzy: (about Shiva?)
Aki: (about life XD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Aki: (they both vented, so it worked out. They joked about battle injuries too XD)
Aki: (("You were so slow. You couldn't dodge that magic--I couldn't believe it! You FELL off of the damn building!"))
Aki: ("Oh yeah? YOU got thrown down the stairs by my girlfriend!")
Aki: ("You let Seifer electrocute you!")
Aki: ("You let him scare you!")
Aki: (yeah, it was special XD)
Izzy: (haha)
Izzy: (hah. Leon has gotten stabbed a lot, huh)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (not that Cloud hasn't >.>)
Izzy: (*counts on fingers* Scar from the Nibelheim incident, that's a nasty one. Scar on his shoulder from AC. Scar from getting stabbed protecting Sora, scars on his back and arm from the same fight)
Aki: (aww, poor kid)
Izzy: (Masamune wounds don't heal very well >.>)
Aki: (at least he doesn't have a SCARFACE)
Izzy: (....*falls off chair*)
Aki: (just picture it)
Izzy: (wait no, he does have a scar on his face, from when Yazoo shot him)
Aki: (oh yeahhh)
Izzy: (it's tiny tho XDD)
Aki: (but he doesn't have LEON's scar face XD)
Izzy: (hahahah)
Aki: (give Cloud Leon's scar. it makes me laugh)
Izzy: (.....XDD that's messed up)
Aki: (*still ded*)
Aki: (well, Squall gets stabbed in the same place, in the same way almost every single time)
Izzy: (geez)
Aki: (through the stomach with a thick, sharp object)
Izzy: (he must be missing a kidney by now...)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Cloud: I...feel like I've been avoiding this. I don't know. *sighs*
Leon: Avoiding what?
Cloud: Just...the situation with Shiva...I keep wondering if there's something I missed. Something I did wrong.
Izzy: (way to go, Cloud. Blame yourself for everything, as usual. *rolls eyes*)
Leon: she's only jealous...she's never been jealous before...You didn't do anything. No one did. You didn't. I didn't. She didn't. She never was jealous...and she's been alive since the worlds were all created.
Leon: She wasn't used to the feeling and didn't know how to handle it. And she has she used it.
Cloud: I guess...that makes sense. But it's dangerous.
Leon: It is. It's why I didn't let her out before. Because she felt safe in my mind there, as did I...but, to get anywhere, you have to step out of your comfort zone.
Cloud: *folds his arms* And interacting with humans means dealing with human emotion...
Leon: *nods*
Cloud: *mutters slightly* I know that a little too well...
Leon: Mm...She and I had been sheltering each other far too long. *sighs*
Leon: She would cool down my emotions so I wouldn't overreact, and I kept her from hurting people.
Cloud: I guess I just didn't expect it.
Leon: Yeah.
Cloud: I mean, before, she seemed to encourage us to speak to each other...
Leon: That was my fault. I spoke more with you, and neglected her. I didn't even speak with her while I slept.
Leon: She was used to that though, since I always used to go to her.
Cloud: ...
Leon: ...sorry. I'm being foolish about this.
Izzy: (btw, where IS Shiva?)
Aki: (she's...watching them from a tree, actually)
Cloud: No...
Leon: I should be dealing with this myself...
Cloud: It's not as if it doesn't concern me. I...I am...angry...about it. But I can't deny that I'm grateful. She brought Sora back to us...
Leon: *nods* *mutters to himself* Quistis was right, I'm far too passive to be an effective leader. I can't even protect myself or my best friend from my own weapon...
Cloud: .....
Shiva: *sticks her arm through Cloud's face* That's not true.
Cloud: !!
Leon: Get away from him!
Shiva: You see, you didn't let that slide. *takes her arm out*
Cloud: .....
Shiva: *sighs* Had I not taken my arm away, you would have done something about it, right?
Leon: ...yeah.
Shiva: Aha.
Cloud: ....the city. Radiant Garden is well on its way, back to the way it was. Would that be true otherwise?
Shiva: I do not understand, mortal.
Leon: *sighs*
Cloud: I'm saying, the reconstruction efforts are all thanks to him.
Shiva: Mhmm.
Cloud: ....
Shiva: And you and the others as well. All of you as a whole contributed. It will be even grander than before.
Izzy: (...Cloud is kind of like "is she trying to make a point here?" >.>)
Aki: (she is actually)
Izzy: (I figured as much. But honestly, he's kind of nervous...)
Aki: (?)
Izzy: (she pretty much scares him by now >.> Just because of the power she has over him and Leon)
Shiva: ....I won't do anything..
Aki: (yeah)
Aki: (Leon actually has power over her. The power to make her feel guilty)
Izzy: (it only works after the fact, tho >.>)
Cloud: ....I'm no one to envy, anyway.
Shiva: ....I do not envy you.
Izzy: (Cloud's just kind of beating himself up in his frustration over his own helplessness in the situation)
Aki: (yeah)
Izzy: (he wants to give Shiva a piece of his mind, but he's afraid it'll set her off)
Aki: (he can try. It might, it might not)
Aki: (step out of the comfort zone, or you won’t get anywhere..)
Izzy: (hah...)
Aki: (it's true)
Cloud: I never said you did. Obviously not, because you seem to have nothing but contempt for me.
Shiva: You took him away! *glares*
Leon: *sighs*
Cloud: I didn't take anyone away. Leon isn't yours, and he isn't mine either.
Cloud: He's his own person, and he can make decisions for himself.
Shiva: Of course! He stopped realizing I was around because you're here!
Aki: (jeaaaalous XD)
Izzy: (hahaha)
Izzy: (...Cloud's just like "okay, I get it. It’s my fault for existing. Oops, my bad." >.>)
Leon: /I'm right here.../
Cloud: ....
Shiva: I have absolutely no clue how to regard whatever you call these...these 'emotions'!
Shiva: I screwed it up, and I realize I did! But it doesn't stop. It won’t stop. I don't know how to make it stop.
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (I think all of this is based on her frustrations too. She wanted to be human, but keep her power, but she realizes she can't, and has to choose one)
Cloud: ...that's what it's like. Life is about not knowing what to do. It doesn't make it any easier.
Cloud: Why do you think we keep making the same mistakes?
Shiva: I should know, but I do not. I've seen these mistakes perpetually repeat themselves because people are too rash.
Shiva: With the issues regarding the beginning of the worlds, to your world, to Squall's, with Tidus and Yuna...I'm getting confused. *sighs*
Izzy: (aww poor Shiva has to deal with FFX angst too XDD)
Aki: (XD it's the same Shiva throughout the entire series)
Aki: (from FF to FF13)
Aki: (FF12 at least)
Izzy: (yeah)