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19 xmasness

Izzy: you're on :O
Izzy: I have an hour :D
Aki: ...pssh
Izzy: XD
Izzy: you too, Sora
Aki: I know you're not happy kid, so don't act it.
Izzy: geez, what now
Sora: What, I'm happy >:|
Aki: uh-huh. Then what was all that crying this morning?
Izzy: ......
Sora: .....
Sora: No comment.
Izzy: >>
Sora: But anyway, I have to go back to the islands, so I wanna give Riku and Kairi and everyone their gifttsss.
Izzy: now?
Sora: well, I'm going back to the islands...
Izzy: can't they go with you? Riku and Kairi, that is
Sora: ...I don't want them to.
Sora: ....I'm not trying to be mean or anything.
Izzy:'s their home, too
Sora: I know. I guess they could come.
Izzy: ....
Aki: ...
Izzy: here, give these flowers to your mom. *hands him a bouquet*
Sora: ....okay. *takes them*...I'm worried, but not sad. *glances at Aki*
Izzy: ....
Aki: ...
Sora: Oh yeah! *runs off to get something*
Aki: .......
Izzy: eh?
Aki: he's a liar. Cloud turned him into a liar. >_>
Izzy: .....
Izzy: don't blame poor Cloud
Aki: D: I love him anyway.
Aki: fine. I'll blame Leon.
Izzy: no
Izzy: don't blame either of them XD
Izzy: because
Aki: XD Okayfineee
Izzy: they'd take it badly XD
Izzy: it
Izzy: is
Aki: what.
Aki: XD
Sora: *shoves a colourful wrapped box into Izzy's back* hereeeee!
Izzy: :O
Sora: It's lotsa different kinds of cookies and stuff. :D
Sora: And a card... :)
Izzy: D: I didn't get you a present yetttt ;_;
Izzy: ....
Sora: I don't need anythinggggg.
Izzy: Have a Riku. *shoves Riku at him*
Sora: :D *tackles Riku*
Izzy: (poor Riku XD)
Sora: *starts tickling Riku*
Aki: (errr...yeah XD)
Riku: *trying to keep a straight face*
Sora: *tickles more*
Aki: (I think all Sora wants is for Riku to smile, just once even.)
Izzy: (oh yeahhhh. I wrote the beginning of the story but I need...names. -_-)
Izzy: (for the villain, for the Zack character, and Leon's real name...)
Aki: (...hmm)
Izzy: (Fantasy-ish...names)
Aki: (Name the Leon guyyyy after my star that my brother's bought me 6 years ago. :D)
Izzy: (I used to be good at thinking of names)
Aki: (Name him....)
Izzy: (what? XD)
Aki: (aryan)
Aki: (name him after my star)
Aki: (because it's gay XD)
Izzy: (star?)
Aki: (yeah, I have my own star. Like...I own it.)
Izzy: (like the sky?)
Aki: (....yeah XD)
Izzy: (that's so cool)
Aki: (:D Name him Aryan)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: (after the star)
Izzy: (fine XD)
Aki: (:DDD)
Aki: (Sora: *tickles Izzy*)
Izzy: (because it’s gay, huh?)
Aki: (Sora: Who's gay?)
Aki: (...yeah..)
Aki: (I bet there's a star named Chris, out there somewhere.)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: (Keras.)
Aki: (Or Keras.)
Izzy: (his real name is Keras. XD)
Aki: (But, they can be gay together)
Izzy: (XDDDD)
Izzy: (Okay, fine, you win XD)
Aki: (:D)
Izzy: (since technically half the story is yours)
Aki: (pff. Yay!)
Aki: (Sora: *pouts*)
Izzy: (You are, Sora. GAY. You smile and run around in circles and sing songs with mermaids.)
Izzy: (:D)
Izzy: (happy.)
Izzy: (like that.)
Aki: (Sora: *crosses arms* You make funny faces. *grins*)
Izzy: (I know. :p)
Aki: (I don't think he'll ever react to that. Angie called him gay, and he said the same thing to her XD)
Aki: (Sora: *goes off*)
Sora: *stops tickling Riku*
Izzy: (no, I actually meant gay as in happy XD)
Aki: (Yeah, no, I know XD)
Aki: (Angie meant that too XD)
Izzy: (oh XD)
Riku: ....*catches his breath*
Sora: *gives Riku a funny look before going off to the kitchen*
Riku: What....
Sora: Nothing.
