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Ash ([personal profile] thunderedge) wrote2008-01-30 07:10 pm

25 after sleepover

Izzy: *waves*I dunno how long I can stay, dinner and all
Izzy: but I'm here now
Aki: Omggggg
Aki: omggggggg
Aki: sorry
Aki: I was
Izzy: XD
Aki: replacing cookies with other kinds of cookies
Aki: So I could have all the good ones for later
Izzy: XD cookies <3
Aki: <3 yuss
Aki: first off, Sora's been hanging out with Angie's Riku all day...
Aki: ahh well
Izzy: >.>
Riku: *all that'ed*
Aki: (XDDD)
Izzy: (...I'm lazy XD)
Aki: (XD)
Sora: Hiiiiii Riku!
Riku: Hey. Did you....
Riku: ....
Izzy: (he...spent about half an hour trying to wash the sharpie off)
Izzy: (then gave up XDDD)
Aki: (XDDD)
Sora: huh?
Riku: Never mind... Couldn't sleep last night? >.>
Sora: Not really.
Sora: ...*frowns* sorry.
Riku: *shrugs* it's fine.
Izzy: (he doesn't care THAT much. XD He wears a shirt. it’s not like anyone can see it)
Aki: (pfft, yeah)
Aki: (Angie's Riku made him feel a little self conscious is all)
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (brb)
Aki: (k)
Izzy: (ahh...yeah. I gtg.)
Izzy: (dinner)
Izzy: (and I doubt I'll be able to get on after... :/)
Aki: (sokay)
Izzy: (but either way, I should be on after school tomorrow)
Aki: (k)
Aki: (i have to deal with Sora anyway)
Aki: (cuz no one else wants to)
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (I want to, but D:)
Aki: (have a good dinner tho XDDDD)
Izzy: (okayyyy)
Izzy: (I'll make sure Cloud eats...)
Aki: (good)
Izzy: (he's been...really quiet all day.)
Izzy: (like...)
Aki: (aww)
Izzy: (not...normal quiet. XD)
Izzy: (but I don't really blame him)
Izzy: (I don't think it's a bad thing)
Izzy: (he's just)
Aki: (it's totally because Leon like...)
Izzy: (well, as you said, emotionally drained)
Aki: (diedednated on him)
Izzy: (aww)
Aki: (yeah XD)
Aki: (Sora diedenated too)
Izzy: (awwww)
Aki: (everyone is really down on my end right now)
Izzy: (aww)
Izzy: (well... eh.)
Izzy: (we'll have to have a party or something this week)
Izzy: (....wait)
Izzy: (Roxas too? XD)
Aki: (Not Roxas)
Aki: (He's the only happy one)
Izzy: (ahaha for ONCE XD)
Izzy: (XDDD)
Izzy: (kay)
Izzy: (byeeee)
Aki: (pssh, he's all giddy, that's all)
Aki: (see ya)
Sora: No Riku! *grabby hands*
Riku: ...what? I'll stay if you want.
Izzy: (you can have him...>.>)
Sora: :DDD
Izzy: (you try to wash it off)
Aki: (okay XD)
Izzy: (XD)
Izzy: <3333 *runs away*
Aki: <333

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