Izzy: (okay, I need two more names)
Aki: (hmm)
Izzy: (and they can't be Zack and Sephiroth XD)
Aki: (....hmm)
Aki: (uhmmmmmm)
Izzy: (hahahaha)
Aki: (....Joseph and Gay)
Izzy: (I have a list of names somewhere...I know I do)
Aki: (respectively)
Izzy: ( Sorry. XD)
Izzy: (besides the fact that Sephiroth is gay)
Aki: (Pff yeah XD)
Izzy: (but we knew that)
Aki: (Hmm)
Izzy: (....I found a list of names, but it's characters that actually have stories already...-_-)
Izzy: (maybe there's a story I know I'll never write that I can steal names from)
Aki: (Sora: Casey. Name one Casey. Or Martin. )
Aki: (sora, shhh.)
Aki: (Sora: Just trying ot helpppp)
Izzy: (I had...a character named Nomura)
Aki: (that's funny)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (Nomura Midori XD)
Aki: (XD)
Aki: (Sora: *grumble*)
Aki: (Sora: *runs off*)
Izzy: (thank you for trying, Sora...)
Aki: ( ...he's grumpyyy. D:)
Izzy: (awww)
Izzy: (...Rhys.)
Izzy: (wait)
Aki: (I have a friend named Rhys)
Izzy: (I don't even know how to pronounce that XD)
Aki: (Reess)
Aki: (it's like)
Aki: (the peanut butter cups)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: (got it XD)
Aki: (Rhys Hayden )
Izzy: (I can use that, but for someone's new name, cuz it's a real name)
Izzy: (and that sounds like a boy band member XD)
Aki: (yes. XD)
Aki: (But that's my friend XD)
Izzy: (Tache)
Izzy: (but that's a girl's name...)
Sora: ......*tackles Cloud*
Izzy: (Valerian)
Aki: (....hmm)
Izzy: (hmmm...)
Izzy: (Who would be named Valerian? XD)
Izzy: (that sounds gay, too)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (but not evil)
Izzy: (so....AXEL XD)
Aki: (Like Marluxia)
Izzy: (hahahhahaha)
Izzy: (yes)
Izzy: (Axel = Valerian)
Izzy: (one down XD)
Aki: (XD GAY)
Aki: (<3)
Izzy: (Sora can be Tache...)
Izzy: (or...Riku...I dunno)
Sora: ......Rahhhhh *exasperated yell before sitting on the couch*
Cloud: .....
Aki: (...)
Izzy: (poor Sora, everyone's ignoring him)
Aki: (Yeah.)
Aki: (ah well.)
Aki: (He always puts up with it. Mehh.)
Izzy: (ah-hah)
Aki: (I duno)
Izzy: (I'm never going to write this story, but I know I made up a ridiculous amount of names for it)
Izzy: (let's see...)
Izzy: (Zerik)
Izzy: (Kyana)
Izzy: (Aira, Verne...)
Aki: (:D)
Aki: (I likkeeee Zerik)
Izzy: (Haran, Inar)
Izzy: (me too :D)
Izzy: (Kenner, Sege, Lynse)
Izzy: *Sege
Izzy: *Serge
Izzy: (....)
Izzy: (anyway XD)
Izzy: (yesss.)
Sora: *grabs a shovel and goes outside and slams the door*
Izzy: (D:)
Aki: (.......)
Aki: (ugh.)
Aki: (Zerik should be Zack or somethin'.)
Aki: (because if anyone's like zack)
Izzy: (....yeah, I was just about to say that XD)
Aki: (then their name has to begin with a z)
Izzy: (hahaha, the creepy thing is, from what I remember of the character, he was a lot like Zack)
Izzy: (happy)
Izzy: (had a girlfriend he adored)
Izzy: (...she got killed off tho)
Izzy: (>.>)
Izzy: (erm.)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (woah. That's FREAKY.)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (okayyyy, so all that's left for now is Sephy)
Izzy: (not-Sephy)
Izzy: (whatever)
Izzy: (creepy villain guy)
Aki: (...Gay. I swear. )
Izzy: (XDDD)
Aki: (get back at evil Seph)
Aki: (and name him gay)
Izzy: (I...couldn't XD)
Izzy: (...Commander Gay...)
Izzy: (oh god. *dies*)
Aki: (XDDD)
-bang crash-
Izzy: .......
Izzy: oh please....
Aki: (....okay, really, what crawled up his ass and died?)
Izzy: it's Christmas Eve....
Izzy: D:
Sora: *shoveling snow* ....
Aki: (....)
Izzy: (....)
Izzy: (I'll him "the Commander" for now....)
Aki: (okay XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Aki: ( Really. Commander Gay.)
Izzy: (*dies again*)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: (....weapon name)
Izzy: (oh god no.)
Izzy: (my brain XD)
Aki: (....gayanator)
Aki: (...)
Izzy: (I CAN'T call him Commander Gay...not with a weapon like that...)
Izzy: (it's...too...terrible)
Izzy: (but...I guess at least it's not a Masamune...)
Aki: (XD)
Izzy: ('s a lot like...Lust from FMA.)
Izzy: (creepy creepy.)
Aki: (*still snickering*)
Izzy: (metal things in his hands...)
Izzy: (Wolverine on if he wasn't already...)
Izzy: (erm. -_-)
Izzy: (I'm getting more and more incoherent. XD)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: *opens door, throws the shovel to the side and goes to his room*
Aki: (........)
Aki: (make him stopppp)
Izzy: (...Fury. Because I'm tired and I say so.)
Aki: (XDDD )
Izzy: (it will be called Fury. And if I can think of anything plausible but hilariously gay, I will change it.)
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (but for now.)
Aki: (okay XD)
Izzy: (allright, lemme's not done, but it's three pages)
Aki: (okay)
Aerith: ......
Aerith: Merry Christmas, Izzy. *waves*
Izzy: Merry Christmas...^^;
Izzy: any idea what's eating Sora?
Aerith: ...something wrong?
Aerith: no.
Aerith: I don't know.
Aerith: Maybe Riku would know. *shrugs*
Aerith: I could ask him, if you want me to.
Izzy: erm...Riku doesn't know, and neither does Kairi...
Izzy: I didn't mean to ignore him, I'm just doing a lot at once.
Aerith: I doubt it's about being ignored. He's always told me he doesn't really care as long as they notice him at some point.
Aerith: "At some point in my lifetime", as he puts it.
Izzy: .....
Aerith: It's something else, most likely. He's pretty patient.
Aerith: Zacckkkkkk.
Aerith: I need some help with last minute wrappinggg.
Zack: Yes, dear...
Izzy: (yayyy)
Izzy: ( )
Izzy: (well)
Aerith: :D <3
Izzy: (I hope it doesn't traumatize you)
Aki: (*click*)
Izzy: (I have...this terrible obsession with writing about blood.)
Izzy: (and...since Keras is sensitive to metal...he can smell the iron in blood...)
Aki: (oooohhh okay :D)
Izzy: (yeah...I gtg)
Izzy: (blah)
Aki: (blah wellllll byeee <3)
Izzy: (I'm not allowed online anymore today)
Izzy: (family stuff)
Aki: (merry christmasss)
Aki: (Sora: *saves* )
Izzy: (enjoy the angst and MC XD)
Aki: *waves
Aki: (haha angst)
Izzy: (Merry Christmas. MC. XD)

Izzy: *tackles*
Aki : iz-kun
Aki is no longer idle.
Izzy: my brother gets to see his Ashley D:
Izzy: I want mineee
Aki: :D
Aki: Hiiii
Izzy: XD
Izzy: yeah...
Aki: Wow, I...
Izzy: I probably have...less than an hour
Izzy: stupid college crap
Aki: am wayyyy too devoted. xD
Izzy: but *hugs*
Izzy: aww I'm sorry
Izzy: my parents
Aki: Naw, s'okay.
Izzy: were being annoying and stupid
Izzy: and wouldn't change the internet settings
Izzy: so
Izzy: I
Izzy: ended up
Izzy: writing another fic...
Aki: No, I just find waiting from 9 am to 5 pm kinda funny XDDD
Aki: I wanna readdd
Izzy: hahah I know you do XD
Aki: *grabby hands*
Izzy: XD
Izzy: it was kind of a response to your Leon thing
Izzy: well, see
Aki: :D
Izzy: I bought myself a sketchbook specifically for doujinshi
Izzy: and I got 25 pages into this thing
Izzy: it's about how Cloud gets back to Hollow Bastion
Izzy: but then I got...tired of drawing...
Aki: Mm
Aki: I got tired of drawing today too
Izzy: I mean, 25 pages in one day...XD
Aki: I draw 37 things
Aki: and
Izzy: hahaha
Izzy: and
Aki: I
Aki: got bored
Aki: so I
Aki: watched House
Izzy: I did the final sketch for your pic
Izzy: haha
Aki: the rest of the time
Izzy: well, anyway
Aki: what picture?
Izzy: I didn't want to forget the story idea
Aki: //fsdlkfghsidlhflkjsdf
Izzy: your Christmas pic
Aki: *tackle*
Izzy: of course XD
Izzy: well
Izzy: I'm still not happy with it, but I was like "SCREW THIS I'M COLORING IT"
Izzy: haven't gotten to that yet, but I will by tomorrow
Aki:, my brother just asked if I had a piece of paper.
Aki: and yayyyy
Aki: <33
Izzy: ahahahah
Izzy: anyway
Aki: I cantttt waiiiiit
Aki: to see
Aki: pssh
Izzy: I wrote this...11 page thing
Izzy: from Cloud's perspective
Izzy: and
Izzy: it's rather angsty and violent, as you'd expect
Izzy: like...
Izzy: Evanescence in prose. >.>
Izzy: it's not done
Izzy: but I'll put up what I have
Roxas: *tackles Axel* Merry belated-by-one-day Christmas!
Aki: okay!
Aki: *grabby hands again*
Aki: :D
Axel: Woah!
Aki: Poor Axel. XD
Izzy: XD
Izzy: <3
Aki: :D
Leon: ........
Izzy: ...and it's vaguely Leon/Cloud-ish, so be happy
Aki: :DDD
Leon: :D
Izzy: XD
Aki: *ded*
Izzy: as much as anything I write can be, at least
Aki: hahaha
Aki: Roxas loves you
Izzy: <33333
Aki: extremely bored+4 straight hours of House+4 in the morning = that picture
Aki: XD
Izzy: Axel loves Roxas. XD
Izzy: *dies*
Aki: XD
Aki: Roxas was missing Axel, but now he's happy.
Aki: Also
Aki: For Christmas
Aki: he
Aki: wanted his present to be to go to Twilight town for the first time since he 'disappeared'.
Aki: He wants to see Hayner and the gang.
Izzy: sounds good :D
Aki: :D
Axel: Can do...
Aki: ....oh yeah you have to watch out Axel...he's a little overly happy.
Aki: He wasn't angry about the mistletoe thing going on, so...
Aki: I think the Organization messed him up more than we thought.
Izzy: geez XD
Aki: xD
Aki: welll
Aki: not that Axel would mind, I suppose.
Izzy: nope. XD
Aki: Axel, just make some kissy kissy faces and see what happens. *runs off*
Izzy: put like...your angst goggles on before you read that XD
Axel: ...oh?
Roxas: ....
Izzy: I realized when I write Rp related stuff
Izzy: I = Cloud
Izzy: you = Leon
Izzy: he = Sephiroth
Izzy: she = either Tifa or Aerith, depending on the situation
Izzy: and everyone else, I use names XD
Izzy: it's weird.
Aki: I actually do that too
Aki: usually
Leon: .....
Izzy: you. Stop being depressing.
Izzy: I had Cloud emoing all over me today.
Izzy: Missing you.
Izzy: That was enough.
Leon: How am I depressing?
Izzy: not...saying anything
Izzy: whatever.
Izzy: >.>
Leon: ....
Leon: Mhmm.
Izzy: I need to go drink...I'm dehydrated.
Izzy: and not making any sense.
Leon: You're making sense, but perhaps that's because I constantly make no sense as well.
Leon: I'll wait or something.
Cloud: ...wait for what?
Leon: ....She was getting water.
Cloud: Oh.
Leon: You usually go with her, so...
Cloud: Not as if it's my choice...
Leon: *shrugs*
Cloud: I'm sorry...I'm going to have to go again soon.
Izzy: My fault, or rather my family's fault.
Izzy: We're going out tonight...
Izzy: hopefully I can get my parents to let me on tomorrow morning
Aki: oh
Aki: all right
Aki: :D
Leon: ...
Izzy: sorry...:\
Aki: s'okay XD
Leon: ....
Izzy: I'll...try to call sometime tonight
Izzy: or something
Izzy: I dunno
Aki: ....Leon. stoppit.
Aki: okay! :D
Izzy: do you want to borrow Cloud? XD
Izzy: if he'll leave
Leon: no. He needs to eat more. He has a better chance of doing so with you.
Izzy: I guess...
Izzy: don't deny you don't like it, though.
Aki: .........He's
Aki: kinda
Aki: in a way...
Izzy: ?
Aki: just trying to push Cloud away, and I don't know whyyy.
Izzy: er...
Izzy: erhm.
Izzy: uhhh.
Izzy: great.
Aki: Aerith called him a mommy wolf XD
Izzy: I can't deal with this now, eith--XDDD
Izzy: oh, Aerith
Izzy: Zack sends you love and kisses
Aerith: :DDD *claps*
Izzy: XD
Izzy: well
Izzy: byeeee
(17:29:36) Izzy: D:
(17:29:41) Aki: bye
(17:29:44) Izzy: *hugs*
(17:29:47) Aki: *hug*